Angela Bassett in a white jumpsuit at the ‘Infinity War’ premiere: amazing?


Avengers: Infinity War is out this weekend and it’s sure to make a billion dollars, judging by the fact that seemingly every superhero from every Marvel movie is involved. Black Panther has set the bar impossibly high, but I think Infinity War can get close to that, riding on Black Panther’s coattails alone. We’ll be covering the photos and fashion in a few posts this morning as there were so many people there. I wanted to focus on Angela Bassett first because I adore this white jumpsuit she’s wearing. It’s got a green stripe threaded through the bustline, there are open shoulders and beaded chevron sleeves and it’s just modern, bold and striking. Also her styling is beautiful.


Danai Gurira was more of a miss in a this deep v-neck red full length gown with intricate beading. The floral and bird pattern is lovely but there’s something off about the cut and this looks too fussy for a premiere. This is more of an awards ceremony dress.



Letitia Wright was in Prada, in this crazy purple, black and aqua suit with a weird tulle neckline and skirt. Maybe I would like this without the giant bow at the back of her neck, without the skirt and without the abstract flowers in the pattern. The suit has water droplet detailing and that’s enough to make it interesting without everything else going on. Her asymmetric blunt cut is awesome and she’s young enough to somewhat pull this off. There’s something fun about this.



Chadwick Boseman is 40! I always look that up when I cover him because I assume he’s in his early 30s. Look at him working this colorblock red and blue shirt with a green suit. Chadwick and his stylist, Ashley Weston, were featured last month in THR’s power stylists issue. She has some hot photos of Chadwick in more casual wear on her Instagram. I bit my lip a few times.



Winston Duke, 31, got a lot of attention as M’Baku in Black Panther as he was virtually unknown prior, having just done guest stints on TV. Winston, 31, has a drama degree from Yale, where he met and befriended Lupita Nyong’o. This makes me wonder why Lupita wasn’t there, but her IMDB doesn’t have her listed in Infinity War.



Photos credit: WENN

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  1. Nicole says:

    Black Panther magic

  2. Char says:

    There must something in the Wakanda water, cause damn they look amazing!

    • Josephine says:

      +1. That’s a whole lot of gorgeous in one place!

    • Ninks says:

      They look incredible. I love Angela’s pantsuit so much. It’s perfection.

    • Kitten says:

      I was scrolling down waiting for something to hate but nope. Every outfit is a homerun. Angela Bassett is #unattainableaginggoals *sobs* and Danai is KILLING it in red. Definitely her color.

    • MagicalDay says:

      I’ve never been so happy viewing either premieres or award’s ceremonies as during Panther Magic- seriously, there is an whole new level of eclectic & artistry.

    • RedOnTheHead says:

      They all look fantastic and I like all of the fashion. But the big question should be: how does Angela never age? How?? She must be made to give up that secret!!

  3. Coz' says:

    Chadwick Boseman is sexy AF. And his smile…

  4. Cher says:


  5. deets says:

    I love Danai’s dress, she looks hot. And yes to the jumpsuit! The top portion is so interesting, I love it and thought I would hate it.

    • Kitten says:

      On TWD I was always crazy envious of her arms and how athletic/toned her body is. Never knew she had amazing boobs too….
      But yeah, the woman is flawless.

    • lucy2 says:

      I like Danai’s dress too! It’s really pretty and she looks gorgeous – it may be more award show than premiere, but who cares, she looks awesome.

      I’m not sure about Angela’s pantsuit, but again who cares, she’s Angela Bassett and always amazing.

  6. Dorothy#1 says:

    Winston Duke is from my town!!!

  7. Spikey says:

    I came here to shout about how Angela is THE BEST! Then I scrolled down and shouted that Danai is THE BEST! Even further down I saw Letitia’s suit – no words left. I am dead. These are the best clothes I have ever seen on this site in one post!

  8. Lucy says:

    They are so beautiful, every single one of them. WAKANDA FOREVER!

  9. Tanesha86 says:

    They all look amazing. All that melanin just glowing🤩. And Danai look absolutely stunning in that gown, the red is sheer perfection. I think jewel tones look so beautiful on her.

  10. T.Fanty says:

    I would kill for that jumpsuit. And look 0.03% as good as she does wearing it.

  11. Liz says:

    I’m usually in the “Angela Bassett can do no wrong” pile. And for the most part, this keeps me there. But I’m having a hard time with the puddle at the bottom of her pants. I’ve been seeing these “hems” on the red carpet quite a bit lately and it just looks messy (and like a massive trip hazard).

    • anika says:

      Love her fashion, but the something seems off around her mouth – too much botox or ???

      • Umyeah says:

        I have loved Angela since boyz in the hood but she needs to chill with botox or whatever she is doing.

  12. Danielle says:

    I’m not in love with the jump suit, or the Bobby pin situation in Angela’s hair. Gorgeous woman tho. I think Leticia knocked it out of the park with her suit, and danai looks gorgeous in her red dress.

  13. aerohead21 says:

    Wow they all look AMAZING!! The rest of the cast should have talked to them before picking their outfits.

  14. Rumi says:

    I only like Angela’s outfit she looks incredible. The rest I’ve seen them look better for the Black Panther Press. I don’t like squishy boob anything, the tulle ruined the look, the guys I’m not liking the suits.
    Beautiful group of people.

  15. Jayna says:

    I love Danai’s dress. It looks fantastic on her. I love the color also.

  16. FHMom says:

    Angela Bassett is a goddess. Madonna should get a notepad and take notes.

  17. Magdalin says:

    Danai looks lovely.

    But I am having sensory overload on Angela Bassett’s whole styling. I don’t know where to look and then I get confused. She looks amazingly confident though, so more power to her.

  18. Harryg says:

    Oooh she’s gorgeous!

  19. Renee says:

    EVERY single look is amazing. Angela is ageless. I mean this woman simply keeps doing it better. Danai looks stunning in red. And Winston Duke…….I mean YES!

  20. Veronica S. says:

    I wish Angela’s suit was better fitted in the torso, but otherwise it’s a very lovely and unique piece. I don’t mind Danai’s dress because it has a maxi cut to it, which takes away from some of the formality. Letitia Wright is SO cute. I love the whole outfit, though I think the bow is a bit much. And maybe a silver pump instead of a sandal?

    I have nothing useful to add about Chadwick Boseman other than GOD is he handsome.

  21. Naddie says:

    When I was a kid I remmember swooning over the gorgeous lead character from Vampire in Brooklyn anytime I watched it. Then when I was 24 I swooned again at the voodoo priestess in AHS, without noticing both were Angela. That face will always blow me away.

  22. KiddV says:

    I love all of those outfits, everyone looks amazing!

    What’s weird is when I first saw the beading of Angela’s sleeve I thought “yes! that’s different and looks great” then I started wondering if it was just sliced thin material, and I didn’t like it as much. But since it is beading, I really like it. I don’t know why that makes such a big difference to me.

  23. huckle says:

    They all look terrific but Letitia Wright’s suit is my favorite. I love the bow! So cute!!!

  24. Candies says:

    My hair like that um sort of now I want my body like that yeah 🙂

  25. meowren says:

    hey y’all! first and foremost, gahdayum everyone looks amazing! to my question: if i, as a white woman, wanted to replicate the style ms. bassett is rocking, would it be considered cultural appropriation? i know black women use bobby pins to wrap and set their hair, so i wouldn’t want to be overstepping my boundaries. i’m sorry i’m asking, as i know it isn’t anyone’s job to educate me, but if someone has an answer i’d appreciate it! much love!

  26. Grumpier than thou says:

    I like all of the ladies outfits-ish, but each could do with simplifying – For Angela id get rid of the lifejacket overlay and fussy sleeves and have her kill it in simple white, Danai – cut the dress at the knees make it more of a party frock (that colour is perfection), and for Letitia get rid of the tulle. All beautiful outfits, beautiful women, but the fuss is detracting from rather than highlighting both.

  27. Keepitreal says:

    The pantsuit is amazing and so is she!

  28. Pandy says:

    Angela Basset for the WIN!!!

  29. Lovey says:

    No love for Winston Duke? That man is FINE AS HELL.

  30. ZuluPrincess says:

    Lawd they’re beautiful… All of them. #WakandaForever

  31. sean says:

    Not only did they have the best looking red carpet premiere for their own move, they have to show up and steal the show at the Avengers premiere? Danai Gurira , goddamn

  32. Sara says:

    Angela is georgous!