Leo DiCaprio’s 20-year-old girlfriend thought ‘The Revenant’ was overhyped BS

Rafael Nadal and Leonardo DiCaprio walk the Red Carpet for the Good Money Gala 2018

Just before Christmas, we learned that Leonardo DiCaprio had asked Santa for a new 20-year-old girlfriend and Santa delivered. Santa gave Leo a 20-year-old Argentine model-actress named Camila Morrone. Leo is 43 years old. I said, at the time, that I had my doubts that Camila would last until Valentine’s Day. But Camila is in it to win it – she made it to Easter! There were multiple reports about Camila and Leo out and about in LA last week, and they were even photographed. That’s Camila kissing Leo’s shoulder. Peak.

If the Morrone name seems somewhat familiar, it might be because you’ve been keeping up with Al Pacino’s love life too – Pacino is apparently dating Camila’s mother Lucila, and Pacino and DiCaprio had a double date with mother and daughter to a screening of Pacino’s latest film Salome. Lucila is only 41 years old. Two years younger than Leo. Ugh. But if there’s one bright spot, it’s that Camila the Shoulder-Kisser doesn’t like Leo’s movies.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s new love interest, 20-year-old model and actress Camila Morrone, was not a fan of “The Revenant,” the movie for which he won his long-awaited Oscar. Morrone wrote in a 2015 post, “I’m a huge Leo and Tom Hardy fan” but “Revenant was overly hyped up, and by the time I saw it, I wasn’t too impressed.”

She does applaud DiCaprio’s skills, though, saying “Leo and Tom Hardy’s acting was beyond amazing.” She and DiCaprio, 43, have been dating for a few months.

[From Page Six]

Of course she didn’t like Boy Drama In the Woods. It was a dumb, long-ass movie that was designed specifically to get Leo an Oscar. Oscar voters voted for Leo as they rolled their eyes. Maybe Camila loves Titanic though. Who knows – what Leo film would a 20-year-old woman have grown up watching? Romeo + Juliet? That’s the Leo film I was obsessed with when I was Camila’s age.

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  1. Sam says:

    Catch Me If You Can? Blood Diamond? The Departed? Shutter Island? Inception?

    She’s too young to have been peak “adorable” Leo. She would have caught him in his “I’m a serious actor, you guys!” phase.

  2. Lightpurple says:

    I started laughing during the bear scene and I wasn’t the only one in the theater laughing. By the horse went off the cliff, the whole crowded theater was treating it like a slapstick comedy.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      It’s on the Netflix list and I want to see it because of a few of the supporting cast members who I like, Domhnall Gleeson being one. I have heard from several friends about how unintentionally funny it is and how pretentious it is.

      Leo got the Oscar for the wrong movie. He should have got it for Wolf of Wall Street.

    • Ada says:

      Same! I think it was especially jarring because it had been marketed as such a Serious Film. People were even laughing at the flashbacks because of how cringe they were.

      It’s also funny to me how the Revenant was so centered on Hardship!™ and how it was supposed to mirror poor Leo’s titanic struggle (sorry, bad pun) to get an Oscar. I can’t imagine anyone who has had an easier life ride than him.

    • whatWHAT? says:

      yeah, this movie was SHITE. the bf LOVES it and will watch it any time that it’s on.

      “the cinematography is amazing!” sure, but the content is BORING BORING BORING.

      so, this woman is dating a man older than her mother, huh? gross.

      PS – kissing a naked shoulder I get, but one with at least two layers of clothing? PURELY for the paps.

    • Tata Mata says:

      Artistically it is a serious film. Director and camera and actors contribute to it. Problem is that it doesn’t fit in well with an audience who is used to today’s silly comedies and today’s equally silly action movies and today’s silly reality tv like KUWTK or RHOBH.

  3. Reginaphalange says:

    She wants even born when titanic came out… yikes.

  4. Tanesha86 says:

    When did Leo start morphing into Jack Nicholson?! 😲

  5. WhoaNelly says:

    Romeo & Juliet was before she born! The Departed maybe when she was a kid, but she was little then. Like me loving Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer as a little girl watching Top Gun. Gatsby as a teenager?

  6. FLORC says:

    I never have thought I’d agree with Leo’s gfs.

  7. Hazel says:

    Well, of course, they are still together, she’s way below the expiration age of 24 years old.

    P.S. She also kinda looks like Hailey Baldwin to me.

  8. Astrid says:

    Yuck…double dating with mother AND daughter? ehw, especially when the mother is younger than her daughter’s boyfriend?

  9. minx says:

    I get a faint Gisele vibe from her. She has a beautiful figure.

  10. lucy2 says:

    He’s older than her mom. HE’S OLDER THAN HER MOM.

  11. Margo S. says:

    She looks like she don’t give AF. I like her.

  12. Umyeah says:

    Leo is totally branching out guys, this under 25 model is brunette not blonde, big moves Leo

  13. Rumi says:

    He’s gross.
    I don’t find him a great actor, but he’s great at choosing good projects with very talented and skillful cast, script, director and story. He especially doesn’t bring anything great to elevate a movie it’s everthing / everyone that elevates him.

  14. Saks says:

    Those age gaps are really cringe worthy… yikes!

  15. It’sJustBlanche says:

    I’m older than him and I wouldn’t sleep with him.

  16. Cupcake says:

    I really wish he would stick with the “your age over 2, plus 7” rule for dating. He’s gross.

  17. Tw says:

    Her left implant is acting up in that first photo.

  18. Alexis says:

    I am the same age as Leo and my daughter is 20. I would just be….no, just no to him dating my daughter, and she would see him as a Dad type (aka old). Good Lord.

    Side Note- I’ve seen Al Pacino in person and no doubt he is a very talented man, but he is not much taller than 5’0.

  19. tealily says:

    I didn’t even remember I’d watched this movie until I got to the part where you called it “Boy Drama in the Woods.” Oh yeah…

  20. Danielle says:

    Hahahahaha! I needed that, thanks.

    That is all.