Taylor Swift steps out in London with Joe Alwyn: will they get engaged this year?

It’s been somewhat quiet in Taylor Swift’s world for a few weeks. That tends to happen while she’s on tour – she only makes news when she wants to, and if she doesn’t want to, she just keeps her head down and does her concerts. But on Wednesday, Taylor was in London and she and Joe Alwyn got pap’d. They were to dinner at Hawksmoor, a steak joint in Covent Garden. Personally, I had no idea Taylor was even in England right now, which goes to show you: she can really travel undercover when she wants to. The exclusive photos at the Daily Mail make me wonder if Taylor has quietly purchased a place in London too.

Anyway, there are always some rumors about the state of Tay and Joe’s relationship. They’re either breaking up or about to get engaged according to the Snake Fam (or general Snake Watchers). Joe seems to be sticking around though. Taylor’s still wearing her “J” necklace too. What do you think? Maybe an engagement announcement around Taylor’s birthday in December? That’s the timeline I looking at – she wouldn’t want to get engaged so soon after Karlie announced her engagement. That would be too obvious, even for Tay. But mid-December? I’ve just convinced myself that we’ll get an engagement announcement then.

Meanwhile, it seems like all of the gloom-and-doom reports of the poor sales for Tay’s Reputation Tour weren’t really true. Taylor just broke her own record for the highest-grossing tour led by a woman in the US, and Team Swift claims that every concert has been a sellout.

Taylor Swift reputation Stadium Tour

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Lightpurple says:

    Anne Hathaway wore that dress better in The Devil Wears Prada.

    • Nancy says:

      I do like that dress a lot! But sorry, her bf looks like her awkward less attractive brother. I’m not thinking marriage. That’s always her promise, but then she gets d u m…..nevermind. If anyone would marry Taylor, I think it’s this guy.

  2. Chaine says:

    This is the body language of an alien wearing human skin who wants to portray that he is absolutely, completely comfortable holding the hand of an earth woman.

  3. Jegede says:

    This is the best she’s ever looked. Dress/hair/weight/ on point.

    I bet they’re already engaged.

    And her boyfriend looks like Gigi Hadid.

  4. TheOriginalMia says:

    Atlanta shut down streets for the Snake legion to get to her concerts unencumbered. It was annoying as hell, especially with the realization they won’t do the same this weekend for the Bey/Jay-Z tour. So yes, her concert is doing well in sales. I was hoping she was on her last legs, but no.

  5. Jess says:

    She looks good! And so does he. I’ve changed my mind about him since I saw him in person: he is really really good looking in person, for some reason that doesn’t translate into the pictures. I was surprised at how…good he looked.

    He also has bitch resting face, so that’s probably why he looks bad in paparazzi photos, but I commiserate with that haha

    • HelloSunshine says:

      I’ve been wondering if he doesn’t photograph well or truly just isn’t that great looking (that was mean but oh well lol). You said in person but do his looks translate better in film as well? I’ve never seen him in anything.

      • Jess says:

        I’ve never seen him in films either, so I don’t know.
        But in person? The man is breathtaking. I get now why Miss Swift thinks he is gorgeous

  6. Meganbot2000 says:

    Meh, beard/PR nonsense from the lizard queen.

    Her shows have so not sold out. Just creative accounting.

    • C says:

      Agreed. I don’t think all her shows actually sold out either. I’ve seen tons of tickets on Ticketmaster available for sale right up to the start of her show for several concerts. But selling out never mattered, only the gross matters. And since she charged higher prices she was guaranteed to make a ton of money. I think with the exception of a few news outlets and a small minority of stan Twitter most people knew the tour would be a success or they simply didn’t care. But Taylor, being who she is, fixates on her “haters” and always has to prove that she’s doing better than everyone else.

  7. TaniaOG says:

    She looks really pretty in that green dress. She looks healthy and happy.

  8. Lucy says:

    She looks great. He’s still hot. That’s all I’ve got.

  9. Parigo says:

    No way they’ll ever get married. Ever. Maybe engaged for PR but someone will get “cold feet” and then they’ll “grow apart” and “go their separate ways”.

  10. virginfangirl says:

    Her thumb is over his. Does this mean anything according to body language. Like she’s the one in charge?

  11. steph o says:

    They have the same face

  12. Lilly says:

    My nephew had an expression when he was little, that bugs him to be teased about as an adolescent and it was my first thought: “I can’t care about that.”

  13. Persistent says:

    Is it just me or does his hair look unnaturally blonde? Like, bad all over one tone color or is it just me and that one pic?

  14. Kat says:

    The speculation about people’s sexuality going on in these comments is really stomach-turning. It’s no one else’s prerogative to “out” another person. If he or she is gay, that’s not something to treat as a scandal or a joke. It’s not 1950, and Celebitchy isn’t Hedda Hopper. And the idea that just because you’ve been with a member of the same sex (allegedly) means you can’t have a real, genuine romantic relationship with a person of the opposite sex, as if bisexuality isn’t a real thing, is close-minded and intolerant. Aren’t we past the point of pointing and giggling and slinging accusations of homosexuality as if it were a slur or a character flaw? Grow up.

  15. SHJ says:

    Why must they go from 0 to 100? They’ve been dating about a year. Much of their time is apart. He’s so young. I can’t see them engaged yet. Maybe in 2 years.