Lady Gaga subpoenaed by Dr. Luke for deposition in Kesha’s case

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As a quick unfortunate refresher: three years ago, singer Kesha sued her producer Dr. Luke for sexual assault, and he was guilty of many other cruel acts towards her. She sought to be let out of her contract and not be forced to work with him anymore. In retaliation, Luke filed a defamation suit against her. Somehow, Kesha lost her bid to get out of her contract and Luke doubled-down on his machismo by refusing to let Kesha play her music live. Kesha dropped her sexual abuse suit, probably so she could move forward with her life, but Luke did not drop his defamation suit (although he did drop his suit against Kesha’s mother, Pebe Sebert). And now his legal team is doggedly pursuing Lady Gaga for “relevant information.” Luke claims Gaga has texts that show Kesha called him a serial rapist among other things and they are seeking to depose her. As Gaga has made perfectly clear, she has Kesha’s back and she’s having none of this nonsense.

Dr. Luke wants Lady Gaga to testify in his ongoing defamation suit against Kesha. His attorneys have filed a motion to interview Gaga in person because “she has relevant information regarding, among other things, false statements about Dr. Luke made to her by Kesha.” They stated in court documents filed Friday that they had made repeated requests to obtain a deposition date from Gaga but have been unsuccessful.

“Dr. Luke’s counsel served a subpoena on Lady Gaga because she has relevant information regarding, among other things, false statements about Dr. Luke made to her by Kesha,” one of Luke’s attorneys said in a statement to E! News Saturday. “This motion has become necessary because Dr. Luke’s counsel has not been able to obtain, despite repeated request, a deposition date from Lady Gaga.”

“As Lady Gaga’s legal team will present to the court, she has provided all of the relevant information in her possession and is at most an ancillary witness in this process,” a representative for Gaga said in a statement to The Hollywood Reporter. “Dr. Luke’s team is attempting to manipulate the truth and draw press attention to their case by exaggerating Lady Gaga’s role and falsely accusing her of dodging reasonable requests.”

[From E! News]

Apparently Gaga did turn over four pages of mostly redacted texts earlier this year. Luke wants the redactions removed but Gaga said the redactions are not relevant and “personal matters.” In addition, Luke’s team keeps trying to schedule a deposition face to face but Gaga’s team claims her calendar is too packed. So, Luke’s team offered to fly to her at her convenience and Gaga was all, “Bye Felicia.” I love this. I love that Gaga making them chase this only to deny them at every turn. She’s doing it so smartly too. They can’t really claim obstruction because she gave them what they asked for. She hasn’t refused to be deposed, she’s just in demand. I hope her team comes back with, “Gaga has March 3rd, 2020 available for this disposition. She’ll be in Circle, Alaska so you’ll need snow tires. Shall we say lunch?” Dr. Luke sounds like a huge bully and I love that Gaga is giving him a taste of his own medicine. Plus, the fact that his team is crying about texts in which Luke is called a “serial rapist” just reminds me that Luke is (allegedly) a serial rapist. So yeah, keep calling Gaga out – when she’s done with you, she’ll feed you to her Little Monsters.

In better Kesha news, she is finally performing new music once again. The other night she became overwhelmed while announcing a new song. She thanked her fans and you can see that she’s overcome. As she began to cry, the audience chanted their support. You can watch the video here (slightly NSFW: one f-bomb). It’s a lovely little moment.

“Talk to the hand, Legal Team Luke”


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  1. Nicole says:

    It’s what he deserves.

  2. Francesca Love says:

    Team KeshaGa!

  3. Pumpkin (formally soup, pie) says:

    Lady Gaga must have an uber-top legal team.
    But dr luke spend as much money as possible on legal issues.

  4. Surely Wolfbeak says:

    This is really textbook abuser behavior.

  5. Sami says:

    Gaga did that strange rapey song with known rapist R Kelly and even had to withold the video because it took the rape theme to new levels. So I have to ask, is it that black victims dont count to Gaga or did she have a true come to Jesus moment recently?

    • Loopy says:

      AND directed by sick Terry Richardson.

    • BTownGirl says:


    • Erica_V says:

      Just need to clarify – Do What You Want is not a “rapey song” it’s a song speaking to the media who would constantly talk about how “fat” she was & how awful she looked. The lyrics mean you can say whatever you want about my superficial appearance but that won’t affect my mind, my heart or my voice. it’s a great song for anyone who had been judged based on their looks alone. Say what you want, write what you want, I’m not sorry about who I am.

      That said agreed on the awful choice to do that with R Kelley – I’d like to think maybe she didn’t know the full story or didn’t understand the case until mid-song release when the Village Voice article came out and TR was accused of abuse and there was no way she could continue promoting the song the way she did & she canned the video. To her credit I don’t think she’s worked with either of them since then although I could be wrong about TR.

      • Otaku Fairy says:

        I don’t see the lyrics to the song as rapey either. The song has a double meaning- part of it is the one you described, and the other one is definitely sexual but also clearly implies consent. It’s the making that kind of song with R. Kelly and having Terry Richardson film it that was originally the problem.

  6. Clare says:

    Let’s talk about how many people in the music/entertainment industry continue to work with this POS.

    There is no fing accountability, is there? HE has more money and power than Kesha and yeah Lady Gaga may be giving him (his legal team) the run around, but in reality, this man is fine. He will be fine. He will remain in demand. I mean – look at Woody Allen, Mel Gibson etc…zero accountability. Zero long term consequences. as long as he keeps making people money, they will keep working with him. And we will keep buying their shit.

    I’m curious to know how many songs in the last 3 years he’s been involved with, that have charted and are all over the radio.

    • Nyawira says:

      I can’t name the song because I can’t stand her screaching but site favorite Jennifer Lopez had a single out with this a hole after Ke$ha went public. I sincerely doubt JLo could be forced into working with him given the kind of attention she could force on the label by speaking out but even if she was forced, isnt it curious that she made no statements to suggest any kind of support for Ke$ha. Anyway, you asked if he is still working and the answer is yes

      • Erinn says:

        He produced and cowrote that “aint your mama” song by JLo.

        I mean the guy produced and cowrote “Blurred Lines” if that gives any insight into the kind of person he is.

      • Missy says:

        Pretty sure it was pharrel williams who produced and wrote blurred lines, not dr Luke

  7. EOA says:

    This guy is such a jerk. Unless Kesha’s texts say, “I falsely accused him of being a serial rapist,” I am not sure how Kesha saying in private what she has already declared publicly is going to “exonerate” him.

  8. Dani says:

    His legal team must love him – all those billable hours!

  9. Whatnow says:

    Question here. How long is Kesha under contract with him before she is free? Is it a matter of time or how many albums she puts out?

    It seems like so much time has passed that she should be done with him soon no?

  10. Two friends texting each other back and forth calling people names isn’t defamation. He’s an idiot.

  11. Neverwintersand says:

    And in other great news, Kesha’s new song “Praying” is really good!