It looks like a Buffy The Vampire slayer reboot is really happening

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The Buffy the Vampire Slayer reboot that no one asked for has been greenlighted. Talk of bringing back the series ramped up after the BtVS 20th reunion last year. While it’s fun to relive the adventures of the Scooby Gang, the impression I got (and share) is that most preferred the memories of the show rather than see it come back. I guess I was wrong because a lot of folks fought really hard to get it made. All we know is the new show will be set in modern day using the same mythology. So far, the only idea being floated is that there will be a new slayer, with the hope to make her a person of color.

One of the most beloved TV series of the past two decades, Joss Whedon’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer, is making a comeback. A reboot of the supernatural drama is in development at Fox 21 TV Studios, the cable/streaming division of 20th Century Fox TV, the studios behind the original series, which ran for seven seasons, first on the WB and then on UPN.

Midnight, Texas creator Monica Owusu-Breen has been tapped as writer, executive producer and showrunner of the new Buffy the Vampire Slayer, with the original series’ creator and showrunner Whedon set to executive produce alongside original series’ exec producers Gail Berman, Fran Kazui and Kaz Kazui as well as Joe Earley from Berman’s Jackal Group.

The new version, which will be pitched to streaming and cable networks this summer, will be contemporary, building on the mythology of the original. Per the producers: “Like our world, it will be richly diverse, and like the original, some aspects of the series could be seen as metaphors for issues facing us all today.”

According to sources, the diversity in the show’s description reflects the producers’ intention for the new slayer to be African American. The sources cautioned that the project is still in nascent stages with no script, and many details are still in flux.

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Monica Owusu-Breen resumé makes her a great choice as showrunner. I’m glad she’ll be helming this. When talk of rebooting the series first arose, the cast shared varying degrees of enthusiasm over reviving their roles. Fox, the network that bought us BtVS, said all they were waiting for was Joss Whedon’s involvement to bring the series back. But all of this talk took place months before Whedon’s ex-wife wrote her essay about Whedon’s behavior during the making of BtVS and his other projects that may have included exerting his position to take advantage of young actresses. Since then, Whedon has retreated from the spotlight. But, like most people in his position, he waited out the wave of scorn and slowly planned his comeback. Whedon just had his Pippa Smith: Grown-Up Detective series picked up by HBO and now this.

If Buffy has to come back, I’d prefer to see a new series that uses the old one merely as a launching pad. Otherwise, we’re looking at a Sunnydale High School reunion when they’re all middle aged with families and other, non-slaying careers. Not to mention, the series Angel furthered certain characters’ stories, some tragically, so they’d have to account for that. (Plus, if any of those ‘ageless’ vampires survived, they’re going to need a lot of help taking twenty years off.) It will be great to see a woman of color play the new Slayer. Not just because I’d like to see a more diverse cast overall, but because Kendra the slayer was one of the most bad@$$ characters that show had.

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  1. sharron says:

    oh FFS, think of something new for a change, enough with the reboots!

    The original Buffy, by the way, is on UK telly at about 4.30pm most days, just as I finish early to do the ironing, chop veggies etc. Happy days.

    • adastraperaspera says:

      Agreed. All these reboots are lazy stabs at money-making, inspired by marketers. Takes away funding for stories from new writers and film artists.

    • Sash says:

      And the maddening thing is, it doesn’t need to be a reboot! There’s enough vampire slayer lore for this to be a whole new slayer with no connection to Buffy whatsoever beyond the job! Just make it a companion series!

    • Lisa says:

      Hey Sharron. What channel is Buffy on in the UK?

  2. Twiggys Eyeliner says:

    Is nothing sacred anymore?

    First, Daria, now Buffy? What next – Veronica Mars? Leave the classic late 90s / 00s shows as they were.

    That being said, I’m actually looking forward to the Roswell reboot.

    • meh says:

      WAIT!!!??? Theres a Daria reboot!!!??

    • InquisitiveNewt says:

      @TWIGGYS EYELINER If they do a Veronica Mars reboot I’ll want to step off the planet. No one, absolutely no one, could ever nail that role like Kristen Bell. Even that Terrible third series.

  3. Ai says:

    Ugh. There so many good original fantasy source materials ripe for TV. Enough with the rehashing!

  4. Gaby says:

    I think I’d be ok with the reboot if it was some kind of continuation, set years and years after the original, with Buffy for some reason,unable to fight anymore or even dead. No revival, using same characters or stories
    It will be nice seeing a bad ass girl fighting monsters. But leave the original alone. I saw the Charmed reboot trailer and it looks SOOOOOOOO bad. I loved these shows growing up, and even with all the flaws I see in them nowaday, I don’t want the new versions to mess it up.

    • Mia4s says:

      A continuation, given how the series ended, makes soooo much more sense. Yes you could have a woman of colour as the slayer but in a continuation you could have, *gasp*, more than one! (Hollywood execs pass out at the thought)

      • lucy2 says:

        Yeah, the way it ended opened the door for many continuing future stories. I would hope this is one of them, and not a reboot.

    • launicaangelina says:

      I absolutely agree with you! I’m okay with a continuation in the Buffyverse, but don’t go back to the same story.

  5. Dietcokehead says:

    Kendra was a terrible character. And that accent! I’m surprised anyone actually liked her.

  6. Ariel says:

    I still watch the original Buffy. I love it.

    And any generation lucky enough to get their own Buffy (& Scoobies) will love her as well.

    Let’s jist hope it’s not a carbon copy, it’s be hard to re-develop Spike on the same path.

  7. grabbyhands says:

    A. Midnight, Texas was a terrible show and a terrible adaptation of the books and I’m shocked that it got a second season. Even Francois Arnaud’s hotness couldn’t save that mess.

    B. If you HAVE to do this (PS-you don’t) then build on the story you literally gave yourself in the series finale! ALL of the Slayers have been activated. Tell THEIR story. See? That wasn’t hard, was it?

    • Agirlandherdog says:

      Word… to point B. I never watched Midnight, Texas, so I can’t speak to it.

    • kim says:

      i would love several storylines of several slayers that will eventually intertwine in season3.

  8. Hrefna says:

    Midnight Texas was such a bad adaptation of a really enjoyable Charlaine Harris trilogy, taking out all the subtle characterization and sense of fun, so I’m not feeling encouraged that this Buffy reboot will be anything other than a jangly mess. I love Buffy but it doesn’t need another reboot (remember the first version of Buffy? Terrible movie) all I really want from the Buffyverse is a chronicle of Lorne’s adventures after he ditches Angel.

    • Mrreow says:

      The actor playing him passed away! That was so sudden and shocking. Loved Lorne

      • Darla says:

        Oh yes, Andy Hallett. So crazy too, he had an infected tooth that he left untreated for a couple of days, and it ended up causing him terrible heart problems, which he eventually passed from. I still get sad when I see him on Angel. Such a terrible waste and he was so good.

  9. Mia4s says:

    Oh look, another reboot of a classic for me to ignore. How fun! 🙄 My kingdom for some new ideas.

    Why not try rebooting things that didn’t work and making them great? I’m honestly excited for Denis Villeneuve’s new Dune movies. Great book series, then they made a terrible movie. Taking another shot is a great idea. Buffy captured a special magic. Trying to recapture that just seems soooo desperate and sad.

  10. Gutterflower says:

    No No No No!!!! Don’t mess with Buffy! God people will wreck anything for money.

  11. Babs says:

    OK, I’m actually excited about this. That could be great. That BETTER be great.

  12. bacondonut says:

    Nooooooooooooooooooo! pleeeez whhhhhhhhyyyyyy?

  13. Corrine says:

    Nooooo!!! Don’t do it!!!!!

  14. Darla says:

    I am very excited! I don’t get all the negativity. No one is removing the original Buffy from the timeline, lol. You can still watch it!

  15. Veronica S. says:

    Man, this show was my JAM when I was younger. I really hope they use it launch a new set of characters, placing Buffy in more of a mentor figure. The final episode gave her the right to live her life and fulfill some of her dreams – showing us that she got to do that while still passing on a legacy of power and responsibility would be a great character direction.

  16. JeanGrey says:

    In the final season, didn’t Buffy activate ALL potential slayers? And I remember Kendra was the West Indian slayer played by Beyonce’s now sis-in-law, Bianca Lawson. She was so cute and i LIVED for the fact she was West Indian, although her accent was kind of off lolol. Also some of the potential slayers were also Latina, and lesbian. The OG Buffy TV show was one of my favorite series of the time and was so very progressive. I don’t know how I feel about this.

  17. Jordan says:

    Oh man, Buffy is my favorite show of all time. Every episode dealt with what people go through, bringing out the human in a monster show. I was so pissed when UPN cancelled it after only going two seasons. Season six was awful save for Dark Willow.

    Mixed feelings. They’ll modernize it and I have a feeling Buffy and Cordy will fight over how many followers they have over homecoming Queen. Willow will be a gluten free vegan hipster. Spike will profess his love on Twitter to Harmony ala Justin Bieber and Baldwin.

    I don’t know!

    I’d rather see a continuation of the activated potential slayers from all over the globe. They’d have to kill Faith for the next official official slayer to have the title but Willow’s spell gave all the potentials the same abilities of that of the slayer.

  18. Adorable says:

    This is Fab,Total 90s kid here can’t wait for this.Now can they reboot xena warrior princess(With the original cast).I was shattered when that show ended & reviving all the characters would be nice,they all pretty much still look the same anyway minus the one who passed on.

  19. Bridget says:

    If this is brand new, following a new slayer, I could be in for it. The original series had some incredible highlights but also some total misses (looking at you, Xander) and was an almost completely white cast. It was one of my favorites, but there’s room for some improvement and for a new take. Not to mention, I loved the flashbacks to other slayers.

  20. liriel says:

    The majority of fans elsewhere hated it because Buffy was Buffy. SMG and others, the storylines. Why tell this story again? I feel like you can’t top episodes like the Gift etc ;(

  21. AmunetMaat says:

    I was a die-hard Buffy fan back in the day. I even enjoy the movie, but I would only be down for this if it was a Buffyverse rather than a straight reboot. There are talks of an African-American Buffy. I don’t want to see that, why can’t she be a new slayer. I mean they had the whole storyline of her opening up the slayer powers. I am curious to know what the world looks like after the series finale and the comic book series.

  22. Digital Unicorn says:

    I loved Buffy but it really should have ended a few seasons earlier, for me it jumped the shark when Dawn arrived. I loved the whole Glory plot thou.

    For me the characters (other than Buffy) that they could do without are Xander and Willow, who annoyed the eff outta me but that might have been to do with the scripts and actors. I liked Anya, Faith and Spike, Angel was a James Dean wannabe (I was never a fan of Boreanaz). There was just way too many characters to follow or care about in the end.

    It will be interesting to see who the cast as Buffy as SMG is the ONLY Buffy.

    • liriel says:

      The Spike fans wouldn’t be happy but I agree, season 7 was unnecessary and ending of season 5 was perfect. sad but perfect. The show matured though so I kind of wonder if they’ll make a show more like season 1 buffy or more dark like in later season. SMG the only Buffy!!

  23. Georgia says:

    I would really like to see a Native American playing Buffy

    • Veronica S. says:

      Or any ethnicity, honestly. Buffy was pretty groundbreaking for it’s time. It would be a nice gesture to pass on that progressive intent by hiring WOC for the role.

  24. Darla says:

    I don’t care if it’s a new slayer, or a complete rebooted remake, with new actors playing those characters. I would be into either. I am a big comic fan, so I am used to a dozen different batmans, spidermans, etc. It’s not an issue for me at all. And I am a huge OG Buffy fan, and take a backseat to no one in my love for that show.

    But it lacked any diversity which was a problem even then. Today, it’s glaring.

  25. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    I’m perfectly fine with fantasy reboots. While the TV show and movie were popular, I couldn’t really stay with it. Something about certain characters turned me off so I’m looking forward to the story getting a new injection of talent and tech.

  26. judith reeder says:

    I loved the original, don’t want to see a reboot!!

  27. S says:

    If they need to resurrect Buffy again, and want a woman of color for the lead, seems like doing a prequel featuring Mike Colter’s mom is a no brainer. (ICYMI, he played a principal whose mom was a slayer.) You set it in New York in the ’70s and it ties into the nostalgia for the original series, without just rehashing it.

    • JeanGrey says:


      I remember his mom’s back story. Looking like a Foxxy Brown slayer with her glorious ‘fro and dressed (both literally and figuratively) to kill. Didn’t Spike kill her in the subway and steal his signature leather duster from her?. Also, the cast would definitely have to be authentically and wonderfully diverse being that it’s set in ’70′s NYC, pre-gentrification and all.

      • S says:

        Yes, that matches my recall. They could easily go back to her teen years, when one presumes she first became the slayer, and have a decade-plus of stories to tell, without ever even getting to that subway moment and without having to retcon a single bit of the Buffy “canon.” Win-win for storytelling, costuming and avoidance of griping fanbois. Easy to call it “Nikki the Vampire Slayer” and retain the brand, without the backlash.

        Also, I just Googled it to find the mom slayer’s name and am SUPER embarrassed that my memory failed me and it was D.B. Woodside who played Principal Wood, not Mike Colter. Doh! Epic fail on my part, especially since, upon seeing the IMDB pic, other than facial hair configuration, they don’t look that much alike. Ugh.

    • pottymouth pup says:

      actually, I LOVE that idea and think it’s way better than a straight up buffy reboot

    • Ange says:

      Wow that really is a great idea.

    • AmunetMaat says:

      Ohhh, now this is an amazing idea. I would love to see that show

  28. Amelie says:

    I never got into this show when it was on the air and I dunno, I’ve had no desire to try to watch it. Was it really that amazing? I think I saw the musical episode once and that was about it. Each time I saw it on TV I just switched the channel. I accidentally watched the last 10 minutes of the series finale when it first aired and was not impressed. Maybe I’m not a Joss Whedon fan… I have never tried to watch Firefly but I remember forcing myself to sit through the Serenity movie because coworkers at my old job (it was a really geeky company) raved about the show. I was so bored and didn’t understand a thing.

    But enough with the reboots. The only show they could reboot (and that’s the wrong word, just continue by maybe doing mini webisodes) that would make me so happy is Parks and Rec. That’s about it.

  29. liriel says:

    I’ll always love Buffy, some moments were epic even though the first (and second) season were often cheesy. There was something groundbreaking about Buffy so this character needs to be left alone. If they want to introduce a POC let it be another slayer. Buffy is SMG and Angel, Spike, Faith and others were perfect. The show hit such an emotional punch, now we would know exactly what happens.. and compare it. please noo!

  30. serena says:

    Oh hell no! Stop it with all these reboots, I’m so sick of it!

  31. Detritus says:

    I don’t care about the reboot, but I care that Joss has access to another set of vulnerable young women he can play off as ‘aggressive’.

  32. SallyS says:

    SMG is the only Buffy. Plus the big point of Buffy’s character was that she was white petite privileged blonde girl, who could fight monsters. Black Buffy is a terrible idea.

  33. Scott says:

    As Buffybot says…. the only really real Buffy is really Buffy and she’s gone…..