E!: Meghan Markle & Prince Harry are fine, he was in Toronto two weekends ago

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As I was writing that Prince Harry story yesterday, I did wonder aloud if something had shifted between Harry and Meghan Markle. The story was about how Harry maybe commissioned an engagement ring to be made from one of his mother’s bracelets, specifically a ring with an emerald stone. Are they there though? Two months ago, I believed that Meg and Harry would be engaged by the end of the summer. Now I’m not so sure. But someone – Meghan or people close to her, I suspect – want us to know that Meghan and Harry are fine. Before Harry jetted off to Malawi, he stayed in Toronto with Meghan for a few days. E! News did a rather exhaustive story about all of the Harry-Meghan news and more. Some highlights:

He was in Toronto two weekends ago: Multiple sources tell E! News exclusively that the 32-year-old prince flew out to Toronto June 17 to visit his 35-year-old girlfriend. “They hadn’t been together for a while, so it was exciting for both to see each other,” one of the sources says. “Harry had planned to fly out this time as he felt it was unfair for Meghan to always be the one flying around, and she’d just come back from the U.S.” According to the source, they “relaxed” at home, “cooking meals together and eating outside in the garden a lot. It’s Meghan’s favorite ‘room’ in the house. She calls it a room because it’s the perfect patio space.”

They did leave her house a few times: Harry and Meghan wanted to fly under the radar, though they did occasionally pop out to “a couple of favorite spots where people don’t immediately run to the press to say they’re there,” the source tells E! News. One of those places is the home of two close friends, whom the pair visited over the weekend. “Harry and Meghan spent time at Meghan’s friend’s home, who are now Harry’s friends, too. Harry loves being part of her world in Toronto,” the source says. “It’s nice getting away from London every now and then—although they both love London, too.”

Meghan plans on moving to London: A second insider says Meghan is prepared to move to the U.K. to be closer to Harry. The couple is “in an extremely solid and happy place at the moment,” the insider adds. “They aren’t rushing ahead at a ridiculous speed or making rash decisions. But, yes, they love each other very much and neither could imagine being without the other. They speak about the future a lot, whether it’s getting each other’s take on future career plans or where they’ll be as a couple. They talk about living in London—Meghan really sees herself moving, and he really wants that.”

The sketchy timeline of this trip: Harry’s trip was a brief one, as he traveled to Malawi June 20. He is camping out in Liwonde National Park, where he’s assisting with the elephants, and should return to London Tuesday. (Another insider denies Harry flew to Toronto to see Meghan after attending Trooping the Colour, insisting that he “hasn’t been to Toronto in a month” and was “100 percent” in Africa.)

Meghan left Toronto on Sunday, June 25th, and flew to London: “She looked happy and pleased to be greeted by airport personnel,” says a source at the airport, who adds that the actress didn’t mention her boyfriend by name. “She carried her one bag and was accompanied by private security from the car to the gate.” Meghan arrived in London early Monday morning and is staying at Kensington Palace. And though the main reason for her trip is to spend time with Harry, a source says she has “other work” to attend to while she’s visiting the U.K. “Harry and Meghan have deep conversations,” a source close to Meghan says. “Harry really has grown up from his wild days, and this is the first relationship he feels like there is a possible future.”

A Harry insider speaks about the Newsweek article: “Some of those quotes were wholly misunderstood and taken out of context. Of course there isn’t anyone who sits there and dreams about becoming King or Queen, and that’s what Harry was getting at. The point is, it’s something you’re born into. You don’t get the choice. If/when that day comes, you just get on with it to the best of your ability. It’s fair to say there were was a little disappointment with way the Newsweek article was interpreted, but it wasn’t anything that caused Harry to get in trouble. How the British media handled the story was the most frustrating part. It’s been rather unfortunate.”

A proposal is coming: Harry and Meghan are in a “solid, strong place” at the moment and are “very future focused,” the insider tells E! News. “They talk about their future plans together all the time. There’s no doubt that he won’t propose before the year is out and it won’t come as a surprise to Meghan.”

[From E! News]

I think the timeline is that immediately following Trooping the Colour on Saturday, June 17th, Harry flew to Toronto and stayed there three nights, then he flew to Malawi on the 20th. Then Meghan flew from Toronto to London on the 25th. Harry isn’t coming back until today, but Meghan is staying at Kensington Palace for two nights without Harry. I actually had to consult a calendar to make sense of it. Anyway, the point is: Meghan and Harry are still solid, they will absolutely get engaged this year at some point and that Harry is not in trouble because of that Newsweek interview. Sure thing.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry officially open The Global Academy in support of Heads Together

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  1. Anya says:

    It’s nice to update us Meghan.
    Don’t worry, the ring is close now.

    • Jack Daniels is my patronus says:

      I’m thinking this may have been put out by Harry’s team to attempt to change the narrative.

    • RoyalSparkle says:

      This is just to throw off -and make the announcement a nice surprise, and with the attacks and all – they must be more discreet for security reasons. Near her birthday or Invictus opening may be close to the announcement.

      Have you seen DM with the dignified regal HM TQ the RF and others are at Duchess Mountbatten (of Burma) funeral – (Waitiy middletons) take note.

      PR Anne, Countess Sophie are all dignified as is the new Earl and his wife – regal dignified as was their daughters wedding with Prince Charles was giving away the bride then.

    • GiBee says:

      I’ve read some stupid stuff in my day, but this:

      “According to the source, they “relaxed” at home, “cooking meals together and eating outside in the garden a lot. It’s Meghan’s favorite ‘room’ in the house. She calls it a room because it’s the perfect patio space.”

      Sounds exactly like the sort of thing that comes out of Meghan’s mouth in every interview. Girl is basically a Lulu Lemon tote bag come to life.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Sounds like something anybody could have written, using things they’ll pulled from her blog. Tabloids are desperate for any clicks about these two. Make up anything remotely plausible about them and it will get plenty of spin and clicks.

      • nic919 says:

        Well if he was here recently it has rained a hell of a lot in Toronto, so they weren’t eating in the garden too often. Sounds like bs to me anyway.

      • Michelle says:

        Hahaha. I have never heard Meghan speak nor read her blog. From that she doesn’t seem like Harry’s type. I have been out of the loop on their romance though.

  2. Idky says:

    Notice how all these exclusives always comes from E!. She has ties there thru her bff – Jessica Mulroney. She wanted us to know they are still together. Still trying hard for that ring. Not sold on this girl.

    • Anya says:

      She’s too transparent to be likeable.
      Girl is a bit desperate to marry her Prince.

      • seesittellsit says:

        @Anya – most of them are once they start dating one and see what life is like behind that wall of money, servants, beautiful homes, jewels, and social deference. Can you blame them?

        There was a story in the DE (one of my guilty pleasures – I find the DM boring as hell but the DE is actually very funny) that the Gloucester’s 21-room “apartment” in Kensington Palace was suddenly about to be “refurbished” – their kids are gone so it appears Harry is in line for it but it needs, as Kate’s and William’s did, windows and roofing replaced . . . paid for, of course, by the public because KP is “vested” in the state. Translation: the state kind of owns it but only one tiny slice of the public really gets the benefit of it directly.

        If she is moving to London, and this bit about the refurbishment of the “apartment” is true, my guess is this is all systems GO. You don’t ask a girl to move across the Atlantic when her means of support are on the opposite side unless you mean business.

        However, given the news yesterday about the “pay rise” in the Sovereign Grant due to how well the Crown Estates are doing . . . it does seem a bit tactless to put on a huge royal wedding right now.

      • Maria says:

        So what are they going to do with the Gloucesters now that Harry is taking over their KP apt? Send them to a homeless shelter?

      • Merritt says:


        Assuming this is all true, the Gloucesters will likely move to a smaller royal apartment. Maybe they will just switch with Harry and live in his apartment at Kensington.

      • Megan says:

        She’s kind of crossing into Waity territory.

      • Craven says:

        Maria, firstly that monstrosity has lots of apartments and at least one cottage that even I know of. Secondly, who the F are the Gloucesters and why should they get a bleeding room at the inn? Many of us tolerate Harry even though he is not in the direct line of succession because he is Dis boy and founded the Invictus games. Its not like he can meet Trudeu and Michelle O in a tiny flat off in Putney. The rest of those scroungers can pack up their shyte and go live under a bridge. The Gloucesters indeed! Wtf qweenie?

      • LAK says:

        Craven: in so far as the gloucesters carry out royal duties, just like the Kents, they receive a stipend from HM. They were co-opted because HM and Margaret couldn’t do the job as defined by George V by themselves. HM is a traditionalist in that if it worked for her grandpapa and her papa, it works for her too.

        They do not live rent free at KP. Used to. Not anymore. Ditto the Kents. Following review of royal public finances to degree that HM permitted, the Kents and Gloucesters pay market rate for their KP apartments. One could argue what that might be considering location and other intangible perks, but they pay.

        WHK get their apartments free. H moving into the Gloucester apartment means that rent, as risible as it might be, will be lost.

      • Craven says:

        And where exactly does the queen get the money to pay the stipend with which they then pay the rent? Not that it matters, let the go pay rent elsewhere. As you know, I dont consider arriving to a venue to be showered with admiration and then cutting a ribbon a job. They certainly dont need to live in the palace to do this “job”. The queen, Charles, William and Harry can can have their flats in one wing. They should be greatful we dont toss them all out with a big invoice. The staffers should get a house allowance as part of their civil servants salary and find somewhere to live. The rest of that building should be turned into a full time museum or better yet, an old age home for the destitute. And I repeat in my most outraged voice…”who the F are the Gloucesters”?

      • notasugarhere says:

        From the Sovereign Grant, Craven. If the firm is going to keep doing 3000+ engagements a year, they need the stringers like the Gloucesters. And it is those local engagements done by stringers that keep the BRF in their job.

        Gloucester is one of HM’s cousins. Currently 24 in line to the throne, 5th in line at the time of his birth. Hasn’t the story been floated that the Gloucesters offered up their London space, once for W&K and again for Harry? Both times the answer was no, so they seem to be staying put. It could have been a bid for retirement on their part – we’ll give up the space in London if we get to retire from the firm. Last year, the Gloucesters (ages 71 and 72) did a combined 326 royal engagements.

      • Whaaaaaaatttt? says:

        NOTA – seeing those numbers by people in their 70s – how can WKH keep getting away with less than 100 per year! Boggles my mind!

      • notasugarhere says:

        Seeing as she’s shut down her social media, they’re under the radar, and they’re not being photographed in Toronto? Nope, the desperate “desperate” narrative appears to be coming firmly from the anti-Meghan crowd.

        I’m not a fan of hers, I don’t watch Suits. I see someone who has been repeatedly attacked in some quarters for her ancestry. Someone who works hard making a place for herself in a competitive field. She knows how to work and earn a living, which is a vast improvement over William’s wife. For that reason alone, she’d probably be good at being a working royal if they decided to go that route. After her early mis-step, knowing how to work is what makes Sophie valuable to the firm.

      • LAK says:

        Craven: WHK seem to think that it’s the glamour jobs, with couture and tv cameras and kissing of babies that keeps the monarchy popular. That is not true. Ribbon cutting in the small sense as opposed to the Trooping of the colour sense is why people turn out and cheer them. Small organisations in tiny villages across the land are thrilled to welcome members of the royal family even if it’s not HM herself, even if it’s just to judge the biggest cabbage contest at the village fair. They are the ones that keep the whole thing going. The day they stop, monarchy will be toast. In terms of the various palaces, they need to turn several into museums. There is no need to run BP, SJP, KP and CH in London. Marlborough house was turned over to the nation, and so should 3 out of the other 4 if they must keep a base in London. The BP balcony use doesn’t stop it being a museum. Windsor isn’t that far from London.

      • Merritt says:


        The current Duke of Gloucester was planning to have a normal person job as an architect. However the death of his older brother (Prince William’s namesake) changed everything for him. He became a full time royal and does many events in the name of his cousin Queen Elizabeth II.

        You also don’t seem to know how the Crown money works at all.

      • Belle Epoch says:

        I’m with ANYA. Actually I might be a Meghan hater. She wouldn’t just be marrying Harry – she’d be walking into a royal family with complex politics (that is, more Meghan haters), and obligations (attend openings, whatever), rigid protocol expectations (behave!), national scrutiny of every expression, hairstyle, etc. – does she really adore Harry all that much, or is this being thirsty? What’s the longest amount of time they have spent together? Lots of women are on their best behavior before they get that ring – Harry might not know her at all.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Belle, do you have this problem with every person who dates or marries into the Windsor family? Philip, Mark Phillips, Tim Laurence, Autumn Kelly, Mike Tindal, Birgitte van Deurs, Katherine Worsley, Gary Lewis, et. al.?

        Or just with Meghan Markle?

        “Lots of women are on their best behavior before they get that ring – Harry might not know her at all. ” Honestly, do you have any idea how hateful and misogynistic what you are spewing is? Or are you another tumblr overflow who just doesn’t think about the consequences of how what you write reflects on you?

      • Cherise says:

        Awwwww. Did Megyn steal your pretend husband?

      • Olenna says:

        “What’s the longest amount of time they have spent together?” “Harry might not know her at all.” Who cares? It’s his life. It’s one thing to criticize PH or MM for perceived inadequacies or character flaws, but this faux concern some people express here for either one of them is so disingenuous.

      • Sarah says:

        Wow, NOTA!! Meghan has caused you to start accusing people here of being tumblr haters. Interesting.
        As far as this story, this sounds like a total PR release. It sounds absurd except that I cant figure out the dates. But the stuff about Meghan so happy to be recognized at the airport, and how deep and intelligent Harry is – this is the level of propaganda that Trump believers go for. It is kind of nausea-inducing.
        Run, Meghan, run!!!!!

      • LAK says:

        Cherise: i don’t seek to preserve, just accept that this is the current system. I think people think i’m a staunch monarchist because i write about the system as is rather than talk about removal.

        At current levels of support, and probably in my lifetime, the system will stay the same. To that end, i suggest reform, but should that change, i will applaud like everyone else.

        I also try to point out the media lies which comes across as defending the system, but people will believe any lie that goes unchallenged and i think it’s unfair to lie to, or about people.

      • RoyalSparkle says:

        Totally agree Nota.

        HM true royal cousins are just as hardworking – dedicated to their duties – charities giving back to the people – like HM and her children (say what we may), the real royal style of Traditions like HM/their grandpa and pa Kings (and QM and QEl) – backbone of The British Monarchy…at their senior years;
        The Monarchy will be the end- if left to lazy entitled whiny bill/snowflake waity; bill middleton may even bring out carol the middletons hangers on to perform – yuk!!

      • notasugarhere says:

        Sarah, I see a lot of new names on here, all grinding the same axe. Not a reach.

      • Nessa nessa says:

        @ Belle Epoch well dang…do you know her? Him? This is juicy as hell….let me get my popcorn. Lol

      • wolfpup says:

        That’s all that can be done Lak. “i don’t seek to preserve, just accept that this is the current system. I think people, think i’m a staunch monarchist because i write about the system as is rather than talk about removal.

        At current levels of support, and probably in my lifetime, the system will stay the same. To that end, i suggest reform, but should that change, i will applaud like everyone else.

        That’s all that can be done!, perhaps… the millennials will weigh in concerning this question in minutes!

      • PrincessK says:

        Olenna: Some people know each other for a relatively short while and go on to have very long successful marriages, some people have long engagements and it all ends it tears. So we should not judge.

      • Olenna says:

        Uh, PrincessK, I believe you’re addressing the wrong person. You do see that the first two sentences of my comments are in quotes, right? And, if you read through the entire thread and my comments, you’d see that those quotes aren’t my words and that I don’t agree with them.

    • Liv says:

      It looks like her attempt to help change the subject from the Newsweek non-story that got some into a mighty froth. Either way I like that she knows early on that if there is going to be narrative anyway coz papers gotta sell, it is important that you run that narrative. If you dont take charge in that family, everybody with a motive will do it for you (an envious royal, an adjacent that would prefer someone else in your shoes, grey men looking to deflect a negative story for someone closer to the Crown, snobby royal reporters etc). It took the Windsor brides far too long to realise that one.

      • Suze says:

        I don’t know if this will accomplish that or just prolong the Misunderstood Harry narrative.

        I am surprised the original story had such legs, actually. Usually these things cause an eyeball roll and an exasperated shoulder shrug, and everyone moves on. There is a lot of populist anger swelling right now.

        A big splashy royal wedding might distract the angry populace for a while, but public sentiment is always hard to predict.

      • Anya says:

        An envious royal…. ok, lol.
        This girl is not the next best thing since sliced bread.
        She’s driven, I give her that but that’s all.

      • LAK says:

        Anya: Charles threw his siblings, his sons under the bus to make himself look better. Circa late 90s -early 00s under the tenure of Mark Bolland. Caused major tension between them all with Charles’s office distrusted by rest of family. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/people/profiles/mark-bolland-marital-aide-530391.html

      • Anya says:

        @LAK I fear posters here are targetting Kate, not the other Royals.
        This family is a wasp nest but Meghan will fit nicely I think.

      • LAK says:

        Anya: aha! Understood.

      • dodgy says:

        @Suze. No, no, no to another Royal wedding. Not after paying £1.5 billion to the DUP for votes, and an extra £6 million to the Queen a year. It’s just too much money.

      • RoyalSparkle says:

        More like POW HM – ELF work – doubt any of this is left to Meghan. People not buying the negative and felt he was used with awful timing.

    • Sunfuntravel says:

      It’s not the same E! Idky… E! which published the article under its enews division, works under NBC Studio. “etalk” is based out of Toronto and has no affiliation with E!, Enews or NBC studio… nice try though…do your research before making such a strong.. “I know for sure statements”

      • Idky says:

        Ok, Sunfuntravel. Regardless of E! and etalk affiliation or not. Same comment still stands.

        Girl is a try hard and wants you to know they are still together. Harry’s the best she’s going to get. Girl knows it and will do whatever it takes for the ring.

      • Nessa nessa says:

        lol how does the comment still stand? You claimed she fed it through BFF and BFF ain’t connected to E!. Like all beyond it maybe airing on that channel. CTV is the network….the connection.

        E! Have a narrative they’re going for. And they can make up anything they want as long as they say “a source”. I know at times royals do try to feed the press for an angle but…E! As a whole write like this for any person they like at the moment that isn’t Beyoncé level famous. Lol

    • Lise says:

      That’s probably who MM’s “friend” is that they went to dinner with… obvious PR is obvious.

    • PIa says:

      Idky, so there is an E! Connection, Shinan Govani, Toronto’s gossip columinst, says that the network that airs Suits, falls under the same umbrella as E! (under Universal’s umbrella).

      And that “friend” is probably Jessica Mulroney.

      • Sunfuntravel says:

        Pia … suits and E! Are under NBC Studio… no connection with etalk that Jessica Mulroney’s husband work for. Just plain facts… no connection between the Mulroney and E nor NBC Universal Studio… sweetie a quick google search can clear that up…. you don’t need a Toronto gossip columnist for that…..

      • Idky says:

        Thanks, Pia. I read somewhere before that they were somehow connected, but did not know the details.

        I wonder who these “sources” are? Her friends obviously.

        Nessa nessa: comment still stands about her being a try hard and working over time for that ring.

    • Whaaaaaaatttt? says:

      Same. It has been radio silence on articles about her, but when people started questioning if they are together – boom, a new E! article. Hmmm

      • Nessa nessa says:

        No one questioned, not in the media or gossip rags but y’all…and it haven’t been radio silence…they have talked about her getting a car, a ring, and moving. Her being questioned about marrying PH & make believe quotes that were never said. So no it haven’t been quiet…just nothing worth mentioning.

  3. This was the most breathless PR article I’ve ever read. At the end of each sentence you can almost hear the “you guys!”. Still honking for Harkle though. Love them!

    • Sarah says:

      Right? Oh, my gosh, like it was written by a 14 year old tumblr fan!!! Oh, my God, Meghan was greeted at the airport and was so excited. Squueeee!!!! Harry and Meghan have such deep conversations!!! Golly!!!!!! Etc. etc. ad nauseum. Really over the top. When something is so over the top, I have to ask Why???

    • Let’s french braid each other’s hair! Lol, cringe-inducing piece…methinks it was the Harry DM takedown that prompted this hot glue gun and rhinestones projectile word salad.

    • Carrie says:

      Harkle…oh that is good. I like it a lot.

      I’m not believing anything until Harry announces it with a photo. As for which one of them being too good for the other, usually with love they’re attracted to qualities they share. I don’t think either one is perfect or a saint. It would be nice to see some happy. And I think she’d work hard for the family.

  4. Alix says:

    “…spent time at Meghan’s friend’s home, who are now Harry’s friends, too…” Say what now?

  5. Talie says:

    Actually, I think this whole Newsweek drama might even speed up their engagement…after all, nothing distracts people like the prospect of a royal wedding.

    • notasugarhere says:

      W&K’s wedding increased membership in the anti-monarchy Republican group. A royal wedding isn’t necessarily good PR at this point.

      • seesittellsit says:

        @notasugarhere – I agree. With BREXIT and all the other issues facing the country now, people trying to find homes for people in those buildings with the faulty cladding – and the Queen and Charles getting increased revenue from the Crown Estates while austerity is still biting – seems to me a decent interval until at least the first year of BREXIT is done would be more politic. Not a great time for the big splashy wedding and the display of jewels, carriages, wealth, and privilege.

        Did W&K’s wedding increase republican membership? I didn’t know that. Delicious.

    • Sarah says:

      A big, splashy, expensive wedding? I think that might be a terrible idea. Americans might like it, but I dont know about the British? Don’t underestimate the anger at tragedies like the poorly made and uninspected apt building burning down with people in it.
      The peasants (and I include myself here in America) are sharpening their metaphorical pitchforks.

      • LAK says:

        Charles and Diana’s very glitzy wedding took place in the depths of a deep recession. It was sold as an uplifting episode of national celebration. Harry’s wedding would be sold the same way.

      • RoyalSparkle says:

        Agree with LAK.

      • notasugarhere says:

        I think it might be sold that way LAK but people wouldn’t buy it. Smaller event at Windsor like Edward & Sophie would be more suitable IMO. It would be interesting to see if Harry’s wedding (no matter whom he marries) raises more in charitable donations. W&K only raised around 700,000; Charles had to top it up from the Prince’s Trust to get it over 1,000,000.

      • kibbles says:

        Times have changed a bit since Charles and Diana were married. People are less likely today to be in awe of an overpriced and extravagant wedding when there has been so much attention focused on widening inequality. I truly hope that more people will scrutinize the way of life of the 1% and realize that they are no better than any of us. I also tend to think that expensive weddings are a huge waste of money. With more people choosing to remain single or being forced to because they can’t afford to buy a home or have a family, maybe more people feel the same way I do.

      • suze says:

        Harry’s wedding won’t be a state occasion, and times have changed since 1981. That said, I wouldn’t be surprised to see some pomp – heck I hope so since I’ve been cooling my heels waiting for Sixer’s Flying Elvi, and I always love to see the American television networks make asses of themselves over the royal family.

        We’ll see what they come up with.

      • seesittellsit says:

        @LAK – different times. Britain was more cohesive then, not so divided if I remember and of course they’d all fallen totally in love with Diana. And Charles was the Heir (and, God help him, he still is . . .). I think the mood is different now. And the recession then wasn’t the banksters pillaging the economy . . .

      • notasugarhere says:

        W&K’s wedding wasn’t a state occasion either. It was the completely made up “semi-state occasion” which meant W&K got what they wanted. Insulted the Obamas, ignored many of the royal guests, and HM had to step in to provide meals and an event for the royal guests when W&K pretty much abandoned them.

      • PrincessK says:

        Harry is a royal prince, he is the son of Diana and the heir to the throne. He deserves a proper wedding with all the trappings of state. Not as big as William’s but similar to Andrew’s. Why should Meghan be discriminated against by being given a second class wedding when she is marrying the fifth in line to the throne? Going forward people will start saying she wasn’t given a proper wedding because the Queen disapproved, so Buckingham Palace needs to avoid such accusations.

      • suze says:

        PrincessK, Harry is fifth in line in the succession, but not the heir to the throne. Also, Andrew didn’t have a wedding with the “trappings of state”. It was big and glitzy, but it was also in the midst of the booming 1980s. The Queen even bought Fergie a tiara, something it is highly unlikely you’ll see her do for Meghan, unless she wants the wrath of the public brought down on her head. Heck, even Will and Kate had a more subdued affair.

        I don’t think Buckingham Palace is concerned about matching up current weddings with those of the 1980s. They have bigger things to worry about these days.

      • PrincessK says:

        I said that he is the son of the heir to the throne.

  6. Tanguerita says:

    There is no doubt in my mind that they ARE indeed going strong and are as solid as ever. In fact, I am pretty sure that this ill-conceived interview was meant to be a part of Meghan’s official rollout as his fiancée. Like, woe is me, am a reluctant prince, lost my mom at a tender age and have to carry a burden of modernizing the monarchy and so on. So, my dear subjects, be still for once and let me at least marry someone I want to marry.

    • seesittellsit says:

      @Tanquerita – Nailed it. My assessment, as well.

    • seesittellsit says:

      Also remember that she’d probably take UK citizenship, so if that is the case, taking up residence there is first step. They’ll speed up the process for her, the way they do for all those foreign spouses the Danish royals always take, to the annoyance of those who have to go through the arduous and lengthy naturalization process Denmark has . . . but it would look pretty bald to first move to London and start becoming British a month before the wedding.

      If this is all true about her moving to London, this is not a question of IF but WHEN.

    • PrincessK says:

      Harry does not need the permission of the British public to marry who he wants. She mixed raced, she is divorced, she is an actress so what? She is a decent human being who has done nothing wrong. This is 2017 not 1920. The truth is once Meghan is officially in the public domain the public and the media will not get enough of her, they will love her. The only detractors will be silly republicans wingeing about the 65p per year they pay towards the expenses of the royals. People still love Harry and they will love Meghan.

      • Sarah says:

        People are NOT in love with Harry anymore, at least not all of them. And the more he jets around, spending the taxpayers’ money like it is going out of style, the more he ignores the real horrors the “have-nots” live in every day, the more the public will dislike him.
        And sorry to say, I don’t think Meghan can win the majority of the British public over, just like our wonderful Obamas couldn’t win over a good 40% of Americans over, no matter what they did. Racism runs deep, still, in western countries, to our shame. Add in that she is American, not British (and I bet a lot of Brits are ticked that Harry thinks no British woman is good enough for him – absurd, but people still may think this) she is divorced and had some racy photos from her past, and she is in for a rough ride with the British. None of which is to say she isn’t an intelligent, wonderful woman who doesn’t deserve this. She doesn’t. And I don’t agree with it. But pretending all will be well isn’t realistic either, IMHO.

  7. DurbanGirl says:

    Waiting for the Meghan haters.. 3…2…1

    • bluhare says:

      They beat you to it!

    • Merritt says:

      The haters are always waiting to pounce and start in with the crazy.

    • MellyMel says:

      I come here for the haters’ comments. They give me a good laugh in the morning!

    • Sharon Lea says:

      Yeah, I don’t get the put downs. The DM has some people that think Megan asking to have photographers follow her, not sure if they are too young to remember this happened to Kate and totally happened to Diana and Fergie. When you date royals, the press will always keep tabs on you.

  8. Izzie the other says:

    I don’t care for the royal family at all.. so I don’t care for them as a couple. But I wish them good luck and happiness. And that’s about the only nice thing I can say about this lol.

  9. RBC says:

    What I find interesting is how they keep his visits to Toronto so quiet. Just proves the point that if someone famous wants to stay out of the spotlight and avoid the paps they can.

    • Sharon Lea says:

      It is impressive that they haven’t been photographed in Toronto. Good for them.

    • Nicole says:

      It’s not surprising. NYC is like this too hence why so many celebs live here. There are just no paps wandering around here. LA is different but again you can avoid paps if you want. However go to Nobu like JLaw and of course you get papped. It does not surprise me that either of them have flown back and forth with no fanfare.

      • Imqrious2 says:

        It’s so true. Any “name/Star” restaurant will have at *least* one or two paps outside daily. Last year, for my birthday my family went to Mastro’s (here’s in Beverly Hills). When we came out, there were three paps hanging around the valet stand. I asked who they were waiting for, and they said David Beckham was inside (yeah, whoopdeedo, but you get the idea lol). The “hotter” the restaurant, the more paps, as the more “names” inside. And don’t forget, stars/their PR flacks also tip off papers/paps as to where they’ll be and when to get a shot.

    • RoyalSparkle says:

      Nothing new – didn’t he/they travel to each other months before the media/us found out. He spent Halloween in Toronto, even went T/Treating with Meghan if the reports are to be believe.

    • PrincessK says:

      I doff my cap to the way Harry and Meghan have avoided the press most of the time, and the press are so upset about the lack of photos. Looool!!! Go Meghan! Go Harry!

  10. Abs says:

    One night. She arrived yesterday morning. Harry should be back in the UK by now. E! news has been wrong before, so not sure why people are always saying this is Meghan’s PR. Unless of course she feeds them wrong information.

  11. Suze says:

    I am still onboard for Duchess Harkle for sure because “flying Elvi”.

    That piece is either pure speculation strung together or the most heavy handed PR plant ever. Minute by minute report on Misunderstood Harry’s true deep relationship. And if the author of the Newsweek piece couldn’t provide context for his quotes, maybe there was none to begin with.

    Still, Markle would be the best thing to land into the Windsor hell hole in a long time. You go, Markle Sparkle.

    • LAK says:

      Shows how out of touch as far as reading the public mood that we are getting a 3rd reading of intent of original article.

      • Suze says:

        It’s ridiculous at this point. That entire KP PR office should be sacked.

      • RoyalSparkle says:

        Either we are moving closer to an announce re the misinformation AND OR KP PR late overboard cover – should be fired years ago – covering lazy whiny bill chutney, while ignoring Prince Harry.

        Prince Harry need to move with POW CH office unless he will gain his own PR, once there is a Princess Henry.

      • PrincessK says:

        I agree Harry needs to get good PR and advisers but I sense himself and William have made a pact to work together, because if they have separate offices, the staff will become competitive and work against each other to promote their masters creating bad blood as in the past.

    • Hashtagwhat says:

      E! News (which is the link I was taken to) is owned by NBC, which also opens the network that airs Suits, USA Network. My friend who works there says execs absolutely see Markle as their property, entertainment wise, as all stars are expected to cooperate across platforms. That said, there’s nothing wrong with Meghan or whoever planting this and planting it doesn’t make it not true. It’s pretty clear that Meghan and Harry are working together on their PR.

      What is mind-boggling is how utterly incompetent KP is. If you need not one, not two, but three articles to convince people that no, it’s not that you’re entitled or tone deaf, it’s that what you really meant is well, oh never mind because I just flew to another country for about 48 hours to see my girl and then on to another continent to go on safari, and see guys?

      SHUT UP.

      And p.s. Your mother didn’t take you to see homeless people so you’d know what “normal life” is. She took you so you’d see how PRIVILEGED you are. It didn’t work.

      • notasugarhere says:

        “And p.s. Your mother didn’t take you to see homeless people so you’d know what “normal life” is. She took you so you’d see how PRIVILEGED you are. It didn’t work.”


      • Sarah says:

        Yes, as I was reading about Harry flying here and there after whining abiut his sad, sad life, I kept wondering:
        “Who pays for all this travel?”
        You know, you want to be smart, Harry? Stay home, volunteer at the apt building tragedy site, and shut your mouth. Actions speak louder than words, although when someome tells me or shows me who they are, I do believe them, not some ham-handed PR.

      • RoyalSparkle says:

        We are learning Lady Di corrupt even more than we imagined – her entitled whiny son/s are the gift … never mind how dedicated, life of service HM/DOE and their father – POW his siblings – the RF before and senior generation to present dedicate themselves to the Monarchy; – Diana son/s try to erase it all.

      • Carrie says:

        That P.S. hurt to read. Not saying you’re wrong. Maybe this has escaped them. Maybe the palace and family has distorted her intent and message to the boys over the years.

        That hurt to read because Harry was so very young and if Diana had lived, she’d have had more time to teach him and raise him. Maybe he would’ve come to understand this or to at least not forget it. I don’t know. That was a painful jab is all.

      • LAK says:

        Carrie: he has been in the British army, mixing with allsorts, for 8yrs. Even if the royal family diluted Diana’s original intent, he has been given a much greater opportunity to mix with regular people such that there is no need for him to say that going to look at homeless people means he is normal. His exact wording implied he was taken to a zoo filled with the homeless.

        This was a bad interview with many, many such idiotic quotes. Frankly the ‘no one wants to be King’ quote was the least offensive thing he said.

      • PrincessK says:

        I was just waiting for someone to start moaning about Harry taking lots of flights, if he doesn’t see Meghan people still complain. I think a lot of people here are sad and jealous and have pooped over here from DM. BTW I am Amoke on DM.

  12. Nicole says:

    Got it. Nothing screams “we’re fine” than an obvious plant to American PR mouthpiece E! Thanks for the update most important person in Toronto!

    • Maria F. says:

      i totally agree. If you are so sure of your relationship and want to keep it private, why do these articles pop up everytime people are wondering about its status…..

      And I am not a Meghan Markle hater, but I do not like that everybody is raving about her like she is the second coming and perfect in every way.

      • Nicole says:

        A lot of people on here don’t like Kate so they will prop up a lot of people compared to her. Just like how Harry until last week was the perfect royal with Diana’s heart and so good at everything compared to Will. Now people realize he is just as lazy and entitled as his brother. Which anyone not blinded by his looks would’ve realized this ages ago.
        TBH I like Meghan because I love suits. But I’m not into believing celebs are perfect and above stupid PR tactics. They all do it and some are more obvious than others.

      • bluhare says:

        I judge the royals by their work and what they do to prop up the institution. The gossip is fun and I love it, but even then I roll my eyes over the work rather than rattle on about how Kate is never with the kids, spends all her time shopping and pretending to cook. And compared to his brother, Harry was — and still is — streets ahead in the work department. I always had a suspicion he was as whingy as his brother when you come right down to it, and I guess he is. But that does not take away from the fact that he *does* care about his causes and has done some really good things with Sentebale and Invictus Games. And *that’s* why I like Harry.

      • Suze says:

        @bluhare, I appreciate what Harry has done for those causes and I 100% believe he is committed to them and entirely sincere. You can’t fake the enthusiasm he shows for them.

        Where I raise a cynical eyebrow is the lack of commitment he shows for the less glamorous work. It’s like your charming coworker who comes in, skims off the great assignments, and floats out without pitching in to finish the scut work.

        I mean, Heads Together should be working overtime right now to address the residual issues left in the wake of Grenfell and Manchester and Tower Bridge. What do we hear? Crickets.

        I don’t blame Markle for any of this, she’s not the problem, but her situation is. It highlights the fact that Harry has plenty of time to jet around visiting his girlfriend on another continent, vacationing with and without her, but he isn’t working a full time job. And I think he, like his brother, needs much better professional support.

        179 engagements last year. Only Kate has fewer. Even factoring in Invictus and Senteble, he is nowhere near a full time royal.

        Like you, I admire some of his efforts and I think he means well. But I remain cynical about him, too.

      • Suze says:

        Arg. London Bridge!

      • Sarah says:

        What does Harry actually do? A few weeks of work at Invictus and Sentable, and what? 75 royal events a year? He is hardly a hard worker at all! He is charming, yes, but also shows petulance.
        No work horse, Harry.

      • RoyalSparkle says:

        Totally spot on Bluhare, Suze. Action speaks louder …

      • bluhare says:

        Sarah, I didn’t say Harry couldn’t do more. I just said I like what he’s done with Sentebale and the Invictus Games. You can tell he really cares about both. I do think he needs to do more royal work. He needs to open a library or two, or christen a ship as well as that.

        Suze, I’m more cynical about him than I used to be that’s for sure! I still think he’s the best of the lot, though.

      • PrincessK says:

        Maria: As far as I am concerned Meghan is the second coming she is intelligent, kind and gorgeous. I hope she does not change her style.

  13. What Was That? says:

    I think she is a bright and very pretty woman..does she want to pack in her career and life in to be a baby maker mark 2″”"and that would have to fast track due her age after marriage..even just an heir without spare!
    I like her I just think she may be marrying beneath her..perhaps a surgeon or UN type/Charity manager..?
    Just a thought!

    • Marr says:

      “does she want to pack in her career and life in to be a baby maker mark 2″ – wow, just wow. Some people have no imagination I swear. She’s expressed intention on quitting acting and focusing on charity work before. What better platform to do that than marrying a prince? Better than marrying a “UN type/Charity manager”. And while we’re at it, sure she won’t be able to act anymore if they get married, but she coud still keep a foothold in Hollywood if she really wanted to. Anybody and their mother can be a producer these days, just sayin’. All you need is money and she has her own millions.

      • What Was That? says:

        I have some imagination Thanks..no need for that!!
        She will not be allowed any private work.see Edward and Sophie history for that..
        I made a semi whimsical comment..I am a U.K. Tax payer so I fund this charade and thus have a view..Why would she have influence by marrying Harry?…
        I believe a person who can actively contribute and work in these areas..rather than turning up and shaking hands which despite their claims is all the royals do ,unless we are describing Phil who was a hunter as well as involved with WWF ….I could go on but ..oh dear that would require more imagination and ability than you assume I have..
        I would also like a a 6 million pound pay rise this year too!…So as another commentator said above some more people are probably sharpening the proverbial pichforks than you may think!

      • Marr says:

        Sophie worked in PR and had a major blunder in the media, it’s no wonder she had to retire. That doesn’t mean she wasn’t “allowed” to work privately.
        As for why would Meghan have influence by marrying Harry, then you need to look no further than Harry himself. Do you think it’s that easy to get the international success he’s had with Sentebale and Invictus? A little bit more than just turning up and shaking hands I’d say. Don’t pretend it doesn’t take dedication to truly get such projects off the ground. Otherwise everybody in the RF could do it lol.
        As for the pitchforks, I guess I’ll believe it when I’ll see it.

      • PrincessK says:

        Well said Marr.

    • Mel says:

      The fifth (for the time being) in line for the throne doesn’t need an heir, much less a “spare”. And some women (I am not one of them) do WANT children, even if they are an heir and/or the spare.

  14. Redgrl says:

    “No, people, he’s not a bad guy! Really, he’s not lazy & entitled! And we’re – I mean they’re – fine!” – so say “sources in Toronto…”

    • Marr says:

      That article also quoted Harry sources… Or are we not suppossed to mention that? As far as I’m concerned this E! exclusive is a joint PR move and that’s ok too.

  15. scar says:

    Lol. You guys I cannot with these two. I just cannot

    • notasugarhere says:

      How lucky for you that you don’t have to. You choose to pay attention to them, a lot given your comments.

  16. Merritt says:

    Looks like the Tumblr crazies are out in full force today.

    • Nessa nessa says:

      I accidentally went on tumblr once on her tag & saw an over dissected picture of them (arrows, circles, etc) trying to point out all the ways the picture was fake. How Meghan’s team doctored it to make it seem like they were together. Because she is fake…lol

      I had to back away after that….I can’t handle that kind of crazy. Lol

      • Sharon Lea says:

        Nessa – That diagram sounds funny!

      • Nessa nessa says:

        It was & scary….”THEY ARE NOT TOGETHER SHE MADE IT ALL UP”….but he confirmed it….nevermind. I had to stay away….we all have speculation & we all likely wrong as hell but yeah. lol

      • mar_time says:

        I accidentally on purpose did a search for her name on Tumblr and I couldn’t understand what I was reading!! I was legitimately confused if the statements were sarcastic or if the posters hated Meghan that much so then I’d check their pages and see, nope they just hate her that much. I didn’t see that image, maybe if I’m brave enough, I’ll try again lol

    • notasugarhere says:

      The obsessive tumblrs are, well, obsessive. Turns out one of the main anti-MM’s is a retiree living in a senior citizen trailer park in Florida. She must like all the positive attention she gets from desperate teens when she bashes MM. WTF?

      • Nessa nessa says:

        Is she one with the bananas’ cause I think she is the one the diaphragm. To be honest tumblr is the only place I see that kind of negative bashing. Most either like her or indifferent. Lol

        Tumblr though I think it’s a combo of l, I hate bringing up race, but yeah her race. It’s the fact that PH is with a mixed race woman & they make up reasons for why so to not seem racist. Or it’s black people feeling away based on how she looks so they discredit her. It’s kind of sad because why they care so much? What does it prove to obsess over her. Oh well….

      • BeamMeUpScottie says:

        From some of the references (Pink Floyd? etc) , I get the feeling her group is made up of much older folks – who should know better FFS

      • Olenna says:

        There are people commenting here who should know better as well. Grown-ass, middle-aged people, for that matter, who seem excruciatingly envious of Meghan and try to downplay her accomplishments through back-handed compliments, sly digs or just outright discrediting her credentials.

      • PrincessK says:

        Nessa nessa: You need to go on DM, the Meghan haters are very strong there too. I post there only to counteract the nonsense that is spewed out and the fact that some dim people innocently read and believe all the nonsense.

    • Sarah says:

      Do you go to tumblr a lot? You must, since you have such intimate knowledge of it.
      Personally, I have never been there. It seems odd.

      • lobbit says:

        LOL Tumblr is a social media platform – not a single website. There are hundreds of millions of tumblr blogs, and you’ve probably been on one of them without even realizing it.

      • Nessa Nessa says:

        Tumblr is like twitter….girl. It’s a social media platform….I’ve had tumblr for years…no relation to her or PH. All you have to do is scroll and see mess.

        When you try to shade & fail lol

      • notasugarhere says:

        Until you’ve seen the unhinged racist hate directed at Meghan Markle on tumblr or DM, it is easy to say, “Oh it isn’t that bad”. Seeing it for yourself makes a difference.

        Dipping a toe in and experiencing an active part of the royal fandom (tumblr) makes sense if you are a royal watcher. Just like some have to experience the extreme ends of the forum spectrum (The Royal Forum to RoyalGossip to the one set up specially to bash MM) before they find the discussion forum that suits them personally.

        There are some great royal tumblrs out there, with writers who know loads about royal history. Tumblr suits them as a platform because it is free and media-friendly.

      • Sarah says:

        nota, I try to avoid that kind of hate. I think it pollutes my soul to see it. Ugh. Same thing with going over to “red” sites and twitter feeds, like Sean Hannity’s. I can take a few minutes of it, and tell them they are a$$holes, but more than that…I just can’t.
        Having said that, I have seen very little overt racism here, and when people are inadvertently insensitive, they are reminded of that. Which is all good.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Missing the point. Not all of royal-related tumblr is racist and hate-filled. There are good, smart posters there too. Information worth reading if you’re interested in royal history, which shouldn’t go to waste because of a few rotten racist apples.

        Trouble is, now with the advent of the 2-3 violently anti-Meghan Markle tumblrs, it is more difficult. Apparently if you have your own tumblr, you can choose to see posts through your feed and block certain posters. If you’re someone without a tumblr (me) and you do a random search, you get the good and the awful.

  17. Babs says:

    We don’t believe you, you need more people

  18. Rice says:

    This is purely superficial, but Mr. Rice and I have been binge watching Suits and we’ve realised that Meghan’s got really skinny legs. But she’s really pretty. I’m here for Harkle! Long live Princess Meghan!

    • BeamMeUpScottie says:

      aka slim shapely legs :-) A lot of us have tree trunks for legs, so hers make a nice change. ;-)

      • scar says:

        Uhmmm nope. More like so-skinny-they-might-snap legs. Nothing like that Kristen Stewart slim legs

      • notasugarhere says:

        That is one of the favorite bashing points of the anti-MM tumblrs.

      • PrincessK says:

        Oh so she is not perfect, how strange. Anyway there are millions of women who would like her legs. People who pick physical faults in the woman are just jealous because she is DDG.

    • BeamMeUpScottie says:

      If my legs looked like these:
      or these:

      I would be SOOO happy!!!

      @nota, so true. Also the anti meghan blogs also photoshop her legs to make them look a lot skinnier than they are .

      • notasugarhere says:

        I’d be thrilled with legs like those too. Letizia of Spain is said to be very self-conscious about her own slim legs. That is why she used to wear trousers so much in the beginning.

      • Melly says:

        I might actually kill to have legs that nice

    • Joannie says:

      I feel mean to say this but the only thing I find attractive about her is her freckles. Theyre cute! Otherwise I dont find her pretty at all. She looks very much like Pippa and I feel the same about her. Looks are subjective so what can I say other than its just my opinion. She and Pippa may very well be lovely people.

      • BeamMeUpScottie says:

        LOL. Pippa is a rather plain girl and would
        be flattered no end to be compared to a stunner like Meghan Markle :-)

      • RoyalSparkle says:


        ( no comparison to masculine dull looking pipa (and never watched Suits)

      • GiBee says:

        Pippa’s has less work done than Meghan but they are quite similar looking.

      • lobbit says:

        I honestly think Pippa’s tan creates the illusion that she’s similar in looks to Meghan. None of their facial features are alike imo.

      • Elisa the I. says:

        +1, especially at her wedding, Pippa looked a lot like Megan. I guess it became more evident due to her weight loss.

      • Maria says:

        Speaking of Pippa. She is back in London with a nice tan but without a wedding ring. Gasp! What does this mean? Is she pregnant and her fingers are too big, or has she lost more weight so that the rings have to be re-sized. It’s a mystery! Is she tired of terribly moderately wealthy James already? And please don’t say that a lot of women don ‘t wear rings. True, but she wore that bling of an engagement ring every time she was papped.

  19. Nessa nessa says:

    I doubt this is anyone’s PR and just made up stuff from one tiny info…like her flying out of Toronto yesterday. A lot of times it’s just that….they make stuff up.

    Cause no one thought they were broken up but some that post here. Their haven’t been any buzz or speculation about it from gossip rags. Maybe it’s because they had the idea they would be busy anyway until like maybe sept/oct. Most gossip talk kept saying “big trip in October”. So yeah…

    But for arguments sake if this was a PR move at all it was to distract from the mess of Newsweek-gate. Which lowkey worked…for now, if this was PR. But I doubt it….I’ve heard so much made up mess this past month. Nothing negative just outright false. Stuff I know that was hardly planted by either. LOL

  20. Nessa nessa says:

    Y’all know eTalk isn’t that deeply tied to American E! Network to have to given any scoop right? It’s an Canadian CTV show that airs on E! Canada sometimes….maybe. But it’s main network is CTV…like not at all related to E! news. Lol


    • KB says:

      I was wondering about that. E! is owned by NBC/Universal, right? And CTV by Bell. I thought maybe people we’re just confusing the two because it’s called eTalk.

  21. Maria says:

    Is it a coincidence that this news came out on the heels of those two articles where Harry claims he almost quit because he doesn’t want to be a royal?

  22. Unoriginal Commenter says:

    I’m not convinced E! is the official mouthpiece for anybody. Weren’t they way off about a bunch of details related to Pippa’s wedding?

    • Nicole says:

      Yea but Pippa is British. If she wanted a tab mouthpiece she would go to DM or the Sun. E is a softball mouthpiece of stateside press for pretty much everyone. As is people. If you want to plant a story you go there.

      And not that it needs to be said but just because it’s a PR story doesn’t mean it’s not true. It just means that people want you to know

    • Hashtagwhat says:

      This is where people tend to conflate their expectations/standards for ACTUAL news with that of gossip. Pippa, Harry, Meghan–yes all of them–don’t actually care if it’s exactly accurate or not and honestly at this point neither do the outlets save for some really glaring cock-up or libel. Pippa et al want the conversation about them–they just want people talking. The outlets want the clicks. Stories are literally made up JUST to get you to click. And here we are, clicking and talking!

    • Sarah says:

      Everyone was wrong about the wedding.

      Harry and Meghan would be engaged
      Meghan was going to the church
      People here said that Harry was staying at the Middletons with Meghan cause they are engaged.
      Harry drove all the way back to,London to pick up Meghan cause LOVE!
      Pippa would have a horse and carriage.

      Then I read here and elsewhere that Harry would announce his engagement at Ascot.
      Meghan would DEFINITELY be introduced to the public as Harry’s fiance at Trooping the Colors.
      No, it will be after Diana’s death.

      I watch people believe every word out of Trump’s mouth and I watch people here believe everything that is put out about Meghan and I just don’t get it at all. Some skepticism and discernment in life is a good idea. Those who talk like they know definitely, absolutely anything are just fantasizing.

      • lobbit says:

        Honestly, who cares if folks are willing to take reporting about a celebrity at face value? Some of us don’t care to parse celebrity gossip. For me, gossip items about royal or celeb engagements and weddings are an indulgence – it’s fluffy, mindless escapism that is NOWHERE near as consequential as political discourse.

      • PrincessK says:

        We are here to speculate dear. I was very disappointed that Meghan was not a royal guest at Ascot but now I know it clashed with Harry’s trip to Ascot. I am now hoping she will appear with him at Wimbledon, though I can’t remember Harry attending Wimbledon in the past. I believe that they will be engaged this summer still and possibly married before the end of the year, but Harry must make some public appearances with her before the engagement. I am speculating, lets wait and see, all part of the excitement!

  23. Jade says:

    Btw, the ring Harry supposedly bought her that she wears on her thumb is supposedly from a Canadian jewelry store. Makes me think the ring didn’t come from him unless Harry has lackeys that run around Toronto jewelers.

  24. Connell says:

    I thought Harry appeared angry at the Trooping. The interview came out, and I think it wasn’t met with a favorable reception by his family and friends. I think he was reprimanded. Then he left, mind you Ascot was starting. Harry typically goes to it. Harry meets Meghan in Toronto. I thought Meghan wanted to go to Africa with Harry. Articles dated April mention their African plans. She needed to do things in London. Like what? No pics. Anonymous sources. How did this leak, if it wasn’t through Meghan? I am sorry to be so skeptical.

    • Nessa nessa says:

      Or E! Made up certain details and they running with it. Like DM did about the panel…outright mess that never happened or said. It happens….and the Africa plans was always said to happen in October….according to them. And Meghan has a job so….

    • Maria says:

      You are not the only one who’s skeptical

    • notasugarhere says:

      Since so much of the stories are proven false, why would you assume she’s behind them? The tabs are desperate for any details about these two, so they’ll make up anything for clicks as written above. Throw made-up sh!t at the wall long enough, something might stick.

    • PrincessK says:

      Meghan has a schedule and commitments too you know, she is not kept by her parents and able to drop everything suddenly to fit in with Harry’s schedule.

  25. perplexed says:

    The part where it said he loves being part of her world in Toronto sounded a bit weird to me. If you replaced Toronto with NYC, that would sound believable, I guess. But I figure even Prince Harry would prefer his world in London.

    • Nessa nessa says:

      Awww PH is like Ariel, the other red head “apart of your wooooooorrrrrrllllddddd”


    • notasugarhere says:

      Having been to Toronto, I’d love to be part of things there. Great diverse city, loads to do, close to huge national parks, lots of summer entertainment, plus right there on the lake. I’d honestly take Toronto over NYC.

      • perplexed says:

        I don’t believe he’d take Toronto over London though. Toronto is a nice enough city (and, uh, yes, I’ve been there), but London (I’ve been there too) is on another level. I can believe she’d prefer Toronto because she’s become accustomed to it and that’s where her work is, but I don’t believe someone like Prince Harry, with his kind of (rich) lifestyle, would prefer it.

        There could be a toss-up between Toronto and NYC , which is why I said “I guess” at the end of of original comment with some uncertainty. (I’ve been to NYC too, and I do think it’s more exciting than Toronto. Most people seem to fall in love with NYC, even with its different kind of problems. I’m not entirely sure Toronto has the same effect on people, unless they go there for work like Meghan Markle did). Overall, I think Prince Harry would prefer London no matter how much he might hate the British press, because, it’s well, London.

        If Prince Harry were from LA, which everybody disses (even the people who might secretly like it) , I would find the Toronto comment more believable.

        Or maybe I’d find the Toronto comment believable if he had a career, because you get something economic out of choosing to live there. For someone rich like him who is a dilettante and has no career and gets easily bored because he has nothing to do unless someone (his grandmother) tells him what to do, I think London would excite him more.

      • notasugarhere says:

        No one is saying he’d pick Toronto over London as a permanent residence. Unless he removed himself from the succession, that would likely not be an option. Toronto is full of things to do, places to visit. He isn’t going to get bored of Toronto any time soon, so they may be having a great time hanging in Toronto.

        She works in Toronto, she’s filming now. If they’re spending time together in the cities where either of them live, the choices are Toronto and London. NYC doesn’t figure in to the calculations, logically, because neither of them lives there. If they want to spend time together while she’s working in Toronto, they are in Toronto. When she is not filming, she is free to travel (London being logical, time in Lesotho or Balmoral later this summer are also possible).

      • perplexed says:

        True, but I find the inserts about Toronto strange at times, like the one which said that she’s the toast of Toronto (or something to that effect).

        I only mentioned NYC because that would make the comment more believable to me, but even then I hesitated with the words “I guess”. I wasn’t entirely sure if I still would find the comment believable, because most of the articles on these two are kind of cheesy-sounding. Some people will believe he loves her world in Toronto — I may not be one of them. I think he may love her though (just not “her world.”)

      • notasugarhere says:

        If it is a world in which he can currently go out to dinner and not be photographed? Where many people have no idea who is is and don’t care? I’d bet there are aspects of Toronto that he does love.

        Anybody who has paid attention to these two in the last 10 months could have written this article. Nothing here screams insider. All information that could be found online or made up and appear plausible.

      • perplexed says:

        I never claimed anything about the insider information. I just think the articles on these two sound weird and cheesy, no matter how real their love might be. They could have an enduring love that stands the test of time and outlasts all others in a real, authentic way, and I’d still think the articles are cheesy sounding.

        One can think they’re a genuine couple, and still find the articles rather odd sounding. It’s not like the opinions have to be mutually exclusive.

      • notasugarhere says:

        I just find it interesting when people assume that anything remotely positive about these two must have come from the alleged world’s most powerful media string puller (AKA Meghan Markle). Most of what is written about them could be written by anyone, but it is only the positive articles that are questioned never the negatives ones.

      • perplexed says:

        I’ve questioned the negative ones as being unfair too. It comes down to how the article is written. Ditto for any celebrity or royal.

        I think Kate and Will’s relationship is real, but still think some of the articles are cheesy.

      • ArchieGoodwin says:

        It was the “darling of Toronto” I think.


      • Nessa nessa says:

        Y’all don’t think the American press won’t paint their homegrown as a perfect future princess? That have nothing to do with PR from anyone…that’s just a publication wanting to paint a good story. Even UK press is painting this gooey story of love & fairytales but “realness” or whatever. Lol

        At the end it’s like what’s her face said on that Morning show in UK after she broke the story of them dating 1st. Building a power couple will help the international perspective of the U.K. going forward post Brexit.



        I think she has a point. So that we are seeing. I think they did this with Cressida except their was a lot of buzzing of her not being ready. So IDK….lol but yeah…

      • PrincessK says:

        Senior royals cannot hold down permanent 9-5 jobs it is just not practical, I don’t understand why people don’t get it and I don’t want to keep explaining the numerous reasons why they cannot have proper jobs without becoming private citizens.

  26. Nessa Nessa says:

    No shade but what make y’all think they will be engaged soon? I don’t see it……not this year. So….what make y’all think this is happening?

    • seesittellsit says:

      If she really is moving to London and he is getting that 21-room apartment in Kensington Palace and having it refurbished – that’s good enough for me to take out my sketch pad and start designing wedding gowns.

      If that’s all baloney, then, yeah we’re all jumping the gun. And he could still have proposed privately but they don’t announce till, say, a year of BREXIT negotiations are done who is really the government gets settled . . . for all they know, another election could be around the corner.

      MM will find out pretty fast that she doesn’t have quite the private life she’s used to and events in her life have to be fitted into national events as a Pss.

    • PrincessK says:

      She is 36 this year , they will be getting married very soon.

  27. perplexed says:

    “The point is, it’s something you’re born into. You don’t get the choice. If/when that day comes, you just get on with it to the best of your ability.”

    He should have just said that then. Why didn’t he?

    • lobbit says:

      That’s pretty much what he said, though…

      • Carrie says:


      • perplexed says:

        He didn’t say it’s something you’re born into. He said no one wants to be King. The latter speaks not only for himself, but for everybody, including his father (who I think does want to carry out his duty, even if he has to be 90 when it happens). He also framed his answer as if he does HAVE a choice in being a force for good and getting on with the best of his ability. He was basically implying he was doing a favour for the public in being “good” while also dismissing what the Queen has done in her role. He also most likely will never be King given where he is in the line of succession, so the point of saying he doesn’t want to be King (along with everyone else in the family) seemed ultimately pointless. Coming from William, at least the statement would have made sense. Ditto for George when he grows up. Coming from Harry, fifth in line, makes his answering of the question seem futile. Unless Parliament makes a ruling or everybody else dies in a plane crash or some other procedural occurrence happens, the chances of him being King are pretty slim.

        There’s a big difference between how he worded his statement vs how this other statement is worded. Maybe this is what he actually meant, but I don’t think he got to the point.

  28. Scout says:

    That Newsweek article completely changed my perception of Harry. He seems immature as hell and I’m not buying into the “reformed bad boy” narrative. I don’t know, the super serious relationship with Meghan seems a little too convenient as it coincides with this new narrative. I mean, I 100% believe their relationship is authentic and they are serious but I feel like Harry’s PR team is doing the absolute most to showcase it as confirmation of him evolving. It makes me question the assumption that she was the one pushing for going public and him just going with it.

  29. ArchieGoodwin says:

    She’s already doing the job required of her. Red carpets, charity work, makes speeches that she is more than capable of memorizing and emoting, willing to work, looks beautiful (yes, this is required to marry Harry imo, from the public POV).

    Dont get the hate. She’s pretty much perfect for him, she can act her way in any situation, control her facial expressions, dress accordingly, speaks well.

    What more do people want? I hope they do make it.

    • Skylark says:

      I think she’s a little too good for him, to be honest, but if it’s the real deal and they’re happily committed to each other and determined to make it work, then yeah, I hope so too.

      She could be the stabilising influence he plainly needs.

      • perplexed says:

        I think she’s smarter than he is.

      • Skylark says:

        Yikes. That’s more than slightly damning with faint praise.

        But FWIW, I don’t think Harry is as insensitive to his privilege as the most recent interview suggests. That family is so filled with dysfunction – not least his parents – so I think his problem is more to do with the way he articulates his thoughts.

      • Adele Dazeem says:

        Agreed. I also am getting more of themimpression that he’s an emotional and petulant guy (remember the pouting pics at that wedding recently?) and me thinks she’s got her hands full. She strikes me as more of a consistent, mature, settled person. Perhaps it’s because she didn’t have everything handed to her and has had to work for things….I relate to her. She’s going to have to be the “rock” in that relationship and being the rock in my own, I can tell you, it gets hard. Esp w kids.

    • notasugarhere says:

      I think her training, work record, and being a good public speaker would help her a lot in this kind of job. Like Letizia’s training means she’s an experienced and entertaining public speaker. As for which is smarter in this relationship? None of the Windsors (or the Spencers) win any traditional IQ contests. Some are great at emotional intelligence.

  30. NotSoSocialButterfly says:

    I don’t care if it’s true or not! Honking for Merry!!

  31. SoulSPA says:

    In case Meghan married Harry, I do not see any chance of them doing more work. Unless Bill the Ordinary and Waitey Chutney stepped up their game. Bill has stated that he wants to be there for his children when growing up and that he will fulfill his royal duties when he becomes the King. Until then, he will be there for his kids and “prepare” to become king.

    Therefore, it would look very bad for Bill and Chutney if Harry and Meghan worked harder. Unless WK stepped up their game, I predict an increase in the spending of taxpayers’ hard worked money to support another royal couple and eventually their future kids.

  32. Joannie says:

    She’s his current girlfriend and that’s all anyone knows. How serious, what they do, who they see is tabloid gossip. I think the pressure to have them marry is more of the tabloids wish than anyone else’s as they stand to make quite a bit of money.

    • Carrie says:

      Yeah. Echo all that.

      I don’t want them to feel pressured and hope that’s not happening. I do wish them both happiness and if it’s together, that’d be really nice to see. Each seems ready for it if they decide to marry each other.

  33. Flufff says:

    Meh, it’s just as likely to be fake or leaked by his people to combat the recent bad PR (look shiny!! Focus on the shiny romance this way, pay no attention on the brat behind the curtain) as it was leaked by her. She has nothing to gain from leaking.

    The Tumblrinas need to take all the seats.

  34. A says:

    I’m not fussed. I wasn’t really buying the idea that they might have broken up anyway. They’ve been at this relationship for a while, and after the first shine wears off, they have to continue their own lives and learn how to manage it from there. That makes for some very boring, non-PR friendly articles. So w/e. And like, yeah, this is PR, but it’s faaaaaaaar better PR than whatever Waity threw out in her time. You can knock the fact that she’s keeping herself in the press in a positive way all you want, but it’s a smart strategy and she seems like a smart person.

  35. Ollie says:

    The Darling of Toronto has spoken.
    Why doesn’t Harry move to Toronto? She can hold her job and he can take care of the house and do the grocery shopping.

    • GiBee says:

      Exactly! Since he’s so eager to find his way out of Royal Life… Plus since he’s about as sharp as creamed corn (teachers at Eton had to help the poor thing cheat), he’ll need someone else to pay the bills.

    • Idky says:

      LOVE!!!! So witty!! 😀

      Because as he stated in his latest interview – even if he were king, he would do his own groceries!!!

  36. Jo says:

    Her buddies at E News are so desperate to push this attention seeker. I hope she and Harry get married because I don’t like either of them. Sadly a royal aide said he’s not been in Toronto for a month, so E is once more pushing the thirsty Markle agenda. And the way he spoke about her in Newsweek was rude. She “absolutely did not” help him address his mental health issues. I felt bad for her then. Either their broken up or he’s over it and she won’t stop clinging. She wouldn’t be used to a man who doesn’t bend over backwards to pay her rent and flights and pander to her either.

    • BeamMeUpScottie says:


      • BeamMeUpScottie says:

        Are you kidding me??? Harry had better shut down that line of questioning and say she is NOT giving him advice as he knows people (media and the shirts) just want to get an inkling that she has influence over him. That would be the end of that!!! He is being protective and wise – as well he might.

        And what is this about paying her rent? ??? Nonsense!
        Sorry… this narrative is very familiar …sounds like someting from the Harry stan tubmlr crazies who are shitting themselves tracking Harry’s arrival time from Malawi, Meghan’s flight time from Toronto or whereever and spinning all kind of nonsense . And then they talk about her stalking him SMDH

    • Nessa nessa says:

      She has no buddies at E!

      • Nessa nessa says:

        And may I add it was clear the story was made up for anyone who read it. And she has her own money & pays her own bills. Why do y’all assume everything is a “plant”? All they do is maybe ask at the airport to someone “you think harry have been here?” They person might have just said “sure I guess” and then they just spend a whole story from that.

        It’s funny how she is the attention seeker when she haven’t talked, posted, or done nothing but go to work since this got out.

    • Lobbit says:

      @ jo – your post is the sort of textbook misogynistic nastiness that sucks all the fun out of (what should be) lighthearted gossip.

      Why do people revel in being awful? Smh.

    • Marr says:

      Stay salty ;)

  37. Nessa nessa says:

    Alright…British press/media is creepy as f–k. Channel 4 is working on a special to air later this year called “meet the markles”. Candid interviews and a look into her ancestory and a look into her future as a possible royal. Said they are doing it because she is a hot topic.

    Is that even legal? Or? Just ewww….it seem invasive since she isn’t apart of it.

    • suze says:

      Ick. Honestly, complete ick. I hope they get sued.

    • LAK says:

      This is the same channel that commissioned a tv drama about the Taliban capturing Harry as well as one that involved the sitting Prime Minister shagging a pig.

      They also have a comedy series mocking all the royals and showing them as either schemers and or complete thickos.

      This commission about the markles is frankly tame for them.

      She should be lucky that’s all they are doing AND spitting Image isn’t around because they would have a field day.

      • Nessa nessa says:

        Ugh….thanks for the heads up. It may be tame but it’s also presumptuous. Who is to say they are even together & he hasn’t moved on to someone else by it’s expected air date? Later this year…into her ancestry though? It’s creepy as hell…..

      • PrincessK says:

        Channel 4 hopefully might actually be on Meghan side and present her as a breathe of fresh air and new type of person to enter the stuffy RF.

    • Lobbit says:

      SMH this is why Harry (and william, maybe – and their father before them) has had a tough time with romance. They say his last two serious girlfriends dumped him because they couldn’t deal with royal life and the scrutiny that comes with it. I know that I couldn’t handle the media intrusion – if I were Meghan Markle, the British press would drive me into a depression – editorializing every move I make, interrogating friends and relatives…I wouldn’t survive it.

  38. India Andrews says:

    I’m laughing hard at the headline. It really is immaterial to me who Harry dates or marries. His PR people don’t need to reassure the public of anything. A lot of Brits would breathe a sigh of relief if they broke up because they don’t want Meghan in the royal family.

    • notasugarhere says:

      And many would breathe a sigh of relief and welcome someone from outside the aristocracy (or wannabe aristocracy). Someone who knows how to work for a living would be a nice change for them.

  39. notasugarhere says:

    Zara’s retired competition horse, Toytown, passed away today at age 24.

  40. PrincessK says:

    I have bought Seasons 1-3 of Suits, not really my thing but it is interesting and of course nice to watch Meghan in it.