Page Six: Justin Theroux ‘initiated’ the separation, Jen Aniston isn’t what she seems

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Lainey at LaineyGossip has some good theories and analysis on why the timeline of Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux’s split and split announcement doesn’t make much sense if this is truly an evolved conscious-uncoupling type of breakup. The general point that Lainey makes is that it feels like Justin and/or Justin’s people (his friends, maybe) were and are the ones leaking some sh-t about the breakup. As we discussed on Friday, Page Six’s sources – New York sources, where Justin has been living for months – say that Justin is “really bored by her whole Hollywood crowd, and she’s not into his edgy, arty scene.” E! News’ sources also leaned into this whole thing about how Justin is the biggest, edgiest hipster to ever dumpster-dive for “art” or whatever. The point is that it does feel like Justin – or people around Justin – are not down with Jennifer’s attempt to “manage” this story. On Saturday, Page Six had another interesting take:

Jennifer Aniston’s hatred of New York doomed her marriage to Justin Theroux, friends say. The actress had tried to move to Manhattan after she fell for Justin, 46, who owns a place in Greenwich Village, but Jen, 49, “couldn’t deal with the paparazzi and the pokey apartment,” and retreated back to the privacy of her sprawling Bel Air estate.

“Jennifer is more comfortable in Los Angeles with her close-knit group of friends,” said a source, adding, “But Justin doesn’t feel as at home in LA, nor with Jennifer’s friends, he loves New York, and the edgier crowd in the city.”

While the couple, who married in 2015 after dating for five years, spent a lot of time apart for work, he began taking more time alone in NYC. The source added, “As they spent more and more time apart, their problems became bigger. He’s very focused on himself and his craft. And Jen is not the easygoing girl she wants the public to think she is. She isn’t as happy, and she is far more complicated.”

Putting further strain on the relationship, Justin’s career is busier than ever with upcoming films, “On the Basis of Sex”, “Mute” and “The Spy Who Dumped Me.” Jennifer, who still earns millions from product deals and “Friends” reruns, has been taking on fewer big roles – her next movie is a comedy called “Dumplin’”.

They announced their split Thursday, hours after Page Six contacted their reps about the separation, which we were told was initiated by Justin.

Uncomfortably, Jen is on the cover of Architectural Digest’s brand new issue, showing off her and Justin’s supposed Bel Air “love nest.” The article swoons, “Jennifer…crafts a scene of pure domestic bliss with husband Justin Theroux.” She coos in the piece, “I look around at my husband and my dogs and our home, and there’s nowhere else I want to be.” Tellingly, there’s no sign of Justin at the home. And on Thursday, as Architectural Digest editor Amy Astley hosted an NYC cocktail party to celebrate the issue, “Everyone’s phones started pinging with a news alert that Jen and Justin had split. It was all rather embarrassing. The magazine editors had no idea.”

[From Page Six]

Well well. “They announced their split Thursday, hours after Page Six contacted their reps about the separation, which we were told was initiated by Justin.” I didn’t know Justin had it in him – I bet you $10 that Justin (or someone close to him) leaked the news to Page Six and that’s why the hasty “joint statement” was released Thursday evening. As for this: “And Jen is not the easygoing girl she wants the public to think she is. She isn’t as happy, and she is far more complicated.” I’ve always sort of wondered about this, that the happy-LA-beach-girl persona had a darker underbelly.

A few more things – one, TMZ says that Jennifer and Justin might not be legally married after all, because they never filed a marriage license in LA County. TMZ’s sources say “there’s been talk for a long time they might not be legally married” and that neither Justin nor Jennifer have contacted any LA-based divorce lawyers. Here’s the hot gossip I want to see: Justin hires Laura Wasser, who is currently representing Angelina Jolie. PLEASE!

Last thing: sources claim that Jennifer was uncomfortable and/or pissed off by how friendly Justin looked with Naomi Watts several months back. Naomi and Justin? I could see it, but I don’t think it’s happening. If I had to put money on it, I suspect that IF there is another woman involved, she will be younger and brunette. And arty, for the love of God.

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  1. Agapanthus says:

    God. If Naomi Watts is interested in him, I will never see her in the same light again…he makes my skin crawl.

    • SilverUnicorn says:

      Ditto to the last part.

      And WTH with the leaks… is this breakup going to be too nasty too soon? Cuz we got 5 threads in 3 days and they’re all about Justin complaining…

      (Was anyone spooked about how well he played the cheater in ‘Girl on a Train’? )

    • KBB says:

      The photo is from over a year ago and the story originated in the National Enquirer. She was still with Liev at the time and then dated Billy Crudup after they broke up. It’s all bunk. They’re old friends from Mulholland Drive.

    • Talie says:

      Well, she already lives in NY, so there’s that! Haha

    • magnoliarose says:

      I would be surprised if it is Naomi Watts, but homeboy has come out swinging. Lol. Ok then.

    • serena says:

      Yep. But I think she’s smarter that this, hopefully..

    • SM says:

      I agree. I never understood what is about him that is so appaling to me… too much grooming and self-importance for one? Oh, and also the cheating on his then girlfriend with Jen. And he needs to stop now. I am not a Jen fan but all that bragging about being so artsy fartsy and hip, he needs to drop the act. Needless to say drop those skinny jeans at his age and with his short legs. It’s not hip. It’s sad. And overall, Jen may be shallow but there is nothing wrong with living in your comfort zone, as long as you are not doing anyone any harm. If she likes to eat the same salat with the same people and talk about hair and water that is her right. Like in my circle there are different women. Some of them prefer to spend their time raising kids and talking about beauty and doing yoga and not contribute to any political causes or evolve themselves. But I do realize that is their right and this is their path and while at times I may judge them a little in my own head, I would never ever shame a womam for her choice, even if I disagree with it. Like it’s Jen’s fault she is getting a divorce for the second time because she is boring.

      • Uglyartwork says:

        He has been wearing the SAME outfit for FIVE years.

        I don’t understand what’s edgy?

      • Geekychick says:

        I have nothing against him for wearing skinny jeans*.
        i have everything against him for cheating on heidi bivens, his girlfriend of 15years(from her 20th to her 35th, I think) with JA.

        *my husband is build in a way that in everything except skinny jeans he looks bulky. He still won’t wear skinny jeans in fear of being a hipster. sigh…stop prejudices on skinny jeans and let me enjoy a pretty husband! (jk)

      • jwoolman says:

        It’s kind of hard to feel sorry for him when they had dated for several years. It’s not like it was a whirlwind courtship. They had time to get to know each other.

        And he married a Hollywood actress with strong roots in LA and then says he’s bored by her Hollywood friends?!?

        Now maybe anything he really feels is getting very distorted through the “anonymous source” filters, so we shouldn’t be too hard on the lad.

    • Justin is a writer, comedian, and character actor… all of which, I think he’s pretty good at.

      But it’s obvious he wants more… that he’s paranoid about not being cool enough, or young enough, to be considered a Hollywood leading man, hence, the need to let the public know how ‘cool’, ‘edgy’, and ‘young’ he is, and the rockstar/poet/tortured artist starter pack he’s always busting out.

      With this in mind, his association with Aniston is curious…

      Her brand and lifestyle couldn’t be more different… and she seems to be actively slowing down, career-wise, while he scrambles to rev up.

      Were they really that much in love, and said ‘fuck it’? Or, a much darker take… did he think he could use her Hollywood connections to become a star? Though, it’s not like he’s never had connections of his own… he wrote and produced Tropic Thunder. **shrugs**

      As for Naomi Watts, I don’t think he’s her type.

      • perplexed says:

        Isn’t he now too old to be a leading man? I mean, if you’re not already a leading man to begin with (like Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt).

      • Wheeeeelll…

        Anything is possible if you work hard enough?

        I want to believe that. I really, really NEED to believe that… dem breaks in life can really suck, sometimes.

        But, regardless… he seems to go about achieving his dreams of ‘Brad Pitt’ realness in a confused, disingenuous fashion.

        I want to say, “Justin! Dude! Start showing us YOUR special talents, quirks, and whatnot… and stop showing us what you think we want to see – (with the exception of former Mickey Mouse club alum-type situations) that never works.”

    • SeitanWorshipper says:

      I agree with the skin-crawl comment above. Credit where it’s due in that he’s not a bad actor but I’m judging him for those leaks about him being so committed to perfecting his art and being so edgy and gritty in contrast to Jen Aniston’s superficial LA style. Reminds me of ScarJo going on about being a city rat.

      Very little depth to these people; they think they’re so ultra-modern, cultured, and gritty because they love living in a big-city, urban-environment locale and can appreciate graffiti and art-for-art’s-sake galleries, grungy bars then upmarket restaurants, and the gritty look that comes with not bathing for five days. Where’s the depth? There’s more depth in someone who’s, for example, super political because they’re at least looking up from their navel and have a wider context beyond superficial “culture” and “grittiness.”

    • India Rose says:

      I wish everyone who hates on Theroux for his clothes and his hipster style and his personal life would watch him in The Leftovers. I had never seen him in anything before and just finished all three seasons.

      The Leftovers was outstanding in every way. The writing, directing, editing and especially the acting. My God, Carrie Coon and Justin Theroux can act. (And Amy Brenneman, Scott Glenn, Liv Tyler, Regina King, Kevin Carroll, Ann Dowd, Christopher Eccleston…) This was Damon Lindelof’s redemption series after people hated on Lost and he nailed it, owing much to Theroux’s performance.

      The range the actors had to portray was so intense. The show was breathtaking. And became a critical darling, but never got a strong audience following, which is such a shame.

      I am now strongly in Theroux’s corner when it comes to acting projects. I’d watch anything he’s in. He was truly that good.

  2. pwal says:

    Not buying the Naomi as the interloper. Career-wise, Naomi is in a better position (read: she continues to get hired), so this may be another attempt by Aniston to get some career momentum at the expense of another woman.

    • Tana says:

      So much shade in this, don’t even know where to begin. Aniston used the triangle to get ahead as did Brange. Also it’s not a good look for any woman to be cheated on, makes them look undesirable, but sure… she’s using rumours of other women cheating with her husband, to further her career!

      • WMGDtoo says:

        Some patterns never stop

      • Merritt says:


        How exactly does being cheated on further a person’s career? Because that doesn’t make any sense.

      • Whatthewhat says:

        It makes the woman who was cheated on look undesirable? Huh, I always thought it made the cheater look like a jerk.

      • Ennie says:

        pity from the minivan majority for the relatable forever friendly Friends girly-girl, the poor all american girl needs your back up! that angle.

      • WMGDtoo says:

        If you don’t think that whole triangle furthered her career you are not seeing things clearly. Jennifer Aniston got to be the wronged woman. And yes it helped her career. When all of that got old so did her career choices. Just a fact of life.

  3. Mamma says:

    Don’t know about Jennifer being complicated etc but Justin sure is exhausting! It’s tires me out just reading about how cool he is, like an angst ridden 16 year old trying to impress the ladies, boring

    • Abby says:

      Yes! This makes me tired reading it. Edgier, artier, hipster. That sounds exhausting.

    • annabanana says:

      I know! In every article it has to be emphasized how edgy he is! It’s getting tiring already

    • Esmom says:

      That’s why it’s weird to think this is coming from him. Most people who are truly edgy and arty don’t need to keep telling people they are, lol. This just seems like a third party’s take on the situation to me.

      • SilverUnicorn says:


        Or Huvane setting Aniston up for another pity party… poor Jen, cheated on (this might be true) and victim of edgy-artsy-fartsy evil hipster Justin.

      • Sullivan says:

        Esmom, I think you’re right. This sounds like a third party. One who isn’t even that close to Justin, because he’s ruining Justin’s precious rep with this ‘arty, edgy’ stuff.

        Makes me wonder…

      • CynicalCeleste says:

        I don’t believe he’s truly edgy nor arty. Where is the evidence of his artistic leanings, other than being an actor like everyone else in LA and half of NY? Wearing black and driving motorcycles…yes, so edgy.

      • Ennie says:

        I’m with unicorn.

      • Lorelai says:

        @SilverUnicorn…I don’t know. If you read an article in today’s Daily Fail (I know…consider the source!), it claims that the whole “poor Jen, why can’t she find lasting love?” narrative sends her into fits of rage. Which I can believe. Many people thing the “triangle” nonsense benefitted her, but it also always made her seem kind of pathetic and who would want to perpetuate that?

        I am way more interested in the fact that there is no marriage license on file and TMZ is claiming they were never even legally married!

        Justin seems like an insufferable tool.
        I think MagnoliaRose said it best the other day: that he is as “edgy as a spoon” 😂

      • Felicia says:

        Thing is, he’s probably not so edgy or artsy as he thinks he is. Or would like people to think he is. The guy does Fashion Week shows FFS. D-list “See and be seen” territory.

    • Rhys says:

      They make it sound like being New York and artsy is awesome and being LA and Hollywood is not. To each their own. I spend most of my adult years in Los Angeles and I love the easygoing vibe and the space and the general feel of life being good. New York is very different and thats okay too. Justin should just stay in his “pokey” (haha!) apartment and play a guitar or something.

      • Luca76 says:

        When you have as much money as Aniston NY and LA are almost exactly the same (as are all the other major cities) . She can hop on a private jet and hang out with similar people, eat at similar restaurants etc. I’m guessing it was more the location of his apartment wasn’t 5 star enough.
        As for LA being laidback eh traffic is hellacious even at the oddest hours. Everyone has road rage. You can’t walk anywhere. But that’s for pleibians.

      • Rhys says:

        @Luca76 – yes, the traffic is indeed a beast. My daily commute to work, which should’ve been no more than 20 minutes, turned into 1 hour (one-way) snail speed torture. I don’t agree about the road rage. People in NY are sick with road rage. They yell and honk at one another all day long. I’ve never witnessed so much anger and aggression as I am seeing on the streets of New York! Not in LA. People taking freeways are simply resigned to the reality of it. The streets are covered in speed bumps so speeding is not easy. The cars actually stop before the crossing lines as opposed to in NY where they practically pressing on the back of your feet.
        LA is definitely more laid back.

      • Luca76 says:

        Agree to disagree about NYC aggression. IMO When it comes down to it people in NY in general are straightforward but helpful but in LA tend to be laidback but completely detached. When a NYer asks how you doing we actually want to hear how you’re doing. Whereas I find LA type compassion fairly superficial. Don’t get me wrong driving in NYC traffic is hell but most Nyers don’t do that. They take a subway or walk even celebrities. Tourists, suburbanites, and delivery people drive. And it’s predictable when and where there’s going to be a traffic jam. We also have far less major highways. It’s just a whole other level of crazy driving.

      • Rhys says:

        @Lica76 – what does “but the New Yorkers really want to know how you are doing” has to do with road rage? Shrug.

    • Louise177 says:

      I don’t think Jennifer is complicated. She doesn’t like change. She’s had the same hair, style, vacations, ect for decades. I think her publicist keeps saying that the NY paps hound her. There’s plenty of more interesting and famous people living there than her who is left alone.

      As for Justin he’s such a poser. In interviews he sounds like any other guy regardless of the the leather and motorcycles.

      • minx says:

        Yes, thank you. Hardcore NY paps hounding poor Jennifer Aniston? They have bigger fish to fry.

      • Ennie says:

        looking, doing and eating the same doesn’t mean easy going all the time. I know a friend who still is too set in her ways , she’s not spontaneous at all. she has had a hell of a time trying to find love, as she has personal, demanding quirks and is difficult to live with. she is a good person who is trying to adapt now that she is with someone, but boy he hangout to be patient, and she still thinks he is not on par with her. appearances deceive.

      • Lorelai says:

        I live right near the building where she bought two apartments (I believe she’s sold them since then) in the West Village and can confirm that there were paparazzi staked out all. the. time. A big crowd of them; I could see the whole spectacle from a block away. They really did hound her, at least for a while. This was years ago, though.

        We could always tell when Justin was there because his motorcycle would be parked outside.

      • isabelle says:

        This makes her sounds like she actually has it together and seems relatively normal.

    • Milla says:

      Still waiting to see his art. He is creepy and his friends are creepy and i have no idea how were they ever an item. And Watts isn’t the problem, bet he shares gals with his pap scary Terry

      • isabelle says:

        They’re 100% hipster douches lords. “edgy”, which means in reality they occasionally get milk in their Lattes, making sure to hold it the hand that has the killer tattoos.

      • magnoliarose says:

        Hahaha isabelle.

    • Tate says:

      Perfect description.

    • Christin says:

      He should do a remake of the Breakfast Club — the middle-aged version.

      Put four more super thirsty celebs in it, and voila: Angst of the Artsy Middle Ager (Justin could be the male version of Ally’s original character, who is super quiet and then suddenly talkative), the Studious One, the Prima Donna, the Jock and the Bad Boy.

      • Liberty says:

        I love this concept.

      • Liberty says:

        — you need to cast the rest. 🙂

      • Christin says:

        The word “angst” and 16-year-old brought that movie to mind.

        Given the original audience (myself included) are now middle-aged, it would probably be a hit movie.

      • Liberty says:

        It probably would be, and hovering agents are probably already freaking out reading what you wrote. Screen shot your idea! Somewhere, Goop is already calling Uncle Steve about the Molly Ringwald role.

      • Lady D says:

        Super thirsty brings to mind Susan Sarandon and SJP.

      • Christin says:

        There are many casting opportunities, aren’t there. This could be a modern day casting clamoring, similar to Scarlett/GWTW. 😂

      • magnoliarose says:

        Susan Sarandon would be too old for the movie. 40s to early 50s I would think.
        Charlize as the popular snob. Sterling from This Is Us as the nerd with pressure. Justin can play the Judd part. Some diversity would be nice.

      • Sarah Anne says:

        Oooh love sterling as the nerdy one. Beyonce as molly ringwald, Claire Danes as ally, Justin as Judd, and Pacey as Emilio

    • isabelle says:

      Also why is it bad to be so called complicated? Are women still supposed to be simple but cool at all times amp; pleasant all the time? Sexist garbage. Hollywood and its so called liberalism & acceptance movements. Rights for everyone, except women need to accommodate every stereotype of the perfect cool girl that never causes trouble and lets everyone tell her what to do and act. Jen, Jen, Jen how dare you be complicated and not like the paps.

      • BrutalEthyl says:

        Exactly. Nobody is happy or happily simple all the time. We all have moods, some worse than others. IMO Jen is a pro who is able to keep her cool in public. Sure she’s complicated and has pissy days, but she does it in the privacy of her own home or with her friends.

  4. Anne says:

    These statements are so condescending. I guess we’re seeing Theroux’s dark side instead of Jen’s. And really, “she isn’t as happy, and she’s far more complicated?” That’s such a disgusting thing thing to say. So what if she’s “complicated”? She has the right to be as “complicated” as she damn well wants to be. Is Theroux’s sources saying he can’t stand it if a woman’s not happy and smiling all the time? Well suck it up buttercup. You dumped the woman who’s not “complicated”.

    • Renee2 says:


      Since he’s so artsy you’d think that her being “complicated” would be appreciated.

      • FLORC says:

        His scene is Uncle Terry. It’s not so much being edgy and arty as it is boundary pushing and self congratulatory.

        The edgy art scene is great imo, but only when done right. Stripping down to raw emotion. Not exploitive and criminal.

    • Shannon says:

      ^^^^ x1000 cosign

    • ORIGINAL T.C. says:

      O think he’s just saying she is not really as carefree, as the “Happy California blonde” as she portrays herself. She might be an unhappy person deep down and try to play the role expected of her in public.

      Anyway, Justin stayed long enough to learn all her media tricks and he will use them to prevent becoming the bad guy or to continue her poor Jen game. I’m guess.

      • notasugarhere says:

        This seems plausible. Complicated is a nicer way of saying unhappy, controlling, refuses-to-change for the sake of a relationship, obsessed with her PR image, etc.

        Her talent and career don’t warrant her having the level of public attention she’s spun in to lucrative endorsement deals, but the crafted PR image keeps the money rolling in.

        She has the powerful PR folks behind her. If she chooses to move away from the Poor Jen storyline after 10 years, that would be a welcome change.

      • ms says:

        God forbid a woman actually experience emotions? I don’t get it. People are complicated and multi faceted. This is exhausting.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Who is saying women aren’t allowed to experience emotions? I wrote that “complicated” was a nicer way of writing what might be the multiple aspects of her character.

    • Jenny says:

      I agree, Anne. He comes off as such an a-hole.

      I’m with Lainey on this one – I think he’s a habitual cheater and is leaking like a maniac to get ahead of the narrative and try to put the spotlight on Jennifer instead of on the fact he probably can’t keep it in his pants.

    • Abby says:

      Yeah totally. I’m not a Jen apologist or anything but dang, we are allowed to not be happy all the time and God forbid, complicated. No one is slamming him for not being happy and easygoing. I would be really naive to think she’s happy all the time. That’s life and reality.

    • CynicalCeleste says:

      Totes agree!

    • LT says:

      Frankly, if she really is “more complicated,” it would make me like her better. I’ve always found her a bit bland, so a bit of complexity would make her a lot more interesting.

      • Lahdidahbaby says:

        Ditto. LT. I was glad to read that about her. Hope it’s true.

        As for him, he is a teeny-legged poser with creepy friends and shoe-polish hair that doesn’t match his beard.

      • Wurstfingers says:

        Same. She has quite a dry sense of humor, so revealing a darker, more complicated persona makes her more interesting to me. Basically…fork you, Justin, is what I’m saying.

    • isabelle says:

      Its sexist plain and simple. She got dragged after Brad cheated on her and looks like she is once again going to get dragged with “cool” boy Justin.

  5. Jb says:

    And live in NYC. And hate LA. Oh and probably an artist. Who went to NYU.

  6. Hh says:

    The “LA-NY divide” stories are baffling. Their preferred locations and accompanying personalities were WELL known prior to their marriage. They dated for four years. It’s so weird. It definitely sounds like Justin making up a story to cover up for something else. I’m ollesning toward it being Justin’s fault since all of these stories make such a point of saying he’s above it all and above Hollywood.

    • Hh says:

      Not sure what my autocorrect was doing but that was supposed to say “I’m only leaning toward…”

    • AnnaKist says:

      Hi, Hh. I wondered about what they learned about each other in all their dating years, too. Did he not notice that she preferred the LA life and her tight-knit group of friends? Did it go over her head that he preferred NY and his artsy, edgy crowd? Yeah, I think there’s more to this, too.

      I’ve always been curious about how legal these tropical island marriages are – Jerry Hall + Mick Jagger, anyone? In any case, wouldn’t they be classed as a de-facto/common law couple, even if their marriage is not considered legal?

      • minx says:

        I thought they got married in Bel Air, no?

      • KiddV says:

        There are no common law rights in California, nor in most states.

      • MissMarierose says:

        @minx: Yeah, i’m pretty sure they got married in her backyard.

      • Sophia's Side eye says:

        We don’t have common law marriage laws here in California. Plus it seems that this never really lived together either. Hopefully it’s true they’re not married and they can just wash their hands of each other.

      • Snappyfish says:

        Didn’t Jimmy Kimmel officiate? So the whole no marriage license plus talk show host could cast on the legitimacy

      • Argonaut says:

        @Snappyfish to be fair, anyone can be ordained to perform a marriage ceremony. not tough, just some paperwork. kimmel might be ordained.

      • maryquitecontrary says:

        In California, you can file a “confidential marriage.” I think that makes it more difficult to “find” a marriage license, since it was filed confidentially. Not sure how it works, though.

      • CountyClerk says:

        Correct. Confidential marriage in California means the marriage is not listed in the public record. California is one of a small number of states where this type of marriage license is available. It’s ver legal and binding, just not accessible from the marriage index in the county public records.

    • Louise177 says:

      Actually I think it’s true. When they were dating they split their time between LA and NY. It seemed like they spent most of the time in LA when they got engaged. Plus Justin got a career bump from their relationship. He also spent a lot of time on location in other cities.

    • magnoliarose says:

      I don’t believe this pre-emptive strike at all. Though I really believe a shoe is about to drop hard. He is messing with one of the queens of working the tabloids, love it or hate it, the girl knows how to craft a story. Angelina is good at it too, but during the triangle, JA was a master victim and built an entire career on this. Remember the photos of her with Brad’s mother “caught” in the car? She has a foil now, so I wonder what she will do.

      I grew up on both coasts and though my roots are New York, the back and forth has never stopped. Some of my siblings and relatives are on the West Coast. There are a boatload of New Yorkers in LA. After a while, the back and forth seems normal and the flight time is a shrug.
      They can fly in the lap of luxury, privately any time they want by calling up friends, leasing, the studio, agents whoever. Private planes can be arranged with no effort.
      And poser boy knows his edgy self loves living in the lap of luxury and loves private planes. He is so full of it. The more this narrative is pushed, the more I side eye him.

      • Lahdidahbaby says:

        Yep, MRose, It really sounds like the other shoe is about to drop, and I hope it drops squarely on his shoe-polished head.

      • LadyT says:

        The real reason hasn’t been exposed yet. This LA/NY lifestyle difference is old news to absolutely everyone and is NOT the story. I think it was over, she had a timeline and plan with “their” publicist Huvane to roll out the break-up. But he jumped ship to benefit himself in some way and/or he’s done something so egregious that she was forced to change her timeline.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Maybe he was sick of the PR image and games, and decided not to play along this time? She and Huvane had a plan, JT wasn’t planning on being the newest baddie in the Poor Jen act.

        I’d like to see her to stop shilling and try acting in something that isn’t Rachel Green Plays X on the Big Screen.

        If he truly thinks he’s Mr Talent Hipster, why does he waste his time on Hollywood crap? Time to try his hand at being Sam Shepard Mark 2 and write for the stage. See if any of his family’s literary talent shows up in him.

  7. Shannon says:

    So being ‘complicated’ is a dark underbelly? Obviously she’s got her persona and she sticks to it – most celebrities do, it’s their brand. Calling it a dark underbelly makes it sound like she’s got body parts wrapped in plastic wrap in her freezer or something. He’s coming off like real douche here – has she even said anything to ‘put her spin’ on the story? I’m seriously asking. The Naomi Watts thing was probably floated by Justin to make himself look good. He really seems like a man/child skeezer. Sounds like he got with her for the career boost (I’d never heard of him before JA), played the long con and then quickly lost interest – or she realized what he was about and said F it.

    • M says:

      I’m bristling at the “complicated” line too. Women & men = humans = complicated. If anyone’s dating someone who’s not I’d love to hear about it.

    • Luca76 says:

      But who wants to be married to a ‘brand’?

      • Esmom says:

        Aren’t you describing all of Hollywood marriages though? Most celebs have their own brand/persona. But presumably their spouses get that and see the real person.

      • Luca76 says:

        I sound like I’m defending him so to be clear I think this is all bs he cheated and is gaslighting…but I also think what he is saying has some truth because it’s exactly my impression of her. She’s both boring banal superficial but insanely obsessed with her image to a neurotic extent. I mean if they weren’t in fact married they did the People covers as a publicity stunt. The engagement photos etc. maybe she’s just never off.

      • magnoliarose says:

        That has always been the thing about her. Her image is far from the reality. She and Chelsea Handler had a lot in common until Chelsea effed up somehow. JA isn’t nearly as chilled out as she projects.
        When they say complex, they mean emotionally and is hard to live with. That has been said over and over. Driven and business oriented and very ambitious with some neurotic tendencies that include being very controlling.
        I believe it. An ex-friend was like that. Very controlled, hyper about her weight, wore the same hairstyle, dressed in the same variations of clothing, ate at the same restaurants, etc. But she was hard to get along with, inflexible and ultra-competitive and jealous. From the outside, she just seemed like a simple hippie type, but she wasn’t.

      • Enough Already says:

        This describes my bf of 18 years. She is Gone Girl cool until you really get to know her and then it’s so different. She is a neurotic, insecure, egotistical person with an explosive temper. As long as she is the center of attention she’s kind, protective, generous, loyal…everything to reward her “inferior” ladies in waiting for their unquestioning devotion. You know, the more I think about it the more I think this probably describes Jen to a t. My friend is about a thousand times more beautiful than a Hollywood actress however and that’s also a huge part of the problem. Drop dead gorgeous people live in an alternate universe and they learn early that some rules just don’t apply to them.

      • isabelle says:

        You do realize @enough its Jen being trashed, not Justin? Actually think the blurb is not only sexist but is very condescending toward Jen because she didn’t give up her life for Justin. This isn’t Gone Girl, its Hollywood once again dragging the woman because she won’t give up life for others and acts on her own.

      • magnoliarose says:

        Hi Enough Already,😘

        My Hippie ex-friend was a beauty from birth too. I hung in with her as long as I could but she just became too exhausting, and it was too much work to be friends with her. She had to be mollified or else she was no fun, and she was moody.
        She had a hard time in romantic relationships. Her beauty and initial vibe would draw them in and make them hang for as long as they could and then drift away.

    • Danielle says:

      Yeah,he needs to stop it with the leaks. He is not coming off well.

      • The Original G says:

        Really? To whom is he coming off badly? To the JenHens? Honestly, that’s a badge of honor to the gritty downtown NY guy he thinks he is and his audience. He’s not interested in the mini-van majority.

        I’ve got no side here, just saying, Jen and her image is cryptonite to another kid of artist.

      • Alexis says:

        @The Original G, but yet he was with her for 7 years…..Okay. I think this is pure deflection and something is about to come out about artsy boy. Otherwise, why not just wish the best for one another and stop leaking shite.

      • KBB says:

        Not just the JenHens. I’m not a fan of hers and I’ve actually probably seen more of his work than hers over the years, but the mudslinging isn’t a good look for anyone. Especially when it’s her basic personality and lifestyle that he is insulting.

        If you’re bored with something, you don’t hang around for 7 years. He enjoyed all of the perks of her fame and now he’s acting like it’s beneath him?

    • SoulSPA says:

      It’s the “brand”. Yup, I couldn’t find the right word but yeah, this is it. I’ve known JA the actress since Friends. IMO she’s been looking the same for 20 years or so? Same hairstyle, silhouette, face, facial expressions when serious/funny, you name it. Same safe range of acting skills in all of the movies I’ve seen with her. Average actress with a very well crafted and safe image that makes millions. But based on her image not necessarily acting skills. Funny situation overall. #gossip

    • Lahdidahbaby says:

      A very good analysis, I think, Shannon.

  8. LadyT says:

    I had to look up pokey for an additional meaning because around here it means “slow” or “jail.” So their source is British maybe?

    • AnnaKist says:

      Lady T: “pokey” or more commonly, “poky”. is used in Britain, Australia (where I am), New Zealand and possibly other countries, too. We use it to describe a building, house, room etc., as being *uncomfortably small, cramped*. I hope this helps. Older Australians sometimes use “pokey” to mean jail, but I’ve never heard the term used to describe someone as slow. Lots of us say, “He’s so *thick* he thinks Australia is in Europe. “

      • LadyT says:

        Thanks for the explanation. Here (Texas) it is very commonly used to mean moving slowly, but in a sweet way. Bad service is called slow, but your old ambling dog is called pokey. Pokey as “jail” is less common and only used teasingly. Behave or you’ll wind up in the pokey. It’s not something an officer would ever use.

      • Eve says:

        @ Annakist:

        Thank you! Another word for my vocabulary.

    • Alix says:

      I can only imagine how claustrophobic their “pokey” NYC apartment was.

      • Imqrious2 says:

        Apparently he bought a neighboring apt. and was breaking through walls/floors. Due to this (noisy) construction, and the fact that JT was playing his guitar all night, and was letting his dog howl (alone) at all hours, as well as obstructing the neighbor’s access to his own property, this said neighbor is (or was) suing him. Don’t recall if it is settled yet, but boy, was this neighbor PISSED.

    • magnoliarose says:

      Pokey can mean small and quaint. Simple. No frills. It is usually said with a little disdain.

  9. Jenns says:

    This whole thing is weird. I have no idea why they even got married.

    • minx says:

      Same. They knew each other for years, they had to know what the other was like.

    • Pix says:

      Yeah, this whole break-up smells bad and I am reserving judgement until the real story comes out. I have a feeling it’s ugly and Jen’s people will get it mopped up before any more damaging leaks. The last thing she needs is another high profile break-up.

  10. deets says:

    Yeah, she’s complicated etc leads me to believe his next partner will be younger, less famous and more available. And artsy, for sure. Manic pixie dream girl preferred, is my guess.
    Maybe he’ll date the girl who was on bachelor and then went weed farming. someone like that.

  11. Caitlin Bruce says:

    So shes boring but complicated too, ok? I don’t think Jennifer comes as easy going at all she seems very stuck in her ways but he knew that, he liked the idea of getting his shoe polished hair out there and it worked he’s busier than ever. I think a 3rd party is involved (on his side) it’s all a bit fishy.

    • minx says:

      “Shoe polished hair” lol.
      Whatever his douchiness, she chose the marry the guy. Whatever her LA-centric life, he chose to marry her. They were engaged longer than they were married! They weren’t kids. These two remind me of the joke about the leopard-eating face woman: ‘I never thought leopards would eat MY face,’ sobs woman who voted for the Leopards Eating People’s Faces Party.
      There was no reason for these two to get married other than they wanted to get married. Red flags all over the place, yet they still went through with it. That’s on both of them.

      • magnoliarose says:

        This narrative is more believable for people breaking off an engagement. Not two people were together for 7 years. I don’t buy it.

  12. Dttimes2 says:

    Someone cheated and was caught by paps is my guess – he’s rumoured to have been slinking out on her for a long time now. And my take is that she likes her comfort zone and has anxiety when she’s out of it. We know she has been seeing a therapist for decades so perhaps living with her wasnt all unicorns and rainbows. And thats ok…rich people have marital issues too

  13. OG OhDear says:

    Man, *something* must have happened because it’s certainly getting quite nasty really quickly.

    • norah says:

      he probably has a gf already who he wants to introduce to the world

      • Darla says:

        Maybe he gave her herpes. that happens all the time with regular people. Maybe he’s about to be exposed as sexual harasser. I dunno, but something sure smells here.

      • magnoliarose says:

        I am wondering if it is a serious gf. Something is afoul here. A pregnant mistress?

      • tracking says:

        magnoliarose, more like a mistress who refuses to remain in the shadows.

    • Chaine says:

      @Darla i wondered if he had harassed someone, too. His association with Terry… Jen got wind of what was coming down and wanted out.

      • pwal says:

        It wouldn’t surprise me, although dude doesn’t possess much power. Of course, whoever he ducked with could take the same route as Ashton Kutcher’s sidepiece took during the Demi breakup … selling her story to a tabloid.

    • noway says:

      I’m thinking you may be right. Cause who wants the loud divorce unless you want to jump to the next person quickly? It definitely looks like from the stories that it’s Justin’s people propagating it. Jen wanted it quiet so I’m guessing he’s the one with something to hide. The NY/LA story is stupid and old. I don’t believe it.

  14. Renee2 says:

    I think that he is into blonde women. I don’t think that he is into brunettes, with the exception of himself. He is just as vain and superficial as she seems to be. Yes, he comes from a family of writers and is a screen writer, but look at the fare that he produces. I doubt he’s at home reading Chekhov. He looks (and sounds) like a cliche of an edgy guy from an 80s sitcom.

  15. Fran says:

    Maybe Justin is making sure he gets out front first as he knows what Jennifer’s pr is like. Regardless, the whole thing will be interesting.

    • Sullivan says:

      Fran, If the first couple days are any indication then this will indeed be interesting. I’m here for it, too. This is gossip gold.

  16. Emilyv says:

    Edgy art = Terry Richardson.

    Maybe in today’s climate Jen was finally like “you know what, it’s not a good association.”

    Justin pouts about art and “how you and your LA liberal friends don’t get it. I’m staying in NYC where I can remain a closeted Republican who masks it was expensive clothes from 2003.”

    • anon says:

      if a republican has to stay closeted, it reflects worse on la and the “liberals”, but really leftist totalitarians in la. just my two cents, but what do i know? i’ve just known people killed for their beliefs.

  17. Alexandria says:

    Justin Theroux and Justin Timberlake may be the same person. Exhausting, acting edgy and complicated.

    Just admit you get bored easily and that married life is not for you.

    • Emilyv says:

      Agreed. Both are “men of the woods,” which might as well be code for mediocre dudes who think they are way more talented then they actually are, who are scared of being upstaged by women and pose hard as edgy, urban, rugged, artists.

  18. Shirurusu says:

    Sounds like Justin really wanted to be with someone who is totally not Jennifer Aniston, but still enjoyed the perks of being with her while secretly complaining about her LA crowd and whatnot. He sounds more like an ungrateful manchild idiot than a man ready for marriage. Not an Aniston fan but I did love her in Horrible Bosses 🙂 I hope she revives her comedic career and smashes this asshat and his silly projects out the water!

    • Doc says:

      Oooh me too – loved her in Horrible Bosses. She looked so comfortable in that role, whereas sometimes the roles she is given seem … off? Maybe it was the brown hair , it gave her an additional edge. Just my opinion.

  19. Ali says:

    Petra Collins is his rumored fling. She is half his age and everything Aniston is not. It was in the news yesterday but has since gotten buried.

    • Sullivan says:

      Oh, that’s interesting. Petra is kind of the antithesis of Aniston.

    • Tracking says:

      Yeah, his last Insta was with her, and she is everything Aniston is not, including about half her age. Takes Terry Richardson style photos, no less. I can see there being friction over his new crowd and her wanting nothing to do with it, at least. I mean he’s nearing 50 ffs, it’s ridiculous. But, yes, I think cheating is involved. So, I read the Insta pic in three possible ways: innocent (hmm…), the split announcement was not planned so he didn’t anticipate anything being read into it, or she dumped him for cheating and this pic was a nasty jibe. I don’t think either party wants the cheating narrative to take hold, but Theroux seems particularly invested in getting ahead of it.

    • JustBitchy says:

      Petra looks like the ultimate poser.

      • Wowza says:

        @justbitchy she’s not a poser at all, she’s more or less the real deal– she’s a celebrated fashion photographer, she gets paid the big bucks. Directs music videos too and I heard she created a pilot for Adult Swim.

      • isabelle says:

        A hipster just like Justin. Bet she come with a loft and art projects galore.

    • minx says:


    • mltpsych says:

      There’s the source. Petra is barely 25 and her own narrative is “artist curator”. She wanted to make sure Justin became officially off the market. The age difference skeeves me out.

      • WingKingdom says:

        This rings true and makes sense- the source is his current fling, trying to paint JA as a villain and shower JT with compliments. And clearly not a person wise to PR.

    • Eve says:

      Googling “Petra Collins”…

      ETA: Not what I expected.

    • someone says:

      Wow, I had to look up who Petra Collins was and she’s certainly “unique” looking.

    • magnoliarose says:

      My husband calls people like her tragically art damaged. Lol

      She has shot him before for an Italian fashion magazine, and he LOVES the “gritty” fashion crowd. I don’t like her style because I think it is derivative and lacks originality. Nan Goldin did it better and less try, but the fashion industry is always looking for the next cool thing that seems anti-establishment. Where vulgar masquerades as streety and real and EDGY dammit. There is no depth to her images, and they are as superficial as she is. Lots of open leg panty shots. Oooooh so wrong and slightly pedophilic and provocative just as the metoo moment happens.

      Ugh, the pretension is just too much.

      • tracking says:

        I love your take on things, magnoliarose. I just can’t see Aniston being down with this “edgy” crowd at all. Of course, she didn’t “fit into his life” if that’s what he really wanted. But he knew this from the get-go, so he definitely does not come across well here.

      • LAK says:


        I’m exhausted looking at her pictures.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Ditto on the exhausted, LAK. Reminds me of Alexa Chung.

      • Alexis says:

        I like your posts/comments @magnoliarose! “tragically art damaged” 😂

      • isabelle says:

        Agree, also loving your posts!

      • magnoliarose says:

        Thanks. Lol
        These types are insufferable with their art fakery realness without depth.

  20. Becks says:

    Of course she is more complicated than she seems. Most people are. If Justin thought he was marrying this sunny California girl who was bubbly and outgoing and that’s it…..then that’s on him.

    His people are pissing me off here. It sounds like a normal breakup – they love each other, but it just doesnt work out, there was no big reason, no Angelina-like situation, they are happier apart – sometimes that’s all it has to be. This feels like a constant push to make Jen into some sort of hollywood obsessed villain and its getting old, a few days in.

    • Alexis says:

      Agreed. I’m one that likes everyone involved within the triangle that never seems to want to go away…but this is making me feel especially defensive of Jennifer Aniston. It reeks of misogyny to me too. I lost my shit when I made a mistake and went the DM and read that disturbing article about how JA is so unlucky in love. ORLY? Lets take a good look at about a dozen (at the least) other celebs love lives..male and female.

    • lucy2 says:

      I know, why does it have to be so dramatic and dark? Maybe they fell in love but ultimately it didn’t work out, and they split up. Happens every day, millions of people.
      But I guess that doesn’t sell tabloids/gossip clicks.

  21. Sullivan says:

    I guess even her complications are boring. I kid. I kid. Maybe “complicated” is just code for very insecure and unwilling to compromise.

  22. FLORC says:

    She isn’t what she seems. She’s not always happy. She’s complicated. She’s human ffs!

    He’s coming out swinging so I’m very certain he’s got the skeletons ready to fall out of the closet.

    I’m no Aniston fan. Never have been. Her real estate flip skills and business teams are incredible. That’s as far as it goes imo. But, still she’s human. And Justin’s team marking those traits as something negative will not go well. He knew her. And if he didn’t, he shouldn’t have rushed out of 1 relationship and into another so quickly.

    • MissMarierose says:

      I totally agree. They were a couple for a long time before they got married. The idea that he JUST found out that she’s a real human being and not a multimillionaire blow up doll is ridiculous.

      • FLORC says:

        Justin embraced her lifestyle and benefited from her agency and image. Once they went public he altered his appearance like she was styling him or he just liked the look.
        Is find it more believable if he said she was trying to change him and he grew frustrated.

        He knew. He rebounded.

  23. LittleWing says:

    Oh the dramz!! Of course she’s more complex. Aren’t we all? I knew this going to get nasty, esp from Justin’s side. He’s of the same mentality as uncle Terry, i.e. A lowlife. Witness Justin’s fight with his neighbor. His treatment of heidi. The nasty tone of the leak. Honey the mask don’t slip until you marry ’em.
    P.s. I freaking love lainey’s mom’s chines e New year forecasts. Just wanted to put that out there.

  24. Mia4s says:

    OK I take back my comment from an earlier thread about this split being boring…this is interesting. If it was truly uncomplicated both sides would go with the standard “too much time apart, no hard feelings, better in friendship, blah blah blah”. This narrative above is borderline nasty. Oh and Page Six taking Justin’s side over the supposed all powerful PR shill Steven Huvane? Oh that is interesting. Hmmmmmm….

    • WMGDtoo says:

      Huvane doesn’t have the “power he once had”. I’m surprised he has not come out in force denying any of this. He denies the dumbest stories all the time. But nothing here. Not a word. Some are saying that Justin cheated. Did anyone consider that after 7 years or so that they both know a lot about each other behind he scenes. I’m sure he know a lot about Jennifer as she does him. Only thing is some scandal about him doing anything is not going to be as big as his revelations regarding her. he is not a big name player. She hasn’t been with anyone as long since her first divorce. So Theroux knows things. And besides that he has a lot of friends in the business too. I actually think more of his friends are influential than her’s. So if he talks.. there could be problems. Maybe these bread crumbs are there to tell her to play nice or he won’t.

      • IMHO says:

        Eh. I think JA has been around far too long for there to be skeletons that JT is hiding, there aren’t even whispers. While it is good reading, I don’t buy the story that he is somehow warning her to back off for his silence.

      • magnoliarose says:

        Yeah, Huvane is not the power he once was, and social media has made his tactics lame nowadays. It is too hard to push falsehoods without major pushback, and the public is no longer as naive.

    • epiphany says:

      My take on JustJen is exactly the same as it’s always been: they were good friends with benefits, not in love, no grand passion. They decided to marry because he wanted a career boost, and she was sick of the “poor Jen, can’t keep a man” storyline. She couldn’t care less if he messed around, as long as he was discreet, and didn’t embarrass her. When his cheating became more blatant – there have been blind items about his side pieces for more than a year now – Aniston didn’t want to look like a dishrag (again) so she called it quits. IMO, this has been over for a long time, but they are only now announcing it.
      Huvane overplayed his hand, especially with Aniston’s and Paltrow’s ridiculous PR narratives the last few years – as P.T Barnum famously said, “always leave them wanting more,”Huvane saturated the market – only “In Touch” weekly and few other rags maintain the constant Aniston barrage, although the divorce will certainly change that.

  25. Nancy says:

    I like Jennifer and wonder if she is as baffled as I am as to why people are so obsessed with her love life or lack thereof. For the most part, I think she is liked, so hope this little pseudo hipster’s career takes a hit. People split all the time….at least she has a tight circle of friends and never has to worry about money. He sucks.

    • norah says:

      because she made it all about her personal life and not about her work. people still know her from friends which was 20 years ago – what great tv or movie project is memorable from aniston. nothing – other contemporaries have evolved and done well – reese. jennifer lopez paltrow bullock etc – same age but are doing things for themselves and not sitting around like aniston has done for years. if she had worked on her career maybe people wd respect her more and the whole ” poor jen” story wd have been forgotten

      • epiphany says:

        Aniston is a mediocre actress at best – she doesn’t have the chops to be a serious, acclaimed film star, which is what she’s always wanted. I wish she would give up show biz, and concentrate on real estate – that’s where she really shines! She would mingle with a completely different set of folks, and, maybe, find a stable, nonartsy, non showbiz fella who would treat her right.

    • minx says:

      You can thank her publicist, Stephen Huvane, for that.

    • isabelle says:

      Brad Pitt is why she is still obsessed over.

  26. LadyT says:

    She isn’t always happy and is far more complicated smacks of gaslighting her for a failing relationship when Justin is failing to meet her expectations of how this marriage was going to succeed. If he’s screwing up in NY she’s not happy and things just got complicated. That’s on him, not her.

    • KBB says:

      This. Completely. Most women can completely see through his shoddy attempt at putting the blame on her. He comes off bad here, not her.

  27. gabbie says:

    darn that aniston for being a real human being and not a cyborg! so complicated! what a darker underbelly!

  28. Other Renee says:

    He got what he wanted from her: fame, money etc. and now he no longer needs her. He is a first class opportunist. He dumped Heidi for Jen so it was just a matter of time til he did it again. Narcissistic behavior. But Complicated? Who isn’t? Next time, Jen, stay away from a man who is living with another woman. It’s only a matter of time before he cheats on you too.

    • norah says:

      she knew what he was and married him anyway. why did she do that? she married him to prove to everyone else that she could hang onto a man – and in the end he dumped her. this was never a real marriage anyway – just convenience for them both – at least the fakeness is over and justin can be free without her and vice versa

  29. Digital Unicorn says:

    This is def the behaviour of someone desperate to get ahead of an expose on his cheating. Make her look like she drove him to it with her complicated and boring LA ways.

    He’s a loser as is anyone who hangs with that rapist/pedo Uncle Terry.

    • WMGDtoo says:

      Well Jennifer was hanging out with perv Richards too.

      • Other Renee says:

        Didn’t Uncle Perv Terry take pics of their wedding??

      • WMGDtoo says:

        Yes the did take “wedding pictures” and he took the first pictures of them as a couple. So she was very much Hanging with Richardson too.

      • sunnydeereynolds says:

        And she married him knowing he hangs out with pervs and that he’s a try hard hipster. And she hangs out with his perv friends and supported his artsy fartsy edginess persona.

        That says something about her too.

      • Alix says:

        @sunnydee: Shall we just rename him Edgy McEdgerton already?

  30. Stephiewephie says:

    Just came here to say, he seems like a lot of work and a jerk anyway but so what if she wants to stay in LA with her friends?? I moved abroad 2 years ago with my husband and I’m happy but it’s hard work and it is lonely sometimes. The idea that if you’re in love you should want to move anywhere is just not fair. And so what if she isn’t happy all the time??? Ugh he seems like he’s the worst.

    • Ange says:

      I agree to an extent but there also has to be a level of compromise. Neither of them thought the relationship was more important than being in their respective homes and that I think says more than the physical separation. I live opposite ends of the country from my husband at the moment and yes it is hard. I also know that the second it becomes too difficult one of us can snap our fingers and the other will be there – because we also value each other enough to know we wouldn’t do it unless it was absolutely necessary. Nurturing your relationship AND your partner’s needs should always be number one.

  31. WMGDtoo says:

    Well well well.. Justin this is how it goes. you are the bad guy now. before you were an upgrade. You were better than Brad Pitt.. you were unique; interesting and you junk bounced around in your jogging pants and got so many excited. You were a writer that got what was it $500,000 for doctoring scripts..

    Now they knew you were a douche. Jennifer was once again tricked by a loser. Your people are leaking this and that; trying to make her look bad. I never had a doubt he wanted this released because she was dragging her feet. She does that with all breakups. Never thought they were this hot couple. But posters on this site need to take a walk and read what they were saying just a few days ago before this happened. Such spinning and twisting.

    • minx says:

      Yes, quite a lot of people thought he was Mr. Wonderful, so much better than BP, and that theirs was a fairytale marriage.

      • WMGDtoo says:

        And just imagine that was just 3 or 4 days ago. Life and opinions change so quick. Wonder if they were still together if those people would be calling him the names they are not.. I say NO

      • Carmen says:

        Her stans thought every man she hooked up with post-Brad was better than Brad. “Oooh, he’s so much handsomer than Brad!” “Ooooh, he’s so much hotter than Brad!” And when she was inevitably dumped and the next one rolled in for his turn, it was the same litany all over again. It was really quite funny.

    • norah says:

      that means that jennifer isnt that smart not to see what kind of person justin is. they were together for 4 years before they got married and she couldnt see what kind of person he was?

      • Delilah says:

        Norah I dunno if you wrote anything else on this thread but you posed a very good question right now—however rhetorical: (to paraphrase) shouldn’t she have known the real him 4 years in?

        You can spend a whole lifetime and not know someone, especially someone with an agenda. Hell sometimes a person can not even know themselves or what they are capable of. Oftentimes people only present the self they want seen.

    • Darla says:

      Haha, all true. Same thing happened to Brad. Right here in fact.

    • magnoliarose says:

      She knew what she was getting by the time they married. He has been a cheater from day one. He’s been this way.
      What I smell is this.
      Someone is pushing that they have been separated for a long time. It has been over forever. He’s been over it forever. They were never compatible. He’s always been an EDGY downtowner. He withers and dies if he crosses 23rd.
      They are pushing this very hard.
      So that when his new lady is presented it can seem like a Lindsay Ben situation. Remember how his people pushed the very same lines.
      Lindsay and Ben have more in common. Lindsay and Ben are both smart. Lindsay is a career woman with goals and is interesting. It doesn’t matter if it is true, they are making sure we know its true. Only Justin is taking it steps further and taking us there instead of using innuendo as Ben did.
      This is going to be someone he’s been rumored to be linked to, and someone above said, Petra Collins. Could be.

      • LadyT says:

        Excellent hypothesis. I’m behind it 100%.

      • KBB says:

        I brought up Lindsay and Ben further down before I saw your comment. I was saying he probably has his own Manhattan “cool girl.”

        The difference is Ben was outed as a cheater before his girlfriend was introduced and as soon as he tried to present the “new girlfriend” narrative Jennifer Garner immediately hit back and leaked that they’d been having an affair during the marriage.

        In this case, Justin is getting the jump on crafting a narrative before he has been outed as a cheater or having a girlfriend. It will be interesting to see how it unfolds. Will Jennifer want people to know if she was in fact cheated on again? Will she leak that information or let people come to their own conclusions after he is seen with a new woman?

        Her fans will side with her either way (same was true for Jennifer Garner), so leaking an affair would really just be to strike out against him. He started slinging mud first though, so it’s not like he doesn’t have it coming if he did cheat.

      • Elaine says:

        agree 100% @Magnoliarose. Good insight.

  32. Jag says:

    I’m glad that Justin is playing Jennifer at her own PR games, good to see him not sitting back like Brad and letting her control the unluckest woman in love story.
    If Brad had the guts to tell her off, she would not have spent 10/11 yrs attacking Angie or getting her friends to do it.
    Her best acting was done giving interviews as a dumped wife, pity they don’t give Oscars for that, because that was her only chance.
    She is a player that got played, purchased two apartments in NYC, combine and removated it, then use the excuse of the Paps, in NYC. sold them at a lost, because they served her purpose of fooling Justin, that she was going to spend part of the year in NYC.
    The man is not an idiot, getting a new Mercedes Benz, top of the line motor cycle, hair plugs, tanning sessions, an allowance and all the perks of an A lister.
    Bet she is not going to pull the same crap, that she pull on Brad, because if this is just the start, Justin is not going to sit back and let her run all over him.
    If Jennifer lips are moving, she is lying, AD is her latest snow job, now they’re embarrassed, because she used them again to advetise her house, reporters are such starf****rs, you’re doing an interview with only one, when it was suppose to be two people, and no trace or personal belonings of the husband, guess they got fooled like everybody else.

    • WMGDtoo says:

      If Brad Pitt had said anything about her negatively that would have given her more things to get pity on. As it stood Brad and Angelina pretty much pretended she didn’t exist. There are no pictures of Brad with her since their divorce. NOT one. Even when they were at the same events. That tell you a lot. He made sure not to be photographed with her. Never a bad word. So in the long run I do think He and Angelina did the right things. Same with Handler. What made that fall flat was Angelina’s lack of acknowledgment. When you have moved on you don’t spend time on the person you moved on from. Brad moved on after that divorce. No need for him to go there. If he had that would have given gossip and the press another road to go down. Even in that interview when he said he was living a boring life. They made it about her. Even though if you read it he was saying it was him.

    • Kath says:

      Oh FFS. Balls.

  33. roses says:

    I find it also interesting regarding Page Six and Stephen Huvane. It seems Theroux caught them off guard with all of this after you take into account what the AD editors state about the embarrassment and having no idea, and then Page Six stating how the announcement was made a few hours after the reached out to her team. Even Lainey was wondering about her teams handling of this which is strange because this rarely happens with one Huvane’s clients so something is going on.

    • Inas says:

      Maybe her fans flooding his Instagram made him turn the tables.

    • magnoliarose says:

      He’s an orange poser, but he isn’t stupid. He really cares about his image, so I don’t think he will go gently into the night. I hope she doesn’t expect that.
      If she strikes back in the wrong way, it will support his narrative and give him more room to complain, and he can go cold if he wants and say he wanted to adopt and she wouldn’t. Or some lie like that. He can dig at her image.
      Angelina hardcore fans will do the rest of the work for him.
      There are a lot of wrong ways this can go down.

  34. Inas says:

    One of old theories of why brad left the marriage is because Jennifer Did not attended his movie set when she had free time . I don’t know if you guys remember that. That they became distant partner.

    I see the same thing here…. my bet is that Jennifer is a nice girl but her own defect is not compromising on leaving her comfort zone whether she is single or married. I think all parties might be nice people.

    I believe Jennifer has some insecurities leaving her comfort zone.. that’s why she is on loop for same thing.. guys please don,t understand me wrong, I am a creature of habits too. But I do my best to be with my partner despite having great friend and my parents to take care of.
    Men as women sense the effort and appreciate if someone do their best to be with them.

    My take is that Jennifer promised Justin of equal stay but did not keep the promise and he got tired of being alone.

    Maybe brad and Justin did not feel they are her first priority . No crime here from any part but a clear different objectives case.

    Please guys don’t compare the divorce of Angie and brad the same as brad and Aniston.Brad did not leave his family, brad got kicked out of miss behavior… he begged Angie to stay by his own rep words.

    • WMGDtoo says:

      If you are a creature of habit (I AM TOO) then don’t get in a relationship with men that have interests that go outside of sitting at home or at the pool. Another thing I notice is they mostly socialized with her friends. Jason Bateman and his wife have become her new Courteney Cox and David A. Courteney seems to be for once putting her life and relationship first behind Jennifer. She jetted out of town to be with her guy.

      • Inas says:

        Yeah I do get you very well, I think maybe she tries but fails to successed in balancing couple vs personal priortiers. I don’t blame her. distance relations take special devotion, consideration and deep care to survive..

      • notasugarhere says:

        When she finally called quits with Arquette the theme was Cox was sick and tired of being the only adult in the room. I’m amazed Cox stuck it out so long with Aniston to be honest.

      • shuuki says:

        That’s why he digged Angelina by his lawyer
        He is done with Angelina longtime ago
        They are not in common at the beginning
        They are together because of the kids

    • notasugarhere says:

      Always difficult to be in an unbalanced relationship. If one person wants their partner to be present for them (be in their home, go on their vacation with their friends, etc.) but isn’t willing to be present for the other person? Isn’t willing to make the effort to spend time in the other place to support the other partner? I can see that being exhausting.

      With distance relationships, it is too easy to say, “But you’ll be working while I’m visiting. Why should I fly to visit you and spend time alone while you’re at work?”. Missing the point of being there, spending time in their city, being there to welcome them home at night after work, to make those slices of time count whenever you can. To make the effort.

  35. Luca76 says:

    Don’t get me wrong I’ve always thought he was a jerk, a pretentious hipster creep , a poseur,and a user. I also see where he’s coming from about the LA NY thing. Married people have to compromise. They have the resources to be bicoastal. If she really did refuse to be in NYC that wasn’t fair. Of course it’s possible there’s another side to the story.
    Oh and it would be hilarious if they never actually married considering the press she milked out of that whole thing.

    • KBB says:

      I think she fools herself and her partners into thinking she can get on board with their lifestyle and be flexible, but she just can’t. She likes what she likes and she needs to accept that she can’t change that longterm.

    • norah says:

      precisely neither of them compromised on anything and people are shocked that the marriage broke down?

    • magnoliarose says:

      I hate to defend him, but I think he compromised more than she did. She does not compromise. She maybe wants to, but she doesn’t. He even changed his look and everything because she wanted him to and she was very invested in his career taking off.

      You have to compromise. I learned it the hard way, and I am not especially inflexible. I am stubborn as a goat though and would find myself digging my heels in for no good reason in romantic relationships. My husband became frustrated and hurt, and it was also a way of pushing people away. It is a very effective method. I have worked through it because I love my partner more than having my way. I don’t think she can do that.
      It is also a way of testing someone else. If you love me, you will give up everything you love to be with me. I never did that, but for some people, total surrender is required. The more the person has to give up, the more they demand.

      • april says:

        Great insight. I’m sort of that way too. My initials are also JA, kind of ironic. “april” is my pseudonym. I enjoy your analyses to these various posts.

  36. MrsPanda says:

    If Justin prefers an uncomplicated woman, I’d suggest a blow-up doll. I like Jennifer but she has the worst taste in men! She goes for cheesy douche-balls and I hope she can chill in Cabo with her gal pals and take a lover if/as she needs. Not a bad life, if you ask me!

  37. KBB says:

    He is obviously trying to spin the story his way first, but he comes off looking really bad. Calling a woman complicated is not going to be taken well, as we can all see from the comments here.

    Her best bet is to not respond. I fear she is too petty to let it go, but he is the one that looks bad here. If his team is the one that keeps leaking about him being so edgy and her being “complicated,” it’ll be apparent to everyone that he is the d-bag in the situation.

    And I said this on one of the posts yesterday, but she has never come across as particularly happy, in my opinion, so that quote makes no sense to me.

    “She isn’t as happy as people think” is something you’d say about someone like Reese Witherspoon or Jennifer Garner. Aniston has never had that sort of cheery disposition. She has talked a lot about being in therapy. She has always seemed like a self-help book, work-in-progress kind of girl.

    • Patty says:

      She’s forty nine years old, she’s not a girl she’s a woman. Although I agree with your general assessment. Calling grown women girls is something that drives me bonkers. I know it’s easy to do – I slip sometimes too. But I feel like referring to women as girls is another way to infantilize them and is another way to keep women below men.

      • KBB says:

        The quote says she’s not an “easygoing girl,” I was just responding in kind, not trying to infantalize her, which is why I initially referred to her as a woman. Although I doubt it would bother her to be called a girl. She is always talking about her girlfriends and girls’ nights.

  38. Lindy says:

    If anyone sounds complicated and exhausting, it’s Justin. Honestly, I hate it when guys expect women to be cheerful, happy sunny upbeat people without anything complicated going on. People like that have no inner life and would be enormously boring on a long-term basis (if they even exist and aren’t simply figments of the male imagination). Justin’s bored with Jennifer, or he dislikes the fact that she’s a woman with a life and experiences that lend themselves to a little complexity. Which is it, Justin? God, he seems awful.

  39. HelloSunshine says:

    She “isn’t always happy” and “complicated…” so uh… she’s human? lol I’m not a huge fan of JA (sometimes I feel like she’s stuck in the 90’s) but that’s such a ridiculous thing to say. Poor, edgy Justin having to deal with emotions 🙄

  40. Isa says:

    He sounds like a jerk.

  41. Tig says:

    Yep- how tone deaf can his leaker be? She’s complicated- my eyes about rolled on the floor. Justin isn’t complicated? Honestly, I can believe that neither was willing to budge re living arrrangements, and both looked in the mirror and went “why are we doing this?”. This bit about “dark underbelly”- I agree he’s trying to get ahead of something. Tho why would Mr Edgy/Hipster even care?

  42. robyn says:

    Is anyone what they seem once you get to really know them? I doubt it. That’s where commitment comes in and when a lot of people fail to live up to their vows. There are some people trying to reinvigorate their personal weird hatred towards Jennifer, Gossip mags egging it on in torturous ways, trying to make her look bad, to make money. A steady drip, drip, drip of finding something to say. I say enough is enough. Leave this woman alone … it feels like abuse, all this innuendo. Haven’t they made enough money off of her yet? Magazines want the conflict and if there is none they will create it. We play into their hands, sadly.

  43. Tracy says:

    The lawsuit with his neighbor is really getting heated. The defendant has been taking pics of Theroux’s windows and the outside of his apartment (Theroux captured it on security camera). I think Jen has been afraid to stay in his apartment since this lawsuit began last summer. The defendant even let the Daily Mail enter the building and film the storage area with Theroux’s clear storage boxes were on display and other public spaces were also filmed. Prior to that his apartment had been under construction for 2 years and they stayed in hotels while in NYC. Theroux has also simply been working non stop all over the world last year. He may not want her visiting when he’s involved with his work. I’ve read he takes his craft incredibly seriously. Even his ex complained about his immersion into characters and his mood in between.

  44. Guest says:

    It seems most on here are going after Justin. I think what he meant by she’s complicated – is JA always come off as the sweet, happy, easy going, good girl and he’s saying she’s not she’s more complicated. I always felt she wasn’t as sweet as everyone thinks she is – just my opinion.

    • KBB says:

      She does not come across as easygoing to me at all. Nor happy-go-lucky. Just as he doesn’t come across as edgy or artistic. Maybe those are the images they think they project.

      • magnoliarose says:

        I never thought she seemed easygoing at all either. But he knew this a long time ago so to bring it up seems off to me.

    • norah says:

      i think jennifer cares more about her “image” than anything else and people can see through it – putting on a front 24/7 must have been exhausting for justin to put up with

    • Jag says:

      It’s funny how Justin turned into the whipping boy in the span of three days, this why this woman can’t grow up, too many enablers.
      Brad – too much weed and alcohol
      Paul – former addict, had to get out, because he did not want to want to become an addict again.
      Vince – hook up with a college kid to get out.
      Molly Sims husband – hook up with Molly
      John – announced the break up in a magazine.
      John – went back for seconds and had to dump her on TV to get rid of her.
      Etc, Etc.
      Justin – tired of pretending and made a break for it, now he will be tarred and feathered.
      would not be surprise if he is a father in less than a year.
      Courtney Cox better watch out, or her boyfriend will dump her again, Chelsea Handler is of no use to Jennifer, because she is off TV, so now it’s Ellen’s turn.

    • april says:

      Beware: when someone comes off with all of the adjectives you just described, they pretty much have a very different side also.

  45. The Original G says:

    I’m not reading anything I haven’t read a million times before about them? There are no deep revelations here.

    I’ve not a fan of Aniston’s past media persona or her work. But seriously, sometimes people just break up because they don’t like being together. Do we really need to make one side a villain?

  46. IMHO says:

    Call me a conspiracy theorist — several new posters on these JA threads that really, really seem to dislike this woman a lot and repeating the same threads A) she didn’t put him first B) she conned him into thinking she would stay in NY C) she never came to see him D) she did Brad dirty with PR. All with supporting responses from even newer names.

    Yes, I’m new, but I lurk. Recently discovered that apparently PR people use chat rooms to prop up stories so now I have a tin foil hat on.

    • Luca76 says:

      Or maybe lots of old school posters who haven’t posted in a while but came out of lurking for this divorce

  47. Eve says:

    Oh, please!…

    Anyone who thinks Aniston is easy going or easy to deal with, down-to-earth, low maintenance and “NOT complicated at all” has to be on PCP.

    • Sullivan says:

      Ha! So true.

    • magnoliarose says:

      Lol. You don’t get where she is by being simple and empty-headed.

      • willowisp says:

        Came out of the murk to say a few words on people not appearing as they would seem.

        A few years ago, Jen Aniston’s BFF Andrea Bendewald wrote a story about being an out of work actress, being depressed about it, and then being given, out of the blue, the chance of a lifetime part, an audition for a character just like her, seemingly made for her.

        Turns out Bendewald’s own best friend had arranged the (phony) audition at a major studio, and enlisted the help of the BFF’s husband to write a (phony) script, as a giant birthday prank. The prankster BFF is not mentioned explicitly by name in the story, but the prankster friend must be Jennifer Aniston or some other big power player in their circle (who else would have the clout?). It was a breathtaking display of power to remind the BFF that her destiny in Hollyweird was controlled, and reading between the lines, it was the cruelest way to kick an old friend when she was down.

        Everybody in the video hearing the story (video is a book reading, book title is “Note to Self”) acts all charmed and amused, and like this is normal behavior among pals!

        Bendewald goes on to describe her best friend making up for the prank by arranging for Andrea to have a private consultation with a favorite new agey guru. An expensive one-on-one with the self-help guru is supposed to erase the acute awareness of professional failure on a birthday, caused by a cruel prank, orchestrated by best friend and her (probably out of work writer) husband.

        Bendewald spent her b’day knowing she wasn’t going to be getting any work as an actor, while she was expected to totally forgive the manipulative prankster pal for a little bit of nastiness she must have thought was a real hoot. Bendewald expresses her unhappiness at the prank and the BFF proceeds to gaslight her.

        I thought, if this is how successful best friends forever do to one another in Hollywood, I shudder to think how the enemies do!

        The receipts: Andrea Bendewald telling the story herself, here, starts at 1:38 mark:

        Maybe this anecdote illustrates the typical social interactions of the goddess circle? If so, no wonder Theroux went screaming back to NYC!

      • LittleWing says:

        @willowisp thx for link – nasty prank and I think you’re right, it was a total power play. Strange her husband was up for it.

      • WMGDtoo says:


        interesting. Reminds me of a story I heard on a fansite that Jennifer gave Brad Pitt a false pregnancy test for his birthday. Then apologized and tried to make amends. This happened at his party. Apparently he walked out. I wish I could find the account. But things that old are probably gone now. But sounds like the vein of pranks. This could be the “Complicated Jennifer” from that story.

      • Alexis says:

        @Willowisp: This is very detailed. And if true, how sad to not be truly unconditionally loved like that by people who are supposed to be your friends. Gossip sites are gossip sites. But we get to go back to people who we truly care for and visa versa (if I see vice versa one more time today…). Could you imagine your life being surrounded by people who behave this way? No thanks…

        I want to add that hopefully and I am sure that Andrea Bendewald has those that truly love her, surrounding her. My thought was if this is true, is this how a lot of HW friendships function? I so appreciate my simple and yes artsy(!) life.

      • magnoliarose says:

        Thanks for that link. Not a very kind prank. Geesh

      • KBB says:

        That “prank” would only be funny if it were played on Jennifer Aniston or someone equally successful that doesn’t repeatedly get let down after auditions or struggle to get auditions in the first place. But you frame the story like it was one friend (Jennifer) who did it. Her reading of the story makes it sound like six of her girlfriends and her husband did it, was it written differently than how she told it? Her interrogation of her producer friend made it sound like maybe the producer set up the audition at Warner Brothers.

        For reasons unknown, they thought it would be funny, but she describes lashing out at them afterwards and arguing to them why it was not funny and then she told the story in public, so I don’t see her as some kind of beat up on weakling that can’t stand up to her meangirl friends. I do think they sound like meangirl friends though.

        ETA: If Andrea was turning 33 that would’ve been 2003 when Friends was still running and being produced by Warner Brothers. With friends like those, who needs enemies? Who is missing the sensitivity chip again?

        She still posted gushing birthday wishes for Jennifer on her Instagram last week. She also posted a throwback picture of her with pre-nose job Jennifer lol maybe that’s just how these women roll.

      • notasugarhere says:

        These sound like pranks that would be “funny” to someone who was friends with Handler for a long time.

  48. Tara Beth says:

    Page Six must have money to burn. Can you imagine a grown man telling anyone that, much to his SHOCK, that an actress isn’t, in her real life, who she appears to be in the characters she portrays in a TV show or movie?

  49. Michelle says:

    Everyone in the Entertainment industry is not what they seem. It all comes down to image & how to profit from it. That’s why publicists exist. To hide who they really are if it hurts their public persona & to hype their clients. Everything is perception,if you don’t personally know these people. No one but those in their lives know what these two are really like.

  50. Giulia says:

    The timeline is awfully funky. Given they separated around the end of 2017, I think they agreed to announce it formally to coincide with the Architectural Digest spread, to up the profile of the house since they will probably sell it and split the proceeds. I would imagine print pubs like AD would need a lead time of at least 3 months, if not more, before publication. So some time between when the shoot was done and now something happened.

    I would love it if JA had this secret dark side and she was femme fataling it up on both coasts. Disappointingly it’s surely him, bangin’ some little hipster chick. And I bet the jumpoff is the one leaking to Page 6. That item has a whiff of the kind of thing the “other woman” (lol) has been told by the wandering dong husband, to me. How dreary.

    • Darla says:

      Yeah, you’re right. I was wondering why he would be doing this. It’s his side piece. You nailed it.

      Oh she must be so young to be this dumb.

    • ORIGINAL T.C. says:

      “And I bet the jumpoff is the one leaking to Page 6. That item has a whiff of what the “other woman” (lol) has been told by the wandering dong husband, to me.”

      You mean like Justin and Jennifer Aniston did to Justin’s ex common law partner???? Jennifer was once the jump off too and I’m sure she believed Justin when he told her lies about how immature, dumb, and boring his ‘roommate’ is. Please women fall for that, we too are vain.

    • KBB says:

      That would explain why the source’s quotes are so catty. If it is his jumpoff, the subtext is “she’s not easygoing like me. She is complicated, unlike me.” Maybe he has found himself a Manhattan “cool girl” like Ben Affleck did.

  51. Mike says:

    He is so hip

  52. JustJen says:

    In all honesty, I always thought he was gay. No straight man I’ve ever met has had artfully arched eyebrows like his.

  53. Patty says:

    Eh. None of this makes sense. You have two grown folks who dated for five years and the marriage busted apart after two years.

    In my opinion it’s probably a combination of a number of things, first and foremost they probably didn’t communicate well. And the whole she’s not what she seems angle – methinks someone is tying to insinuate that she is a bitch (for lack of a better word). Which after five years of dating – you should know what your partner is really like.

    Justin probably thought he was getting Rachel from friends and instead he got Jennifer Aniston.

  54. DIRTNAP says:

    Jen likes her “edgy” guys, and I think initially guys like Justin and John Mayer are attracted to her because she comes across as laid back and sunny. But eventually they are left wanting. I always think of John saying that he didn’t want to spend his youth petting dogs in the kitchen, and that is totally Jen’s lifestyle. Petting dogs in the kitchen, Mexican food on weekends, circle of girlfriends she has had forever, yoga, Smart Water. And there is nothing wrong with any of that, but it sounds like it’s the kind of lifestyle that would make an “edgy” guy crawl out of his skin. The only depth he would get from her is her problems, and that’s no fun. I have no doubt Jen could find a guy who would pet dogs in the kitchen all day, every day with her, but I don’t think she would be attracted to him. Can’t help who you love, and that sucks.

  55. Jag says:

    They most likely got a confidential marriage license, which I’ve read can be done at least in some counties in California. But it is interesting if they never actually married.

    Also, they had an ironclad prenup as well, so I doubt there’s much to squabble over. They’ll probably just split.

    I do wonder if he cheated on her, since he cheated to be with her allegedly. (And of course she allegedly cheated with him and her boyfriend prior to him. They say that you lose them like you get them.)

    • maryquitecontrary says:

      I just commented on the whole confidential marriage license thing! It’s true in California. Well sleuthed, Jag.

    • Carmen says:

      If they really didn’t get married, it begs the question of why they felt they had to perpetrate a fraud on the public and announce to all and sundry that they had this big secret wedding ceremony where their friends thought they had been invited to a house party and got the surprise of their lives when Jen and Justin said their I-do’s.

      If the ceremony was a sham, I wonder who consented to officiate?

  56. Ruyana says:

    His skinny ties and his skinny legs in skinny jeans are just kind of ugh. I don’t know either of them personally and I don’t much care what they do, but the skinny everything is not a good look for Justin. His deal, my lack of appreciation.

  57. LittlefishMom says:

    Is anyone else SO OVER this story and it’s only been four days?

    • minx says:

      I’m over it, unless we find out something really juicy. So far it’s just talk and nothing that couldn’t be predicted years ago about these two.
      I do wonder why Huvane has been somewhat slow off the starting block and hitting back on these Page Six stories, which come from JT’s side. That has me interested. But in a few weeks we’ll get a soft-focus People cover: “Jen: How she’s REALLY doing.” It will talk about her girlfriends and house and will have nothing interesting.

    • WMGDtoo says:

      The only angle the media was interested in is her being attached to Brad Pitt again. That is off the table. So no this story is not going to last much longer; unless some other shoe drops.

  58. Sky says:

    “He’s very focused on himself and his craft”….no wonder she isn’t easygoing or happy and she’s complicated!

    • WingKingdom says:

      Right? That line jumped out at me too. I think it was meant to be a compliment, but just reveals how insufferable he must be.

  59. Paley says:

    So many random thoughts popping in my head.

    Remember the time he said he said he had an audition for Friends but overslept? I think that was a direct putdown of Jennifer. Also, he piped up when Brad and Angie split? I thought it weird for him to pipe up.

    Aren’t we all complicated, and have unhappy phases?

    Jen could’ve been angry over Naomi W. pic if they weren’t spending much time together.

    The newness wore off and Justin gravitated back to his home; I think it was that simple.

    • WMGDtoo says:

      He had no reason to make a comment about their split. You won’t hear Angelina or Brad making a comment about them. Neither did when they got married either. He knew that would be a headline.

  60. Livealot says:

    No one thinks he’s going to return to his long suffering ex girlfriend ?

    • WingKingdom says:

      He may try, but good lord I hope she wouldn’t give him the time of day.

      • Rachel in August says:

        She’s way too good for him and seems to enjoy her career as an event stylist out of the spotlight. Apparently she’s very talented, and she’s beautiful.

  61. serena says:

    It’s really bothering me how he’s throwing Jen under the bus in all these article. Justin, don’t. There’s no need for this pettiness, also he tries too hard to be seen as ‘edgy’ and it’s really not happening.
    “He’s very focused on himself and his craft. ” So? should she had left everything for him? there’s something called compromise.
    “And Jen is not the easygoing girl she wants the public to think she is. She isn’t as happy, and she is far more complicated. ” … isn’t everyone like this? I don’t think someone really believed she was as she appeared on tv 24/7.
    Granted, I’m not an Aniston apologist (I hate her Poor Jen narrative and pity parties), but he’s becoming increasingly annoying the more he tries to justify himself and his edgy art. GTFO Justin.

  62. tracking says:

    What’s really interesting to me is how on the nose the blinds seem to have been. Both blindgossip and enty (whom I thought generally made up his blinds) had the goods on the demise of their relationship, and with an accurate timeline. Both insist cheating was the main reason and I believe this, if only because the LA-NY difference was there from day one.

    • magnoliarose says:

      Blinds being called fake with such vehemence are publicists because sometimes they aren’t. A lot of times they aren’t. Sometimes they are, but persistent ones all over in different places usually have some truth to them.
      This why Gawker had to be stopped. Too much truth-telling.

      • Hmmm& I said it says:

        Stop trying to sound like an insider mag, if you are tell us who you saw Justin snogging or shut it. You have an agenda and it’s clear as day without smog.

      • Jaded says:

        Hmmm& I: Your rudeness is OTT. There’s a polite way to disagree with someone – obviously you didn’t do the the basic training.

      • magnoliarose says:

        Hmmm & I
        Feel free to not read what I write. I come here for lighthearted fun and time passing with lovely ladies and gents who do the same while being as opinionated as possible. It isn’t that deep. I write about what I know, observe, think, believe, read, heard or guess with no agenda at all.
        If my writing style isn’t for you don’t read my comments. When you see my avi just keep scrolling. It isn’t that hard and takes minimal effort.
        I don’t intend to change so this problem is yours alone to resolve. Good luck.

        ETA And what Jaded and her kitty said.

  63. Svea says:

    It will all backfire on him.

    • minx says:

      I don’t know, I think they can both walk away with no damage. As Original G said up thread, JT doesn’t seem to care about the minivan majority. This isn’t Ben Affleck who has kids and is still trying to make superhero movies, so he can’t alienate a certain demographic. And JA looks fine, happy, okay… I think she’s good with letting him go. But I guess we’ll see if there is a tawdry angle hidden somewhere.

      • Svea says:

        I see your point. However I think he does care–very much–about mini-van and that is why he came out swinging. (Someone says this sounds more like the jump-off and I have to agree.) He learned to work them quite well from her, JA. With her, he was up for the game and it got him quite a lot. He knows the power they wield.

  64. Peggy says:

    Oh no don’t throw poor little innocent Jennifer under the bus, only she is allowed to throw others under bus.
    Pay back is a bitch. How long before her witches start attacking Justin, then he can make an appearance on Howard Stern, after he gets his allowance/alimony, which he earned.

    • monette says:

      Yes, I hope he learned A Lot about her PR games while they were together so he can bury her like she deserves.

  65. Hmmm& I said it says:

    Page six says this was Justins doing so I’m guessing he has some other famous or semi (New York type) woman and I hate to repeat it again – SHE’S PREGNANT.

  66. Hmmm& I said it says:

    Page six says this was Justins doing so I’m guessing he has some other famous or semi (New York type) woman and I hate to repeat it again – SHE’S PREGNANT…

  67. Jamie says:

    I wonder when JA’s PR is going to respond ?

    • Hmmm& I said it says:

      She’s lucky that Twitter basically forgot about John Mayer and six children. People want Brad and Jennifer to get back together even tho he cheated on her. I think he would be down for it because he’s all about image and People love Jennifer. Even if they secretly know she’s a fake ass.

      • Carmen says:

        Who wants them back together? TMZ ran a poll yesterday to vote yes or no on whether you want to see Brad and Jen back together. 72% voted no.

        People are sick and tired of the drama.

  68. MoAnne says:

    Some random thoughts: I also think Jen isn’t what she seems. She’s always given me SJP vibes–she does the same “who me?” wide-eyed, nice routine. On the inside, she might be more acidic. She got with Justin while he was still with Heidi, she used to hang with Chelsea Handler, Terry Richardson, etc. I think she’s very old school Hollywood. Present a well-crafted image that appeals to the public, while keeping actual self hidden. Most of the younger set let it all hang out now. That strategy gives the tabloids less ammunition, as they love nothing more than to dig up dirt. If you get there first, there’s nothing for the tabloids to reveal. In her case, being on the tabloid covers isn’t a bad thing, as it fuels interest. Even bad press is a win. Justin should not get into the “narrative war” with her; she was way better publicists. Just let it go & move on. I’m wondering why these 2 very different people got together in the 1st place, tho? Don’t they know themselves enough to figure out they’re very different? Hmm….

  69. Bliss 51 says:

    I always thought it was a PR or bearding relationship. So the relationship was genuine? Huh.

    • Karen says:

      I agree. It was a contractual relationship. She hardly looks upset it is over. Nor did she care when he was gone. The timing is about right for it to end. I never thought they really got married so if no license I am not surprised.

      She is either gay or wanted to get over poor Jen. He got his career jump started.

      It was clear he knew nothing about her just by that fuggly engagement ring.

      Also other exes have mentioned her emotional baggage. Nothing new.

  70. emilymoon says:

    I don’t buy the NYC angle, celebs who live n NY are papped way less, they can actually live quite anonymous lives if they chose to as NYers don’t give a shit who you are just get out of their way. They both love the attention and seek it out, plenty of people as famous as them who are not ‘hounded’ many of their pap shots were staged when they wanted a story.

    If you don’t want to play the game, don’t play the game but stop with the anti-gossip bullshit, they live for it, it makes them feel important. In the end just two people getting divorced, boring, but I have to admit they serve the gossip so I eat it.

  71. Frequentlurker says:

    I think the whole “complicated” thing is so sexist. If a man is described as complicated, it usually isn’t considered a bad thing. It usually implies depth or that there’s more to him than meets the eye. However, describing a woman as complicated almost always implies some fault in her character. I don’t like either one of them, but I just had to say that.

    • lsb says:

      FrequentLurker, a million times yes to you.

      I just posted the same thing which I wouldn’t have bothered to do had I seen your post.

  72. Hmmm& I said it says:

    No one wants to hear this but I wish she would just be real with who she is. She’s a lesbian. Nothing wrong with that. She would get so much support if she came oout.

  73. lsb says:

    “And Jen is not the easygoing girl she wants the public to think she is. She isn’t as happy, and she is far more complicated.” I’ve always sort of wondered about this, that the happy-LA-beach-girl persona had a darker underbelly.

    Oh, come on. Of course she’s complicated. She’s forty-nine, not fourteen.
    Most people who’ve lived lives and had forty-plus years of experience living them, are complicated! Expecting adult women not to be complicated should have gone out with the 1950s rules of Being a Good House Wife.

    Slating an adult woman for being “complicated” has got to be up there with slating the sun with being hot. Come back to me when you find a forty year old who’s not complicated – there’s a story. (On second thought, don’t come back with her. She bores me and I don’t even know if such a person exists.)

  74. julie says:

    I don’t believe that Jen’s people or Justin’s people are feeding anything to anyone. This is easily the hottest story right now, and every rag in town is trying to get clicks for it. All kinds of fake “sources” are coming out of the woodwork, making up juicy stuff just to get page views. It surprises me that CB hasn’t figured this out yet.

  75. KicktheSticks says:

    Wow. Look at how he’s throwing her under the bus. No doubt he or his “friends” are leaking these stories and knowing those NYC hipster types they have been waiting with baited breath to do this to a woman they probably see as shallow and vapid and spoiled. He’s disgusting.

  76. Lens horne says:

    She grew up in nyc. I don’t think she will say anything about this. Who knows what happened.. Maybe both are sad.

    • Hmm says:

      Exactly. The only problems she had is that he fell inlove with someone else.

      A side note that no one wants to admit or even play with is that she’s a lesbian.

      Complicated means lesbian

  77. Deanne says:

    I’ve always found Jennifer Aniston to be highly overrated and don’t get her appeal, but she and Justin were together for a number of years before they got married. If he’s such a hard core artist and hipster, why would her supposed dark underbelly shock and upset him? He hangs out with Terry, the perv, Richardson for God sake. She presents herself in the way she always has. It isn’t shocking to hear that she’s got more than one aspect to her personality, as she is a human being and not just the brand she sells. Why did a hard core, New York hipster/artist (pretentious much?) get involved with her in the first place ? I think he’s been cheating the whole time and is trying to disparage her before it all comes out. He’s always struck me as such a sleaze. I just hope she doesn’t go on a five year interview rampage on how “uncool” he is and allowing the whole “poor Jen” narrative to continue. She’s successful and seems to have a great group of supportive, friends. She can live her shallow L.A. lifestyle and he can go back to being the deep, amazing human, who can only function in NY. She’s clearly better off.

  78. The Original G says:

    If you step away and see them both as “brands” doesn’t this storyline give both what they want?

    ~ Jen is an evolved, straight-haired, sun-kissed California yoga-new agey mavin of drugstore face creams and puppy lover.
    ~Justin is a dangerous, adventurous associate of avant-guard artists and thrift shop reclamations of expensive watches and old jacket to brood in.

    Huvanne is really earning that money….

    • minx says:

      Yes, it does give each of them what they want. The losers are Jen stans who are too invested in her, and who have had to whiplash from loving them as a cool couple to now demonizing him. Because in their minds it’s all his fault.

    • KBB says:

      If it was just the bit about him preferring the NYC art scene and her being complicated, I’d agree with you. But the actual quotes include a lot more animosity towards her.

      “He’s really bored by her whole Hollywood crowd.”

      “Jen is not the easygoing girl she wants the public to think she is.”

      “Team Justin” is all but calling her fake and shallow and I don’t think she’d approve of that narrative.

      • The Original G says:

        Yes, KKB, that’s what’ll give him back his Soho street cred and get her the empathy of boring shallow minivans moms who still frost their hair.

        Without conflict there’s no story.

  79. Inas says:

    The tides changed a lot guys after# metoo #Times up everyone & every star agent is very carefully playing or protecting his business w/o exposing his dirty games. I think Justin will win the pr game here maybe he knows huvanne games as he played with him on Heidi.

    I read people article and he cuts all roads on her, to me I read this as a contract with expiry date been dragged on by her pr. He’s burning the ground.

    • minx says:

      I went over to People (I’m trying to avoid housework) and yes, his “sources” put out the story that he wanted to end it, she didn’t. But she had told friends it was over, had been for a long time. Sounds like she was fine living the way they were, separated but not ending it. He forced the issue. So, make of that what you will.

      • The Original G says:

        IMO, it means a sidepiece that’s serious.

      • Inas says:

        Maybe he does not want to look like a cheater if he found someone new. He knows this narrative will hurt him very bad . He’s no brad Pitt. Can not survive it.

      • VirgiliaCoriolanus says:

        I believe that without People mag saying anything. She got him by buying apartments in NY while they were still fooling around behind Heidi’s back, and then when they sealed the deal and made it public, she sold the apartments less than six months later. At a loss. Then Justin followed her around mostly in LA, Cabo, and the Italy vacation. After that, they started being more separate–he was seen in NYC a lot more, and they were NEVER seen doing stuff he liked i.e. going to fashion shows or art shows in NY. When she did come to NYC, she was mainly pap’d coming out of hotels and it was usually to attend a premiere (for her and him), and then she used the fact that she was getting pap’d to not go back because she said it was like living in a fishbowl. In New York City. The town where celebs who don’t want to be bothered, move to because barely anyone cares and you only get photographed while actually at premieres. I actually watched a youtube video a few years ago–by a pap–who said that Leo tried to make most of his main/big premieres in NYC so he could avoid the paps.

        Now, of course, the trade off was that being with her gave him a higher profile and more work (he signed on with CAA like two seconds after they were official), because despite being more connected than she was (Howard Stern, Jimmy Kimmel, etc…those are HIS friends), it really didn’t do him any favors, work wise. But IMO, I never thought it would last. Because yea, both of them were ok with living separate lives and then meeting whenever, but that is not a sustainable marriage or deep relationship. Because sooner or later, you’re going to want more or you’re going to find someone else. And given the way Justin totally dismissed his relationship with Heidi, I would not be surprised if there is a girlfriend or ten.

        So yea–I believe he pulled the plug, because she was ok with the relationship as is, and he was ok with it until he decided he didn’t need her anymore.

        I’m just finding it hilarious that all of a sudden Justin is the bad guy poseur douche. I knew from the very beginning when his PR but out that bullshit that his relationship with Heidi was on/off and never serious that he was a dickwad supreme.

  80. K2 says:

    Welp, this got nasty fast.

    He needs to be quiet. It’s not making him look good.

  81. Texasho says:

    It’s obvious that women (I’m not sure why) still want to (f$&k) him and he loves the attention. Alternately, there is absolutely not one straight man that is interested in Aniston anymore; she’s past her expiration date. (Sorry, Hollywood standards exist, like it or not!) He realizes now that he’s semi-relevant and can leverage the Aniston relationship to something bigger and better, career and relationship-wise. What’s amazing is the fact he’ll be able to get away with that behavior and still be cast in blockbuster movies and make millions of dollars and keep most of his fans. Meanwhile poor, little Aniston is alone again. Hope she learned her lesson this time!

  82. Liberty says:

    imaginary resolution.

    JT: …..but, my babe, you must pause to consider that my Uncle Terry, who taught me how to hipster and gave me my statement tiny gun necklace, went to Hollywood High himself ….how was I to deduce that in fact, though in California too, you would be actually this banal, nothing like a theoretical Laurel Canyon free-love sketchhead wildcat muse? Until last week, I thought the five years of blazers and the same hair were part of an ironic live performance art piece!! So I was merely developing the brilliant fringe story of a sun-like male art warrior with a number of young models and blonde actress friends in New York who copes with an unconscious coupling with your chokingly banal incarnation by adding needed shock of throbbing urban grit to the beauty of your distant galaxy of pre-measured chicken salad and plastic water —

    JA: — the magazine JUST came out, my squirrel-legged love wrench, what were you thinking? And — Banal? Banal paid for seven hundred thousand dollars of tanning, vintage pomade, and imported balm because someone’s c-ringed coinpurse gets scooter-chafed every time he runs out for Golf Digest, Sour Patch Kids and Tab!

    JT: My babe, my babe, focus — you must be able to see my creative narrative is just so vibrant and lifelike, I feared the peasant press is about to leap to conclusions and upset your chill, and so I hoped to redirect vision back to your intensely boring living theatre, while like totally assuming you were pitching a new series for me about a tribe of ice cold complicated valley women who still have appletini slumber parties while ironing their hair and working on their burn books. Was I wrong? You could make me both writer and producer, my babe, I dig your righteous white linen anger vibe the way I only used to relate to street poets that have the angry effusiveness of drunk pee, popup clubs, and Urban Outfitters. Our space and distance is more fertile, see? I have the literary loins to help you channel your chi into being as flatscreen hot as Nic and Meryl.

    JA: I have six hundred and eighteen photos of you giving Hump Brow to models and starlets and stainless steel jewelry students from Rhode Island. I may be throwing baby showers for two of them, at Ellen’s.

    JT: I have a video of you screaming at me in German when I said I didn’t like Cabo because my boots get so hot, and one of the night someone did birthday avocado facials and made those child tribe voodoo dolls.

    JA: —- here’s my red line phone — you go first, and I’ll see about that series, my tar-headed cable channel of love.

    JT: We’ll call it Just Into You. Or, Love-Istan? Now where’s that chopped salad, my babe? I’ve missed it so much. After dinner, we can end this limoncello, and look for that license.

  83. Miss M says:

    His PR (or lack there of) is stating the obvious.
    She is complicated like every human being.
    He is an aged hipster. Quite exhausting.
    Jennifer Anniston, stay above his stupidity and ignore. Keep having your chicken salads with your close group of friends in LA.
    Do Not acknowledge him.

  84. Holly hobby says:

    I’m surprised the press is saying she doesn’t like New York. She was born and raised there! She even graduated from the “Fame” school in NY. She moved out to LA later. I don’t think the split is because of NY to be honest. They just don’t have anything in common.

  85. Tallia says:

    This smacks of desperation to me. If JT were the laid back guy he wants people to think he is, Page 6 would not be needed. JT can take his black shoe polish hair, his wanna be James Dean wardrobe and ride off on his scooter.

  86. Jess says:

    Excuse me? Her refusal to move ruined their marriage? Why the f couldn’t he move to LA? There are two people in a marriage douchebag, and how do you not know someone if you dated 5 YEARS before getting married? Come on, nice try.

    • VirgiliaCoriolanus says:

      Well….in the first two years of their relationship, he spent a lot of time in LA. And I think she sold him on the “we can be bicoastal” thing by buying apartments in NYC while they were still fooling around behind Heidi’s back. She gave interviews in early 2011 about how she was going to move back to NYC, do theater, etc…..well by fall of 2011, she sold the apartments she bought at a loss.

      He’s still a douche though and doing exactly what he did to Heidi to her. Although nothing in this story is new.

  87. SeitanWorshipper says:

    Great comments here. CB and Dlisted are great sites to “get educated” on the likely reality behind the pr spin, since the commentators seem really informed and there are some firsthand insiders of sorts as well.

  88. VirgiliaCoriolanus says:

    Repost of my 2013 comment…..
    I ask her about the end of her engagement to Justin Theroux. “I am shocked, the world is shocked, Ironman 2 fans are shocked!” Jennifer says, her eyes widening in comedic confusion, one of her essential tools in her comedic acting tool belt. Jennifer pauses for a minute. “Well, it was–it was good. We simply sat down and talked. We talked about everything. And we really learned a lot more about each other, than we did when we were together. There was no ‘Justin can’t talk to Jennifer because of some other person’–it wasn’t there. We just became good friends, at the end of the day.” “Do you still talk?” I ask her quietly.

    She looks up at me with a start, flipping her hair for added courage. “We don’t not talk. I say congratulations with your new show, hope it’s doing great. We’re friendly, nothing wrong there. I’m happy for him, for anything he does.”

    Jennifer shakes her head thoughtfully, when I ask her of the pictures of the “mystery blonde” that her ex fiancee Justin Theroux is intimitely hugging. “There’s definitely a sensitivity chip missing.” she muses, still galled. I ask her about the “mystery blonde”. Jennifer starts out by asking me if I’d seen this cartoon, about the “mystery blonde” asking for a meeting, with Jennifer pointing a gun at her. She describes it as the most “hilarious” thing she’s ever seen. Then she asks me to turn off the recording device for a few minutes. Let’s just say it–there’s no love lost between Jennifer and the “mystery blonde”. “Just some of the things she’s said to Radar online, it’s—”. Jennifer shakes her head and twirls her hair for an added effect–”There was stuff that she was talking about, that happened on a timeline that I was unaware of. I thought those details were inappropriate to discuss. That stuff about enjoying his company at Robert Downey jr’s birthday party–that was really uncool.”


  89. Cherrypie32 says:

    Just going by the comments on this thread thrashing JT……it smells like Jen’s PR machine planted this story for the sources to “sound like” they are coming from JT. Well played, I am not buying it for one second tho.

  90. Rebecca says:

    “Putting further strain on the relationship, Justin’s career is busier than ever with upcoming films, “On the Basis of Sex”, “Mute” and “The Spy Who Dumped Me.” Jennifer, who still earns millions from product deals and “Friends” reruns, has been taking on fewer big roles – her next movie is a comedy called “Dumplin’”.”

    This sounds like Justin Theroux or his friends are implying that Aniston is not as serious an artist as Justin or not as talented an actor as Justin and that is part of the reason he ended it with Jennifer. How snobby! I think he now actually thinks Aniston isn’t good enough for him. I had never heard of him before he started dating Jennifer Aniston. I think that’s true for most people.

    I believe he is actually already seeing someone else. I think it is this artsy Petra Collins person he has been hanging out with and has a picture with his arm around on Instagram (their heads are cropped out so you can only see their t-shirts). Perhaps Petra was a little pissed about that Architectural Digest article and that’s who leaked the story or Theroux leaked it himself so he could get on with dating Petra.

  91. Layla Love says:

    He cheated
    She retreated

  92. madonami says:

    I have never been an Aniston fan in my life, but I’ve also about had it with these dudes sh*tting on her for being “boring.” YOU MARRIED HER, FELLAS. And now she’s boring, not all sweetness and light all the time and “complicated?” Good Lord, it almost sounds like she’s – – gasp! – – human!

    Homeboy didn’t seem to mind her LA crowd when he was on the comeup and ditching Heidi and wearing those goddamn gold name rings. Any grown man who is that consumed with the word “edgy” – – is not a grown man. He sounds like an angsty teenager at an acting high school. Jorts, Please.

  93. Rebecca says:

    If they were never married because the marriage license was never filed, is the pre-nup thrown out then? Any lawyers here that might know?

  94. CAYUUTEE says:

    Oh the dirt that Justin has on Jen. I can’t wait for this to get uglier. Give me the leaks! Maybe The All American Girl Next Door is a Regina George after all.

  95. Katherine says:

    Do these people not understand that when you try to paint the other party as the bad guy it is YOU who looks bad?

  96. Layla Love says:

    He looks like any number of wait staff and kitchen help in every major city. Nothing mysterious or artsy about him! He’s a very lucky guy. JA is lucky too, many more talented and prettier than her. Perhaps that’s what they had in common ?