Blake Shelton loves to see Gwen Stefani without makeup: ‘she’s ageless’

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By now, you’ve all seen (and probably reacted to – often hilariously) the news that PEOPLE Magazine has declared that Blake Shelton is 2017’s Sexiest Man Alive. I, for one, can only assume that Jason Momoa wasn’t available for the photo shoot. Blake’s lady love, Gwen Stefani has even chimed in, gloating to E! News, “How rad is my life right now? Like, how good does that make me look?”

Well, since we’re not strangers to the mutual appreciation society between the 41-year-old country crooner and his 48-year-old partner, Blake has revealed this week that he not only puts Gwen on a pedestal, he also loves her makeup-fee mug. Blake tells PeopleStyle that “My favorite thing to see on her — and I don’t mean this to sound cheesy — is no makeup on whatsoever.” He went on to add that Gwen, who recently released a Christmas album, is “literally ageless. It’s unbelievable.”

Blake penned a tune dedicated to his girlfriend’s beauty, “Turnin’ Me On”, that appears on his latest album, Texoma Shore. Since its release on November 3, the album is already on top of the Billboard country charts. In the song, he gushes about her “Revlon red” lips. Blake told People “When she gets fixed up, she’s beautiful. There is no question about it. Her red lips are her signature and so that’s why it got written into the song.” He adds, “the Gwen that nobody gets to see is the one that you all should see.”

Gotcha, Blake. But nope, there’s more. Blake says Gwen, who is a mere two years from the mid-century mark (eek, so am I), “looks like she is 25 years old. I don’t know what kind of genetics God gave her, but it’s literally unbelievable!” I wonder if Blake uses the new MakeApp to see what his wife looks like (with all hat-tipping to Dlisted) SANS FARDS. Side note: have you seen this app? I am glad that I’m out of the dating pool, as I’d hate for my prospects to use this on my Tinder profile pics. The Daily Mail shows the app in action on some celebs, and all I have to say is, you go, Helen Mirren.

But I digress. While taking his SMA victory lap, Blake popped in on Ellen DeGeneres’ show on Thursday, telling her, “If only for one year I get to be sexy, I am going to milk this for everything that it’s worth.”

I hope part of Blake’s “milking” does not involve trying to honestly make the mullet a “thing” again. Blake, who, like many country stars, channeled Billy Ray Cyrus back in the 00s, confidently assured Ellen that “The mullet’s coming back this year. It has to be. That used to be ugly, it’s officially sexy now.” Sexy by whom? Blake continued, “When I think of sexy, I think of my heroes and Billy Ray Cyrus was one of them. With this new power that has been bestowed on me, I can bring the mullet back which makes it okay for any of us to have them.” Good God, I hope he’s kidding.

I actually like some of Blake’s music, and as tired as I got of Gwake’s early “we’re so much in love” PR campaign, I’m okay with the mutual gushing. As for this whole “Sexiest Man Alive” thing, nope. I can think of many more deserving fellas. Idris Elba? The aforementioned Jason Momoa? Sterling K Brown? Maybe next year, kiddo.

Gwen Stefani fronts Westfield London's Christmas campaign

The Today Show Halloween

Gwen Stefani spotted leaving Ralph's Supermarket with her son Apollo

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  1. Radley says:

    Can these two please stop? Are people still interested in their made-for-promo fauxmance? And anyone who can see knows “ageless” Gwen has had a ton of work. That’s her right. But yeah…

  2. lisa says:

    a friend has worked at a fashion magazine for 10 yrs. she said the celebrity that needs the most photoshop hands down is gwen. she wouldn’t say why though.

    • Andrea says:


    • pf says:

      I saw Gwen up close once but this was right when No Doubt hit it big in the 90s. She has terrible acne, which I assume is because of her addiction to make-up. I have bad skin myself so I can understand why she needs like a protection, it’s hard to face the world when your skin sucks.

      • Persistent Cat says:

        It’s not makeup. I wear the works almost every day and I don’t have acne.

      • Veronica says:

        For a lot of women, acne is linked to hormonal issues, particularly androgen levels. I suffer from dysmenorrhea, and while I’ve never had awful acne, I would get blemishes around my period that more or less disappeared after my doctor put me on BC.

  3. Cat says:

    She once said that Rossdale liked her better with makeup and he never saw her without it on (sounded like even while sleeping) so this is a good thing for her! I’m sure her skin thanks her. They are over the top gushy but seems like it is real, as real as anything publicly revealed is.

    • Veronica says:

      Honestly, given how much of a douche Rossdale seemed to be, I’m okay with these two being ridiculous. I feel like she deserves a gushy dude for awhile.

  4. Ploptu says:

    No doubt her body is amazing but ageless she is not. Such love goggles!

  5. MTC says:

    Doesn’t she have acne issues, probably in part due to all the makeup. Maybe that’s why she’s ageless to him? I’d bet otherwise her skin is pretty wrinkle free since she seems to lather sunscreen and/or avoid sun. And it’s kind of sweet, didn’t she once say Gavin liked her made up so she never really let him see her make up free?

  6. Medusa says:

    All this ass licking and faux-joking around about an award his PR-team actively campaigned for is becoming very tiresome.

  7. Nicole says:

    There’s no way she’s ageless with that much makeup

  8. slowsnow says:

    Looking like a 25 year old when you’re not is freaky. You can be gorgeous at 48. I know, mind blowing.

    • Beth says:

      Freaky? I’m 39 and people I meet don’t ever believe it. They usually think I’m in my early 20’s, especially when I’m wearing no makeup. My 68 year old father looks no older than 45. 48 is still young, but she’s probably had work done like most celebrities even though she didn’t necessarily need it

      • slowsnow says:

        @Beth, I’m the same… And my dad’s the same (76 years old with a head full of black hair and almost no wrinkles).
        When I walk with my 18 year old daughter I WANT people to know she’s my daughter but many think we’re sisters. I am proud of my kids dang it. I sometimes feel like a freaky Dorian Grey and I don’t even know where the painting is.

        Most importantly I meant that women can also be invredibly beautiful at 48, 78 and look their age. Gwen looks her age and is very botoxed. Women are always praised for not looking their age and that is quite sad. So those who don’t have our “luck” end up sticking needles everywhere.

      • nicole says:

        I think its in the genes, if you have good hair and skin, that will make you look younger, an ageless celebrity to me is Halle Berry, she is gorgeous.

      • magnoliarose says:

        I believe it is genetic and lifestyle. My mother and father look young, but they eat healthily and exercise. My father goes to the gym six days a week, and my mother was a dancer and runs. They smoked in the 60s but stopped and they aren’t heavy drinkers. My mother barely has wrinkles, and she only gets facials. My grandparents are active hearty people, so there is genetics.
        I still get carded, and I am the mid-30s. I am a health nut and don’t smoke. I take care of my skin. Genetics play a role, but it isn’t the only thing.
        Mostly I believe it is attitude and being healthy. I have seen women with wrinkles and gray hair who glow with health. They are ageless and elegantly chic.
        Poor health and bad habits show.

      • Veronica says:

        Good genes and lifestyle make a huge difference, as does protecting your skin from sun damage. Some people just get lucky and age well.

    • Andrea says:

      I’m 36 and most people I meet think I’m 30. Gwen though has had loads of Botox.

    • perplexed says:

      Because of her frame, she does look much younger.

      She’s probably had work done on the face, but her body does seem naturally young-looking from exercise.

      A lot of people have young-looking faces. But the body is where age seems to show to some degree. Because of exercise, both she and J-Lo do seem kind of “ageless” in the body department.

    • Jaded says:

      I’m 65 and on a bad day I look 45, I don’t even have much grey hair and refuse to dye it. I’ve earned every last one of those f*ckers. Both my parents looked young so there’s definitely a genetic component to it but eating healthily, exercising, not smoking, moderate alcohol consumption and not baking yourself in the sun helps BIG TIME.

  9. Fleurucci says:

    Well she doesn’t look too wrinkled in any photos. Are they all shopped? She got famous around 20 and has been pale the whole time. Sunscreen makes a very big difference in aging for Caucasian people. And isn’t she like j lo, very disciplined doesn’t eat much no smoking /coffee /drinking??working out regularly (not in the sun) is good for your skin too
    So sure it could be true
    Sounds gross when he says it. I don’t like it when women are publicly praised by their men on youth or thinness , I find something off about it. Of course it’s great to say in private but publicly that must be bad manners no?
    Everyone has their taste I don’t like his face shape or anything about his face or his physical presentation in any way
    It was funny watching him try sushi though, his personality is ok, I would just think that g could do better physically to match her own level but he had the luck to charm her over time at work

    • pf says:

      Actually Gwen became famous when she was around 25/26 when No Doubt became MTV faves in ’95. I think she actually looks older back then, which proves to me she’s had lots of work done to her face.

  10. halah01 says:

    I feel like “ageless” is just a compliment that you’ve found the right combination of IPL, micro needling, lasers, botox, fillers etc to look good but not too done!

    • Alix says:

      What bugs me is that “ageless” would rarely, if ever, be used by a woman to compliment her man. He’s getting older, so what? But Gwen’s aging in reverse, how lucky for Blake! Because what good is it to have a gal on your arm who’s not in the first bloom of youth (or an approximation thereof)?

      I knew Gwen would be gushing about this. Blech.

    • Barrett says:

      She has had so much work done. $$$$$ duh

      • Isa says:

        Yup. It’s not genetics it’s her doctor. I think she looks great. Someone upthread mentioned acne, but that’s probably completely gone along with any scars or unevenness thanks to lasers. Plus, she probably gets filler and botox.
        I wish I could afford to get it done.

  11. Sara says:

    Men are easily fooled. Just because we wear less makeup sometimes doesn´t mean we don´t have any on.

    • Persistent Cat says:

      Nobody pulls off winged liner and red lips like Gwen. Take that off, leave on everything else, and he’ll think she’s wearing nothing.

  12. SM says:

    Awww. Just imagine how Gwen and Blake will be devastated when they find out that this was just one big lie invented to cover the loe that Trump did not collude with Russia.
    And I called it from the begginig, saying this was Gwen who arranged this mostly to feed her own fragile ego. I guess on part of People it was a good call because now they have two people hustlin for them like there is no tomorrow

  13. slowsnow says:

    I have to admit, I had way too much fun with the MakeApp Daily Fail link. Some people look exactly the same (RIta Ora, for instance) and other completely different or even banal.
    Oh well. Nice lunch break passtime.

  14. Neelyo says:

    These two are just Tori and Dean with some talent and better financial management.

    I’m not even sure about the talent because I’ve never heard him and haven’t listened to her since No Doubt.

  15. Sadie Marie says:

    He’s a compulsive cheater, of course he has to gush about his partner in public.

  16. katie3 says:

    Forget the makeup app! I think it would be more revealing (and entertaining) to have an app that showed what they would look like if they had let nature take its course and hadn’t had any “work” done (plastic surgery, fillers, botox, etc.).

  17. Redgrl says:

    Saw a great post on Facebook- photo of Idris Elba with the caption “popular vote” and a photo of Blake Shelton with the caption “electoral college”. I thought that was perfect!

  18. Jenna says:

    She looks amazing without makeup. I don’t know why she piles it on so thickly.

    • Fleurucci says:

      Her make up taste is questionable like her hair colour (wrong match for her brows and eyes) taste. Not crazy about her style either but apparently she’s some level of fashion genius

    • Persistent Cat says:

      I love her red lips and winged eyeliner, LOVE IT.

  19. gabe66 says:

    this is nice, since gwen once said she was never without makeup because gavin liked her that way.

  20. littlemissnaughty says:

    Nice Revlon plug there, Blake. I know it’s convenient for its alliteration but come on, the fact that she’s got a line with them is coincidence?

    Anyway. She’s gorgeous but man, she’s had work done. That’s no shade, I work hard on my skin as well. But why is the ultimate compliment that she’s ageless? As if actually looking 48 would be bad? It’s not.

  21. ell says:

    be quiet, blake.

  22. JA says:

    Ageless via many, many procedures! I like Gwen, a No doubt fan since middle school but come on now!

  23. Andrea says:

    Why are these two sooo nauseating?

  24. Lylia says:

    I swear he said the same thing about Miranda too. He likes girls without makeup. Least it is sweet. I love Gwen. I don’t have anything against Blake either. Of course she looks ageless. She is on face 5.0 right now. I am not shaming. Girl hit the lucky lottery finding the right surgeon. I told my husband last night I would probably be on face 7.0 if I lived in Hollywood. I admit I tend to be like Gwen in the confidence department.

    Note for Idris Elba’s agent if he or she is reading this. Please campaign for our man next year. I don’t care if he says no. Just put him on the cover anyway.

  25. Pam says:

    He seems like a nice guy but meh

    • DiegoInSF says:

      A nice guy that runs over turtles for fun! I love Gwen and hate that she’s dating this knucklehead

  26. Ashley says:

    Wow, so many makeup haters on here! I don’t think the fact that a woman wears makeup makes her insecure. So harsh. I see the point people are trying to make regarding age, but come on, she does look great! Perhaps he made a bad choice of words with “ageless”, but he meant well. I feel like she would be pretty with or without makeup. It seems like she has fun with her makeup and fashion choices. Wearing makeup really isn’t a big deal!

    • Jayna says:

      True. Dolly Parton loves her makeup. No one is ragging on her.

      I thought Gwen looked amazing on the Chelsea show promoting her Christmas album She is looking great at 48. Her fillers were less, softer eyebrows. Her face makeup wasn’t as thick as usual. And her skin tone of her body, arms, legs, etc, is amazing. Some will probably rag on her short mini dress with high boots. But she is a rock/pop star. Give it a break. She rocks it. She looks beautiful in red. I love that she never went out and got a big boob job. And she’s back to being more mellow personalitywise again in interviews, like the old Gwen. Gwen is just a really good person.

      Gwen in her red mini dress being interviewed.

  27. Chef Grace says:

    I am 58 and love my makeup too. My ex came dangerously close to being bashed in his head while I was applying mascara when he said oh wow you still have eyelashes.

    • Persistent Cat says:

      Me too. Just got paid a ton of overtime and went a little crazy for the Sephora 20% sale. Applying makeup is the only time I don’t get lazy and look for the quick way out (or just skip it). I hate being shamed for it.

      • Nicole Savannah, GA says:

        I stuck with trying Pat McGrath. It was still not cheap. I love makeup, have way too much. Barely wear it, but I love a good lip color. To stay on topic, I know she’s had work done but I like that she covers up from the sun.

    • Kosmos says:

      There’s makeup then there is a ton of makeup, which Gwen appears to wear. Of course, no one can look natural with this much makeup on, there is not much natural beauty showing through, and if she’s had work, that also helps, plus laser treatments for her acne. She looks striking, but in an artificial way. When I see her in broad daylight pictures, I think ugh, it’s too much full makeup for daytime, but maybe she feels better covering up her acne skin or something else. I’d save the heavy duty look for events and night life, go lighter and more natural for daytime. Same goes for her hair, looks overly processed and a bit harsh. When she ages more, she will want to go softer with everything because she will look too hard over time.

  28. Ozogirl says:

    She’s ageless due to loads of makeup and a lot of botox. Her face, her choice, but at least be honest about why she’s “ageless”.

  29. Leigh Ann Montesi says:

    I completely agree. I don’t have anything against Blake, he’s really cute and seems to be a heck of a nice guy. But, DEAR GOD, Idris Elba is one beautiful man. Everything about him is just so attractive and he just exudes sexuality. Idris for the win!

  30. Jenn says:

    I find his gushing sweet. Rossdale seemed like a picky guy that would cause insecurity. I like that Shelton seems the opposite. I guess I’m skirting the sexist border on this one but I find guys who gush about their partners beauty adorable and I’ve known some old men who do it about their old wives. I think it’s just a way of praising your partner.
    I mean maybe Shelton really feels that way – Stefani IS a really pretty woman, 48, age treatments ok – but regardless she’s very pretty.

    • Lentils says:

      Agreed! I think she looks absolutely stunning and seems like a sweet person. She deserves the positive attention she is getting. I think Blake adores her and it is very sweet, especially after being treated so poorly by Gavin. I think some of the other posters’ insecurities are showing. Pointing out that someone has gotten Botox doesn’t make you look any younger yourselves, people 😉

  31. A Fan says:

    hahaha. Ageless? It’s called pulled and tightened and botoxed and filled. She can hardly move her face anymore. Good one, Blake.

    [*Caveat: I have no problem with Gwen, Blake, or GwenBlake.*]

  32. Candion says:

    She is the last person I would want to hear that voice singing Christmas songs. Plus a black vinyl jacket? Yeah that screams Christmas. p.s. I’m her age and welcome those wrinkles. It creates character. When you’re middle aged you should be able to not GAF about what other people think you should look like.