Omarosa Manigault was apparently taping everybody at the Trump White House

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I could not care less about Omarosa Manigault, quite honestly. When history is written about this era of American politics, I know Omarosa is merely a footnote, yet another oddity and example of how stupid this era really is. At best, her mere existence makes the case that Donald Trump is unfit to be president. At worst, Omarosa is just a distraction and nothing more. Well, anyway, we learned last week that Omarosa apparently made “secret recordings” of Trump and White House staffers while she worked in the White House. Omarosa threatened to release some of the tapes during her book tour. And that’s exactly what she’s doing – she went on Meet the Press on Sunday and revealed the audio of her conversation with chief of staff John Kelly, the conversation where he fired her.

I don’t really know what this proves other than Omarosa deserved to be fired? I’m not going to sit here and fret about the legality of secretly recording people in the White House, because A) again, I don’t care and B) again, in the scope of the crimes committed by Trump and people in this administration, this is barely a blip. It’s tacky, it’s possibly illegal, and it’s stupid.

Axios did a long story about HOW Omarosa was able to strut into the Oval Office whenever she wanted and record Emperor Bigly at will – go here to read. Apparently, Omarosa was able to do that because… all of the white guys working for Trump thought she was a Scary Black Woman. I sh-t you not. Axios’ whole story is about how all of these dudes were terrified of how “scary” she is, how she’s a “physically intimidating presence,” and how no one could work up the nerve to say no to her. There’s also some analysis that says that Omarosa is basically the Trumpiest Trumper to ever Trump: she’s a reality star, she lies a lot, she’s awful, she’s disloyal, etc.

Donald J. Trump attends business affairs in the White House

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  1. Swackd says:

    They are using the possibility of charging her for recording in the Situation Room as a distraction to all the other things going on.

    • Jane says:

      What blows my mind is how she got a recording device in that room. The situation room used to be so highly guarded and secure.

    • Esmom says:

      I could see that they’d suddenly be concerned with the rule of law. But maybe they should look at their own protocols that allowed her to do that. Just sayin.

      • Swackd says:

        Totally agree Esmom. They use the rule of law only when it benefits them. How long did it take them to ban personal phones from the West Wing – not until January of this year.

    • Iknow says:

      The main thing I’ve seen about this is that nothing classified was being discussed so what crime did she commit? Is it a rule that whenever you’re in the Situation Room, and you don’t have clearing to discuss classified information, is it illegal to record in the Situation Room?

    • dota says:

      I worked in secure facilities for many years and would definitely have gone to jail if I had brought a recording device into the secure area.

    • Original T.C. says:

      To be fair, it’s April Ryan (reporter from Urban Radio networks and Omarosa’s nemesis) who gave them the idea. She contacted Democratic leaders about the breech of protocol, and risk to National security of taping in the Oval Office and the Situation Room. @5:50

      Omarosa is a sellout to the Black community and Trump’s protégée so no sympathy from me. I hope the swamp of crocks, and liars destroy each other. Can’t believe Meet the Press had her as the lead story. Yuck.

    • Mac says:

      It’s awfully hard for Trump & Co. to dispute the claims in her book when they don’t know what conversations she recorded. Well played, Omarosa, well played.

    • teehee says:

      BUT THOSE HILARY EMAILS THO!! LOL (as Trump will surely respond, if he hasn’t already)

  2. Addison says:


  3. Digital Unicorn says:

    Colour me not shocked, she is one of many who were prob doing it to cover themselves and cash in on. Am sure WH lawyers will try an sue her as what she did was wrong – thou am also sure her lawyers and publisher signed off on her releasing those recordings.

  4. RBC says:

    This is like watching a pit full of vipers devour each other. Every one of them is disgusting. Only question is who will end up coming out of this fairly unscathed?

    • Elkie says:

      Only the best people, remember? Although there might be ONE competent member of the Trump administration, and he’s the one they call “Mad Dog”.

      Reminds me of a reality show in which a barely sentient, rotting Jack-o’-lantern pitted a bunch of insufferable morons against one another in a series of tasks and failed to discover a single titan of industry….

  5. Darla says:

    Here’s something really interesting I just read this morning:

    “When ⁦@katierogers⁩ and I wrote that someone was secretly taping Trump, it was not Omarosa. Raises possibility that still others are doing same within the White House.”

    That’s Maggie Haberman tweeting.

    Who do you guys think it is? Kellyanne? There are going to be so many tapes coming out of this isht show.

    • Iknow says:

      Of course it’s Kelly Anne. She has been the administrations number one leaker!!!

      • Darla says:

        I think so too. You know, if these people weren’t sadists with very real victims, victims who are suffering right now, this would all be very funny.

      • magnoliarose says:

        Absolutely Miss Bowling Green and possibly Li’l Hopie HIcks. He is such a despicable person who turns on people I wouldn’t be surprised if the list is long.
        Oh, I am laughing but it is completely without mirth.
        Bannon probably has a whole listening library full of recordings.

    • Swack says:

      Another tape just came out this morning with Trump on it stating that he did not know that Omarosa was being fired. Kelly Ann has stated that the White House has staffers sign NDA’s and that it is a common practice to do so.

      • Dara says:

        Perhaps common practice in the Trump White House, but probably not for any previous administration. Also, he might have people sign them, but a few legal articles I’ve read suggest they are non-enforceable, except when it comes to officially classified information. Trump (and his minions) keep forgetting that anyone working in his administration is an employee of the US government, not him personally, and as such are not governed by some of the usual practices you would find in the private sector.

      • Nic919 says:

        It’s not common practice at all in a government setting and totally unenforceable. KellyAnn is such a damn liar. There are laws about keeping certain secrets private if they are linked to security, but nothing else. The NDAs would be laugh out of court and anyway discovery would be required and there’s no way this corrupt shit show wants to expose more of their illegal nonsense in court.

        I don’t like Omarosa, but she can laugh off this NDA without a concern.

  6. Darla says:

    When I read that story about how they were all “terrified” of her, and physically terrified and intimidated, I knew immediately that was Stephen Miller talking. Right away they go to the angry black lady stereotype. I think the main source was that little you know what Miller.

    • Iknow says:


    • Lightpurple says:

      Or Ivanka.

      • Original T.C. says:

        I vote Ivanka too. The scared fragile flower routine.

        The Beta males in Trump’s WH would not admit to being intimidated to their voters. We should run a tall scary Black woman for President if they do admit to being intimidated and see Trump hide behind the podium like the wimp he was in front of Putin.

    • Olenna says:

      Miller is such a nasty, racist weasel. I can see him quaking in his little Buster Brown shoes whenever O deigned to look at him. But, unfortunately, it can’t be denied that on her own, O is a walking shit show and I bet she performed whenever she didn’t get her way.

  7. Bri W. says:

    If the White House falls under the DC’s laws/jurisdiction, she is allowed to tape conversations due to DC’s one party consent law. But I assume the White House wouldn’t fall under this??

  8. FC says:

    If she hadn’t been fired she’d still be working there right alongside the n-word rants, unaffected. She doesn’t get to pretend she’s appalled by racism and saving the world.

    • Lake Mom says:


    • Fanofnoone says:

      Agree. BUT now theres no black voice in white house. For all her faults, O was actually working very well with black caucus to increase funding for HBCs, black colleges. Now that gone. Policy being made with out Poc that hurts. Even a flawed POC in better than no POC.

    • Renee says:

      @ FC, exactly! She’s a fraud.

    • bondbabe says:

      She’s picking and choosing what she is offended by. Sorry sis, it doesn’t work that way.

      Remember what she said about 45′s detractors, “Every critic, every detractor, will have to bow down to President Trump.” Is she now doing that? Nope.

      And while I can kind of go along with her recording convos to cover her a$$, I think she also was recording many conversations because she knew one day she would cash in on what she had recorded, but in this instance didn’t think she was going to get canned.

  9. launicaangelina says:

    I will forever be perplexed that she and Michael Clarke Duncan were engaged before his death. He seemed so kind and warm and she’s far from it.

  10. Magdalin says:

    Is it bad to think that this is just…hilarious?

    Everything is upside down and the story is so ridiculous that I had the strangest reaction: chuckling.

    But that’s what we do in my family when we don’t know how else to react sometimes. Initial inappropriate laughter until one gains her bearings.

  11. Prikalop says:

    Remember the fable Trump keeps telling about helping a serpent that eventually bites him, because a serpent is always a serpent. There you go. Only, the serpent is not the immigrants but pretty much all that surround him, possibly including the daughter and the son-in-law. LOL

  12. Mel says:

    Atrocious, self-absorbed, greedy, idiotic twit hires a bunch of the same , what did anyone expect? There is no honor or loyalty and these thieves.

  13. B n A fan says:

    The Whitehouse is run like a mom and pop store, and that’s being generous. As we can see there are no security being followed. I would believe she is not the only one taping others in order to protect themselves. First, Omarosa was not qualified to be working in the Whitehorse, hell, I bet 75% of those working there are not qualified and should not be there.

    Second, did anyone understand the reason for her being fired from the job she should not have had? Kelly reason was very vague. I like the part where he told her if she was good and leave quietly she could chalk it up to serving her country, lol.

    Third, did anyone heard the tape of her calling the Dotard to talk about her being fired and he told he he knew nothing about her being let go, and he heard something about her planning her to leave and he did not “love” her leaving. This man lied to her face and at first it appears she believed him. Anyway, bye Felicia. You, O knew he was a racist but you backed him up, turned against your people and now I’m sure you want us to buy your book after you lied for
    him and now he and his people are going to tear you limb to limb.

    • Indiana Joanna says:

      Yeah, drump lied that he didn’t know. And she said today she never thought drump would lie to the country. She’s still acting, just this time as the brave avenger for justice.

      These criminals/idiots are all acting because none of them knows anything about public service, let alone has the experience and knowledge to perform their vaguely worded responsibilities. drump brought in his reality show participants. And the Grifter Ivanka, my God, she actually has videos with ceremonial, central casting music swelling as she walks to a podium for some minor event. They have no sense how ridiculous they are.

  14. Nicegirl says:

    Do you think Omarosa could be in danger? Of arrest/prosecution or GForbid, something worse? I have no faith whatsoever in this administration and no matter her faults, I’m feeling worried for her safety. These people are all so horrible.

  15. Louisa says:

    Honestly, this whole thing just makes me really depressed and even more terrified for our country. There are absolutely no adults in charge. They are all a bunch of morons with no idea what they are doing.
    There is no chance that our so called “secure locations” are secure any longer. No chance that Russia and other countries haven’t recorded, taped and hacked at the highest level.
    And while all this is going on our “president” is at his golf club making idiotic faces with a bunch of bikers with nazi tattoos and “I love guns and titties” patches. Because of course he is.

    • Dara says:

      This entire administration is amateur hour. I am both ashamed and horrified at this group of buffoons and incompetents who are – in theory – running our government.

  16. isabelle says:

    Do I believe they were scared of the “black scary woman” 100%. Behind every racist is fear, insecurity and cowardliness. They are fearful cowards wanting to blame others for their cowardliness and dark hearts, while they take no responsibility in anything. Their hatred has rotted out any semblance of sanity or goodness.

  17. CK says:

    I kind of hate this press cycle because it’s making me oddly sympathetic for Omarosa. She’s a liar and a grifter, but of all the liars and grifters in the White House, she was the most ineffective at her job. Yet she’s getting some of the harshest press coverage from folks that were defending Sarah Huckabee Sanders or Hope Hicks. I’m still amazed that we’re not talking about how the secretary of homeland security lied about the state sanctioned kidnapping of children. Omarosa has no credibility, but she hasn’t lied to the public in her capacity as a government official.

  18. adastraperaspera says:

    Omarosa was hired to be a token and continues her work for Trump by becoming the distraction he needs as the media finally has started reporting on his mob ties and Russian connections. I don’t believe anything that comes out of her mouth. It’s ridiculous that she’s getting so much airtime. Send the FBI over to take care of her case and let’s move on to take down the Trumpkins.