Omarosa: Melania Trump is ‘counting every minute’ until she can divorce Bigly

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Previously on Days Of Our Omarosa, Omarosa Manigault revealed some fake-interesting news about Melania Trump and how Melania is petty and lazy and trying to “hurt” her husband with her fashion choices. Omarosa was speaking specifically about the “I Don’t Really Care DO U?” coat which Mel wore to visit the border prisons for children and babies. Well, Omarosa wasn’t done there. Omarosa also has some ideas about the Trump marriage and how Melania is desperate to divorce her husband, and something something about how Melania became a naturalized citizen. I’m all ears! Take it away, Omarosa.

Omarosa Manigault Newman writes that Trump’s relationship with wife Melania is so strained that, “in [her] opinion,” the first lady is “counting every minute until he is out of office and she can divorce him.” In the book, the 44-year-old former reality star writes that “Trumpworld intimates” often talked about the possibility that Trump had helped his wife, a former model, secure an Einstein (EB-1) visa. They questioned if Mrs. Trump had the “extraordinary ability” required to obtain such a visa and suggested that her husband used his wide network of connections to “secure or expedite it,” according to the book. Manigault Newman does not name any of these “Trumpworld intimates.”

In her book, Manigault Newman suggests that one of the reasons why Mrs. Trump stays in her marriage is for fear that Trump might find a way to “invalidate” the visa if she left him.

“Since Donald is fully aware of however she acquired her permanent citizenship, he could, if there were anything fishy around it, expose the methods and somehow invalidate it,” Manigault Newman writes. “He is a vindictive man, and I would not put anything past him. If Melania were to try to pull the ultimate humiliation and leave him while he’s in office, he would find a way to punish her. This is a man who has said he could pardon himself from the Mueller investigation. Why not pardon himself over an alleged visa payoff? In my opinion,” Manigault Newman adds, “Melania is counting every minute until he is out of office and she can divorce him.”

Mrs. Trump’s communications director, Stephanie Grisham, said in a statement to PEOPLE on Wednesday, “Mrs. Trump rarely, if ever, interacted with Omarosa. It’s disappointing to her that she is lashing out and retaliating in such a self-serving way, especially after all the opportunities given to her by the President.”

[From People]

Alright, let me try to unpack some complicated feelings about this. I also think Melania’s visa situation and then her naturalization situation was shady as hell. If Donald Trump had something to do with her “genius” visa, it would not surprise me in the least. By most accounts, Melania’s whole visa process was a joke, and she and her people can’t even keep their stories straight about whether she came in on a tourist visa, a work visa or a “genius” visa. By the time she started going through the naturalization process, she was already with Trump too.

Now, does it follow that Donald Trump has been holding her shady visa situation – which is two decades in the past – over her head all this time? Eh. Don’t get me wrong, I totally believe he’s emotionally abused Melania for years and threatened her with all kinds of things. I totally believe that she only really cares about her parents and her son and that’s it. But I still say that she’s a lazy, dumb trophy wife who really doesn’t have some kind of “secret” motivation to leave her husband. She’ll stick around.


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  1. grabbyhands says:

    “But I still say that she’s a lazy, dumb trophy wife who really doesn’t have some kind of “secret” motivation to leave her husband.”

    Agreed. Although I’m sure the threat of doing something to revoke her Visa (and now, her parents citizenship since that was also shady) is something he reminds her about often. I don’t feel sorry for her, just an observation.

    • PlayItAgain says:

      Agreed. I believe that whatever she deigns to do in public (and probably in private, too) is part of a contract between them. She’s probably obligated to do a certain number of events with a few variations for state emergencies thrown in. And descriptions of expected behavior.

    • Megan says:

      NYT’s crusade to normalize deplorables continues with today’s fluff piece on Melania.

    • TandemBikeEscapee says:

      She feels born and bred to deal w a foul man as long as she’s a pampered pet on a chain, and he’s filthy rich. This raised in a cage Stepford thing is the Eva Braun of our era- she’s in it for the money & power, let’s not dig further.

  2. Missy says:

    She will stick around until he croaks I’d say.

    • Jenns says:

      Absolutely. Everyone knows she hates him–including Trump. But if she stuck around for this long, she’s not going to risk losing money in a divorce.

    • Megan says:

      She is definitely playing the long game. If she divorces Trump the psychos and Barbie will hound Trump to disinherit Barron.

    • Another Anne says:

      Yep. She’s probably sending him a big mac and fries as we read this.

      • Mac says:

        You know how we know today’s NYT article is total BS? It says Melania has Trump on a healthier diet. No one is buying that.

      • Christin says:

        The diet must be orange soda, sweet potato fries and circus peanut candy.

      • AMA1977 says:

        Then she rolls him in Eazy Cheez and Cheeto dust.

      • Endoplasmic_ridiculum says:

        This is the funniest thread on the internet today- easily. He looks like he sweats droplets if Velveeta.

  3. Rapunzel says:

    I don’t believe he’s threatened to revoke her visa and expose its shady aspects. That would make him look bad. I think she stayed with him to get her parents legal status. She thought that was taken care of prior to him winning, And when he won he threatened to not get that legal status for her parents unless she played ball and stuck around to play First Lady. I think that is what all the negotiations were about what she stayed in New York.

  4. Jan90067 says:

    Exactly! All she really wants is to go back to NY with her son and parents, and lunch/shop.

    She qualified for an Einstein visa as much as her orange turd of a husband is a “stable genius” (God I LOVE that Randy Rainbow video!! 😂). And let’s never forget her parents’ “chain migration” which they are denying other families.

    The whole lot of them are excrement you scrape off the bottom of your shoe.

  5. anniefannie says:

    I think she’ll immediatly divorce once he’s
    ( please God! ) forced out of office. I think she turned a blind eye to his cheating but once it became flagrantly public the humiliation has given her a legitimate cause.

    • Eleonor says:

      I think there was some sort of a new negotiation at a certain point.
      She stays with him until he is out of the office, and she gets a huge check, possibly the full custody of their son.

    • Raina says:

      Melania will forever be Eva Braun.
      Too late.
      Not today, Satan, not today.

  6. Nicegirl says:

    I feel like I’m counting the minutes until we can FIRE his ass.


    • Juls says:

      FIRE his FAT ass. That pic of him from the side looks like a hefty bag wrapped tightly around his torso with his fat butt sticking out. He really is a pile of garbage. We should be able to fire him. He thinks he’s the boss of everybody but the reality is, he has over 300 million bosses. He is OUR employee.

  7. Lala11_7 says:

    My stance on Melania…regarding the “Birther” BS…I looked at where she was from…and I shrugged my shoulders can only BE who they ARE…and with that Birther narrative…she was TRULY being her organic self…now, this doesn’t mean that I like her…OH NO…I despise her…but I understand…

    And regarding THIS…Oh…HELL TO THE YEA…I believe this story is true…I think Melania, once she got out of the horror of realizing that she was getting NOTHING she signed up for…she used her position to her advantage…and did what she needed to do publicly (which including shaming TF out of Tramp every chance she got)…to ensure that her parents got their citizenship papers…something I am SURE that Tramp used to hold over her before he became POTUS…ensuring that she would stay put…and he could do whatever the hell he wanted…

    So yea…she is SO OUT OF THERE…cause she got everything she needs…plus enough dirt to bury Tramp AND ALL OF HIS KIDS…about 50-feet under Ft. Knox…

    She good…

  8. Loopy says:

    What is an Einsten Visa and how long does it take you to get naturalized?Honestly i find the whole thing complicated between green card,citizenship,naturalization etc

    • Lala11_7 says:

      It is a visa that there is NO WAY IN HELL Melania should have qualified for…WHOLLY based on the visa’s name alone…

      • indian says:

        It is NOT an Einstein visa:-) It’s used by many companies to bring in unique talent, including movie stars, models, executives at top companies and some scientists.. However, it might have been used for Einstein-not sure… That’s the reality of US immigration today.

    • Lightpurple says:

      It’s an employment-based visa for someone with an extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts, education, business, or athletics through sustained national or international acclaim. EMPLOYMENT-based. EXTRAORDINARY ability. I don’t recall that she actually had a regular job.

      • AMA1977 says:

        She was extraordinarily good at squinting at the camera with her bits out. Clearly a talent in short supply here in the states, so we NEEDED her here. @@

  9. Becks1 says:

    I think she is a trophy wife and she was happy being that in NYC when she barely had to interact with him and they lived their separate lives.

    my guess is now that she has to spend more time with him her hatred of him has probably re-ignited, and she probably IS counting the minutes until he’s out of office. Not because then she will divorce him, but because then she can go back to her life and ignore him.

  10. Christin says:

    I remember the tabloid stories of 15-20 years ago that claimed she had an architecture degree, which is also now disputed.

    If she did have a clean path to citizenship, then the press conference promised exactly two years ago would have happened.

    The lazy part is believable. I think she settled on this dumpster fire of a marriage, and doubt she’d have the energy to find another “orange slice Daddy” (spin on the sugar daddy term, befitting her current one’s hue).

    • Natalia says:

      You can only settle for a marriage like this if you were NOT a gift from a shady Russian oligarch in exchange for (fill in the blanks). It is highly feasible, her being a gift to this puppet of a President.

      • Christin says:

        That theory seems highly plausible.

      • Crox says:

        She’ Slovenian, not Russian. Very far apart, the only thing in common really is that both are Slavs and, in the past, ran (very different, mind you) communist countries.

        And as disgusting as her husband is, do you really believe this theory is more plausible than her being a pretty but not very successful model, who met an older, filthy rich and powerful enough dude and decided to get herself a sugar daddy? Stuff like this happens daily.

      • Christin says:

        I think either scenario is plausible. The sketchy and exaggerated background of her early “career” leads me to think anything is possible. Who knows what wealthy men she was around during her early adulthood, and how she became a “model” in the first place.

      • ex-Mel says:

        “the only thing in common really is that both are Slavs”

        Yeah, which is like saying a Dutch person and a German are both “Germanic”, or that a French person and an Italian are both “Latin”.
        I totally agree that she could have married another millionaire if that was her goal. The thing is, Trump – as much as people persist in irrationally denying it – was quite good-looking and, by all accounts, could be quite charming. Always a major jerk, I am sure, but jerks CAN be charming for a while. I speak from experience.

    • Lightpurple says:

      Merely having a degree, which she doesn’t have, doesn’t make one highly acclaimed in the field. She never worked as an architect and she never worked after she met the Dotard

      • Christin says:

        I remember reading Two Scoops’ bragging comments about how good she was at architecture (implying if not saying she’d actually applied that knowledge). She was also portrayed as a high-end model.

        Fast forward, and both those claims are doubtful if not patently false.

        If there is nothing to hide, she should have followed through with her promise to reveal her paperwork in August 2016.

    • themummy says:

      No, it is not disputed. It is a known fact that she started university, went for less than a year, then left to pursue modeling. They even updated the White House website to reflect this once the truth came out and after lying about her having a degree ON the White House website.

      Not only that, she did less than a year, so she may have been interested in architecture (supposedly), but she certainly didn’t already choose that as a major or take any architecture classes yet in her first year. That is a general ed year.

  11. Amelie says:

    I don’t know if she’ll divorce him the second he’s out of office. She’s stuck around this long, I don’t think she’ll file the minute he stops being President. What’s to stop her from filing now? What could Trump possibly be holding over her head? I guess her citizenship (or her parents’) but Trump doesn’t get to decide whether he can revoke hers or not, that’s the Justice Department (I think). And he probably bribed a few people along the way which would only get him in trouble. And would only make him look bad to send Baron’s mom back to Slovenia.

    I dunno, maybe she gets a huge payout if she sticks with him in the White House and waits until he leaves office. Maybe they have some kind of agreement. Melania is such a mystery (minus the fact we know she doesn’t like being First Lady).

    • Esmom says:

      I hear you although if I were her, given Trump’s utter lack of integrity, I’m not sure I’d trust any agreement or count on any sort of big payout.

  12. Rescue Cat says:

    More wishful thinking it seems. Everyday i hear stories about how it’s all about to unravel for Trump and yet it never does.

  13. p says:

    Maybe she was just waiting for her parents to be citizens.

  14. Mel says:

    She married for the money and she will stay for the same. Now, if Mango Mussolini ends up in jail and the fragile house of credit/money comes crashing down, she’ll grab what she can and go. If she senses in any way that money for her lifestyle is at risk, she’ll grab what she can and go. Then “write” ( I know) a book. …..

    • Rescue Cat says:

      Or sell her recordings.

    • ex-Mel says:

      She may or may not have married him for the money, but she never married a US presidential candidate, let alone THE president. I can totally believe she was (as reported) appalled when she heard about his candidacy. If she doesn’t divorce him soon, it may be more likely because she is thinking of their son (not that I think that staying together for the children is always a good idea, not at all). Either way I doubt she’d ever have to worry about money.

  15. Aang says:

    I’m guessing she’s waiting for him to die.

  16. Algernon says:

    Two things can be true. She can hate him and be just as awful as him (birther nonsense). I don’t believe she’ll divorce him, there is more money in being the widow Trump than being an ex-Mrs. Trump.

  17. Heather says:

    She better check that will if she is holding out till he croaks. He is probably leaving everything to his darling princess Ivanka with some for Barron if he’s a minor when Trump finally does us a favor and does.

    But for everyone calling for his death while in office or impeachment….please remember that the presidency goes to Pence in that case, who would be worse for women’s rights (imagine that!)

    I did love “Days of our Omarosa” but perhaps better is “As the Omarosa Turns.” She went from being the biggest Trump defender to being (hopefully) his undoing….she’s not doing this to be a humanitarian or even just to be human but because it will make her money. If she was still employed by him and was still getting paid to be the token black woman in the picture, we’d never know any of this in her own words.

  18. InquisitiveNewt says:

    At the risk of “normalising deplorables” I’d say she’s a decent woman in an impossible situation. Yes, she was attracted to the billionaire Trump; but, given that he’s a narcissist, he like so many other sociopaths can make himself exceptionally attractive and charismatic when he wants to acquire something. Sometimes it’s votes, sometimes women, always validation. Those of us not fooled by his games perceive him as a bloated nuclear-sunset tinted loon. I doubt she experienced the sheer enormity of Trump as he truly is before they were married, and then he removed the mask – particularly when he revealed he wouldn’t sleep with a woman who had had a child. I hope that one more Stormy revelation comes out and that she goes into utter meltdown. Better for her and her son to get as far away from him as possible.
    (BTW America, can you keep him away from the UK for the remainder of his time in office? He cost us 30m in security – AT THE VERY LEAST: businesses lost a lot more those days due to the wall-to-wall protests re his presence. Our Exchequer can’t afford a repeat performance.)

    • Valerie says:

      I also feel like he has changed quite a bit in the last 10 years. He was always a bumbling, blustery fool, but he seemed to be able to hide it better. I think he’s been mentally declining for years, so it’s really scary that in his worsening state, he was able to secure the kind of power that he has.

      I only watched one season of Celebrity Apprentice and he didn’t seem that unhinged. Exaggerated for TV, maybe, but not offensive or dangerous. Not like now.

      • InquisitiveNewt says:

        @Valerie Ten years ago, he didn’t have control of the nuclear football. He’s ripped the mask off entirely, knowing that no matter how vile he is, the MAGA redneckkks will vote him in for a second term.

  19. Sarah B says:

    I title the first picture “The President, First Lady, and Melania.”

  20. Sharon says:

    Ugh… he’s repulsive.

  21. Sushismama says:

    My Canadian friend has an “ alien of extraordinary ability” green card/ visa whatever.

    Her talent? She’s a Burlesque dancer. She’s an exceptional burlesque dancer, but that’s an example of ability that qualifies.

  22. minx says:

    He looks so dumpy in those pictures.

  23. adastraperaspera says:

    She’s a mob moll. She was one of his party girlfriends for several years before they were married. She must know his bucks come from money laundering, and she must not care. As for a divorce, she’ll get one when he decides she gets to have one. Her parents just got paid off by getting citizenship recently, so maybe there’s a payoff for Melania along with a divorce coming, who knows. I’m sure it’s always been a marriage of convenience for both of them–designed to polish him up for a Russian-backed presidential run and keep her in the money. They deserve each other.

  24. Fluffy Princess says:

    AMA1977 says:
    Then she rolls him in Eazy Cheez and Cheeto dust. <– This right here is genius! hahahahahahaha!

    She's waiting for EZ to either croak off or go to jail. ALTHOUGH — if EZ gets brought up on RICO charges. . .can't they seize his assets that he purchased with his ill-gotten gains? If that is the case, I think she'll bail and file for divorce to get SOMETHING before it's all taken away. Otherwise, it's a grudge match until the bitter end. And then round 2 when Melania and Ivanka do battle for the estate. Hope Melania has "receipts" too.

  25. Valerie says:

    Look at his fat ass.

  26. JayneBirkenB says:

    She’s definitely playing the long game. In six years once Barron turns 18 I think we’ll see a liberated Melania.

    For now, I will call her “First Lazy” instead First Lady because she barely does anything. She makes Will & Kate look like John Henry working to death building the railway.

    • hunter says:

      You’re not being fair. None of this White House farce was her idea, she probably wanted none of it.

      Generally the American public is accustomed to enthusiastic First Ladies. Well she isn’t one.

      • CairinaCat says:

        Yeah, She didn’t sign on for this position. She is not a political wife.
        So if she isn’t interested in being in the public I don’t think she has to be.

        It’s a shame someone wouldn’t use the position for doing good though, because it is a powerful platform

  27. Linda Reid says:

    She’s quite happy where she is. Probably boinking her golf instructor or tennis instructor or the pool boy, too. I doubt she went into this relationship blind to the type of man he is.