Chrissy Metz cried for an hour before she bought a new laptop recently

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I know Chrissy Metz doesn’t get a lot of interest but I love to report on her because she such a genuine, open person. She’s promoting the new season of This is Us which premieres on September 26. I can’t wait for some of the new shows this fall and prior to this one I have plans to marathon the first season. I’ll have to keep tissues on stock definitely. As we’ve heard, Chrissy was dead broke before she landed this role and was about to move back in with her parents. She grew up very poor as a child, her family struggled to make ends meet and often couldn’t afford bills and food. In fact the last time we heard from her she had just bought a washer and dryer for the first time in her adult life and considered that a major purchase. So is it any surprise that she still worries about spending money? On Live with Kelly and Ryan Chrissy told an anecdote about purchasing a new laptop and how see was so worried about that she cried for an hour. Her boyfriend ultimately convinced her it would be ok.

During an appearance on Tuesday’s Live with Kelly & Ryan, the This Is Us star opened up about her very serious case of buyer’s remorse — which hits her especially hard when she’s spending time in New York City.

“I feel a bit like Eloise, like I’m sort of trapped in a hotel!” said Metz, 36. “I try to shop and then I have buyer’s remorse — I can’t even buy a sandwich. I’m like, ‘That’s probably too expensive.’ ”

And while she recently treated herself to a computer, it didn’t happen without her boyfriend Josh Stancil coaxing her into it.

“I cried for an hour before I bought a laptop,” she confessed. “Not kidding! I’m not exaggerating.”

“My boyfriend was like, ‘Chrissy, you need it for work, you want to write, you want to do these things, it’s a write-off,’ ” she recalled. “I use it every day, but I cried for an hour before it bought it.”

So is she more comfortable spending money now that she’s on such a wildly successful show? Well, the simple answer is no.

“I bought a pair of sunglasses and I haven’t put them on [yet],” she said. “I’m like, ‘I should probably take them back — I don’t need them.’ My business manager told me they sell $10 ones at the car wash. Maybe I should do that? I don’t know what it is [about me]!”

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That’s so sad! I mean I wish that little shaming voice in my head would speak up more when I’m browsing shoes and purses online, but what Chrissy goes through is extreme. It must be hard to adjust to such a different lifestyle. There’s got to be some kind of balance where she’s careful about purchases but still buys what she needs. It’s good to be frugal and careful with money but when you take anything to that extreme it can be paralyzing.

Chrissy was recently asked if she was considering moving in with her boyfriend, a cameraman whom she met on the set of This is Us. They’ve been together about a year and she told People that she’s happy living by herself, thank you. “I like living on my own. I’ve never done it before so I’m going to enjoy it for as long as I can.” Chrissy was living with a roommate up until very recently and prior to that she had to live at friends’ places as she couldn’t afford anything else. I like that she continues to be practical but I also want her to be content. She said “I’m not rushing into anything, and I don’t think that when you really care about somebody that you need to.”




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  1. Nicole says:

    I get it. She’s always been careful with money and now that she has it she cannot bring herself to enjoy it. It’s because when you have no money you know what it’s like. So you still horde it just in case. It’s sad but understandable.
    I’m hoping that she gets a financial adviser to help ease her worries. That way she can save but also not feel guilty about getting things she needs

    • Cee says:

      I grew up affluent and the moment I moved out and started living off my personal income, I started hoarding money. I always have three months’ worth of rent just in case and I save as much as I can.

      • A says:

        Except she probably couldn’t justify paying for a financial planner!

      • Cee says:

        Not many can afford to. I don’t have one. I just have an Excel doc with my income and expenditures, and a % method of where my money goes to.

  2. MarionC says:

    It’s an extreme reaction but smart for her to stay aware of spending. I doubt she’s making huge money and with taxes, agent, manager, etc. there’s a lot off the top. You don’t know how long the series will run or when/what roles will come.

  3. ArchieGoodwin says:

    I can imagine it is quite the culture shock. I hope she finds some peace, a way to enjoy her new life while still keeping her feet on the ground, saving for her future. Fame is fleeting, after all.

    I’d love a new laptop, but alas, cannot afford one. It’s not a priority though, so I am ok with it.

  4. minx says:

    Love her. Can’t wait for the new season of This Is Us.

  5. Avamae says:

    She is a sweet Person and i do unterstand her quite well, my family was also poor when i grew up.
    It is good to Be frugal, nur sometimes it can Be allowed to give yourself something nice.

    • aenflex says:

      Bingo. I too grew up well below the poverty line. Once I started making money, I had no problems finally being able to buy the things I needed, and wanted. Finally. Not having to check the price of every item at the grocery store. I hope she gets to the point where she can enjoy her financial freedom.

  6. Electric Tuba says:

    That is relatable for sure but she is going to need to speak to a therapist to manage that level of anxiety. It could do her a world of good. People deserve to enjoy living

    • Hazel says:

      I agree. Life is to be enjoyed. It’s a tough balance, I would imagine, sudden wealth, but she seems level headed & I bet will learn to cope. And I love that denim dress!

  7. Zoya says:

    She’s very pretty

  8. mimchen says:

    I totally understand her. She struggled for a long time and maybe she can’t believe that she’ll be financially secure for life. I hope she will, although there are not many roles for her size. The best thing she could do is invest most of her earnings. I think she’s smart for not rushing things with her boyfriend. There were rumours that he had a girlfriend when he started seeing Chrissy and he seemed pretty shady. I hope everything works out for them. Chrissy sees a lovely person and she deserves the best.

  9. ALF-M says:

    I remember reading about icon Lucille Ball and how despite how successful she was, due to lgrowing uomsuoer poor and living through the Great Depression, she was uber careful with spending any of her fortune and used to hoard simple things like pencils, just in case another Great Depression might happen. I appreciate how honest and real Chrissy is about her life, etc. I respect how she worries and is careful
    With her money. I wish her continued success and hope one day she will feel more free or unburdened to enjoy some realistic and much deserved big purchases!

  10. DesertReal says:

    Ditto ditto ditto.
    I love her sincerity, humility, and gracious attitude. She’s so beautiful inside and out and I hope she goes far.

  11. monette says:

    She is very beautiful. Is that her bf in the picture with her? He is handsome.
    I am a hoarder with money as well, but I also like to splurge from time to time.