Page Six: Angelina Jolie thinks Amal Clooney is Single-White-Female-ing her?

Angelina Jolie takes the kids on a movie date in LA

Today is the day. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s lawyers go to court today for some kind of hearing on the custody of their children. Well, five of their children. I believe the court has already determined that 17-year-old Maddox gets to make his own choices about whether he wants to see Brad (and he does not want that). In the lead-up to this hearing, there’s been a lot of drama and what feels like a concerted whisper-campaign, if you want to call it that. I tend to think of it less of a “whisper campaign” and more like a full-throated trashing of Angelina by Brad, his lawyers and his PR people. Team Pitt seems to prefer certain media outlets, like TMZ (home to many men’s rights activists) and Page Six (the outlet which was the first to report on the Neri Oxman sh-t). So what do you make of this Page Six item which conveniently dropped 24 hours before the hearing?

Angelina Jolie is “insanely jealous” of Amal Clooney, friends say, “because she believes Amal has stolen her identity” as the world’s most prominent, glamorous humanitarian. One source tells Page Six: “Angelina hates all the attention that Amal is getting — she’s beautiful, she’s smart, she’s stylish, she has a beautiful family and she’s doing important human rights work.”

Jolie is also fuming that former close friends George Clooney and Amal have publicly taken her soon-to-be ex-husband Brad Pitt’s side in their increasingly messy split — while the fallout from their divorce battle is making Jolie appear “crazy and manipulative.”

The source adds, “Angelina lives in such a bubble, she believes that Amal is doing a ‘single white female’ on her, and Angie can’t understand why she herself has become so unpopular in Hollywood. But the truth is, Amal isn’t concerned at all about Angelina — she is fully focused on her family and her work.”

While Jolie has six children, runs two charitable foundations — the Jolie-Pitt Foundation and the Maddox Jolie-Pitt Foundation — and holds a role as UN special envoy, Amal is a mother to 1-year-old twins Ella and Alexander, and is an esteemed international human rights lawyer. Not only has Amal made it her mission to help refugees all around the world, but in 2016, she and her Oscar-winning husband started the Clooney Foundation for Justice as a way to fight “for the rights of individuals unfairly targeted by oppressive governments through the courts.”

[From Page Six]

Here’s something that I’ve always believed: none of this was about Amal and Angelina as much as it was about Brad and George. I ALWAYS believed that George saw what Angelina did for Brad’s image, and that George wanted his own version of Angelina: a humanitarian, someone with depth, someone who would be “the mother of his children.” George sought out Amal and his PR team turned Amal into the most special unicorn to ever breathe the words “human rights.” As for whether or not Angelina is jealous or that she feels like Amal is Single-White-Female-ing her… doubtful. I don’t even think Amal is on Angelina’s radar? And Angelina never really gave a sh-t about George anyway. They were casual acquaintances at best. But this is a nice try, Brad: “Angie can’t understand why she herself has become so unpopular in Hollywood.” Again. I don’t think she really gives a sh-t about the Hollywood popularity contest? Brad’s the one who always cared about that sh-t, not Angelina.

46th AFI Life Achievement Award Gala Tribute honoring George Clooney

Angelina Jolie brings her kids to the movies amid a continued divorce battle with Brad Pitt

Photos courtesy of WENN, Backgrid.

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  1. minx says:

    Page Six is so far up BP’s asz it’s ridiculous.

    • Maya says:

      Yep and what do they expect is going to happen today?

      My bet is Angelina getting physical custody while they will be sharing primary custody.

      Brad will likely be ordered to pay the missing child support and a fixed amount in the future.

    • Morning Coffee says:

      Agreed. Not sure how this is helping him in his custody case, but could it be that Brad is more interested in the appearance of wanting custody that actually wanting custody?

      • Jan90067 says:

        Oh yeah, that’s for sure! There’s no way he’d actually spend 50% of his time *with* the kids, but he wants to *say* he has it.

      • Cleo2 says:

        @Jan90067 and @morningcoffee
        +1 for both of y’all lol

        Yea Brad would freak out if he had to actually parent by himself. He already told the world Angelina made it all possible. He’d call all his Mizzourah people and move them into mansions next door and pay them to watch/raise his kids.

        I think I even read he had his adult nieces watching the kids when he had them for a brief time this summer. Who does that? He couldn’t do a couple weeks all by himself? They’re 10yrs old and up (also 12, 13 & 14l, they’re not 10 months.

      • Carmen says:

        Oh absolutely, I’ve said that from day one. This is all about maintaining his image as Hollywood’s Best Dad. I remember early in their relationship when a photo of Brad circulated showing him walking down the street holding hands with Maddox who was then around three, and in his other arm was Z, who was still an infant, and Z’s bottle was sticking out of his back pocket. The tabloids were practically drooling with joy. But in reality, all the heavy lifting has fallen on Angelina. Brad doesn’t want the full time responsibility for one child, let alone six.

    • Jadedone says:

      This story is cleary bull but so is the theory that George only went for Amal to change his image, lol, so George scammed this very smart woman into falling for him just for sake of his image?? Lol

      • notasugarhere says:

        Amal loves the spotlight as much as any of his other girlfriends did. She saw the opportunity and took it.

    • Cleo2 says:

      +1 @minx

      Now that Brad is back within the cloying embrace of his first ex-wife’s coddling PR agency, CAA, CAA’s owned gossip garabage column Page Six is doing him several solids by continuing their 12yr long attacks on Angelina.

      I brought this hit job up yesterday. They had two hits all set up to go to press yesterday, 1) the ‘Brad Dumps Still in Love Angelina’ bullsplit, and the ‘Angelina is evil and hates other do Gooding women therefore her humanitarianism is fraudulent’ story in Page Six.

      It’s bad enough that Brad blew up his family, but to try and diminish and trash such an admirable woman who makes the world a better place and has left her children a legacy – to destroy THAT?! THAT is beyond sick and stupid.

      • KB says:

        If that were the case, why did Page Six run so many hit pieces on Jennifer after she and Justin split?

  2. Sarah says:

    Brad, just stop. Go see a shrink and go to rehab. This is getting embarassing.

  3. bap says:

    The drive by Lying Tabloid Media busy Smearing Angelina for an overrated EX.

    • Maya says:

      Well Bap, life is a circle and Brad will come down one day. Karma never leaves anyone alone – especially not a man who couldn’t be bothered to protect his own children.

  4. Snap Happy says:

    Planted story is obvious.

  5. Missy says:

    I feel like they completely made this story up with no help from any “sources”

    • Beth says:

      I agree. Tabloids have a history of making up stories like this. The Page Six writers must’ve gotten a little bored with the same subject being leaked, and decided to change the subject

    • Rebecca says:

      I agree. This story doesn’t make sense in the scheme of things. I don’t think Brad Pitt and George Clooney even talk anymore. Supposedly they had some disagreement over Brad’s production company picking up a movie that George Clooney really wanted to produce and they haven’t spoke since. Maybe Brad Pitt’s people told them that Angelina Jolie had been jealous of Amal in the past and they ran with this story? I don’t know. It just doesn’t seem to fit.

    • lucy2 says:

      Totally agree – both of these women are busy with their families, their careers, and their causes. I doubt either of them has a moment to think of the other and some stupid rivalry like this. But it’s very common for these tabloids, pitting 2 women against each other.

    • smcollins says:

      I’m with all of you. This story is such b.s. it’s comical. Pure tabloid fiction.

    • noway says:

      Yes, this is totally made up. I don’t think this is from Brad’s people. I mean the story doesn’t do anything for him, but his dropping other stories has given the tabloids license to be creative, just as her people dropping stories about him have given the tabloids license to drop creative stories about him. This one is so stupid though I burst out laughing and spit my coffee out. Why do all these tabloids go for the jealous girl thing. Kind of pisses me off a bit, as it is so sexist.

      • Carmen says:

        Angie vs. Jen doesn’t sell on the newsstands any more, so now it’s Angie vs. Amal. Gotta sell tabloids somehow.

    • whatWHAT? says:

      no doubt.

      if anything, the two probably admire and appreciate each other and what the other is doing.

      • Christina says:

        WhatWHAT, agreed. That they admire each other’s work is more likely. Professionals working on that level of humanitarian work wouldn’t be there if they were so petty. Not that it’s impossible for them to be petty about anything, but this type of crap doesn’t register if you are working on life and death issues.

      • Trashaddict says:

        Cut to the future: Amal and Angie (Melangie?) will find they have a LOT to talk about and become the best of friends. Maybe even more.

    • Trixie P says:

      Well, someone may have said this. Maybe Giuliani with his “facts”? Someone. Somewhere.

  6. Babs says:

    Slightly OT but since it’s mentioned: can someone explain me the neri oxmann episode? It was all fake? Was she in it? What was the purpose of this?

    • Hoopjumper says:

      Oxman was in a relationship with a hedge fund guy the whole time. I think BP’s team just pushed the narrative they were a thing for their own reasons. No idea why Oxman never denied it, maybe she just wanted to stay out of it?

      I used to like both Brad and Angelina. To the point I hoped whatever happened on the plane was a one-off, although I always thought it was smart of her to leave. But the more he pulls sh*t like this, the more immature he seems, the less I can believe that. Genuinely bummed for Angelina and the kids.

    • Maya says:

      I think it is completely fake put out there by Brad’s team to show he can still get a beautiful and accomplished woman.

    • Carmen says:

      The purpose was supposedly to send Angie into fits of jealousy and Brad’ s fans into fits of glee. The latter only worked till they found out it was fake, and the former never worked at all

    • Shining says:

      Did Brad’s team ever confirm the Oxman love story? Or did the press invent that one?

      There are no pics of them together.
      Correct myself: there seems to be 1 pic. But she is a professor for architecture and Pitt loves design so it could have been some one Hollywood star visit thing.

  7. AnotherDirtyMartini says:

    This is ridiculous. Pfft!

  8. Cantgoogleme says:

    Spot on. George copied Ange with Amal.

    Plot twist: brad then copied Amal with Neri

    Full circle desperation

      • Cinthia says:

        Yep. There was a moment where everyone knew it. The Neri thing was sad. Goes to show Hollywood is all for show. Angelina is no different. Brad’s pr has always been so small-minded and sour. No cares about any of it.

    • Adee says:

      Exactly and the only one “pitting” these women against each other is Brad Pitt.

      Angelina opened a lot of these Hollywood men’s eyes to women of substance and not just beauty.
      There’s space in the world for many “Angelina’s” :)

    • Close to a nervous breakdown says:


    • Felicia says:

      These kinds of theories kill me. It’s as if people think that Angelina Jolie is the center of everyone’s world and the motivation for all that they do. Honestly, those making comments like this… do you make important life decisions based on AJ or some well-known colleague (in the very broad sense of the word), like who to date, marry or have children with? I find that very hard to picture.

      Clooney was Aniston’s friend before he was Pitt’s friend. From various “take them for what they are worth” stories, he remained friends with both of them afterwards, in Pitt’s case, at least for a while. Aniston appears to still be a friend as she was invited for dinner at the house in Italy recently and stayed over in a guest house. Maybe he and Pitt have or will reconnect as friends, but I have had the impression that Clooney doesn’t like Jolie all that much and probably vice versa, which may have put an end to any Pitt/Clooney socializing.

      If Clooney had really wanted his “own Angelina” (as it is put here), he wouldn’t have been dating the sort of women he had been dating for most of the time that Pitt and Jolie were together.

  9. BlueSky says:

    Projecting much, Brad?

  10. Pas says:

    Im more concerned about amal’s style of clothing. Coz..

  11. Maya says:

    Oh please – Angelina probably respects Amal for everything she has accomplished and vice versa.

    And again, Angelina is the one who has signed onto 4 movies. Brad only has the Tarrantino one to act in.

    Angelina has also been named 2nd highest earning actress and that too without her full salary being reported.

    Angelina is also close friends with Heads of Universal, Disney, Netflix, Sony & NBC. She is and will be fine in Hollywood and will continue to star, produce & direct wonderful movies in the future.

    • Tiffany says:

      Yeah, I wouldn’t play the Brad in one film troupe, dude is a huge production power player and he has always said that it how he would end his career and phase out acting.

      Dude has a ton of pull.

      • Maya says:

        Yes his future lies in production and he doesn’t need to play these pathetic pr games for that.

      • .... says:

        No one takes him seriously. Including the industry …they’ll take his money…and use him to make some……they’ll smile and shake his hand……but they are just using him.

      • notasugarhere says:

        FFS his latest WWII movie ended up on the History Channel. Not exactly a blockbuster.

      • kosmos says:

        I feel that Brad made a mistake in his drinking, but that doesn’t have to label him for the rest of his life. He loves his children just as much as Angie. I’m definitely rooting for Brad to have fair custody, whatever that is, and for any child support to be awarded that is just and fair. I think he’s still a good guy and he’s just standing up for his rights. Angie would do the same thing. In fact, I’ve never liked her much and always thought it strange that she adopted so many children and carted them around the world. No wonder she needs so much money. Brad is still their father and he deserves to be treated fairly. People here are blaming him too much and they don’t really know the truth.

    • Sarah says:

      Brad is really using every sexist media tropes at his disposal, isn’t he?
      Bitch is cray and alienating my kids, that’s why they refuse to see my ragged a**!
      Bitch is so in love with me, that’s why she’s stealing my kids!
      Bitch is so crazy she’s jealous of Amal!
      Amal attended the Summit to end warzone sexual violence that Jolie co-hosted in London a few years ago, right? But she hates her. Okay, Brad, okay. SMDH.

      • Maya says:

        Oh yes he is and some women are still excusing him.

      • Nikki says:

        Yes, it’s really sickening to me how sexist and vile the stories are against her.

      • Cleo2 says:

        OMG. @Sarah, I was on the floor rolling with this. Soooo true. 😂

      • Felicia says:

        I think h*ll just froze over. Maya just stated exactly the same point that Aniston recently made about the media being sexist, playing women against women and some of the worst behaviour coming from other women.


      • Cleo2 says:

        Really @Felicia???

        Are you honestly trying to say Aniston, making a point a day late and a dolllar short after a million other women had already made it, has made some kind of impression on people because she parrotted something from somebody else a couple weeks ago? Aniston is FOS – this is the same woman who had her longtime power PR guy hire Chelsea Handler to call Angelina a c u next Tuesday every 3 months. The same woman who joked about shooting Angelina, the same woman who started a catfight with Angelina based on nada while excusing and absolving her ex of everything .

        I’m sure Maya didn’t have Aniston in mind at all when she said what everyone already knows: that the tabloids pit women against women.

        Of course Aniston knows this since she’s been counting on the tabloid’s one sided catfight with Angelina to buoy her career for the last 13yrs. Her friend Chelsea has too. Come on now.

      • Felicia says:

        @Cleo2: I have no idea if Maya had Aniston in mind or not. However, advertently or inadvertently (it doesn’t matter which), the comment that I was referring to echoed the same points that Aniston made in her most recent interview.

        Perhaps that’s because the press actually DOES do this to women. Whether you like the person or not isn’t particularly relevant to that fact. Protesting when it is done to one that that you do like, while perpetuating the misogynic commentary when it’s one you don’t like doesn’t give much moral high ground to stand on. Either you’re against it being done to women, any of them, or you’re not.

    • c8c8c8 says:

      Amal really hasn’t accomplished much. she assists with cases for periods of time and not much else. unless someone else can find me a better source than wikipedia, Amal’s supposed legal prowess seems to be bloated PR babble.

      • Jan90067 says:

        Agreed. And *her* clients? Julian Assange? Dictators? Hardly “human rights”. I’ve said it before… just want to smack the smug off that unicorn :-P

      • Guest says:


      • MrsBump says:

        Clooney’s PR shouldnt be used to discredit his wife’s work.
        She has been involved in many cases most barristers would give their right hand for, assisting is hardly something to be ashamed about.
        These comments just smack of jealousy for a woman who is probably more accomplished than most

      • notasugarhere says:

        She was a junior barrister, nothing special. On the list of lawyers for Assange and Quadaffi’s brother in law, which is so conveniently forgotten. The post-Clooney PR cleanup has done her reputation a world of good.

      • Tigress says:

        I know quite a lot of lawyers, mainly in commercial work. Several who’ve also interned at the Hague and one who completed their llm at Harvard and another did their bachelor of civil law at Oxford (masters equivalent). Another did masters at Cambridge. All very smart and accomplished and with publications too. But they all choose eventually to go into commercial law without fail (human rights law isnt considered practical) so no one outside the field has heard of them. Amal isn’t more accomplished than most women. She happened to work in a high profile specialisation of law that gets coverage in the mainstream news as opposed to legal journals and there are literally tens of thousands of lawyers around the world at least on par with her or exceeding her achievements by far. And no I’m not jealous but in the know.

  12. Louise says:

    Hmmm I think Angelina does care about Hollywood popularity contest but hasn’t HAD to for a long time because she was part of the super-couple of Brad and Angelina. But Angie needs money. Hard facts. 50% of a lot is still a lot and 6 kids with an expensive lifestyle is still going to be a lot. She needs to earn money (and collect child support). Its business. Show business. She will have to play the game and make money. She may not be able to totally afford the travelling lifestyle that she had before. Brad will say “you want that lifestyle? you pay for it” to stick it to her. He won’t finance it if he is acting like this. Imagine what that costs, tutoring, nannies, travel. She has had an expensive lifestyle. AND the pap strolls = she cares. I really dont care for either of them but none of us know the pair of them. Brad seems to be a drunk and playing hardball and Angie is playing her role as well which is humanitarian and doting mother. She will be having PR advice make no mistake about that.

    I will now assume crash position.

    • Maya says:

      I kind of agree with you that she has to play some from of pr because her bringing awareness to causes needs publicity.

      That is why I believe she puts out statements as soon as something really vile gets written – like she was trying to alienate the children etc.

      She had to take more than a year out from working but she is back with a bang.

      She got 28 millions plus 10 percent for Maleficent (also co producing), 10ish millions for Ivan (co producing) and Come Again.

    • lucy2 says:

      The very expensive lifestyle with their children was a joint decision, not just her, and he will end up paying a lot of child support unless they end up with true 50/50 custody (which I doubt will happen). I do imagine they will have to scale back a bit though, or she will have to try to get some bigger paychecks again.

    • KB says:

      She can also make a lot of money with endorsements, so her public image is something her lawyers and managers would be advising her to maintain.

  13. Louise says:

    btw, I really like the low lights in Amal’s hair. They are very well done.

  14. Fa says:

    His publicist also used Amal and George when his team started the rumour about Neri on people mag article months ago. They were saying it was looking someone like Amal.

    MIT professor and architect Neri Oxman may be just Brad Pitt‘s type, an insider tells PEOPLE in the latest issue. Like his buddy George Clooney’s human-rights lawyer wife Amal Clooney, Oxman is a highly educated expert renowned in her field. Described as “genius and gorgeous” by a source, Oxman, 42, could be a similar match for the 54-year-old Pitt as he starts dating again.

    “It took him a long time to date, but he is now,” the insider tells PEOPLE. “He likes women who challenge him in every way, especially in the intellect department. Brad has seen how happy and different Amal has made his friend. It has given him something to think about.”

    • Pas says:


      Brad’s PR team made him look that he deserves a highly educated woman wherein, he himself is not. I hate those times. They kept on looking low at Angie as if she’s nothing. Well, just see her resumè. Lol again.

      And to know and realize this is the same outlet that revealed that he is enjoying spending time with his new friend oxman…wow. he spends more time with oxman than his children? Wow again.

  15. Wasabi says:

    Lol, Jolie does humanitarian work since forever. I’m sure she met other women who fight for refugees and against sexual violence, as well. She might even be friends with them – *cough* Arminka Helic *cough*… Yeah. Jealous my butt.

    Also, Pitt and Clooney aren’t even friends? I’m sure, they like each other just fine but there is no friendship.

    • KB says:

      They honestly seem like acquaintances at best. I know they’ve worked together several times, but Brad wasn’t at their wedding, and he has never been photographed hanging out with George in Italy, Mexico, etc that I can remember. George is always vacationing and partying with friends, Brad has never been around for that stuff. And he wasn’t at the AFI career thing for George. Maybe they were just better friends when they were doing the Ocean’s films and just grew apart.

  16. Mego says:

    This is an absolutely ridiculous story.

  17. bap says:

    The lying tabloid media Pitting Women against each other ‘Shameful’.

  18. Cee says:

    At the end of the day those kids love their mother, and know they’re safe with her. So, IMO, she’s already won.

  19. Clare says:

    The real PR magic is how Clooney’s people have managed to whitewash how he, for years, treated women like pieces of ass (because apparently only women with prestigious careers are deserving of respect and commitment?). Not to mention they have spun this wonderful narrative of Amal the hugely successful, one on a million, international human rights lawyers, whereas I believe when they met she was a junior barrister who focused on some HR cases (just like dozens of other junior barristers that we’re called to the bar in 2010 🙄)

    I mean, great she’s a smart woman with a good career – some may even find her brand of posing for the cameras attractive – all I’m saying is Clooney should give his PR team a raise.

    • Guest says:

      This is what celebrity PR does. It’s nothing out of the ordinary to hype up careers. Take a look at Meghan Markle…. I would even say Angelina’s PR is the same. She isn’t working on the frontline with life and death, but they would have you believe she is lol.

      • Cleo2 says:

        Angelina is notorious for NOT having PR so I don’t know what you’re talking about.

        Also, how was Markle’s career hyped? They (media/press/her people) have said she was a lead actress on a cable TV drama (Suits), and that’s what she is. They never claimed she was acclaimed or Oscar or Emmy winning.

        Maybe you’re confusing the Royal hype that everyone marrying a Prince gets (see Diana, Kate, etc), with Meghan’s personal management. Her personal agent isn’t begging for coverage -they dont have to, she married a Prince. Hello?? She’s not a serial killer. They didn’t have to re-make her image or past, and say she’s something she’s not.

        Ditto Angelina, since when did anyone believe she’s been in life and death combat for the last 20 years? She’s no navy seal, that doesn’t mean you can dismiss her or her global influence. Why is there this ever present need among *some* women to dimish her? As for life and death, building AIDS/Malaria hospitals /clinics and funding hospitals in Africa and SE Asia and founding kIND which helps those persecuted children at the border (that your President sh+t on and scattered to the winds), is indeed life and death. Also life and death? The genetic brca1 test that she said was too expensive that is now free to many and the awareness she brought to the issue of testing and women’s cancers is pretty life and death as well, also the field visits to war torn and impoverished areas bringing awareness to catastrophic refugee crisis’…again…life and death and she’s done it for the better part of almost 20yrs.

        No, she hasn’t been hit with a shell or from landmines that she’s been removing for more than a decade from SE Asia or contracted a deadly disease, but she could have been.

        In a world where makeup tutorials, product endorsements, sex tapes and dating other famous people are all one needs to get famous and make money, she decides to put herself in harm’s way and help others- she focuses on what really matters.

        Why diminish her accomplishments that her industry, the pope, Presidents and the Queen of England find her worthy of.

      • Lady D says:

        Applause applause, Cleo2.

      • artistsnow says:

        Yes Yes!!! Cleo2…very insightful.
        Everything these days is EXTREMES. When in the long run, it is the subtle distinctions you make in life that determine everything.

    • Cleo2 says:

      So true @Clare

      He treated those women, in most cases, like escorts. Treated them well but definitely had commitment boundaries and never passed up a chance to say he was Mr Bachelor Forever, and the ever present vibe was because he saw them as not worthy. He deliberately picked those women the public would view as unaccomplished or not on his level, that way when the inevitable breakup occurred no one would look badly upon him. Women as we are prone to do, were eager to beat up his Gf and say things like- well she knew what she was getting into, he waa never gonna marry HER. That behavior from him is so gross and elitist.
      Even then I recall there were bloid stories about Angie hating Stacey Kiebler. It was if all of the PR firms used Angelina’s name to puff up their clients. See world Angelina hates Amal and Stacey, just like she hates Jen, please love them all triple time as a vendetta against her.

      That’s why that Tina Fey Amy Poehler diss against George was the best burn of all time, they made him sound small, shallow and sexist. I think Amal owes her marriage to them in part ,lol.

    • nicole says:

      Clare, totally agree.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Well-said Clare.

    • Dr Mrs The Monarch says:

      George was an infamous bachelor while he lived with a pet pig and deflected gay rumours. As soon as his beloved pig passed away he was suddenly “Mr. Long-Term Relationship” and eventually got married and had kids.

      I have always laughed at how no woman could come between him and his pig…and it has always made me side-eye all of his human relationships.

    • Vanilla says:

      Well said, Clare. She’s a junior barrister among tens of thousands at the same level, except these lawyers are doing corporate, employment, mergers, banking, whatever other specialisations that aren’t so “glamorous” and world saving. Also she seems to have done more criminal cases than actual human rights law. Why is she suddenly a benevolent saviour from the legal world? She’s represented dictators and criminals and all kinds of clients, as she’s supposed to as a lawyer, but her career is spun into having a human-rights focus that’s all altruistic and save the world. And the way George treated and still implicitly treats his exes (my unicorn is so much better than those mares) is gross. George is not very bright.

      Amal seems to be a bit of a joke with the general public anyway, probably because she’s always gazing lovingly at the cameras and looks quite high doing it. The woman is beyond thirsty. I doubt Angelina even thinks about her except to check out how amateur and thirsty she is. And I totally agree with the blog writer’s comments that George was “inspired” into marriage to a supposed unicorn by Brad and Angelina or the HW humanitarian celeb wave. George is a thirsty, insecure person.

      Also another thing that annoys me about these two is they name-drop a judge she interned for when she was doing her masters at NYU. Sotomayor is on the Supreme Court now and their dinners and drinks with the poor old judge get name-dropped to illustrious publications like Page Six in detail. George is a fame-grabber desperate for credibility.

  20. Leapin' Lizards! says:

    This is the imaginary rivalry that just won’t die – when George was dating Amal there were rumors Jolie wasn’t feeling her. But how close are these people, really? And, who cares? What I do believe, though, is that AJ cares very very much about the images she’s presented over the years.

  21. cannibell says:

    Talk about cheap gas….lighting.

    • Myrtle says:

      OMG please please please learn what gaslighting is and use the term properly, people. This is becoming my #petpeeve. Nothing personal against you, @cannibell, the word is being misused all over the place, on this site and elsewhere. Such a specific concept, so misunderstood!

      • cannibell says:

        I meant it in the sense that BP is trying to convince us that reality isn’t reality, not in the sense that he’s trying to drive us insane, which is why I used “cheap” as a modifier.

        The hazards of electronic-only communication with people you don’t know IRL!

  22. bap says:

    Question why do some women excuse him of his bad behavior toward his family.

    • .... says:

      At this point I think it’s two sweaty dudes in a van under multiple screenames…….. I don’t know anyone who takes this guy seriously….do you? But magically on certain comment boards …he’s reeeeeeeeally popular.

      Uh huh. It’s alll an illusion w mr Pitt.

    • noway says:

      I think some people don’t believe it. No one knows them personally, and neither party is saying anything directly. Sure their lawyers and various tabloids are, but it’s a divorce case and this happens. I know people really believe this, but sorry someone has to be wrong, either the page 6′s or the other side.

      I guess we will have to wait for the tell all book from the kids and probably more than one kid as we need to have varying viewpoints. You know gossip cop had a story about the accuracy of Shiloh writing a tell all. (If you can’t tell I am being sarcastic, but not about the gossip cop story, I know hard to believe she seems a bit young to have that put on her.)

  23. Joannie says:

    What about the daughter Shiloh commenting on BOTH her parents and their nasty divorce behaviour?

    • Jennifer says:

      If a child is able to identify negative traits of both parents, it actually helps to prove there was no alienation on Angelina’s part. Alienated children usually view the alienating parent as “all good”(while they are being taught that the target parent is “all bad”). Mild, isolated incidents of uncharacteristically bad behavior are kind of par for the course in divorce, unfortunately. Healthy, loving parents reign in their impulses against the other parent and get their $h!t together for the children, but nobody is perfect and everyone makes mistakes in the turmoil of divorce.

      That is, IF this comment is true.

    • .... says:

      Guarantee Shiloh didn’t say anything negative about her mother.

    • crogirl says:

      Where did that info about Shiloh come from?

  24. Sage says:

    Another hit piece on Angelina from Page Six.

  25. Aud says:

    Lolz. Amal wishes.

  26. Mia4s says:

    Oh my Lord, this fan fiction! 🙄 Yeah George and Amal are sooooo close to Brad. That’s clearly why Brad wasn’t at George’s AFI tribute and…*checks notes*…Jennifer Aniston was (on stage no less!). So who’s he close too? 😒

    I doubt Jolie has much connection or time with either. Brad wasn’t and is not all that close to George. That was PR for the Oceans’ movies. They’re never seen hanging out, Brad wasn’t at the wedding. I get that some people were invested in them being besties (and no I don’t think they hate each other), but they’re co-workers. Going back to this PR nugget is desperate and pathetic on Brad’s part.

    • Jan90067 says:

      Ahhh… I was waiting for someone to mention Anniston on a Jolie-Pitt thread! You know it’s ALWAYS coming lol

      • Felicia says:

        In the context of Clooney, it’s a bit relevant. Clooney was friends with Aniston before she got with Pitt and that friendship has endured. His friendship with Pitt appears to have not. Either he chose sides in the divorce (which from the press early on, doesn’t seem to jave been the case), or he and Jolie never clicked and that put an end to their socializing. It happens…

        But in either case, it’s not likely that he holds a great deal of personal admiration for Jolie, certainly not enough to want to marry and have children with someone in an effort to “upstage” her. Usually in those cases, that person just drops off your radar as unimportant.

  27. Adorable says:

    In more important news😅…She’s been looking absolutely stunning since she left Brad,That must make him Seeth even more.

  28. bap says:

    Thank God their is some intelligent people out there that can see through Brat Pitt.

  29. Fluffy Princess says:

    Like honestly, I really don’t think Angelina has time for these petty woman vs. woman games. She just gets on with her life and does what she wants. Angelina has nothing to prove, either. She’s won an Academy Award (Brad? Not so much), she is considered one of the world’s great beauties, she’s directed, she puts in the time for her humanitarian work, she raises 6 kids — it’s no wonder Brad takes pot shots at her — has he done anything like that with his life? No.

    Signing on to a bunch of new movies is what she has to do to support herself, the children, her charities and her…attorneys. It is what it is. She’s not dumb and she is strategic too with her pap walks and what not, but I am not going to shade her for that. She doesn’t seem like she is going “roll over” for Brad or his PR BS.

    And that whole Dr. Oxman BS, COME ON!!! She is a highly educated academic — like how long would a conversation with Brad actually last? If it was more than an hour I’d be shocked because he doesn’t seem like the sharpest pencil in the box. He’s been coasting on that face for decades. . .Also, can I say it’s just sexist that this beautiful, brilliant woman would actually be interested in Brad Pitt, just because he’s . . .Brad Pitt, “handsome leading man.” ??? Really?? At 42 she’s going to be all googly eyed and impressed with. . .him? Really? Such a stupid PR stunt. I just cannot roll my eyes enough.

    • .... says:

      I know! What exactly has he done in the past two years for anyone other than himself?

      He seems……..very off.

      • Fluffy Princess says:

        I think for the first time ever BP has met his match. He’s not getting his way 100% and he really just does not like it one bit. Awwww, poor Bradley. He wants to be the prettiest, smartest, most talented boy and he’s . . .not. AJ is just as pretty, is actually smarter, and her acting talent dwarfs his…so there’s that. Hahahaha, he’s just a petty little bish!

    • KB says:

      Brad has an Academy Award, it’s just not for acting

  30. bap says:

    His fans and drive by media say he was cleared of all charges. In law a person lawyer can get for a person an Alternative Sentence.

    Is it not what most Hollyweird stars get Alternative Sentences. You know most rich people get it.

    • .... says:

      They cling to that cleared narrative don’t they. I think they don’t realize he wasn’t cleared of being an abusive alcoholic…….just cleared of or paid off the investigation with the plane.

      Clearly….the judge found him guilty of a lot of sh!t because he went along time without seeing his kids, they don’t want to see him, and only recently because they were forced , a couple went to visit him and under highly supervised visits……requiring therapy sessions w a psychiatrist before and after they are in contact w him. That’s not innocent. No one cleared him of anything….

      Forcing kids to see you when you know they don’t want to makes you guilty forever.

      • noway says:

        No you don’t know why they cleared the investigation either, nor why the judge felt they should limit and restrict his time with the kids, nor why the judge ordered Angelina back in the US with the kids and for the kids to see him. Sure everything you surmise above could be true, but it could also be quite different, and probably is far more complicated.

        I feel for the kids as the best thing is to have relationships with both parents. I know this seems like a nasty divorce cases, but it amazes me how nasty some of these get with children too, much worse than this. It’s sad.

  31. .... says:

    Honestly I dont see where he gets off thinking he won Hollywood….or whatever that weird statement was. It’s not jr high school. I guarantee you this is as dumbfounding to the Hollywood people he thinks he’s won….as it is to us. Everyone is shaking their head at this guy. No one is coming forward as his friend.

    Everyone is rooting for Angie in Hollywood because they can’t stand this guy…and he’s had it coming a lonnng time. No one is standing by Brad…….

    She’ll be just fine. She gained a lot of respect for dumping this guy, and handling it so well. She’s clearly a great mom as well.

    • Guest says:

      Lmao its totally the other way around. Hollywood backs Brad, always has.

      • bap says:

        Hollyweird is a cesspool.

      • .... says:

        Like how?
        I don’t recall anyone saying anything positive on his behalf….

      • Brandy Alexander says:

        Watch his golden globes reception after the split announcement. Hollywood in general definitely took his side.

      • .... says:

        They were on live television…..anything could be happening on stage and when the camera zooms in they smile and clap………….

        Reading hidden secret meaning into their clapping shows some sort of delusional mental state…delusions of grandeur…….desperation for sure. Psychosis probably.

        Angelina has received a lovely award for her humanitarian work and was featured on a television special for it…..during the past two years,…an actual award….now that’s real applause.

        Now…. you were saying about how people were supporting Brad……..specifically…..who how like what when…..

  32. Jess says:

    Whoever wrote this at page six seems a bit dense. How can a married middle eastern woman be single WHITE femaling someone lol.

  33. Littlefishmom says:

    I don’t agree with your theory at all but I also don’t believe a word from Page Six either. None of these people wants to be each other. Their names and faces sell papers. That’s it. All lies.

  34. .... says:

    I think he’s gone from Brad pity to Brad petty.

    Nothing worse than a bitter small minded petty man.

  35. Amelie says:

    I hate when the media always pits these two (Angelina and Amal) against each other. I don’t think George and Brad are all that close to begin with and never have been. They did a few movies together and probably hung out on set a lot but they never struck me as hanging out a lot outside of movie making. Brad and Angelina weren’t even invited to George and Amal’s wedding. They drifted apart due to life circumstances, if they were even that close to begin with.

    And I don’t believe George was inspired by Brad to go after an “Angelina like” woman. Amal and Angelina are so different from each other, the only thing they really have in common is they both are involved in humanitarian work. That’s the only common link I see between them. Maybe he had a come to Jesus moment that he was becoming a Hollywood caricature with all these younger women he kept dating but by that point he and Brad were really no longer in touch.

    • Vanilla says:

      Whatever inspired him, he was, reportedly, trying as far back as 2009 to get with a genuine humanitarian “star” or outlier in her own right, Fatima Bhutto, but apparently she turned him down. Bhutto seems to have gravitas and dignity and does not seem fame hungry in the least, which is more than one can say for some.

  36. ans says:

    her kids suddenly look so much older!

  37. Dr Mrs The Monarch says:

    I doubt Angelina wants to look like Amal. But I CAN believe that Amal wants to be as chic as Zahara.

    • noway says:

      Comment of the day. Zahara has the best style. She may aspire to something else, but I think she would be a great designer or stylist.

    • JustSayin' says:

      What a bizarre comment.
      And please don’t call a child “chic”.

  38. Izzy says:

    I doubt very much that either of these women are so insecure about their accomplishments and humanitarian work.

  39. D says:

    Okay amal
    You got one punk to believe your fan fiction of a narrative there’s not reason in heck Angelina would feel inferior to ANYBODY. That being said Amal IS SWFing her just nobody cares she does nothing

  40. serena says:

    This is just hilarious, why whould she care about Amal? Also, “Angelina Jolie is “insanely jealous” of Amal Clooney, friends say, “because she believes Amal has stolen her identity” as the world’s most prominent, glamorous humanitarian.” ……. so problematic, first of all what kind of friends would trash you over the press? LOL, and second, I’m sure she would never describe herself as a glamorous humanitarian (wtf).. or think there should just be one of those in the world. This is just absurd. Like I said before, Brad PR team is a joke.

  41. Prikalop says:

    May I add: Angelina actually visits refugee camps and at-risk populations in very dangerous parts of the world, a lot of times without cameras. Angelina actually adopted kids who would otherwise have very miserable lives and gave them love and and a privileged life. Angelina actually makes money for her movies and is rich out of her own efforts. Now, Amal is about the same age: what has she done again, besides parading couture in the Maldivesand being a diva at the UN? Oh, she did defend dictators’s son in Haia, actually helped since she’s still a junior barrister. Amal is product of Clooney’s PR: in reality, she’s far less accomplished that they imply and she’s actually quite similar to all the model girlfriends he had before.