Kim Kardashian has sent Kimoji perfumes as V-Day gifts to all of her snake enemies

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West start the weekend at Craig's for date night

Kim Kardashian is a lot of things: a culture vulture, a fool, a famewhore, a businesswoman, the spawn of Satan’s main homegirl and a petty, petty bitch. That’s part of the reason why The Receipts of 2016 were such a great strategic move for Kim Kardashian, and why they were so devastating to Taylor Swift’s reputation. Kim wasn’t sitting on a pedestal. She had nowhere to fall, no reputation to lose. People already think the worst of her. She can’t do anything without everyone jumping on her (fake) ass. Much of it is deserved, some of it is not (I’m still appalled by how many people blamed her and criticized her for being held at gunpoint and robbed).

But I digress… Kim has made a lot of enemies, and a lot of people criticize her. So for Valentine’s Day this year, Kim decided to meet that hatred, shade and criticism with love and branding. Kim is releasing KIMOJI Heart fragrances, and she obviously gets to decide who gets sent promotional, heart-shaped candy-and-perfume packages. So Kim made a list. And like Tricky Dick before her, it became an Enemies List.

Kim Kardashian has got a list of names too, and to them, she says, smell you later. In honor of the upcoming Valentine’s Day holiday, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star is sending her “lovers” and “haters” one of her new limited edition KIMOJI Heart fragrances. The collection launched on Thursday. The fragrances come in large Sweethearts-like bottles, which Kim sent out in larger heart-shaped packages made of chocolate.

The list includes Blac Chyna—her brother Rob Kardashian’s ex, Lindsay Lohan—a former party pal with whom she recently traded sarcastic barbs online, Bette Midler, Chloe Grace Moretz and Piers Morgan—both of whom criticized the reality star in 2016 for sharing a nude selfie, Pink— who also seemingly took a potshot at her, Sarah Michelle Gellar—who expressed disapproval over Kim and now-husband Kanye West’s Vogue cover in 2014, Naya Rivera—who slammed Kim over her racy 2014 Paper magazine cover, and Wendy Williams—who recently slammed Kim over other NSFW pics, and, of course, Taylor Swift , who has feuded with Kim and more notably, her husband Kanye West.

“I am writing a list for my press boxes. I’m gonna send them to way more than this, but I decided, for this Valentine’s Day, everyone deserves a Valentine,” Kim said on her Instagram Story. “So I am going to send them to my lovers, to my haters, to everyone that I think of, because it’s Valentine’s Day after all.”

The list also includes Kim’s sisters, mom Kris Jenner, family friend Chrissy Teigen, music artists Mariah Carey, Cher and Cardi B, actress Jennifer Lawrence—a big fan of Kim’s family and their show Keeping Up With the Kardashians, and Paris Hilton, who had reportedly feuded with her in the past.

[From E! News]

It takes an unbelievably heroic amount of pettiness to send you newly-launched perfume to all of the bitches who HATE YOUR FACE. I don’t know, ladies. I think I might love Kim for this. I can’t stop laughing. These are huge packages too – I’m including the two Instagram Stories below, and you can see how big the box is. The perfume is packaged inside an enormous chocolate heart with messages like “Ride or Die” and “Bae.” Taylor is going to be SO pissed off. Wendy Williams will probably think it’s funny and well-played. Piers Morgan will probably have to write another racist column in the Daily Mail about it when he gets his package.

KIMOJI Hearts for Northie 💞 #kimkardashian @kimkardashian

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  1. Sara says:

    It’s funny and on brand. Who doesn’t love chocolate.

  2. Swack says:

    I find this very middle schoolish and petty.

    • Astrid says:

      Yes! how ridiculous for a grown woman with 3 kids! Has she not matured?

    • Annabelle Bronstein says:

      This is literally something that Trump would do.

      • Larelyn says:

        No, not Trump. Melania, sure, she seems to play the game and keeps us on our toes trying to figure out if it’s shade or subtle subterfuge. But stingy, dumb-as-bricks, “I only do what my most loyal followers tell me because I can’t think for myself”, what’s-on-FOX-News-right-now, where’s-my-remote-KFC-and-ice-cream-cuz-i’m-going-to-bed, “everyone’s favorite dotard” Trump?

        Naw. Don’t think so.

      • jwoolman says:

        The common ground between Donald Trump and Kim Kardashian is that they both keep enemies lists and are both chronic liars and are both immature. Two vindictive self-absorbed people, basically. Kim just hides it better most of the time. But you have always been able to see flashes of her barely contained anger on their shows, aimed at anybody who doesn’t do exactly as she wants. Her children’s teenage years should be especially difficult for all concerned.

        To her credit, Kim isn’t trying to blow up the planet and has a more human range of emotions than Donald, although she isn’t actually harmless to people within her sphere.

      • Annabelle Bronstein says:

        @Larelyn What about the “Fake News” awards? Him wishing “Merry Christmas, even to the haters and losers.” I don’t see much difference in their media strategy, they both manipulate the media in their eternal quest for attention and coverage, and care first and foremost about their family brands.

        @jwoolman Exactly. Of course Kim isn’t as harmful as Trump, but the same mainstream media that played along as a talentless family became rich and famous for being famous, well, also played along as the Trump family faked its way to the top.

    • Nicole says:

      Yea I don’t give Taylor a pass for being a middle school bully so I’m not giving Kim one. Grow tf up

    • CynicalAnn says:

      Agreed. But I saw she also sent it to fashion editors (Nina Garcia and Laura Browne) and they smashed it on their IG stories and seemed to love the novelty of it.

    • Lua says:

      Exactly…like some of these “feuds” are 4 years old. *Eye Roll*

    • Milla says:

      She’s acting like a tween. But that’s her mindset

    • Tiffany :) says:

      Yes, it is petty.

      It is also pointless. Taylor is NOT going to be “pissed”, she won’t even get the package. It will be delivered to her people and they filter what goes to her. Whereas Jennifer Lawrence’s people might pass it on to her, I doubt Taylor’s or any of the others on the “haters” list would.

    • Jackie says:

      I didn’t find that she met the hatred , etc with “love & branding”. She met it with passive aggressive pettiness that just make her image take another nose dive. Her actions are of those of someone with a low emotional intelligence EQ. I seriously doubt any one who got the perfume was pissed off. That’s just wishful thinking on Kim’s part.

  3. minx says:

    Glad to see she is enjoying her new baby and appreciating what’s really important in life 🙄.

  4. Odetta says:

    I guess I’m not petty enough either, it’s pretty immature. Another way for her to keep the drama going…way to go Kim, mother of three

  5. SM says:

    Why isn’t Jon Hamm on the list?

  6. wheneight says:

    Not usually a KK fan, but I love her for this!!! Amazing.

    • heh says:

      i actually hollered when i saw this.
      but watch, someone just as petty is gonna do something cray like take a piss on it or something. mark my words.

    • Erinn says:

      I don’t know, I find it funny. I mean – it’s ‘petty’ or whatever, but not in a way that’s actually causing anyone harm. It’ll be a brief moment of “that jerk!” when they open it – but she’s giving them free stuff, so it’s not like some kind of act of horrible evil.

      I think I’d be kind of a jerk if I was rich, honestly. I’m okay with passive aggressive as long as it’s amusing.

      And it’d be great for one of the ‘haters’ to actually go along with it and post a big instagram post about how much they like the perfume – even if they don’t. Because it would kind of steal the thunder and show that they’ve got a sense of humor about it.

      Say what you want about Kim. She does a lot of dumb stuff – but every once in a while I find her incredibly amusing. I don’t think having kids should automatically make you a completely different person who isn’t allowed to do silly things ever again. And my god, it’s her ‘job’ to be noticed, to grab attention, and keep focus on their brand. This is the world we live in now – social media presence IS a job for a lot of people – and clearly it pays off.

      • Nick says:

        I’ve been meaning to say this to you, but I LOVE all of your post! I always find myself nodding in agreement when I read them. This is everything I want to say and more

  7. Renee2 says:

    Doesn’t she have a new baby to take care of??? I am petty but this is over the top. I did want the chocolate though.

    • Clare says:

      What’s it got to do with having a baby to look after though? Plenty of women go back to work soon after bringing a new Bebe home – this shit is her job. This is how she makes the $. This is her WORK! It may be petty and ridiculous but she’s doing her job, just like other mamas after they have babies.

  8. Mina says:

    Queen of marketed shade.

  9. Nancy says:

    I actually think it’s kind of funny. Girlfriend does have a newborn, right? Sure has a lot of time on her hands.

  10. Beth says:

    Is there anything she won’t do for attention? She’s starting to look a little extra pathetic by packing them in boxes of candy.
    I hate celebrity fragrances, and I don’t know why more and more are created all the time.

    • Kitten says:

      I’m imagining a really trashy, low-quality scent. It’ll probably sell well anyway because her base always shells out the cash for whatever garbage she’s schilling.

      • Geekychick says:

        I bet you’re right Kitten, and the parfume is the same quality as that chocolate: cheap cocoa+sugar caked in that sugary glaze (fondant?), miles away and below the swiss goodness of Lindt and Milka. If I had her money and wanted to throw a real shade, I’d use the best chocolate.

  11. Bea says:

    She’s shook about something because it’s stunt after stunt this week. More than usual which is surprising since she has a new baby and all.

  12. Ninks says:

    I think this is hilarious. Why not.

  13. deets says:

    Lol, or this is a peace making gesture (it’s not, it’s a pr gesture)
    Giving and receiving gifts does create a weird psychological response in both parties. It’s like receiving a complement that’s not true, it still lands to a degree, even though your logical brain knows it shouldn’t.
    She’s appealing to everyone’s reptile brains. Their snake brains, if you will.

    Kill em with petty kindness, Kim.

  14. Loopy says:

    Her thirst levels are becoming really petty…she no longer gets all the attention in the family.

  15. Feedmechips says:

    Not a Kim fan, but I think this was pretty great.

  16. Babs says:

    I’m mildly disappointed at SMG for that tweet. The reaction about that Vogue cover was so over the top, stupid and dare I say, classist as f*ck.

  17. Adorable says:

    She obviously is doing this for attention/PR & guess what she wins we’re talking about it/her.In between posting nude pics & this,She looks pathetic,& this is so juvenile.

  18. Dttimes2 says:

    She is real shook about Kylies baby coming real soon and she knows people will give Kylie ALL the attention (including Kris) so she’s trying to keep the focus on her the only way she knows how : getting naked and sharing pictures. Its pretty sad actually – i’m all about freedom of expression and its your body blah blah but her level of neediness shows signs of a personality disorder or i guess being raised to think your only worth is your body.

    God Kris is such a hustler -gotta admire the game but DAMN she really screwed up her kids. Im surprised Rob hasn’t had a suicide attempt = for ratings

    • jwoolman says:

      Mama Ten Percent did a number on all her children, but especially the ones she had with Robert Kardashian. Kim was emotionally and physically abused by her as a child. Khloe and Rob were dragged along as cover for Mama’s affairs. All four were neglected emotionally.

      Kim usually keeps it in because she especially needs her mother’s marketing skills, but if you watch even just clips of their shows — all three of the sisters (Kourtney, Kim, Khloe) really don’t like their mom. Kourtney can barely stand being in the same room with her. Khloe fluctuates between anger and wanting to get some attention and appreciation (Khloe was used as a young teenage nanny for the Jenner girls). Kim’s anger shows periodically even though she usually tries to keep on Mama’s good side.

      I’ve never understood why people think they’re such a big happy close family. I always found even short exposure to the show disturbing – the severe dysfunction was so obvious to me.

    • nb says:

      I saw her IG this week and was like “whoa”…even for Kim, her new set of pictures is pretty ridiculous. She’s claimed time and time again that she wouldn’t pose nude again and she just keeps doing it whenever she feels like attention is waning. I agree she’s got some serious issues. It’s been obvious from the minute she started changing her already beautiful face and already great body with plastic surgery when she was still in her early 20′. Now at 37 she’s mailing out candy heart packages to people who don’t like her and bragging about it for attention.

      I just think it’s kind of sad that this is what she cares about.

  19. RBC says:

    I can’t wait to see how Bette Midler, Pink and Wendy Williams react to the gifts

  20. Tate says:

    I know Kim needs attention but so does her newborn.

  21. Chaine says:

    It just seems like pathetic grasping for attention. It wont be too much longer before we see her on a Real Housewives series.

  22. Talie says:

    Those chocolate hearts with the hammer are awesome! i want one so bad… she should sell those.

    • OFofOC says:

      Same! Saw them all over my instagram yesterday and I wanted one so bad. I’d def buy this perfume if it shipped with the chocolate heart lol

  23. BAnna says:

    Jesus-f*****-christ! You’re a married, 37 year old mother of three! Stop acting like a pathetic high-schooler

  24. Blaire Carter says:

    What happened between her and Cardi B???

    • deets says:

      Cardi is on the love list, with Khloe.
      Not sure who the third list is, first is haters, second is loves, third is….

  25. jwoolman says:

    This isn’t a loving act. This is just self-promotion and junior high vengefulness. Notice how public it is. She wants to humiliate those people.

    I don’t know why people keep thinking Kim is harmless. She is a pathological liar and a vindictive person. Such people are never harmless. She isn’t evil incarnate, but she is not a nice person and I wouldn’t want her as a neighbor or heaven forbid a coworker.

    It’s sad that so many cheered her bad behavior involving the dispute between Swift and her mentally ill husband. She could have acted like a mediator to sort it out immediately. Even her viper mother suggested that. Instead she selectively edited their conversation and released those edits with her own spin not at the time of the public dispute but rather months later when she was promoting her damned show. She didn’t show the “receipts” – she showed an edited minute or so of a conversation that went on for more than an hour. She never let us hear the whole conversation. Context is everything. I don’t care how much you all hate Swift, Kim was the snake in this incident.

    • Nancy says:

      I agree with everything you said. She doesn’t pretend to be squeaky clean. After all, a sex tape was the genesis of their fame. But I disagree on Taylor. While Kim is older and should known better, she probably did Swift a favor. Taylor lied and played the victim and was held accountable for it. Maybe now she will realize, there will always be someone out there, like Kim, who can outplay you at your own game. She may have learned a lesson the hard way. Neither one of them should be proud of their behavior, but both are rewarded for it. Sucks

      • jwoolman says:

        I’m not entirely sure Swift actually lied. It seemed like a massive misunderstanding to me. Kanye was in steamroller mode and heard what he wanted to hear. She actually didn’t hear the final version of the song and certainly didn’t actually give approval of anything – she pointed out that her approval wasn’t necessary, that he had to act according to his own ideas as an artist. It seemed to me that she was trying hard to be “cool” about it with Kanye on the phone but actually was not, then felt very hurt and betrayed when she heard the finished lyric. But Kanye genuinely thought she would be fine with it. Neither of them were skilled at conflict resolution, to say the least, but I don’t think either one was malicious. Immature and clueless about how to deal with such disputes, but not malicious.

        Kim, however, was deliberately malicious. She coldly used all this for self-promotion. If she had cared about supporting her husband as she tried to spin it, she would have helped him sort it out in the very beginning.

      • noway says:

        Is it up to Kim to teach Taylor a lesson. Honestly, the Taylor thing was pretty middle schoolish on both sides, and Taylor’s fans who are pretty young and thrive on this drama didn’t turn away, not sure what affect it had. The real issue for Kim the mother of three is her husband was nearing a mental breakdown during this, and she was either too oblivious or involved in the drama to notice, but with Kim it’s all about the brand. Which is what this stunt is about. I guess it is kind of funny, but like her it is all fake and superficial. I feel for her 3 kids, at some point I bet she uses them in some way that really pisses them off. At this rate those kids may have interesting tell all books by 12, bet Pimp Grandmama Kris will sell it for them.

      • AnnaKist says:

        I completely and utterly agree with everything you said, jwoolman. The full recording of that’s phone call has never been released (as far as I know), because it would show the full extent of the creative editing Kim employed to ruin Swift’s reputation. Kim is a chronic liar. She was brought up in a viper’s nest, and she is heading for the Queen Viper position. You’re right – Kim is the snake.

    • Shannon says:

      ^^^ agreed. I end up coming off like a Swifty when I’m really not, but the complete shadiness of that whole thing turned me against Kim, not Swift. I was pretty appalled at how she handled that.

      • Nancy says:

        jwoolman: At the time this all went down, I was kind of happy that Kim showed us the receipts. It was a period of time that Taylor was everywhere and more annoying than usual. In retrospect, rethinking, I do agree with you and others. Kim is closing in on 40 years old and claimed to be protecting her husband. I call bs on that. What she is, is patient. She waited all that time for the perfect storm to humiliate Taylor. I don’t feel too sorry for Taylor, but this is a prime example of how shitty women treat each other, as well as a terrible example to her children her importance to get even. She should forget the vengeance and introduce herself to her photo ops, I mean children.

    • Otaku Fairy says:

      It’s immature and thirsty, but a lot of those people on her shit list can be a little problematic themselves. (To say the least. One of them in particular stands out as a downright garbage human being). I don’t mind funny, harmless, attention-seeking pettiness with assholes.

      • Moon Beam says:

        Meh, I get sending it to people like Piers Morgan and Taylor (gotta keep that feud alive) but some people on that list said slightly critical things of her (warranted or not). Most of the US could be her “haters.” She’s extremely problematic herself and shouldn’t be throwing stones.

  26. ThenThereIsThat says:

    Her haters will have their staff toss it in the trash when it arrives. Believe me, they won’t open it up and look at it!

    She reminds me of a sad, desperate high school girl who desperately needs attention. Three beautiful kids and a husband who loves her and a successful business and she still isn’t happy.

    • Shannon says:

      Right? I don’t know why people think this is just going to go right their door and they’ll answer it themselves like us normal people and our Amazon packages; I doubt these people will ever even see it. Plus, now they know it’s coming and they can give specific orders to just have it thrown out or given away.

    • stinky says:

      …they should put them on eBay! Lol

    • jwoolman says:

      Yes, the people on Kim’s “hater” list are all quite rich enough to buy all the chocolate and perfume that they want! Her scent might be fine, but people who can buy anything may have strong established preferences already.

      As a lesser mortal, I would be tempted to break it open for the chocolate if the box didn’t smell of perfume, and toss away the bottle of perfume (I have trouble with such fragrances unless they are made entirely from natural substances, so I wouldn’t want to encourage any one else among my friends and acquaintances to use any scent around me, that would break their training). Maybe I could give it to some good cause as an auction or sale item. But the odds are that the chocolate would be contaminated with perfume and then it would have to be trashed also.

      Of course, I would also wonder if the chocolate was laced with something like a laxative, so maybe I would toss it anyway. I’m so untrusting…

  27. CynicalAnn says:

    Guys-she also sent it to fashion editors who seemed to love it-not just her “enemies list.” I saw on IG both Laura Brown and Nina Garcia smashing it and then pulling out the perfume on the inside. It was very clever and different. I’m going to give credit where credit is due. (to the marketing person who advises her.)

  28. CooCooCatchoo says:

    I bet those chocolate boxes cost a fortune. The tiny hammer didn’t seem to work so well, but I bet they’ll crack just fine when they get dropped in the trash.

  29. SMDH says:

    Is she ever going to go away?

  30. Christina S. says:

    Pride comes before the fall. She’s on her last breath of fame and this comes off as desperation.

    I hate her face so much.

  31. Jordan says:

    It’s funny if you’re 16. It’s petty when you’re almost 40 and do it solely for attention.

  32. Shannon says:

    It honestly seems just silly, pointless and dumb. I’m amazed at 37 with three kids she’s STILL this petty and has time for this nonsense. Why not send them out to fans who would truly appreciate it?

  33. Tiffany says:

    Wow, with these comments.

    I think that it is funny as all get out. She is sending them a gift of perfume. It is not like she is sending them locks of her hair or bodily fluids. Come on, this woman is the queen of self promotion. You think that she is gonna stop.

  34. Kitten says:

    Thirsty thirsty thirsty. Jelly of Kylie’s pregnancy.

    • Nancy says:

      I have to steal this one. The miracle of Kylie, a white teenager who morphed herself into a middle aged Armenian woman!! Kim.light, cracked me up!

  35. Amanda says:

    I think its another thing someone else thought of. Kim cant even compose a tweet without asking one of her handlers “should I say “this”” ” or just be like “that”.” Kim cant do anything by herself thats why its hilarious they put their name on anything. Nothing is genuine. And this whole thing with the receipts, I dont understand, did anyone watch the video? They completly lied about Approving the whole lyric. They left out the insulting part of Kanyes song so of course Taylor is going to be pissed. Stop falling into Kims “Im so hood” schtick. Girl cant come up with anything original.

    • me says:

      I think that’s why she keeps Jonathan Cheban around. He seems really cruel and attention seeking…oh and he kisses her ass like no other !

  36. me says:

    I think she did it just for a “news” story…to keep us talking about her. She should send her ex-husbands one too…and Ray-J, Brandy, and Brandy’s mom (who sued Kim and settled out of court)…oh and Reggie Bush….she must send one to him lol.

    • Anna says:

      right, when Kim used her position as Brandy’s assistant to steal her AMEX and she and her siblings charged more than $100K on it without permission. There are thousands of people in prison for that very crime. Kim is garbage and she knows it even though she suffers from a personality disorder.

  37. Valiantly Varnished says:

    It’s stories like this that remind me why I still have love in my heart for Kim despite the appropriating the crap she does.

  38. AngieB says:

    It’s way creepier to think of a teenager having a target list and actually targeting other teenagers as “enemies” knowing how fragile the teenage psyche can be especially around being liked by peers.

    These are adults playing the same game who can opt out at any time. Seriously undramatic in this context.

    • jwoolman says:

      Actually, Kim often strikes me as about 13 years old in her approach to people and life in general. Maybe she’s growing in the motherhood thing and the Paris robbery may also have altered this, but she’s acted more like a very young babysitter than a mature mother in the past.

      Taylor Swift often seems stuck in her mid-teens, wasn’t that about the time she started to get famous? She was only 19 when a drunken Kanye stumbled onstage to say her award should have gone to Beyoncé. I don’t follow her career, so I don’t know how well she is maturing in recent years.

      They’re both mixed bags, of course, but both have often displayed an underlying immaturity. Wouldn’t want to be either of them, I was really glad to leave adolescence behind. Despite all the problems involved with being an adult, I definitely would never trade for childhood and adolescence Even with all their money.

  39. Amanda2 says:

    Is desperation one of the fragrance names? This girl is desperate for attention, resorting to silly stunts and nude photos 🙄

  40. Ozogirl says:

    Childish. Especially the one to Blac Chyna. She is the mother of her niece!

  41. Janey says:

    Eh – this is another great Marketing move on her part. So many more people know know that she’s got a new product out just because of this. And the packaging itself it’s SO great for instagram.

  42. Anna says:

    Talk about being at the end of ones rope. Her hate-fame is now causing her to throw a Hail Mary to people who see her as lying, socially irresponsible filth. She’s run out of ideas to make new people pay hate-attention so she’s rounding back to those she knows she can bug the shiz out of. (Yes, I ended my sentence in a preposition–it just expresses it best.)

  43. Deedee says:

    maybe she’s trying to be nice.

  44. Bexley says:

    Actually, this small-minded display of self-importance is a really stupid thing. Sending your latest product to a pack of high-profile people who hate you – what’s to stop any of them posting their own instagrams pics, using the same scowl and describing the scent as having delicate top notes of sick rats, which blooms onto a rich scent of yeast infection, with base notes of cheese? I mean, I know Ms K the Elder is a perpetual subject of mockery anyway, but this could back fire spectacularly. Risk assessment – it’s your friend.

  45. EMau says:

    She is thirtysomething going on 12. Unfit parent.

  46. M.A.F. says:

    She should teach a class in pettiness. It’s what she is good at.

  47. Pandy says:

    Still seeking that spotlight. Wow.

  48. Snap Happy says:

    The people doing the mommy-shamming have to take it down a notch. She can still be a good mom and take ten minutes to write a bunch of names on post-it notes. It’s a marketing ploy. Even if just one of those people mention the perfume, it worked. There is way too much psychological profiling going on because of a box of chocolate and perfume.