Caitlyn Jenner considers a run for a California senate seat in 2018

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Since the 2016 election, everything has been awful, clearly. But I’ve been following, with some interest, all of the stories about the women who now want to run for office. The side-effect of Trump’s P-ssygrabbing America is that the p-ssy wants to grab back, electorally. Women in their 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and beyond are showing a new interest in not just working for campaigns and re-engaging in the political system, but they want to run for office themselves. This is a good thing. What’s not a good thing is that Caitlyn Jenner is one of those women. Caitlyn chatted with a radio show on Sunday about her Republican politics and what she sees for her future. Apparently, she’s very interested in running for a Senate seat in California. Some quotes from the radio interview:

Whether she would run for office: “I have considered it. I like the political side of it. The political side of it has always been very intriguing to me. Over the next six months or so, I gotta find out where I can do a better job. Can I do a better job from the outside? Kind of working the perimeter of the political scene, being open to talking to anybody? Or are you better from the inside? And we are in the process of determining that. Yeah, but I would look for a senatorial run.”

She plans to meet with Nikki Haley. Haley is the United States’ ambassador to the United Nations, to discuss the international ramifications for being involved with the LGBTQ community. “I hope to change the perception of the Republican Party and make it the party of equality,” she said, adding that she believes the GOP would be unstoppable if it kept its small-government, fiscally conservative values while being more accepting of people who have not traditionally been part of the party.

[From The LA Times]

This is just a reminder that Caitlyn is a gigantic a–hole, by the way. She pissed away all of her goodwill. She pissed away her opportunity to use her position for good. And she pissed it all away because she’s still the entitled a–hole she always was. It’s all well and good for Caitlyn to talk about how she would “work in the system” for her community, but she literally spent the last year backing candidates who loathe her community. She doesn’t regret voting for Trump and she thought it was important to mention that she looked “fabulous” when she met Mike Pence. She keeps saying that she’ll “stand up” to transphobes and anti-LGBTQ politicians, but she never does.

As for the reality of whether she could actually run for a Senate seat… Dianne Feinstein will maybe-possibly be running for re-election in 2018. Feinstein hasn’t announced if she will seek re-election (she’s 84). If decides to retire, then it will be an open seat and I would be more interested in hearing about the celebrities running as Democrats. George Clooney?

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  1. anonymous says:

    Delusional is the only word that comes to my mind right know, I wonder if she even lives in the same world as the rest of us.

  2. Nancy says:

    Is this even shocking. No. trump is president, come on, what can possibly top that. Mickey and Minnie in the White House is still a strong possibility. Our new normal is a cartoon.

    • Trillion says:

      you heard about Kid Rock considering running as well, right? I don’t even know what to think.

  3. Nicole says:

    The election has opened up the field for every moron to run. Awesome. I look forward to being the laughing stock of the international community for the next decade or so

    • Megan says:

      Exactly. Enough with the celebrity candidates. We need qualified and experienced lawmakers who can govern.

      • lolo86lf says:

        Exactly, like the Rock, he has a good heart but no experience. I would like to see running for office Ashley Judd or Scarlett Johanssen.

      • swak says:

        They need to get their feet wet on a local level and them aspire to more important positions. But that is the order of the day since Trump became president – you don’t need experience anymore.

      • Dem says:

        America Ferrera and Kerry Washington are extremely clued in and actively plugged into grassroots movements, and have been for years.

        I think its foolish to outright dismiss all celebrities. Al Franken is one of the most effective senators and he was just a comedian before all that. We dont dismiss all dentists and peanut farmers from high office, so why should being a successful actor lock you out?

      • lucy2 says:

        Agree with Dem – being a celebrity or actor shouldn’t stop a smart and capable person from running for office.
        But it also shouldn’t be that because you are famous you think you SHOULD run. Again, one needs to be smart and capable, and go into it for the right reasons.

      • CynicalAnn says:

        This! Dear god. NO more celebrities. I don’t care if they’re nice people or “smart” or gigantic jerks like her-done!

      • holly hobby says:

        The Al Franken comparison isn’t really a good one since this man isn’t a run of the mill celeb. He graduated from Harvard with a major in govt. He was also politically active before his run.

        Caitlyn and Rock were jocks and, for better or for worse, celebs. That doesn’t qualify them for jack.

    • swak says:

      Now’s the time to put in term limits. That way we aren’t subjected to them for an entire lifetime.

  4. Clare says:

    Although I would like to see a trans person win such an important seat…not this person. She is an utter POS with no respect for anyone, including her own damn community. Ugh.

    Having said that – the way the country is going, it wouldn’t surprise me if she won. Even after orange Voldemort and the outrage, we’ve seen an a-hole actually assault someone and THEN get elected.

    • holly hobby says:

      Except her own party would not vote for her. Cue – I’m going to be a Dem!

  5. Nev says:

    Have a seat please.

  6. Blue says:

    Not as bad as Trump.

    • Diana says:

      It’s tragic how true this comment is. What the literal f — this world right now. I bet liquor sales are at an all time high since the election. Depressing AF!

  7. Aiobhan Targaryen says:

    If she can name ten issues that affect the lgbt community and also name ten Republican policies that will actually help her commnuity I will actually go out and stump for her.

    This woman is a twit that is unintentionally doing more harm than good.

  8. RBC says:

    Exactly who does Caitlyn really consider her “community” ? The LGBT community or the wealthy high profile people she spends most of her time with?
    It would be great to see a trans woman run for the senate and win, but Caitlyn is not the one.

    • lucy2 says:

      Based on her vote, it’s the latter.

      Same thought, it would great to see LGBTQ people winning elections and representing greater diversity in our government, but not THIS person.

  9. Beth says:

    Stay home, Caitlyn.

  10. BearcatLawyer says:

    I wake up every morning hoping I just had a really long and twisted bad dream, but nope, this is our reality in the U.S. now.

  11. Giulia says:

    But of course. Represent the party that will deny women medical care in any way it can, let alone sex reassignment. No doubt Jenner considers herself to be taking a higher roard than such low concerns. She really is bizarre, yet too banal to be genuinely compelling.

  12. spunk says:

    This one is so out of touch that I foresee her supporting anti-LGBTQI stuff just to gain more support. Is Carli a more ‘open-minded’ state?

  13. darkladi says:

    If I fully express all the “f*ck this b*tch” in my heart, I will be banned from this site forever.

  14. Capepopsie says:

    Haven’t we suffered enough?

  15. lightpurple says:

    I realize that poll tests are unconstitutional and I agree that they should be banned but , at this point, I think there should be a basic test for running for Congress and the Presidency. Like can you identify five differences between Medicaid and Medicare? When does Social Security pay old age and SSDI benefits and when does it pay SSI benefits, and yes, I mean which days of the month but if you can break down the eligibility differences, go for it. What is TriCare? How does something become a law? If really is incumbent upon our media to start asking these questions in debates so that we know who really gets what the job is. When Mitt Romney challenged Ted Kennedy for the Senate, they had a debate in which Romney said he could easily pass some idea of his and Kennedy basically shredded him by asking him what steps he needed to take to even get it voted on in the Senate. That is basic knowledge they need to know and I doubt Caitlyn Jenner has it. I’m pretty sure Donald Trump doesn’t.

    • woodstock_schulz says:

      This. I think there should be a rule that a person cannot run for President/Prime Minister before they’ve held some other form of public office first, for a certain minimum period of time. They should demonstrate some knowledge of how the government works and have some experience of how to get things done in government.

    • Esmom says:

      I’m positive Trump doesn’t have that knowledge. It kills me that public school students need to pass a Constitution test to graduate high school…I guarantee Trump couldn’t do it. I think some sort of test that goes well beyond the Constitution is a great idea. It would be the “knowledge” equivalent of releasing your taxes. Although we know how well that worked with Trump so I don’t know.

      It’s sad that Trump has reduced us to preemptively questioning the intellect and knowledge of future candidates for POTUS.

    • LA Elle says:

      Lightpurple, I agree. I’m a huge proponent of voting rights and ensuring the vote is open to all, but the past year has made me reconsider some of my opinions. The problem with poll taxes and tests were that they were never fairly given and were used not to indicate a basic level of knowledge but to exclude people from the polls.

      A test for those wishing to run for public office would be a good start, although I’m also cynical enough to believe the parties would have no problem helping favored candidates cheat.

  16. FishBeard says:

    Americans should stop voting for celebrities, regardless of their political and personal beliefs. Embrace candidates who have at least some basic political experience! It’s because of things like this that the rest of the world treats the US with contempt and ridicule, which is unfortunate because I have so many wonderful and intelligent American friends.

    • holly hobby says:

      Well she wouldn’t be the first celeb running for office. Clint Eastwood was Mayor of Carmel and Sonny Bono actually won a seat in Congress. I don’t recall any major breaches of ethics between those 2 but with this new group you never know.

    • LA Elle says:

      Al Franken is showing himself to be one of the most qualified senators in congress right now. And there are plenty of career politicians who have no business holding office.

      I disagree with any blanket ban. To me, it’s more important to bring in people willing to do the work, learn about the issues, and actually do what’s in the best interests of Americans, AKA their actual constituents.

  17. BlueSky says:

    She is about as helpful to the LGBTQ community as Ben Carson is the black community.

  18. adastraperaspera says:

    No. And as a lesbian who came out eons ago at the age of 16, I am really sick of her using the LGBT community as a talking point. The right-wing GOP is her community.

  19. LMAO says:

    I’m not in cali. I would not vote for her because she’s a sketchy human being. Not because she is a republican. It’s not because I’m an avowed democrat–I’m an independent who has voted both sides of aisle and 3rd party.

    What I don’t get is the concept she shouldn’t be a republican on the sole basis of LGBTQ issues. Identity voting, single isuye voting etc. is myopic to me, There are so very many issues to consider at the national level — foreign policy, fiscal policy, trade, environment, social etc. I guess any member of the LGBTQ community isn’t supposed to ever be pro business, pro small government, etc. and if they are — they should just stifle it?

    Can’t stand Caitlyn because starting 3 families with 3 women with her issues and not being honest makes her an asshole. I wouldn’t vote for her because her awareness of many issues is pretty shallow, and she’s shallow, But it’s not simply because she’s a LGBTQ republican. Because they damn sure could use some, Most republicans don’t care — it’s the stranglehold of the religious right in the platform that is the problem, I know damn few non religious republicans who are against LGBTQ rights……just wish they’d wrestle away the platform from the others,

    • magnoliarose says:

      It is important in her case because it absolutely makes no sense. She is trans and it is the core of who she is. How can she want to be part of a party that introduces legislation to discriminate against people like her? There are serious issues that trans people face. Most of them aren’t wealthy or famous or buffered from painful negative experiences. Identity voting is sometimes necessary when your identity is being attacked and devalued. This is more about her slide into becoming irrelevant anyway. The fascination has worn off and she has revealed herself to be a very unlikable woman.

      • LMAO says:

        I agree she isn’t worthy of the discussion. She isn’t a quality person.

        But i disagree that becaus she is transgendered she must identify politically as democrat for that sole reason. We are all more than our gender. Or sexuality. We have many many characteristics and demographics and opinions. If she chooses to be democrat because she is transgendered and for that singular reason — that’s fine. If she chooses to be republican in spite of being transgendered — that’s fine she too, because she has additional human markers that shape her decision.

        sorry — don’t buy it, Never will, But I don’t identify with any political party because I agree and disagree with both on policies I find deeply important. More than one matter, And as the mother of a gay young man, of course I support LGBTQ rights and disagree with the republican platform, I still think the democrats are wrong on several other areas too……Immigration, trade, etc.

      • LA Elle says:

        LMAO, I normally agree, but I don’t think this is politics as usual. I know several woman who have traditionally voted Republican who are now voting democrat because of the attack on women’s health care. As one of them said last fall: “What’s the point of a lower tax rate if I might die because I can’t get access to health care?”

  20. markweer says:

    Here we go again. I promise I won’t resort to name calling this time. It’s my understanding that she has been still making the rounds on shows like the view, Andy Cohen and that event where she made that sh+t joke concerning Steve Scalise about the right not being able to shoot straight, so it’s evident that people are still giving her some attention. it’s no wonder she still believes she can get out there and spew the dreck she has been doing. Even though the LGBTQ has denounced her as a part of it no one has officially (at least to my knowledge) told her to stop it. I’m not certain they will. If she weren’t so stupid and Vapid I’d swear she was trying to destroy the LGBQT from the inside. There have been many, many activists in the past like Larry Kramer & Harvey Milk and current ones who change things and it took years of them living within the community to fully be prepared to fight the fight. Caitlyn and her big feet and her big mouth can’t begin to understand the scope of what it takes to effect even a little bit of change for the LGBTQ community. I don’t really hear about her visiting TRANS-YOUTH organizations or participating in the Pride parades that just happened last month (they probably didn’t invite her). If she did run, I would love to see who would make-up her committee. Caitlyn still has a lot of money and a nice big shoe collection. She needs to count those blessings and have several seats far away from politics and social issues

  21. Zan says:

    I’m thinking her comment “Liberals can’t even shoot straight” in response to the Louisiana Congressman being shot in DC last month would not sit well with many voters here in California…

    • LA Elle says:

      Bigger problem is that the a huge chunk of those still voting Republican in California are anti-LGBTQ. I’ve noticed a lot of moderate Republicans out here are no longer supporter the party.

      If anything, the comment about shooting straight might play well with some of the ultra-conversative areas. Problem is, unlike in other parts of the country, in California appealing to the alt-right isn’t enough to win an election.

  22. Radley says:

    Seems like with Caitlyn’s track record of failed marriages, neglectful parenting, uber self-involvement and current full time clueless rich old lady-ing that giving her more responsibility would not end well.

    Have a seat, Cait. Being a Senator requires more than giving good motivational speeches.

  23. Giddy says:

    She really is a garbage person. I agree that the LBGTQ community needs representation, but she’s not the one.

  24. Sarah says:

    Shut up, Bruce.

  25. Harryg says:

    God I can’t stand this anymore.

  26. lunchcoma says:

    This woman lives in a bubble. The Trumpists only embrace her when they’re trying to prove they’re not bigots, and people on the left have figured out what she’s about. Who would vote for her?

  27. Hannah says:

    Well she better move state then, republicans haven’t won a senate seat in California for decades. And California has some of the most promising younger polticans on the democratic bench. There’s Kamala Harris who was just elected to senate last year. There’s people like Eric Garcetti and Gavin Newsome coming up as well.

    • holly hobby says:

      Please anyone but Gavin Newsom. The only thing he did right was authorizing gay marriage in SF. The rest of his reign was bad.

    • LA Elle says:

      Eric Garcetti is fantastic. I knew him before he started his political career, and I doubt there are many politicians in the country with a better understanding of government and its functions. He’s also done a decent job of balancing his personal politics (very liberal) with the realities of getting elected.

  28. Ozogirl says:

    Have Trumpsters even embraced her at all? I see her running, but I don’t see republicans voting for a trans person considering they want to take away many trans rights….

  29. Maria says:

    I fear that this is the future. That celebrities are going to run for office everywhere and it’s just going to be a normal thing. Because people will always end up backing celebs, people are star struck and if celebs go out and campaign, they’ll ultimately get support from somewhere. This is a nightmare and I so hope I’m wrong, but I can totally see Washington filled with celebs one day, they have the money to fly back and forth from Hollywood or New York as we know, they’ll get support from celeb friends, some who will bring other fans to support their celeb friend, ugh it’s too depressing to even go on but you get the picture.

  30. Pandy says:

    Omg is this a joke? Every tool out there thinks it’s open season on the
    uS government. What a sh*t show.

  31. holly hobby says:

    Please no celebrities and vacuous reality stars! Isn’t the one we have at the WH enough torture?

  32. SuzieQT says:

    Oh please, no. Do not want her representing me. I still can’t get past the fact she voted for Donny Two Scoops.

  33. MsGnomer says:

    Government is and should be boring, serious work. So tired of the fame whores trying to make it into a reality program.

  34. Eveil says:

    Hell no. Also, these celebs wishing to govern? Gtfo of here and don’t quit your day jobs. You won’t be able to withstand the hatred and blame that government officials and workers are subjected to on a daily basis.