Star: Kanye West refuses to change Chicago West’s diapers or get up for feedings

Kanye West arrives at his office in a happy mood

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian welcomed their third child, baby girl Chicago “Chi” West, in mid-January. Sources close to Kim stressed the fact that Kim in particular knew how important it is to be hands on for “the first week,” because lol. It did feel like we were living in a bizarro-world though because just weeks after welcoming Chi West, Kim was back to her old famewhore tricks, posing for naked photos whilst wearing “Bo Derek braids.” Around the same time, Kanye was traveling to New York and Berlin (during Grammy weekend). Chi West was maybe two weeks old at that point. While people gave Kim a lot of crap for allegedly foisting a newborn baby on the nannies, I’m glad to see Star Magazine judging the sh-t out of Kanye for not being around for the first month too.

Kanye West, 40, refuses to get up for midnight bottle feedings or change dirty diapers since he and Kim Kardashian brought their daughter, Chicago, home from the hospital last month, a source tells Star.

“Kim let it slide the first time, but she was counting on Kanye to help out around the house because she already has her hands full with North and Saint,” scolds a source close to the reality star, 37. “She couldn’t believe he flew off to New York just a week after Chi was born, leaving her alone with three kids!”

“Kim was furious when Kanye told her to just hire another nanny,” says the source. “She made it clear that he better start pulling his weight – or else.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

Or else what? Kim already threatened to divorce Kanye about 14 months ago, in the wake of the Paris robbery, and in the wake of his nervous breakdown. There were multiple stories in People Magazine in December 2016 about how she was seriously considering divorce, and even speaking to lawyers. And then they worked it out and Chicago West was going to be the miracle baby who saved their marriage. That didn’t really work out.

To be fair though… I remember how it was for Kimye following the births of North and Saint too. Kanye doesn’t seem interested in newborns, but he perks up when the babies get a bit older. But really, I think Kim and Kanye’s marriage works best when they aren’t spending too much time together. Or it works best when they’re all living with Kris Jenner, take your pick. I judge a man who refuses to change his own baby’s diapers and get up for feedings. That’s YOUR baby, motherf–ker. Literally.

Kanye West Stays Bundled Up As He Leaves His New York Hotel

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  1. queenE says:

    sorry but this doesn’t come as a shock. Kanye doesn’t seem all that interested in babies that distract him from himself

    • lunde says:

      Yeah not surprised at all. This seems to be just another Kim “poor me” re-run from previous years and babies where Kim complains about being left alone while pregnant/with a newborn. I don’t know why she expected it would be different with number 3?

      Probably she’s miffed at the lact of press interest in her 3rd compared to Kylie’s 1st.

      • sunnydeereynolds says:

        But didn’t she sent North with Kourtney in NY when she was busy posting those semi nudes around the first few weeks when her new baby arrived? I highly doubt she does all the changing and bottle feeding in the middle of the night, they are rich – they can afford to have nannies and nurses.

        I think she is jealous that people are more interested in Kylie’s pregnancy, her birth, and her new baby that’s why she went crazy with posting a bunch of semi nude selfies and that didn’t even help. I think her reign in that family is over.

    • Bethany F says:

      yeah this is the third time (one for each child) we’ve heard this story about them. if kim is the one putting this out, she’s only making herself look bad too. she knows kanye and babies don’t mesh by now but went ahead with a third child.

      • jwoolman says:

        Babies don’t really mesh with Kim’s life either. With Nori, she said she needed a night nurse because 1) she needed her beauty rest 8-10 hours and 2) she needed to be available for Kanye. I doubt very much that Kim is changing diapers or feeding the baby herself.

        I think both of them become interested only when the child is walking and talking and potty trained. Kim in particular has always had extremely low tolerance for messiness, and babies are very messy.

  2. C says:

    Their marriage is weird. I don’t believe they live together.

    • Loopy says:

      They are sooooo bland ZERO chemistry…ever since Kim agreed to be a Kanyes mannequin she really has lost the little spark and personality she had. Like when she was with Reggie or even Kris.

      • Snowflake says:

        Nah, I think she decided to take a step back and let other people do her dirty work. Her image was pretty trashed after Kris Humphreys and how she treated him. She decided to lay low

      • C says:

        I agree. Zero chemistry.

      • minx says:

        To me he has looked miserable for their entire marriage, and she looks like she barely notices him.

    • tw says:

      I always say this! I don’t believe they actually live together.

  3. tinyfencer says:

    Seriously, is anybody surprised by this?

  4. minx says:

    How can he change diapers from Europe?

    • Ellaus says:

      By proxy…. His (their) nanny is doing it…. I don’t think any of them is up changing diapers in the middle of the night… Their children primary caregivers are nannies and posskbly Kim does the fin and loving stuff…. I don’t buy her complains, he is a mysoginistic narcissist, and knowing this she had three children with him…

    • Bethany F says:

      i think it’s a new feature on skype

    • Raina says:

      @MINX lolololol….true. I mean, priorities, right.
      I have a shady feel about Star Mag and “sources” but this rings true to me in a few ways with the absentee behavior, the disconnect.
      I’ve met new fathers or mothers who only seemed to develop an interest in their children once they could have a conversation with them or were able to control their behavior better. Narcissistics/control freaks usually ignore newborns. Newborns are too selfish for them. That doesn’t jive with their sense of entitlement.

  5. RBC says:

    Certainly sounds like the scene is being set for Kim and the children to move back in with Kris. Then the rumours of a divorce from Kanye to make the rounds again.
    The birth and naming of Kimye’s daughter didn’t really make a big of splash as the birth of Kylie’s daughter and that must piss off Kim.
    Would Kim go as far as file for divorce to get attention? I can’t say but she and Kris will certainly pull out all the stops to get the attention focused back on her. We are talking about the Kardashians

  6. lightpurple says:

    She knew what she signed up for.

  7. trollontheloose says:

    after the 72 -day marriage of Kim collapsed she needed an image hauling and she got it back with Kanye. Then her narrative of being reformed followed with a baby and ever since she used them as accessories/doting mother. Kanye was much more happy looking when he was Amber. Same with Kim: she was more happy looking more jovial less “up your butt”. Him insisting of “don’t smile so you can look like a serious goddess” and putting her in his clothing line is about control. Him having a nervous breakdown was showing a major crack on her so-call marital bliss. But can one be surprised when Kim was preggo Kanye was barely there, jetting off to Paris for weeks at time same when she gave birth… I think at this point is all about keeping appearance with the scheduled outings every now and then and then he’s off to Wyoming or Paris or New York. He’s not the type who binds with his kids until a few months later. they should quit trying to compete/compare with the Beyonce and Co.

  8. Lilith says:

    Well you can’t turn a man ho into a house husband.

  9. Lizzie says:

    my SIL, who has three children and is a phenomenal elementary school teacher can barely stand newborn babies. she can’t take the crying and she can’t cope with the non-verbal cues. she would get so overloaded with stress that she shut down and couldn’t use her intuition. she was so stressed and frankly, insane, with each of her kids i marveled at why she kept doing it but now that they are older she’s a totally different mom. that is the long way of saying – not everyone is into babies.

    • gatorbait says:

      I’m not into babies either. I got pregnant and I learned to cope and care for my child. No one said he has to be into babies but he could help take care of the human he helped make. I don’t get why women have to do all the work whether they want to all the time or not. Oh yeah, I guess our lack of a penis means we have to take personal responsibility for our offspring.

  10. Snowflake says:

    Cmon, I don’t buy this b.s. because for her to be angry he’s not changing diapers, she would have to be changing diapers. And I don’t buy she changes diapers. She’s said in the past that she gets weekly manicures. And do you think she gets up in the middle of the night to feed them? She’s talked on her show before about how she needs a lot of sleep. Neither one of them changes diapers or does feedings. Sounds like she’s ready for a divorce.

  11. Alix says:

    “I judge a man who refuses to change his own baby’s diapers and get up for feedings.”

    Any such man is just a boy, regardless of his age. Pathetic.

    • unamadridista says:

      That’s unfair and quite rude to assume that, because not every man has a job that would allow him to be around to do those things. My husband is not at all going to be involved in diaper changes or nightly feedings. He gets up at 4am and works until past 9pm and that’s when he’s not out of the country on business, where would he have time to help me? Would that even be a reasonable thing to ask of him? I don’t even want his help in those areas, as I am a housewife and will have help in the form of my mother and a night nurse to assist with any baby stuff. Some of us women enjoy traditional roles and everything that comes with that. I never want my husband’s help with cleaning, cooking, shopping, etc. He has a difficult, stressful job of running domestic and international companies to provide us with a very nice life, so how can I complain when all that’s asked of me is to tend to domestic duties with any help I need?

      Furthermore, there is nothing pathetic or boyish about a husband not wanting to help with those things. My husband is just very conservative and traditional in that regard, but he is a great man who takes excellent care of us. Many households struggle with finances and balancing schedules; my husband makes sure we never have to worry about that. I’ll take that over him changing any diapers.

      • Ange says:

        For one, refusing is different to not being around. Secondly yes a man who refuses to do these things is no man. Even if your husband works he had a hand in making those babies and should be ok with pitching in. Just because you’re ok with it doesn’t mean it’s not a silly stance to take.

      • unamadridista says:

        @Ange, I happen to disagree. Silly is a matter of opinion, and to me it’s not silly. My father didn’t do those things, neither did any man in his family, it didn’t mean he didn’t “pitch in”. Every couple has a different understanding about these things. My husband wasn’t raised to do traditional household duties; he never had to and I wouldn’t be married to him if he had different views on division of household responsibilities. Not changing diapers and not being able to do late night feedings doesn’t mean a man is not pitching in. I have cleaning staff that does the heavy duty cleaning like washing floors, vacuuming, and cleaning bathrooms once a week (even though I’m not working outside of home, physically capable, and had a hand in creating that mess), does that mean that I’m less of a woman for not wanting to do those things simply because I find them unpleasant?

        I know plenty of men who changed diapers and helped with late night feedings, but they’ve also ended up not being good partners for their wives. So doing those things doesn’t make a man a man or a model husband. I’d rather judge people on their whole character, not on things they want to delegate or want to avoid doing.

  12. ThenThereIsThat says:

    I think he has real mental issues. And Kim wanted three babies from the same father so she is staying with him for that reason. Soon more divorce rumors will be coming and she will eventually file.

    None of these women seem to love and respect men. They use them for baby-making and then throw them out to the curb. They are all rich and can support their children on their own.

    On a personal note I stayed home with my babies and breastfed while my husband worked. I did all feedings (I wasn’t a cow and didn’t want to pump) and I did all night stuff and changed most diapers.My husband is not a baby person, but once they got older he bonded with them like crazy and they mean everything to him. Biologically/generically women are more prone to love babies than men.

    • Gutterflower says:

      Pumping makes you a cow? Hmmm. Well “moo” I guess cuz I occasionally pumped so my husband could feel included and I could sleep or run errands.

      • ThenThereIsThat says:

        My breasts my choice Gutterflower. I personally didn’t like pumping (say what you want, it is the same technology they use on cows) and preferred snuggling with my baby feeding them directly from my breast. It was easier, cheaper, cleaner, and gave me an excuse to relax.

      • Anon33 says:

        Oh sweetie, get off the cross. Jesus needs the wood.

    • Roxy says:

      There’s no need to call women who pump “cows”… That was uncalled for. Yes, your breasts, your choice, but wow.

    • Raina says:

      Cows? You mean someone feeding their child. Cows, mothers, fathers, kids need food. Pumping is feeding. And formula is feeding. Some people can’t breastfeed.
      So yeah, end goal should be: Baby eats. That’s good.

      • Raina says:

        You sound like a judgey jerk. Good for you that you were able to do that. Some people had to be cows or, HORRORS!!!!!, formula feed. And don’t say you don’t come across that way, because you do. But I’m sure it doesn’t matter to you what you sound like. Clearly.
        🐄 moo lady.

    • megs283 says:

      Does anyone WANT to pump?? I sure as hell didn’t, but mama’s gotta work. And no judgment to moms that use formula.

  13. Taxi says:

    I doubt Kim changes diapers or gets up in the night either. She’s setting the stage for the separation/divorce with which she’ll threaten Kanye. The threat might get her more of whatever it is she wants from him, and that isn’t diaper & feeding duties.

  14. OG OhDear says:

    Guys, it’s Star magazine. They’ve never been reliable and make up stuff all the time.

  15. Jordan says:

    When you have children with a boy, not a man.

  16. Mama says:

    Um, duh? No surprise.

  17. Other Renee says:

    Does anybody seriously believe Kim changes diapers? Like when? Between naked selfies?
    Gotta bless my ex-husband, he was a total pro and definitely did his share of diaper changes and feedings. And when the diaper was REALLY bad, he would roll up his sleeves and tell me, “Just stand there with the paper towels. I’ve got this.”

  18. Red32 says:

    Considering Kanye’s behavior last year, he probably *shouldn’t* be responsible for caring for a baby right now. He is responsible for his own actions, but I’m also confused why Kim would purposely have a third baby with someone who appeared to be having a breakdown. I feel bad for their kids, but not for her.

  19. Ang says:

    I knew this new baby was a mistake neither Kim or Kanye needed another child. Kim is no Kourtney who I believe takes responsibility for her three children. Kourtney may have staff but she’s hands on. Kim is only got her mind on herself and that phony fake ass body of hers.

  20. littlemissnaughty says:

    I really don’t think this was a save-the-marriage-baby. Kim simply wanted another kid. How much Kanye was truly involved in that decision will probably stay a mystery but she made it clear that she wanted another kid.

    I think he can’t deal with babies because they don’t react to him much. As in, he needs a mirror. Newborns are basically very cute, exhausting black holes for attention.

  21. Frosty says:

    As if either of them actually changes diapers or does midnight feedings themselves. #nannies

  22. Jag says:

    He’s horrible. He should be acting like a parent – not just someone who uses his kids for PR. I’m guessing that he agreed to another child so that Kim would stay with him, since it’s her “thing” now to be a mother which makes her money.

    His sneakers are ugly in that header photo.

    I’m surprised that Kim didn’t relactate and nurse Chi since she apparently breastfed her other children.

    • jwoolman says:

      I doubt that Kim breastfeed her other two. Possibly tried it a bit in the hospital for show. She left Nori for a week when Nori was quite young and tried to pretend she was still breastfeeding (even claiming she considered shipping her milk to her, which made no sense since she could have frozen it with pumping at home). People noticed no common signs of breastfeeding (leakage) although not everybody visibly leaks.

      Plus Nori acted as though she didn’t know Kim for at least the first year and a half. That’s inconsistent with being breastfed.

      Kim is so likely to outsource everything for babies and breastfeeding has to be done in real time on the baby’s schedule. Not likely with Kim. Besides, sleeping ten hours a night was inconsistent with that. I don’t recall her ever talking about pumping. But Kim lies repeatedly.

  23. psl says:

    ….and Kim does? Please, she is too busy taking naked selfies to be bothered with a baby crying in the middle of the night. That is what nannies and night nurses are for!

    Their kids will have financial security, but that is all. Future generation of messes, that is what’s coming.

  24. Heat says:

    First of all, this is Star Magazine, so I’m willing to bet that the entire article is just recycled speculation.
    Secondly, why is it surprising to anyone that Kanye doesn’t change diapers or do feedings? What WOULD surprise me would be if he (or Kim, for that matter) actually DID!
    To be fair, I’d say that Kim might have changed a bum or two along the way, and she may do the daytime feedings, but that would be it.
    And you know what? It’s their choice, no matter how they do it. They aren’t the first couple ‘of means’ to pay for nannies and nurses for their children, and they won’t be the last. As long as the children are being nurtured and loved and cared for, does it matter how it happens?
    This is just another example of parent-shaming.
    I am not a Kardashian fan, by any stretch of the imagination, but we can’t get a pass on shaming people just because we don’t like them.

  25. Ozogirl says:

    I’m doubtful that she even does those things…

  26. Alexandria says:

    I think this is just another story to keep Kim in the news cos I don’t think either of them help with the nitty gritty stuff. Which is fine since they can afford help. Neither do I think Kim intends to set the stage to divorce Kanye. Not saying it won’t happen in future, I just don’t see her as being that desperate, for now. She still seems to get a following online. Meh.

  27. You pay someone to carry your baby, then you pay someone else to take care of that baby … I don’t understand why you wanted that baby ?