Jimmy Kimmel & Channing Tatum tell their kids they ate all their candy

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Jimmy Kimmel took this week off from his talk show because his son Billy was scheduled to have follow-up heart surgery. The surgery was rescheduled as a precaution because the family got hit with colds. So, Jimmy stayed home but felt well enough to take his daughter Jane trick-or-treating. As most of you know, each year Jimmy asks parents to videotape themselves telling their children they ate all their Halloween candy. People have strong feelings about this bit, ranging from thinking it’s a riot to thinking it’s cruel. Points to Kimmel this year, though, because he walked the walk and pulled this prank on his daughter Jane:

Although I love pranks in general and am not above pranking my children, for some reason, this particular prank never appealed to me. So I’ve not watched the past ones but I assume the children had much more passionate responses about their parents treachery. I mean Jay-sus, I would. I’d tell the perpetrator to high-tail it to the store and replace that sh-t before I reach the garden hose to soak their thieving derriere. Based on my assumption, this video is precious because Jane is so cool about it. It’s like his staff tipped her off just to turn the prank around – I love it. It’s almost as if she realizes he won’t let it go until she gives him something so she throws him a bone with the Swedish Fish inquiry. You can tell she’s not invested in the Skittles, despite what she’s saying. She just wants this nonsense done and to get on with the waffles that are clearly wilting in their own steam. The only thing that video did was convince me that we will all be working for Jane Kimmel in a decade’s time. Apparently Pink, who was a guest Wednesday, said they try to punk Willow with the candy bit but she just flat out didn’t believe them.

Since Jimmy had done it, guest host Channing Tatum felt compelled to do the same to his own daughter, Everly. Fortunately for fans of this bit, Everly did not receive it well. Unfortunately for Channing, I don’t think he will ever recover:

See? I felt really bad for Everly. Also, I love that mom Jenna Dewan-Tatum is just throwing Channing under the bus – “I’m filming, sure, but this is all on you.” And who can blame her? Watching Everly as she cried into her mom’s knees? Poor kid. Look at Channing’s face once they throw back to the show, that little girl can name her price right now – Daddy would buy her a whole herd of ponies if she asked for them. Even guest Ellen DeGeneres called him out during their segment. We also learned during Ellen’s interview that Channing Tatum’s father learned about his having been a stripper when Channing appeared on Ellen’s show in 2010 – whoops! Watching Channing interview Ellen, I don’t think he should quit his day job just yet. Although, his opening dance number was fabulous.

Hand to God, as I was writing this I walked into the living room to grab a handful of our leftover Halloween candy only to discover the bowl empty. After texting The Mister, I found out he took it to pass out to his students this evening to spare us the temptation. I have two problems currently – one is my kids’ two bags of candy on top of the fridge that I swore I wouldn’t touch and the second is getting the garden hose to reach the front door so I can properly greet The Mister when he comes home.

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  1. CynicalAnn says:

    We ran out of candy around 7:30. My 9 year old had just stopped home on his trick or treating route to use the bathroom-and I took the candy he’d collected and dumped it in our bowl to hand out. He wasn’t thrilled.

    • queenE says:


    • Lucy says:

      That’s not cool…poor kid.

    • Jayna says:

      Aw. Poor little guy. I would have let him keep the candy he had already collected on his fun night out trick-or-treating and not ruin his night, and instead turned off the house lights so that no more trick-or-treaters stopped by.

    • CynicalAnn says:

      He went out afterwards and got tons more. I’m not totally heartless. And no way we were shutting down Halloween-dh hands out tequila to the parents. We had plenty of tequila 😉

  2. holly hobby says:

    I do get a chuckle over those videos.

  3. Astrid says:

    I didn’t watch the video clips. Seems like a cruel prank from an adult played on a child. What is it with parents and candy anyway? One of the Trump sons told his little daughter that he was taking half her candy to teach her about socialism. Just mean.

  4. Originaltessa says:

    Jimmy Kimmel’s daughter is just too precious, I can’t… Couldn’t really see Channing’s, but she seemed like a sweet little girl too.

  5. Neil says:

    I’m not a parent so perhaps I don’t get the humour and I do know many people I respect who have done the same thing. But it all seems a little passive aggressive to me

    • queenE says:

      I’m a parent and I totally don’t get this shitty joke.

      • DIRTNAP says:

        I’m with you, Queene. Shouldn’t all kids know there is at least one person in their lives who won’t rile them up for personal amusement? Wouldn’t it be nice if it were a parent? And wouldn’t it be even better to not film their upset reaction and share it with the world?

        Wonder if these guys would think it was funny if a stranger walked up to their kids and took their candy. What would they do? Would they film the tears? I refuse to “lighten up” and have a sense of humor about it. Parents who go off the rails when someone else upsets their kids but then think nothing of upsetting their own kids will not get a pass from me.

      • Lady D says:

        Me neither. My son was so hyped about Halloween as a child, it was the one day of the year he got candy. He would be beyond crushed and feel so betrayed if I were to take and eat or give away his candy. I truly don’t see the humour in these stunts.

  6. Wen says:

    Kids today are spoiled, but this is taking things to the opposite extreme. The point seems to be for parents to then post the “funny” video for a laugh? Pure selfishness.

  7. Snowflake says:

    I think it’s funny.

  8. Andrea says:

    It’s a joke. The get their candy back. I love these videos. Some of the best memories I have is pulling pranks on my family and vice versa. When my family gets together we still laugh to the point of tears. My niece and nephews get involved now and they get suck a kick out of it.

  9. Jayna says:

    Aw, she’s an absolute sweetie. Jimmy’s daughter handled it fine, so it was very cute.

    But usually I think it’s cruel, like with the second video. Channing’s poor daughter was upset, and it wasn’t funny at all. That’s how most of them turn out.

  10. CharlieBouquet says:

    Yeah. It’s never fun when someone is in tears. We teach kids this. We also teach them to tell the truth. I working hard to let my son know he can trust me with anything and that I would never hurt him on purpose. So no, don’t find it funny at all.

  11. Pandy says:

    Aside from that, Dave Grohl did a great hosting job. Channing, not so much, surprisingly! Won’t watch Jennifer Lawrence, ESPECIALLY with KK as a guest. When Channing announced her as the host/guest there was zero applause for KK. Gratifyingly.