Madonna reportedly dating a 31 year-old model: he makes her laugh

So, Madonna is into dating younger men. I, of all people, certainly can’t fault her on that. She has a penchant for models and dancers, which isn’t a surprise, judging by her past record. The fact that she may have been keeping her current relationship under wraps for over a year is kind of a surprise.

Page Six reports that the 57-year-old singer/filler enthusiast (come on, Madge, there’s something to be said for growing old gracefully) has been dating 31-year-old model, Kevin Sampaio, for over a year. And say what you will about Madonna, she certainly has good taste in men. I mean, look…

Kevin was born in France but moved to Portugal at the age of five. He still lives there now. He and his twin brother (!) Jonathan are both highly in-demand models, walking the runway for Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, and Jean Paul Gaultier and appearing in print campaigns for magazines including GQ, Vogue and Harpers Bazaar.

Madonna reportedly swapped Kevin out for her previous model beau, Aboubakar “Brooklin” Soumahoro, who had been shacking up with the Material Girl in her Upper East Side digs for over a year. Brooklin, who is also quite easy on the eyes, even went to Malawi with her when she adopted twins Stella and Esther earlier this year.

Sparks flew between Kevin and Madonna when he appeared in the video for the 2015 single, “Bitch, I’m Madonna,” where the singer gave him a drive-by smooch in a hallway. It seems there was no acting involved, as a source told Radar Online, “They had chemistry right away and she approached him on set, which is completely rare because NO ONE is allowed to make eye contact with Madonna on set unless she initiates the conversation.” Sounds about right. The source added that Madonna saw beyond the Kevin’s obvious attractiveness and was drawn to him because “he could make her laugh.” That’s a dubious claim. I have laughed at bad jokes only because the joke teller was hot. I’ll admit it.

Radar reports that the pair have been dating for over a year. The reason we’re just hearing about this now is because, “Madonna did not want to go public with Kevin until now because she was just trying to get to know him better and she wanted to make sure that she could trust him.” And she wasn’t the only one who was tight-lipped. According to Radar’s inside information, “She was impressed by the fact that, after a year of dating, [Kevin] did not go running to the press and that he kept their romance private.”

The source goes on to say that the pair “have gotten a lot more serious in the past six months and he’s great with her kids.” Madonna has also reportedly been spending time in Lisbon, Portugal with Kevin.

And now, for the best quote from the Radar source. Brace yourself. This insider asserts that “Madonna just doesn’t like the idea of people thinking that she is a cougar who preys on younger men because it is not like that at all. They come to her. Men her age just can’t keep up!” I guess Madonna’s PR people have a little side gig with Radar, hmm? When Page Six reached out to her people for a comment, they simply said the story was “not true.” Gossip Cop is also calling the Page Six and Radar stories “fake news”, stating that Madge is not involved with with either model.

Look. I’m not that much younger than Madonna, and I kind of get it. If she’s dating Kevin, who is definitely gorgeous and, if he’s got a great sense of humor and is fun to be around, more power to her. I don’t think she’s marriage-minded, I think she aspires more to be a mother than a wife. She’s not hurting anyone, although she’s probably abusing the hell out of her face, so keep on keepin’ on, Madonna.

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  1. LAK says:

    At least, unlike Kate B in the other post, she’s not dating a child.

    • C says:

      I was thinking the same!!😄😄😄

    • NotSoSocialButterfly says:

      Exactly. A 21 year old is more of a boy. At 31, you have earned status of a man.

    • Nac says:

      Madonna admitted on Ellen that she dated a 16 year old after she moved to NY (age 20). She used to troll the lower east side in her limo & pick up underage Puerto Rican studs. Even Sean Penn is younger than her, only by 2 years but still. She is 8 years older than Lourdes’ dad Carlos Leon and 10 years older than Guy. Her model ex Jesus Luz is 29 years younger. She’s dated younger men exclusively from the beginning of her megastardom except Warren Beatty, who’s 21 years older and stands out on her roster of exes. It seemed weird that Annette Bening and Madonna are the same age.

  2. QueenB says:

    I cant hear his jokes over the sound of his six pack. Good for her. I really doubt an old dude could keep up with her. Certainly not in bed.

  3. Aloe Vera says:

    Oh Corey, there’s no place in life at all for “growing old gracefully.”

    • Char says:

      That’s such a huge prejudice! Just because she is getting old she should hide in her room until she dies? Are you saying the same about George Clooney, for example?

      • Aloe Vera says:


      • HadToChangeMyName says:

        George Clooney is actually growing old quite gracefully (unlike, say, Barry Manilow). He doesn’t have a face full of fillers or a hair full of dye.

      • Aloe Vera says:

        Newborn babies at the age of 56 doesn’t suggest that Hadtochangemyname. Not that I’m judging him for it, but claiming he’s growing old gracefully is a stretch, imagine the uproar about a 56 year old woman having newborns.

  4. TheBee's says:

    Well, he is older than the last ones so that’s a plus.

  5. Lolo86lf says:

    I am so jealous of Madonna. My face is tinged with a green hue right now. I understand why Madonna likes him, but I do not understand what he sees in her. She is almost twice his age?

    • Heat says:

      There may be something in her that he really cares for, and the age doesn’t matter.
      He’s in it for the fame it brings him. I mean, I’d never heard of the guy before…and now I have. Thanks, Madonna.

  6. Chelly says:

    Her face makes me sad

  7. Neelyo says:

    The question is can she laugh anymore?

  8. my3cents says:

    Well , she makes me laugh as well, not not for the right reasons

  9. Brasileira says:

    well, she makes ME laugh…. still, I wouldn’t date her!

  10. L84Tea says:

    Madonna is morphing into Mae West before my very eyes.

  11. Fuerta says:

    The orders are not to make eye contact with Madonna? Get the fyuck over yourself!

  12. I’m 54 and do not get why she would want to date someone that much younger. It must be exhausting trying to stay 26 forever.

    • Daisy says:

      Madonna is 57+, she’s no longer 54

      • Yes, but the sentiment remains. At some point, you have to realize that time is marching on. You can have all the fillers, Botox, personal trainers, laser treatments, face creams, young boyfriends, etc., but you are still getting older.

      • CynicalAnn says:

        @Sherry Phillips-yes, no matter what, we age. I’ve done some of that stuff (I’m 50) and it does not help make you longer. You just look like you’ve had filler and botox.

  13. yvrjanice says:

    Good on you, Madonna! That’s all I can say. If I could, I’d be doing the same thing myself. Damn all the naysayers!

  14. Lucy says:

    I’ve always made a point not to comment on the fillers because, well, her face, her choice, she seems happy, et cetera. But now it’s almost all I can see. And I don’t get it. She was so beautiful before. Not that she’s ugly now, but it’s like looking at a completely different person.

  15. caty13 says:

    Madonna was born in 1958 which means she will be 59 in August of this year.

    • Nac says:

      Gotta admit I cringed. This is the most famous woman in the world and CB can’t even get her age right.

      • isabelle says:

        Yes, Madonna turns 60 next year.
        I’m disappointed in the way she’s aging; she’s so obsessed with staying young which makes her seem desperate and insecure. In contrast, look at someone like Annie Lennox – confident and beautiful.