Jennifer Lawrence flipped the bird at critics, CinemaScore & the world last night

Jennifer Lawrence and Darren Aronofsky arrive at the MOMA for a screening of "Mother!"

Last night, Jennifer Lawrence and Darren Aronofsky attended a MoMA screening of their film, ‘mother!’. I’m including a blurry photo of them inside the event, because the event included a giant Oscar statue, which means that this screening was, like, for Oscar voters. As in, even though most people think the film was terrible and it bombed at the box office, Aronofsky is still pushing for an Oscar campaign. Considering how much the Academy loves J-Law, maybe that’s not the worst plan, although I would say that right now, as the race stands, J-Law is not getting an Oscar nomination. Maybe a Golden Globe nom. But not an Oscar nom.

Anyway, the screening also involved a Q&A session with Aronofsky and J-Law. Considering Aronofsky had just unloaded to The Frame about how HE IS A PUNK ARTISTE and no one understands his HIGH ART because he is so deep and intellectual, I’m actually surprised he didn’t go off in the same direction at the session. Instead, J-Law was asked about “F” CinemaScore, the bad reviews and the general critical eyeroll this film received. Her response? She flipped the bird.

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Do you ever flip the bird? I did when I was younger. I can’t remember the last time I did it. At some point, it became such a childish gesture. For celebrities in particular, it became a gesture that seemed like something a poseur would do to seem “edgy.” I imagine J-Law thought she was being subversive and defending her genius, punk boyfriend. These two, my God. I’m flat-out astounded by how much of a cliche they are.

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Jennifer Lawrence attends Moma for 'Mother' screening with Darren Aronofsky

Jennifer Lawrence and Darren Aronofsky arrive at the MOMA for a screening of "Mother!"

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  1. perplexed says:

    I’m not offended by her middle finger, but I don’t know if I really want to watch interviews with movie stars who are too much like regular people. Like, what’s the point?

    I generally like her performances, so this comment isn’t coming from a hater.

    • Cmon now says:

      I’m more peeved by the fact that she seems like a casting couch surfer.

      That’s what bothers me about the cliche relationship. I think she had the same relationship with DOR, which is why he flipped when she stopped working with him. Only reason why this “relationship” is being propped as legit is because the paps caught them.

      Her nude photos also looked like they were taken in a trailer for a producer type.

      For a girl I used to generally like, her thirst is so obvious and it’s rewarded her well, but it’s still… icky.

      • AN says:

        I’ve had that inkling too. And it’s been mentioned that she may have been a Harvey’s girl I think on an article about David O Russell assaulting his niece or something? I had to google it at the time and yea it’s disturbing. And Hollywood breeds guys like this…complete predators.

      • Kate says:

        I really loathe the casting couch insinuations. It’s just another way to devalue young women’s accomplishments.

        DOR worked with Bradley Cooper on the same films as JLaw, and had a similar simbiotic relationship with him. He had the same thing with Mark Wahlberg and Christian Bale too. DOR and Wahlberg had a total mutual love-fest going on for a while. Were they all trading sex for roles? How about Amy Adams, who worked with him twice, and who’s been the subject of big Weinstein led Oscar campaigns many more times than JLaw? Is that evidence she was ever on the casting couch? No? Why? Because we like her?

      • ellieohara says:

        I agree about the photos but I don’t think she did the casting couch for this film. It makes no sense: she’s super famous and pretty talented and was paid 15m. Why would she need to sleep with him to be massively overpaid for this role?

        But she seems pretty damaged and low. I think she feels she has no one she can trust. Her bfs are users; her colleagues are users. Whoever got her cast in Hunger Games is the last person she probably had to sleep with.

      • Pam_L says:

        Kate, a good question to ask is this. Did DOR also call Bradley Cooper, Mark Wahlberg, Christian Bale, or Amy Adams his Muse like he declared J. Law?

      • Tiffany :) says:

        “She was literally naked on a couch, floor and movie trailer.”

        But that doesn’t mean they were for a producer or director! She was also dating an actor for YEARS at that time, I am sure his d*ck picks were taken in a trailer as well. DOR flipped out on Lily Tomlin, are you going to say he was sleeping with her too?

      • paranormalgirl says:

        So basically what I am hearing is that some of you actually LOOKED at her stolen photos. Way to violate her privacy. And way to knock down a woman’s success and say it’s because of the casting couch. Excuse me while I flip off all of you who think this way of thinking is fine.

      • Sandra says:

        @paranomralgirl – I never went looking for the nude pics of her but I saw them, anyone can see them, after doing a basic google image search of Jennifer Lawrence. Her privacy was grossly violated, but don’t blame it on the average person who saw them based on an innocent search. Sadly they are very much out there.

      • Kate says:

        Yes actually, at various times DOR called Wahlberg his muse, his collaborator, his inspiration. And he was very actively looking for ways to keep working with Bradley Cooper, the exact same way he actively looked for ways to work with JLaw (he was very interested in directing American Sniper and pitched Cooper many other projects too).

        De Niro and DiCaprio were Scorcese’s muses. Johnny Depp is Tim Burton’s. Ridley Scott and Russell Crowe were completely living up each other’s asses for a while. It’s not unusual, and it’s something that’s often helped male actors build their career. It sucks that a young female actor can’t have that same relationship with a director without people assuming she slept her way there.

      • godwina says:

        Working actors spend massive amounts of time in their trailers while on set. Odds are excellent that selfies of all kinds will be taken in trailers–with friends and “legit” lovers or just alone, goofing about. Not sure what the background proves re casting couch accusation? Nada, is my sense.

        Not a JLaw fan. But not a fan of…whatever that comment is, either.

      • nica says:

        @paranormalgirl –
        Your comment is spot on.
        @Sandra -
        The stolen nude photos may have come up when you did an image search of JL but you chose to click on the individual thumbnails. Yes, I’ll blame you for your ‘innocent’ search.
        @Cmon now –
        So after looking at the stolen photos you decided they looked like they were taken “…for a producer type.” As opposed to a chef type or an accountant type or a supermarket manager type or a graduate student type (just to throw a couple of other options out there). It’s a ridiculous thing to say, and not something you could possibly know from looking at the photos.

      • K says:

        “So basically what I am hearing is that some of you actually LOOKED at her stolen photos. Way to violate her privacy. And way to knock down a woman’s success and say it’s because of the casting couch. Excuse me while I flip off all of you who think this way of thinking is fine.”

        This. So much this. And I’ve never seen any of her images (and nor do I want to, because they are a sex crime scene) nor Kate Middletons, nor anyone else’s. It’s not like you just stumble across them in the average web search – I’ve never even seen a suggested thumbnail that I’ve noticed.

        And if young women are exploited by powerful men, it’s horrible to see other women using that as a suggestion to malign them, rather than the predators who would be responsible. Let alone using such stolen images to try to bolster the claim. I mean, c’mon.

        Finally, working actors live on set for those months. My understanding is that they are woken early and go home late, because filming is so expensive all available time has to be used. That’s also why they are away from loved ones in that time. If you are dating someone, and away from them, and want to take images for them – which was what Lawrence said she did when the images were stolen and released – then where else would they be taken, but her trailer? Surely those were her only private spaces when separated from her SO? Even on its own face, the claims make no sense at all as evidence for anything but her being an actor.

        It’s horrible seeing a crime like this used as evidence, especially when making really misogynist allegations. It’s more than usually depressing because this site is proudly feminist.

      • Sandra says:

        @nica – Have you ever done a google image search? The images just come up and you see them. I did not click on thumbnails (are thumb nails a thing still?) Sit down, Judgey McJudgerson.

      • K says:

        @Sandra I’ve done google image searches. Never had those crop up. I can only imagine you are using very different search words. (And yeah, they do still use thumbnail sized images, and you need to click to view normal sizing.)

      • Otaku Fairy says:

        FFS. Thanks Paranormalgirl, K, Nica, Godwina, Kate, Monica, and Tiffany for being patient enough to call out this obvious sexism. Trashing or dismissing victims when they come forward and automatically saying that successful young women/girls you don’t like owe their fame to either prostitution or quietly getting raped are two sides of the same coin. Same with automatically labelling behaviors you don’t like in an adult woman as ‘damage from sexual abuse’.

      • Pamela says:

        When you search for J Law’s name in tumblr there’s always nude pictures of her wether you like it or not, I always try to block those pages but there’s always people creating new accounts & putting those images out there, it’s like these days you have to go out of your way to avoid seeing nude pictures of actresses so I don’t think it’s right to call out some people for seeing those images, whether you like it or not they’re out there & sometimes you can’t help but seeing them. And about the casting couch, IDK, I don’t want to say she did it, but I do believe it’s shady she keeps working w these directors & producers that have a horrible reputation& apparently everyone here thinks it’s just a great coincidence. Anyway, hopefully she would work w better people in the future, but personally I avoid watching her movies bc in general J Law’s personality it’s just too much for me.

      • paranormalgirl says:

        Funny, just did a tumblr search for shits and giggles. No nudes popped up within the first several scrolls down. Google Image search was much the same. Stop making excuses for further violating someone’s privacy.

  2. Talie says:

    Shared professional failures are never good for a relationship.

  3. Whoopsy Daisy says:

    Did anyone see her interview with Seth Myers? She told a story about a bar fight she had in Budapest, but it was less a bar fight and more of her assaulting a slightly annoying fan. Her fame has gone to her head big time.

    • cate says:

      yea definitely not a bar fight. i get that people are rude but you dont get to respond with assault. just tell them to f off and move on. shes so thirsty and try hard with zero charm zero class and mediocre talent

    • GiBee says:

      Yup. This is very much someone who was told she could do no wrong, and it now throwing her toys out of the pram.
      A few film failures in a row, some embarrassing personal stuff (let’s please not forget her text to Amy Schumer after the Trainwreck shooting)… tantrum right on schedule.

      • Cleo says:

        Oh god , her joking about that shooting was awful. Especially because Amy seemed (obviously understandably so) completely devastated by it.

        I get it was a joke based on what idiot online trolls had the nerve to say but damn girl…theres a line.

      • GiBee says:

        Whoopsy Daisy – I’ll admit this is a point I belabour because I don’t think she got called on it enough.

        After the shooting Jen sent Amy a text saying something like “This is all your fault”, but it was like, a joke, get it? It was like using humor to heal! To heal Amy, that is. Less so the two dead people and nine injured people that Jen was joking about.

        Gun violence, it’s hilarious, all the most reallllest down-home girls joke about it.

      • magnoliarose says:

        I kept saying she is not a demure fragile flower and she is not a doormat for our Sid Vicious of the silver screen. JL is a steely ambitious young woman who has to always be the leader and the top dog in every relationship. If you threaten this, she will shank a bitch, and I am not kidding.
        Her interview outing him as an abusive older genius was on purpose. DA probably thinks she is just a feisty unruly sexy brat who is slightly crazy but damn it she is his muse. The Kardashian TV watching gives him the illusion he needs to school her, and she knows it and lets him think it. His zany little love is still an incorrigible ingenue.

        He is only dominating behind the camera.
        DOR was inconsolable when she moved on, but she didn’t GAF. He was no longer useful, and Joy was a mess so bye.

        Look this trait is why she is where she is but don’t think she isn’t scrappy and ruthless. She is fun and a great friend as long as you know she is number 1 and you are her wingman.

        The best gossip would be if she hooked Leo Dicap and they slugged out as a mating ritual.

      • Kate says:

        The text was only for Amy, it’s not like she released a public statement joking about to support Amy and didn’t talk about the victims or gun violence. If your friend was going through that would you reach out to her, or not bother because she’s not the real victim?

        It was dark humour between friends, and Amy herself said it was the closest she ever felt to Jennifer and that it really helped her. I don’t know how anyone can take issue with that. It might not be a text you’d want to receive, but according to Amy it was exactly the text she needed.

      • Lorelai says:

        I don’t remember the story about the text so I’m glad it was brought up here. Obviously the victims were of the utmost importance and I remember Amy being completely devastated.

        However, I do think it is okay that she reached out to comfort her friend during what was such an awful time for Amy. It didn’t mean she didn’t care about the atrocity of the situation.

        If she did it in the form of a tacky joke, well, that wouldn’t be the way that I would choose to reach out to a friend in that situation, but maybe she knew Amy well enough to know it would be the one thing to make her laugh?

      • K says:

        I don’t think the joke was wrong at all. It was sent privately to comfort her extremely upset friend, and it worked. I know a lot of people with a black sense of humour – doesn’t mean they lack feeling at all. She simply knew how to make her friend feel a bit better, and did so.

        I think the comments on the sacred site stones were crass. It’s someone’s faith beliefs, not a joke. I also think the bird-flip was silly and childish. But the Schumer joke was a private text, and can’t see any problem with that.

    • Cami says:

      Comprehend the whole story before just giving select bits! When she told fan no she didn’t want to take selfish. He got mad. He then proceeded to curse her out. That’s when she got mad herself and started pouring the beer. Tell the whole story!

    • Nicole says:

      Yea JLaw has turned into such a privileged brat that I cannot stand her anymore. And I say this as someone who was a huge fan. Her stories are no longer funny as they allude to privilege, assault and just rude behavior that wouldn’t fly if she wasn’t white and blonde.
      Grow up JLaw because this sh*t ain’t cute

    • Sarah says:

      I think she is vile. Like, she has something really wrong with her. She always has to be the filthy rebel girl, her huge fame isnt enough. I dint get her and I dont get why anyone likes her. She acts disgusting.

  4. lala says:

    Darren reminds me to much of an ex of mine who was 13 years older than me and would only be with women under 32. Meanwhile he is a 44 year old man who has never been in a serious relationship, has yellow teeth, dad bod and terrible breath. But somehow manages only dates attractive women in their 20s! so gross. He is a prof now so ya, poor female students..

    • Jayna says:

      Darren was with Rachel Weisz for nine years. She is 47. He’s 48. They had a son together. She cheated on him and dumped him. They split seven years ago. So she was 40, a very independent, intelligent, articulate, beautiful woman. But Daniel Craig won out.

      So a ten-year relationship with a same age woman, who he didn’t leave for a much younger woman, I don’t get the comparison to your ex just because Darren got involved with Jennifer Lawrence. They are adults and became attracted to one another. I doubt it lasts. If he makes a pattern of only dating much younger women, which he hasn’t shown yet, then I will do a side eye.

      • Evi says:

        Darren cheated on Rachel with Natalie Portman, several years his junior, on the set of Black Swan, impregnated her, and sent her off into a sham marriage in Paris after she campaigned for the Oscars. And yes, that is his son. Take a look at recent pics (some of which disappeared off the internet a few days after JLaw dating him was announced and people brought up his parentage to Natalie’s kid). Genetics don’t lie. The kid looks like Darren.

      • Megan says:

        @Evi Leave Natalie alone. Her son looks nothing like Aronofsky.

      • QueenB says:

        LOL do you really believe Darren could “sent her off into a sham marriage in Paris” Do you think he is some sort of Mob boss? He is a mediocore director that pretentious people like. That has a sway over some people but it does not give him that much power.

      • Monica says:

        Evi, people keep saying this but forget that Natalie Portman’s own father has the same hair color as Aleph. Genetics, how do they work?!?!

      • Suzanne says:

        @all of the stans – look at the kid’s face and look at Darren’s! he looks like him. And I hate to break it to you, but powerful men in Hollywood do control women’s (and some men’s) lives. Look at Alfred Hitchcock and Tippi Hendren. Look at Rose McGowan’s story about the high Hollywood exec (who many assume to be Harvey Weinstein). Look at Rock Hudson who was forced into a sham marriage with a woman by Hollywood to hide that he was a gay man. Or Katherine Hepburn’s much publicized and celebrated affair with a married Spencer Tracy to hide that she was a lesbian. Hollywood is an illusion and it’s a messed up scary place.

      • magnoliarose says:

        Aleph is not Darren Aronofsky’s child. He doesn’t even look like him. His hair color is like her father’s, and he looks like him and her husband. But let’s pretend it is true that he is a sperm donor. So what? Any fool can fertilize an egg, but it doesn’t make him a father. Benjamin is his father. Period.
        Then you claim he packed her off as if she hadn’t been involved with her husband during filming. Because she is brainless?

    • hu says:

      Not to defend Darren Aronosfky, but he dated Rachel Wiesz( she was in her 30′s, she cheated DA with Daniel Craigh, serious, lookit up) for several years ahd they have a son together, Henry. Since I don’t know too much about him, I don’t know other girls he mighty dated. There is a rumour that he a fling with Natalie Portman (she is in her 30′s) and JLaw is in her late 20′s, she looks younger because she acts like 3 year old

  5. Anname says:

    When you flip off Cinemascore, that’s basically flipping off moviegoers, those whom you need to go see your future films too. I am fairly ambivalent about Jennifer Lawrence, but this kind of thing really turns me off her. How about some dignity and grace, not this juvenile posturing.

    • S says:

      This. Sure there are actors that survive making critically acclaimed, but commercially non-viable, projects, but they aren’t getting paid $15-$25 million a picture. Sweets, if the public doesn’t want to pay to see your movies, you’re not getting paid either.

      I think she’s neither a bad, nor a terrible, actress, but her I’m so drunk-gross-wild party girl shtick has worn beyond thin. I mean, maybe that’s exactly who she really is, but it’s not cute, it’s not endearing and it’s sure as heck not relatable. Being a perpetual teenager is not a good look. For anyone. And it’s definitely not admirable, aspirational or appealing. As a millionaire who depends on like-abilty to keep the money rolling in, at least have the good sense to keep what little respect you have for those working “normals” that fund your life under wraps.

  6. OOOHH! says:

    I had hoped that this film would give me more Michelle Pfeiffer PR photos, but I guess not. I’ve never been into JLaw, her attitude from day one has been so juvenile. She’s not 19, she’s old enough to be mature by now. I don’t know if dating older guys Darren, Chris Martin etc is dumbing her down and keeping her in a child-like state, but it got tiresome a long time ago.

  7. I haven’t seen the movie and after reading what happens which for those who are curious, a newborn infant gets killed and eaten. I can’t handle that level of horror.

  8. Paisley says:

    Wow, F bombs and now shooting the bird. At this point, I’m done. Over and out.

  9. Nic919 says:

    This relationship is killing any cool Jlaw had left. She acts like an entitled brat now. Not a good look and certainly not cool.

  10. Kate says:

    Oh god, she was just joking around for a second. She went on to talk about the fact that it’s totally understandable a lot of people hated the film.

    Most people I know who’ve seen the film loved it, or at least were fascinated by it. It’s a really f$&@ed up movie, so the reactions have been strong, but I don’t know why people here are acting like it’s universally hated. It got a lot of glowing reviews from respected critics (and JLaw is getting universal acclaim), it’s got a ton of buzz among filmmakers and actors, and audience members who went in expecting a messed up Aronofsky film and not just a JLaw home invasion horror are overall really positive about it.

    • Wowza says:

      @Kate– yes, thank you!

      I wrote a little further down, I really enjoyed the movie. So did two of the people I saw it with. And we are not big Aranofsky fans.

      I’m finding people’s attitudes in these comments really offputting. It’s like everyone is mad at Aranofsky and JLaw for being so pretentious as to make a movie that they really believe in and are willing to go out and defend. And now that the movie has flopped financially and received mixed reviews, everyone is gleefully shaming them for their insolence.

      Why harp on about a movie that you haven’t seen? It doesn’t make sense to me. We mourn the wave of anti-intellectual sentiment in this country, and the self-righteous, moral outrage, but I’m seeing a lot of that in the response to this movie. no im not saying that DA is the height of intellectuality, I’ve actually not been a big fan in the past, but like c’mon, stop shaming someone for making and defending a movie that you assume is “bad” if you haven’t seen it.

      • Alex says:

        Okay please do not conflate the anti-intellectual stance which is to deny outright facts with people disliking a movie. The only moral outrage is coming from the deplorables. But the majority of people who have SEEN the movie and disliked it were probably jen fans. The only self-righteous attitude to be found is a director that thinks he can shame people into liking his movie and question the intelligence of those who don’t. I consider myself quite intelligent and my doctorate says hello. His movie was still crap (and YES I saw it for free) so he can gtfo with his attitude that we don’t get his genius.

      • Kate says:

        No one’s conflating not liking the film with with being anti-intellectual. Love it, hate it, whatever.

        It’s the glee over the ‘failure’ I find troubling. The delight over someone trying to do something original and interesting and artistic and (very arguably) failing is weird to see here, not to mention how thrilled people are it’s not a box office smash. The studio did something studios don’t do anymore with this film. It took a really niche, arty, polarising film, and gave it a wide release. Decades ago this was not that unusual, but now it’s pretty much unheard of. And people here are absolutely delighting in it not working out great. For a site where people are usually complaining about the constant stream of crap franchises and bad remakes and just general hacky paint by numbers filmmaking, it’s an odd position to take, regardless of how people feel about this particular film.

        It’s becoming a weird little echo chamber where everyone’s just ignoring the many, many positive reviews, and acting like only elitist, up their own ass film snobs could possibly like the film, when actually a really broad range of people are really hyped up about it.

      • nic919 says:

        I saw this movie and it was self-indulgent at best. Aronofsky thinks this is some sort of masterpiece, but the allegory he uses is facile and obvious and it needs to be edited in the second act because it becomes repetitive nonsense. And no I don’t hate it because of the baby that gets ripped apart and eaten. That part is just juvenile and stupid. I don’t hate everything he has ever done and I liked, The Wrester, Requiem for a Dream and Black Swan. This movie was just a mess and better art films have been made. This isn’t a commercial film and it isn’t to the level of an art film either. The problem is that so many people blow smoke up Aronofsky’s ass, that no one told him his movie was pretentious and needed a real editor.

        And if you are still reading threads about this movie and don’t want spoilers, then don’t read the thread.

      • godwina says:

        Or assume is “bad” if it wasn’t what you expected or didn’t quite understand. I’ve seen movies that I didn’t understand–some of them, I got the sense they were still well made, thoughtful and fascinating, and it was up to me to delve deeper or just, you know, move on. I didn’t get all defensive and call it “pretentious” (lord do I hate that word, misused 90% of the time) to make myself feel bigger. Mainly because films and books I don’t understand don’t make me feel small. They make me feel curious. But I was the kid who went to a dictionary to look up new words when I was reading a book–I didn’t throw away the book and call it a pretentious meanie. Hell, that’s how we learn and grow. There’s a difference between outright incompetence and failure, vs complexity/ abstraction/ experimentation/ button-pushing/ novel POV. Most non-literal movies get thrashed in the US regardless of how well they’re eventually received and adored, or how influential they may eventually become. It’s a time-honoured American tradition and it’s exhausting. I’ve learned to tune that shit out until I’ve had a chance to see a film myself. When I’m in the mood to be challenged–which makes a difference.

        /steps off Podium of Arrogance to go get breakfast

    • Peeking in says:

      Agreed, Kate. And people talking about spoiling it for others – it’s absurd. This movie is not for me, from what I’ve heard, but I wouldn’t ruin it for people who would like to see it.

      • Evi says:

        Pregnant women, new mothers or anyone thinking about becoming a mother need to be spoiled for the scene of her watching her baby get murdered and then eaten. I’ve seen two comments so far from pregnant women who went to see the film, didn’t know that would happen and said they are now having nightmares. It’s not okay to not issue a warning about that. Sorry you’re spoiled, but that scene went way too far (it’s not “brave).

    • Sara says:

      This! Do I love her and her crass ways? No. But I don’t think this was a huge deal. She was trying to be funny and it didn’t go over well, and she went on to talk about how polarizing the film is.

      As far as her relationship goes, I just don’t care. You see people make mistakes with partners all the time, and she’ll probably eventually learn from hers.

    • Peeking in says:

      Evi – I disagree. If pregnant women and new mothers go to a horror film, they should expect horrific things. That’s literally what horror movies are. These types of films tend to be traumatizing, they’re meant to shock and test our limits; mentally and emotionally. It’s the risk you take when you buy the ticket.

      I personally wouldn’t go to a horror movie if I was pregnant or a new mother. I’m not judging those who do, but I don’t see why the film has the be spoiled for everyone else.

    • Peeking in says:

      Evi – almost every scene in every horror movie will be triggering for a group of people. That’s why they’re horror films.
      They’re meant to terrify, repulse, and push buttons, that’s why I avoid horror movies. I don’t like those feelings.

      • Kate says:

        Exactly. I’m pregnant. The baby scene was horrific, but it didn’t push any buttons for me. I’m not really sure why it would?

        When I have a teenager should I get a special warning before watching any of the many horrors where teenagers are killed in gruesome ways?

        The earlier scenes where people keep coming to her house and she can’t make them leave…that pushed my buttons and ramped up my anxiety massively for a few days. But that’s my issue.

  11. Reef says:

    She seems exhausting. Her real life persona is so off-putting I’ve not seen any of her movies. THIS woman is really considered the Meryl Streep of this generation?

  12. Caligrace says:

    I know people keep saying she’s immature, but she’s pushing 30. I think she has some mental issues as well. I mean, who behaves this way unless there is something mentally wrong with them? Also, she CANNOT act. She is terrible. She chewed the scenery in “American Hustle” and was just Jennifer being Jennifer in “Silver Linings Playbook”. I don’t see things ending well for her.

  13. Margo S. says:

    Great idea. Let’s just flip off everyone who has the ability to make or break you. She flipped off fans, and critics who dare to have an issue with SPOILER***** a baby being eaten. What an insular idiot.

  14. homeslice says:

    I can’t wait until she is an “over the hill” actress and tries these stunts. Wonder how cute they will be. Get some class, Jennifer.

  15. Scarlett says:

    Stay Classy Jennifer, never change! You are so fresh, so original, so normal, don’t ever change, no really…….

  16. Tiny Martian says:

    Meh. A lot of people flip the bird in a sarcastic way these days, and that is exactly what she did in this case. She then continued on with the conversation, and it was clear that she understands why many rejected the film. That’s waaaaay different to me than flipping it as an angry reaction, or as her only response.

    Context is everything, but most people seem to ignore it these days, and tend to jump to conclusions based on moments that literally last only a second or two. Too much meaning is attached to these insignificant moments, which are captured and regurgitated everywhere…….it seems to be a symptom of our times..

  17. Wowza says:

    Guys… don’t hate me but… I saw this movie and I liked it. Quite a bit.

    I can see why some don’t like it, but it’s:

    1) really well-made, definitely worthy of Oscar-consideration, if just for this one insane section of the movie where reality completely changes, I’ve never seen anything like it before

    2) well-acted. Jen is great, but so is Michelle Pfeiffer, Ed Harris, Javier Bardem

    3) really original– I was worried going into the theater that it would be what the trailers made it look like. A Rosemary’s baby, satanic cult, home invasion thing that has become played out. It really was much more than that.

    4) I thought the movie was pretty funny at times and fun to watch too. It’s very dark but so weird and over-the-top.

    How many people who are complaining about how this movie sucks actually saw it? That’s my pet peeve. I saw it with four friends, two hated it, two really enjoyed it, so I know it’s divisive, it’s totally fair to not like it, but ragging on a movie you haven’t seen is kind of like blindly jumping on the hate bandwagon.

    • magnoliarose says:

      I saw it and hated it. I thought it was a predictable try hard and I thought my husband was going to start pelting the screen with snacks. lol
      In all seriousness, you don’t have to defend yourself that you liked it. I love Overboard with Goldie Hawn, and it is a dumbass movie, but I love it every time it is on TV. No shame. John Cusack, Better Off Dead. LOVE IT! It is entertaining, and I am looking for a life-changing experience.

      We like what we like and don’t need approval from anyone to have an opinion or enjoy something. We have our reasons, and that is enough. That is why when someone tells me it will be studied in film schools one day I don’t care. I STILL didn’t like it.
      Another example. Ernest Hemmingway makes me want to weep with agony because it is torture, but I am supposed to like it because if I say I don’t like it then maybe I will sound pedestrian. His life story and his Paris life are interesting, and the Hemmingway cats are beautiful but keep his books far away from me.

      • Kitten says:

        I’m just happy your husb didn’t waste precious snackage on this turd of a movie.

      • Wowza says:

        @magnoliarose – I appreciate your comment! I agree taste is taste, I love lots of silly movies and loathe certain well-respected movies and I love debating it with people who have actually seen the movies. but talking from a place of ignorance like “I didn’t see it, but that movie is abhorrent etc” really bothers me.

        I posted my comment about actually liking “mother!” because I want to fight the Celebitchy hivemind that develops sometimes. Like, everybody is pulling their hair out over how horrible and disgusting this movie is, and it flopped so I know a large portion of these people *did not* see the movie and are just guzzling hater-ade. I want to offer a reality check – a lot of people hate the movie, but a lot of people really like it and that’s fine and why are some of you so worked up about a movie we haven’t seen??

        And also, regardless of taste, I think that “mother!” was objectively a very well-directed and ambitious movie (most directors could not even dream of pulling off the final act of this movie the way Aranofsky did, in terms of just getting the footage and putting it together) and I find it really obnoxious when people don’t like the personality of a director and decide that means that the movie must be meritless. It reminds me of people who can’t comprehend that Kanye West is an egomaniac and an incredibly talented musician. People in these comments are mad that the movie would be given an oscar-campaign. That’s just ignorant, in my opinion– love it or hate it, this movie is worthy of consideration for it’s technical accomplishments.

      • Shelly says:

        I so love Overboard and Better Off Dead to me is simple perfection. Some movies really are just for some good ol cheesy entertainment and don’t have to be so utterly deep.
        I gleefully watch my cheese movies and just get lost watching the hijinx and shenanigans and hell be damned if I apologize. If that makes me pedestrian or basic meh, so be it.

      • Moon Beam says:

        Don’t ever defend loving Overboard lol!
        My mom saw mother! and said it was pretentious and obvious (as in the biblical references), but she thinks it may become a cult classic.

      • nic919 says:

        I actually disagree that this mother was well directed or even well thought out. So Jlaw is the “mother” who has a link to the house, which is made blindingly obvious when she touches the walls and we see a heart beating. Then Javier starts inviting people over without her permission and they start destroying the house which makes Jlaw sad and then the house starts to be destroyed little by little until she gets mad and total destruction. This is a basic creation myth. There is nothing genius here.

        People can like this movie, but it’s not some incomprehensible piece of art. It is some dude who thinks he has reinvented the creation myth but doesn’t realize that most people are already quite familiar with it. (ok maybe not the deplorables who don’t seem to have read a book ever).

      • Alexis says:

        @Wowza -I appreciate your comment and you shouldn’t ever feel like you can’t state your opinion. I could care less who gets up in arms about mine. It becomes way too much of an echo chamber on this site sometimes, it’s refreshing to get other (opposing?) views.

      • Wowza says:

        @alexis – aw thank you

        @nic919 – I stand by what I said, the movie was well-directed. Everything you criticized is more of a script/subject matter issue. But the way the layout of the house was never fully established so that the viewer is always disoriented, the tight framing on JLaw that created this intense claustrophobia, and then that tight framing working with the escalation of all those people entering the house, and any pretense of realism slipping away as the camera just spins around this unhinged, surreal chaos for like 20 insane minutes– That took real skill to pull off, I appreciate the craftsmanship.

      • magnoliarose says:

        Who knew there were fellow Overboard fans? Lol, Sometimes I just want to be entertained.

        @Wowza It is more fun to me when people disagree, or else we could spend all day talking to ourselves in the mirror.

        Darren started irritating me when he started discussing his movies as if it took an exceptional level of worldliness to appreciate his films and I have a huge issue with this type of thinking. I don’t think anyone should be intimidated to watch anything or look at any piece of art and have their own experience and opinion. It gets to the point where it becomes a judgment about the person and not the object of debate.

        His pretension is suffocating, and he had the nerve to lament lack of diversity in films when his own have had plenty of race or ethnic neutral characters. I think he is just saying it because it is the thing to say but odd how Netflix manages it.

        My other beef is he talks out of the side of his mouth. Punk but wants awards and casts Jennifer Lawrence. All of his actresses are beauties WOW PUNK!

        There are just too many filmmakers through time who are far more interesting and subversive without giving a damn about acceptance. He is 100 percent mainstream Hollywood, and he needs to stop pretending he isn’t.

  18. Dr_Snark says:

    The pic of her flipping the bird is terribly unflattering. But sometimes flipping the bird is really the most appropriate response, so I’m ok with that part.

  19. happyoften says:

    Do I flip the bird? Daily.

  20. Cami says:

    Celebitchy ‘m just curious how do we know what was said inside the academy screening. Did you have insider info to know context of what was asked of Jennifer and the response that she gave. I’m just really curious how this info was gotten. Only academy members were suppose to be at this Q and A.

  21. Alex says:

    JLaw is so cancelled for me its not even funny. She’s almost 30 and acting like an idiot college student. Its not cute. Its exhausting to listen to her speak…even more now that she’s parroting dumb talking points about how genius her dad I mean bf is. Much like swift I have zero patience left for anything she does and her movies have been crap.
    I’m sure this will endear her to fans…not

    • SJ says:

      Agreed. And this flipping the bird thing isn’t cute either, no matter the context.
      She’s at a professional, work-related event to promote her movie and possibly get it/her some Oscar attention, and she poses in a dress that reveals her bra and gives the finger. Grow up.

  22. DragonWise says:

    I loved her in Winter’s Bone, where she was amazing in a challenging, age-appropriate role, but she has had a series of miscastings where a more mature actress was needed, and she was terrible, but her hype pulled her through and even earned her an Oscar.

    Aronofsky is talented, but nowhere near as talented as he thinks he is, and has his own hype machine going full of critics who think he can do no wrong.

    Together, they just magnify each others narccisism.

  23. Nicole says:

    Also Jen’s face has been looking different for a while now. What has she done?!?

  24. Cinzia says:

    Sorry but mother! hasn’t bad reviews. It’s 74 on metacritic with 8 100s

  25. Joanie says:

    I think she’s a great actress. Very versatile. Not a horror flick fan but I will watch it because of her.

  26. holly hobby says:

    Boy why don’t they own up to the fact that this movie is highly disturbing and it sucks? He’s just justifying why he sucks so much? I don’t see this relationship as an end game. And flipping the bird won’t endear her to Academy members.

  27. AN says:

    Andddddd he just released a poster hailing the movie with half of abused!jens face on it.
    So yea he’s a d*ck

  28. Bliss 51 says:

    Ok, so I’m an old and appalled, Appalled, I tell you, with the flipping the finger and it’s just sarcasm these days. Who cares about CinemaScore with the A they give Adam Sandler movies, are you kidding? The movie was made, distributed, shown at movie festivals and Lawrence dressed in Dior at the mother! red carpet events. The movie received good reviews from some respected critics and some people hate it. Will I see it? Sure when it comes to the budget theater with a coupon in my hand because one, I want to see it on the big screen and two, but I’m not so anxious to see it that I would pay full price. So the movie is an allegory about climate change, or celebrity and fame or the havoc wreaked by an artist or something, right? I’m old enough to remember school mates who didn’t come back from Vietnam or some who came back with PTSD or affected by Agent Orange and see pictorials of the dead from the My Lai massacre in Life magazine on our coffee table. I’m not going to come undone at the sound of a [spoiler] that maybe represents the body and blood of Jesus Christ. Just a massive eye roll at the thought a movie will not receive it’s due at the box office or the Oscar$.

  29. Lola says:

    It was reported that she gave the middle finger onstage while telling a story from set and not to critics or haters. It’s on People, ET and other sites

  30. sheska says:

    Facts: During the Q&A portion of the night at the Museum of Modern Art, Lawrence gave the middle finger onstage while telling a story from set, as Aronofsky laughed alongside her.

  31. Mannori says:

    like Lainey said, calling yourself a punk and at the same time hustling your ass to earn the approval of ol’ white and conservative Academy is a contradiction in itself and speaks volumes of the thirst for Oscar recognition of his “genius”. All that while being condescending to the people who dislike you “punk” artsy movie by basically calling them dumb.

  32. MrsPanda says:

    I’m 37 and I still enjoy flipping the bird; I also like the ”reaching into my pocket for the bird” :) I find it harmless when done in a tongue-in-cheek way and it seems that’s how she meant it. I think because so many people dislike her and find her obnoxious, then any attempt at a joke or flip comment will be vilified. I do find her obnoxious overall, and in that way she seems well suited to Aronofsky. I can’t fault her on a bird flip though, as a fellow flipper. I also think she started off more natural but has become so contrived after everyone ”loved” her for being so ”natural, real and funny”. Once she got that feedback she hammed it up and it became a ”bit” rather than her authentic personality. It’s like if you applaud a toddler for doing something funny, they’ll keep repeating it and hamming it up. Now it’s just tiresome, forced & predictable. I do think she’s played the game and there is some level of casting couch with her also, Aronofsky seems like a jerk but she’s been in the biz long enough now and knows what she’s doing.

  33. Ruyana says:

    I just find her to be incredibly crude. Just crude.

  34. Marie says:

    These two can have each other. They’re both overrated and insufferable to listen to.

  35. DEBUTante says:

    My husband is totally baffled by Jennifer Lawrence’s stardom.

    He thinks she looks like she just crawled out of a trailer park . I tend to agree.

  36. NoKiddingCats says:

    ” These two, my God. I’m flat-out astounded by how much of a cliche they are.” THIS. Also, Jennifer needs a new go to move. ( Sorry for the double post – I guess this needed to be said twice…)

  37. Carlos says:

    Sara Vilkomerson (from EW) was here and tweeted this:
    “For the record (for those who care) I can vouch that JLaw was NOT giving the finger to critics last night. She was telling a funny story!”

  38. aubree says:

    For the sake of accuracy, it is 78% fresh.

  39. Cat87 says:

    Jennifer should learn how to be more humble….I just can’t get that song out of my head “be humble.” Kendrick lamar she is such brat right now

  40. Jayna says:

    I won’t see this movie. I loved Black Swan and The Wrestler. I like Darren Aronofsky as a director. And I can stomach things, but not that ending. If it weren’t for me reading about the ending, I probably would have caught the movie on DVD and made my own judgment about the movie, but not now.

    But I get why Jen did it, just as I get why a lot of actors try different things. I thought a couple of Nicole Kidman’s choices were awful, but she likes trying odd movies. I don’t have a problem with their relationship either. She didn’t run off and marry him. They are dating and it’s working for right now.

    I do think Jen is immature, but I still like her. But that’s because I don’t read many of her interviews, very few, so maybe that’s the difference.

  41. Tamara says:

    Speaking of Seth Meyers, did anyone see the whole interview. She talks about being hungover, acts like she’s still drunk and then after Seth being super nice to her the whole time (as he always is in general) she asks at the end “oh is it over?!” and he’s like “um yeah haha it’s over don’t worry”. She’d spent the interview before that talking sarcastically about how she really wasn’t the one to make the call to be on meyers and how it was her job etc.

    Sorry you have to dress up in a designer outfit and be on a talk show for 15 minutes (telling attention seeking stories which she seems to love doing anyways). I also thought it was incredibly rude to Seth.

  42. K says:

    She’s too old for this schtick, really. I mean, at first she was early 20s, new to this life etc. And she flipped the bird at paparazzi, which seems totally reasonable however old you are, because they are the paparazzi and bottom-feed, with calculated malice, for a living. But this just seems really lacking in basic maturity. I dunno. It’s her workplace, this sort of event, and this isn’t professional behaviour.

  43. Moi says:

    Omg Jennifer Lawrence is trying to be the next Sharon Tate. There is only ONE Sharon Tate Jen..

  44. M. says:

    I just saw mother!, I thought it was pretty good and very intense. I’m not a fan of the director at all, I liked Black Swan, hated requiem for a dream and was uturely bored by the rest of his filmo. I’m also rather appalled by all the comments I read here, starting by “I haven’t seen mother and I don’t intend to”, then delivering a blind review no one asked for.

    There’s nothing torture porn about mother! so please, watch it before giving your two cents…

  45. serena says:

    She’s just ‘too real’, y’all. *major eyeroll*
    Honestly, I can’t stand her. J-Law likes to talk about her dumb stories but as soon as she hears a criticism, she flips the bird or insult the reporter. *EDIT* I read she was ‘joking’ and all, but it still bothers me. This is not the first time she’s been so disrespectful. She’s beyond immature.
    And I guess he’s like that too, plus a good dose of creep and crazy, and that’s why they linked so fast.. not sure it’ll last though (hopefully not).

  46. Sara says:

    I used to love JLaw but I’m totally over her ‘my boyfriend is a genius punk rock director’ thing. That movie sounds absolutely terrible and who cares if her tore some ligament hyperventilating? He needs to get over himself. People are dying the world. His punk rock genius movie means nothing and it’s contributing nothing.

  47. Luci Lu says:

    She and Darren will break up. Couples that make bad movies together, always break up; their overblown egos can’t take the utter embarrassment.