Everyone looked like a half-melted waxwork at the NYC ‘Gotti’ premiere

'Gotti' New York premiere

Here are some photos from last night’s New York premiere of Gotti, wherein John Travolta stars as the famous mobster John Gotti. The film was done with the approval of the Gotti family, and John Gotti’s adult children attended the premiere – you can see Victoria Gotti and John A. Gotti posing with Travolta and Kelly Preston. The Gottis were and are part of the Gambino crime family, and all I can think about as I look at these photos is how Americans glorify the Cosa Nostra to such an extent that now we have a dumb, mobbed-up goon as our president. It’s awful. America is now being run by dumb gangsters.

Anyway, here’s where I talk about John Travolta’s dumb wig. He brought out some special wigs when he was promoting this film at Cannes, and it looks like he wanted a different hairline completely for this premiere. 50 Cent attended the premiere too, and obviously Kelly was there. Kelly looks… different. But it’s none of my business.

Apparently, the embargo has finally lifted on reviews for Gotti, and film critics have been enjoying themselves by writing articles like “The eight most criminally awful things about John Travolta’s Gotti” and “’Gotti’: John Travolta’s new one will remind you of other, better mob movies.” After trying to get this film made for a DECADE, the film is total trash. So there you go. A film that shouldn’t have been made somehow got made and it’s awful.

'Gotti' New York premiere

'Gotti' New York premiere

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. La says:

    The only reason I want to see this movie is that it filmed a mile or two from my childhood home and it will be fun to see what I recognize. Otherwise, this just looks awful.

  2. minx says:

    Half-melted waxworks is right!

    • Jan90067(aka imqrious2) says:

      Seriously! lol. That toupè! OMG really John?? You think people really believe that’s your hairline?? lol. Kelly looks overly familiar with botox and fillers.

      I’m so sick of Hollywood players trying to pass “Oh, this is me, aging “naturally”” BS. Just friggin’ OWN IT already!

  3. Jane says:

    I think making a movie about Gotti was a waste of time. If you watched the two part A & E special aired not too long ago, it was much more intriguing to watch. I wouldn’t call it entertaining because of the content, but it had interesting components.

    As for Travolta playing Gotti…I just can’t. Personally I would have chosen Ray Liotta, but that is just me.

  4. OriginalLala says:

    Gross. I’m Italian Canadian and I have known people (stupid people who got involved with the mob) who have been “off-ed” and seen the devastating aftermath for their families and children….mob life isn’t something to glorify at all.

  5. Morning Coffee says:

    The only sad thing is that Lindsay Lohan didn’t get to play Victoria. That would have made this movie even more……….don’t know what word I’m looking for that is fit to print!

  6. Angela82 says:

    LOL 0% on RT. Only 11 have dared watch it.

  7. Ankhel says:

    Travolta to his agent:

    “Okay, so it’s a movie about this guy and the organization he built. People hand over their money to him. Bad things happen when they disrespect him. No one talks to the cops, of course… I don’t know. It sounds solid, but do people want religious movies anymore?”

  8. Lady D says:

    Dress does not look great on Kelly although it is a pretty dress. LOL at the 0% on Rotten Tomatoes.

  9. Yes Doubtful says:

    I actually think John’s hairpiece is the best one he’s had. It looks more natural and age appropriate. Women wear wigs and weaves and so does he. It’s no big deal.