Amanda Seyfried’s OCD is better since she had a baby: ‘You have less time to worry’

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Amanda Seyfried has a new interview in I-Magazine and I’m relying on The Daily Mail’s excerpts as I can’t find the article online. Amanda has been open for years about the fact that she has anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorder and that she takes Lexapro for it. She even admitted to taking “an extremely small dose” while pregnant, which doctors agree can be safe as long as it’s prescribed and monitored. The good news is that Amanda’s OCD has gotten more manageable since she welcomed a daughter, with her husband Thomas Sadoski, in March, 2017. (We still don’t know the girl’s name as she has made a decision not to make it public.) Amanda told I-Magazine that she’s so busy caring for the toddler that she doesn’t obsess as much over things. (Her words).

She claims modeling as a young teen helped her self esteem
I was made fun of at school for being pale and ugly.

On grounding herself
I feel like I become darker as I grow older. I’m always listening to podcasts and audio books, memoirs… it’s a bit of a meditation, but it also reminds me I’m part of a greater community.

On being open in interviews
I don’t edit myself as much as I should. But it makes me feel better at the end of the day that I’m not being fraudulent or withholding.

It’s how you fight an image – you don’t let anybody put you in a box.

She says her OCD has lessened since she had a baby
I prepared myself before I had her by going back to CBT [Cognitive Behavioral Therapy], just to get myself in that frame of mind to notice when my OCD might be getting worse. But it turns out you’re way too busy with other things anyway.

It definitely didn’t void it, but it’s absolutely gotten quieter.

You have less time to worry, or to focus or obsess about things you maybe used to, and it’s so grounding. It’s real. They depend on you completely now.

[From I-Magazine via The Daily Mail]

The stuff about the bullying sounded off to me, but I would really need to read it in context. I’m glad she’s doing well and happy. I have a newfound respect for her husband after he defended Jessica Walter when she was dismissed and talked over by the men of Arrested Development. That gives the impression that he’s a thoughtful and supportive partner. Plus they’re so damn cute together. Also I’m really looking forward to Mamma Mia 2 – maybe not as much as Corey is but I’m definitely going to see it in the theater. That opens July 20th!

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  1. CurlyWurly says:

    I am glad she is finding happiness and grounding in her new role in motherhood.

    For some reason, I find it difficult to like her. I think I have a hard time liking celebrities (or anyone for that matter) who date/pursue people who are already married. Best of luck to them though.

    • Kate says:

      If the blinds are to be believed she has already stepped out on her husband and is having an affair with someone else currently. I don’t like her either.

    • Beatrix says:

      Same. There are rumors that she’s now side piecing with Milo Ventimiglia on a movie set they’re both a part of. JUST rumors, but with her history…

    • Lisa says:

      haha, me too. I just can’t.

  2. Lisa says:

    She’s right. One of the best defences against OCD is an occupied mind. When you let real life shit take over, you don’t have time to think about how many germs are on your hands or if you should wash them after touching something. I have days where I’m more relaxed about things and don’t engage in compulsions. I can just be like, whatever, that’s not gonna kill me. And it doesn’t!

    • Embee says:

      Thanks for sharing that Lisa. My partner has (undiagnosed but sincerely acknowledged) OCD and I have observed that when he is busier he is more calm with his OCD habits. That said, if he gets overwhelmed the destructive OCD tendencies come out in full force.

      • Lisa says:

        That can also happen! Stress can bring them out more. Then you’re stressed because you know you’re doing it, you’re adding more time to whatever task you’re trying to do, and it’s a vicious cycle. But really, being busy is key. If you can get caught up in what you’re doing and it makes you feel good, you’ll be less likely to want to do it even after you’re done. Good luck to him; it’s not an easy road!

  3. homeslice says:

    This is so true for me. Kids and meds have helped me so much.

  4. broodytrudy says:

    I’m genuinely happy for her because my anxiety got 1000 times worse. Waking up every hour to make sure my daughter was still breathing, panicking in the middle of the night and having to check to make sure sharp corners on tables were sanded down, doors and windows locked, no one in the house, counting and recounting formula boxes and diapers to make sure we had enough, calling a babysitter every half hour to make sure things were going okay’s a huge reason I’m not down for having another. I don’t think I’d survive.

    • homeslice says:

      I had the same, and I went on anxiety meds after the birth of my son almost 9 years ago. Still on them today, and doing great. I hope things get better for you, it’s tough time, meds made things so much better for me.

      • broodytrudy says:

        I am so much better now that we’ve entered the toddler years. She goes to day care amd is very well looked after there, that helped quite a bit, and I am the sole party responsible for her during the hours she is not there, which is also helpful.

        I got tapered off my benzos a few weeks ago and I’m doing great and very hopeful for the future! I’m glad you’re doing well and that Amanda is doing well, because it really is such a horrible struggle.

    • Megs says:

      I’m in your same boat, mine got significantly worse since kids. On Zoloft now, which helps with mood but the OCD and anxiety will probably be something I’ll struggle with forever:/

      • homeslice says:

        My doc put me on Citalopram/Celexa for anxiety and I did really well, that I don’t see the need to go off. I was always a very anxious, mildly depressive type, but having a baby sent me into over drive. It was such a bad time. So many people remember the infant stage as one of the best, but I literally get the shivers. I went off my meds during my second pregnancy, and went back on immediately after. My doc at the time was like maybe you should try staying off, having a second is a different experience…I was adamant, I want my meds back. Why would I want to chance falling back into that hole. Sorry, for the spiel, but I’m so passionate about this subject. I feel like women are made to feel like they should be conquering motherhood and life at every turn, and it’s still feels like a failure to admit that you can’t cope.

      • broodytrudy says:

        I was on a super high dose of klonopin and that barely touched it. My daughter getting older has really been the only thing that helps. I feel lucky that she is very cautious and isn’t running off into the street or around parking lots because i would lose my fxcking mind.

        Like homeslice said, we’re made to feel bad if we don’t enjoy having kids all the time and that is a load of BS. So forgive yourself now for not being the top parent, the best at everything, for having to deal with ocd and anxiety, and having days you struggle. Forgive yourself because your kids already have.

  5. Katy says:

    I like her, she seems really into her husband and privacy and various political causes. She’s low key.

    Also her daughter’s name is Nina according to her IMDB.