Jenny Slate & Chris Evans were in Washington DC together this weekend

Premiere of "Gifted" at The Grove

In mid-October, we learned that Chris Evans and Jenny Slate were maybe-probably spending time together. The gossip mags picked up the story from social media sightings, apparently – people saw Jenny and Chris hanging out in Atlanta, where he’s filming a movie, and they were seen out to dinner. Then, a week later, they were sending each other some really cloying and annoying tweets. The whole vibe is very middle school. Jenny has said before that Chris is her “dream seventh grade boyfriend,” and that’s what this whole thing reminds me of: the shady hookup, the cutesy togetherness, the dramatic split, the melodramatic post-breakup interview, and now they’re back together and trying to be cute about it.

So, what’s new in their twee world? Jenny was performing in DC over the weekend. And Chris seemingly traveled to DC to see her perform and to hang out – go here to see LaineyGossip’s story and the tweets. I mean… they’re back together. There’s not a doubt in my mind that they got back together in the past few months. This isn’t a “just friends” or “friendly exes” situation. They’re dating again. Now, I’ll give you this: I have my doubts as to their exclusivity. I think Chris is dating other people. A source mentioned that to People Magazine weeks ago, that Chris is “still dating around” and he’s “been seen with various women in Atlanta during filming.”

Meanwhile, one of the devoted Evans-Slate watchers tweeted to me, wanting us to point out that Slate has a history of problematic tweets. If this is an unaltered NSFW tweet, then yes, she’s tweeted some problematic sh-t. I don’t think she’s a monster – I think she probably gets drunk and tweets stupid sh-t and then deletes it later. Still, none of this is a good look!

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Premiere of "Gifted" at The Grove

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  1. i don't know her says:

    she needs to wear more sunscreen. thats all i got.

    • minx says:

      I had to look up her age. Wow! I’m 30 years older and my skin looks better.

      • Ytbtet says:

        I have a hard time believing that

      • minx says:

        YTbet—I’m 65 and have no crows’ feet and just a few faint lines on my forehead. I have genetics to thank for it, plus I’m not skinny and that helps.

      • Kath Day says:

        I’ve had lines on my forehead since I was 11. It sucks..My dad and Grandpa have very deep forehead lines so I believe it’s genetic. Botox soon. But scared to lose my expressiveness! Just saying it may be more than lack of sunscreen..

  2. detritus says:

    His lips always look wet and I don’t like that, but the butt is very cute.
    They both seem problematic and like they speak before thinking. So I guess, gods speed you silly twits.

    • Ankhel says:


    • Dixiebells says:

      I originally read this as his lips always look wet and HER butt is very cute. I was like, what a strange series of attributes to pull from both. Re-read, makes more sense now :) :)

      • detritus says:

        lol, well I’m sure her butt is very cute as well, but she doesn’t showcase it quite the same way Chris does his.
        The lips are weird. I’m not sure if he licks them constantly, or if he just loves a good gloss.

      • AceCard says:

        The lips are okay but he’s got a super pasty thing going on. It’s better than the other Chris, the Hemsworth one, who is perpetually red in the face (too much iron?). Chris Pine is the only one worth talking about, acting wise and otherwise. Chris Pratt is blacklisted until the end of time for his hunting and animal-related douchery. Christian Bale also good actor like Pine but not a real “Chris.”

  3. Island_girl says:

    She’s gonna be the one to get wrecked when this ends again. I read that Vulture interview and she seems so into him. He seems to like her too, but she has it bad.

    • McMandy says:

      That’s my vibe but I can only go on so much and that Vulture article was…MUCH. I’m also curious how that PEOPLE article fits in since it denies Chris dating anyone exclusively. When her Vulture interview came out it really did seem like she was still very much into him but the feeling may not have been mutual since she said they weren’t even speaking to each other. Then again he claims he remains friends with all of his exes so who knows. With Jenny, maybe her appeal is that she seems like ‘one of the dudes’ sort of thing with her personality and brand in comedy. She can hang with the guys and it’s appealing to a lot of guys. I guess we’ll see. Like a lot of others, I’m curious what happens after filming ends for either of them.

  4. mia girl says:

    I looked that Slate tweet (yeah, not great I suppose) but then also the Twitter page of “one of the devoted Evans-Slate watchers” that was linked to and wow…it’s more like Chris Evans fan/serious Slate hater.

    That person says or retweets some pretty awful things about Slate – so they have plenty of their own tweets I find problematic. Reminds me of the how fans attacked Sophie Hunter or FKA Twigs. No bueno.

    • Dixiebells says:

      I agree. She has said some dumb shit. I get it. But she seems to be in that weird comedic zone of line crossing and sometimes it’s just not funny or offensive. But most comics stumble into that from time to time. I’m not excusing it but I don’t Think she’s Satan either. There’s a bizarre corner of the internet that is like exhaustingly hateful of her and this relationship. The energy expended is just bizarre. I like Chris blogs for pictures but it’s gotten kind of insane and now I don’t check them out anymore. It’s very reminscent of the Sophie Hunter situation. I also agree if people have such a problem with her tweets they should watch their own comments.

      I mostly adore him and cap and tbh I’m not actually that invested in his personal life. Good for them together or not.

      • Cassie says:

        I’m here for the gossip but I’m also not invested too much into his personal life, aside from articles like this. I guess his fans are justified in disliking her as the tweets could be taken personally and as offensive. They seem to feel she got a free pass for the derogatory tweets and it’s something Chris would speak out against? That and she tweeted those in the first place. That’s what I got from previous articles on here about these two.

        I don’t think those for or against the relationship realize how little they factor into a relationship that isn’t even relatively their own. I guess it can be said about all celebrity relationships. The investment from fans just comes off as entitlement on both sides.

      • Island_girl says:

        I agree. I don’t have a problem with her. (Like it matters.) She can be a bit immature and twee as Kaiser has described. The timeline of her marriage ending and her dating Chris is a but murky, but who really knows except for the involved parties. There are some now deleted problematic tweets that are definitely gross. But she’s human and she f*cked up.

        If he can see past it…

        Idk, there is something so hot about him to me. Yes he’s good looking, and yes hes socially aware. But he’s vot something and I like it.

    • Lizzie says:

      I think I’m a little more of the opinion that just because it may have been drunk tweeting, it’s still a bad look and she probably deserves to be called out for it. Let’s not forget all of the other actors these past few months being called out for their dumb stuff. Jenny’s tweets could be on par with some of them who were being dragged. Those tweets are offensive and derogatory. I don’t know why she should get a free pass where it’s chalked up to being drunk/stupid so it’s ok. At least that’s what a lot of her fans are claiming. That and it was so long ago. Kaiser is right though, it’s not a good look, she’s not a monster, but for me, she at least needs to be properly called out and made to apologize just like everyone else.

      • Island_girl says:

        She should answer for those tweets. But she’s not been called out by anyone but fans. Nothing we can do about that now.

  5. Dee says:

    Huh. Just seems like a stupid tweet, nothing problematic really. All I’m getting though is that she’s going to be heartbroken (again) when he finds someone younger, cuter, funner. She needs to take it easy on the tanning. Her skin looks PARCHED. Chris is a douche.

    • Sylvia says:

      Really? You don’t think it’s problematic? So if a male actor tweeted he’d use the MiB memory eraser to get women to show him their vaginas and then erase their memories after, you wouldn’t find that problematic? Because it’s the exact same thing. That’s… disturbing.

  6. Sigh... says:

    “I think she probably gets drunk and tweets stupid sh-t and then deletes it later”

    According to VERY angry but thorough Tumblrers, she erased the “problematic” tweets YEARS later, after ppl started pulling them when she 1st publicly hooked up w/ Capn Murica in ’16.

    They’ve collected them (abt 15?) & the one that stuck out to me was when she called an overweight boy “madame” at the pool saying he should cover his “breasts.” So she did the tweet/delete more than a little bit. Not a good look for either.

  7. Squiggisbig says:

    She just seems super thirsty and pressed to be with him. Between leaving her husband for him and the weirdo vulture thing, this is not a good look for her.

  8. Cassie says:

    I don’t think I’m allowed to post links here but there are a lot more of her problematic tweets where she’s fat shaming or the tweets are homophobic/transphobic/ableist and generally tweeting derogatory language. I think most of them have been deleted but if you do a search you can find them on Tumblr. I guess what’s bad is that a lot of them were for lolz and done as jokes.

    Also, these two have become exhausting.

    • Me says:

      I agree they have become very exhausting because the PR is overkill now and always will be.

      • Korey says:

        A large group of people, commenters here as well seemed to think the dating rumor articles are from her team. I’m actually inclined to believe it because I see her benefiting greatly from the attention and getting more followers through Chris and people who love gossip on celeb relationships. Her team knows how to strike when it’s hot lol. Even the tone of the dating rumor articles seemed different from the PEOPLE one.

    • AceCard says:

      She posted about some chubby teenage boy having boobs and how she was getting out of the pool because she was offended. She’s so juvenile and exhausting. I think Chris Evans was super into her at the time of the Anna Faris podcast partly bc they’re both from Boston.

  9. Jaii says:

    Her deleted tweets aren’t great and she gets a lot of side eye , but so does that fan account whos whole purpose seems to be to tell an actor she doesn’t actually know who to date … I mean I know this has been going on forever and we can replace Chris’s name with Benedict, Tom , Michael , but still each time it skeeves me out with how involved they are.

  10. Christina says:

    Chris is just having sex with her at the most. The guy is randomly dating. Exclusive my ass.

    • Grapefruit says:

      Totally agree. Evans is “meh” to begin with. I also can’t stand Slate and her brand of “feminism.” She falls back on it when it suits her, like Lena Dunham who can have all the seats. I saw in Lainey’s post the link to an article in The Cut where Slate says celebrity gossip is just a result of pushing the patriarchy forward and the fact that she uses gossip to further her relevancy then dismisses it just completely infuriates me. She’s all about her “privacy” in that article and in her Vulture piece but does the exact opposite in real time. This is the same chick who puts her emotions on blast on Twitter, publicly tweets at an ex (hello, if you cared about privacy then just DM it) and spills the tea in epic detail in a printed publication about her then-recent split. She is such a glaring hypocrite and a sad excuse for a feminist. #endrant

      • Sam says:

        @Grapefruit – 100% agree with what you said about her being hypocritical about gossip. The faux feminism is tiresome, especially when she bends it to fit her narrative. To complain about gossip being out there, she needs to realize she’s the one providing the fodder. Her TMI/oversharing tweets, Vulture article and even the tweets that easily could have been DMs with Chris. That most recently was her providing the gossip all to heighten her profile.

      • Tessa says:

        To add to her fueling the flames of her own gossip, her agent posted an IG of Chris with Jenny and others tagged but the picture was only of Chris and a tower of food. After awhile the agent deleted the post. This was the same thing that happened the first go around and launched so many gossip articles about them and got people talking. The picture of course circulates but the original person who posts it doesn’t have to monitor any negative comments. So the tweet and delete or post and delete can generate buzz without the need to babysit.

      • Maura says:

        Her brand of feminism is just that. A brand. And really mostly of convenience.

  11. Alanna says:

    I’m curious what’ll happen when both of them no longer have the convenience of filming in Atlanta for their respective movies. Did Chris give himself an out with the People article stating he’s not exclusively dating anyone?

    • CandiceC says:

      That’s what I’ve been thinking too. Right now they have the benefit of filming in the same area for a handful of months. Isn’t that what happened with Gifted and then Chris not working for a good chunk of 2016? Proximity and convenience seems to drive them right now. Let’s be real, a flight from ATL to DC is nothing for a man who travels for work all of the time. I believe both of them have the convenience of not having to film on weekends too. Imma keep my eye on what Kaiser mentioned about the People article.

    • Korey says:

      Saaame. Some other person said the situation is reminiscent of when they filmed Gifted because of proximity/convenience. Take that away and see what happens.

    • Ariel says:

      Actually I believe it’s when they’re apart that they seemed to work best, as ironic as that is. It’s when they were in the same place at the same time for an extended period that he was probably finally like “WTF DID I GET MYSELF INTO” She seems exhausting on a good day. Imagine being around her 24/7.

      • Sam says:

        It makes sense actually. But I don’t think they spent much time apart the last time since Chris took an extended break from working and was able to attend her shows and whatever else. I guess if there is a problem this time, maybe “schedule conflicts” would actually make sense.

      • Tessa says:

        They did spend a lot of time together for Round 1, but being apart there is also room for various…issues. Many actually. Especially if you take what was in the PEOPLE article at face value concerning them not being exclusive. Kaiser mentioned it above about Chris most likely dating other people right now. I just find it odd that they would go for Round 2 after everything that was said…publicly at that.

      • Maura says:

        She does seem exhausting, just trying to wade through her tweets so I can get a more rounded opinion of her. A lot of it sounds like her train of thought and it’s not entirely cohesive. But then there’s a lot of oversharing and acting helpless. I’m not really sure what she’s actually going for because as Kaiser said, it seems twee (like 99% of the time) but then she wants to be taken seriously. It’s confusing and exhausting.

  12. JA says:

    It’s kinda sad actually and a pathetic look for her… She gets to bang the “hot guy” finally and she’s head over heels for it/ him. Too bad she’s just another option for him when he’s bored. Fast forward to 2018… he’s with a hot model/ actress and she’s waxing poetic about how their love burned too bright and they weren’t ready or prepared for such intense passion but she’s loves him dearly and always will have a piece of her heart and soul!!! Then hell text her for some ass when he’s filming and is in town… wash rinse repeat.

    • K says:

      You read my mind

    • Ruby says:

      MTE! Especially since she is willingly putting herself in this situation, having already gone through it the first time. She even elaborated beyond the tried and true “scheduling conflicts” PR reason in her Vulture interview as to why they broke up. I don’t feel much sympathy for her since she is WILLINGLY going back.

      • Ariel says:

        I still laugh at the “scheduling conflicts” excuse as to why they broke up since both of them were doing dick when they split. Jenny is an epic thirst bucket and much like the first time, this won’t last. They’re both still the same people. She’ll try to remain on her best behavior for him, but she craves the attention too much and it’ll be a repeat of last time.

    • Sam says:

      @Ariel – The scheduling conflicts excuse became useless the second she did the Vulture interview since I don’t think she ever mentioned it as a reason in there. If she did, it was buried by all of the other reasons she gave for their breakup. I have also seen and heard from others that she’s been trying to clean up her image some.

    • Maura says:

      I hate myself for knowing so much but it’s what I get for stumbling into Tumblr and reading everything the fans find out.

      @Ariel, your saying she’s on her best behavior reminded me of the about face she did not too long ago. She went from being completely against remarrying and having kids (the kid part she used to be vehemently against to where she would rather ____ than have any) to saying on a recent podcast she would like to remarry and have kids. Totally her prerogative to change her mind but I’m saying the timing is convenient and made me side-eye her. So if she is changing her lifestyle or whatever for a guy, it’s also a little strange for someone who is spouting what she has about feminism.

  13. McMandy says:

    It’s not a good look for her at all. I guess the plus side is, she’s getting more attention and media buzz. I think from their first go both of her Boston shows were sold out so maybe this time with the possibility of Chris showing up, tickets will sell well. I know some people were talking about the posted then deleted IG her PR/agent posted from their dinner where Chris was the only one visible but the others were tagged. The picture wasn’t up for long so her team knows how to build the buzz. People get to talking and then delete the picture so they don’t have to monitor comments. They know how to hustle.

  14. CandiceC says:

    Gotta give her props for landing a role in a movie that films exactly where Chris’ does. I know she did some voice work for a LEGO movie but a comicbook movie never seemed like anything she was interested in. But uh, huh, I see ya girl. Giving some of that Gifted at the same location feels.

    • Ruby says:

      Her role will probably be what Kat Dennings had in Thor or something a long the lines of it. I think, so far, she’s just listed as playing a scientist. I’ll be honest and say my brow raised when I saw she got a part in Venom since Chris would be in Atlanta filming the Avengers lol.

  15. Korey says:

    I’m sure she had a small fanbase prior to being linked with Chris but I had no idea who she was prior to being Chris’ +1. She was probably D List at best, C for a little credit since she does voice work but I don’t even know what for. I didn’t even know/remember she was the one who bombed on SNL her first go. So, I think it might be fair to say that being with Chris has raised her profile considerably and it’s a little sketch tbh. Crazy/angry fans they may be, but some of that tweet/delete and other factors they bring up? Kinda sketch I’ll give them that. I know some of us here mentioned it does seem attention seeking and just a bad look for her, especially after everything she said about Round 1.

  16. Ruby says:

    “Still, none of this is a good look!”

    Agreed on multiple aspects. I saw more of her deleted tweets and while I know next to nothing about her stand-up stuff, I certainly hope what I saw in the tweets didn’t translate into her act as though it’s funny. Her brand just seems all over the place in addition to her seemingly wanting to be coddled and treated like a baby (see: tweets, IG posts). Her acting like she’s helpless when she’s almost 40 is so weird. So, not a good look #1.

    For not a good look #2, whatever…this is with Chris. Is this officially being called Round 2? Well, Round 2 is already exhausting but I’m still here for the gossip. What’s an even worse look in this case is the PEOPLE article, with a source, saying Chris is being seen with various women and is basically dating around aka NOT exclusive. I guess she’s OK with that because as others previously mentioned, her name is getting out there more. Although, in an interview over the summer she said she was tired of being gossiped about so…kind of contradictory on her part. We also all know about the infamous Vulture article saying how it didn’t work out because they were two different people with two different lifestyles and the relationship stressed her out. Another…OK then.

    I’ll echo sentiments on being curious what happens after filming ends but multiple rounds with exes seems to be Chris’ thing.

  17. Lizzie says:

    Yeah, not a good look for her. Maybe she just needs to take some time for herself and be single. She got out of that long marriage, jumped into a relationship with Chris and then that ended in a disaster and then wasn’t she seen with Jon Hamm not too long ago at the movies and elsewhere? Now she’s back with Chris? I mean, come on. You even have Chris going the not exclusive route. I’m usually skeptical on sources but all of the articles posting about dating rumors only mentioned eyewitnesses whereas People claimed source. I was also told People has a reputation for being reputable when it comes to sources because PR teams run People and therefore have the direct source.

  18. GRR says:

    Yeah but realistically Chris stans aren’t in meltdown because she made a joke about objectifying men one time. They’d be in meltdown any over any woman he dated. That’s what stans do.

  19. Laura K says:

    This is the first time I’m actually seeing an article call Jenny out on her problematic tweets. Props to Kaiser for stepping up. While I don’t think she’s a monster, her problematic tweets deserve to be called out and she probably owes an apology just like the other problematic celebrities we’ve recently dragged lol. I can see why some a very upset with her being given what they call a “free pass”

    I’m going to have to join in on them being exhausting and how this particular case of relationship backsliding makes zero sense to me because of everything Jenny said didn’t work the first time. They both still have different lifestyles, he’s still famous and etc etc.

    I will say the previous article about them on here nailed how I felt about Jenny’s brand: twee. It’s also almost inconsistent in that she wants to be known for all of these things so it’s almost aimless in how she goes about portraying herself.

  20. A says:

    The best part of their relationship is the inevitable image destroying tell-all Jenny will do about Chris. Last year when she was promoting memoir about her beloved childhood home, she said she would burn it down rather than allow new people to live in it. She has that scary ‘if I can’t have it then no one else will’ mentality. She suffers from low self esteem and other serious issues and Evans is her biggest source of validation. This has train wreck written all over it.

  21. Andy says:

    I heard Evans fans are pissed at him cause they bought all the prince charming bs his team has tried to feed us for the past years. So now that he is showing his true colors, dating a vulgar comedian and acting like an hypocrit, they are all hurt and bleeding. Please, move on, Hollywood is full of better Chrises.

  22. Bonz says:

    Why would Jenny issue an apology when the only people who using those old tweets against her are also calling her ugly/attacking her and telling Chris not to date her?

    • Kaylee says:

      Wait…are you actually saying she doesn’t have to apologize for her derogatory tweets because people are attacking her appearance (the large majority aren’t)? So…all of the celebrities that were called out for their behavior, I’m sure many people have commented on their appearance before so they’re excuse for their actions? And the evidence of the celebrities’ problematic behavior can all be said to be used against them. So…just, wow.

  23. Tweety567 says:

    Slate tweeted something to throw shade at that fan… I don’t know who is the most immature between the two of them. Kindegarten catfight.

  24. Olivia says:

    There is gossip and there is people cross referencing social media pictures/location, researching old tweets, etc to them I say please get a life

  25. Maria Urena says:

    Sad that she can’t gush about the man she was with for almost ten years.

  26. EE says:

    He’s probably using her because she’s nearby, she’s familiar and she’s way into him and will do anything for him. That said, both are adults. He’s allowed to see who he wants (with or without the approval of his fans) and she’s allowed to be desperate and do what she does. They remind me of Ben Affleck and Jen Garner in the early days. She’s falling all over herself for him, but she’s just a warm body to him and he’s not serious. She’s probably poking holes in condoms as we speak.

  27. Maria Urena says:

    She still looks so much older than him.

  28. Crystal says:

    To me if a guy flies for hours just to be at her show, it sounds pretty serious and exclusive, so I don’t know what was the deal with thag People article.
    I bet they’ll make their first official debut at the Our Town reading event. She was supposed to have a show that night, but it was misteriously cancelled. Watch out and see that I am right.

    • Riks says:

      If it is true then awww. I am aware of Jenny’s problematic tweets and all but she probably cancelled it because Chris came all the way for her show. I think that’s cute.

      • Crystal says:

        I don’t think it’s cute, I think it’s disrespectful to the people who bought the tickets and wanted to go to the show. She is not professional at all. But she’ll probably make up some kind of excuse and she’ll end up being a national treasure, again.

  29. T says:

    Nah. Those tweets were deleted years after they were posted and because his fans were pointing out them. I think she left a bad taste on the mouth of part of his fans, not just because of the changing timeline of their relationship (she deleted all the tweets that indicated the overlap), but because all of a sudden the guy who preached being private were putting article after article saying she was amazing and that he was a supportive bf. It was pretty obvious that he was playing the PR game like a pro. Everybody knew where he was because she couldn’t stop telling where she was going. It seemed that the guy had a private GPS. It was tasteless how she was calling him 7th grade dream bf and gushing about him in interviews after the break up after dating him for a year while pratically ignoring or barely mentioning the man she dated and was married for 10 years and with who she worked many times.

    Her SM puts her as imature and insecure and it seems that she gets validation for being able to fuck him, as well as the girls who lives vicariously through her. Tons of women who still gets validantion by the man they get to date.

    I have to give props for her team. She is ugly, she has a ridiculous SM, she is not that talented as an actress or comedian, but they are managing to cave her space in an age that unfortunately, many Hollywood actresses are already starting to have trouble to get work. And Evans helped a lot.

    I wonder if someone with higher profile gives her some attention, if she will still waste time with the guy who plays Captain America.

  30. Crystal says:

    Thank you Morgan, you see my point. I don’t care about her and Evans, they can date whoever they want, but if she is gonna be so immature to skip her job and duties just to be spotted with him, then I have a problem. I don’t like when celebs are not respectful to their fans.