Lindsay Lohan responds to Dr. Drew claim she needs to lose limb to get sober

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On Friday we heard a quote that Celebrity Rehab’s Dr. Drew Pinsky gave to Parade Magazine in which he claimed that would take a serious setback, maybe on the level of losing a limb, to convince Lindsay Lohan to get sober. Drew said he’s “really convinced that something horrible is going to have to happen to [Lindsay] before she really gets over [her addictions]… I have this image that she’s going to lose a limb or something before she does.”

This wasn’t the first time Dr. Drew has made an inflammatory comment about a celebrity. He previously trash-talked former heroin addict Angelina Jolie for her charity work because she’s not in a recovery program over 10 years after she used drugs. Drew said “people in recovery invest themselves in simple, selfless acts of service, not global self-serving acts.” He also speculated that Tom Cruise must have been abused or neglected as a child in order to explain his involvement in the Scientology cult.

Lindsay might have responded to Drew’s statement about her via her Twitter account. This sort-of looks fake but does include pictures of Lohan that look like unique candids. That could have been lifted from her known official locked account, though, It’s hard to tell. Lindsay maybe-tweeted “I thought REAL doctors talk to patients in offices behind closed doors. Am I wrong? Hmmmmm. I think NOT! Yay!”

She does have a point that Drew shouldn’t be talking so much smack about celebrities to the press. It does earn him plenty of headlines, though, and Lindsay knows a thing or two about that.

In related news Lindsay was still in London over the weekend, where she’s been seen following her maybe on-again ex Samantha Ronson around. She spent the early morning at Ronson’s hotel room on Sunday and showed photographers a suspicious-looking ring on her left ring finger. It could have been a reconciliation gift from Sam, or maybe Lindsay just wants us to think that’s what it is.

Lindsay is shown out having dinner in London on 6/7/09 with french businessman Mounir Moufarrige. Credit: James Fox/

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13 Responses to “Lindsay Lohan responds to Dr. Drew claim she needs to lose limb to get sober”

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  1. Breanna says:

    Lindsay listen to the man, he is just telling you what your parents should be telling you. Get help before it is too late Linds.
    He has a point about aj and tc too, they both seem disfunctional and odd, Aj would keep me from ever putting a baby up for adoption, I would be afraid of what kind of home it would be in, heroin is one wicked drug!

  2. Cyann says:

    I don’t understand how DD can diagnose people he has probably never even met! Diagnosis via celeb gossip seems like an unhealthy habit in itself.

  3. Devries says:

    “Yay!” ??? Why does Lohan constantly write/talk/act like a 12-year-old?

    Oh, right, because she’s a spoiled Hollywood idiot.

  4. DD says:

    Dr. Drew is doing this for his own personal gain. I think he has some kind of personality disorder he needs to go to rehab for himself.

  5. LovingLife says:

    Gee, now all we need is for Dr Phil to chime and LL will have a full Hollywood diagnosis.

  6. GimmeABreak says:

    @CYANN: You said it! He’s never even met her. Even thought I’m sure he was asked the question vs. just offering his opinion, I’d have more respect for him if he’d just say “I’d like the opportunity to speak with her first before making a diagnosis.” I used to love the guy but like all the rest, he’s starting to believe his own hype.

    It’s quite possible he needs his a celebrity rehab.

  7. Terrian says:

    Jeeze, he made a comment about how he sees her situation. No where did he give her a “diagnosis.” You guys are overreacting.

    Kind of like how everyone assumes that Britney Spears has some mental issues and that she doesn’t have a right mind. You all aren’t any different from Dr. Drew when you make those comments.

  8. czarina says:

    @Terrian–I have to disagree. It’s not the same thing to give your medical/psychological opinion when you are in some other profession (like the Page Six Editor!LOL), but when you are a doctor who touts himself as an addiction specialist, and you publicly give your “opinion” on the status of a person’s addiction/mental/physical health and future, you ARE, in fact, giving a psychiatric/medical diagnosis.
    And, in my opinion, it is utterly irresponsible, and inappropriate.
    He hasn’t met, spoken to, or treated LL. I truly don’t think a reputable physician would do such a thing.
    As for those of us posting on CB–we are all amature busybodies and nobody would take our opinions as having any authority.
    Dr. Drew digusts me a great deal more than Lindsay Lohan–she, at least, is what she is…she is not trying to gain publicity for herself out of the misery of others (just her own!!).

  9. gg says:

    I think he’s just trying to make her see the scariness of her situation, because she clearly doesn’t see it. Addiction doctors kind of do that – I guess they feel like overemphasizing death could save somebody, and maybe it has.

    don’t flame me pleeeze, yay! lol

  10. Cyann says:

    @Terrian – To put it simply for you, if a physician is giving their opinion on a person’s condition, it’s a diagnosis.

    I’m sorry but I feel for her and his public comments are totally inappropriate. He’s causing her more harm than he is helping her. That’s what I consider reckless behavior on HIS part!

  11. irl says:

    Dr. Drew gets asked questions about the celebs and he answers them.
    He isn’t out seeking the publicity, the people and producers seek him out. He’s not trash talking the precious Saint AngieJo to make a statement about recovery. He doesn’t trash talk or talk smack about celebs, he’s giving real opinion based on the years of study in his profession. When he speaks on the shows and clips he does so with professionalism – not mean or nasty gossip. He’s often dead on too. That’s why he’s asked over and over again and on so many shows and clipped into almost any story line that has anything to do with substance abuse, addictions and celebs.
    Drew doesn’t have to meet any of them, he’s seen a few hundred dozen and he’s seen em’ all. All these attention whores, drug addicts, drunks and looooosers are not unique. They all follow the same patterns and paths. The reasons vary slightly but not much else.
    Probably why they fail to take his advise – they all think they are so special, so different or unique when they aren’t.

  12. Zoe says:

    ::No where did he give her a “diagnosis.” You guys are overreacting.::

    Have you ever listened to his radio show, Loveline? People call in with their problems and within 30 seconds he’s diagnosing them and alleging that they were sexually abused as children. It’s insane, not to mention completely unethical in the psychiatric profession to diagnose people you’ve never met, nonetheless talked to on a phone for less than a minute. This guy is a complete hack. His celebrity shows on Vh1 break all the cardinal rules of anonymity that are crucial for successful recovery programs. Imagine a has-been who has an addiction and suddenly gets cameras and fame and attention out of it. OF COURSE THEY ARE GOING TO RELAPSE. Dr. Drew knows this full well, as a supposed expert on recovery and celebrities. He doesn’t care about their recovery and just wants to put his face and name out there to the detriment of his patients. It’s sick and this man should be in jail. For once, I agree with Lohan. It’s about tome someone called him out publically. Check out my blog PopSpiracy for more on this. Disturbing stuff.