Paris Hilton still watches ‘The Simple Life’ with her boyfriend

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With the Kardashian clan a constant presence on social media and in pop culture, the OG “famous for just being famous” personality, Paris Hilton, has kind of faded from the scene. She’s still a thing somehow, if only in her mind.

Refinery29 interviewed the 37-year-old about her latest endeavors, including her DJ gigs in Ibiza, a new single (“Summer Reign”) and fragrance, Rose Rush. When the discussion moved on to Paris’ propensity for sharing memes of herself on social media, her reality show The Simple Life got some love.

Paris said the show, which ran from 2003 – 2007 was “iconic and fun” and was “before its time.” She went on to confess that she and her boyfriend, actor Chris Zylka, watch the show “all the time.” When asked about her favorite episode, she said one of the funniest was when she and co-star Nicole Richie worked at Sonic, recalling, “We were just dressed up on those big milkshake outfits, and we were running around and causing trouble.” She complimented Nicole, calling her “so funny.” And, when asked if she’d do anything differently, she said:

No, not really. I’m very proud of the show. I think the one thing about it is that people think because of the character I played — people assume before they meet me that I’m a really ditzy dumb blonde. That’s the one thing that kind of annoys me sometimes. They just think because of the reality show that’s who I really am. But that was just a character that I created. I didn’t realize what a huge success [it would be] — that I would have to continue playing this character for five years. With everything that’s happening, though, with my business, I think people can understand that you couldn’t possibly get this far being a dumb blonde.

[From Refinery29]

When asked what she watched on TV now, she said, “I actually don’t watch that much television because I am constantly traveling.” She does, however, make time to watch The Leftovers, probably because her BF is one of the stars of the show. As for a reboot of The Simple Life, don’t set your DVR yet.

They’ve been talking to me about it and asking me for a while. I’ve just been so busy with everything else going on. Reality TV is not really a priority for me; I get offered every single day from different networks and producers coming up with ideas. I just don’t think anything has been innovative or exciting to me. So, I’d rather focus on my business. I feel like that show was just everything. So, it would be really hard to recreate that.

As for her other projects, Paris spoke about her work as a DJ, which she’s been doing for eight years, the past five in Ibiza. She says of the gig, “I love it, especially [in Ibiza], because I love the energy of the people. It’s so much fun to be up there, seeing everybody have so much fun.” And, just in case you were wondering, she added, “It’s an amazing lucrative business.”

And, in a further attempt to prove to us that she’s not a dumb blonde, said that DJ-ing ain’t easy, telling R29,

It’s actually very technical. It’s not just something where you put in a song. You need to know the system. When you look at it, it’s just this giant board, there’s so many different buttons, and knobs, and filters. It’s really about learning the art of DJing. There are some other DJs who just play from a computer, but I play from the most advanced systems that are out there. It does take a lot of training to actually learn these systems.

I don’t know how hard being a DJ can possibly be, but hey, more power to her. She has changed with the times somewhat, even if it sounds like she would prefer to live in the past.

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42 Responses to “Paris Hilton still watches ‘The Simple Life’ with her boyfriend”

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  1. Nancy says:

    That’s hot. Sure her vocabulary and catch phrases haven’t changed much. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

    • Arizona Girl says:

      Well…the gold picture doesn’t LOOK the same. I thought it was a male impersonator of Paris.

      Go softer, Paris. You don’t have to fight the Duchess for all the black eyeliner.

  2. runcmc says:

    I feel a little sorry for her that she wasn’t ready to be “over” and replaced, and she keeps trying to grasp that. But also on the other hand I’m pretty surprised she’s still interested in being a club DJ and partying(/playing music?) all night long! I’m 5 years younger than her and being a nightclub DJ in a party city sounds like my own special corner of hell. Maybe when I was 22!

    • Pumpkin (formally soup, pie) says:

      She’s making a lot of money DJ-ing if the figures I read about are true – like 200k per night or even more.

      • lunchcoma says:

        Yeah, DJing is her job, and it’s one of the few lucrative and fame-adjacent ones open to her. It doesn’t really matter if she actually likes clubbing.

  3. MeAnnandEddiesEpicLoveStoryIsAHoax says:

    This woman is duller than iceberg lettuce.

    • Pumpkin (formally soup, pie) says:

      Shhhh, the iceberg lettuce in my fridge might hear you !!

      I think she is smarter than what she gives away.

  4. Blue says:

    So I take it Ibiza is just some mainstream piece of commercial crap then?

  5. detritus says:

    Most people would be like, oh god that’s embarrassing, teenage years eww.
    Paris reviews old tapes with her current bf and whines about ‘the character’ she ‘created’. Yikes.

  6. Cats cats cats says:

    I don’t think being a DJ is easy either and it’s great that she is a successful woman in a business seemingly dominated by men.

    The Simple Life was hilarious. It is bit sad if it’s true that she still watches episodes all the time, but I guess some people like being nostalgic. I’ve always felt like she was hiding something. When I first read about the Hilton sisters, the bit was in Rolling Stone or something, and they were portrayed as these angry teens (who wasn’t an angry teen?) with bad bleach jobs who were never home. They were sh*t-stirrers of sorts. The dumb blonde persona is masking something pretty dark… I am sure of that

  7. Seraphina says:

    So sad that I’m our society THIS is what we have made famous. We have everything so screwed up. how sad that all her money has made her into this.

  8. Laura says:

    And why wouldn’t it be hard to learn, just like any other profession? Bad DJing is easily identifiable, and if she’s still going at it, she must have some talent as she is still being hired for gigs.

    Paris Hilton comes across as clever during her interviews, so I would give her the benefit of a doubt that she could in fact, know what she’s doing and it’s quite low brow to label her as a dumb blonde. Good for her for finding something she likes to do.

    • Nyawira says:

      From what I’ve heard she is booked for her celebrity cache. She is booked to heavily female and gay venues and the appeal is similar to when a Kardashian hosts a club event.

      • lucy2 says:

        That’s what I figured too. Maybe she is good at it, I don’t know, but I’m sure she’s getting hired because she used to be famous.

  9. PettyRiperton says:

    She relives the past because in the present she’s a hasbeen whose former sidekick has eclipsed her in fame and I’m not talking about Nicole.

    • L84Tea says:

      I found the fact that Kim buried her to be quite hilarious. True, on the other hand, we are now stuck with the Kardashians, but honestly I’ll take a Kim over Paris any day. I always detested her. While Kim is a vain, obnoxious attention-whore, Paris was and most likely still is all that plus coked out and happy to play the mean girl. I’m delighted to see she has now reached the has-been status she was always so terrified of.

      • Millie says:

        I wouldn’t take Kim any day over Paris. I find it reprehensible that she makes money exploiting black culture. She does collabs with racist makeup artists like Jeffree Star who has openly attacked black women and use the N word. She does this all while being married to a black man and having part black children. If that’s not mean girl beahviour I don’t know what is.

        They are both equally horrible.

  10. Lulu says:

    I get a few things from this. 1) kind of sad that she rewatches her old reality show from when she was young and relevant. 2) I seriously doubt that in those days Paris had the forethought to “create a character” considering that reality tv was not an established way to become famous. 3) if you think about the fact that nicki married someone Uber rich and got on with her life and that Paris is still dj-ing and partying and rewatching the simple life this story is worse

  11. Sassback says:

    Her boyfriend is like, WOWWWWW. He was so hot on the Leftovers, gave Theroux a run for his money.

  12. kNY says:

    Who is she, Norma Desmond?

    • Nyawira says:

      Lol. Now I cant unsee Paris creeping to the camera for her close up like Swanson in that film.

  13. RBC says:

    That pic of Nicole and Paris, I first thought that was actually Nicky Hilton posing with Nicole. Paris has changed so much over the years. But she still poses hard like her life depended on it!

  14. Dan Dan says:

    I think the Ibiza scene only appeals to certain people, but it really is a fun place and I can see why she wants to DJ there. To me, it seems way more fun than her old life in LA, Hollywood etc, so more power to her. She also looks better now than she did on the Simple Life. Not sure what’s changed, but she looks good and seems to be living a better life than she did before.

  15. Jennie Hix says:

    Iconic? This girl does realize she’s ALREADY forgotten about, right?

    • Ksenia says:

      LOL. I know, I despise her and her whole past she alone can’t let go of. Speaking of racist, I recall a clip of her maybe 10-12 years ago, some New Year’s Eve tape on which she and her sister repeatedly used derogatory words for blacks and put down gays and Jews as well. This girl once said she followed the “1/100 drop law”: that she would never date a guy who had even a “hundredth of black blood.” Nice how conveniently that appears to have been forgotten.
      I hate her so much. She is a pathological liar, of course, too, bragging that her stupid show is “iconic” and that she “created” her dumb blonde character, to her own slight chagrin/regret, later on. No, she’s NOTHING like a dumb blond: she’s close to 40 w a job as a DJ that includes “lots of little knobs and buttons” and ongoing partying–so, clearly, she can’t be stupid!! LOL…I always wondered why this vain, spoiled little brat–who is thankfully spoiled WAY past her expiration date!—thinks she is so gorgeous? She is a strikingly average looking girl who brags about how “hot” she is, or used to do so. That weasel face, that weird nose, those wonky eyes and stringy, dyed hair—she used to brag she was a “natural beauty.” (Yes, bleached blonde hair and blue contact lenses included!) Oh, well—I just hope she’s stopped buying expensive dogs that she occasionally employed as accessories but refused to take care of. A lot of them In L.A. just wandered off her grounds and got lost…That’s just so horrible–tragic. I’ve always wondered how many ended up in pounds.
      Anyway, I’m SO glad Paris is a has-been! If only we could add Kim K and Ko to that list SOON…

  16. Alexandria says:

    I don’t know much about the DJing scene so is she really good? I mean we have a world class club here called Zouk and I don’t think they have invited her ever.

  17. Chingona says:

    When Paris first started the DJ thing a co-worker was a club where she was Dj’ing. By her accounts she had all of the music was pre-mixed sets, she would pretend to push button and knobs but sometimes would step away to take selfies and everything would magically mix, and she would stop a set abruptly with no blending into another. She also would stop the music to say random phrases and at times needed a guy that was with her to help out. Maybe she has gotten better but I doubt it. She is not some smart business women she is where she is because her name and money.

    • lambit says:

      Exactly as a dj i can tell you she is shunned by the dj community because SHE DONT MIX!
      It is all pre set and mixed for her, so she has time to wave flags around and take selfies, hence the issue with computers and djing, with records you SAW the work being done, computers its all advanced for her and she acts like KNOBS and BUTTONS are hard.
      No dj says those things, she is the same poser she has always been, and should leave actual djing to people that do it.
      Lastly a set in Ibiza is like 7 to 8 hours min 4 to 5 Not happening with her, she is the Milli Vanilli of djing and i cant suffer her foolishness.
      Just be rich, stop it.

  18. WhatThe says:

    She is looking quite plastic in that last picture. Time to ditch the blue contacts too and let everyone know she is actually brown eyed. Remember that time when she called someone old and that person was the age Paris is now? Karma.

    • K-Peace says:

      I remember that! It stuck in my head all these years, for some reason. She was dating that guy Paris Latsis, and she was out at a club with him one night, and they met up with his ex-girlfriend, who was 34 at the time. And she called the ex-girlfriend “Grandma” and told her she was too old to be out in a nightclub at her “old” age. Now look at what a joke Paris Hilton is!–36 years old (2 years older than the woman whose age she mocked) and still out at the nightclubs. Ha ha!

    • pinetree13 says:

      HA ha I still remember being stunned many, many years ago when I found out she wears blue eyed contacts and actually has brown eyes.

  19. Naddie says:

    Finally, the ostracism she deserves. The only remarkable thing about her has always been her money, and that alone. No looks, no brains, no talent, no humor, nothing.

  20. lala says:

    I have a friend who is an actual DJ and he says all the serious DJs hate Paris and her “DJ-ing” so so much…one of the reasons being that apparently she doesn’t actually spin at her shows, it’s all pre-recorded and she just pretends so as to put on a show, kind of like the DJ equivalent of lip singing.

  21. Corrine says:

    I’ve had multiple dreams where Paris Hilton gives me life advice. She was pretty dead on. I love Paris. Her and Jessica Simpson have always struck me as secret geniuses with dumb blonde shells.

  22. holly hobby says:

    Wow she’s 36?!??! Where did the time go? I always thought she was in her 20s because of her maturity level.

  23. Ain'tNoTelling says:

    So now Paris is claiming to be a DJ? OK, sure.

  24. lucy2 says:

    “Paris said the show, which ran from 2003 – 2007 was “iconic and fun” and was “before its time.””
    Ron Howard Narration: “It was neither.”

    I always thought she looked way older than her age, and that last photo confirms it.