Yeah, the Prince of Wales probably should walk Meghan Markle down the aisle

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How will the royals salvage Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s wedding? I don’t know. I really don’t. As I keep saying, once the wedding blitz is over, heads will roll. There will be people fired over how the “Markle Debacle” was handled. Richard Kay at the Daily Mail did a lengthy piece about all of the mistakes that were made, and he seemed to blame it all on Harry and the Kensington Palace communications team. Which… I somewhat agree with, although at this point, there might need to be some kind of internal investigation into what really happened and how badly everything fell apart in the final week.

So, again, I ask: what can salvage this mess? Perhaps they’ll get through it simply by pushing the reset button and acting like nothing happened. Put on a happy face and move on. But I think this move would be a power play too: ask the Prince of Wales to walk Meghan down the aisle.

Meghan Markle’s father will no longer walk her down the aisle; however, her future father-in-law Prince Charles could step in to fulfill the duty. E! News has learned that Prince Harry’s father could do the honor, but only if his son and blushing bride ask him to do so. While the decision is ultimately up to the couple, Meghan and Harry would likely have to consult Queen Elizabeth II first. Meghan seems to have a good relationship with the Prince of Wales. After all, she and Harry are postponing a honeymoon to attend Charles’ birthday (their first official engagement as a married couple).

Carolyn Harris, a royal historian and author of Raising Royalty: 1000 Years of Royal Parenting, also told E! News “there certainly has been speculation” that Charles might assume the role. However, she also suggested that Meghan’s mother Doria Ragland could step in or that Harry and Meghan could walk down the aisle together. She even proposed the possibility of Meghan walking herself down the aisle.

[From E! News]

I wasn’t on the “Charles should do it” train at first, but at this point, I think it’s the best option. It would be a powerfully symbolic move that showed the world that the royal family is on Meghan’s side. Plus, the photos would just be great – Charles treating Meghan like a daughter, looking proud as he welcomed her to the family. This is what they should do. This is the reset button.

Meanwhile, people are arriving at Windsor Castle:

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle visit the Eikon Centre in Lisburn

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  1. NoShame says:

    Her mom should walk her down the aisle. It’s time to bring this event into the modern era. It’s bad enough women have to give up their career, religion and country.

    • Nicole says:

      Agreed. I’ve been saying this for ages let her mom do it. Like please give her this

    • Mia4s says:

      It’s not quite the modern “OMG!” break with tradition people seem to think it would be. Queen Victoria walked at least two of her daughters down the aisle in the 1800s after Albert had passed away. It’s happened.

      I think it should be her and her mother’s call but from a PR standpoint? Having Prince Charles do it would be a HUGE win with the royal watchers.

      • LAK says:

        Queen Victoria is not the example to invoke where her children are concerned because that gesture was a facet of her control over them not love. Literally and figuratively. Especially Beatrice who was never to leave her mother’s side since she was 4yrs old.

      • Maum says:

        Also Queen Victoria was a queen- she was doing it as a head of State rather than a woman (if that makes sense). It was her royal prerogative and she was very vain, not to mention always saw her sons as, well, children and thus unsuitable for the role.
        She was very respectful of her husband’s role as a father though, and had he been alive she would never have stepped in.

      • Mia4s says:

        Sure, and all fathers (no matter how loving and modern) who walk their daughters down the aisle are basically re-enacting a highly patriarchal ritual from when their daughters were little more than property. The point is it wouldn’t be the first time a mother has walked a daughter down the aisle at a British royal wedding.

      • RoyalSparkle says:


        Would also show W/K/ carol/middletons again ‘how it is done’ – with the ‘Gift’ of becoming Royal – POW daughter in law!

        Imagine how carol middletons are overjoyed at the extended markles and dad.

      • aaa says:

        Great point about there being a precedent for a mother walking her daughter down the aisle! To me, if Meghan feels the need to be walked down the aisle, it should be with her mother Doria. This is how it should have been done from the giddyup, either that or walk down the aisle by herself.

      • Princessk says:

        Well I think that Prince Philip should do it. That would silence everybody once and for all. He is the head of the family still and it would send a message that Meghan is now one of them.

      • @Mia4s
        At this point PR is important! I want the following to happen:
        1. Doria accompanies Meaghan as planned and looks glorious doing so
        2. Meaghan wears the Girls of Great Britain and Ireland, Strathmore Rose, the Teck Crescent, or the Spencer tiara (cause it’s gorgeous and Diana doesn’t get to be there). All of these tiaras have history, are stunning, and clearly indicate Meaghan is becoming a member of the House of Windsor.
        3. Meaghan wears a dreamy dress with a soft silhouette emphasizing her sensational figure and natural grace.
        4.Prince Charles walks Meaghan down the aisle. Totally shuts down any news of her dad (I hope their relationship heals and he learns not to take advice from his jealous, spiteful children or money from less than well meaning paparazzi. Giving him the benefit of the doubt because Meaghan loves him and there must be a reason for that. Maybe his age has effected his reason) It’s not a sign of “giving” anyone to anyone to me-it began that way but now is just a tradition along with virginal white and flowers-she’s marrying into a family steeped in tradition.
        4.I want to see Prince Harry bursting with happiness and pride with his brother beside him supporting them every step of the way.
        5.Please let them be the Duke and Duchess of Avondale or Kendal…I’ll take Sussex or Clarence but they’re just not as elegant rolling off the tongue.
        Finally, let myself, my twin sister and my daughter have a wonderful royal wedding get together!
        BTW Meaghan’s family tried to discredit her but they are the very reason I went from 75% behind her to 100 %. Of course she learned at a young age to “act” however she needed with that for a family. She’s behaved impeccably in the face of adversity. I can now see why she and Harry fell in love and it isn’t all lust…they both saw broken homes, bitter feelings, and both learned to have compassion for others and a strong desire to succeed where they were expected to fail!
        Royal love sorry with a happy ending! Bring it on!

      • Liberty says:

        Aw come on, let’s get some PR value….If not Doria, and if not Obama + Charles (if Doria is too jetlagged or wary), here are my optional aisle teams:

        1. Kate and Sophie — the “hey, bitches, we married in too, so get over it” team.

        2. Anne and Mike Tindall – the “don’t try it, any Markles in disguise” team

        3. The Queen with Daniel Craig — “shaken but Our resolve has not stirred” team

        4. William and Michael Middleton – the “behave yourselves dad patrol” team

        5. Russell Brand and the Dalai Lama — the “peace and yoga” team

        6. Princess Charlotte. — the “hey, auntie, I got this” side-eye of strength ringer

      • Liberty says:

        @Winteriscoming, I like your vision and agree – now it is even easier to see more of what may have brought them together, in addition to natural attraction/lust.

      • @Liberty
        I love your Mike Tindell and Princess Anne team!
        She freezes any misbehaving Markles with her deadly stare and Mike bounces them right out the church door!
        Let’s send them in first! Anne can wear a dress she first wore in 1801 and Mike will wear his nice, intimidating nose!

      • notasugarhere says:

        Mike had his nose fixed recently. It isn’t nearly as intimidating as before.

      • @Notasugarhere
        Noooo! Mike’s nose was perfect! It gave him character, made him easy to spot, was a perfect representation of his “blokish” sporty manly personality!
        I suppose Prince George can fill in but now Princess Anne better throw on her jodapurs and boots for the wedding cause she’s good but George’s “Be gone with you , peasant” stare is second to none! Anne can just use a riding crop to beat the Markle hollogans out of the Church… although If you give George a basket of rocks he can probably deal with this all on his on😬

    • AG-UK says:

      I agree her mother I wouldn’t want some man I hardly know I don’t care if it’s Harry’s dad to walk me down or I’d go alone.

      • aaa says:

        Exactly! Meghan and Charles may be on good terms now but Meghan hardly knows him. She either needs to walk her thirty-six year old ass down the aisle by her damn self or be accompanied by her mother.

      • marjiscott says:

        I would love anyone to walk her down the aisle! Doris, Charles, William or the Prime Minister of Canada, since his wife will be attending. Except Prince Phillip. Probably not the best choice at 96, and probably in a walker due to his new hip. Don’t need more drama, can’t take it!

    • Sherry says:

      Since her mother was always scheduled to ride with her in the car and her father meet them at the church, I’m wondering if it was intended that BOTH parents were going to walk her down the aisle. If this is the case, then her mom walking her down the aisle makes perfect sense.

      However, the message and meaningfulness of Prince Charles walking her down the aisle would be fantastic. She would have her father-in-law, the future King of England walking her down the aisle, showing the world that she is a welcome and loved new member of the family.

      That would send a powerful message.

      Also, one of the outlets is reporting that Doria is the only family member attending from Meghan’s side. Is that true? If so, it really brings into focus Harry’s statement of her not really having a family before. All the more reason that Charles would be a great choice to walk her down the aisle.

      • lili says:

        No, her niece, Samantha’s oldest daughter, will be there. They are very close. Her niece disowned her mother years ago. Meghan attended her law school graduation and credited her with helping her Suit character.

      • K2 says:

        Samantha’s younger daughter released a letter from social services today, which stated that her claims she was emotionally and physically abused by her mother were substantiated by investigation.

        So Meghan has cut off a sister who abused her child, and a brother who abused his partners. And funnily enough, both have screamed blue murder about that only when a royal wedding was suddenly at issue.

    • AV says:

      Completely agree. This is an absurd suggestion. The only person who is an appropriate choice is Doria. She deserves the recognition for raising such an extraordinary person. Royal wedding, shotgun wedding, or city hall, Doria needs to be the one person to stabd beside Meghan when this happens. Charles would be an insulting disappointment.

    • Sabrine says:

      It would be very inappropriate and tacky for Charles to walk her down the aisle, surprised people are even saying he should do it. Her mother obviously is the one to walk her daughter down the aisle. She could even walk herself down the aisle as Serena Williams did, all eyes on the beautiful bride.

    • Chinoiserie says:

      Why anyone has to walk her? Where I live fathers many times do it but its not requirement and you would not go and find a replacement just because someone has to be there.

    • Va Va Kaboom says:

      I’d agree her mom should just do it if the lead up to the wedding hadn’t been so chaotic. However, this marriage is already breaking several paradigms and the drama with the Markles is only helping people who are against Megan and Harry marrying. It’s time to remind the public of the pomp and circumstance the Royal Family is supposed to represent. For purely PR reasons Charles really should walk her down the aisle and give everyone that sweet “she’s really part of the family” feel good moment.

      Eugenie’s Wedding hasn’t had much drama yet, push for Fergie to walk her down the aisle if you want a modern ceremony. Divorced Biracial American Actress Megan is already doing a lot to drag the BRF into the 21st century, it’s time other family members did their part too.

    • Beckymae says:

      Yes! Fuck the patriarchy and let her mother do it, that’s the best idea

    • lunde says:

      Well actually it would not even be a new thing. Queen Victoria walked a couple of her daughters down the aisle in the 1800s.

    • kelsey says:

      Agreed. It should either be her mom or she walks herself down the aisle.

      I know Thomas Jr’s ass just got to London. He’s probably delusional enough to think he’s going to stand in for his father and walk Meghan down the aisle.

    • Masamf says:

      I’m on this too. Her there, no need for her FIL to do the honors. I know I’m in the minority but don’t share the belief that this wedding is ruined. There are many that see it that way, but there are equally as many that don’t see anything both Harry and Meghan did to deserve this. I have, I’m still and I will always root for this couple, they both been through so much individually and IMO they deserve to catch a break.

      • Tonya says:

        Every fairytale has villians (saw that on twitter)…but so true!

        I think she should walk with Doria…also think she should incorporate some women to walk behind Doria & her (maybe too progressive for BRF????)…

        If she wants Charles or her maternal uncle…it’s Meghan’s choice…

    • Peg says:

      We can all say that Doria should walk Meghan down the aisle, but would Doria be comfortable doing it?
      It maybe better for Meghan to walk by herself, instead of worrying about her mother and with every else going through mind on that long walk.

    • flan says:

      Yeah, let her mom do it.
      So old fashioned that it has to be a man.

      It’s not like moms give away grooms, but they should. Young men are often very dependent on their moms.

    • Grumpy says:

      Was her mum at this afternoon’s rehearsal? That would be a good indicator of if she is walking her down the aisle.

    • Sarah says:

      or walk HERSELF down the aisle. She is a grown, accomplished, competent woman – she is enough!

    • madonami says:

      have always hated the whole notion of the woman getting “passed” from one man to another, the father to the husband. if i ever marry, i will either walk myself, have both of my parents and/or my sister walk me.

      that said, it is obviously up to Meghan.

      it will be a giant story no matter what now. MEGHAN WALKED ALONE! CHARLES WALKED MEGHAN! MEGHAN WALKED WITH HARRY!

      am curious about the comment about a possible investigation? i’m not a big royal watcher and have mostly been ignoring the wedding stuff, so am kind of clueless. has it (the rollout or what have you) really been that bad?

    • Milla says:

      She should walk alone. I don’t think her mother is prepared for that kind of event. She should relax and enjoy it. Walking her will be seen by millions, it could really be stressful.

      Its royal wedding. Not a wedding. And Charles… is he close to Harry? Does he even know Meghan? How much time did they spend together?

      She was an actress she can handle herself.

    • Veronica T says:

      Yes – why would Charles “give her away” to his son?

    • Where'sMyTiara says:

      Prince Phillip walked Princess Margaret down the aisle; he could do it again. That way the father of the groom and mother of the bride could take their traditional places. And it would quash nasty rumors that he disapproves of Meghan joining the family.

      Plus he looks damn fine in a suit – and he has a fresh hip!

    • Ama says:

      NEWSFLASH: Prince Charles will walk her down the aisle !!!

  2. Vylette says:

    I think Doria should do it. It would be a great way of tiding up the mess. Its better than POW doing it.

    • minx says:

      Yes. Meghan will be part of the RF soon enough. Let her shine in her last moments before that, either with her mother or by herself. I mean, I can see how it would be a nice gesture to have Charles escort her, but I also don’t want the RF using it as a PR thing: “Her father is a schmuck, but we are fabulous and stepping into the breach!” Her father IS a schmuck, but let Meghan decide. If Meghan actually asked Charles, that’s her choice. Somehow I don’t see it happening, though.

  3. minx says:

    Noooo! Her mother or she walks herself. It’s 2018 FFS.

  4. Tiffany says:

    Why is everyone so hellbent on her Mother not walking her down to aisle.

    That option or by herself.

  5. Jessica says:

    This is so dramatic; there is always drama the final week of anyone’s wedding. Who should be fired because Thomas was setting up pap shots? At the end of the day her father can’t attend for medical reasons. I also think Meghan knows her father is flakey so she can’t be too surprised.

    And no Prince Charles should not walk her down the aisle. It can be her mother or by herself.

    • LadyMTL says:

      This! Why should anyone from the KP team be fired? Is it their fault that Meghan’s dad seems to have a direct line to TMZ? Hardly.

      And I 100% agree with what everyone is saying – let her mother walk her down the aisle, or let her walk it by herself.

    • FLORC says:

      End of the day it’s not about the heart condition. That’s just convenient. The TMZ calls are major. He made serval moves to profit off of his daughter’s wedding and royal connections. It seems very likely since before the heart attack and procedure Markle was going to be frozen out. He kept spilling. He made it public.
      Not going to the press is the easiest part of all this. To not exploit Meghan. And this was too difficult or maybe he felt her privacy is less important than his thirst.

  6. joanne says:

    Meghan is an adult woman who can walk down the aisle by herself or with her Mother. i loathe this whole “giving someone away” stuff. it’s her choice.

  7. Maria says:

    It would be nice, but why can’t Meghan’s mom do it? Since both Charles and Doria are single parents, why not both of them escort the couple down the aisle?

    • minx says:

      That would be lovely, have the four of them. I could see that.

    • Alix says:

      That is a genius suggestion!

    • Erinn says:

      I like that the best, honestly. I think it’d be a nice symbolic blending of the families.

      I know a lot of people hate the idea of the bride being given away. I get why it’s a patriarchal tradition and all of that. But it didn’t ever occur to me when I was getting married that that’s how negatively it came across for people. I didn’t see it as my father giving me to my husband to transfer the ‘care/ownership’. I saw it as a combination of my dad keeping me from falling on my face (still almost happened) and kind of an ushering of one stage of my life into my next. I got married at 24. I had only moved out of my parents the year before the wedding when we bought our house. It wasn’t like I was thinking “hur dur, glad my husband can support me now” it was a case of my family having a major shift, and nothing more. So when we, as feminists, say that it’s about choice that makes the difference for women who choose to stay home with their kids and not have a job outside of their home – why can’t it be the same for something like this? Why does this automatically have to be sexist when I’m choosing to do it for my own reason, with my own meaning but it’s not sexist if a woman chooses to be a stay at home mom by her own choice and for her own reasons?

    • noyouplum says:

      I was thinking this just before i saw your comment! THAT would be a moment.

  8. tw says:

    It should be her mother! What kind of patriarchy bs is this?!

  9. Originaltessa says:

    The tradition is that the father is giving his daughter to the groom. It makes zero sense for Charles to do the honor. Doria does it, or no one.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Charles just walked one of his goddaughters down the aisle, because of a scandal around her father’s behavior. He could play the same traditional role in this wedding, publicly welcoming his new daughter-in-law.

      • Maria says:

        @Nota, Alexandra was his goddaughter and he had known her all her life, since he was close friends with her parents. He hasn’t known Meghan that long.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Yes and? He has set the precedent of stepping in when needed or wanted.

      • Natalia says:

        Agreed with Kaiser and others, good pr and power move. I think the Royal family has been letting the Markles hang themselves, likely with Meghan’s agreement and maybe even blessing. She and her mom had to know this was likely to happen..

      • aaa says:

        I agree. What happened at Alexandra Knatchbull’s wedding is relevant in that Alexandra’s father attended the wedding as a guest and was not tasked with walking his daughter down the aisle. This is what should have happened with Thomas Markle.

        It is also relevant because tradition was not strictly adhered to at a wedding that was attended by several high profile royals including the Queen.

        Prince Charles is a close family friend and distant relative of the Knatchbulls, so it was lovely that he walked Alexandra down the aisle. If Meghan and Harry had been together for years, and there were indications that Charles and Meghan were close, a la William and the Middletons, I would find it a lovely gesture, but I am so not feeling the idea of Charles walking Meghan down the aisle.

      • notasugarhere says:

        He’s her new father in law, stepping in to a role as defacto father figure. Signaling their closeness moving forward.

  10. Ladykeller says:

    Doria should walk her down the aisle since it is usually the bride’s family member, but Charles doing it would definitely be a big show of support and would be quite meaningful. Clearly Meghan needs a better caliber of family in her corner. I never thought of the brf as being a loving supportive family, but compared to the Markle clan they are a loving family.

    • savu says:

      I’m with ya. It’s 2018, it’d be awesome to see her mom do it, but if we’re talking antiquated traditions the whole “giving away” of the bride is super patriarchal in the first place. BUT, wherein a feminist fantasy she just walks alone… this week has SUCKED for her. SUCKED. It’d be a nice show of support from the family – in a perfect world, “hey, she doesn’t NEED anyone, but we’re here to support her by choice.” Bc her family (except Mom) has been awful to her, and she’s our family now. That’s the ideal scenario working out in my head!

      • FeedMyLlama says:

        Agree with Savu. Having someone walk her might just be the moral support needed (with eyes of the world watching). And pretty much every tradition associated with marriage has patriarchal overtones – including marriage itself; it was about property transfer for a long time, marriage for love is a modern concept. So embrace and reclaim the traditions that work for you and dump the ones that don’t. Either way I wish Meghan well.

  11. llamas says:

    I like how attending a birthday party is counted as work. /s

    Kate looks healthy though!

  12. Jenn says:

    I’d so love to see her Mother do it! I’ll be bummed if Prince Charles does it. Doria seems so cool and she’s also stunningly beautiful. It would be a huge and lasting reminder to everyone there and the world, of where Meghan comes from and where her beauty comes from, if her Mom is given this honor.

  13. LORENA says:

    I believe it should be her mother or herself! Its 2018 she doesn’t need Prince Charles to walk her just because he is a man! What a slap in the face to her mother if they decide to do that, her mother raised her, she should get the honer

  14. MandyMc says:

    Thank goodness I saw all these comments about her mom should walk her down the aisle. Both of my parents walked me down the aisle but if my dad wasn’t around my mom definitely would have on her own. I hate the idea of needing a male to “give away the bride”.

  15. K-Peace says:

    I agree with Kaiser that it would be nice if Prince Charles does it, as a way of showing that the Royal Family is proud & happy to welcome Meghan into being a member of their family.

  16. Embee says:

    I would love it if she walked herself – that is a power move – but ultimately I hope that she does what makes her feel comfortable.

  17. Sushi says:

    Harry and Meghan should walk down the aisle together .

  18. Merritt says:

    How wide is the aisle, will it accommodate 3 adults? If so then maybe both Doria and Prince Charles should walk with Meghan.

  19. Anastasia says:

    Um, I don’t know about that. It seems creepy to me that my future father in law would walk me down the aisle to “give me” to his son. No.

    I’d walk by myself or with my mom.

  20. homeslice says:

    My vote is just walk the aisle herself. But I have a feeling “they” feel a man should do it…

  21. M4lificent says:

    I’m not sure that anyone needs to “give away” a 36-year-old woman.

    But it should always have been Meghan’s mom walking her down the aisle. She’s obviously been the more consistent parent and more central in Meghan’s life.

    And TQ will never bite, but it would cute if Charles walked his son down the aisle, just to make it even.

  22. Kaiser says:

    Nowhere did I say that Charles should do it because he’s a dude. I’m saying he should do it because of the gigantic mess they’re in now, and Charles walking her down the aisle would really change the story. It’s a PR move, and they should do it.

  23. Wow says:

    I don’t know how this would actually happen but I would love it if somehow Former US President Barack Obama could walk her down the isle. Never mind the fact that he doesn’t know Meghan personally. But I wish that could happen.

  24. Michelle says:

    I feel like since this is her second marriage, she should walk down the aisle by herself. I don’t know what kind of first wedding she had, but the ‘giving away of the bride’ is irrelevant now.

  25. Lexa says:

    I have a feeling that her mother will do it, or Meghan will walk alone at least part of the way and have Harry meet her so they can walk up the aisle together.

  26. Wow says:

    I don’t know how this would actually happen but I would love it if somehow Former US President Barack Obama could walk her down the aisle. Never mind the fact that he doesn’t know Meghan personally. But I wish that could happen.

  27. Sunny says:

    Charles? Mr. “You don’t really look like you are from Manchester” guy? Eh, let her mother do it.

  28. FLORC says:

    Agree fully on how Charles should walk her down. I like the mother angel fine, but it doesn’t fit here. This ceremony isn’t like a wedding we would have. Theres a lot going into it on a huge scale. Even to just make it appear small and private. Royals are ceremonial. And the Markles have royally f’d themselves. Seeing Charles is a show of unity. Doria being there and already possibly planning settling in folds in well.

  29. Josie says:

    I think it will be Doria who accompanies Meghan down the aisle.

    That having been said, it would be a special moment for Charles to walk down the aisle with a daughter (in-law), and a signal from the firm that none of this week’s shambles will affect their support for Meghan.

    On the other hand, given the apparently unfounded criticism that Meghan abandoned her father (CNN is now reporting that Thomas Markle has been receiving guidance and support from KP since 2016), she’s extremely unlikely to want another father figure to accompany her. It’s almost certain to be Doria.

    Isn’t the language now “who presents this woman”? And isn’t it an option just to skip that part of the service? My parents both walked with me down the aisle and didn’t have any speaking role.

  30. Digital Unicorn says:

    From a PR POV Chuck walking her would send a very clear signal to the world and her toxic family that she is now part of a family that will protect and support her no matter what – the RF for all their own drama and faults close ranks when needed. She needs that.

    Yeah I agree that PoorJason is out the door after this – about time as he has been mismanaging their PR since the beginning. Maybe Chuck will finally get someone who knows what they are doing in there and someone in who can handle the bratty know it all Princes who are also to blame for the PR messes over the years. Catherine Quinn, Katie Keen’s new private sec was allegedly a Chuck hire, and look at the change in KK since she arrived.

    • whatever1 says:

      After the wedding I think Charles is going to put his foot down and fire #PoorJason and the rest of the KP PR/Communication’s team (he pay’s for them, right?). I think he is going to be adamant that William and Harry’s ‘court’ merges with his own. Play time is over for the Prince’s, Charles is going to take back control.

      • aaa says:

        Jason may not be an ace at his job but this is not something that would have fallen within his purview.

        Charles may force the PR / Communications teams to merge but Charles is the one who started the set up of royals having different offices, this happened in the early 1990s when William and Harry were children. A few years ago, in response to criticism, the communications offices of BP, CH and KP were merged and it was Charles was the first to decide to go back to doing things in silos.

        When it comes to coordination and cooperation between the various palaces, from what I’ve seen, Charles has been more the problem than the solution. The only reason why that may be different now is because the Queen has ceded more control to Charles, so now that Mummy has let him have the reins he may be more open to things being centralized.

        I often see comments that make KP out to be the problem child, KP may not be a well-oiled machine, but when inter-organizational conflicts come up, it is often between CH and [fill in the blank]. Also all three palaces have had turnover in the top ranks, many believe that the Queen’s private secretary was forced out by Charles and his operation.

    • minx says:

      Honestly, I don’t see how the tentacles of the BRF public relations network could have spread all the way to the US and Rosarito Mexico. I think because England is a small country some people think every PR angle is controllable and it’s not. They can do their best with what appears in the British press but certainly not TMZ, Instagram or anyone who has a cellphone and can snap pictures and post them.

      • Lizabeth says:

        True @Minx. But it seems to me it is at least possible this fiasco with Meghan’s father is partly due to the stress of having British tabs renting the house next door to his for nearly 6 months. That doesn’t excuse TM’s behavior and certainly doesn’t excuse the behavior of the half-sibs. But I think that stress made TM more vulnerable to pressure from and manipulation by Samantha. I personally don’t buy the idea it was a plot in TM’s mind all along to wait until the last minute to intentionally try to trash the wedding. I think KP should have anticipated how bad that ongoing situation was—& a more experienced team would have IMO. Good grief, that situation likely would drive any of us a little nuts and most of us probably aren’t recluses!

      • minx says:

        Lizabeth, yes, I don’t think there was any huge plot, just crazy relatives and last minute decisions.

      • TheOriginalMia says:

        I agree Minx. I think people are underestimating the power of the RF over here in the States. They can’t control the narrative here, though the press here has been relatively chill and supportive of our future Duchess. It’s the Brits who’ve been hunting her and making tabloid stars out of her trashy family. TMZ jumped in at the last minute and drew in Tom Sr because they are well known and probably charmed him into thinking they were his friends. Naive and dumb in his part.

        I do hope Harry & Meghan allow CH to handle their press from now on as Jason has shown repeatedly his not up for this job.

      • Kloops says:

        I agree with Lizbeth. TM was notcut out for this and – possibly – not amply prepared. The bloodlust for an older man clearly in poor health and of dubious emotional resilience is really off putting. He presents as being just barely a notch above “deadbeat dad” and not at all ready to be the man under this level of scrutiny and attention. This was poorly managed by all. They clearly knew about the instability of the Markle family and didn’t adequately lock him down way in advance. Walking his daughter down the aisle for a royal wedding broadcast to billions is an insane trigger. Doesn’t take a medical professional to have predicted this. They took a near recluse and cast him in a starring role. What a mess.

      • Olenna says:

        I guarantee that if Doria was in the same physical and emotional state as poor Dotard Tom, and had fucked up to even a fraction of the level he did with the paps and TMZ, some of the same people sympathizing with and defending him now would be crucifying Doria without mercy.

        @minx, ITA about the limited reach and influence of the BRF. If he was as reclusive and unstable as people are trying to make him out to be, they could not have forced him to travel to England to be “locked down” and babysat.

  31. LW says:

    I think having her mom do it would be great! I also see how having PC do it would be a nice gesture. Maybe her mom isn’t comfortable doing it, who knows. I’m not a huge PC fan, but the paternal side of her family has proved to be a total shitshow and the media and haters have claimed she’s not worthy of the royal family, so PC escorting her down the aisle would be supportive of her and send a message of “we’ve got you!”

  32. Who ARE These People? says:

    And why is the bride the one to walk down an aisle while the groom waits, anyway? This whole thing needs a reconfiguration.

    Relay: Doria first, then Charles, then Harry waits halfway up the aisle to meet her and they walk together.

    Both walk: Harry first with his dad, then Meghan with her mom.

    Both come in toward the middle from side aisles.

    Or they BOTH walk down so everyone can get a good look.

    My preference would be for him to wait for her halfway and then
    they finish the walk together. Nicely symbolic as they enter the ceremony together.

  33. Rocky says:

    I’ve been assuming her mother would do it but have been thinking Charles or one of his brothers should walk with them. Or even Phillip if he’s up to it. Those two tiny women walking into a church packed with royalty alone would be like lambs walking into a den of wolves.

  34. Mindy_dopple says:

    This whole thing started because a “traditional” wedding pressured her into asking her dad for a favor and he turned that favor into a spectacle. F tradition and just go with your gut Markle. You have your mom, you’ve always had your mom. I hate that weddings often turn into a how many friends and family you have show. What if I’m not that friendly or what if I’m introverted? Or what if my family have disappointed me and all I have is a mom and a close group of friends? A huge wedding like this must be horrendous for her because tradition demands family be involved. I’m engaged and I love my family, my sister eloped, had a small church wedding at the same time her second child was baptized (10 yrs later). I want to do the same or have something very small but I’m feeling the pressure for a show!

  35. SmalltownGirl says:

    Maybe Doria doesn’t want to? My mother didn’t. She wanted to sit in her spot and have the full experience of watching me walk up that aisle. She also didn’t want me walking alone (she was right, it’s a log walk and a little overwhelming and nice to have some support). So instead, my father’s best friend was the one to give me away and I know he was touched by the gesture, and it felt lik having a piece of my dad there.

    I think Prince Charles would be a lovely choice, both personally and from a PR stand point. It makes a powerful statement, but also for Meghan, who must be feeling vulnerable and heartbroken, it would show that she is marrying into a family that will step up and support her.

  36. Payal says:

    Why does a grown woman need to be walked down the aisle by anyone? What century is this?

  37. Jen says:

    I would love her to walk herself down the aisle. She doesn’t need an escort; she’s a strong woman!

    Outside of that, her mom is my favorite option.

  38. Natalie S. says:

    Meghan looks beautiful in that picture. She’s going to be a gorgeous bride.

    I go back and forth on this, but it should probably be Doria. Meghan can certainly walk by herself but after all this, it might be a nice visual of support to have someone with her. And for the suggestion of Harry walking with her, he might want that moment of waiting at the altar and turning around to see Meghan.

    I hope the Windsors have some other way of visually demonstrating their support. Big smile from Liz or something. Maybe break protocol and have Charles give her not a full hug but some gesture of support?

    I was rooting for her already but after all this, I really hope everything goes off without a hitch and she has a lovely day.

    And maybe after the wedding, Harry and Meghan should do something to help the homeless in Windsor?

  39. Olive says:

    Why Charles? Why does it have to be another man – a father substitute? And if not Charles, then people suggest William. There are plenty of other options here before defaulting to the nearest closest man – there’s her mother, she walks herself, Meghan and Harry walk together…

  40. Lori says:

    I think her mom should walk her down the aisle. From what I understand Thomas Markle is a screw-up who has never been there for his daughter. He doesn’t deserve the right to walk her down the aisle. I think Megan’s mom has earned the right to do this. Just because Charles is a man doesn’t mean he deserves to do this. He hasn’t earned the right either.

    Queen Victoria walked several of her daughters down the aisle after Albert died so it’s not even new for a royal wedding. I think Megan would prefer her mother do it too. She doesn’t know Charles well and on such a stressful day, I think she should have the one person who has always been there for her to do this. Go team Doria!!

  41. DP says:

    Why can’t she walk herself?!
    If she’s close to her mom and wants her to walk her, that’s great too.

  42. Muprhy says:

    If it’s not going to be her mom then I like the Prince Charles idea. It wouldn’t be hard to beat Kate to be his favorite of the two but this would be nice icing on the cake.

    Also Diana told Charles that Harry was going to be a girl. He went to the hospital thinking he was about to have a daughter to walk down the aisle some day. Maybe now he will, and I think that’s nice.

  43. TheOriginalMia says:

    I would love for Doria to walk her down the aisle. I think Charles will do it and Harry will escort Doria to her seat. The symbolism of the Wales men bringing both of these women into their family, under their protective fold will be too much to resist.

  44. loislane says:

    What would be great imo is
    Doria and Meghan arrive together
    William and Charles meeting them by the car
    William escorts Doria to her sit follow by
    Charles who walks with Meghan down the aisle

    That would be a great welcome in the royal family.
    About walking by herself, will she want to? Plus she is not walking alone. Not in this wedding. Forget it.

  45. F says:

    It’s Meghan choice and I hope it’s Charles because it would be the smartest choice. It would show that she’s welcomed into the family.

  46. me says:

    Why does a man have to “give the bride away”? Why can’t her mom walk her down the aisle? Why the hell would Prince Charles do it? Her mom comes before her future father-in-law !

  47. Inas says:

    Charles can not give away Meghan. He is the groom father. It’s not apprperte to give someone else daughter to his son. It’s contrarory to what many thinks, it will be highly insulting. When he gave one of his granddaughters previously that’s because the groom was not his son.

    So relax everyone, it’s going to be either her mom or. She will walk by herself.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Who says he’s “giving her away”? All he would be doing is escorting her down the aisle when she’s dealing with big dress, train, tiara, and maybe a mess of nerves. Whether or not they choose to have the “who gives this woman” part of the service is up to them. I hope they don’t include it.

  48. C. Remm says:

    Sighting!!! I don’t know, where to put it, but if you look at that video, the first car, a dog’s head pops up inside and that seems to be Meghan’s dog, which had so many people worried.

    I know, it’s the faily snail. ;-)

  49. Skippy says:

    I vote for her Mum as well. Take a seat, Charles. And don’t be stuffy. Have a laugh with your wife.

  50. Maria says:

    So, how does the walk back up the aisle work? Harry and Meghan walk up together, do Doria and Charles walk up together, if so do who walks with Camilla. Maybe Prince Michael can do it, and the Princess can stay home. Problem solved!

  51. Kathleen says:

    She should walk herself down the aisle. 1, she is a modern, adult woman who does not need to be “given away” like a child or property. 2, she is divorced. If we’re sticking with tradition here and not thinking about modernity, she has already been given away. Amy Vanderbilt and Emily post both say that divorced, remarrying women don’t need to be given away, since it’s already happened in the past. I don’t think that strict etiquette needs to be followed, but I’m just saying here is no real reason for her to be “given away” again. The only reason for her to be escorted imho is if she wants some moral support for that walk, which I could understand. But if she doesn’t need the help, don’t do it!

  52. Jamie42 says:

    The DM article is fascinating, and makes a great deal of sense. It’s clear, in a case of family estrangement like this one, that neither Meghan nor Harry has the perspective and distance necessary to make the right decisions, no matter how difficult they might be; and it also seems clear that there should have been contact with the Markle family very much earlier on.
    Easy for me to say, of course.

  53. Magdalin says:

    Charles should definitely do it.

    I think that what many people, especially non-people of color, don’t understand, is that you must sometimes think strategically. Meghan is breaking down many barriers by virtue of who she is and what she has already accomplished in her own right. Just the same with her mother’s nose ring…

    NO, it’s not wrong to have a nose ring.
    NO, it’s not wrong for a mother to walk her daughter down the aisle.

    BUT, it’s just too much or this particular moment. She’s trailblazing, but because of British society, she’s going to have to play the game a bit at least. They can’t just shun all tradition absolutely or they will be seen as disrespectful and they will not have an easy transition into royal life. I love how some posters are all like, “‘F’ this or that, she should just do ______.” That is incredibly easy to say from the comfort of our own homes or offices right now. Sure, get heated in a comments section on a website, but this is not always reality. And for those who have had your moms walk you down in the aisle in your own wedding, kudos to you. But your wedding was not a royal wedding, loaded with all the baggage this one is loaded with. No disrespect, but the stakes are higher and the situation is different.

    For me, it’s all about the end game and end result. You still have to be yourself and stay true to yourself, but the truth of the matter is, that as a person of color, there are times when you have to play the game a bit in order to stay in the game at all. You can just go screaming and yelling and pushing every button and changing every thing by force and right away, but it doesn’t always work that way.

    It’s not right, but it’s true in many instances. I personally think of my entire race sometimes before making certain decisions, because whether I like it or not, I am going to be judged by many according to my race and I don’t want to give certain people the satisfaction. I stay true to myself, but I stay in the game and therefore have more power to change it without always using force.

    This is all to say that for the reasons Kaiser and others have stated, from a PR perspective and to err on the side of tradition (since she’s freaking joining the BRITISH MONARCHY, a.k.a. bastion of tradition) while finding those other seeds to plant and other more overt ways to do things their own way, her mother should not walk her down the aisle.

    • MrsBump says:

      I’m a WOC, and ive lived many years in the UK. I really don’t see, at this moment, in what way Meghan has changed anything about the RF. Just a month ago, Charles made a racist comment about an Indian woman.
      I know we all want to feel as if putting her up there has broken some sort of glass ceiling but the reality is that very little will change. Real, meaningful change comes from us, the little people. Meghan will enjoy a lifetime of privilege, a privilege she would not have obtained if she wasn’t more white than black. She seems to not even have that many people of colour amongst her friends, and that’s ok, because she doesn’t need to represent us, but her marrying her prince isnt a victory for us either. I wish her all the happiness in the world but she’s trailblazing nothing at all atm.

  54. Keepitreal says:

    When have the RF not shown MM support and that they are not on her side??? They have been nothing but extra supportive. Meghan can walk herself up the aisle…she does not need an arm to lean on. She is empowered.

  55. No Doubtful says:

    Personally, I wouldn’t even be having the wedding if my father couldn’t attend, but whatever. Prince Charles doing it would be sweet, but I doubt if this will happen. She’s a grown woman and she can walk herself down the aisle just fine. Or with her mother. Regardless, the “giving the bride away” is a silly tradition anyway.

  56. Honey says:

    My message to Meghan:

    Just walk it like a champ. Embarrassed. Humiliated. Ridiculed. No matter. Take the a$$ whupping like a champ and walk the aisle with head held high as if you were QEII herself. The haters have scored points but you still won the game. F’em.

  57. iconoclast59 says:

    This is complete fantasy on my part, but I would LOVE for Barack Obama to secretly jet in and walk Meghan down the aisle! It would be the ultimate “FU” to that awful, trashy white family of hers!

  58. HannahF says:

    I’m 110% a feminist and believe that a father “giving away” his daughter is beyond outdated. Frankly, it’s insulting. That said, I think that Charles or Charles and Doria should do the aisle walking. First, Meghan will be watched by millions around the world which must be unnerving. As noted above, the dress, tiara and train will most likely be heavy. Therefore, from a purely physical point of view, an arm to lean on is almost a necessity.

    I also agree with Kaiser re the PR optics. If this were my neighbor’s wedding I’d most assuredly vote for walk alone. But this is vastly different. The press has been so negative the last few days, if Charles could temper the negativity by symbolically welcoming Meghan to the family it would make things much easier for Harry and Meghan going forward.

  59. The Original G says:

    OMG, what a nothingburger. The Daily Mail is hilarious, but not as hilarious as taking a word of this seriously.

    A mother walking her daughter down the aisle is so routine. I wish people would stop acting like the royal family are all fragile hothouse flowers. It’s insulting to everyone.

  60. Emily says:

    If Megan wants the world to know that she’s appreciated by the royal family even if not by her own than Charles.

    Personally, I think the strongest move is to walk herself or have her and Harry walk together. Marriage is something her and Harry are entering together as two adults and that’s that.

  61. minxx says:

    In my country many couples arrive to the church together (the groom collects the bride at her parents’ home and then they ride together to church), fathers generally don’t give daughters away. Meghan and her mom should arrive together and Harry should greet his bride at the entry (Doria should be escorted into the church first, by Charles or William). It would be modern and fitting the situation. Or the bride should walk by herself, surrounded by her flower girls and page boys. It would be a lovely sight.

    • A says:

      100% agree. The bride and groom should walk together. That is actual equality. Women are no longer the property of their families who live cloistered lives before marriage, and this is no less true for Meghan. I wouldn’t want my mother or my father holding my hand for what is truly the most grown-up of occasions. I would want my partner, my friend, my future spouse to walk with me.

  62. jferber says:

    I like the mom idea, but it would be a nice effort from Prince Charles to his son Harry, especially as Charles was so unkind to Harry’s mother. Harry is so like his mom in so many ways. I bet he and Meghan will do so many good things together. A bright point in these dark times.

  63. artistsnow says:

    I would be stunned if Dora Ragland did not walk her daughter down the aisle. These two very modern feminist productive yet vulnerable emotional ladies would NEVER give this chance away.

    It is the ONLY way to make this debacle something beautiful. Un(?)fortunately Meghans flawed father gave up his role at the very last minue but lemons make lemonade.

    Team Dora!!!!!

  64. Princessk says:

    Well I think Prince William will walk her down the aisle.

  65. Ann says:

    Let’s do away with “give away” and instead say “walk” or “escort” down the aisle. Personally, I love the idea of Charles escorting her. I love my mom to bits but wouldn’t want her to walk me anymore than I would want her to escort me to prom (I’m 53, btw). Same goes for my two adult daughters. If a prince offers to escort either of them, I say go for it and I won’t miss a thing!

  66. MavenTheFirst says:

    She’s 36. Divorced. A grown up. She doesn’t need an escort or to be given away.

  67. A says:

    This tradition has always been something I’ve never understood. I’m sorry, but I feel like at this age, given that many women have built lives of their own, separate from their parents, before they get married, what is the necessity for them to be “escorted” by parents? Or even by any of their family at all?

    Marriage is the start of a new journey for one and their partner. Your parents and your family are important, but they can’t undertake that journey with you. Only you can do that with the person you choose to be partnered with. The person you should be walking up that aisle with is your partner. That is proper symbolism for a marriage, where two people who have chosen to bond themselves together are walking to meet their future, side by side, supporting one another as equals, with your family surrounding you to witness the ceremony.

    However, given that traditions like this one are slow and resistant to change, I would want Charles to walk Meghan down the aisle. Not because she is a woman who has to be given away by a man, not because being given away by a man is tradition, but as a gesture of welcome and support on behalf of the royal family. She’s been through a lot, she knows her mother has her back always, but if Charles were to do it, it would send a powerful message to everyone. I don’t want her to walk alone. Everyone deserves love and support on their wedding day, and if it can’t be Harry like I think it should be, then it should at least be Charles.

  68. Brittany says:

    I am a strong independent woman.

    I am a strong independent woman who can trip over absolutely nothing. Imagine walking up that loooong aisle, in a long dress, with TV cameras and 600 people watching you.

    Did none of you stop to think maybe she WANTS to have somebody to hold on to? Maybe it’s not so much about ‘giving her away’ but more about having somebody to hold on to, somebody who can help calm her nerves, somebody who will catch her if she trips. I’d be happy with either her mom or Charles walking her. She’s an actress and used to being the center of attention but I would be so nervous about this, even if I was a person that could handle all of that kind of attention or I was somebody (somewhat) used to it. I see so many comments how its so archaic to ‘give her away’ and I do agree…but maybe…just maybe…it has nothing to do with giving her away to Harry but as somebody to support her as she takes that long walk.

    • A says:

      If she wants someone to hold onto, maybe she should walk with Prince Harry from the start. Do away with the whole “giving someone away” nonsense entirely. Women are not owned by their families, and people aren’t the property of their parents to be given away, period.

      At any rate, there’s no guarantee that even with someone to hold on to, the bride won’t fall over. I’ve seen people go down like dominoes and it was entirely the fault of the person escorting them down the aisle. Sometimes its very much the bride dragging the parent up the aisle, usually because said parent is ill but decided to do it anyway because they were obligated to.

  69. emerald eyes says:

    It should be whoever Meghan wants. Doria. Harry. Charles. Or her own damn self.

    This woman has had enough horror thrown at her this last week. She should get to choose how this goes down.

  70. Marjorie says:

    I think she should walk by herself in her hopefully fabulous dress and royal bling. If she needs an arm to lean on due to dress, stress, tiara, and shoes, then maybe Howie Mandel and/or her Hollywood agents? I mean, it’s just a wedding.

  71. Ponytail says:

    Yay – just announced, Prince Charles WILL walk her down the aisle!

  72. Sushi says:

    Charles will walk Meghan. Nice. It should be seen as him welcoming her to the family not give her away.