Star: Keanu Reeves is like a ‘love-struck teenager’ around co-star Halle Berry

Halle Berry chats with Keanu Reeves on set of 'John Wick 3' during a late night of filming

The tabloids have been trying to make Halle Berry and Keanu Reeves happen for a few weeks now. Halle and Keanu are working together on John Wick: Chapter 3, and they’re both single-ish as far as anybody knows. And you know what happens when two attractive, single-ish people are around each other, of course. In this particular situation, I’m enjoying the stories because I like the idea of gossip-matching two 50-something stars rather than two Millennials. Keanu and Halle probably aren’t dating, and if they are, it won’t last, but if they are, I love how age-appropriate they are. According to Star, they’re basically love-struck teenagers though.

Flirty tension is at a point break for Keanu Reeves and Halle Berry! From the moment Halle showed up to film her starring role in John Wick: Chapter 3, “the chemistry between them has been off the charts,” spills a spy. “Keanu can’t keep his eyes off Halle!”

The insider explains that the Keanu and Halle are close in age and have quite a bit in common. “They’re trying to keep it cool, but the volcanic heat between them is insane! Halle’s glowing, and it’s amazing to see Kenau beaming like a love-struck teenager – he’s smiling from ear to ear!”

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

I finally realized why I’m slightly irritated by the idea of this pairing: it’s not so much that Halle Berry is bad at relationships (she is though), it’s that I’ve always held out hope that when all was said and done, Keanu and Sandra Bullock would end up together. Right? It’s not out of any particular affection for Speed (I couldn’t care less about that movie), but more about their personalities. Sandra and Keanu make perfect sense together. Keanu and Halle really don’t. But who knows.

Keanu Reeves and Mark Dacascos square-off for JOHN WICK 3 on a crowded busy Grand Central Station

Halle Berry chats with Keanu Reeves on set of 'John Wick 3' during a late night of filming

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  1. Tonya says:


  2. SJhere says:

    Keanu forever! Still gorgeous.
    Keanu + Halle? I vote no in the long run, if they are having a summer romance? I guess I’m gonna have to get used to it.
    Btw, if this is all PR for JW3 it is totally not needed. JW3 will be huge box office. Can’t wait for JW3. Take my money, bring it.

  3. CityGirl says:

    I would be thrilled for this age appropriate relationship Except she’s bat sh*t crazy and he’s emotionally scarred by some pretty painful life experiences

  4. Nicegirl says:

    Love Keanu and John Wick, get it Halle

  5. Jerusha says:

    Right! Keandra Forever!!

  6. NoShame says:

    I want him with Winona Ryder. That is all.

    • K-Peace says:

      Keanu & Winona–I could get on board with that. Keanu & Sandra would be cool too. I’ve also thought about he & Angelina hooking up. For some reason, I could see the 2 of them together. (Although Keanu would probably not be interested in becoming step-dad to 6 kids or being entangled in a nasty ongoing divorce.) I just can’t picture Keanu & Halle together. But if they are, I hope they’re happy. I’ve always hoped for happiness for him.

      • Jane says:

        Living for the throwback back 90s couple. Keanu looks happy and playful. Well done Halle. #KALLE it is. John Wick 3 will be 🔥🔥🔥

    • Tiger says:

      Winona is in a long-term relationship with some designer. Besides, she, like Halle, is also often described as cray cray.

      • teacakes says:

        Winona’s history with mental illness is well known and she’s spoken about it and how much strain she was under as a young woman, she deserves better than to be called ‘cray cray’ when by all accounts, she’s doing her best to manage it. Even when that means reducing her turn in the spotlight for a hit show whose first season was sold and publicised largely on the strength of her name.

    • teacakes says:

      Keanu and Winona are old friends right from their Dracula days, I heard he apparently tried to protect her from the worst of Gary Oldman’s in-character creepiness so I’d be into this if it was ever true.

      But she’s been in a relationship for several years now and she and Keanu are doing a romcom together instead, which I’m way more into than the idea of them hooking up irl. Destination Wedding actually looks appealing from the trailers so I hope it does well.

      • Dorie says:

        Winona and Halle Berry are next door neighbors. Winona doesn’t want Keanu. Geez Halle is beautiful and funny and Keanu has a heart of gold. Great duo. If he’s happy I’m happy for him. Pictures of him show him smiling with his eyes.

  7. Svea says:

    Yeah yeah. I’d buy if there was no movie to promote.

    • Isabelle says:

      Don’t see Keanu as the starman trying to promote a movie through a relationship. The dude barely interviews really, here and there but he isn’t the type to overhype his movies or “promote” them.

  8. Spaniard says:

    Somehow I find this hard to believe. Maybe they are having or had a fling but, love-struck teenager? Don’t buy it.

  9. Bug says:

    Keanu is supposed to be one of the nicest guys in Hollywood. I think he would be better off with a person not in the business.

  10. AG-UK says:

    LIES LIES LIES… It’s the Star… no stay away my Keanu you’ll be smoking 3 packs a day with her

  11. Tess says:

    If they were younger they could make one gorgeous baby. Otherwise I don’t see any pros in this relationship

    • Elisa says:

      Ha, that baby would rule them all. 😉

      I guess some idiot PR person thought this “relationship” would be a good idea for promoting the movie – totally unnecessary.

  12. Skot says:

    He likes her. She’s beautiful. It’s not Pr. All her male costars are awestruck by her. The difference is they were all married and Keanu is single. What does it matter? He looks happy. She’s glowing. Hope they enjoy why it lasts.

  13. Madpoe says:

    *sighs *what to do with a Wick pencil? I’m not co-signing this b.S!
    This so called chemistry better register onscreen and my gut tells me it won’t.
    Keanu…sweetness…pick a lady not in the entertainment industry. I get the pros of dating someone who knows what you go through b/c she’s apart of it, but having someone on the opposite end has its benefits.
    Star magazine, be gone!

  14. Sarah says:

    Halle has evolved. I honestly think she chose bad men. Keanu is the best she’ll ever get. Sometimes you have wait years to meet the One. I like it. If true it could be a great Hollywood love story. Both timeless beauties. Good for Keanu. He doesn’t look miserable anymore. Don’t hurt him or it’s war. Keanu has a cult following. Halle doesn’t want to mess with them.They are worse than the Beehive. To be forewarned is to be gorearmed.

  15. paddingtonjr says:

    I just hope he’s happy. That being said, I would totally fan-girl over a Keandra pairing! They just have so much chemistry, on and off screen. I think he and Sandra are good friends; at her Walk of Fame ceremony she said she was glad her star was near his so he could watch over her.

  16. LoriLogan says:

    Oh dear God. Please no. Don’t let Halle ruin a good dude.

  17. Pilar says:

    They are pretty much the hottest 50 somethings I have ever seen. They would make a gorgeous couple. He seems nice and low key maybe she’s a drama queen but I also think she has a bad picker and choose troubled men or douches in the past.

    • Natalia says:

      No, it’s because only douches will put up with the Halle cray.

      • Kerry says:

        Seems like Mr. Reeves likes Halle’s cray cray. He has a thing for Leos. Loves to save those ruined women. What a gentleman 😉

  18. Source says:

    You’re in luck. There’s still a chance for Sandra/Keanu endgame. This is totally PR.

    • Ayomie says:

      PR for what? The John Wick movies made over 400 million. Keanu Reeves is worth 450 million and Halle 100 million. I doubt people this old, established and essentially A listers need the PR. Sandra has a long time boyfriend. Why is it hard to believe? Halle isn’t exactly ugly you know. Let’s see how it plays out before screaming PR.

  19. Alix says:

    He looks like a younger, more cheerful Severus Snape.

  20. Charlotte says:

    Wtf it’s no PR Keanu doesn’t participate in any PR bullshit and if ever it’s a fling good it’s not up to us who he wants to date our opinion doesn’t matter at the end of the day Keanu will decide. If ever he wants to date an Amal like or date someone from the industry let him be happy his been through a lot of trauma in his life. Btw his babymama was a heroine addict so there he wants damaged goods as girlfriend he was still with her regardless of what people think.

  21. rundmc says:

    I can see Keanu and Halle both just hitting and quitting over the course of working together. He’s too zen and she’s wound too tight and crazy for them to be a couple. Now Angelina and Keanu would be A-HOT. Both in a movie (let that happen: John Wick 4 absolutely must have Jolie as an antagonist…) and in real life. They don’t need to get married and have him be step-dad. Just date. Please….

    • Jenn says:

      Haha Angelina is vile crazier than Halle she is preventing brad from seeing his kids🤪😜😋

  22. Philo says:

    Just.. no.

  23. Alexis says:

    Maybe I’m in deep denial about this, but not buying it. I will possibly buy it if I see them making out in public or something, we shall see. They are too polar opposite.