Star: Miranda Lambert will kick Evan Felker off her tour if he keeps calling his wife

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As we heard previously, Miranda Lambert is possibly/probably obsessively calling her boyfriend’s estranged wife. Miranda got with Evan Felker within a matter of days, and she somehow convinced him to ghost his wife for several weeks. Staci Felker didn’t know what was going on with her husband until he apparently served her with either divorce or separation papers. Evan’s band is currently opening for Miranda on her tour, and Evan and Miranda have already stepped out for a quiet pap stroll. But…Evan might have second thoughts about this whole situation. He’s apparently been calling his wife, and that’s why Miranda has allegedly been calling Staci Felker’s cellphone too. So what do you make of this story?

Miranda Lambert plans to ruin Evan Felker’s career if he keeps running back his wife, Staci.

“Evan cannot be with Staci or even speak to her – or else Miranda will dump him AND kick him off the tour,” a source spills to Star. Evan’s band The Turnpike Troubadours is scheduled to open shows for Miranda’s Bandwagon Tour in the upcoming weeks in New York, Pennsylvania and Michigan – but only if he agrees to Miranda’s rules. And it’s looking like a tall order.

Staci recently put Evan on blast, posting a phone log of missed calls from him on her Instagram: “Is 22 missed calls in 2 days to an estranged wife really the behavior of a happy and healthy person?”

Evan apparently gave in to Miranda – Staci revealed that despite calling her constantly, he abruptly ghosted her, perhaps on Miranda’s orders – and his impending divorce remains at a standstill. “The ball’s in Evan’s court,” shrugs our tipster, adding that he could be stalling for his 15 minutes of fame. “Evan needs this tour to happen. He’s hoping that his wife will still be there when it’s over.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

I missed the part of the story where Staci had already called out her estranged husband for calling home a lot. I believe that too, and I think that’s probably why Miranda has also been calling Staci’s cellphone. I think Miranda is good at “seducing” men, but she ends up scaring them a little bit because something’s *not right* with her? The Southern way of saying it is that “she’s got snakes in her head.” Evan has seen the snakes and that’s why he’s calling home and trying to make sure that Staci will still be there for him when he finishes this tour. As for Staci… I hope she strings him along long enough for Miranda to have a complete meltdown, then I hope Staci dumps him and takes the house, the car, everything.

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  1. DenG says:

    I expect to see her on Investigation Discovery–maybe “Snapped” or “Deadly Women”? I mean Miranda, y’all, not Staci.

  2. Alisha says:

    I disagree, I think Staci should cut her losses and “waiting around” for him only to exact revenge is not healthy. She needs to move on. Evan made his bed.

  3. Rapunzel says:


    I’m not the only one that finds this hilarious, am I?

    • Jess says:

      Nope, I find it hilariously awesome on Staci’s part because she’s just as petty as I would be in her situation. Lol

      • stacey says:

        Me too! I find nothing wrong with putting Evan and Miranda on BLAST!

        I believe he’s been calling home and Staci may have been getting sucked back in but when Evan ghosted because his purse, I mean, Miranda demanded it— Staci realized what a pansy he truly is and lashed out.

        Miranda has never been publicly shamed like this by the wife has she? I think Staci is gorgeous, hilarious and ballsy for calling these two sleezeballs out! I’m sure Miranda thought Staci would go away quietly and heartbroken…not so my dear@

  4. Lindy says:

    Miranda is despicable and messy and Evan is a no-good loser. But I’m not really on board with Staci broadcasting everything on social media. I mean, she has every right to be angry but why be so public with all of this? Better to keep her head down, cause him pain though the divorce settlement, and move on. She ends up looking thirsty herself.

    • Chaine says:

      I don’t think she looks thirsty. She looks like someone who refuses to be a victim and is showing millions of people that Life will actually be much better after a no-good loser dumps you for two-bit hoe.

    • Bridget says:

      I’m not putting the responsibility on Staci to be quiet. She is not the one who behaved badly, she is allowed to discuss her life.

    • Deedee says:

      Because she wants Miranda to know he’s calling her.

    • Jamie says:

      I’m so tired of the belief that women should just shut up and take it, and if they don’t, they’re called names.

      Staci Felker (or any other woman in her situation) should do whatever the hell she wants. It’s people who think she should be meek and quiet who should JSUATI.

  5. Chaine says:

    Wow, just wow. Because threatening someone with career destruction is such a great way to build a long-term relationship…

    • Liz version 700 says:

      Speaking of career destruction, threatening to ruin someone unless they keep dating you is a good way to end up with a harassment suit. If any of this is halfwAy true Miranda is the messiest of messy messes

      • Chaine says:

        you are so right, I hadnt even thought of that.

      • Mia says:

        Liz I was thinking the same thing. if true, this would be considered harassment. Imagine if the roles were flip and this was a male artists making this demand.

  6. C says:

    This would be unacceptable to threaten his career if it was a dude. I think this is painfully hypocritical.

    • ocjulia says:

      You are so right! I was wondering about the legality of this. Surely there is some sort of contract – can she really fire him because he’s calling his ex-wife?

    • C says:

      100% right!

    • stacey says:

      yup, Miranda is sexually harrassing him if this is true! He has a case against her and should sue! Staci should stay with him until he gets the settlement then take half 🙂

  7. Other Renee says:

    Why is Staci posting all of this? It’s the song of the desperate and makes me think that in the end, this stupid woman will take him back. Once a cheater… forever a cheater. This goes for Miranda as well. She’s a loathsome narcissist who targets married men in an attempt to feel good about herself. Despite all her success, she still needs this kind of validation. It’s sick. She’s sick.

    Oh, and if she were a man, everyone would be screaming about sexual harassment on the job. In order to keep his job, he is required to service the boss whether he wants to anymore or not.

    • Crumbs says:

      It’s not like Staci is on the cover of a magazine broadcasting this. Why should she hide after all the shit both Miranda and her husband put her through? It’s just on her Instagram. I don’t see the big deal.

      Miranda has been protected a lot in the media and I don’t know why.

      • Millenial says:

        Yeah I’m a bit annoyed at the people calling out Staci for sharing the dirty details. Why should she provide cover for Evan and Miranda? In the name of being “classy” — nope, nope, nope. Drag em both, Staci!

      • Betty Whoo says:

        Miranda has been protected a lot in the media and I don’t know why.

        Because she’s a snowflake, thats why.

    • Evergreenery says:

      When people cheat they are so far up their own asses that they could hold a course in gas-lighting and mental abuse. Staci should NOT be silent about this, she’s the victim and it looks like she’s being harassed by the both of them.
      It’s absurd when victims are shamed into being quiet so they will look more ladylike or not desperate. The fame-thirsty brought the fame and dirt directly to her door not the other way around. She has every right to shine a light on this. I promise that there are tons of betrayed spouses and partners that can look at this and go, “Oh, it’s not just happening to me! Look at her living her life and calling them out so bravely. Maybe I can do that too. I need to move on with my life instead of being dragged around by their actions.”

      Also, as for moving on…it’s the cheaters that don’t want to move on. They want the wifey at home and will go to great lengths to keep their marriage while they do their dirt elsewhere. That’s the whole point of cheating, keeping one and diddling with others.

    • Deedee says:

      I think she wants Miranda to know he’s calling her.

  8. Bridget says:

    Miranda is just going full crazy at this point.

    • Chaine says:

      I keep thinking of her song that has the lyric “He ain’t seen me crazy yet” – – well he sure has now, honey!

    • CooCooCatchoo says:

      … and I bet it bugs Miranda that herboyfriend’s Ex is prettier and younger than her.

      • The wife being more attractive may be part of why Miranda went after this guy. She has a habit of going after men in relationships. A big part of that has to be to compete with the significant other. She really needs therapy, along with these men who refuse to be faithful. Staci is better off.

  9. Mindy_dopple says:

    I’m glad Staci is broadcasting all of this, they deserve to be shamed and made fun of. I hope this behavior doesn’t continue but for now she has every right and should call them out for their misery and foolish behavior. Fuck them. When my husband took up with his coworker, I wish I had covered their workplace parking lot in flyers.

    • LaraK says:

      One if the reasons people cheat again is that there were no real consequences. Call them out!

  10. sa ndra says:

    Divorce is ugly..But trying to defame two public people could rain down a whole new kind of ugly on Staci’s head..She is all about the money now and after a brief marriage and no kids, she can only shame it out of her ex. He has legal obligation to pay her anything… Don’t mean to sound heartless, but the law is the law.

    • OkieOpie says:

      This. ^^^

      She is making accusations that she cant prove and constantly talking to tabloids and reporters and going off on social media about this. A VERY shitty thing happened to her and I feel for her but she is making this into something public and ugly with a woman who has the money and power to get lawyers to go after her. There are no kids involved in this and in general, with anyone, I don’t think relationship drama belongs on social media. It never ends well.

      • sa ndra says:

        100% Agree.. Evan must have been waiting for his chance to escape. Nobody files for divorce a few days after meeting someone, not even him…His timing was bad, but that’s on him…Then Staci reaches out to him when she is ‘sick’?
        Excuse me, but what part of your divorce papers did you not understand?
        None of these folks come off very well. And for all Miranda’s ‘antics’ ? No one believes tabloids if they are grownups.

      • She posted proof right on her social media account. I haven’t seen where she’s spoken to any tabloids or reporters. No direct quotes are attributable to her.

        As for Miranda telling him he can’t call her, that’s obviously something the tabs made up based on her insta post, which is not Staci’s responsibility. We all have a public platform these days. The people in power don’t get to set the narrative anymore.

    • Kate says:

      I read several gossip site daily and I’ve never seen any tabloid or gossip blog or magazine reporting any words from Staci other than what she puts on her instagram. She’s not running to the tabloids for interviews, they are using her publicly available posts to create a story. The only thing I’ve read that she is saying is about him ghosting her, then calling her and then ghosting her again, and if anyone wanted to sue her for libel that would be provable by phone logs. The rest of the tabloid stories like Miranda issuing ultimatums to Evan I take with a large grain of salt b/c that sounds made up.

      Also, I don’t remember reading that he filed for divorce. The word I’ve always read is “ghosting” which is just disappearing. And yeah, that does happen sa ndra! It’s hard to believe b/c it’s disgusting but yeah it happens. Also – “waiting for his chance to escape”?? Why would you frame it like she was holding him prisoner? If he felt trapped that’s b/c he was too cowardly to tell her he was unhappy (if that’s the case).

      I don’t understand why anyone faults Staci for speaking out unless you think a person who has been betrayed should just internalize that and be quiet for the sake of appearances. Just swallow all that anger Staci, just swallow it and put on a smile and let Evan go on and be successful with his new lady. He deserves this he worked so hard and I mean, he wasn’t happy with you obviously you weren’t meeting his needs so you gotta just do better next time, Stac, and stay classy. (ugh)

      • S says:

        ^^This. The idea that any person just needs to quietly accept poor treatment for the sake of “decorum” is gross, as is dictating someone else’s grief or anger and how they should/shouldn’t express it. NO ONE has any obligation to just vanish when their spouse decides to, “move on.” I mean, it’s almost as if this Staci person is a real life human being with her own thoughts, feelings and experiences, instead of just an obstacle to someone else’s “romance.”

        You don’t think someone should post on about the break-up of their marriage on social media? Great. Then YOU shouldn’t do that when YOUR husband cheats on you and your marriage breaks up.

        The number of cheaters I’ve seen who go back and forth between the mistress and the wife for months or years is…most of them, frankly. I mean, these are have-their-cake-and-eat-someone-else’s-too guys by definition. It’s often the exact same women who are all, ‘I’d dump their ass and never look back’ when it’s theoretical, who find themselves blindsided and inconsolable when it happens to them…And that’s NORMAL. This stuff is HARD. It’s painful, and no one could or should be expected to navigate it perfectly.

        Would she be better off without this asshat? Almost certainly. But is that an easy thing to see when you’re in the midst of the pain that is losing a person you love and thought you’d spend your life with? Not even a little bit.

        And, by the way, them having, or not having, kids does not make them any less married, or their relationship any less valid. (A pet peeve of mine: I’ve seen too many women, even those who have been cheated on themselves, be totally un-empathetic to those whose husbands cheated on them just because the couple is childless.)

        Concern trolling on the Internet in favor of the famous, at the expense of the powerless, cause she posts some shade on her Insta, while Miranda calls the paparazzi to publicly document her relationship with a married man ? Yeah, sure…Staci is the thirsty one in that scenario. Spare me.

  11. Sayrah says:

    Good for her! Miranda is a soulless lunatic. And if this is true she is sexually harassing the guy. Why should Stacy be the bigger person? Give her a break people.

  12. Mrs. G says:

    Staci is gorgeous what was her husband thinking.

  13. Dazeem, Adele says:

    Enjoying the drama but just remember guys, the source is STAR…not exactly reliable.

  14. KBeth says:

    Miranda seems like kind of a nutter, Evan is trash.

  15. D says:

    I hope she gets sued for sexual harrassmebt and the next Staci dumps him and gets it all.

  16. Toc says:

    I hope Staci is just having fun and enjoying the drama and not truly waiting for him to come back. That guy is trash. Miranda suits him.

  17. Sassyfrass says:

    What goes around comes around. Go Staci!

  18. LadyLilith says:

    Evan is a dog and Miranda is utterly pathetic. They deserve each other. Staci should get whatever he owes her financially and move on to better things.

  19. Nicegirl says:

    That’s illegal, right? Where’s Paranormal Girl to explain

  20. OkieOpie says:

    LOL I love that saying about snakes in the head. I honestly don’t think it is Miranda who keeps calling the ex wife. Seems more like a tabloid or obsessive fan since the ex wife put her name out there without protecting her privacy before doing so. Not saying she deserves to be called like that–she does NOT–but she got herself into an extremely public situation as a so-called civilian, not a celebrity. She prob didn’t expect the attention this brought here and more than likely her phone, info, address, etc were public and easily accessibly by anyone. I really don’t think Miranda is the one doing it. Considering how the tabloids are drooling over this, I would think it is more likely to be a reporter or possibly Evan calling from a throwaway phone to talk to his ex. I DO believe Miranda is the type to check his phone.

    • She didn’t get herself into this very public situation, that’s her husband’s doing for leaving her for a very famous person. There is no way for Staci to have protected herself, as marriage information is public and easily accessible. Unless the couple chose to get a private license Staci’s name was going to be out there. Also, with Miranda having the power to control the public narrative I would want to at least control my own story if I were the wife. JMO

  21. Chevelle97 says:

    Is it so hard to believe that a country singer would call a private citizen who is minding their own business just to harass them just because they can?
    Next we will hear that Staci has a recording of it or something 🤣

  22. Pam says:

    I hope Staci is reading this blog. She’s so pretty. Staci, you go girl you got it going on. You got your ex dying to get you back and you should not ever take that ass back. He will just do it again. Had it done to me. Never doubt your self worth. They always crawl back. Don’t do it! Screw you miranda!

  23. pottymouth pup says:

    is it wrong that I hope he records Miranda making those demands and that info “accidentally” gets leaked. What he did to his wife was beyond douchtastic but Miranda Lambert seems to be one nasty piece of work

  24. PeggingOut says:

    Lordy this seems like 2018s version of Brandi, LeeAnn and Eddie. No one looked good in that hot mess,

    Stacey should not overplay her hand and risk turning into Brandi because……

  25. InquisitiveNewt says:

    Miranda should sit down with a good shrink and work out exactly why she’s only interested in other people’s husbands.
    Staci HAS been dignified, given that she has given no interviews, nor participated in trashy pap walks and the like: but there is no reason why she should allow these scoundrels to dictate the terms of her life, particularly the mistress. That which she has posted re Lambert constitutes harassment of both herself and the Evan-devil. And is threatening to drop someone should they contact the woman with whom they exchanged vows not blackmail? Perhaps Lambert should listen to her back catalogue of “my man done me wrong” recordings and attempt, for once, to put herself in someone else’s shoes. Perhaps the shrink could acquaint her with that emotion, too.
    Here’s hoping that the utterly gorgeous, decent, intelligent and honourable Staci is wooed and adored by the best of men. Hope the divorce goes through swiftly.

  26. Snowflake says:

    I feel like the best revenge is acting like you don’t give a damn about the cheater. Cause a cheater is all about his ego. It will hurt Evan the most if Staci ignores him and does not mention him at all. He’s not interested in a relationship with Miranda. He just slept with her to get some work and his name out there. He’ll try to go back to Staci.