Kid Rock claims he’s running for a Michigan Senate seat in 2018, sure?

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Back in April, Kid Rock was one of the people invited to the White House for a very special dinner with Donald Trump. The other guests included Ted Nugent and Sarah Palin. The agenda involved dinner, a photo-op in the Oval Office, and some photos with Hillary Clinton’s First Lady portrait. Oddly, in that group, Kid Rock came across the best. Even though Kid Rock had said a lot of sh-t about President Obama, he never seemed as flat-out unhinged as any of the other people at that dinner. It’s even believed that Kid Rock stopped Sarah Palin from making some kind of obscene gesture towards Hillary’s portrait. Who knows?

Well, all of that was enough for Kid Rock to stoke his political aspirations. He’s apparently launching his campaign to be the next senator for Michigan.

Kid Rock is promising to rock the Republican party — in the U.S. Senate. The musician on Wednesday launched a website to promote his campaign to be a U.S. Senator representing his home state of Michigan, and no, it’s not a joke.

“I have had a ton of emails and texts asking me if this website is real… The answer is an absolute YES,” 46-year-old Kid Rock, né Robert James Ritchie, tweeted Wednesday afternoon.

Though his website does not yet tout his policy positions and ideas, it does feature a few slogans Michigan voters might soon see on yard signs, including, “I’ll Rock the Party”; “In Rock We Trust”; “Pimp of the Nation”; “Born Free”; “Party to the People”; “Welcome to the Party”; “You Never Met a Politician Quite Like Me”; and “Get in the Senate and Try to Help Someone.”

Should Kid Rock wind up on the ballot in November 2018, he will run against Sen. Debbie Stabenow, a Democrat who first won the seat in 2000. In a statement to EW, the senator said, “I know we both share a love of music. I concede he is better at playing the guitar, and I’ll keep doing what I do best, which is fighting for Michigan.”

With the news going viral Wednesday, political reporters began to ask if the rock star had filed paperwork with the Federal Elections Commission to run for office. “I’m not seeing any evidence that Kid Rock has filed with the FEC…” tweeted the Washington Post‘s Emily Heil.

[From EW]

I’m not the first person to say this, but maybe this will be enough to convince Eminem to run against Kid Rock? Eminem is a Democrat… or something. Like, he hated George W. Bush with a passion and from what I remember, he was a low-key Obama supporter. Maybe that’s just what the mid-terms need, a race between Eminem and Kid Rock. As for the thought of Senator Kid Rock… this is our new normal.

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  1. astrid says:

    that would be awesome Kid Rock versus Eminem

    • Nyawira says:

      Awesome how? A choice between a Trumpite and a man who raps about murdering the mother of his kid among other awful things is awesome?

  2. HeidiM says:

    If he could convince someone to do something to help Flint then fine.

    • kelile4 says:

      yeah, that’s the only good thing… he does love michigan. better than trump who doesn’t love anything other than himself and, maybe, his own. maybe. i’m hesitant to even include his daughter and son in law, but maybe.

    • Zondie says:

      @Heidim Flint has been in steady decline since the 70ies when the factories shut down or moved to other states. Those who choose to stay in Flint could expect unemployment. Nobody cared about Flint’s woes until the recent water crisis suddenly made it the “hot sexy issue” among the media and Hollywood. Many years ago Will Farrell even made a movie set in Flint (and mocking it) about a semi pro basketball player. Sound bites aren’t going to help Flint. So many deep problems in Flint pre-dating the water crisis.

      • AmunetMaat says:

        @ Zondie “Hot sexy topic”? Poisoned water or contaminated water supply is not a hot sexy topic that is being used for some type of social cache. This is a serious erroneous situation that has been an issue the past few years. Especially because it was known locally, it caught on in social media because once again poisoned water and people are being forced to remain, not move, and pay heavy fines. Let’s not trivialize this to “hot sexy topic”. People have been diagnosed with severe medical problems.

  3. cindy says:

    Well, he may win. God bless ‘Merica. White trash capital of the world.

  4. Lightpurple says:

    Because people who look like they never shower are underrepresented in the Senate

    • holly hobby says:

      So is Congress going to hold him to a dress code too? Just asking since women aren’t allowed to wear sleeveless tops and open toe shoes. Of all the dumb things…

  5. Melly says:

    Eminem values his privacy too highly to get into this mess.

    A year ago the thought of Kid Rock running for the senate would be ridiculous and funny. Now though, seems perfectly reasonable because the world is crazy and everything is upside-down.

  6. Rapunzel says:

    No. Just no. This is our country and its future. We need to stop letting unqualified and uneducated folks try to run it.

    • Eyeroll says:

      This 100%! Between the Rock and now Kid Rock, NO!! How about people who are actually qualified to be in these positions.

      • CynicalAnn says:

        Omg-yes! How can people see how horribly unqualified Trump is to be POTUS and think, oh let’s continue this trend. I don’t care how “likable” these people are-a big f-ing NO to them running for office.

    • holly hobby says:

      Well that’s the GOP’s current MO. There was even a survey on the news the other day that GOP didn’t believe in higher education. Guess they like to keep them dumb and in the dark. If I didn’t know any better I would suspect that this party is overrun by $cientologists. The way they are operating (Trump operatives trying to dig up dirt on NYT reporters in retaliation) certainly fits that religion. So when is Tommy going to the WH to jump on the sofas?

  7. anna says:

    why, oh why, do all these celebrities think they are qualified to hold political office? at least get a b.a. in political sciences or governance first. anything! smh.

    • Dizzie says:

      Anna you are so right- in my state teachers were required to have higher qualifications (or did before DeVos) than some of our state or federal MOC’s. This included a college degree in your content area and passing a test or equilavent course work on the US and state constitutions. Additionally you held a Secondary English certification- because you were expected to communicate with each studentand regardless of their origins. Today’s “politicians” set up a PAC, fundraise, hire some PR and launch a “new” career on the backs of loyal fans. Or is it simply a money and publicity grab and a boost for their careers. Do you hear me The Rock? I hope it fails big time and fans see right through this latest fraud. But they won’t, he’ll sell a lot of t-shirts and signs and bumper sticker- all for the goof of it. My ps- it is telling that when in the White House, instead of standing under a portrait of someone you respect, you chose to mock- that wouldn’t be tolerated if you were a teacher. Good luck Michigan.

  8. Indiana Joanna says:

    I guess trashy moronic D list celebs running for public office isn’t new, but right now when our country is in the throes of trashy d list celebrity trump family’s mess, it’s horrible that these despicable con artists feel liberated to use our democracy as their own personal joke.


  9. Chingona says:

    He is just crap. He went from trying to be more urban and a rapper to now pandering to the country and racist community. ( I love country music and not bashing all of them). I think that the racism in this country is just being exposed more now due to the political exceptance and white Americans feeling threaten by others taking over their country. Obama being in office really felt like a threat to them and their really wasn’t anyway that the next president wasn’t going to be racist and for Murica. I don’t doubt that if Kid Rock played up the Murica routine and aligned himself with key people he could win some type of political office and that right there is a scary thing to think about the direction this country is going in.

  10. Beth says:

    Get lost Kid Rock. Who’s next? Gene Simmons, Kris Kardashian, or maybe Marilyn Manson?

  11. Maria says:

    I believe Eminem might be a bit of a recluse so I don’t see him out there campaigning and whatnot. I remember reading an interview with 50 Cent that Em wouldn’t even come out the house one time and talk to 50 outside in the driveway. I think it’s a bit more than just wanting privacy. He legit doesn’t like being out around people.
    It’s fascinating because I think when he (Em) was out doing crazy stuff all that time he was at his peak, he may have been drink or on drugs to get through it. Or something happened which made him withdraw. I’m always waiting for some info to come out explaining what happened, but yeah I don’t see him running.
    He does things behind the scenes for Michigan.

    • Melly says:

      This is what i’ve heard: He overdosed really badly and was incredibly close to dying. He was less than 15 minutes away from his organs shutting down and dying/becoming a vegetable. After he recovered and went to rehab, he started becoming a shut in.

  12. Adele Dazeem says:

    Mark my words: if he runs he will win. While I’m not a fan of his politics, I’ve heard him speak about issues and he elocutes better than I expected. (Lowered expectations? Perhaps)
    He will definitely reach the disenfranchised, which is rapidly becoming a huge chunk of this country.

    What I am saying is that I find him to be a better, more eloquent speaker than 45. He doesn’t come off as unhinged like other republicans (looking at you Palin!)

    Again, lowered expectations.

  13. Stella in NH says:

    Is it me or does he always look dirty? White trash.

  14. Norma Warner says:

    As a proud Michigander I can assure you that Stabenow has left numerous GOP male opponents in her wake.
    Debbie is very authentic, and let’s not forget this state is still reeling from the mess Snyder made.

  15. Aimena says:

    Kid Rock and Ted Nugent have both squawked about making a run for Michigan senator.

  16. Sam says:

    I’m a Detroiter. Word on the street here is this is just to get press for his new restaurant. *rolls eyes*