Suri Cruise, 12, set up a $2 lemonade stand at the New York Pride Parade

Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise sport light spring colors while strolling in Manhattan

Suri Cruise is a New Yorker. Katie Holmes is just raising her only daughter in New York full-time now. Suri takes her dogs to Central Park, Suri does light spring shopping with the mom on Fifth Avenue, and Suri, at the age of 12, is an LGBTQ+ ally. The Pride Parade was held in Manhattan on Sunday, and it turns out that Suri Cruise was there with a lemonade stand:

Suri Cruise for the win! The 12-year-old daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes spent her Sunday selling lemonade during New York City’s Gay Pride parade on June 24. An eyewitness tell Us Weekly that Suri, who was watched over by her nanny, “had a little stand set up with about four of her friends.” Suri and pals were charging $2 a glass.

“They had rainbow Rice Krispies treats and lemonade with signs all around their table for Pride,” the insider added. “She was very sweet and kind, telling everyone to enjoy their day and would smile whenever someone walked past! Very sweet.”

Attendees of the parade — which celebrates the LGBTQ community — were quick to show their appreciation and adoration for the Suri.

“When Suri Cruise sells you lemonade at the Pride Parade,” one commenter gushed. “Just bought some pride lemonade from suri cruise haha casual nyc days,” another added. The parade saw thousands celebrate in rainbow gear as they walked through Greenwich Village and up Fifth Avenue, according to USA Today. This year’s grand marshals included tennis legend Billie Jean King, transgender advocate Tyler Ford and civil rights organization Lambda Legal.

[From Us Weekly]

I’m including some photos of the Pride Parade below (Gov. Cuomo, Mayor DeBlasio and Cynthia Nixon were also in attendance), as well as some blurry photos of Suri with her dogs last Friday in Central Park. Do you think a Pride Lemonade Stand was a good idea? I mean, it’s industrious, considering she was charging people for lemonade and Rice Krispie treats. I guess it’s fine! Plus, parade walkers got to meet Suri Cruise! Only in New York.

Injured Suri Cruise takes her dogs to the park in NYC

Pride Parade NYC 2018

2018 New York City Pride Parade

Photos courtesy of Backgrid, WENN.

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  1. KiddV says:

    She’s very pretty, it’s hard to believe she’s 12.

    I’m sure she didn’t have the cops called on her for not having permits. #PermitPatty

    • ValiantlyVarnished says:

      Lol. That was my first thought, “Did anyone call the cops on this cute little white girl selling lemonade without a permit?” #PermitPatty

    • Jordan says:

      Came here to mention permitpatty and it’s herrrrrre!

    • HeidiM says:

      She might have been donating the money to the cause or something like that?

      • Slipshod says:

        Thankfully she is her mother’s daughter and is Part of culture rather than Co$ Style -apart from- culture. She’s a cute girl I think she’s being raised well and I love her two dogs !!!❤️❤️

    • Flying Fish says:


    • Sherry Lassiter says:

      I just clicked on this to comment the same! A glaring example of white privilege. ‘Murica, 2018.

      • Still_Sarah says:

        It’s an example of rich famous white privilege IMO. Don’t forget about the money ….

    • whybother says:

      Read the title. Skip the article and laughing so much when I see your comment. Ohh… the double standard..

  2. Tiffany says:

    Meanwhile in Oakland a 8 year old black girl got the police called on her for selling water in front of her aunt’s home.

    Nope, this ain’t cute. A child to a pair of multi millionaires, nope.

    • Save Mueller says:

      Agreed, not cute unless it’s cute and safe for any kid to do this.

    • tracking says:

      Truth. The disparity is sickening.

    • holly hobby says:

      It was San Francisco which is a surprise but I guess the racists feels it’s now safe to come out.

      • Tiffany says:

        Oakland is in the bay area. Gentrification is out of control and this is the result.

      • Nickname says:

        Permit Patty was from Oakland but the incident happened In San Francisco. (The girl was selling water to people heading to AT&T Park).

    • Veronica S. says:

      You beat me to it. I’m all BUT DOES SHE HAVE THE PROPER LICENSING????

    • Kath says:

      The psycho woman who called the cops on the family barbecuing was also in Oakland, I believe?

      And then there were the sorority sisters asked to show ID while they CHOSE to pick up garbage by the side of the road as their civic duty.

      And then there was the cop who attempted to “arrest” his daughter’s boyfriend. Take a wild guess what race the boyfriend was?

      …And that doesn’t include all the shootings and beatings that occurred from simply walking down the street/minding your own business.

      This is exhausting, and I’m half a world away. I cannot imagine what it’s like simply existing in Trump’s America.

    • Ange says:

      And that little girl selling water is Suri Cruise’s fault how exactly? At least Suri is being taught positivity about the larger world around her and lessons about working for what you want. Jeez.

      What happened to that other girl was reprehensible but going after another young girl for it isn’t exactly being a stellar human either.

  3. TheOriginalMia says:

    She’s cute. Can’t believe she’s 12.

    Lol at #PermitPatty. She would have never called the cops on them.

  4. Jane says:

    I cannot BELIEVE she’s 12 years old! I still remember the Vanity Fair cover she was on – just a tiny baby. Aww.

    • Beth says:

      Kids grow too quickly! It seems like yesterday that my nephews were infants, but they’re now taller than me and teenagers. I tell them to slow down with aging, because the older they get, the older I get

  5. Digital Unicorn says:

    She is really starting to look like Tom, u can see it in her facial bone structure.

  6. Birdix says:

    I was at Pride in SF yesterday and was surprised by how corporate it was—herds of people in matching shirts from every tech company. Although the support is great, it felt like a big ad and performative woke fest as much as a LGBTQ celebration. And it’s weird that it’s nowhere near the Castro.
    So a celebrity kid hosting a lemonade stand in nyc seems like par for the course.

    • magnoliarose says:

      It is full of sponsors these days. It is a far cry from Pride 20 years ago. We take our children and go with friends and we noticed this trend a few years ago. It is very polished these days.

      • Sunny says:

        There are also floats from SF City and County employees representing their offices. There are floats from non profit organizations that suppport LBGTQ youth. It’s not exclusively big business. The employees riding in the corporate floats are LGBTQ. I don’t get it, what’s wrong with Twitter, Uber or AirBNB putting out and paying for a float with LGBTQ employees who are proud to work in a supportive company? There are lots of things to get riled up about but that ain’t one. I was at the first Dyke march back in 1992 and since then it’s gotten HUGE and I’m proud of that. Times have changed and the fact that big business recognizes they need to get on board is a very good thing. BTW, I have LGBTQ family and friends who ride on those floats. It’s a big deal for us. And BTW back in the day (1994) when my 15 year old niece came out on pride day, crying in happiness that she was at pride parade it was on Market St just as it is now. It’s way to big to be hosted in the CAstro. And it’s been way too big for decades.

      • magnoliarose says:

        I am not riled up but I am always wary of corporate sponsorship. Is it for show or do their policies for LGBTQ+ people exceed the law? If you are going to show up for Pride parades then I want to know what that company is doing to further LGBTQ+ causes.
        I feel that way about all corporate sponsorships when they involve themselves in displays of solidarity when it comes to social issues.

      • AnneC says:

        It’s a wonderful reminder that the world is moving forward and trump and his scared minions will not stop progress. Happy to know that the pride parade is full of locals, visitors, companies whatever. It’s what America should look like in 2018.

    • hogtowngooner says:

      Toronto Pride is the same. I’ve marched in it a few times and each year it gets more and more corporate, and it’s become of the biggest parades in the world. In one sense, I’m glad because it’s shown how far the LGBT community has come in terms of acceptance, but in another way, it dilutes the very real issues still being faced by that community because so many people think those issues are “over”. Sponsors pay to be in the parade, spend a ton of money on branding and giveaways and go home patting themselves on the back. In reality, a serial killer hunted and murdered eight men from the city’s main LGBT neighborhood over the past decade or so, despite the community’s pleas to police for additional resources.

  7. WhoMe? says:

    I love the idea! Her and four of her friends in 7th grade (?) are allies of the LGBTQ+ community, what’s not great about that! I’m hoping the money was donated to a cause.

    What happened in Oakland is a disgrace, but shouldn’t we support all entrepreneur children when we can, rather than shutting them all down out of unfairness?

    • Tiffany says:

      There it is….I was waiting for it.

    • eto says:

      Eh like those below I’m don’t think it’s cute that a millionaire child sold lemonade at Pride – unless the proceeds went to charity.

      I also don’t think it hurts to acknowledge that people exist in America in very different ways, even children. No one was asking to shut down Suri’s but it’s interesting that you took it there.

      • WhoMe? says:

        I don’t think Suri Cruise (or four of her probably privileged friends) should be shunned for selling lemonade at the Pride parade. Nor do I think it’s in poor form. Suri Cruise was the next coming of Z for Scientology – another real problematic group that promotes homophobia and attempts to “cure” homosexuality.
        So do I enjoy seeing her have a presence in the Pride parade now, even if she’s schilling lemonade and Rice Krispies? Yes. No apologies.
        And am I assuming Katie Holmes and the other parents are fundraising for a cause? Yes, because that seems most reasonable.
        Am I still angry about the fact that America is a country with institutionalized and outright racism? Yes
        And I think it’s best practice to criticize the adults in a situation, rather than the children. So the people at Pride were happy to have her (and anyone as an inclusive + loving community) there vs. the women in Oakland who is a racist monster. Not this child vs. that child.

      • minx says:

        I think it’s great Suri was at a Pride Parade, selling lemonade or not. And how do we know what she did with the money? 🙄

      • eto says:

        Yeah seems like you’re the one criticizing her for being the daughter of a Scientologist. She doesn’t need to atone for his views, least of all by selling stuff at Pride??

        Again as an entirely separate issue from millionaires selling stuff at Pride, it doesn’t hurt to acknowledge that people exist in America in very different ways, even children. I wasn’t attacking her, but unless we draw comparisons, some people can’t/won’tnsee the bias.

      • nb says:

        Either Katie is teaching her to make money for herself and not expect Mommy to give her everything or she is raising money for a cause. Either way it’s a good thing. I’d rather her be out there learning about supply and demand, entrepreneurship, and meeting people instead of hiding in a penthouse somewhere.

        It seems like Katie is raising her well.

      • eto says:

        *Sigh* nowhere did I say that Suri should shunned or Katie is raising her poorly. I think it’s in bad taste – do that at a July 4th parade or something, this is Pride. And I don’t think it’s cute for millionaires to show up and “teach their kids how to make money for themselves” off of the community. Sue me!

      • magnoliarose says:

        It would have been cuter if she made it about donations for lemonade. If someone is going to go to an event like Pride then make it about the community that is marginalized and fighting for their rights. Not Suri selling lemonade. In fact, the more I write the less I like this whole thing.
        Suri has a higher profile than the average child so expectations are clearly different. Katie knows this.

      • nb says:

        @eto I just don’t really see why you’re upset. Suri isn’t necessarily a millionaire – her parents are. She IS a 12 year old kid, doing the same thing other 12 year old kids do. Do you have an objection to any other child or person that was there selling something? Should she not experience the same things other kids do because she was born to wealthy parents? Selling stuff when you’re a kid is almost a rite of passage. Be it candy bars for band class, lemonade to get that bike you want, girl scout cookies…almost every kid does it.

        Maybe she doesn’t have a trust fund. It’s not fair to just assume she does or to assume that she gets an allowance. Plenty of wealthy parents still make their kids get jobs or make money for themselves so they don’t become freeloading trust fund kids with no ambition when they are older. Maybe she wanted to buy something and Katie said “I won’t give you the money, come up with a way to get it” and Suri suggested selling lemonade. Maybe Suri was raising money for charity. Maybe it was her friend’s idea and she just went along to have fun. We just don’t know. I think you’re projecting a lot on her. People are always going to hustle and sell things when a big event, whether a 4th of July parade or Pride, is around. It doesn’t diminish the value or message of the event and for children it’s a really great lesson and experience.

      • Natalia says:

        “Plenty of wealthy parents still make their kids get jobs or make money for themselves so they don’t become freeloading trust fund kids with no ambition when they are older.”

        This stood out to me because my ex husband comes from money in a foreign country. He wanted to do jobs kids do and his parents wouldn’t let him – “What will people think? That we need money?” He wasn’t allowed to work. He’s always resented that.

        At the same time his best friend (from an even different foreign country) was out on the street hawking anything and everything and by the age of 30 he was a multimillionaire with a thriving business in a major European city. He is still filthy rich.

        I don’t know this whole Suri story, but if the money was donated, and the girls learned all the aspects of how to do a business/job and found satisfaction in the rewards, then I’m all for it. But I think Magnolia Rose is correct: Suri has a higher profile and this needed/needs to be handled correctly so that everyone wins.

  8. HelloSunshine says:

    Okay so maybe this is overly picky but I absolutely hate that every article lists Tom Cruise first when talking about who her parents are. Isn’t it most likely that he doesn’t have much contact with her? Don’t scientologists hate the LGBTQ+ community? Anyways, my point is I truly believe Katie Holmes is Mom and Dad for Suri and we would all know who she is without listing him first lol

  9. Mia4s says:

    I will be VERY interested if she chooses to speak out as an adult about…everything. She seems to have a happy life with her mother in NYC and that’s great, but the absence of her supposed father is crazy conspicuous.

  10. Goldengirlslover34 says:

    I’m in NYC as well and saw some kids who set up their own baked good stands yesterday to raise money to donate to the various organizations helping with the separated immigrant families. It warmed my heart so much to see young kids being active and trying to help.

  11. Pyritedigger says:

    she’s an ally by selling stuff? was it for charity? otherwise, poor form.

    • LemonyPeony says:

      Good Lord, she is a kid, selling lemonade. Can we please cut her some slack? I think going out to support and recognise the day, getting involved and making rainbow treats is pretty amazing for a CHILD. Geesh.

      • Elisa says:

        These comments are bizarre – I’m literally shaking my head, WTF?

      • nb says:

        Agree. I don’t get all the flak either. What is so bad about her being at Pride selling lemonade and sweets? I’m sure there were other kids her age doing it too, so it’s ok for them but not her because she’s a famous kid?

  12. Jay says:

    …She’s a wealthy child. Pride is a demonstration by LGBTQ people that they should have a right to exist free from persecution and violence. Unless 100% of those proceeds were going to an LGBTQ aligned charity, I think this is gross. I am reading quickly on mobile so please forgive me if I missed the part where it says it all went to charity – if so, I obviously withdraw this complaint.

    • Mumbles says:

      Agree 100%.

    • SK says:

      so many eye rolls. A lot of people seem outraged about this. Pride is about expression of who you are, about fighting for equal rights and treatment, and about proudly showing who you are with no fear or shame. In Sydney, where I am from, we have one of the biggest Pride festivals in the world with the Mardi Gras. It is a huge event that has made a massive difference over many years – starting with attacks from police (my friend had his nipple rings ripped out by cops back in the day) and the public and now with special guests like Cher, major political leaders including our PM showing support, a huge party, and most of all a sense of joy and happiness. Regular citizens flock to the event and it generates billions for the economy every year. Kids joining in and getting into the spirit? That’s fantastic. Clearly the people tweeting about Suri being there were happy about it – chuffed. People at these events need sustenance, why not buy themed sustenance from kids wanting to (a) show their support and (b) learn about how to earn money themselves. We don’t know if they are fundraising or learning how to earn but frankly, it doesn’t even matter. The more support and attention for these events the better. Kids should get involved young. Considering Suri’s father belongs to an abusive cult that shuns LGBTQI, I think it’s even more wonderful that this child and her friends are out there showing their support.

  13. Ladykeller says:

    My first thought went to #permitpatty and I had a little chuckle. That quickly turned to anger. It’s not Suri’s fault that she was born white and privileged but she sure benefits from it. If Jamie Foxx had a daughter the same age with a lemonade stand she would probably be visited by the police or harassed.

    It is sad that we can’t take pleasure in the simple things anymore, I hate to politicize this, but I find it hard now to look at this and think aww cute knowing so many little girls of color are denied the same experience.

    • twocatsngirl says:

      Well said.

    • Jay says:

      I actually think it’s responsible of you to politicize it that way. We HAVE to be aware of the inequalities POC face in ways both big and small, rather than just shouting someone else down to stop complaining and that things aren’t that bad, etc, etc.

  14. KatieKins says:

    She looks so much like Tom, it’s crazy. No paternity test needed. She’s cute.

    • Mumbles says:

      Google Tommy Davis, Anne Archer’s son and very very high up in Scientology (at least back in the day, haven’t seen much of him lately). There have been rumors for years that Tom Cruise is sterile and Davis is really the father.

      • Tiffany says:

        Suri is a Mapother thru and thru. Look at Tom and Tom’s cousin, actor William Mepother. They all look exactly alike.

      • Jayna says:

        Oh, stop. Nicole has talked about having an ectopic pregnancy and miscarrying in the early part of her marriage with Tom and her struggles and then deciding to adopt. She miscarried again at the end of their marriage. She’s talked about this.

      • NeoCleo says:

        I heard the rumor about Cruise being sterile way back in the late 1980′s after he and Mimi Rogers split. Supposedly her reason for divorcing him was that he was “shooting blanks.”

        Oddly enough, Cruise split with Nicole Kidman right at the time she had a miscarriage which seemed incredibly unfeeling on his part. When he was asked to comment on the fact that he’d left his wife when she was at her most vulnerable his response was simply “Nicole knows what she’s done.”

        Very strange and very weird timing. Of course I’ve always wondered whose baby Nicole was carrying. The story never gained any traction back then because Cruise was everyone’s golden boy.

      • magnoliarose says:

        I was going to say the same thing.

        I just wanted to add. Why does Katie always dress her like an Edwardian child with those bows? She’s dressed like some sort of fundamentalist or something. Not like a 12 year old. It is strange to me.

      • perplexed says:

        She used to look like Tommy Davis, Chris Klein and every other white guy with dark hair rumoured to be the father.

        But now I think I can really see Tom Cruise’s features (i.e the nose, teeth, maybe the eyes). If she doesn’t have a growth spurt soon, I’m going to assume she got his height too, and that will be confirmation that she really is Tom Cruise’s biological daughter.

        Has Suri ever worn pants?

      • holly hobby says:

        Tommy and his wife (she was Katie’s minder) escaped the cult. The last I heard they were living in Texas and selling real estate. No doubt in my mind because his mother was famous, they were spared from the harassment and family separations.

      • Squirrelgirl says:

        She seriously looks so much like Tommy Davis it’s scary. I still think Tom is the father but it’s odd how much she looks like Davis!

      • FHMom says:

        I’ve never heard of Tommy Davis so I googled him. He looks just like his mom, but there is a photo of him with sunglasses on where he could easily pass for Tom Cruise. Suri has Tom’s nose and a bit of Katie in her,too. I only wish Tom would take some interest in her. That has to hurt.

      • Jaded says:

        @Mumbles – I agree that there’s a strong possibility Suri’s bio father is Tommy Davis. The resemblance is strong. Remember when Tom Cruise got his own ultrasound machine while Katie was pregnant? My tin foil hat tells me that Katie may have had a “turkey baster” insemination without knowing that the wiggler’s weren’t Cruise’s. Nicole Kidman had 2 miscarriages with him and word is Tom may carry the holoprosencephaly gene which can result in miscarriages and can cause things as varied as misaligned teeth (fused centre tooth), facial and brain deformities.

      • Ange says:

        I hate that I remember this but I’m pretty sure I read Nicole knew Tom would use the miscarriage against her in the divorce so she saved it and had it tested, it was his.

    • NeoCleo says:

      I see far more of her mother in her face. I think the case could be made either way for her paternity, but she is definitely her mother’s child. Regardless, she is lovely.

  15. minx says:

    The Chicago Pride Parade was AWESOME.

  16. Gigi LaMoore says:

    Maybe they donated the money, maybe they didn’t. If not, I don’t have a problem with kids getting out there and getting their hustle on. Even with rich parents, Suri is going to need to work and build her own life to some extent as an adult someday. I’m glad she is not spoiled or think she is above a little work. Great job, Katie and the Holmes family.

    • jwoolman says:

      She was with her friends, and we have no idea whether or not they are “rich”. Besides, folks could make the same argument for any kid whose parents are able to pay their normal expenses and give them some extra. They don’t have to be rich to not actually need their children to sell lemonade. We did it anyway, although nobody had a nanny with them. At some point we have to just let kids alone.

  17. diane says:

    Also FYI – TO all the lemonade police many states it is LEGAL including Chicago Illinois as of 2015. It just has to be less than $1.000 in Illinois.
    Now they can without having to worry about a state or local permit. (Just make sure they don’t make more than $1,000.) Public Act 98-0643

    • Trashaddict says:

      Actually what really blows my mind is that they were only charging $2 in NYC. I would think no self-respecting New Yorker would even think of charging less than 5 bucks.

  18. ks says:

    If you are in a religion where you can’t have contact with your child bc they are not the same religion, rethink your religion.

    • Susie Two says:

      No kidding. If that religion also actively turns children against their mothers to ensure their poster boy remains a loyal (and obscenely rich) follower, rethink indeed.

  19. Pandy says:

    I don’t have any problems with kids hustling lemonade and cookies. PermitPatty should be run out of town for her attitude. Poor little girl that was on the receiving end of her attitude …

    It’s a rite of passage for kids imho and a good start on earning your own $$$$.

  20. Skippy says:

    She looks just like her Dad. The resemblance is striking.

  21. Jenn says:

    To me she’s a mix of her parents – The cheekbones and face shape is Katie Holmes. She looks like Cruise in the set of her eyes and nose.

  22. Jasmine says:

    I dont know about permits and although my mind did go in that direction… i ended up being proud of her. I own a small biz and am a vendor at local markets, parades ect. Visitors expect there to be food and drink and novelties. Im sure it was hot AF in New York for pride! Hopefully… Katie applied for Suris lemonade stand to be a participant and going on that idea… How imlactful for a young person to have been apart of pride?! All the love, the hugs and smiles and laughter! I hope that as she grows up she continues to love and embrace all people and just be one more super cool human on this ugly planet.

    • Sophia's side eye says:

      This planet is beautiful. It’s the people who are ugly, some of them at least.

  23. Terry Berngards says:

    I realize the blog name focuses on bitchy. Grievous discrimination may be resolved but not quickly. Why not promote the positive here with a little girl selling lemonade? Must everything be a comparison? We dilute the value of positivity .. a value so rare we should embrace it.

  24. nicki says:

    All I want is that Katie and Jamie are no longer an item. This girl has not learnt anything from her time with Tom Cruise, another monumental mistake on her part.
    However Suri is lovely, her pups are adorable, and kids love having lemonade or cake stands, very sweet.

    • cf86713 says:

      I have never been under the impression they were ever a real couple. I get a BFF vibe and they play this up for mutual PR.

  25. nicki says:

    They are hardly photographed together so its not like they are going out of their way for mutual pr, if it was the case they would be seen together more often, at least that is what i think.
    At first, the friends with benefits didn’t bother me, because they are both adults, and can do whatever they want, but after watching the tacky bet awards, and seeing glimpses of his after party, among other things that i’ve seen on the internet , there is no way she fits into his life, yet he seems to fit in with hers, like singing with zac posen, and jane rosenthall seems to like him, (these 2 are her besties)
    Followed her from episode 1 on DC, and Katie has made such bad decisions over the years, Jamie is just another one, he is so wrong, on so many levels, and the colour of his skin is not one of them, but other things are.

    • cf86713 says:

      I agree Katie has the worst taste in men but I think Jamie is just a BFF nothing more. For such a secretive couple they still manage to make the tabloids. I think its to deflect from what is going on in their personal lives. I think Katie is seeing someone but Jamie is just a cover for that and vice versa.

  26. passerby says:

    His world
    Her world
    Their world
    That is how I sum up Katie and Jamie, their respective worlds do not mix, so maybe this is the next best thing!

  27. spargel says:

    I will admit I was 100% not rolling my eyes at the “they impregnated Katie with LRH’s sperm” (shudder) conspiracies at the outset, but it’s pretty clear now from her features that her bio-father is Cruise (shudder).