Kathy Griffin: TMZ’s Harvey Levin & Andy Cohen ‘live to take women down’

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Back in May, Kathy Griffin did a photoshoot where she posed with an obviously fake “decapitated” Donald Trump head. TMZ got their hands on the photos, published them and all hell broke loose. Trump made a stupid statement about how Barron saw the photo and got upset (eyeroll), and Kathy lost pretty much every job – CNN fired her from their New Year’s Eve show, all of her stand-up performances were canceled and on and on. Since then, Kathy has basically been like a feral animal, lashing out at anyone and everyone who she believes wronged her. While I think Kathy got a raw deal overall, I’m surprised that she was surprised, you know? Anybody could have predicted that if she did something stupid like that, it was going to cost her. Still, that was no reason for Deplorables and everyone else to literally send her death threats and treat her like the Pariah of the Year. The Kathy story was a sideshow, the “circus” of the “bread & circus” of the Trump administration.

Anderson Cooper publicly cut ties with Kathy following the controversy and she lashed out at him. Then CNN announced that Andy Cohen would be Anderson’s replacement co-host for this year’s NYE show, and so of course Cohen was asked about Kathy recently by a TMZ videographer. Cohen literally said “I don’t know her” like he was Mariah Carey.

I mean, Cohen is obviously being an utter a–hole here, and very obviously pretending to not know Griffin. At first, Kathy tweeted this: “Even when it’s on tape, there are doubters? He is NOT kidding w paps. Was my boss for 10 years. Treated me like a dog. Deeply misogynistic.” Then she posted this video on YouTube… NSFW for language, and bless you if you can get through the entire video:

Kathy is mad. Really, really mad. She releases Harvey Levin’s phone number by playing a message he left for her. She connects Levin to the Trump administration, which is not shocking in the least considering TMZ’s increasingly “deplorable” content. She says she was doxxed repeatedly in the wake of the scandal, and she promises to spill the tea on Andy Cohen, but only reveals a few little nuggets of gossip: one, that Cohen is a “miserable boss” and two, that he once offered her cocaine in his office just before she appeared on Watch What Happens Live. She also says that men like Levin and Cohen “live to take women down.” I agree – that’s their M.O. I’ll say it – this made me feel sorry for Kathy. She’s dealt with a lot of bullsh-t for a long-ass time.

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  1. JosieH says:

    Griffin has been a bully for years. She has no room to criticize anyone.

    • Enough Already says:

      She is and she’s still right to call out TMZ. Victims don’t have to be warm and cuddly.

    • Nicole says:

      We can in fact do both. It doesn’t negate the bullying towards her at all.
      That said is anyone shocked by what she says here?

      • Esmom says:

        Exactly. And you’re right, her revelations aren’t shocking. I feel for her. A man most definitely wouldn’t have lost all his jobs for the decapitated head photo shoot. In fact he might have been congratulated for it.

      • Carol says:

        I completely disagree. If a male comic who worked for CNN held a fake head of Obama when he was prez, I’m pretty sure he would have been fired by CNN as well. Kathy doesn’t deserve death threats, but please, she is no victim. And even though I can’t stand the housewives chain, I dont think Cohen was being an a-hole on TMZ at all

      • EOA says:

        If a male comic had done the same thing, there would have been one day of controversy and then every other male comic would have rallied around him.

      • Nicole says:

        Again I don’t disagree that she should’ve been fired but are we forgetting that people were hanging Obama and lynching his likeness. Fox didn’t care ONE IOTA about it nor about his kids.
        Anyways that does not excuse years of bullying by Cohen. This whole “perfect victim” is an excuse to smear victims of racism, assault and countless other things. Its gross.

      • Otaku Fairy says:

        “If a male comic who worked for CNN held a fake head of Obama when he was prez, I’m pretty sure he would have been fired by CNN as well.” Swapping out Trump with Obama is almost always a false equivalent though. All that was done with Obama because of his RACE is not the same as what was done with Trump because of his actions and words.

      • Casey _ says:

        Not surprised at all, I’ve known just how terrible Cohen, Levin & Zucker were forever.
        i feel bad for her. Yes the photo shoot was stupid, but she sure as ish doesn’t deserve to lose her career for all time because of P-grabbing molester of women and traitor President Cheeto’s hurt fee-fees.

        After watching that TMZ clip of Cohen, i can tell you what I won’t be doing this NYEve, watching his disgustingly smug misogynist azz and Anderson Cooper. That’s just abhorrent.

        I wish Kathy well and I hope her tour goes well.

      • Cranberry says:

        “If a male comic who worked for CNN held a fake head of Obama when he was prez, I’m pretty sure he would have been fired by CNN as well.”

        @Carol, Idk. CNN let Repubs and Trump and his Birthers get away with everything. Just like they gave Trump millions of $ of coverage during the elections while ignoring plenty of other significant political news. They blather mouthed for over 30 min waiting for Trump to speak while Berney Sanders had drawn in tens of thousands to hear him speak of universal health insurance. Did CNN cover any of that? Nope.
        Obama was considered to be quite weak on facing off with any decenters. Some of this may have been his strategy to not be derailed since there were so many trying to challenge him on many fronts first and foremost Trump and his birthers. It seems to me that CNN was happy enough to give them all air time. They didn’t have to worry too much about retaliation from dems or the Obama administration.
        But back to Kathy, I think if a man were to have done it, he probably would have been fired because it was way too distasteful. Even a man doing what she it would have put CNN into a bad position, and that’s not even counting the direct attacks Trump made on CNN before she did it. Male or female, if CNN didn’t fire her, it would have look like they were taking sides.

      • jana says:

        Anyone familiar with Andy Cohen and Watch What Happens Live knew exactly what he was doing when he said “Who? I don’t know her” comments….he was doing his best Mariah Carey shade to avoid getting into a fray. We all know he smokes pot like it’s his job…if true, a celebrity offering cocaine is not exactly breaking news.

    • Margo S. says:

      I disagree. If Griffin was a dude, there would be zero issue. She’d had numerous Netflix specials, a sitcom, a arena tour, cameos in movies, I could go on. She is just trying to get by, and is happening to act the exact same way most male comics act, but is being labeled a b!tch, difficult, a bully.

      Cohen is such a piece of sh!t. That tmz clip has made me HATE him. And obviously him and Harvey are misogynistic fcukers.

      • velvethornsby says:

        uhhhh… Bill O’Reilly did what he did and he got hired back! Kathy just held up, basically, a Halloween Mask! Men rule the world and look what they are doing with it. We are doomed with them in control.

    • Otaku Fairy says:

      “Griffin has been a bully for years. She has no room to criticize anyone.” True, (the first part), but so is your president. He, his sympathizers, and enablers have no room to criticize anyone for anything ever again.
      Initially I thought her stunt was dumb, but honestly, the overreactions to it (and the motives behind many of those overreactions) have been more troubling than the dumb stunt itself. TBH I briefly considered incorporating a fake, plastic, impaled orange into my Wonder Woman costume but decided against it.

    • Casey _ says:


      Kathy, a bully? Are you confusing her with Chelsea Handler?

      Kathy makes fun of celebrities in the way Joan Rivers or Don Rickles did, yet not nearly as overt and cutting – still as funny though, and nuanced.

  2. Millennial says:

    She’s not wrong. I can’t stand TMZ and have completely stopped reading them. Between the gold digger accusations flung at nearly every woman in the middle of a divorce or the victim-blaming/taking the side of the abuser in nearly every instance of abuse, I just started feeling gross every time I was on the website and stopped.

    • denisemich says:

      Tmz says racist and misogynistic things all the time. Levin gets away with it because people seem to believe you can’t be gay and a misogynist or racist.

      • Nicole says:

        As if the gay community doesn’t have an issue with LGBTQIA people of color. It’s quite rampant in that community just like every other community that exists.
        But yea he’s trash

      • Brian says:

        Preach, Nicole!

    • pinetree13 says:

      Totally agree Millennial.

      Unrelated: WHAT IN THE GOOD LORD IS WITH HER MAKE UP IN THAT FIRST PICTURE??!?! She looks like a possessed ventriloquist dummy. Girl less is more.

  3. Enough Already says:

    It’s all coming back to him now.

  4. ArchieGoodwin says:

    I don’t and have not followed Kathy, she is not my brand of humour.
    I supported Cooper not reaching out to her on her schedule, because IMO that’s not how friendship works- one side doesn’t get to define the friendship based only on their needs, and that is what I feel kathy did to Cooper in this situation.
    She certainly did not take into account the ramifications of her actions on her friends and acquaintances. Talk about a rock and a hard place.

    I don’t like her. I think she dishes but doesn’t take it- but not when it comes to dealing with the people who have power over her, like Andy Cohen. I support that she was treated terribly and in no position to counter it, and for that I feel for her because I’ve been there too.

    I hope she can find some peace, because girl has so much bottled up.

  5. Shambles says:

    Harvey Levin and the Terrible TMZ cemented their place on The Wrong Side of History when they sided with Johnny Depp in his abuse scandal. They choose the man, every single time, especially when that man is an abusive prick. Their allegiances are clear. They might as well start running the White House press briefings

    • Pedro45 says:

      Would we notice? It’s not as though anything that Sarah Huckabee Sanders says is any more credible than TMZ.

    • Mia says:

      They do not choose the man every time unless he is a white male. His coverage of black males is always disgusting. He is obsessed

  6. Merritt says:

    I don’t think anyone should be surprised about either Harvey Levin or Andy Cohen. If you have ever seen either man, you know they are deeply misogynistic.

    • BeamMeUpScottie says:


    • Mamunia says:

      I was surprised about Harvey Levin speaking a few times a week with Trump. That’s scary. I always thought Real Housewives chose the D list type of women because that was all they could get. But after years of watching, this year I stopped because it was so boring. I’m grateful to hear Kathy’s honest views.

  7. Jayna says:

    She called Anderson Cooper just a few days before that a “Spineless heiress.” She’s the jerk acting out because she’s off the New Year’s Eve show.. So when asked about her as he was walking, he just sarcastically pretended he didn’t know her. Go Andy!

    Anderson Cooper is Andy’s best friend. I’m on Andy’s side, sticking up for his best friend in his own way after that bashing of Anderson by Kathy.

    Kathy going after Anderson Cooper like that for no reason was disgusting. He is a journalist, has been a war zone journalist. I also felt it was a gay slur calling him “heiress,” not even heir. But it doesn’t matter. He has said he won’t ever inherit any of the Vanderbilt fortune and is fine with that. But that’s not really the point. Whether he did or did not, she was trying to disparage a respected journalist in a demeaning way because she is vicious when she turns on you, even people who were her friends.
    She just keeps on burning bridges.

    As far as TMZ, I never read their stuff, unless it’s some breaking news that someone mentions.

    • ArchieGoodwin says:

      Ididn’t know any of that 🙁

      I agree with you, it was a gay slur and absolutely not ok.

    • Anilehcim says:

      Kathy’s gay bashing has flown under the mainstream radar for YEARS… she thinks she gets a pass because she was close to Anderson Cooper and has a large gay fanbase. She actually refers to her fans as “my gays.” I did some reading about her this weekend and found that a lot of members of the LGBT community can’t stand her because of how offensive she often is toward them under the guise of humor.

      I’m not really here for her attempts to become this feminist icon and activist all because she feels slighted now, honestly. Yes, she has a history of referring to herself as a feminist and she has been vocal that “all feminism means is that you want equal rights,” HOWEVER, she’s pretty ridiculous and hypocritical naming other women’s names and trying to throw them under the bus in this video accusing them of being “complicit” when SHE has been friends for years with these men she’s going after now.

      I have no tolerance for people like this, who buddy up to the bullies and are bullies themselves but try to make themselves into some sort of beacon of justice for others when they are the ones who are “victims.” Personally I can’t stand TMZ or Harvey Levin, and Andy Cohen is the scum of the earth; I actually view Cohen as a threat to feminism for the way he thrives on pinning women against one another…. but Kathy was cool with all of these people until her career hit the skids and she expected them to somehow save her. She’s a grown woman and no one is responsible for saving her career but her. This is all a crock of shit for her to try to stay relevant/find a new fanbase because her career is hanging on by a thread.

      If anything, Kathy is the prime example of FAUX, white feminism–she only cares when it suits her.

      • Emilymoon says:

        I agree 1000% I do not buy for one second that she is doing this from any sort of feminist principle, she routinely attacks and mocks women for sport. The tweet to Rose McGowan was the most opportunist thing I have ever seen and it really grossed me out. I have noted Kathy’s homophobia for years with the way she talks about gay men as her property, classic straight white women homophobia bullshit.

        Sorry Kathy you are no victim you are just pissed you lost $

    • Lizzie says:

      anderson cooper and kathy griffin were extremely close friends. she is mad at him b/c he totally ditched her when the trump picture came out and scolded her publicly. i don’t think she is going after him for no reason. have you ever had a bad breakup with a close friend? it is more painful than any romantic breakup.

      • Jayna says:

        I disagree. He is a journalist on a news program show. What he said was truthful as far as his reaction to it. He would lose credibility if he didn’t.. He wasn’t pushing her under the bus. I’ve had sad breakups with friends and I would never publically trash them in a vicious way, like calling him a “spineless heiress.”

        And it was CNN that ousted her from her NYE gig because of it. I thought what she did was horrible. If someone did it of Obama, we would be up in arms. Other than that, even if she is hurt by Anderson, it’s not okay to go after him in a vicious way like that. She could have done it in a different way. She is the one that doesn’t let the dumb decision to do that blow over. She has a career now that only she is hurting by keeping this going.

        I like Kathy but I have never liked the way she humiliates people she called friends. Like going to Brooke Shield’s wedding and using her interview on Howard Stern to humiliate Brooke by carrying on how drunk Brooke’s mom was and Brooke’s mom awful drunken speech. What kind of person does that to a friend just to get a laugh on HS? I was disgusted.

        I would never have a friend like Kathy, because when they are mad, they turn on you in an ugly way. And I don’t trust people like that. I’ve had a friend similar to Kathy once. Never again.

    • ANOTHER DAY says:

      I agree. I never found her funny for years, just annoying. I’d turn on the NYE show with Anderson Cooper but ultimately turn channels quickly because of her (and associative embarrassment for him.)

      She did something very very stupid with that head. She made a horrid situation worse with how she handled iT, and she still continues to milk her victim pose for all is worth only no one is buying it,

      So some of these guys are jerks. Big Whoopie. Pot, kettle, black. Doesn’t make me like her anymore, Feel sympathy for her, or believe I Need to support her in any way. How she’s treated AC makes her cancelled to me, and I am not even a big fan of his. But trying to call out his friendship as tarnished, the gay slur etc?

      This woman would do well to sit down, shut up and go away for a long time. No one is rallying to her with her continuous bile and lack of real remorse for her own bad choices.

    • CityGirl says:

      Jayna – I agree with you! You summed up my thoughts completely!

  8. Talie says:

    None of this real tea…it’s all known. Andy talks openly about his using on Howard Stern, his books, etc… and Harvey did a Fox News fluff piece on Trump after he was elected!

    I’ve seen a few of her recent interviews and she definitely has gone off-the-rails…she’s not as quick and light as she formerly was. You can see that the damage has been done to her, sadly. But I do think she is minimizing what she did. It’d be a scandal no matter who the president was and she doesn’t get to wave it off simply because Trump is deranged.

  9. Giulia says:

    I can’t stand Andy Cohen and stopped watching his crappy housewives shows years ago.

    • Anilehcim says:

      Same. He has serious issues with women. Granted, he doesn’t make the women on the shows behave the way that they do, but the level of joy he gets from watching women attack each other is sick and twisted. It’s not entertaining, it’s hateful and gross. Andy Cohen is disgusting.

      • Merritt says:

        No but he does edit them to be worse and creates situations for the drama to happen. The reality is that with a few exceptions none of the women cast on these shows would know each other or interact in real life. That is the reality show formula. Take people who are polar opposites, create a conflict, and sit back to watch the resulting drama.

    • Umyeah says:

      We as women need to stop watching shows like the Housewives series, it perpetuates the idea that women are catty, self-involved and petty.

      • Llamas says:

        Except I’m sure those women are self involved and catty. They’re an extreme and I think people realize that.

      • stinky says:

        God please make it so.
        “Mob Wives” ?-?-?
        Are u freakin kidding me.
        Embarrassed for humanity, blahblahblah.

      • Rose says:

        Yes please I miss the days when these shows weren’t a thing and we only had one bad really show on MTV.

        I just don’t get what draws people to these shows.

      • Merritt says:

        This. These shows promote harmful stereotypes about women and POC. Some of them might be terrible people in real life but it is made worse with the producer created situations and clever editing.

  10. Hmmnottoday says:

    The deplorable a weren’t the only ones to hate her- the entirety of Hollywood is democratic and that is where she’s no longer welcome.

  11. M says:

    I stopped going to tmz after they published the police photos of Rihanna after Chris Brown assaulted her.

  12. Lucy2 says:

    Her employment and shunning problems are of her own making, and I feel no sympathy there, she was looking for attention and got it.
    But she’s not wrong about Andy and Harvey.

  13. LooseSeal says:

    I’m sorry but is this supposed to be a revelation? If you’ve seen about 15 seconds of any of their projects it’s pretty clear they live to take women down.

  14. adastraperaspera says:

    I agree with Kathy that TMZ and Cohen tear women down for entertainment. That’s why I don’t read/watch either one. I think Kathy is having a really difficult time right now, and I wish someone could help her channel that outside of public videos. She just lost her sister to cancer a little over a month ago, and I think this was the last straw for her. I’m a fan of her humor, read her first biography, and as a lesbian have always appreciated her support of the LGBT community before it was popular to do so. I think Kathy is heartbroken from the loss of friendships and her sister. I hope she can find some peace.

    • Jayna says:

      And I’ve watched a ton of Kathy’s stand-iup. Guess who tears down women for entertainment? Kathy. Some of it is funny and/ or well-deserved. Some of it is truly mean-spirited and crosses a line and not funny trying to humiliate a woman just because she’s famous. I’ve always rooted for Kathy, but she has lost the plot in how she keeps carrying on regarding the Donald Trump head.. And I was disgusted by her “spineless heiress” comment about Anderson.

      Kathy makes a lot of money from stand-up, and her fans aren’t going to abandon her over this. She got a few shows canceled, nothing she can’t rebound from. CNN is a big news corporation. She did something that lost her a gig. It happens.

  15. Cinderella says:

    But wait..wasn’t hanging with Andy okay when it benefited her? It looks like she’s on a revenge tour. She’s trying to taken them down, but it will only put the nail on the lid of her career. No one will work with her. When it comes to the characters of Levin and Cohen, there are no new revelations here. These guys were never saints by any stretch of the imagination.

    Andy hijacked Mariah’s “I don’t know her” shtick, and he failed miserably.

    • BJ says:

      Exactly Andy was being shady(I don’t know her ) toward her probably because of what she has said about his friend Anderson Cooper including calling him a “spineless heiress”.

  16. TwinsMama says:

    Don’t forget how TMZ also tried to take down Amber Heard after she was assaulted multiple by Johnny Depp. All they did was try to demean and discredit her despite her witnesses and evidence. They are a horrible organization.

  17. Electric Tuba says:

    That’s some harsh makeup 💄

  18. S says:

    I both believe and feel for Kathy Griffin, at least to some extent, and am just exhausted by her. As someone who generally liked her stand-up, and even watched her initially charming D-List show in its early seasons, she just got to an I-can’t-with-her place, very quickly. She just reeks of neediness.

    I think the Trump head thing was both in terrible, awful taste and wildly overblown for what it was: a look-at-me cry for attention that was uncreative, unfunny and beyond desperate. She deserved scorn, but to have her life ruined, which I believe it has been, at least for now, seems … out of proportion. Still, there’s the other side of me that’s like she only has her own desperation and bad judgement to blame so maybe just stop while she’s way, way behind.

  19. Jordan says:

    To me, Kathy did nothing wrong. She made the presidents son sad? What about the same people who called Michelle Obama what they did? The consideration for the Obama children were never there. So I just can’t find a sympathetic bone in my body for this administration nor the people who got upset over Griffin’s photo shoot.

  20. Svea says:

    Oh I buy all she says. I just see both of those guys as mean-spirited. And Andy yeah what company president turns himself into the star? Meanwhile his “success” is built on the backs of all those RHs who are encouraged to rip each other apart and make all women look bad. And Cooper? What a phoney. A serious journalist facade to giggling narcissistic reality. Who wants to see those two on TV? It will be Cohen who tears Cooper down. Kelly Ripa should watch out because they will turn on her too.

  21. Malibu Stacy says:

    I just wonder why the original photographer, Tyler Shields, didn’t get nearly as much backlash for not only taking the picture but of coming up with the whole dismembered Trump head scenario. Kathy took the brunt of everything and meanwhile Tyler Shields is releasing new work and giving small interviews to Architectural Digest.

  22. jugil1 says:

    I’m not a fan of Kathy Griffin, but she is speaking the truth about TMZ & Levin. I posted on the Selena Gomez & Bieber thread that TMZ’s phrasing of “Selena not wearing much to cover up” speaks volumes.
    TMZ is a sexist site that I am glad is being called out.

  23. BJ says:

    A bully whining about being bullied.

  24. Carrie1 says:

    In the wake of #metoo which is ongoing, I watched this in full. Buried in the middle somewhere, Kathy says she’s doing this video because she’s now on all the international security watch lists, media goading and release of contact details of Kathy and her family led to public random haters contacting both her mother at her nursing home and her dying sister and threatening both of them.

    This one is messy. I don’t like Andy. I’m disappointed in Anderson. I’m disappointed in clips I’ve seen of Kathy treating Anderson in an abusive manner and speech…. he has endured a lot from her. I’ve never watched Kathy beyond her comedy specials and only one or two i think. Haven’t touched tmz site in many years. All of these people are the same is where I’m at with judging or weighing etc.

    All that said, I’m glad Kathy did this because that’s some horrific abuse she and her family are experiencing and it’s all gone way too far. That men are leading this makes it worse. This is scary stuff.

    • Otaku Fairy says:

      “… led to public random haters contacting both her mother at her nursing home and her dying sister and threatening both of them.” Trump-supporters always showing their true colors. This is yet another reason why their complaints are not to be taken seriously.

  25. leskat says:

    I actually watched this entire video waiting for some serious allegations to be dropped. Instead it was a lot of whinging about people not “protecting” her and Andy Cohen does coke and offers it to people on his show. Kathy, she did some wrong and she’s been done wrong and I don’t think I have a ton of sympathy for someone who always seemed to take such pleasure in ripping other people apart and using “her gays” as stepping stones. Sidenote: Her face work and makeup and giant veneers were so distracting throughout the whole video, I had a tough time paying attention.

  26. Anilehcim says:

    It’s almost baffling that Kathy is serious with the way she is carrying on–I have to ask, where are her true friends that can tell her that she needs to stop this? This really boils down to her doing something stupid and instead of just owning it and dealing with the repercussions, she is declaring war on everyone she knows who isn’t having her back and defending her over it. This is high school stuff.

    Andy Cohen is a grade-A scumbag, but she’s really this angry because he said “I don’t know her”??? THAT is brutal to her? Anderson Cooper’s sexuality and masculinity were fair game to her because he publicly stated the truth and didn’t jeopardize his career to defend her?? And frankly, who gives a shit if Andy does cocaine? What does that have to do with anything? She comes off as an immature, unhinged, selfish asshole.

    Harvey Levin is a piece of shit also, but let’s not act like she wasn’t best buds with all of these people until she was the target.

    • magnoliarose says:

      KG is a bully and not liked by people who have worked with her. That is why no one is trying to help her. Sexism plays a role in it, but she is short on friends. She is an opportunist and only turns when it suits her, and we are to believe these guys are suddenly horrible just because it effects her.
      I used to find her funny but haven’t in a long time because sometimes her humor had too much bite for my taste.
      Her stunt was stupid, but I believe if she was likable a period of lying low, and an apology tour would work, but she isn’t, so she can’t.

  27. Llamas says:

    I’ve always found her to be really crass. I think she’s gross. I remember one year she pretended to blow Anderson Cooper on the BUS show; he looked wickedly uncomfortable. I think she’s a whiney crappy person.

  28. Lexi says:

    Can someone give examples of how Andy’s M.O. is to take down women?

    • Lynnie says:

      Have you not seen the way he runs the Real Housewives franchise?

      • Lexi says:

        Of course I have! I just don’t see how he’s taking them down, they take themselves down! Also for these ladies the Real Housewives is their career, most of them barely do anything else. So once again, how is he bringing them down?

      • Jayna says:

        @Lexi, I agree. These woman make a ton of money and are fame junkies. They act badly to get more attention on the show and in the reunions.

  29. Livingstone says:

    I’m no Kathy Griffin fan, but she’s not the issue here, TMZ are. I hate those sleazy f***s. Every time I see Harvey Levin I want to punch his smug face. Get a real job, Harvey, instead of following people around and profiting off their misery/mistakes/reactions to your provocation. I hate them so much.

  30. nikitabby says:

    I’m not saying there’s not a kernel of truth to *some* of what she’s saying, but she’s using the zeitgeist as a platform for a relatively petty dispute with Anderson & Cohen (I’m leaving the Levin thing out here). It doesn’t stand. So Kathy threw a not-even veiled gay slur at her old friend and called her previous boss names and didn’t like the cold shoulder it earned her? Boo hoo. Are millions of viewers who watch Cohen’s trashy television shows all misogynists because they like to watch a good train wreck (where they performers are practically scripted, anyway) once a week? Please. I cannot take this seriously.

  31. Southern belle says:

    Her career is done. I don’t take anything she says seriously as it’s apparent she’s just mad and wants to take everyone down with her. Misery clearly loves company

  32. N.L. says:

    I’ve never liked her or found her funny at all. What did she expect when she posed with the severed head of a sitting President? As much as I loathe Trump, that wasn’t funny and it was in extremely poor taste.

    No one has the right to cross personal boundaries and harass someone family, I’ll say that. Kathy really should think about possible repercussions from crazy people before she does things this controversial. Rabid Trump supporters are insane.

  33. severin88 says:

    She can call out whoever she wants…but her thirst knows no bounds. Basically these are 2 bullies fighting in a school yard. I have never liked her.

  34. Pandy says:

    Always Team Kathy. The world would be a sorry place without comics.

  35. grace says:

    Well….I don’t comment often, but I read the comments ALL the time, and you ladies ROCK! But Kathy Griffin, love her or hate her, you have to agree with her about TMZ and Bravo! Neither one of those “media” companies does anything to support women! Look at TMZ…it’s all boobs and asses. And Bravo?? Real Housewives? I wish they would both disappear..and that’s saying a lot, cause I LOVE some celebrity news!

    • magnoliarose says:

      I can’t stand them either. It just seems like a bunch of not very nice people sniping and squabbling. Her remark about Anderson was nasty and a slur and way over the line.

  36. ParlerBleu says:

    This whole thing is absurd. It was a fake Halloween mask covered in strawberry syrup or something. For Kathy Griffin (or anyone, no matter their flaws) to lose her career over this is ludicrous.

    For everyone and their mama to publicly ostracize her is ridiculous.

  37. Jennifer Leader says:

    This is you at your best. Fantastic article. H