Alicia Vikander looked lovely in Louis Vuitton at the LA ‘Tomb Raider’ premiere

Los Angeles premiere of 'Tomb Raider' - Arrivals

For years, I thought Louis Vuitton was doing Alicia Vikander dirty with the dresses she was given for her major red carpets. There were a few gowns which were good, to be fair, but there were too many weird milkmaid/beer maiden ensembles which looked costumey and strange. While Alicia has a great figure, she’s not some tall, model-type clothes hanger – she needs to be given the right clothes for her petite proportions, and she’s not some Cate Blanchett-esque type who can make any look “work.”

That being said, Louis Vuitton seems to be doing better by Alicia lately. While I disliked her Golden Globes gown (too prim) and I didn’t care for her Franciscan monk look in brown, I actually really liked her gown at the London premiere of Tomb Raider. And now this LV look at the LA premiere last night… I don’t hate this? I mean, I think the fit could be better – her boobs are being scrunched up to a ridiculous level – but this is okay? LV seems to want Alicia in bronzes, yellows, coppers and browns, right? That must be their “Vikander palette.” My only complaint here is that after doing too many red carpets looking like she’s not wearing ANY makeup, Vikander’s makeup here looks slightly clownish and a bit too heavy, especially with that dark lipstick.

Also: Kate Bosworth was at the premiere with her husband Michael Polish. Hey, Bos. Oh, and bonus Walton Goggins, who is the villain in Tomb Raider.

Film Premiere of Tomb Raider

Warner Bros. Pictures "Tomb Raider" Premiere

Film Premiere of Tomb Raider

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  1. FishBeard says:

    She looks nice. I’m still debating whether to see the reboot or not, but it looks like a lot of fun.

  2. Frosty says:

    I don’t like it, and the bust looks a bit tight, imo. Still, it’s better than 99.9% of the schmattes they trot her out in. I’ll see the reboot, it might be fun.

  3. Grant says:

    What the hell is Kate Bosworth doing these days? I feel like she hasn’t done anything since Blue Crush over a decade ago but somehow she’s still around…

    • manta says:

      She gave a really touching performance as Julianne Moore’s daughter in Still Alice.
      I only knew her from red carpets and Orlando Bloom so didn’t expect to be moved by her presence. She should definitely work more.

      • Sequinedheart says:

        ‘Life Happens’ is a pretty easy-to-watch rainy sunday netflix type movie but nothing to write home about. Her role in ‘Still Alice’ was excellent. But I was kinda thinking the same thing, what the helen of troy is she doing here? like, why? I don’t get it. Was she in it? Was her hubby Michael Polish in involved somehow? Did he write/direct any of it?
        Can she please do some more acting? she is good but she just seems to have decided that’s not necessary & become a red carpet circuit queen..

    • misty says:

      I know and it annoys me. She hasn’t been in a movie or show in over a decade yet she still gets magazine covers, makeup contracts and front row seats at fashion weeks. Meanwhile actresses of color are working hard and barely get the opportunities that are thrown at people like bosworth.

  4. ellieohara says:

    She has really sleepy eyes. And she really needs to try and develop a bit more charisma if she wants to carry films as the lead actress.

  5. Jamie42 says:

    I really like this look, even the exaggerated makeup. It’s nice to mix things up once in a while.

    • Georgia says:

      From what I can see the makeup consists of a simple cat eye and a dark lip colour. I don’t think it’s too much but Kaiser too mentions the heavy (clownish) makeup. You guys… that up there is my go-to make up for big occasions in the winter time XD I need to know if that’s generally considered too much!!!

    • SK says:

      I actually think that on someone else this would just look like normal level makeup. Vikander seems to be one of those people who suits minimal makeup and can’t carry heavy makeup – I am like that too. That’s probably why she normally does a “natural” look makeup-wise.

  6. Ytbtet says:

    Alicia looks good I would kill for her body there is something I’ve been thinking about is that she looks good tanned and I’ve been thinking my skin easily gets that shades because I’m of Pakistani descent yet I look worse when my skin gets tanned. Meanwhile I’ve seen Alicia with light skin and she doesn’t look good

  7. Lucy says:

    Can I just say? I saw The Danish Girl a couple days ago (a bit late, I know) and, quite frankly, I think she deserved that Oscar. She does look lovely here.

  8. BitingPanda says:

    Hmmm….I think she looks like the wallpaper in a restroom of some dark and overly pretentious bar.

    But, I did not that Walton Goggins is the villain. For him, I would see this movie.

  9. Moon says:

    Ugh hate this dress. It looks like something from cw’s reign. What’s going on at LV??

  10. H says:

    I like Kate’s black dress better.

  11. Rumi says:

    The dress is horrible but she’s very pretty, love her lip colour and hair.
    I loved the movie light between oceans, it was perfection for me.

  12. Kiki says:

    I am going to say nice things only about Alicia Vikander. I hate the dress and her make up and for the love of God will she lay off the spray tan…

    Now the good things, Alicia Vikander s a pretty girl but lack charisma. However, I would love to see dressing like Audrey Hepburn. She has a waif look about her, so she can dress subtle and sweet with nice flare skirts and pretty blouses. There are beautiful gowns from many designers like chanel, Dior and Givenchy (R.I.P Hubert de Givenchy). Why oh why wouldn’t you cut ties with that crap Louis Vuitton?

    • Lucia says:

      She gets the paycheque that’s why to promote LV. The other ones don’t particularly fancy her promoting their products. She needs flared dresses, ruffles and belts because she doesn’t have hips at all and her back is pretty flat so she has to distract from that. Otherwise she is cute.

  13. bitchyarchitect says:

    That dress is horrible. Just horrible . Princess meats pageant queen. I do like the dark lipstick though.

  14. themummy says:

    Other than the fit in the chest, I love everything about that dress. Her hair, though….sloppy looking.

  15. themummy says:

    Also, that lipstick color is garish on her.

  16. mannori says:

    I’ve watched the videos (on the DM) of her red carpets for this film and it freaks me out what she’s doing with her arms and the way she’s posing. There’s something really off in waving, swinging her arms that way, is almost disturbing and very annoying. What’s up with her? she’s looks very uncomfortable and unnatural, a forced posing that makes her looks like she’s trying too hard….she used to be so different. I want the old Alicia back, I feel that this film will be very bad for her and her career. The pressure from the powers to be to this movie to perform is all on her shoulders and sadly I feel this film will bomb. she was terribly miscast.

  17. ichsi says:

    This is completely wrong for her body type. Her people need to stop with these girly/romantic nonsense and put her in clothes that actually fit her body and don’t put her in constant danger of nipple exposure. They also should probably rethink the movies. Boy is she miscast as Lara Croft!

  18. Zara says:

    Stunning girl, amazing body, thinking she just lasts some confidence or doesn’t really care to be in the spotlight!? Still think she could do better than Fassbender, he’s aging now and gives off a controlling vibe. Hope she’s happy.

  19. lol says:

    I don’t like her dress and I don’t like Kate’s dress.

  20. Empress Sarabi says:

    I am really rooting for her and Fassbender because lately their movies haven’t really did much in the way of entertainment, even though I loved Assassin’s Creed and Alien: Covenant. But she is totally not right for this role. It is no way it will even make a dent with the other movies that are out and coming out, but hopefully she can recover. And the movie with James McAvoy, I can’t because all I think about is how could she do a love movie with Professor X and she’s married to Magneto. lol, but I wish them the best.

  21. Poopsicle says:

    She will never be Lara Croft…