People Mag: Ewan McGregor & Mary Elizabeth Winstead are still happening

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In the current issue of Star Magazine, there’s a story about Mary Elizabeth Winstead dumping Ewan McGregor. Mary and Ewan seemingly started an affair last year, when they worked together on the third season of Fargo, and both of their marriages fell apart. People often forget that Mary Elizabeth was married too! Yes, her marriage ended too, and everything sort of happened right around the time that Ewan and Mary Elizabeth were “caught” making out at a restaurant. Anyway, Mary Elizabeth has been called a homewrecker and sources told Star Magazine that she hated what it was doing to her career and everything else, so she dumped Ewan. Except someone wants us to know that nothing could be further from the truth.

Ewan McGregor and Mary Elizabeth Winstead are still going strong. Despite recent U.K. tabloid reports that the actress broke up with McGregor, leading him to go back to his ex-wife, an insider tells PEOPLE the Fargo costars are still dating. The Trainspotting actor, 46, filed for divorce from Eve Mavrakis on Jan. 19, citing irreconcilable differences as the reason for their split after 22 years of marriage. The star has asked for joint custody of their three children: Clara, 21, Jamyan, 16, Esther, 15 and Anouk, 6.

The couple announced their split last October, and at the time a family source revealed to PEOPLE that they had been separated since last May. The announcement came amid news that McGregor was spotted kissing Winstead, who plays his love interest on their show Fargo. McGregor took his romance with the actress, 33, public in November when he and Winstead were photographed walking hand in hand in Los Angeles.

When the actor won a Golden Globe for best performance by an actor in a limited series or motion picture for television this year for Fargo, he thanked both Winstead and Mavrakis. Winstead split from her own husband, Riley Stearns, in May of last year. They were married in 2010.

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I mean… sure. I believe that they’re still together NOW, now that People Magazine has made it into a thing. I want to know which side is confirming this though, because it’s not a stand-alone report – E! News also has a similar confirmation from their sources that Mary and Ewan are still happening. Does Ewan want us to know? Or does Mary want us to know? Or both?

Also: I do think the whole “homewrecked to relationship” thing is the only way out for most celebrities. Many celebrities fool around on their spouses and many celebrities end up divorcing their spouses because of those infidelities. But it “looks better” when the celebrity has an affair and then starts up a relationship with their mistress, you know? That way they can package it as “love.” Think of it this way: would we think worse of Ewan if he destroyed two marriages because of an affair with a costar and then he wasn’t even dating the costar now? That would actually look worse, like he threw away his marriage over someone he didn’t even love.

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21 Responses to “People Mag: Ewan McGregor & Mary Elizabeth Winstead are still happening”

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  1. Jillian says:

    She looks like a younger version of his wife

    • Girl_ninja says:

      That’s what i thought! Its like when Bret Farve tried to cheat with that young woman when he was with the Jets. She was his wifes twin only younger. Men are so simple.

      • burnsie says:

        Yes! This might be an unfair comparison bce they had an open marriage, but I feel similarly about Ashton and Mila Kunis/Demi Moore

      • SM says:

        Absolutely! Which only screams “man in a mid life crisis”. Too bad, because I hoped he will be less of a cliché.

  2. Georgia says:

    Well, it seems to me like they are both long-term-relationship types. A 22-years-old and a 7/8-years-old marriages are not a small feat in this day and age. Maybe Ewan and Mary Elizabeth will stay together for a while, notwithstanding the skeevy circumstancesame of their first getting together.

  3. Lela says:

    They are both assholes and it looks bad any way you spin it.

    • Milla says:

      Oh dear… It happens. It’s not a crime and one can only hope he can rebuild relationship with his children.

      Their exes will move on. Will Mary and Ewan last? Who knows… It’s all so normal and usual. Sure, they should have been more honest, but that’s not human nature.

      • Kitty says:

        I was in a similar situation growing up. My mother is a great person, but she cheated on my dad for years, and ended up leaving him for the man who is now my step father. She was unhappy and things just happened the way they happened. I hated her all through high school but now I understand it. I still hate how it happened but it doesn’t change the fact that she’s a wonderful person and was amazing mother.

      • Deanne says:

        I was a child whose family was broken in this same way. If the kids were little, he’d have a much better chance and she might have been able to get them to at least like her. The girls are much older and can’t be “protected” from what their Father did with her. She has no idea what she’s in for.

    • Sarah says:

      I agree. It kind reminds me of when Charlotte calls Carrie the other woman on SATC and she gets defensive. She was the other woman.

      I’d respect them more of they just admitted to it

  4. Deanne says:

    Good luck with his daughters Mary Elizabeth.

  5. tealily says:

    I really love her dress in that second pic.

  6. LP says:

    I knew they hadn’t broken up, at least not for that reason. She knew she’d be called a homewrecker. Even if Ewan’s marriage has been ~over for years, he is still technically married. She has gone to industry events with him. She has been out in public with him. She clearly does not care about the backlash.

  7. Svea says:

    No way are these two breaking up. Neither one of them care about rules or convention–especially her. They are peas in a pod in this regard. Perfect for each other, there is no way they will give it up. But down the road when the lack of convention involves their relationship we will see what happens.

  8. Cupcake says:

    The truth will be obvious soon. Either way I think this relationship is doomed. On to the next lookalike!

  9. Monsy says:

    I was 17 when i found out my dad was cheating on my mom ( with his secretary, so cliché). My dad at the time had a nokia and he could only call and answer it, nothing else. So i took his cellphone and i changed the contact number of his mistress’ cellphone for the sexual offenses police unit. So everytime he called her a policeman answered hahaha. And he couldnt say anything to me or to my mom because he thought we didnt know.That lasted 2 weeks until probably his mistress changed it back. For another week, i changed it daily and she changed it back.
    During that week i changed it to the AA, the zoo, the local catholic church, police drugs unit. He probably was suspicious of my mom or me but he couldnt say anything to us 😂😂😂😂

    Anyway, so good luck Ewan and Mary 😂

    • Elaine says:

      @Monsy. OMG, you’re freakin’ James Bond! 🙂

    • milla says:

      Ok i know its not supposed to be hilarious but… you are the queen😂😂😂😂

    • Burdzeyeview says:

      That is epic!! Haha Well done!!

    • Dana Marie says:

      Monsy, I’m so sorry you and your mother had to go through such trauma!! I hope you both have been healing from the affair.. I know first hand too From my family’s drama. But thank you for your post! It made me laugh so loud! You’re awesome!