Ben Affleck is ‘looking at my own behavior’ and wants to be ‘part of the solution’

Justice League is coming out on November 17. I hope it underperforms Thor: Ragnarok, just because I think DC movies are inferior to Marvel’s in every way except for Wonder Woman. Surprisingly, they’re sending Ben Affleck out to do promotion – which seems short-sighted. Maybe they’re just letting him give some sound bytes as damage control though, because all we have are these few quotes from him without much detail. Remember how he never addressed Rose McGowan’s claims that he knew that Harvey Weinstein raped her? Remember how he also apologized for one video, where he groped Hilary Burton’s breast during an appearance on TRL in the early 2000s, but never addressed the other video where he pulled a Canadian talk show host onto his lap and made inappropriate sexual comments to her? (The talk show host later said it was misconstrued, but come on we saw the interview.) Also, Affleck never responded to a woman’s claims that he groped her butt at a 2014 Golden Globes party. A different woman came forward to say that Affleck groped some of her friends at that same party. So, instead of admitting that he’s treated women horribly and that he needs to change or admitting that he knew about Weinstein’s crimes but did nothing, Affleck has issued a vague statement about how he’s going to look at himself and be part of the solution.

In an interview Sunday with The Associated Press for the superhero film “Justice League,” Affleck said he’s “looking at my own behavior ad [sic] addressing that and making sure I’m part of the solution.”

After condemning Harvey Weinstein’s actions last month, Affleck was forced to defend his own conduct. He apologized for groping the actress Hilarie Burton on camera in 2003 when she was a host on MTV’s “Total Request Live.” Another video from 2004 showed Affleck pulling Montreal TV host Anne-Marie Losique onto his lap.

Speaking Sunday, Affleck said two things need to happen, that “more women need to be pushed to power” and that sexual harassment has to also be “a men’s issue” where guys call out inappropriate behavior.

[From The Associated Press]

As I’ve mentioned before, it’s come out that Affleck’s people have attempted to edit and censor questions at press junkets. How much do you want to bet that they granted these scant quotes to The AP without any room for follow up question and then banned all other outlets from asking about sexual harassment and assault? Affleck’s only social media response was a denial that he knew Weinstein was a predator and a condemnation of Weinstein’s behavior. He never addressed his own assault of women and he’s only sort-of referring to it here without admitting guilt. Instead he adopted a puppy and leaked the details about it to the press, went to church several times, and made sure to smile for the paparazzi when he took his kids out. He wants some sound bytes that absolve him of all responsibility and for the press to move on. I would suspect there’s a lot going on behind the scenes to cover up more of his past behavior.

This is Affleck at a Justice League photocall in London on Saturday. He de-bloated quickly. Do you think he’s sober?

Gal Gadot is rocking an 80s vibe in a Givenchy kiss print minidress with lace puff sleeves. I don’t know if just any woman could pull off that look, but she certainly is. I would love to be able to wear this dress!

Just a little Jason Momoa.

Henry Cavill is looking like a prohibition era French waiter.

Ray Fischer is a relative newcomer and he plays Victor Stone/Cyborg and was in the Superman vs. Batman movie. I was thinking he must be young but he’s 30 already.


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  1. Ashley says:

    There is a video of Affleck saying that Lainey posted it on her site just now.

    • D says:

      It’s on youtube as well, he looked a little uncomfortable…although he kind of always looks uncomfortable.

  2. sun says:

    he really overdid the botox

  3. Bridget says:

    Oh my god, who let Henry Cavill leave the house wearing that and styled like that?

    Ben Affleck (and correspondingly, Matt Damon) is done in by his own constant attempts to control the narrative and obfuscate things that may not be 100% flattering. The absolute only way he can repair his image is honesty. Stop letting your handlers manipulate the interviews. Stop burying stuff that isn’t what you want to hear. But that’s not going to happen, and he’s just going to keep digging himself in deeper.

    • magnoliarose says:

      He has successfully made me actively dislike him. Before I just saw him as a sloppy addict mess but now I think he is a tiresome liar and not a decent person.
      There is dirt out there, and I think it must be very sordid.
      Lindsay’s colleagues despise him and think he is a loser so she needs to cut her losses and move on.

  4. Hazel says:

    The only person that looks good is Gal Gadot. Sorry fellas!

  5. Julianna says:

    Can he just be cancelled already? He and his vile brother.

  6. kimbers says:

    this guy will say and do anything to keep his career going.

    • andrea says:

      literally, anything. it’s embarrassing and pathetic.

    • FORTYFOUR says:

      He will also say/do anything to continue his partying ways. Once upon a time he would say/do anything to keep his wife, too…. not because he loved her of course but for the whole Family Man thing. It’s great PR.

      He can still pull off SINCERITY when he needs to, but he has no interest in actual transformative change. He wants to continue being exactly who he’s always been, regardless of what it does to others. It’s what selfish, spoilt narcissists do.

  7. Nicole says:

    Do I think that WB probably threatened him and he’s sober for this press tour? Yes. Do I think he will be sober after? Nope.
    And his statement is BS. Hoping the press will push harder. Chances are I won’t see this because of Ben and the fact that besides WW all DC movies have bored me to tears

  8. Mermaid says:

    I can’t stand Affleck and if I watch it will because of Jason Momoa and Gal Gadot.

  9. Alissa says:

    One thing I will say is this – if the TV host said that it was misconstrued and fine, then we need to accept that. Even if we felt the interview was icky, which it absolutely was to me. If both parties involved felt it was fine, then leave it at that.

    • Julianna says:

      Nope. He pulled her onto his lap, put his hands all over her and repeatedly talked about her getting her tits out among other explicit comments. That’s not acceptable in the workplace. It doesn’t matter that this particular woman seems to be fine with it. He still massively crossed over a line. This wasn’t a little poorly judged mild flirting or a hand that rested an inch too low on her back, he grabbed and groped and repeatedly sexualised a woman who was simply there to interview him about a film.

      There are a lot of women out there who’ll claim the men that beat them and/or rape them did nothing wrong. People excuse all kinds of terrible behaviour. Doesn’t mean the behaviour is ok.

      • Plantpal says:

        Except it was taken out of context bec ause it was part of a skit and that she knew what was coming ahead of time, is my understanding of the situation. In poor taste, yes, absolutely. Yet this one instance, it may not all be on Affleck. That he agreed to do it, is on him, though 100%. She may have felt pressure to allow it, however, and that’s gross.

      • magnoliarose says:

        And there are the others who came out and complained. Even if the one woman excused him, the others did not.

    • Rose says:

      Ya No did you forget about the women he assaulted in 2014?

      • Michelle says:

        I have heard from several French Canadian friends, that that was a well-known gimmick with that particular interviewer. it was their thing and while gross, not entirely on Affleck.

    • ScotiaGirl says:

      He could have refused to participate if he thought it was in bad taste. But he didn’t. While I highly doubt it was completely staged he should have known better and never wanted something like that to air showing his true colors. I doubt he was suppose to be so explicit with his comments, in any event he should have never want anything like that on film showing him behaving that way, then or now.

      • Jayna says:

        It may have been partly staged and planned and the interviewer/producer fine with it, and I believe her that it was only during the cameras. BUT, in my opinion, Ben went way overboard and even more full-blown with it because he was three sheets to the wind, thus no boundaries. You can’t even miss how high he was in that clip with her. He was high as a kite from drugs and/or alcohol, and couldn’t care less cameras were on him.

        I never get how people miss that part of it. And this is most telling because back then is when Ben was supposed to be clean from drugs and alcohol. three years post-rehab. I saw the video years ago, and the first thing I remember thinking is how f’vcked up he was in the video.

    • Carol says:

      It was more than misconstrued according to her. She said it was an act they had planned and he was respectful when the cameras were off. I don’t get the entertainment value at all, but then I don’t like the Chelsea Handler humor either.

  10. ell says:

    hypocrite. what about his brother? does he support the women his brother assaulted?

  11. Layla Beans says:

    On the whole, the Marvel team is hotter. Hands down. With the exception of Wonder Woman, DC movies suck.

  12. Ankhel says:

    What is even going on with Affleck? His weight fluctuates like crazy, and now his face looks like a death mask. All smooth and swollen. I’m seriously beginning to think he might not grow old.

  13. island_girl says:

    Except for Gal, this cast looks a hot mess. Ben does look less bloated.

  14. Bxhal says:

    Here for the cute Ray and wow Gal Galdots legs wow and Jason Momoa is hot.

  15. the_blonde_one says:

    His shirt is oddly too short by an inch or two and his pants are too big in the waist and belted to fit. He needs a dress-er so he can look like a big boy instead of the in between sizing toddler that he currently looks like.

  16. Juliaoc says:

    He wants to be “part of the solution” to his own bad behavior? PART OF? Who else is responsible for his behavior?

    • Rose says:

      I guess part of the solution means using his Ex, kids and puppy to distract attention from his assault. Not to mention fake rehab announcements and rehab photo ops.

      That the solution Ben wants to be a part of, pretend like your doing something while actually doing nothing.

    • Annetommy says:

      Yes, he basically is or isn’t the solution.

  17. Anne says:

    Not to be that person but Justice League isn’t out and yet “I hope it underperforms Thor: Ragnarok”. You don’t even know if the movie is good or bad.

    • Wondering says:


    • Viv says:

      Ehh, to be fair, all the trailers and clips out so far haven’t impressed. It all honestly looks like a superhero movie from the 2000s era – overly CGI, broad, unfunny jokes and hitting all the typical superhero-movie beats. *shrug*

  18. Wen says:

    He wants to be part of the solution? What BS is this?

  19. Wondering says:

    I read the he is donating 100% of Weinstein residuals
    I liked the attitude but he and Damon still defended Casey affleck

  20. jugil1 says:

    But will he ask his brother Casey to look at his own behavior?

    • squirrelgirl says:

      Exactly. He’s giving us all lip service. He doesn’t care. Just trying to save his career.

  21. squirrelgirl says:

    Off topic but Henry Cavill is a handsome dude and this look is not making me think he’s a handsome dude.

    • thaisajs says:

      Right? This happens ALL THE TIME. He cannot dress for his body type and clearly doesn’t have a stylist.

    • Melanie says:

      His hotness was on fire during The Tudors. Been disappointed every since. Is he wearing mummy’s dress?

  22. Kathleen says:

    Ok. Slightly unpopular opinion coming but here it goes. Affleck messiness aside (Bc yes he is and always will be a mess) I don’t agree with the narrative that the DCEU movies are far inferior to Marvel. I know that’s the popular narrative but I think it lacks nuance on several fronts.

    I like the Marvel movies. I think they are enjoyable crowd pleasers. But I can count like two Marvel Films on one hand that I thought about after I left the theater. I enjoyed them while I was there but they didn’t stay with me and I didn’t find myself debating them with myself or anyone else. A few of them were utterly forgettable.

    The DC movies are deeply flawed and they aren’t the movies I would have made but….they made me feel something. And I was still debating them and thinking about them a year later. The execution isn’t the best but I appreciate that they at least tried to ask hard questions and not give easy answers.

    I’m not rooting for JL to fail. Snyder has had a horrific year where he lost his child to suicide. Amy Adams and Gal Gadot and Diane Lane and Ray Fisher and Ezra Miller –all who are part of this movie and are good people —don’t deserve a failure. I hope the movie does well.

    • BorderMollie says:

      I doubt there’s any worry of a failure. Perhaps underperformance but not outright failure. I don’t like DC movies myself, but they arguably have far more iconic characters in their franchise that resonate deeply with fans, so I hope too that the movie performs well.

    • W says:

      “…thinking about them a year later…”
      LOL. Yeah…thinking about how duped I was into thinking BvS would be a good movie.

      Justice League looks like those crap Transformers movies, but with superheroes. Meh.

  23. AA says:

    He says that he’s donating residuals from Weinstein/Miramax projects to charity …from here on out… after cashing them for 20 YEARS. This after a girlfriend (Paltrow) and a coworker (McGowan) reportedly told him about assaults and attempted assaults. Plus whatever else he has known for the last two decades. I don’t care about him, I don’t care about his career or life. Considering his total lack of talent and ability, his career has lasted longer than it ever should have. His looks are totally shot these days and he is forever knee-deep in his own shit. GO AWAY.

    • Rachel in August says:

      That was awesome, and right on the money.

    • ScotiaGirl says:

      Yeah, how many movies do you think he will be doing for Weinstein company from here on? They will be lucky to survive. So don’t think there is going to be too much to donate. Now if he had of went back and donated a portion from his past proceeds

    • Grapefruit says:

      A+ On point.

  24. thaisajs says:

    >> slow clap <<

  25. Rachel in August says:

    I just rolled my eyes so hard I think I broke something. Seriously? What a bunch of horsesh*t.

  26. Z says:

    Wasn’t the China promo tour only a week ago or so? How interesting – the marked change in demeanour (from being a sourpuss to engaged) and how did he lose weight that quickly?
    Anyway, what solution BS is he talking about? He didn’t exactly offer anything when all the other accusations came out against him – after apologising to Miss Burton on twitter of all places.
    Does anyone really believe that they see any shred of remorse on this guy? If he wants to be part of the solution, why not discuss THR’s and NYT’s latest interviews with Rose that imply he knew about the rape right after it happened?

    • ScotiaGirl says:

      Do you really think we have been even seen/heard of even a shred of the sexual harassment stories that are out there about Ben? Me thinks his PR team has spent alot of time and money this past few weeks reminding all those recipents of Non disclosure agreements with him and settlements of the terms of those agreements and hush money. There is no way there are just these few women in Ben Affleck’s closet. His people must be racking up a lot of over time keeping the flood gates from opening.

  27. andrea says:

    Why doesn’t anyone EVER ask him about his rat-faced brother and the sexual harassment lawsuits that he settled?

    • Rose says:

      He’s PR person provenance Ben from getting ask about his brother.

    • Annetommy says:

      I assume a non-disclosure agreement was signed by both parties when the Casey Affleck case was settled. Certainly neither side has said anything specific about it since. If questioned, it would be unrealistic to expect Ben to say anything other than a fairly platitudinous comment on the lines of condemning all harassment. Is there a point to soliciting that? Maybe. Maybe not.

  28. Twins says:

    You know who else said they were looking into their own behaviour? Kevin Spacey. Enough said.

  29. The Original Mia says:

    I hope it underperforms too! It’s had so many problems & trying to lighten it mid-shoot is just going to make the movie uneven. It’ll make a crap ton of money and that’s all that matters to Warner Brothers.

    Ben can shove it. They cleaned him up for this press junket, but he’s still problematic af.

  30. Trump Hater says:

    If you want to be a part of the solution Ben, then you can start off by not cheating constantly on your wife and mother of your children- show more respect for women.

  31. Boxy Lady says:

    As far as “pushing more women into power,” I think it’s more about not pushing women *away* from power. Statistically in the US, way more women graduate from college than men. Women who want to succeed can succeed if they aren’t held back through harassment and intimidation.

  32. lila says:

    STFU, Trashfleck. Your arrogant, entitled ass is part of the problem, not the solution.

  33. Samantha says:

    That “pushing women into power” was so poorly worded. Also, while I am a believer in redemption stories(at times) this sounds awfully like lip service. I don’t think he really cares. And I think both he and Casey consider themselves “victims”.

  34. Neens says:

    He is such trash. Trash in a shirt built for a man 20 lbs lighter.

  35. jferber says:

    He’s always known how to talk the talk. That’s part of his problem.

  36. magnoliarose says:

    We need to be careful because they are all trying to shut people up right now. There is hope it will blow over for some people, and I want to make sure it doesn’t. Danny Masterson is one of them.

  37. Helen Smith says:

    Ben. Just go away.

  38. Tina says:

    Honestly, does this guy have any credibility left? So many lies and so much gross behavior.