Kelly Cutrone hopes alleged rapist Russell Simmons chokes on his Om pendant

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Russell Simmons has allegedly been a rapist for a very long time. I’m saying “allegedly” because Simmons, I feel, is lawyering up and preparing to sue all of the women he allegedly raped over the years, and he’s probably going to sue all of the media outlets who gave his alleged victims platforms to tell their stories. For what it’s worth, I believe all of the women. I believe Jenny Lumet. I believe Toni Sallie. I believe Tina Baker. I believe Drew Dixon. I believe Keri Claussen Khalighi. I do not believe Russell Simmons, especially when he’s out here creating #NotMe hashtags:

In the wake of Simmons’ bullsh-t #NotMe statement, the LA Times reports that the New York Police Department’s special victims unit has now opened up an investigation into Simmons. TMZ magically got their hands on a photo of Simmons taking a polygraph test this week, like that proves something. In the wake of all that, Page Six spoke to Kelly Cutrone – the famous fashion publicist – who has her own Simmons #MeToo story. Cutrone says that Simmons tried to rape her in 1991, when she was 26. He manipulated her into his apartment, threw her on the floor and:

“And I started kicking him really, really hard, screaming, telling him to get the f–k off of me. And that I would have him killed if he ever f–king laid a hand on me. I actually think I told him I would call Page Six! I was a publicist! I think I told him I would call Page Six and have him murdered.”

“Then what would happen afterward — and this would happen years afterward — I’d be at a table and Russell f–king Simmons would come up to the table and then people would be like, ‘Kelly, do you know Russell?,’ and I’d be like, ‘Yes, I know Russell — he tried to rape me.’”

Cutrone says she’s was horrified by Simmons’ #NotMe idea, which he unveiled on Instagram on Thursday. Cutrone says: “It’s a call to every man who wants the right to abuse women to continue. All these guys have been doing is, like, go, like, ‘Hey, I’m really, really sorry and I’m going to step away from my business. But you know what, a lot of these women have to go to work everyday because they have to pay bills and they haven’t made $100 million.” Of Simmons — an avid yogi — she added, “I hope he chokes on his om pendant.”

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“I hope he chokes on his om pendant” is maybe the quote of 2017. It’s a necessary thing to take a deep breath and listen to the #MeToo stories in all of their horror. But sometimes it’s nice to hear from someone who is just really f–king angry, someone who wants rapists to choke on their bullsh-t.

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  1. Tiffany says:

    I remember Kelly from The Hills. I loved her then and I love and believe her now.

    • Annabelle Bronstein says:

      I believe her, and I believe that the only reason he stopped is because she threatened to pierce the veil of silence.

    • Nicole says:

      I LOVE Kelly. So fun.
      She brought her own “kelly” to this statement.
      Also she wrote about this experience in her book too. Just with no names

    • Tourmaline says:

      Kelly from The City! Nobody mess with Kelly she was tough on that show. She was kind of a softy for Whitney though.

    • Rebecca says:

      I’ve never heard of her but I love her attitude. I believe her and the rest of the women who came forward. I noticed how he admitted to the harassment of one women which took place in his office because there were witnesses and he settled already. It was the one he couldn’t get away with denying. I hope he doesn’t get away with suing the rest of these women. What a horrible man.

    • Raina says:

      I believe Kelly and that’s exactly the reaction I would have. Reveal them all.

  2. Annabelle Bronstein says:

    Please don’t let this “Not Me” become a thing. It’s not a thing.

    And file this under #whywomendontreport

    • Odetta says:

      My stomach turned when I read about #notme. It’s going to be a big thing I bet…how long before you think trump starts tweeting it…especially after they put the metoo movement on the cover of time magazine.

    • slowsnow says:

      This hashtag is truly horrifying and proof that entitlement goes a long way. It blows my mind.
      I CANNOT imagine being this clueless and entitled so part of me is always surprised and the opther part calmly tells me that patriarchy is really a hell of a source of protection and power.

      • NotSoSocialButterfly says:

        + eleventy bazillion

      • Annabelle Bronstein says:

        I think it’s a toxic Trumpian mindset, whereby these men believe that -because they have power and money and/or fame- they are entitled to any woman, sexually, as their prize. It is dehumanizing and so cynical, but perhaps the worst part is it creates a privilege whereby these men truly believe they have done nothing wrong. (See: Franken, Weinstein, Simmons, Cosby, ad infinitum).

    • Esmom says:

      I know, I was like holy sh^t when I saw that. The audacity.

      It’s “all lives matter” all over again.

      • Betsy says:

        “All Lives Matter” fills me with the rage stabbies. I just want to kick the tender vittles of those who espouse such ignorance so proudly.

    • Pumpkin (formally soup, pie) says:

      I don’t think it will become a thing. That hashtag would be social/career SUICIDE for the men who use it.

    • magnoliarose says:

      They will try, and we will push back. I hate Russell Simmons. He has this reputation, and he is obsessed with blonde models and always has been. Like who you like, but don’t pretend to be this guy who is about your community and women of color while stalking blonde models and lavishing them with gifts to date you. He treated women of color very differently than white women.
      The word has always been he’s a disgusting lecher and don’t look him in the eye, he might take it as an invite. If he notices you, he will send inappropriately expensive gifts and laser focus like Harvey.
      He belongs in prison with Lauer and HW as roomies.

  3. happyoften says:

    I am here for ALL of this.

    “Yes, I know Russell – he tried to rape me.”

    The bravery that takes…. seriously. Kelly is my new hero. Choke on it, indeed.

  4. HK9 says:

    Russell took a lie detector test the other day to ‘prove his innocence’. I was looking at the comments on instagram (theshaderoom) and it’s disheartening that a lot of people still think this is being done to discredit black men. And it’s just like no, he’s a rapist and he needs to be accountable for his actions. This man has daughters yet this is how he treats women. I will never understand that. I hope he continues to go down in flames, he behaviour makes me sick.

    • Raina says:

      Speaking of Russell’s daughters, I wonder if this is why Kimora had such a strange custody arrangement with him. He barely saw the kids and no overnights if I recall correctly. I found it odd at the time, too.

  5. lucy2 says:

    His actions only made me believe the accusers more (and I already believed them). Those are the words of an entitled egomaniac, not a falsely accused man.

    I never expect people come forward unless they want to and are ready to, but if there are more victims (you know there are) I do hope they are angered by this and stand up in solidarity together with those who have already gone public, and if they can, go to the police. I hope those who helped him, the drivers, and assistants, and whoever, find their conscience and tell the truth.

    • Odetta says:

      His statement is ridiculous. Reminds me of trump for some reason..the stay tuned for more info, talking about the women like its a tv show. Ugh

    • Natalie S says:

      Yes, he sounds gleefully aggressive and mocking. This is not a joke. Even if he were innocent, it’s such a tasteless way to respond, as if he’s promoting an album release. He’s a manipulator who thought he could escape with a few empty words and has now switched tactics. I hope he loses in a way so big that it sets an example to anyone else thinking of jumping on the #notme trashwagon.

  6. MC2 says:

    He took the polygraph all on his own & he hired the person. It was not administered through the police & it “proves” nothing except what a manipulator he is.

    • Bethany F says:

      polygraphs administered by police don’t mean anything either. they’re not admissible in court for a reason.

    • Kitten says:

      Polygraphs are pure bullshit but that doesn’t deter law enforcement from using them as “proof” that a suspect may be guilty. Yes, they are inadmissible in court but they are still very destructive. dangerous instruments that help to incarcerate innocent people.

  7. damejudi says:

    It’s just a hashtag to declare that they cannot and will not take responsibility for their actions.

    #NOTME is blame shifting. And shame on all of them.

  8. Rosalee says:

    He is a piece of garbage..I love Kelly so much I am going to steal her line..yes I know —-he tried to rape me. A few weeks ago a long time friend suggested I forgive and move on from an incident 5 years ago. This happened a few days after I introduced him a former board member to my then girlfriend, (now lovely wife) I suppose he thought I could be scared straight. that friend who encouraged me to forgive is a friend no more.

    • the_blonde_one says:

      It is their responsibility to live a life of repentance- it is NOT your responsibility to live a life of forgiveness. I refuse to forgive, I refuse to forget, I refuse to have shame and I ESPECIALLY refuse to actively do ANYTHING that may sooth the emotions of predators. ok, this started about supporting you and turned into about me but it’s definitely a rallying cry for us all.

    • Kitten says:

      That is so infuriatingly dismissive smdh. Glad you ditched this shitty friend.

  9. elimaeby says:

    The #notme idea stems from the fact that men in general don’t think they are capable of sexual assault. When I was in my early 20s an ex violently raped me, but if you asked him “we were drunk and hooked up”. I was crying the whole time. Men are entitled and clueless because our society allows them to be.

    • SilverUnicorn says:

      Agree with every word you said 👏👏

    • Annabelle Bronstein says:

      So true. It was relatively recent that rape was even legally recognized in marriage. We have not come a long way, baby.

      And I’m sorry he did that to you.

      • elimaeby says:

        Thank you. This was a fiancee, and nobody understood why I broke it off. Even after I told them about what happened, the number of times people said “Oh, I’m sure it was a misunderstanding!” or “But he’s such a good guy; there’s no way he did that!” was appalling to me.

    • Kitten says:

      Absolutely this.

  10. Vovicia says:

    Yeah – if it’s just about your own innocence- it doesn’t need a bloody hashtag asshat. I already believed the women that came forward about ‘Uncle Rush’ (uhm hello?) but Cutrone is a serious nail in the coffin. And anyone that has ever listened to her knows that.

  11. AngieB says:

    She’s the boss from the Hills?? Holy flashback. I hate all of these men so much. So very much. #chokeonitindeed

  12. smee says:

    She is my effing hero! I love her Om pendant comment and I LOVE her “he tried to rape me” introduction clap-back. Yeah, we need to stop letting a-holes like him get away with this crap. No more “not making a scene”. His notme response is totally on target for a hypocrite like him – pretending to be enlightened yet willing to rape and threaten. Reminds me of these fake Christian politicians.

  13. Deanne says:

    I love Kelly.i believe her and all of his accusers. He hired a private polygrapgh tester and it means nothing. He”s probably so entitled that he”s convinced himself that they were all willing participants , when in fact they weren”t . His statement makes me believe them more. He can take his notme bs and shove it.

  14. Juliaoc says:

    We [women] need to reclaim #notme. Throw it back in his face.

  15. gatorbait says:

    I have borderline personality disorder and I know that I can pass a lie detector test. It is because I can detach. A sociopath, which I believe a lot of serial rapists are, is already detached. Also, in the words of the great George Costanza “It’s not a lie if you believe it.” So piss on his lie detector test and him for that matter.

    • Elaine says:

      OMG! I was just coming here to say that.

      If YOU believe its true, then it will read as true on a polygraph.

      So you ask a person tripping on acid if they are indeed a purple pegasus they’ll be all: “Hell YES! Don’t you love my purple wings?!”


      Yes, Russell Simmons. Karma has come for #YouToo.

  16. ashleesimpsonsnose says:

    1). this trend of men taking polygraph tests to prove they’re “innocent” (russell, jeremy piven) needs to die. no wonder TMZ gave this asshole a platform. harvey levin’s vile ass should be next on the chopping block.

    2). kelly is awesome and i will never forget when she asked stephanie pratt on the hills if she knew how to make labels – peak reality tv

  17. MissMarierose says:

    “Cutrone says: “’It’s a call to every man who wants the right to abuse women to continue. All these guys have been doing is, like, go, like, ‘Hey, I’m really, really sorry and I’m going to step away from my business. But you know what, a lot of these women have to go to work everyday because they have to pay bills and they haven’t made $100 million.’”

    Yes!!! This times a thousand!
    I think this is an important point. These men think they can lie low for a little while and it’ll all blow over (and of course, we’ve yet to see if this strategy works), but the women still have to carry on with the work-a-day lives they had before AND put up with the misogynistic blowback from their stories.

  18. Tallia says:

    #DoIBelieveRussell #NOTME

  19. Marceldeux says:

    It’s a startling how persistent and unfortunately common sexual harassment and rape is in our society. Almost everyone has a story..

    As a gay man I feel like there are many parallels with women concerning sexual harassment and rape. I had a casual conversation with some friends of mine and EVERY one of us had an uncomfortable story of some f*ck feeling entitled to our innocence and bodies. When I was 14- young, impressionable, too easily manipulatable- I was persuaded into hanging out with a man well over twice my age, if not over 40. A friend of mine knew him, whom he knew through older friends, and I had met him at a party. The man, his name is John, contacted me and persuaded me to hangout with him. He told me he would pick me up, so I snuck out of my house and met him outside my house in my driveway. I got into his car, looked at him, and immediately regretted what I had done and knew I shouldn’t have gotten into it. He drove off and told me he had picked up a bottle of vodka and asked me what I wanted to mix with it. I had never drank before so I didn’t know what to tell him to get, so I said sprite. In his attempt to pursue what he knew he was going to do, he gave a 14 year old alcohol to make the impending rape more bareable. The series of events which would lead me to his bed are irrelevant, even if I could remember them. But I found myself on his bed, my pants off and his mouth around my flacid pe*is. I felt disgusted, I couldn’t say anything. I didn’t do anything. He showed me his dildos and asked me if I wanted to try sucking his d*ck. I told him no, so he masturbated until he came. And that was that. He got what he wanted and then took me home. For weeks he would message me, he tried to find out where I worked but eventually he stopped and lost contact with me.

    Years later, this year actually, I saw him out at a local gay bar. When I saw him I felt the same way I did that day sprawled out naked on his bed, vulnerable, disgusted, and terrified. I approached him and casually asked him if he remembered me. And you know what? He had no idea who I was. I showed him a picture of myself when I was 14 and then he remembered who I was. He proceeded to begin with the small talk you have with someone, an old friend maybe, but I cut him off and reminded him that when I was 14 he raped me. He looked visibly sartled, I said “f*ck you” and other things, he said nothing. When I finished I walked back to my friends and he left. I hope I never see him again. I hope he chokes that nasty dil*o he tried to get me to touch.


    • Nev says:

      Thank you for sharing that story.
      I as a gay man have been through the groping as they pass by you in the club or bar. It’s wrong. And it is so predatory.
      I hope you find peace and healing. The parallels are so similar for gay men and for women.

    • The Original G says:

      So sorry that this happened to you. You’re right, though. So many of us have had our moments of precious and sacred personal discovery violated by these selfish creeps and their apologists.

    • laulau says:

      That was incredibly brave of you and I hope it haunts him. I know two gay women who have said it was more a ‘choice’ for them due to being abused by men as children. They knew it was a controversial thing to say as gay people have had to fight the idea they are making a choice but I think it’s completely valid and they both seemed like healthy, well-adjusted people.

      • I Choose Me says:

        I believe some people are born gay/bi/pan. I believe some people choose to be gay/bi/pan.

        My position? Identify as you will. I don’t care under which branch you fall.

        Love who you love. Have sex with whomever you wanna have sex with. Provided all parties are (enthusiastically & continually) consenting adults.

    • Aren says:

      Very sorry to hear about what that b*stard did to you. My cousin has always been constantly approached by older males and was also abused, I guess people in the LGBT community are often very vulnerable; it’s heart-breaking.

    • Kath says:

      Marceldeux: God, that’s horrible. There are so many scary predators out there. Thanks for sharing your story.

    • I Choose Me says:


  20. Christina says:

    Well as the saying goes, guilty dogs always bark and #idontbelieveyou Russell

  21. The Original G says:


  22. Abbess Tansy says:

    F- him and his #notme, I hope he goes down.

  23. Russell can choke on his excrement

  24. Belle says:

    I can empathize here to the max. I also want my rapist to choke…on anything, as long as he’s killed.

  25. Margo S. says:

    People are hashtagging his Instagram in response to #notme with #YESYOU

    Lol hahaha!!!!

  26. KiddVicious says:

    And to be completely shallow; he looks like a turtle.

  27. wood dragon says:

    And the weeding continues. Keep those sleeves rolled up.

  28. ElleBelle says:

    Kelly Cutrone is such a badass and this only solidifies that. I’m so sad to hear that this happened to her but you guys should check out her story. Single mom of a daughter and climbed her way to the top. Very inspiring!

  29. CynicalAnn says:

    That hashtag makes me want to either scream or throw up.

  30. Clare says:

    Someone just ate ice cream for dinner #notme

  31. Kath says:



  32. Sparkly says:

    That is an amazing quote.

    Russell’s post is disgusting. Bragging about how he’s going after his victims? That just makes me believe them all the more. I hope he’s brought down hard.