Angelina Jolie poses in Namibia, with endangered cheetahs, for Harper’s Bazaar

Kingsman The Golden Circle UK Premiere

Thank God for this! Can I get a “YAS QUEEN” up in here? Can I get an “amen”? Can I get a “Hallelujer”? Angelina Jolie covers the November issue of Harper’s Bazaar, and the entire shoot was done in Namibia, on the nature preserve Angelina funds through one of her foundations. Namibia is where Shiloh was born, and the family often returns there to check on the work of the wildlife preserve. The photos are gorgeous, although I can already feel some critics itching to say something about the neo-colonialist vibes. You can see the entire cover package here.

Bazaar gave Angelina free rein to write a lengthy article about her humanitarian work, about poverty and women’s issues and more. This was in lieu of a more standard interview. I don’t hate this. Here’s part of the piece:

I read recently that the World Economic Forum predicted that it will take 83 years for the gaps in rights and opportunities between women and men to close in all countries. This is not about progress for women at the expense of men, but about finding an equal balance that benefits everyone. Eighty-three years seems far longer than anyone, man or woman, would ever hope for or imagine…There is a lot we can’t predict about the world 150 years from now. But we do know that our great-grandchildren will be living with the consequences of decisions we make now, just as we can trace the origin of problems we are dealing with today to their roots in earlier centuries.

It was early in the 19th century, for example, that the craze for ivory and other products made from wild animals took off in some countries, along with wider destruction of the environment. Where millions of elephants, lions, and other species once roamed the African continent, today small, scattered populations cling on in the face of relentless poaching and the expansion of agricultural land reducing their natural habitat.

The photos alongside this piece were shot at a nature reserve in Namibia’s Namib desert. The reserve is run by the N/a’an ku sê Foundation, led by my friends Marlice and Rudie van Vuuren. Our daughter Shiloh was born in Namibia, and our family has worked with Rudie and Marlice on conservation in that country over the past decade. For me, Namibia represents not only ties of family and friendship but also the effort to find the balance between humans and the environment so crucial to our future.

The N/a’an ku sê Foundation works with Namibia’s San people, who are considered to be the world’s oldest culture. They represent thousands of years of man and wildlife coexisting in harmony, but they have suffered, like other indigenous peoples, from being forced off their lands by farming, unchecked development, and the depletion of wildlife. The destruction of natural habitat and wildlife has left the San people unable to hunt and support their families.

The same thing is happening all across the globe—in Africa, Latin America, Asia, and the Pacific—and women are often the most affected. Women make up most of the world’s poor. It often falls on them to find food, water, and fuel to cook for their families. When the environment is damaged—for example, when fishing stocks are destroyed, wildlife is killed by poachers, or tropical forests are bulldozed—it deepens their poverty. Women’s education and health are the first things to suffer. The environment is also a crucial factor in future global stability, with 21.5 million people displaced worldwide by climate change every year, as part of the more than 65 million people displaced in total.

N/a’an ku sê works to preserve the natural habitat and to protect endangered species, such as elephants, rhinos, and cheetahs, like the ones pictured in this story. I first encountered them in 2015, when they were small cubs and our family sponsored them. They’d been orphaned, and nearly died. They were nursed back to health, but they cannot be returned to the wild, as they have lost their fear of humans and could be killed if they stray onto farmland. With cheetah numbers plummeting to fewer than 7,100 worldwide, the mission is to save every animal possible.

These cheetahs are not pets, nor should any wild animal ever be kept as one. They inspire us to help preserve these unique, majestic creatures in the wild, as just one of many steps to preserve the environment for future generations. Each of us has the power to make an impact through our everyday choices. For instance, we can commit to never buying illegal wildlife products such as ivory or rhino horn.

[From Harper’s Bazaar]

Angelina should be careful or else she’s going to get Prince Harry and Prince William begging her to come to one of their fundraisers to protect African wildlife! That’s their thing, one of their big causes. Anyway, this day is crazy and I don’t have anything else to say other than I hope people read the full piece, and Angelina looks gorgeous in this shoot. I’ll also say that I hope she speaks more about Harvey Weinstein at some point in the near future, but if she doesn’t, that’s fine too.

Kingsman The Golden Circle UK Premiere

Photos courtesy of Alexi Lubomirski for Harper’s Bazaar.

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  1. bros says:

    whatever. those are great photos and I have nothing but respect for her. she puts her money where her mouth is.

  2. Jessi says:

    That face. I simply have no words. She is beautiful, incredibly so

  3. D says:

    What’s it like to be really really ridiculously good looking? She goes through a difficult breakup and carries on with her life while looking glamorous…I go through a breakup and eat way too much ice cream while wearing ugly sweatpants and wallowing in self pity. ;)

  4. tracking says:

    That is a lovely cover. And it actually looks like her, not photoshopped to hell and back like that last one.

  5. Magdalene says:

    Amen! Back to doing her thing and it looks great

  6. Fa says:

    She is going to the premiere next week of the animate movie she is promoting in this article. Maybe she will talk at the red carpet.

  7. Snazzy says:

    I all caps love the pic where she is smiling. Magnificient

  8. slowsnow says:

    Those photos give me eighties vibes and not in a good way.
    But I’m still happy she came out saying that HW harassed her so I am also going to say that she has immense charisma in them.

  9. tifzlan says:

    She is an absolutely beautiful woman, inside and out. I’ve always been a fan and i love her even more now.

  10. Aiobhan Targaryen says:

    She really does look lovely here. Happy and healthy. The fashion spead looks like it is going to be whites and beiges though. I’ll buy it anyway for the article.

    If I didn’t like the hoopla over Megan and Harry being together, I would say she should have fun with him for a bit.

    I don’t know. I think that statement that she gave is probably all we are going to get about what happened between her and Harvey. If she did expound on it, she would try to work it so that it is not really about her experience but making more people aware of the larger issue and links to organizations to help rape survivors and women who have dealt with sexual harrassment/assault.

  11. Lizzie says:

    it cannot be understated how beautiful she is. her face is just so arresting.

  12. littlemissnaughty says:

    Oof, those are gorgeous pics. I haven’t read the article. But … I want to love the entire spread but while I think she’s never looked more beautiful than in this light and in fronf of that backdrop, did they have to make the one pic that includes Namibians (I assume) look like they are props?

    • Ophelia says:

      ITA. I think there are better options than just using the Namibians as exotic props. One idea is to have them dressed as Naankuse Park rangers instead. I think it will be more on message (about conservation and about empowering locals, etc).

    • Jules343 says:

      This. It’s gross and tone deaf. And if it were any other actor, that would be the lead, but instead its just casually dismissed as something that’ll be said by the haters.

      Why can’t we admire Jolie for some things AND acknowledge she’s problematic in some ways? Why does it always have to be pure adoration or pure hatred with her?

    • tracking says:

      I didn’t look up the other pics until your comments. Ugh, not good.

    • Cynical says:

      Yes, but AJ is known for really getting to know the locals wherever she happens to be. She’s very active with her local charities and seems to get to know the real people on a deeper level. If it were anyone else, I’d say for sure they’re props, but with her, I’m 50-50 on her actually knowing and having an existing relationship with these people. Especially if they live or work on the wildlife preserve.

      • littlemissnaughty says:

        Fair point. But it’s the composition of the shot in the context of the entire spread that doesn’t sit well with me. It’s Harper’s Bazaar, these pics were always going to be glamorous, I get that. But it DOES have that whiff of “Death on the Nile” aesthetic. The safari look. The “rich white people having tea in an exotic and slightly dangerous location” vibe. The color palette of her clothes contributes to that.

        It would be a different vibe if it was a group picture of her and people she actually knows or has met before with them looking into the camera and the reader being told who they are. Instead she’s dressed like she’s joining a glamorous 1930s safari.

        I might be nitpicking but my very first reaction was “Oh no.”

    • Eve V says:

      No, you are not nitpicking and you have a valid point.

    • lucy2 says:

      Agree on all points.

      I’m split on using the cheetahs in the photos too – I read it and fully understand that they are used to being around humans and are living on this reserve out of necessity, and are well cared for. The preserve is doing great work, and this brings them attention. But lots of animals, especially big cats and cubs, around the world are not as lucky and used as photo props and entertainment, and anytime that is continued, even with well cared for animals, it can work against the cause.

    • I Choose Me says:

      Had the same gut reaction too littlemissnaughty. My admiration for Jolie took somewhat of a hit with that tone deaf interview of hers re: FTKMF. She is not a perfect person and I can still be a fan while acknowledging that although her heart is in the right place, sometimes she is woefully out of touch.

  13. Lenn says:

    I like this so much better than the severe styling with red lips, porcelain skin and showy dresses.

  14. Andrea1 says:

    The Jolie never disappoints!

  15. Skylark says:

    I’m just here for the cheetahs. I want them, all of them.

    But yeah, gorgeous shoot.

  16. Mermaid says:

    She looks beautiful and it’s great that she is raising awareness of so many important issues. I love cheetahs too.

  17. Freddy Spaghetti says:

    She looks gorgeous, as always, but there is a whiff of neo-colonolism going on with that cover. It’s not Taylor Swift bad, not even close, but it’s there.

    I also wish she’d go down at least a size in her implants. They are just too big for her small frame, but her choice…

    I do love the picture of her smiling!

  18. jj says:

    I forget how beautiful she is, fantastic pic’s and such beautiful eyes!!! The best part is that she is helping to save wildlife which I fear will not be here in many more years without help. Everytime I hear of elephants and rhino’s dying for horns, tusk, it makes me sick. Good for her to bringing attention to this.

  19. Adorable says:

    Stunning woman,stunning cover!..Her hair has been looking “delicious”lately..Gawd!

  20. Ari says:

    she looks glorious i cant even take it

  21. Sage says:

    I like the cover shot and the one of her posing In front of a tree in the Versace atelier dress.

  22. harlequin says:

    That is a face for the ages. Just beautiful.

  23. gwen says:

    She looks great and I love the cover.

  24. Lori says:

    Im just stunned that she isnt wearing black.

  25. Gaby says:

    She should wer white ALL the time, it really makes her luminous.

  26. I am bored says:

    I think weinstein is one reason Angelina is an “outsider” in Hollywood as Lainey calls her.

    She did not even take photos with the guy pretending that nothing happened like sooo many others did including her ex husband. Just shows how fake Hollywood is. She’s a no nonsense person and doesn’t play games. I like that. So many people gleefully claimed Angelina doesn’t have any friends and Hollywood hates her. I say good for her… Let her ex husband have the nasty phonies in hollyweird.

    I think Brad Pitt owes her an apology for working with her abuser. Brad Pitt was so desperate for a Hollywood gold trinket. Sad really. He has no loyalty and is all about career and image.

  27. bap says:

    Angelina beauty is from another world.

  28. Catherine says:

    The movie Duma (it’s “Black Beauty” but the horse is replaced by a Cheetah. Same director as Black Beauty). It’s stunning and I’m so envious of Angelina for her time with these gorgeous creatures. 💖

  29. Green_eyes says:

    Still so beautiful. All she’s gone thru health wise & otherwise & still stunning. That’s not easy.. try as I might I can’t get back to my old self or even a better version & I don’t even have one child.. she has six. So I give her props.

  30. Truthhurts says:

    I don’t know wtf was going on with Her marriage but this is the best she’s looked in years

  31. MaryJo says:

    Beauty, brains and heart, such a powerful combination.

  32. Sushi says:

    the first time after her divorce that more positive than negative has been commented. Finally it is good to be outside Hollywood.

  33. Sara says:

    Wow, that is probably the most human she has ever seemed to me. (You tube video in Namibia). I think she needs to talk more/advocate more for the environment. It goes hand in hand and in fact can be directly related to refugee crisis. She needs to combine the two and it will get the message across better IMO. I think she is doing a great job with the blessings she has been give.

  34. Camille says:

    Stunning photos 😍, her face is devine 👌🏻

  35. Nibbi says:

    Thank Sweet Jesus, new Angelina pictures !!!
    All hail !!:
    Something delightful and pleasing and nice in a context not associated with the awfulness of the HW story… needed that

  36. vesper nite says:

    Love her so much! Total girl crush. I really admire how she uses her power for good. Brad better get right! LOL

  37. Nibbi says:

    … OK so pictures first I admit, but the full piece is super thoughtful and well-written and positive as well.

    AND anyone else notice she does what is apparently the right clicking kind of thing when she’s pronouncing the Namibian name of that reserve?
    Such a fan, man.

  38. Mercy for outcasts says:

    Pretty pics, yeah. Jolie got a face which photographs really well. Looks like a move to revive her career? Slightly desparate whiff. Slight colonial whiff of “white woman saving africans”. Not quite my cup of tea, actually. I ain’t got no problem when she promotes her charities and stands somewhere surrounded by people. But these are pr pics and using africans like props doesn’t sit well with me.

  39. Strwbrryslushie says:

    I’m not a fan of AJ but she looks great here and I’m leaning towards neutral thanks to her highlighting the plight of wildlife in Namibia.

  40. Justjj says:

    I love La Jolie. And it’s so nice to see her fighting for great causes in Nambia* :)

  41. N. says:

    What kind of a post collonial mess is that :o I can’t even …

  42. ash says:

    white nubian goddess….

    UMMMMM no…i like la jolie but YEA NO on this

  43. Andrea says:

    The royal brothers… “Helping” wildlife in Africa while killing foxes and other animals in their own country. Ridiculous! People who claim to be concerned about animals & the environment for cheap publicity and positive feedback from the public are the worst.