Eddie Cibrian was cheating on his wife & LeAnn Rimes with Mayer’s ex

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Does everyone remember the girl that John Mayer hooked up with right after he and Aniston called it quits in March? Her name’s Scheana Marie Jancon, and she’s 23 years old. Allegedly, she and Mayer hooked up a few times. Then Scheana tried to get famous off of the association with Mayer by giving an interview “telling all” about their “relationship” and Mayer predictably dumped her. Well, Scheana’s back, and she’s trying to get famous off a whole new hook-up – this time it’s her years-long affair with married Eddie Cibrian.

This story comes from In Touch Weekly, and seems completely sourced from one of Scheana’s “friends” named “Sandra”. According to Sandra, Scheana and Eddie were carrying on for a couple of years. At first, Scheana had no idea Eddie was married. Probably because this girl is an idiot, and she had never heard of Google? Anyway, she eventually found out Eddie was married, but Scheana still kept carrying on the affair. In Touch also has some pictures of Eddie and Scheana together, so part of the story is probably very real. But when Eddie was caught in public with LeAnn Rimes, it seems Eddie totally dumped Scheana, even changing his phone number. Now Scheana’s friend is whining to In Touch that Scheana can’t believe that she wasn’t Eddie’s only mistress! Wait, let me go get my tiny violin:

LeAnn Rimes recently told Dean Sheremet, her husband of seven years, that she wanted to leave him in the hope of being with her married Northern Lights costar Eddie Cibiran. But LeAnn will be surprised when she learns that Eddie was not only cheating on his wife – he was also cheating on both of them with 24-year-old model Scheana Marie Jancon up through February.

“Scheana was in love with Eddie,” Scheana’s close friend tells In Touch. “And she said Eddie told her he loved her. They were inseparable.”

Eddie and Scheana were connected emotionally and physically. “They had a really strong attraction,” Sandra reveals. “She said the sex was amazing. It was very passionate.”

Eddie, who is married to model Brandi Glanville and has two sons with her, met Scheana three years ago when she was a bartender at the Grand Havana Room in Beverly Hills. Eddie, who she claims didn’t tell her he was married, took her out on dates every Tuesday.

“That was their date night,” Sandra says, but adds that he chose low-key LA bars… probably so he wouldn’t be spied straying. “He wasn’t shy at all about PDAs,” Sandra tells In Touch. “He just didn’t have any shame.”

When Sheana finally did figure out that Eddie was married, she could not bring herself to end it. “She didn’t mean to be a home wrecker. She was just too far into it,” Sandra adds. “Her feelings were involved and it was hard for her to stop.”

Eddie treated Scheana like his girlfriend and spoiled her with vacations and jewelry. In the summers, he took her on five-day boating trips at local lakes, and in the winter he taught her how to snowboard.

One Christmas, Eddie even bought Scheana diamond hoop earrings. “She wears them all the time,” Sandra adds. “They’re beautiful. He treated her like a princess.”

Eddie and Scheana carried on their romance until February. “They took another trip to Mammoth,” Sandra explains. “It was the last time he told her he loved her.”

A month later, the two were supposed to meet up for St. Patrick’s Day, but on March 7, Eddie was captured on a security camera making out with LeAnn in Laguna Beach. He changed his phone humber and coldheartedly hasn’t contacted Scheana since.

“Scheana feels betrayed,” Sandra reveals. “She feels like Eddie cheated on her, as well as his wife. She was in shock.”

Scheana – who has also hooked up with John Mayer – had no idea that Eddie had been hooking up with LeAnn since they met on set last year.

LeAnn, who, In Touch recently reported, separated from Dean in the hope of being with Eddie, will likely not be amused when she finds out about his steamy affair with Scheana.

“If you’re going to have a mistress,” Sandra insists, “only have one! Maybe he just didn’t think it would ever come back to him. Or maybe he really didn’t care if it did.”

[From In Touch Weekly, print edition, July 13 2009]

I don’t feel any pity for this girl, or for LeAnn, or for Eddie. I feel a little twinge of something for Eddie’s wife Brandi, but really, how could she not know? Personally, I didn’t really believe the story that LeAnn wanted to leave her husband Dean for Eddie – I think LeAnn and Dean have an open marriage, but that’s just my take.

Eddie’s career is going better than ever in the wake of these scandals – the Lifetime movie he and LeAnn did had some of the best ratings ever for a cable film, and Eddie recently signed on for a new role on CSI: Miami. He also just signed on for a Hallmark Channel movie, Healing Hands. Cheaters always win, I suspect.

Here’s Eddie Cibrian showing off his tough biker side for photogs as he leaves Cross Creek in Malibu on June 28th. Images thanks to Fame Pictures .

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25 Responses to “Eddie Cibrian was cheating on his wife & LeAnn Rimes with Mayer’s ex”

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  1. Annie says:

    A whore’s a whore the world around….

  2. teehee says:

    What? This is about a guy cheating and someone jumps on the girl? Wow.

  3. sandy says:

    he’s a C or D-lister.
    best revenge for his wife is take half or better yet, stay married, have her own lover on the side, and treat herself to nice things when she feels like it.
    monogamy is clearly not his thing.

  4. lilmiss says:

    Well. This doesnt surprise anyone does it? I mean if he will trash his vows for LeeAnn Rhimes then???? I always suspected he was a dog and now we know! I do feel for his wife. Sounds like he really knows how to woo a woman and he has probably been feeding her lines for years and she wanted to believe them. Ugh. He really makes me sick. I guess he thinks he is “all that.”

    That being said, this girl clearly gets around…In the last few months she has jumped from one celeb to another so…Her agenda is questionable…

  5. princess pee says:

    I don’t buy it. She tried to get attention after dating Mayer for what, 2 weeks? And now we’re told she was in a ‘relationship’ with Eddie for YEARS and didn’t mention it?
    Not to mention the part where she’s with a celebrity and doesn’t have the brains to find out he’s married, with kids…

    Sounds to me like Sheana the starf*cker just wants some attention. Next time she manages to get a star in her bed, whaddaya wanna bet she tries to make a sex tape? That might get her the fame she’s seeking so hard.

  6. Kaiser says:

    Princess Pee – I totally agree about her being someone who just wants attention or a career boost – reading the whole In Touch piece, it seems like it was written by her, or from her diary excerpts. But In Touch has pics of her and Eddie vacationing together and all that. I think the affair was for real. And now she’s selling her story.

  7. Annie says:

    Oh. I was referencing Eddie. LOL. Why’s it automatically assumed that’s a girl reference? Guys are just as guilty and capable of that label. 🙂

  8. lilmiss says:

    They’re both SKANKS!

  9. princess pee says:

    Kaiser- I do believe they had an affair, really. I just don’t believe this chick is credible beyond that. I expect she did know he was married, and that’s why she didn’t run to the press with it… it would make her look bad. I don’t really know why she didn’t get out there with the story when his affair with LeeAnn was all over the news; it would have been more timely.

    I do feel for his wife. It sucks to be cuckolded, and publicly too. Ouch.

  10. stephvriw says:

    There are pics of this girl and Eddie in this weeks tabs, I think it was Intouch. We’re talking clear pics of him laying on a raft with her in a bikini, and other shots of them close together. It was clear they were together. Big pics too!

  11. Nebraska says:

    Mr. Cibrian is a fool for not wearing a full faced helmet and leathers while riding his motorcycle.

  12. oh_mr_grey says:

    The title of this post makes no sense.

    Eddie Cibrian was cheating on his wife LeAnn Rimes with John Mayer’s ex

  13. Kaiser says:

    Oh Mr. Grey – Fixed it! Sorry.

    Annie – Agree. He is a whore. Why is his career flourishing?

  14. Annie says:

    I do feel for his wife. It sucks to be cuckolded, and publicly too. Ouch.


    And Kaiser: Shit if I know. He’s not even that good-looking. But really, would you count a Lifetime movie as a flourishing career?

  15. connie says:

    so this source says they were inseperable, but if that’s the case how would he have time for a family AND another woman??

  16. smith says:

    All I have to say is “Scheana” is a ridiculous name.

    I want to say it was a mispelling on her birth certificate that was never corrected but I can’t think what the original might have been.

  17. Kaiser says:

    Annie – Well, he’s doing better now than he was before he started bangin’ LeAnn.

  18. Codzilla says:

    Damn, I thought my name was spelled funny.

  19. Sister Mary Francis says:

    Damn, what a bunch of sluts!
    Get to know a ho befo…you know.

  20. diddy says:

    God ! this man is such a lying cheating pig; yuck

  21. Lem says:

    if you have a mistress you only have one. is that a rule somewhere? for Pete’s sake I think she’s a little mixed up. If you ARE the mistress, you are the mistress to one.
    Chances are if you give a tool a mistress he’s going to want a girlfriend to go with it. If you give a tool a girlfriend, that’s going to remind him that he’s not getting caught and then he’s going to ask for an actress to go with her. When he taste the actress he’s going to remember what fame taste like and ask for a camera. When you give a tool a camera he’s going to remember that he used to have a career and you’ll have to help him with that. While he’s working on his career a tool will remember when his wife loved him for him and not his career and you’ll have to bring his wife back. Chances are when you give a tool a wife, he’s going to want a mistress to go with it.

    tool. that shasta sounds toolish too

  22. mcam4us says:

    Well, Dean needs to dump LeAnn on her butt very publicly and take what he can get from her – she deserves it. I also agree with Sandy – his wife should get herself a hottie and buy herself tons of stuff with Cibrian’s money.

    Next, what needs to happen is for Cibrian AND the latest skank to both get some horrible STD that can’t be treated and leaves them both miserable and unable to sleep with anyone. Poetic justice.

  23. Wresa says:

    “If you’re going to have a mistress,” Sandra insists, “only have one! Maybe he just didn’t think it would ever come back to him. Or maybe he really didn’t care if it did.”

    LOL UM, or just sleep with only your wife because you are MARRIED!?

  24. Susan says:

    This guy is a total whore. Between him and Wes on The Bachelorette, I’ve now seen the bottom of the barrel in “Celebrity-dome”.

  25. cxarol says:

    eddie should stay with his wife go back to her not leann rimes stay with the wife and kids