Page Six: Elon Musk is allegedly pursuing Dakota Johnson, Jessica Hart

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Several weeks back, there were some rumors – originating in Germany?? – that Elon Musk was pursuing Angelina Jolie. I didn’t think much of those rumors, mostly because they didn’t get picked up anywhere else. That being said, it’s possible! Elon Musk is single now, having ended his thing with Amber Heard over the summer. He loves dating famous women, and Angelina Jolie would be a “catch” for a certain kind of rich, powerful, trophy-hunting man. But that rumor doesn’t even matter now, because Elon Musk maybe flew to Brazil just to see Dakota Johnson? Sure.

America’s most eligible bachelor, billionaire Elon Musk, is on the prowl following his split from Amber Heard in August, sources tells Page Six. While Heard has been spotted making out recently with a studly Kiwi stuntman, as ­exclusively revealed by Page Six, Musk has been making tongues wag with speculation over his current love life.

The Tesla billionaire flew down to Rio this past week for Guy Oseary’s renewal of his wedding vows. And a source said one reason for Musk’s arrival in town was to pursue “Fifty Shades of Grey” star Dakota Johnson. Said a source, “He’s definitely on the prowl and flew down to see Dakota.”

But a rep for Musk tells us, “Elon attended Guy’s wedding because they’re friends and Guy invited him. He knows Dakota and obviously wouldn’t need to fly to Brazil if he wanted to see her. He left the wedding right after the speeches were done in order to fly back to the Tesla Gigafactory for critical work on Model 3 production.”

On Thursday, Musk turned up at Simon Hammerstein’s Garden of Wonder by Perrier-Jouët in LA with a group including model Jessica Hart. “Elon and Jessica sat next to other at a private table and were drinking Champagne,” says a spy. “They were sitting very close and chatting off to one side.”

Hart split from longtime boyfriend Stavros Niarchos III in July. We’re told Musk seemed in a good mood, but was trying to be incognito and didn’t want his photos taken. The rep for Musk tells us, “Jessica and Elon were part of a large group that briefly attended that party. However, there was nothing romantic or ‘cozy,’ and they hadn’t even met before last night. Definitely not a date.”

[From Page Six]

The biggest thing that makes me doubt both the Dakota and Angelina rumors is that they’re both brunette! Elon loves blondes. His ex-wife said he’s obsessed with blondes, and even when he’s with a blonde, he wants her to go even blonder. Jessica Hart is blonde, so maybe there’s something there. Also: is it just me or is Dakota Johnson really feeling herself lately? Her breakup from her last relationship was so low-key, but it seems like every other week, we’re getting some new gossip about Dakota out on a date with someone new, or some new guy pursuing her. I like Dakota a lot, but is she really the new “Dream Girlfriend” for all these dudes?

Also: are we really going to claim that Elon is “America’s most eligible bachelor”? He’s South African, Canadian and American.

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19 Responses to “Page Six: Elon Musk is allegedly pursuing Dakota Johnson, Jessica Hart”

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  1. HH says:

    There was some award show where Dakota Johnson said something bratty to her mom and I just can’t look past it. Plus, she doesn’t interview well (also along the lines of sounding bratty and spoiled). So, I think she’d be perfect for Elon. ;)

    • Jillian says:

      I agree. She comes as a brat and she should be thanking her mom for giving her a head start.

      I hated when she said, “I wonder if the people who say 50 Shades is abusive have actually seen it.” Yes, Dakota. People were triggered by Christian’s actions. I met countless people who say their ex’s remind them of Christian. You do not get to decide what’s abuse and what isn’t.

      You know who loves Dakota? Dailymail. They call her a natural beauty and one of the best actresses ever.

      I beg to differ

      • vespernite says:

        Gawd she sucks!! Overrated doesn’t begin to describe her. Her acting is monotone and she is not even close to beautiful….she is a basic Hollywood Royalty brat. Both her and her mother can thank Tippi Hedren for their careers.

  2. D says:

    There’s something about Elon that creeps me out, I wouldn’t be all that surprised if some story were to come out about him…

    • mkyarwood says:

      Is it his creepstache? I think history has proven, at this point, that powerful dudes are all dillweeds. No studies, further investigation or thought needed. But these creepers come from strange family dynamics, which have become that way to protect their ‘legacy’ or whatever. His mother talks about him in the third, even when she’s standing next to him, their home country is not known for its equity, and his toy car isn’t a sustainable environmental solution or even affordable. Possessing women is an important part of his tier of society — :/

  3. KC says:

    Who WOULD be America’s most eligible bachelor? 🤔 Brad Pitt? Jake Gyllenhall? Leo? Colin Farrell? Tom Cruise? That HOT Michael B. Jordan?👍🏾

    • isabelle says:

      This hot guy that visits and vacations in my small town. Maybe the most attractive man I’ve ever seen and he seems to have it together. He would make Pitt melt and fawn over him,

  4. Dr Snark says:

    This dude photographs so strangely. Sometimes he looks old and dumpy, but he looks pretty young here. Or at least younger than his actual 46 years.

    • Wsss says:

      He has unique features that is for sure. If he lost weight he would look better … I honestly would find being pursued by a guy who is head of an electric and space company and having these awesome companies like it would be cool to discuss but then I think he probably would be hard to get along with and would be kind of a prick

    • Julianna says:

      It’s his weight and the hours he works. Sometimes he looks almost boy-ish, other times it’s extremely obvious he’s been working 100hr weeks for months.

  5. SKF says:

    Well Dakota was a blonde and is likely to return to blonde now that Fifty Shades is done…

    Perhaps Jess has a thing for very very rich men?

  6. Ankhel says:

    No, we are not going to call Musk America’s most eligible bachelor, because he’s manipulative, controlling, and has too little free time to be a good husband.

  7. QueenB says:

    But does she read super popular books which in return deeply impresses Elon because he is surprised the lady folks read?

  8. AngieB says:

    He’s just so ugh that of course in 2017 the year of yuck he’d be america’s most eligible bachelor.

  9. Serene Wolf says:

    I can’t stand Dakota. She’s bratty and boring. Plus her stupid baby voice and flailing baby hands were annoying af in 50 shades. I really don’t think these “hunks” are chasing after her.

  10. holly hobby says:

    This dude was once married to “Mary” in the film version of Pride & Prejudice (Keira Knightly version). He married her twice.

  11. kay says:

    Wait, Jessica and Stavros split? That’s sad, they were together forever!!! She was probably sick of waiting for him to put a ring on it.

  12. Parigo says:

    How very Tony Stark of him. If he developed a super suit and started flying around I wouldn’t be at all surprised.

    I remember when Dakota was dating Danny Masterson’s brother. She dumped him pretty quick after 50 shades.

  13. Julianna says:

    Why would he fly to Brazil for a wedding (and he was literally only there for the wedding, flew in and out same day) to see someone who lives in LA like he does?