Us Weekly: Brad Pitt & Sienna Miller ‘have been spending some time together’

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I generally don’t like to disrespect or complain about major gossip outlets and their “takes” or long-reads about whatever gossip-rumoring is happening. But last week, in the midst of that Brad Pitt-Sienna Miller story blowing up, E! News ran an essay that seemed like it was written by Brad’s publicist. It was all about how Brad Pitt is poor, pitiful and sad because of Angelina and he’s dating in general and good for him, but he’s not dating Sienna Miller because he’s so sad and pitiful and MEAN ANGELINA. It was…a strange read. Especially given the “where there’s smoke, there’s fire” vibe around the Sienna-Brad story.

Speaking of, Us Weekly also chose to fan the flames of this Brad-Sienna story with their cover story this week. Someone is really pushing this narrative of “Brad has had such a hard time this year, poor Brad,” and it’s interesting to see how that dovetails with the Sienna rumors.

The past nine months haven’t been kind to Brad Pitt. In the wake of his much-publicized split from Angelina Jolie, newspapers and gossip blogs painted him as the villain, claiming he’d had an affair with Allied costar Marion Cotillard and hired Russian hookers. And as he battled his estranged wife for custody of Maddox, 15, Pax, 13, Zahara, 12, Shiloh, 11, and 8-year-old twins Knox and Vivienne, Pitt also had to wait to be cleared of abuse allegations by the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services and the FBI.

Now, the 53-year-old is looking for a partner to walk at his side, says a source. Single for the first time in nearly two decades, the affable Springfield, Missouri, native “has been on a couple of dates,” says another insider. “He’s hanging out with friends and those friends are bringing him out to meet other people.”

And then there are the connections he makes himself. The Pitt source confirms he’s had a few meet-ups with Sienna Miller, who starred in his 2016 biographical adventure, The Lost City of Z. Says a source of the duo — spotted hanging out at England’s famed Glastonbury Festival in the early hours of June 24 — “They’ve been spending some time together.”

The first hint of a flirtation came in early April. At a 25-person dinner for The Lost City of Z cast and crew in L.A., the actor and the 35-year-old Brit were seen chatting much of the night. They reconnected two months later on her side of the pond. When Pitt popped by Glastonbury with Bradley Cooper June 23, the pals connected with the blonde beauty, Cooper’s costar in 2014’s American Sniper.

“They are all good friends so they were hanging out,” says the Pitt insider, denying a report from Britain’s The Sun newspaper that Pitt and Miller were stroking each other and holding hands. Insists the insider of Pitt and Miller, mom to 5-year-old Marlowe with former fiancé Tom Sturridge. But should the ‘90s heartthrob want to make a move, the Pitt source sees a good future: “They would make a great couple.”

[From Us Weekly]

If this was the Us Weekly of yore, I would put more stock into this story. But since Us Weekly was sold to American Media, the same company which owns the National Enquirer, I haven’t been very keen on Us Weekly’s gossip-reporting. Plus, this story feels like another piece written by Brad’s publicist. I guess Poor, Victimized Brad is selling to someone, somewhere. It remains to be seen that Brad + Sienna will sell with that same fanbase though.

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Photos courtesy of WENN, cover courtesy of Us Weekly.

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35 Responses to “Us Weekly: Brad Pitt & Sienna Miller ‘have been spending some time together’”

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  1. Digital Unicorn (aka Betti) says:

    Oh Sienna, just as your work at repairing your image is starting to show fruit you go and chuck it away by allowing yourself to be associated with Pitt and his mess. If its not true she needs to shut it down.

  2. Tiffany says:


    Get out of her own way. Did you learned nothing from Law and Getty.
    Girl, no.

    A fan of yours.

    • Meredith says:

      I’m so used to seeing “Law and” followed by Order, that I completely misread Getty and thought, “What Law and Order episode is Tiffany referring to?”

  3. Fa says:

    If this was the Us Weekly of yore, I would put more stock into this story. But since Us Weekly was sold to American Media, the same company which owns the National Enquirer, I haven’t been very keen on Us Weekly’s gossip-reporting.

    Absolutely US weekly is not more trusty anymore then before, last week their website denied this story, how can anyone believe them.
    On the contrary E news is Brad publicist new house, no man stop whining you are not the victim your kids are the victims in this divorce.

  4. Susy says:

    Finally moving on

  5. Yeahright says:

    I wish he would date someone older like Sandra Bullock! I need to see his tongue in Sienna’s mouth before I believe this. I’m sad about US weekly becoming garbage. Guess I won’t be renewing!

  6. Gessy says:

    I would like them together.Love both of them

    • Sabrine says:

      I don’t care who he dates although this seems like just a fling for physical gratification. He doesn’t seem that appealing at all. As for Sienna, I just like looking at photos of her and that perfect nose of hers.

  7. LadyT says:

    So far he’s been bouncing with Russian hookers, impregnating Marion Cottilard, rocking with Kate Hudson, dining with Elle MacPherson and dating Sienna Miller. Not a shred of evidence to substantiate anything so far. I love to gossip but I’ll wait for better accuracy and sourcing to base it on.

  8. Babs says:

    Sienna looks a little like Marion on the mag cover. Hhmmm

  9. perplexed says:

    How do you go from Angelina Jolie to Sienna Miller? I don’t get it.

    Everyone says Jennifer Aniston is bland, but I think Sienna Miller is completely forgettable (even with the marital hook-ups she had in her youth)

    • Fiorucci says:

      Well come on I don’t mind jen but Sienna is insanely pretty not just plain or whatever. Maybe not forgettable to those who know her? Obviously not on Angie’s level of wow but maybe he wants to be the star of the couple instead of having an equal (like Chris after Gwyneth)

      • perplexed says:

        Is she considered beautiful because she’s blonde? She has one of those faces that don’t really register in my memory (like the female equivalent of Sam Worthington).

        Jennifer Aniston may not be the prettiest, but I can at least remember what she looks like.

      • Lady D says:

        …”maybe he wants to be the star of the couple.” Rather shallow. I couldn’t imagine singling out dates based on the fact that I must remain the bigger star. I wonder what the criteria is? Someone less famous, less better looking, less box office take, less access to the best? What makes someone the bigger star?
        I think Sienna is pretty when I see her in movies, but not bombshell material, more typical girl next door looks.

      • tracking says:

        I do think she has great bone structure, but it registers more in stills than on screen imo.

      • perplexed says:

        She kind of looks like Naomi Watts, except I can actually remember what Naomi Watts looks like.

      • Green says:

        I think she has a really pretty face and I’ve caught her in films since she did that one with Heath Ledger way back, so I feel semi qualified to say I think she’s a decent actor, but her career was and is overshadowed by her personal life. She’s more watchable than AJ for sure.

    • thisismeee says:

      Considering how Brad Pitt always morphs into the person he is dating, I guess I will soon be unable to remember what he looks like, because, like you perplexed, I can never keep an image of Sienna Miller in my mind! I have to re-remember what she looks like every time I see her. And I’ve seen her in a lot of movies. There seems to be nothing about her looks to distinguish herself in my memory. So if they start dating publicly, I guess Brad might disappear from memory too… hah.

  10. Sage says:

    Aw, he’s looking for someone to walk by his side. Lol. I wish his PR team would stop selling him as needy.
    Anyway, Brad and Sienna would make a really, really stylish and good looking couple.

  11. IndifferentCat says:

    Insider Glasto knowledge straight from the winabago park: Brad is very into Sienna but she’s not into him, yet. They’re dating but he’s much more for it than she is. Bradley cooper is also a total wanker and Beckham is dull as dishwater.

    • Jegede says:

      Hey fellow Glasto head here! (Well sometimes)

      So this is legit?

    • Sage says:

      I believe it. It’s clearly Brads team that is “source” for the rumours. I don’t think this is coming from sienna or her team if she has one.

    • Melanie says:

      IndifferentCat, how is Bradley Cooper a wanker? Can you elaborate?

    • Green says:

      Love these occasional insider posts, and this one reads genuine.
      “Bradley cooper is also a total wanker”
      -That’s what Jennifer Espisito said about him.

      “and Beckham is dull as dishwater.”
      -Didn’t have to be an insider to know that one.

  12. cherrypie says:

    The so called hook up between these two is as dull as the JLo/Drake hook-up. Yawn…..

  13. Sarah says:

    Too bad that Brad is afraid to soend some time with himself, after 20 years of being a couple. Maybe get to know himself, work on his addictions, iron out some personal issues? Of course not. His pals are urging him to find someone “to walk by his side.”
    Sad. He is never going to grow up.

    • lucy2 says:

      That’s what I thought, the guy needs time to work on his issues and repair relationships with his family. Dating should be low on his priority list, until he’s been healthy and sober for a good while.

  14. Ad says:

    Nice couple

  15. tracking says:

    I could see this. When has he not dated actresses, or been alone for long? Pretty, fun blonde with a bad girl edge–seems exactly his type, kind of a middle ground between Aniston and Jolie.

  16. Fa says:

    He reminds me Jennifer Aniston when he left her there were some sort of rumours going around about her dating as her publicist tried to link her with any man breathing only to prove she moved on, its same here with Brad his publicist is really trying too hard to prove that he moves on by feeding tabloids this story.

  17. Big D says:

    Go for it, I say.
    He got ditched by his wife, she doesn’t want him back, has to have supervised visits with his kids. Does anyone know what all this does to a man? Then a breath of fresh air in the form of Sienna comes along. What on earth do you expect him to do? Say no, I can’t date until society decides I have suffered and stayed single long enough? Especially I after I was the one who got ditched?

    Jesus, us fans can be hard work sometimes…☺️

  18. Melanie says:

    If they actually are dating, why deny it if they are just going to come out as a couple eventually anyway? Why not just say “no comment”?

  19. SM says:

    At this point I wonder how much of these stories are based on pure fiction, when whoever writes it comes up with imaginable insiders, etc. And hoe much of it is actualy leaks from Brad’s camp. Because if is the latter whey are behaving like PR amatures, because it is hard to feel sorry for him when all messages are so patronizing. Itsn’t it even harder on Angelina and the kids? And itsn’t the divorce in big part his own doing? But he is the poorest of them all, handging out with friends and making new friends at the same time when Angelina has to be the only responsible parent and care for their childeren. I am sure it is hard. Divorce must be hard on anyone but he is painted into such a victim it is amussing and eye roll enducing at the same time

    • truth says:

      I agree with this narrative. But his publicist has to make him seem like the poor, pitiful Brad since Sept of last year to make him relevant. You already have Angie haters and him and his team saying Angie wanted to destroy his image. I mean that is rock solid there is nothing that can destroy that good guy image. He could have molested one of those kids and they would have blamed her. Truth.
      What they are doing is trying to smack Angie because in my book he doesn’t know how to take a L well. Imho he is still bitter with her no matter how they seem to be putting things behind them for the sake of the kids. She embarrassed the heck out of him and the law was all up in his business. He is untouchable, so he thought. He thinks he in the new HW mogul. The fake family man with the adopted and biological kids and beautiful wife. I feel Angie stalled marrying him for years because of his addiction. And I also believe the leaks by his team that she threatened to leave him several times if he didn’t get it together. We don’t know the whole story.
      Then you listen to his entitled azz in that GQ interview where he comes off as a spoiled, coddled, arrogant douche bag who semi wants your sympathy. Admits to being all of the above unapologetically.
      What I found most disturbing is he doesn’t talk intimately about his kids like other dad do. He doesn’t at all in past interviews. That tells me one thing, he is tremendously selfish and unwavering. I don’t get it. Everything is about how is portrayed and he knows it but doesn’t get it.
      One thing I do get is Angelina saw an open door and she ran and is not looking back. She took the hits and just keeps on moving.
      Also when she spoke she talked about how it had been tough on her and the kids as well. That divorce wasn’t all about how Pitt was hurting or upset, everyone was and I am glad she spoke about that. That is a clear picture into who is the better parent.
      As for he and Sienna. Good for them both. Now he is Sienna’s headache.