Busy Philipps corrected a body-shaming troll’s grammar

Some days, I feel like I’m living in the Matrix. I finally just got around to watching the A&E Cultureshock episode about Freaks and Geeks (a must-watch if you were a fan of the show) and now, my favorite cast member from that show, Busy Philipps, is making the news. The 39-year-old actress is channeling her Freaks character, Kim Kelly (#4eva), and taking down a body shaming troll in the process.

Busy, who has been an Instagram fixture for quite some time, shared a gym selfie on her feed. I am not a fan of these types of photos, but it was for a good cause, #TheAwesomeChallenge, launched to raise money to purchase back-to-school clothes for kids in need. And, in keeping with the tradition of no good deed going unpunished, Busy received some negativity in the comments section, with one garbage person writing, “Ughhh, you’re rolls are showing.”

Now, when someone comes at you with “rolls”, you can react a la Alyssa Edwards or do it the way Busy did, clapping back and deservedly letting the troll have it for his blatant misuse of grammar, more specifically, the infuriating mix-up of “your” and “you’re.” DO NOT COME FOR KIM KELLY.

Damn, taking on body shaming AND bad grammar? Busy is truly the hero we need right now. Brava, Busy.

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24 Responses to “Busy Philipps corrected a body-shaming troll’s grammar”

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  1. Naomi11 says:

    I appreciate what she is doing, but I don’t think it was necessary. Isn’t it best to ignore the a-holes when they try and body shame someone? Maybe I’m wrong.

    • INeedANap says:

      The problem is ignoring them doesn’t make them go away. They get a thrill just from doing it. This is how we have the culture and administration we have. This is how RWNJs have infiltrated local politics. Ignoring the problem just gives them room to fester.

      Sunlight is the best disinfectant.

      • Willow says:

        No, the bigger thrill is that you are worrying about what some stranger said and responding/worrying about it. One, it gives the person satisfaction from your response. Two, it shows you don’t have much happening or need attention, which Busy has shown that she does.

    • Izzy says:

      Why should she ignore someone who tries to publicly shame her for what she looks like when she 1) is doing something to take care of her health, and 2) is drawing attention to a good cause while doing it? She should not have to stay silent while someone denigrates her body. None of us should. If he didn’t like what he was seeing, all he had to do was move on to another site. He had to actively click to look at that picture and then comment. He went after her, and she was not having it.

      • Naomi11 says:

        I just think that saying something is going to cause an ongoing line of disgusting comments. I was hoping if you ignore someone like that they would eventually get bored, and go away. Don’t stoop to their level.

    • Myriam says:

      The days of “just ignore and it’ll go away” are gone. It’s been gone. If it’s not this troll, it’ll be another one and another one. Many celebrities ignore and they still get hated on time and time again. I like that celebrities are clapping back and calling these trolls out for what they are: a**holes.

  2. Izzy says:

    Well played, Busy. Also LMAO what rolls, was that guy even looking at the same Instagram feed?

    • Esmom says:

      Yes and yes. Trolls gonna troll, I think, so it doesn’t matter that she actually looks amazing.

  3. INeedANap says:

    Everyone has rolls. There is a VS model I follow for her cooking tips (seriously, her granola recipe is bomb and makes your house smell like the inside of a cookie) and this stunning pinnacle of model-hood has a baby roll when she bends over to pull things out of the oven.

    Team Busy and Team Grammar.

  4. Erinn says:

    I saw this on IG when it happened. I creeped the guys profile and I will say – he is not a small dude. Earlier this month he had a photo saying something to the effect of “Finally fit in a medium!” referencing his shirt. I suspect there’s a lot of self-loathing going on and projection.

    • Juls says:

      I’ll admit, my first thought was not nice: “says the guy that’s probably sitting in his mom’s basement with a beer gut the size of a blimp…”

    • lucy2 says:

      I’m not surprised.
      So much of the online trolling and shaming is an outlet for self hatred.

  5. OriginalLala says:

    omg what rolls? Trolls like that are why my insta account is pictures of my cats, and not of me. I could not handle all that negativity and body policing from these asshats

  6. MeMe says:

    It is really unfortunate that she misspelled ‘possessive’.

    • Naomi11 says:

      LOL If you are going to correct grammar, you should make sure your spelling is correct. :)

    • Renee says:

      Yes I thought the exact same thing. Her take down of him was perfect but her schooling him on grammar when she misspelled possessive was awkward.

  7. Heat says:

    Kim Kelly is a bad banana! Freaks & Geeks was THE BEST! Almost 20 years since they cancelled it and broke my heart in two.

  8. Jess says:

    I looked at that guy’s profile. It looks like he insta stalks her and Mandy Moore. Normally I’m fine with calling someone out because I feel like we are conditioned to not respond or just ignore so it will go away so screw ‘em… call them out for being douchebags then block and ignore but this guy has been tagging on her for awhile. She should just block his creepy ass.

  9. Valerie says:

    It’s not even ‘rolls,’ plural. ONE roll. I don’t like to fight fire with fire, but let’s see this guy’s mirror gym selfie.

  10. Anare says:

    I just happened to catch some of White Chicks on cable last weekend and she cracked me up. Love me some grammar police. Way to throw shade Busy!