This Us Weekly story about David & Victoria Beckham’s marriage is so suspicious

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Hm, this is very suspicious. Us Weekly’s current issue is running a very pointed story about Victoria Beckham and David Beckham’s marriage. This is the kind of article which a tabloid would run as some kind of excuse/explanation for why one of the spouses was just caught cheating. The thing is, neither Posh nor Goldenballs was recently caught out? I mean, we all remember Rebecca Loos. I also remember In Touch Weekly saying David hired a hooker a few times. And then there was that story about David getting too friendly with an aristocratic party girl named Lady Mary Charteris. But nothing in months, right? So why is Us Weekly doing a clean-up story before there’s anything specific to clean up?

David and Victoria Beckham may have grown apart a little after nearly two decades of marriage, but they’re not looking to end their relationship any time soon.

“They will always be family,” an insider exclusively reveals in the new issue of Us Weekly. “But David and Victoria are leading very different lives.”

Specifically, adds the insider, Victoria, 43, recently decided she was done living in Los Angeles and wanted to move the family back to the U.K. to work on her eponymous fashion line.

“Victoria just wants an easy life — she doesn’t want stress,” says a source close to the former Spice Girl. David, 42, on the other hand, is enjoying his retirement from soccer and often “does his own thing,” adds the insider. “It’s not unusual for couples to change and grow apart.”

Even when the pair are in their countryside home in Oxfordshire, England, at the same time, they can be worlds apart. The house has been designed with ‘his and hers’ wings,” a source tells Us. “I think they quite like having somewhat separate lives. When you’ve been married that long, some regular distance does you both good!”

The couple, who wed in July 1999, have four children together: sons Brooklyn, 19, Romeo, 15, Cruz, 13, and 6-year-old daughter Harper. “The kids are the common bond that will keep them united,” the insider says of the pair, who recently celebrated Brooklyn’s birthday together in NYC. They also spent Easter weekend as a family in Miami.

“They are like every married couple I know — some days lovey-dovey, other days cold,” says a second insider. “It comes with being together so long.”

And though they can seem frosty in public, “they’re really fun,” adds the insider. “Victoria is tough at first, but once you break the wall she’s super funny and cool. David’s just awesome.”

[From Us Weekly]

I feel like I’m hallucinating. Is this not the kind of story which a weekly would run right after the Daily Mail published photos of David face deep in another woman’s business? As for the actual story – I mean, no derp. Of course they do their own thing. Victoria has been looking the other way for more than a decade. I have no doubt that Victoria and David love each other deeply and that their family is incredibly important to them. But also: David has side chicks. Maybe Posh has sidepieces too and she’s just incredibly discreet. Ugh. Why does this story exist? Is something big about to break about the Beckhams? Is he all up in Khloe & Tristan’s drama too??!!? Damn.

The Beckhams leaving the Ritz Paris

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  1. NoShame says:

    I’m sure they love their kids and all, but I feel like their marriage is more of a brand than anything else. I can only hope that at some point someone more down to earth pulls Brooklyn aside to explain to him that he is a giant douche with a veeeery punchable face who skates through life thinking he gets all of this attention because of his own talents. He has NO TALENT!!!

    • SK says:

      Exactly: they are a brand and much of their income derives from their shared brand. Also, Becks knows that she made him the megastar he is today. She took the popular prettyboy soccer star and made him one of the most famous names and faces in the world with huge ambassadorships and deals well after his retirement and beyond the scope of the standard sports star deals. Yes: of course soccer/football is a huge sport with huge stars in their own right and he was always going to be famous and have endorsements; but Posh turned him into something so much bigger and longer-lasting. She’s the one with the business sense and he knows it.

    • JennyJenny says:

      YES about Brooklyn! And I hate when he wears that shirt.
      My dog is a better photographer than this twit.

    • Castle Toz says:

      A new word for the Celebitchy lexicon courtesy of the Germans.

      Backpfeifengesicht: (colloquial) a slappable face, a face “in need of a slap”

      I do my own translation of a punchable face. Very useful

      • Tata Mata says:

        German can be very direct and downright rude. The literal translation for “Backpfeifengesicht” is like:

        somebody’s cheeks have a technical need for air release via a slap ;-) You have to slap them in order to help the (cheeks) blowpipe operate properly. You know, you just can not not do it because it is a technical necessity.

        It is a mean thing because it justifies physical violence against somebody. If somebody tells you that you had a “Backpfeifengesicht” then you have probably annoyed this person though that ain’t not justification for getting slapped.

        Example: “D.T. has a Backpfeifengesicht.”

    • ginger says:

      Yes, the kid. That face. It’s like he tries to look bada$$ and he’s not. He’s just a kid with famous parents. I feel like they pushed him to be part of their branding and he just doesn’t have the skill. It must be hard on him (if he’s ever self-reflective).

      I found the article refreshing. Married 30 years and the idea of separate wings is DELIGHTFUL! I love my man but sheesh, space is necessary to remain sane. We love our space.

  2. roses says:

    I think we have to all keep in mind that when we now see a story from US Weekly that we have to remember their owned by National Enquirer so I question their info.

  3. Eliza says:

    There’s been rumors of them being on brink of divorce for years. They still continue.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they did divorce. They barely spend time together unless a child is present and live completely different lives.

    But also I wouldn’t be surprised if they stay with their current arrangement for their kids and brand Beckham.

    • ccc8888 says:

      I don’t see why they would get divorced. The arrangement is working for them. What would David do…find another wife who is OK with his independent life? And I’m sure both of them are fine with the # of children they have.

      • Zapp Brannigan says:

        I think this way of being will continue until one of them finds someone they want to be with seriously. It is one thing to be “together separately” having fun on the side in a discreet manner but another thing altogether to fall in love with someone else.

        That or he has knocked someone up and she is going public.

  4. Tiffany says:

    I am guessing a interview is coming with a side piece or a photo.

    Yeah, these two are a brand and seem to actually like one another. I don’t see a separation or divorce coming. He bought into a soccer club in Miami and she is looking to make the fashion line one of the best out there. Too much money is wrapped up in one another.

    They will keep doing what they do.

  5. Amaria says:

    Business arrangement turns out tobe a business arrangement, who would’ve thought. Ever since Rebecca Loos, it was obvious what this relationship was. But in the end, one might grow tired of living in a fiction. If a split happens, it’s been a long way coming.

  6. Meg says:

    Wow I didn’t expect this. I think a divorce is coming

  7. Sherry says:

    Maybe this is their way of answering all of those “They’re on the brink of divorce!” stories and admitting that yes, they are living separate lives and they are both fine with it. I think they do love one another, love their family and are friends. Just because their marriage doesn’t look like what we think it should look like, doesn’t mean it’s not working for them.

  8. LilLil says:

    Superficial comment, but she has such great style. She has come a long way since her Posh Spice days.

    • enike says:

      yeah, I love her style and designs
      I am just not sure about the too long trousers, I noticed several times she wears them like this, maybe it supposed to make your legs longer, but it just seems ridiculous

  9. L84Tea says:

    What did VB do to her face that she has perma-sad all the time?? Is it her eyes? Her mouth?

    • Tiffany says:

      Victoria has said on several occasions that she does not like the way she looks in photos when she smiles and that is why she does not do it. It has become her thing and she has a laugh at it.

      • Kelly says:

        I remember hearing a radio interview where she said she knows she looks like a “miserable cow” in photographs.

    • Imqrious2 says:

      Could be those super straight eyebrows (no arch).

      Years ago they had a show (Beckhams Come to America?), and she was pretty charming and funny in that. Even laughed and smiled….whodathunk it?

  10. Mia4s says:

    US Weekly is owned by the Enquirer people now so their reliability is far worse than it ever was. That said, weird story. With a few tiny edits and an added “lovingly decided to separate” this could be a divorce announcement story. Really weird.

    Seems like a slow news week though. “Recently” decided to live back in the UK? Haven’t they been back for a few years now? That’s not recently.

  11. Cee says:

    Something’s coming.

  12. B says:

    The subtext here is that he cheats on her all the time and she knows and doesn’t care.

  13. jferber says:

    Superficial point, but I just wish Brooklyn’s legs were longer. They look so short. How tall is he?

  14. Grey says:

    Does anyone think that a story like this might have something to do with the Brooklyn Beckham story? I just was wondering if somehow there was a connection, like maybe its alluding to parenting? Just a thought, and please correct me if that’s weird or wrong… lol.

  15. Ladykeller says:

    Smells like damage control. My spider senses are tingling.

  16. Meggles says:

    There’s a famous story about them going on holiday skiing somewhere right after the Rebecca Loos story broke, and doing a big organised pap-shoot posing being all luvvy duvvy having fun playing in the snow together, and the editor of Heat magazine followed them back to their chalet and watched through a window (admittedly creepy) and saw VB smack DB right in the face the minute they got inside from playing happy families.

    • Tata Mata says:

      I can easily imagine it is like that. The problem simply is that this man has too much time on his hands and nothing to do in the terms of “work” or “regular daily employment”.

  17. JA says:

    Their marriage like Beyoncé and JZs is nothing but a brand now. They are too invested in the empire they created to split ways now. Each has side pieces and lead different lives but pose a united front. No shade just how it is…it’s business

    • RYotGrrrl says:

      Even “branded” couples can break, especially if a sexual partner demands “coupledom”.

  18. Tata Mata says:

    The couple, who wed in July 1999, have four children together: sons Brooklyn, 19, Romeo, 15, Cruz, 13, and 6-year-old daughter Harper.

    I have wondered for a while if daughter Harper’s birth was an attempt to keep the marriage together?

    And yes, it is a stupid a idea to let a rich good-looking guy do nothing in the terms of “work”. Because that way he will find some kind of “business” and likely one that destroys his marriage.

    • Tiffany says:

      Ehhhhh….David never made it a secret that he/they wanted a girl and wanted to try for one as long as Victoria was down for more children.

  19. ladida says:

    I’ve heard many rumors that they’re open. After 20 years who cares ? I think they both do their own thing and he’s kind of a man-child post retirement.

  20. sassypomeranian says:

    I saw David Beckham at a bar in New York about two years ago, in a semi private back room. He was with a model and some other friends and they were not very discreet about being together or running to the bathroom every 20 minutes. I had to stop blatantly staring when his security saw my excited eyes.

  21. Claire Jalfon says:

    I am kinda sad, but not surprised. My sons adore Beckham and I even read his autobiography. He always seemed lovely, although the demand for a Knighthood email was alarming.

  22. Lisa says:

    She has always struck me as an unhappy person, even back in the Spice Girls days. I don’t want to play armchair psychologist, it’s just a feeling I have about her. Sucks.

  23. AmandaPanda says:

    He is well known in London for being a dirty dog of the highest order. They had to change Harper’s nursery (my god daughter is there) after he got it on with (IIRC) one of the teachers. I have a friend who he asked to come back to his hotel room…at 3pm in the afternoon (he’d spotted her at lunch). There are literally hundreds of those stories. The man is a walking horn dog. What’s amazing is that nothing major other than Loos has come out before now.