Roger Federer is out of Wimbledon & England is out of the World Cup

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Let me adjust my sports-blogging chapeau. *tilts fedora* There we go. Wednesday was an insane day to be a sports fan. Whoever scheduled the World Cup for the same weeks as Wimbledon needs to have their heads examined! What kills me a little bit is that after this coming Sunday, there’s barely anything happening in sports for weeks!! Granted, tennis fans have the American hard court swing to look forward to in about three weeks… so why couldn’t the World Cup be delayed a week or two again? I’m sure there’s an answer, maybe even a good one, but I feel sorry for the English fans especially, having to choose between their prestigious tennis tournament and football.

So what happened? You know how I’ve been watching the World Cup? I time it so I come in on the last ten minutes of certain matches. So it was with the England v. Croatia match. I saw the scoreline hours beforehand, when England scored a very early goal. So I was surprised when I turned on the last few minutes and saw that Croatia was up 2 to 1 on England. That’s how the match ended too. Croatia v. France in the final. From what I understand (not a lot, to be frank), Croatia had an amazing team and they were just hyper-vigilant and tough. I’m sorry, Three Lions, that football is not coming home. You had an amazing run and you lifted the spirits of millions of fans. Prince William tweeted again:

Meanwhile, over at Wimbledon, there was a different kind of massacre. Roger Federer was the defending champion, the favorite and the #1 seed (even though he’s #2 in the world). He was the one with the cushy, easy draw. And he lost in a five-set epic to South African Kevin Anderson. Big KANDO was the US Open finalist last year, so it’s not like he came out of nowhere, but I’m always surprised, whenever I watch his matches, at just how good he is. He’s obviously a giant (he’s like 6’10”), and he can serve his way out of a lot of problems, but he has a surprisingly well-rounded game for a big guy. He has a good backhand, a solid forehand, and he was holding his own in a lot of rallies. He was the only player to break Federer’s serve the entire tournament, and it was a huge day for him for a lot of reasons. Not such a huge day for Roger though. The real loser? Uniqlo, who spent $300 million on a guy who couldn’t win a quarterfinal in one of the easiest draws in recent memory.

Also at Wimbledon: the #1 player in the world, Rafa Nadal, was also pushed to five sets by my favorite player, Juan Martin del Potro. Rafa won. It’s being called the match of the tournament, maybe the match of the year. I was devastated at Del Potro’s loss. But they both played brilliantly and it was a great match. I just wish it hadn’t happened in the quarterfinals, you know? It was worthy of a final, but again, players like Djokovic, Del Potro and Nadal don’t have the best luck with the draw-makers. Speaking of, Nadal v. Djokovic in the semifinal on Friday.

Look at how exhausted Del Potro was after the nearly five-hour match! He could barely keep his eyes open. He also looked like he had a little cry. Me too, Delpo.

Uniqlo to this press conference: “I don’t know her.”

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  1. Sara says:

    Rafa and DelPo were amazing.
    I’ll never debate Fed’s greatness as a tennis player but to me he’s always a bit…whiny when he loses. Just me?

    • Peggy says:

      No, he’s super whiny when he loses. That or he’s full of excuses and tries to not do subtly make it sound like his competitor just got lucky.

      He used to be a really terrible sport when he lost in his early days. He sorted that out before he became a big star, learned to sound measured and polite instead of bratty and angry, but it still comes through enough to be distasteful at times.

      I’ll always remember how Rafa Nadal’s incredible, against all odds 2009 Australian Open win became all about consoling a sobbing Federer. One of the most amazing tennis victories of all time, and Federer made it all about him not beating Sampras’s record when he thought he would.

      • Sara says:

        I remember that. I remember Rafa consoling Fed at Wimbledon too after the 2008 victory.
        Oh well, most sportspeople are sore losers (which makes sense…) but don’t have the class of someone like Serena or (imho) Rafa.

      • xpresson says:

        Oh Peggy and on that press conference, after he lost the Australian final 09 he left us with this pearl of wisdom… not always the best player wins! My mouth hit the floor in a second. That is the worst comment I have ever heard him say after losing.

    • Gail says:

      Yes. Federer is no doubt one of the greats and his style of play is so graceful, but nothing graceful about him when he loses. There was one final years ago, maybe the Australian?, when he was basically just crying throughout the post-game ceremony that Rafa (who won) had to comfort him the whole time.

      Love Rafa (and his team) and love Delpo, too. Would like to climb him like a tree! 😉

    • Queenb says:

      I have never seen a great athlete that was good at losing. They got to the top bcause of that. Some can act a little more dignified in public but they all have an unhealthy amount of ambition. Michael Joran is the most famous example of that. Obessively competitive.

      • Peggy says:

        Sure, but Jordan had a reputation as a sore loser, whereas Federer always gets painted as the epitome of sportsmanship when really he’s always making excuses and acting like it’s a crazy fluke when he loses, not someone else’s deserved win.

        Compare to Nadal, who’s always gracious in defeat. He’s extremely competitive and he doesn’t hide that the losses weigh on him, but he doesn’t try and take anything away from the winner either.

    • No. Not just you. Federer showed he is a sore loser by stating that he lost because he was playing ‘average’ and credits Anderson for ‘hanging around’. How about crediting Anderson for being the better player and deserving to win. So ungracious and toxic!x

  2. Cherry says:

    I’m devastated for Roger. I was actually in a foul mood all evening yesterday.

    • Milla says:

      Im team Djokovic. Also team Croatia. So it was a good day for me.
      However, i love England, i am sad for the fans. But the team is young and Southgate is doing great job.

  3. Charlotte says:

    There’s still the tour de france and a lot of people are into that

  4. Paperclip468 says:

    Omg, “I don’t know her.” I just fell out of my chair. 😂

  5. Lilix40 says:

    Well, congrats to France and Croatia for an amazing run. Looking forward to the final! Do we have any fellow celebitches from those countries?

    Brazil didn’t make it past Belgium (and I am convinced this is due to our guys’ nerves, rather than Belgium’s mastery, though their team is truly something to behold both in ability and in looks), so I’ll be rooting for Croatia partly because it cracked me up how much Vida’s “Glory to Ukraine” sh*t must be eating Putin alive. I’d imagine he is so mad he can’t give him some nerve agent perfume, polonium tea or simply run him over with a KGB truck. How unfair!

    • Sara says:

      French person here, and the atmosphere is CRAZY. I have a soft spot for Croatia so will be happy regardless who wins, especially since if our team wins it will mean brownie points for the president Macron whom I loathe.

      • AG-UK says:

        I will be rooting for France to win. I live in London but American don’t really care that much as the US wasn’t in but.. usually go for Brazil not England. I am actually glad they are out so hopefully don’t have to hear a running commentary all day. Maybe in another 4 years but they weren’t the better team and because you earn a lot of money doesn’t mean you are great just means you are well paid.

    • Croatian says:

      Yeeeees! Thank you, we still can’t believe it!! We deserved it, and I am sorry for the English team, but everyone keeps saying – sorry, England, and very few say – Congratulations, Croatia!
      Sorry for Federer, but hey, sport is sport.

      • Sara says:

        Congrats to your amazing team! Both French and Croatian teams have some reaaaaally nice eye candy too, very handsome and accomplished athletes!

      • Skylark says:

        Yes, Croatia, you absolutely deserved your win so Big Congratulations!!! from me here in London!

        I was sad to see England go (for the feelgood factor as much as anything else because that’s been so lovely and a nice respite from all the shitty stuff out there) but c’est la vie. Best of luck on the 15th, everyone in my house will be rooting for you!

      • Jo says:

        Well deserved place in the final for Croatia. England are playing better than they have for ages, but Croatia were just relentless and never stopped attacking, even when they were up 2-1 – makes for a much more entertaining game.
        As an Australian living in the UK who drew Mexico in the office sweepstake, I have no more dogs in the race, but will be cheering on Croatia in the final.
        Good luck guys!

      • Lilix40 says:

        Well, for what it’s worth, I hope we see Modric lifting the cup on Sunday!

      • Jasmine18 says:

        Croatia were amazing last night. Their greater experience and technical ability really told in the second half of the match.

        Tbh, I think a lot of England fans (me included) hoped they might start to flag after some long matches but they just got stronger!!

      • Incredulous says:

        I’m Irish with a bunch of Croat friends. Your team did God’s work last night.

      • Lady D says:

        I picked Croatia at the beginning of the tourney, so I’m happy for them, but sad for England too.
        LOL @Incredulous.

      • Masamf says:

        @Croatian, I’m from Uganda and was rooting for any African team. Once they all got knocked out, my prayers went straight for Croatia. I love Croatia because of one of my fav tennis players Goran Ivanesevich so there you have it. Congratulations my friend, you deserved this win. I liked England but between the 2 team, Croatia was the it for me, and I’ll pray that Croatia takes the trophy home. I was so wanting France off since they’ve won it a number of times but alas, it want not meant to be!! I’ll be rooting for Croatia right to the end.

    • crogirl says:

      Yeesss!!! We are in the finals, still can’t believe it.

    • kate says:

      I’m French and things are WILD over here. There were already a lot of people on the streets and the Champs Elysées after the semi win, if we actually won the turnament, it’s going to get crazy. I’m so excited. ALLEZ LES BLEUS !!!!!!

      • Lilix40 says:

        I am still traumatized by Brazil’s encounters with France (’98, anyone? Thierry Henry in 2006??), but I confess hearing your anthem play before the match almost makes me want to root for France. It riles one up, doesn’t it? But my Stockholm’s is Germany’s. Still disappointed by their horrible performance. Good luck on Sunday!

    • Miss M says:

      I was hoping the final would be Belgium and Croatia. I am definitely rooting for Croatia!
      I have a soft spot for the Croatian team since they made the semi-finals in their first world cup in 1998 and lost to France.
      Go Croatia!!!!

      • steffi says:

        Still a bit heartbroken we (Belgium) got kicked-out by France, so I will be rooting for Croatia for sure!

    • Mara says:

      Really sad to see England go, I don’t think anyone thought they would ever get this far let alone win the thing.

      Croatia were the better team and deserved to win but I’ll be supporting France. They are much better and Mbappe.

      It was nice to have England so united and hopeful for a brief while, although I understand how the atmosphere could have grated if you are not a football fan.

      Now back to the Brexit mess. At least we can take comfort that our team is young, has plenty of opportunities ahead of them and none of the midfielders are facing perjury charges in a nationwide corruption scandal.

      • Lilix40 says:

        Damn, and you still have The Orange One’s visit to look forward to, ugh. I am so sorry, England!

  6. Pam says:

    Ouch, so sorry. Africa was seriously rooting for Croatia especially Kenya. We really wanted England to lose. ***Runs away***

    • Carnivalbaby says:

      In the Caribbean – at least in Trinidad – it was all Croatia too. We kept saying we’ll never hear the end of it if England wins. France well – Kylian Mbappe and the guys are very popular here. But yesterday was definitely Croatia’s day. Really exciting World Cup, Couldn’t ask for more.

      • Snazzy says:

        I’m in Switzerland and that’s exactly what everyone is saying about France. If they win we’ll never hear the end of it. They are still talking about 1998 … that’s why everyone I know who’s not French was cheering for Belgium, and now Croatia :)

      • kate says:

        @Snazzy, we will never stop celebrating 1998^^. Et un, et deux et TROIS ZEROS!!!

      • Snazzy says:

        @kate hahaha fair enough

    • Mara says:

      Genuine question, why do other countries fans hate the English team so much? Yes our players can be overpaid w**kers, there is an ugly side of a small section of the fans, and the country occasionally loses itself in hype… But the same could be said for many other countries.

      • Ninks says:

        As an Irish person, I can say that on principal we don’t root for the country that spent 800 years oppressing us, and continues to look down us to this day. I can’t speak for the others, but I bet it’s along the same lines.

      • MarDelSur says:

        Personally, speaking as an Eastern European, I probably would have felt more or less neutral before the whole Brexit mess. But lately I’ve become increasingly irritated by what I perceive to be an attitude of misplaced superiority and even frank disdain from the British government and from others in (mostly) England towards continental Europeans and particularly towards Eastern Europeans. It rankles, to be perfectly frank. So I rooted for Croatia:)

        That said, football is just a game, and, a little schadenfreude aside, I really do wish we’d all just start working together like adults. There are big, global problems we have to face together, but instead we get all this bickering and nonsense from our politicians.

      • Hmm says:

        I honestly think it’s the media and the whole football is coming home thing. A few Croatian players said that they felt like they were underestimated and disrespected (in a way) by the English media and wanted to prove everyone wrong.

        But I personally have nothing against England. Especially this team and coach. They were very impressive and humble, even though the media wasn’t, and they have a great future.

      • Carnivalbaby says:

        @mara…the colonizer bit is one thing – but not really a thing. And its not hate its just we can hear in the coverage how bad you want it and its like “gosh England again.” *rollseyes* Every year since 1966 is the year, but at the end of the day everyone loves good football and this year the English team gave us some damn good football!

      • JG says:

        Well, I’m Nigerian and I chose not to support our colonizer. They came, stole and destroyed lives and families here just because of colour. Even after leaving, they’ve still put up barriers and harsh conditions against these very same set of people finding a better life. This mindset has probably played a major part in the lack of support from a good number out there.

      • Mara says:

        Completely understand the coloniser thing. It would be great if we could remove Politics and history from sport but that’s difficult to do when politicians insist on inserting themselves into the sporting narrative and/or turning up at games. Also when certain moronic fans think its appropriate to turn up dressed as a crusader – why that’s been never called out is completely beyond me?.
        I wonder whether the same feeling exists to teams whose countries also have a history of colonisation, like France and Belgium?

      • M says:

        Eh, I have a feeling that the English team’s biggest fans are the same ones who voted for Brexit. I don’t want to feed into these wa**ers’ xenophobic delusions by giving them another reason to feel superior to the rest of the EU. This actually makes me sad because the team itself played one hell of a world cup. I wish them all well and look forward to seeing them play in 4 years time.

      • Mara says:

        M – really don’t think this is true. Yes there are are racists and Brexiteers who support England but that’s kind of like saying there are Brexiteers and racists in England seeing as the majority of the country supports the team. I live in London where the majority are passionate remainers and everyone around me got caught up in world cup fever because it was such a nice break from Brexit tragedy.
        One of the reasons I wanted to this team to do so well is because it is one of the most diverse teams we’ve ever had. Whilst British people of colour are consistently shut out of films and TV, football is one of the only areas where Black British men are allowed shine (in spite the abuse they can get from some fans.)
        Southgate has touched on this and I really hope that in the coming years this team can help redefine what it means to be English.

      • Ghaia says:

        Personally I was against England from the moment where they lost to Belgium I’m the group phase on purpose because they considered Colombia, Sweden and Croatia!!!!! the easier route. Also I found ridiculous how they were hyped and in the endmost of their wins were either against very weak teams (Tunisia panama) or quite lucky. Also made 75% of their goals after corner or free kicks or penalties. That is just not very easy to like football. Again the nice goals only against much weaker teams. So many other teams would have deserved final more. Thinking of Belgium but also Brazil, maybe even Senegal and Japan

      • Mara says:

        You’re being really kind to suggest it was on purpose. We played our reserves, as did Belgium because it wasn’t a vital match, the starting players could do with a rest and and the reserves needed experience.
        But I think almost every one of those Belgium and England reserves would have wanted to prove to their managers that they deserved a place in the starting squad (especially Rashford).
        Whilst I doubt Southgate was particularly unhappy with the loss, the truth is that the Belgium reserves were better than the English ones.

      • Genessee says:


        Because I’m Colombian and payback (in any form) is a b**ch. LOL.

        No, but seriously. Other than that, I, personally, root for the underdog, seeing as how most countries that aren’t European (with the exception of Brazil & Argentina — two LatAm countries I ALSO NEVER SUPPORT) will rarely get past the quarter-final stage.

        If it makes you feel any better, for this WC I was still a die-hard Germany fan after they beat Brazil 7-1 in the last WorldCup. Brazil. The team that knocked Colombia out of our first quarterfinals. :-) So it’s not an anti-European thing.

        And well, we were 1-1 with West Germany in the 1990 WorldCup…so…no hate for them…yet. We will see where that love is in Qatar. :-)

      • Elisa says:

        @ MarDelSur: perfect comment, ITA!

      • Americani says:

        American living in England and absolutely DELIGHTED that England lost. A win would have just emboldened the Brexiters that British Empire 2.0 was on its way. Thanks Croatia!

    • Masamf says:

      Hahaha @Pam you can run but you can’t hide. 😁😁😁 Go Croatia go go go.

  7. CrazyCro says:

    Daaaa! So proud of Croatia!!!

  8. Laur says:

    England doing so well in the world Cup has been the one glimmer of hope in a pit of Brexit related despair these past few weeks, so I’ve really enjoyed it just to get a break from the misery! England did better than expected so can’t be disappointed. I think France will win, and probably deservedly so, the fact that Croatia have had to go to extra time three times now kinda says to me that they don’t deserve the win, although it would be quite the story!

    • Croatian says:

      Really? :D I think this is the reason we will win :)
      In the past 3 games the opposite team scored a goal in the first minutes. We won every time, which to me shows something very very powerful.
      To be honest, I don’t care if we win – the fact that Croatia is mentioned here in the comments several times means the world (cup) to us. :)

      • Snazzy says:

        I’m totally cheering for Croatia!! They have consistently been underestimated and it won’t be any different by the French team on Sunday. They are assuming they have already won, and the Croatian team play best when they are underestimated. I am really hoping they play like they did yesterday, and kick some ass!

      • Laur says:

        It’s a situation where you think surely they can’t win again after yet more extra time, but they pulled it off! It would be good to see someone different win it to be fair, Croatia will be the underdogs, I hope it’s a good match!

      • Tania says:

        We watched the Croatia/Russia game in a bar that had some people actually cheering for Russia. Granted this is mid-America so maybe they were cheering for their new country but I was actively cheering for Croatia. Such a small country and their coach seems so invested in his players. I laughed when one of the players jumped him and sat on him after they won. I’m hoping a good victory for Croatia this weekend! Congratulations on a great World Cup regardless of the outcome!

      • Croatian too says:

        Hey there @Croatian, i also agree with you. It’s the grit that Croatia has shown that will stand them in good stead. This whole trajectory that Croatia was on makes me so proud. (don’t know why i’m proud, it’s not like i had anything to do with the team) but being of such a small ethnicity in comparison to others, somehow makes me feel emotional. They have succeeded in the face of some huge countries and their much more extensive funds and so on. So, wow, look at this team go.

        For all of the commenters who are rooting for Croatia, wow, I’m so touched. You don’t realize how much it means to us.

        To the French supporter above, I’m with you. (and thank you) While i will be so happy if Croatia wins (and the amount of local celebration where i live – not in Croatia – will be unbelievable), i also always feel a twinge for the team and fans that weren’t victorious. If Croatia loses, it is still so amazing that they made it this far. (Kind of like it was an honour just to be nominated.) And to lose to France is no embarrassment. Go Croatia!

        And by the way, if you haven’t been to Croatia, you should go. It is really a beautiful country with very nice people!

    • Hmm says:

      Well France got kinda lucky considering that Cavani was injured. That game could have lgone differently if Uruguay had their best scorer.

    • geekychick says:

      For me, as a Croatian, an amazing thing is the fact that the team is so mentally strong, so stable: before, we always had some kind of ironic or tragic exit-we lost from Turkey while celebrating our goal, every little thing used to totally break us. but now, the harder it gets, we just keep rising from the ashes. but hey, they do say that croatian people work best under duress. :)
      anyway, I don’t think we will win the cup-real life isn’t a fairytale, although I do wish we would. considering our bleak political and economical situation, I do think we need it.
      but I do love the celebration, the pure joy all aroud me. we had slight seismic disturbances last night all through the country-in the moment Mandzukic set the score and when the game was over! Isn’t that crazy? We celebrated SO hard we made little “earthquakes”! :) )

  9. Willow says:

    Good. Tired of “It’s coming home”. It was supposed to be about national pride, but took an annoyingly entitled and arrogant turn somewhere and was off putting. Another case of the fan base, rather than the person(s) being the issue.

    • Queenb says:

      “It was supposed to be about national pride, but took an annoyingly entitled and arrogant turn somewhere and was off putting. ”

      Thats the thing with national pride. A bit silly to be proud to be randomly born in an area limited by randomly drawn borders and being proud of that.

      What annoyed me is that the english always act like they are so above it all. self depricating and totally cheeky and all but then it immediately turns into this.

    • Hazel Parreno says:

      It was getting ridiculous. Modric called them out for it. Roy Keane too when Ian Wright was already planning the victory parade when they haven’t even won the semis!

    • Skylark says:

      Ian Wright demonstrated precisely the cocky petulance that puts people off supporting the England team.

  10. Hazel Parreno says:

    I was rooting for Uruguay (even though I’m British, don’t kill me!). I know Suarez is a big douche, but the other players I have a soft spot for, especially Cavani (most definitely Cavani). I called the finals to be Uruguay v Croatia then he got injured before the France match. *Le sigh*

    • Lucy says:

      Oohh, how is he a douche? I have heard/read some things, but never quite knew what is up with him.

      • Hazel says:

        He has bitten 3, yes three players in-game. One of them was in the last World Cup against Chiellini (Italian player). He also racially abused Patrice Evra and was suspended by FIFA for a few months.

      • kate says:

        Suarez insulted a French black player called Patrice Evra. He comitted a flagrant, in your face foul when he stopped the ball with his HAND against Ghana in 2010 and stopped them from scoring. A lot of people were mad at this because Ghana could have been the first African team to make it to the semis in a long time (maybe even the first time ?) and the 2010 World Cup was taking place in Africa.
        And last but certainly not least, he famously bit another player during a 2014 World Cup game against Italy (it actually was the second time he bit a player).
        He is an incredible striker but also kind of crazy, to say the least.

      • kate says:

        @Hazel, do you remember who were the other players Suarez bit? I only rememer Ivanovic and Chiellini during the WC.

      • Hazel says:

        @kate When he played in Ajax, 2010 I think. He was penalized with a seven-game suspension.

      • Lilix40 says:

        I can’t look at Suarez’s teeth and not laugh. The guy is nasty!

    • kate says:

      Thanks Hazel! So, Suarez’s crazy bitting habit actually dates from way back.

    • ISSAQUEEN says:

      I love Cavani and have such a crush on him(* hide face in hands*). I always secretly root for Uruguay just because of him :)

  11. Tschic says:

    Congratulations to croatia!
    It was so great to See in the end, how they Came Back. Wow!
    England is such a young Team…more in the Future.
    Sorry for the Caps. My Phone…

  12. Eric says:

    You must be extremely happy if your last name ends in a C!

    I hope Modric and Co continue with their quest for a WC trophy.

    Only the 13th team to ever be in a WC Final. May your first be your best!

  13. Talita says:

    “so why couldn’t the World Cup be delayed a week or two again?” Hahahahaha right
    I’m rooting for Croatia! So well deserved!

  14. Tania says:

    Kaiser, my condolences on your loss via Del Porto’s loss. You were the first person I thought of when I was watching the live updates on google.

    My guy, Raonic lost yesterday too :( . I thought as soon as Federer’s game went down, if Raonic won it might be easy since the Anderson/Federer match would be physically exhausting. I had both tennis and soccer recorded and watched them both when I got home from work.

  15. Lucy says:

    A five-hour match!! That’s insane. Then again, Delpo is rarely a source of disappointment for us, so obviously it’s all good. The same can’t be said for our football team, which was especially messy (no pun intended) this year. It is no surprise that Croatia made it this far. Excellent team.

  16. kate says:

    Uniqlo lost both Kei Nishikori and Roger Federer on the same day. ha ha

  17. TyrantDestroyed says:

    Go France! I just hope everything is solved within the first 90 minutes. It’s annoying when a final goes beyond this time.

    • Lady D says:

      OT is the bomb. It’s fun. It’s adrenaline inducing. It’s confirmation of incredible athleticism. It’s a reward for your loyalty. It’s extra bang for your buck. It’s exciting. It’s fun. Sports fans love overtime in championship games.

  18. Pete says:

    Actually the World Cup is a much bigger deal than Wimbledon so whoever scheduled Wimbledon on the week of World cup semifinals is the one who needs to be checked not the other way around.

  19. another Nina says:

    Russia is rooting for Croatia (sans Vida) as far as I can see. Great team, great football! And del Potro is my favorite, too. Oh well.

  20. kate says:

    Novak Djokovic, the Serbian tennis player, said he was rooting for Croatia and a Serbian MP called him crazy, a disgrace and said he should be comitted. I mean…

    • Croatian too says:

      Ridiculous. My Serbian friend is also rooting for Croatia. She’s mostly sane (!).

  21. Nene says:

    The World Cup can’t be rescheduled because the time, host country and venues are fixed 8 years ahead of each tournament. Football is the most followed sports in the world but Americans may not understand this because they aren’t a football(soccer) country in grand scheme of things like say most European countries or South American countries and African countries. To say the World Cup iOS huge is an understatement. It is massive and only happens once in 4 years.
    In my country Nigeria it is all about the World Cup, the vast majority don’t know or care about the Wimbledon.
    Anyway I’m happy cos the two teams I’ve been impressed with in this tournament are in the finals. I’d be happier if Croatia wins though cos I want a first time World Cup winner this time. And also I have a soft spot for their president Kolinda who is a football fan like me.

    • tenniswho says:

      Nice comment! Too bad though that Nigeria did not make it further, no? I really liked the team

  22. Litiel says:

    I hate that world cups and and wimblendon. Tv shows gone too.
    But katar literally bought the world cup and since’s it’s so hot in the summer the nezt world cup is going to be in december!!!
    Money can buy everying, it’s sad. World cup instead of being in summery months will be around christmas!!

  23. tasitash says:

    Great set of results for me! As a Djokovic fan, I’m very happy with how much he’s improved since his injury issue. Glad Nadal beat Delpo (I don’t even like Nadal but Delpo is so dramatic about everything). Good that Fed got knocked out so we no longer have to deal with his fans this tournament lol (same feelings on the England loss). Hope Djokovic and Croatia can get the wins on Sunday.
    Also, as others have said above, the World Cup is much bigger than Wimbledon (and I say that as a sports fans whose primary sport is tennis). If sports want to get viewership, they should make way for the football. Oh, and the Tour de France is on for another 2.5 weeks and a golf major (The Open) is starting next week so there is definitely no shortage of sport this month.

    Apologies for the long comment – I’m a huge sports fan.

  24. M says:

    Schedule the World Cup around Wimbledon??? Surely you jest. The World Cup is a global event with an audience of over 2 billion people. It also happens every four years and faces off the best football players in the world. Wimbledon on the other hand takes place every year. There 3 other events of similar stature/attendance/popularity and a dozen other tournaments and is mostly talked about because of the Middletons. I should also note that there’s very little overlap between WC and Wimbledon fans. Football is a popular sport whereas Wimbledon is Middleton ground. No one in my immediate circle of family and friends has been particularly torn between the two.

  25. Dani says:

    What an exciting match! I’m so excited for the Croatian team. They showed their skill and experience and the 2 goals they made were amazing to watch. I’m a little torn, though, now that I’ve read more about the corruption scandal in the Croatian Football league and Modric’s role and the fact that he may be convicted for perjury. Also, very very sad that I will be working on Sunday and won’t be able to watch the game :(

  26. Lydia says:

    I love it when smaller countries get this far. Belgium in semi-finals was cool too.

    I don’t think many would have predicted this final, but there we go. Am off now watching clips of Croatian and French fans celebrating.

  27. Diana B says:

    I told you England was not going to win. Fruther more they will place fourth. So prepare to lose one more time.