Melania Trump is allegedly ‘furious’ with her husband but she’ll attend the SOTU

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It’s still startling to me that the media, as a whole, doesn’t really care about the Trump marriage. We’ve collectively decided several things all at once: Melania Trump is an a–hole undeserving of sympathy; the Trump marriage has always been a disaster; she doesn’t love him; she doesn’t give a sh-t if he cheats on her. But Melania has to keep up appearances in various ways. Like, she didn’t want to join her husband at Davos last week – she canceled at the last minute, citing vague scheduling and security conflicts, and then flew down to Florida for some alone time at a spa, which I guess was supposed to make us think that she might genuinely be mad about Stormy Daniels. But she also has to keep up appearances with her sham marriage, which is why her office released that statement about how she’s focused on her family and her role as FLOTUS. And now here’s one more “keeping up appearances” thing: Melania will attend the State of the Union tonight.

Melania Trump will be on hand to support her husband during his first State of the Union address on Tuesday evening. During Monday’s briefing, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders confirmed the first lady’s attendance and added that all of the president’s children would also be there, with the exception of his 11-year-old son, Barron.

The news comes after the first lady abruptly canceled a planned trip to Davos, Switzerland, with President Trump last week amid allegations that he had an affair with porn star Stormy Daniels. (Trump has denied the claims through his lawyer Michael Cohen.) The change of plans — and the fact that the first lady reportedly traveled to West Palm Beach, Florida, instead, according to CNN — stirred speculation about a possible rift between the first couple.

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This was announced around the same time the New York Times reported that Melania was “furious” about the Stormy Daniels story and the NYT notes that Melania has not lifted a finger to publicly or privately excuse or defend her husband in weeks, since the Stormy story broke. In the past, Melania was sent out to “clean up” for her husband’s assaults and his bragging about assaults, but she hasn’t done anything this time… because by all accounts, Trump’s affair with Stormy Daniels was a consensual relationship and not an assault? It’s crazy what Melania will put up with, eh? That New York Times story also confirms that Melania’s last-minute, “whirlwind” trip to Palm Beach last week (as her husband was in Davos) cost taxpayers $64,600 for the plane ride alone.

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  1. Jenns says:

    “Melania Trump is allegedly ‘furious’ with her husband”

    Get in line, honey.

    • aims says:

      No kidding! ! Excuse my language, Trump, his mail order bride, his spawn and anyone who is associated with this ahole can kiss my a**.

      He is seriously a repulsive sub human and she knew exactly what she was marrying.

      • jwoolman says:

        No, malignant narcissists can put on the charm before the wedding. Check out “love bombing”. Many women have been fooled by such men. So Melania truly may not have know what he was before she married him. She did want financial security, but I doubt that she would have signed on for abuse. There are other rich men she could have cultivated.

        This is why you sometimes hear accounts from people who have had interactions with Trump, saying he was charming and even kind. If he wants something and doesn’t have the power to demand it, he knows how to imitate normal human behavior. We see more of the real Donald now because he thinks he has absolute power over everybody.

  2. Kimma1216 says:

    Her hair kills me!!!!! I can’t even read the article because I can’t find the part in her hair!!!

  3. tracking says:

    The old saying is true: when you marry for money you earn every penny. No sympathy for this overprivileged twit.

  4. Rapunzel says:

    So Melania is going to be at the SOTU? Wonder what inappropriate outfits she and the daughter-wife will be wearing? Last year they were disgraceful.

  5. Clare says:

    I dont believe she is furious. I don’t think she gives a toss.

    Let’s be honest – no one is surprised by this, least of all her!

    • robyn says:

      I tend to agree, although they’d probably lock her up if she didn’t go. Oh the humiliation for Trump if she wasn’t there.

    • SMDH says:

      I actually think she is pissed but not because of the infidelity, I’m convinced she was on the verge of bolting and planned to do so after the election, but the surprise win changed everything, I believe she got a renegotiated prenup to stay through his presidency. Implicit was he not be humiliated by his wife’s defection…..I’m sure she expected some quid pro quo meaning he not humiliate her (any more )as a wife with his behavioral shenanigans

      And that’s why she’s pissed.

      • Esmom says:

        Agreed. Even so it’s disgraceful that she has no regard for her position and is not even attempting to use her platform for anything positive. But that’s pretty much how that entire family rolls. *cries tears of rage and frustration*

      • jwoolman says:

        Esmom – Melania didn’t sign up for the FLOTUS job. It was imposed on her by people who still assume that a wife is an appendage of her husband and that being married to the POTUS means she has to be FLOTUS with a bundle of expectations that she really does not have the skills for. Comparing her to others who deliberately decided to make the best of it and pursue their own personal agendas is simply unfair. She has no obligation to fulfill those sexist expectations. If she had more self-confidence and wasn’t married to such an abusive jerk, she might be able to simply say so and decline the job. She doesn’t owe us anything.

        They can always hire staff to do all the stuff people want the FLOTUS to do. Not all Presidents are even married, so no automatic twofer. We need to dump the whole idea of FLOTUS.

        And as far as the cost of her travel to Florida is concerned – sorry, that’s the normal cost of having a President and his family under Secret Service protection. They don’t just take commercial flights. And we can’t expect them to hide away in the White House for four years.

        It’s really a minor part of the budget and certainly a much better use of tax money than all the WMDs we keep buying. The military budget was obscene to begin with and keeps growing. We get less safe with every increase. For some odd reason, other people don’t like being bombed. Our own bad behavior creates terrorists. FLOTUS or POTUS trips to Florida don’t.

      • Elkie says:


        Melanie absolutely CAMPAIGNED for the job of FLOTUS. Unless I imagined her pushing the racist birther crap on TV, plagiarising Michelle Obama’s words at the RNC and trying to downplay her husband’s dozen-plus sexual assaults.

        She could have bailed out pre-election at literally any time.

    • minx says:

      I don’t think she cares that he dipped his wick somewhere else. I do think she’s mad that it was with a porn star who got paid, and that he was indiscreet.

  6. Lightpurple says:

    And what relic from Macy’s Dynasty collection will she wear? And how inappropriately dressed will Princess Nagini, the Other One, and suck up Lying Lara be? For his last joint session speech, Nagini wore a one shoulder cocktail dress.

  7. Jc says:

    Serious question. How is it that in the U.K. the Queen and family travel on trains and commercial flights but our politicians cannot. It does not make sense to me. Our politicians get treated like royalty more than actual royalty.

    • Clare says:

      Eh, the royals also travel on private transportation ALL the time. Also, they constantly need to justify their existence, and the only reason they continue to exist is because Mary and John down the street love them – they can’t alienate themselves from the masses (while our nhs, pensions and salaries deflate), too much.

      When commercial flights are taken entire cabins/rows are booked out etc.

      It’s all optics.

      Also, the UK is a tiny ‘country’ in comparison. I think 870 miles from one end to the other, so trains are a lot more doable, I suppose.

    • Betsy says:

      Distances covered for one thing.

      Figs cared about defrauding taxpayers for another.

    • jwoolman says:

      The security issues are quite different. The POTUS has real power, the royals don’t. And we tick off a lot more people by our military actions …. Plus we have home-grown terrorists and well-armed crazies who do try to assassinate politicians.

      Judging from what was openly said on the net and on the radio shows I heard, I was really amazed that Obama even made it alive to the end of his first term. The vicious hatred expressed was very scary. I had to listen to the Glen Beck show at the vet’s and really wondered why Secret Service wasn’t breaking down their door. They really were basically suggesting armed overthrow of the elected government. Trump is relatively protected because the armed crazies are mostly his supporters, but can’t count on that.

  8. Belle Epoch says:

    I think this time Melania has been publicly humiliated, and she’s embarrassed. All the other women were just dismissed. This story has MONEY attached to it and Stormy is not going away. I have no sympathy for Melania, who is a vapid and self-centered gold digger and who has always known Trump is a dog.

  9. Betsy says:

    Run Melania! If you spill your guts to Mueller and get Dotard nailed, it will go a long way toward softening anger about birtherism.

    • Lori says:

      I’ll bet she doesnt know anything about Trumps Russia stuff. My guess is she was in the marriage to live in luxury, not buisness.

    • Lyka says:

      I know! This is what I dream of if I ever think of Melania. And as @Lori says, she probably knows little to nothing – but those people sometimes make the best witnesses because they can innocently corroborate a fact or unveil a detail that seems harmless on the face but illuminates something critical about the perp.

      Plus, a FLOTUS testifying against her husband to the FBI while POTUS is in office? Screw the anti-bullying facade; that shiz will get you in the history books forever.

      But she’s not known to be brave, smart, tactical, or surrounded by competent people, so I doubt this will happen.

      • Betsy says:

        Honestly, I know she’s super racist and probably came here illegally and gets to stay even as her pimple of a husband keeps trying to get rid of immigrants (if they’re not white! white illegal immigrants can stay!) and she “married for money, is earning every penny” but she looks to me like what I imagine an emotionally abused person would look like. I know that not all emotionally abused people even manifest symptoms most of us can see and I certainly don’t have a stereotype about it, but you can’t tell me that her falling face at the Inauguration Day was a healthy person.

        I don’t know. I hate her even as I want to protect her.

        And also on some level I don’t care about her.

  10. Miss Grace Jones says:

    People really seem to think that Melania is in some way a victim wanting to escape her situation as if she wasn’t spewing the same racist rhetoric as her husband. You are the company you keep and she’s just as much as a scumbag who I highly doubt cares about half of the vile bs her man does if it doesn’t stop her from shopping.

  11. Christin says:

    On the NYT home page, her appearance tonight is one of the first articles, yet the refusal to enforce sanctions is getting little coverage today.

    Maybe she’ll show up dressed in cellophane and bring those immigration papers she promised to show. Transparency at last!

  12. tmbg says:

    These two have the most strange hairstyles ever (outside of 90s hair).

  13. Snowflake says:

    She is NOT furious. She knew about Stormy in 2011, why would she still be mad? This is just a storyline to make you feel sorry for her. I think she’s trying to build sympathy for herself because she’s going to divorce him. Or it’s to give the illusion she cares who he sleeps with. Hint: she doesn’t!

  14. Scarlett says:

    How can they tell? That she is furious, I mean…..Fem bots can’t express emotion, can they?

  15. MissMarierose says:

    “Focus on her role as FLOTUS”??

    LOLOLOL. What the the hell does she do? We are 1/4 the way into this god awful presidency (unless Mueller saves us) and I don’t think she’s done a single thing that could solely be called her initiative.

    I’m sick to death of this lazy, entitled woman.

  16. BooBooLaRue says:

    Well good thing she will be there, since no one else will.

  17. Svea says:

    She is all about the money and lifestyle. No sympathy. Bed made.

  18. Indiana Joanna says:

    I have never seen her as a sympathetic figure. Her life has been very self centered, seeking out finanicial security by marrying drump (a repulsive choice in mates). Until recently she parroted drump’s lies and slander. She takes her kid to school, does some Pilates and shops.

    Not much there to evoke sympathy.

  19. Beth says:

    It was her choice to marry him and she’s choosing to stay married, so I have no pity for her. Before she even met him, Trump had a well-known history as a cheater and dishonest pig, so the pussy grabbing tape and porn star affair shouldn’t be a huge shock to her or any other human being.
    I don’t even know if I can handle watching him give his speech today on TV, so being there would be a million times worse

  20. LBJMFA says:

    Know what sign I DIDN’T see at this year’s Women’s March?


  21. The Original G says:

    I think this is a sad situation and doubly sad that she has a young child that has to witness/read all about this. I can’t ever really get pleasure in seeing anyone go through this. Her position untenable.

  22. isabelle says:

    Please let her divorce him while he is in office. Clown face deserves it.

  23. Poppy says:

    Totally read ‘SOTU’ as STFU. Long day.

  24. adastraperaspera says:

    She brought her sister and her whole family over here to keep her company in Trump tower (chain migration, anyone?). Her deal was to live the rich lady life. As Trump’s ex Ivanna has cattily said, Melania didn’t even bother to learn English. She’s angry that he got them caught up in this mess. It’s all a bother to her, and I assume her usual attitude is that of a disaffected teenager.

    • jwoolman says:

      Ivana is a fine one to talk about language skills. Have you ever heard her speak?!? And she’s been in the USA much longer than Melania.

      I’m sure Melania knows English as well as Ivana. They both certainly can read and understand spoken English. Those are the easiest skills for adults to acquire when immersed in an environment using another language. But learning to actually speak a language as an adult is very difficult for many adults. They usually can’t even shake the accent from their native language, as we see with both Trump wives #1 and #3.

      Children are much more flexible, and if they arrive before the age of about ten they typically don’t have any foreign accent at all. Their brain still has easy access to all the sounds. Above that age, there may be traces of a foreign accent, less for younger ones and more for older teenagers. But they still typically become as fluent as the native-born and they acquire reading and writing skills equal to natives because English is used in schools. Once the brain begins to lose that linguistic flexibility, though, it’s a struggle for many. Has nothing to do with intelligence but rather just the stage at which your brain development is on arrival and your opportunities. People who are continuing their formal education, for example, will have a huge advantage over those who have jobs requiring minimal language use (like Melania as a model), because they are forced to use the language in a more challenging and intensive way.

  25. DenG says:

    Hey, now–about that picture at the top of this story…don’t they resemble each other? Same pouty, sullen expression.

  26. Christin says:

    Just read that his campaign solicited people to give at least $1 to get their name scrolled at the bottom of a livestream of tonight’s speech.

    They were originally asking $35 minimum. Must not have had many takers! 😂

  27. Aang says:

    I hope she is charging him by the appearance at this point. And saving up for the escape.

  28. lisa says:

    birther chick can sit down, i am in no mood for her whinging

  29. Painfully Obvious says:

    Generally speaking, there comes a point in every SOTU address when the president praises the First Lady and everyone stands up to applaud. I am sitting here fantasizing about that moment, and as the camera pans to Melania, she slowly but definitely gives Donald the finger, then leaves the gallery. As the doors open to allow here exit, Stormy Daniels is there. Melania kisses her on the cheek, and gestures for Stormy to take Melania’s seat. Then Melania leaves, the door closes, and

  30. Sansa says:

    I had a friend who used to say ‘Nothing is for free.’ She is a perfect example. She has paid ten times over in misery for a marriage for money. I feel sorry for her despite what you guys probably think, but nobody deserves a husband like him, imagine how he speaks to her, i’m Sure her calls her stupid etc. I like her and hate her husband.

  31. browniecakes says:

    And she canceled her subscription to Forbes.

  32. Girl_ninja says:

    She needs to do better with her wigs. They have not been on point lately.

  33. qtpi says:

    People think the Stormy Daniels thing is pissing her off right now… and it could be. Wasn’t it reported that they had unprotected sex? I would be irate. It’s one thing to look the other way or have an open marriage but you d*mn well better be using protection.

    However. Michael Wolff was on Bill Maher a few weeks ago and he hinted that there is a current affair going on. A lot of people suspect Nikki Haley but I have major doubts. I think she has to be smart then that.

    I believe it is Hope Hicks. And that could be what is drawing Melania’s ire at this point.

  34. jana says:

    I don’t give two fucks about whether this woman does or doesn’t attend…she is absolutely complicit in every single thing this asshat President has said or done to this country in the past year. She purposely married him for the money, so as the saying goes, you live by the sword, you die by the sword. I hope to hell Robert Mueller buries this man and his entire administration and we never have to see his ignorant, orange face ever again.

  35. prone2xs says:

    They both look miserable. See photo 1.

  36. Tashiro says:

    They kind of look alike in that picture.

  37. EMau says:

    There is no chemistry between these two. She is dead on the inside. I think the marriage is killing her from within and slowly. I’m betting she will divorce him after his term.