Shauna Sexton responds to claims she encouraged Ben Affleck to relapse

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Did you forget about Shauna Sexton? Because I read celebrity gossip all day, I’ve covered Ben Affleck for over a dozen years and I forgot about her. I’m sure Ben has too but she’s here to remind us she’s not responsible for his relapse, ok? It’s not Shauna’s fault! Also she got arrested two times for drinking, once for using a fake ID while underage and another for public intoxication but that doesn’t mean she has a problem! She’s just young and having fun. Why won’t you listen to her? She’s still here, she went out with Ben Affleck once and was seen getting Jack in the Box with him the next day. She should have a longer news cycle than she did!

[Shauna] responded to a comment on an Instagram photo that showed her smiling as she held a glass of red wine.

The conversation began when a fan suggested that Sexton had gotten the Oscar winner “thrown into rehab.”

Sexton responded, insisting that she “never drank around or with him for the record.”

The commenter replied, “You’ve been arrested twice for underage drinking and public intoxication just last year, so please tell me again you don’t like to drink or party lmao.”

“I love to drink and party! Absolutely dude. Most 22 year olds do,” Sexton conceded. “Yes you’re correct. I got put in the drunk tank when I was 17 for having a fake ID and drinking underage at a bar in Virginia Beach, and despite the fact most people have used a fake ID as well as drank underage, it was a dumb mistake on my behalf and an embarrassing one at that. Then the weekend of my 21st birthday I got obliterated and wound up getting left at a bar at the ocean front in Virginia Beach.. where I was again taken to the drunk tank for being intoxicated publicly ..while attempting to find a ride home.”

“Do these mistakes define me? No, stupid minuscule s–t I learned from. Do these mistakes mean that I am human? Yes. Do these mistakes mean i would disrespect someone’s hard earned sobriety by drinking with them or in front of them? Hell no,” she continued. “I have limitless respect people who have the humility and maturity to admit when they need to fix something in their life. I have even more respect for those who take action and actually do something about it.”

“With that being said, Ben is a grown ass man, baby,” she concluded. “He makes his own decisions. Blaming a 22 year old for someone’s 3rd time in rehab is just ridiculous. He is human. I am human. You are human. We all are going to f–k up it’s just a matter of learning from it. Don’t be so quick to throw shade on people. Take a step back, accept that we are all on our own journey, and be a little less critical. Take care xx”

The commenter then backtracked, writing, “I do hope you didn’t drink with or around him, knowing his past that would be really disrespectful. And yes you are absolutely right, I shouldn’t have blamed you for his relapse, as long as you didn’t hand him the bottle that’s 100% on him. I apologize for that. You are a very well spoken girl, and I hope you get your life together. No more arrests Take care Shauna.”

[From US Magazine]

Shauna probably posted that photo hoping to get the opportunity to say this. After that she posted thirst pics including one where she’s hosing herself down in a bikini. How much of a mess do you have to be to get thrown in jail twice for drinking? Was it worth the publicity for Shauna to bring all that up when no one was digging up her past anyway? I’m thinking it probably was, since she got a mention on a long holiday weekend. She probably timed this response for when she knew the gossip would be at a lull. Everything she said about Ben being a grown ass man is accurate and reminds us how little responsibility he usually takes for things. Remember how he threw Jennifer Lopez under the bus, multiple times, for his tabloid person after he dumped her right before their wedding? I bet he’s blaming Lindsay for dumping him, but we’ll see how he handles this publicly once he gets out. If he’s smart he’ll admit he has a problem and that it’s his problem alone, but we’ll see.

Also I don’t agree with the argument that you should not drink around alcoholics because it might tempt them. If it’s your partner, a very close friend or family member and they’re struggling sure, be careful and don’t drink around them. If it’s a casual friend or a new person you’re dating that’s not on you. The other person has to make choices for themselves.

Lazy eye and the same damn necklace every day baby 📷

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  1. Char says:

    Trying to milk someone’s addiction to become famous is a whole level of low.

    • smcollins says:

      1000% this^^^

    • em says:

      I agree BUT at least she makes a point about accountability. Even though she may be thirsty, at least the message came across loud and clear – women are not responsible for men’s actions. She is not responsible for his third rehab stint. He is responsible for himself. Let’s keep that narrative going (and forget about her).

  2. Mego says:

    Ben is my ageish and I swear I would have to be drunk out of my mind to have to try and make conversation with this very immature young woman on a date. Reading her ungrammatical tweet makes me twitch. 50 year olds are worlds apart from 22 year olds Ben – get a grip.

    • Christin says:

      Emotional and biological age can be very different. This gives a glimpse of what his emotional maturity must be (as if it’s a huge surprise).

  3. Miss M says:

    Chris O was more interesting and better at PR. Where is she now?

  4. Her 15 minutes of fame and she wasted it sounding like an ignorant, self centered little brat.

    • Raina says:

      She and that nanny will get a reality show, just 2 girls trying to make it in Hollywood, called Chasing Ben.
      Kind of like Chasing Amy.
      In the end, Michael Lohan will come in to mentor them.
      It’s not impossible

  5. Ninks says:

    The only person to blame for Ben Affleck’s relapse, is Ben Affleck.

    • jessamine says:

      Yup. Full stop.

    • EditorM says:

      True, the fact that this kid is messy has nothing to do with how he’s f’d up his marriage, career, etc. I hope she grows up and pursues a healthy, artistic path to fame (if that’s what she wants) but her story needs to die on the vine for now.

    • nikki says:

      This. Making her responsible for his addiction in any way is ludicrous.

  6. Lucy2 says:

    He is responsible for his own decisions, but I find it hard to believe they weren’t drinking when together.
    Pretty gross to embrace this situation as a way to get famous.

    • Mariposa says:

      I’d be surprised if he wasn’t drinking around her. He looks terrible in those photos, all puffy and red in the face.

  7. Mrreow says:

    Hope she enjoyed her 15 minutes as being the hang-on to an alcoholic with issues. Aim a little higher next time, girl.

    • Sunrise says:

      At least it was only 15 minutes and not 10 years with an alcoholic cheating loser. Some girls don’t like to aim any higher as long as the guy is a rich famous oscar winning power player in hollyweird.

  8. Digital Unicorn says:

    Oh honey – you are not going to boost your career with this, move on as u really are forgetable.

  9. someone says:

    That’s true Shauna, Ben really is a grown ass man baby.

  10. Chaine says:

    Her: “Those mistakes–which none of you knew about before I brought them up because none of you know anything about me or care–don’t define me! What defines me is I once spent the night on Ben Affleck’s couch while he was passed out on the floor in a puddle of his own pee, but the paparazzi spun it like he had gotten sexy with me! Never forget!”

    • Liz version 700 says:

      Chaine that sums it up. She could write that exact sentenance in her back to school essay. What I did (with Ben) over the summer.

  11. Socks says:

    Ben’s relapse (did he ever stop drinking??) is all on Ben. If he wasn’t seen out with this Shana chick he would of been out with someone else. I don’t believe she didn’t drink with him, but no way was it her fault.

  12. missskitttin says:

    wht is a 22 year old with an old ass like Affleck???? Yuck.

  13. Christin says:

    Most people did not use fake IDs/drink underage. Also, most people don’t look as rough at 22. The bunny ideal has certainly changed.

    And yes, the nanny did it better. Christine was far more entertaining, and she got a used luxury convertible out of her two weeks of fame.

    • otaku fairy... says:

      I know very few people who actually waited until their 21st birthday, or even their 20th to drink; that’s too high an age limit.. Most had their first in either high school or middle school. I never personally used a fake ID to get it though. It was always somebody else’s booze.

    • Sunnydaze says:

      Oh god, I used fake IDs. My friends used fake IDs. My suitemate in college was an expert at “chalking” them (using eyeliner and colored pencils to doctor IDs). My brother was a bouncer for years at several bars frequented by college kids and kept a bucket of taken IDs. When I went home from school and went out, all my friends and I used fake IDs.

      We’re all successful adults now that laugh about the stupidity of youth, none of us have substance use problems, and we were lucky there were no legal consequences…but in my state of NY fake IDs and underage drinking was extremely common. I don’t think I could name a single person who waited until 21. And in places that attract partiers (which Virginia Beach most certainly does) it is very common to see people carted to the drunk tank. This isn’t me minimizing what (as an adult) I now realize is a very serious issue, but I certainly can’t turn my nose at this young woman. If she lived in an area where there were crackdowns she absolutely could have had the bad luck to be carted off twice…I just can’t in good conscience hold those things against her. Hopefully she’s learned as my friends and I have and she’s living her best life sipping some wine and occasionally getting rowdy. Get it, girl.

    • Erinn says:

      Man, I was incredibly well behaved over all growing up. More so than most. But part way through first year of college I started drinking under age, and used a friends ID once to buy booze. Drinking age was 19, I was 18.

      When I was in 12th grade law class the teacher asked how many people have drank under age, I was one of maybe 3 who hadn’t. Underage drinking rates are high.

      • Trashaddict says:

        Agreed about the IDs. And Virginia Beach is a serious party town. The one time I went there years ago it was booze heaven. Just stay away if you don’t like confederate flags and gun racks in the local traffic. I would say landing in the drunk tank twice, however, is not a miniscule problem. Once, makes for an interesting anecdote. Twice, says you don’t learn very well from your mistakes.
        So how long before she posts again?

  14. Sarah says:

    Oh please. Ben’s drinking and appaling behavior over the last decade is all Ben’s faults, not Shauna or Linds or Jen G or JLO.
    And I don’t remember people slaming Garner when she was drinking around him at award shows. Wasn’t he already an alcoholic back then?!

  15. Veronica S. says:

    She really isn’t responsible for his being in rehab, but she needs to shut her mouth and stop using his addiction as a launching pad for relevance.

  16. Skylark says:

    Actually I think that’s rather a well-written rebuttal. Why shouldn’t she defend herself against randomly stupid charges of enabling a known alcoholic? Good for her for her take no shit approach.

    Oh and Lord and LOL at the finger-wagging over her underage drinking.

    • otaku fairy... says:

      “Oh and Lord and LOL at the finger-wagging over her underage drinking.” The slut-shaming downthread too. Hypocrisy is one hell of a drug, I’ll just leave it at that and sip my Twisted Tea.

  17. Kaz says:

    She has a right to defend herself. Ben is a grown man, he was responsible for his relapse. I hope he takes rehab seriously this time. As for Shauna, I hope that she doesn’t have a problem as well. Also being seen with Affleck for one day isn’t her ticket to fame, she needs to realize that.

  18. tw says:

    Well, she certainly has EVERYTHING figured out. How and I mean HOW could anyone over the age of 30 date a 22 year old? She is so damn annoying.

    Side note – she needs to take better care of her skin and stay out of the sun.

    • Mela says:

      She has it all figured out right? Lol her lack of education is showing and her moral compass is spinning all over the place

      I cant stand women like her.

  19. Leigh-Klein says:

    “Despite the fact most people have used a fake ID as well as drank underage, it was a dumb mistake …” That’s an awfully broad statement, lol. Most people, huh? I swear she’s more dead behind the eyes than Kim Kardashian, if that’s even possible.

    • Lady D says:

      I think a lot of us have drank while underage. I don’t think very many of us at all used fake ID to do it.

      • Leigh-Klein says:

        I never had a clue and still don’t as to where to even get a fake ID. Too honest I guess.

      • eto says:

        I used my older sister’s ID – so it was definitely real, just not mine!

      • minx says:

        I drank underage, but not much. Like 18-19.
        I used a fake ID in college, way back when they had no picture. A friend’s sister let us use it…our coloring matched but the sister was at least three inches shorter than I was so I slumped at the liquor store checkout. We got the beer lol.

    • Trashaddict says:

      “Most people have drank”. Now there’s a phrase to curdle the spine of an English major-
      Where did this chick go to school?

  20. The Original Mia says:

    She can post anything on her IG that she wants. Ben’s fan shouldn’t have blamed her for his relapse. I mean…wtf? He was spiraling long before this 22 yo came into his life.

    • Agreed. When are people going to stop babying grown ass men? And why shouldn’t this girl defend herself on her own social media page? It’s not her fault the tabs are paying attention. She’s being harassed and blamed for a grown man’s actions.

  21. Kerfuffle says:

    “Hey guys, I’m over here! Remember me? I got all dressed up to go out to dinner and then Jack In The Box with that drunk slob and I barely even made a dent in the gossip cycle. Helloooooo? Doesn’t anyone want to know about me sexytimes with Ben?”

  22. Mela says:

    Arrested twice for drinking? Poses nude? No college education? Ends up photographed on a bender with an unwashed Ben Affleck who is old enough to be her dad?

    Serious question- is she some sort of Hollyweird escort?

  23. KBeth says:

    She sounds like an idiot, definitely not doing herself any favors.
    That said, Affleck didn’t need her to screw up his life…he did that all on his own.

  24. Anilehcim says:

    I would never in a billion years assume anyone was responsible for Ben relapsing except for Ben… but when I saw headlines about him running around with a 22 year old Playboy model, I honestly thought to myself “he must’ve relapsed” because there was nothing good that could come from that choice and Ben seems to make bad choices when he’s not sober. I was unsurprised when the news broke a few days later that Jennifer Garner (who is a real one by the way for trying hard to save her kids’ dad from himself!) staged an intervention and was driving him off to rehab.

    It’s certainly not her fault, but it seems like when he relapses it always involves much younger women who are affiliated with Playboy and gambling.

  25. Lilly says:

    As said in the story, who? But, now I do know her name, which I skimmed before and I think a name really does define your life. Shauna is not a notable name, but does go with where she’s at. Overcome it young lady, you have lots of life left to pursue. (Sorry to any cb’ers if your name is Shauna.)

  26. Bailie says:

    Shauna is right, Ben is responsible for his actions and behavior and nobody else.

    She is not the one that forced him to relapse, but I do hope she didn’t drink with him, a well known alcoholic who has been to rehab twice before.

    It would be great to see, people being supportive of those that are trying to beat their addiction, not just by words, but also by not drinking alcohol with them or around them.
    It’s a tough battle and it would be kind and compassionate thing to do for someone that is struggling with addiction.

    Shauna, should maybe re-consider her own relationship with alcohol, being arrested for public drunkeness is not a good thing.

    People can have a good time and party responsibly, so they don’t hurt themselves or others and don’t look like a complete mess.

  27. Anon says:

    She actually seems really mature for her age. She could’ve just blocked the commentator or yelled back, but instead, gave a very respectful and mature response. She is right in saying that she is young, she is dumb and she has gotten into stupid situations before. As a 24 year old, I can attest that I have also gotten drunk when I was underage and I’ve also been drunk in public. I was lucky enough that I had friends around me to keep me safe and out of trouble. She didn’t. It’s not her fault that Ben is where he is; he had already once been in rehab when she was still in diapers. It’s just a sad situation all around and it’s messed up to blame anyone for it. I don’t think she is trying to get publicity out of this. She is a model and posting provocative pictures and videos is how she makes her living. Just because this whole situation with Ben is happening doesn’t mean she can just stop doing that; she also has to take care of herself.

  28. Original T.C. says:



  29. K says:

    Late to the discussion, but she wasn’t the cause of this episode of his; she was a symptom of it. She is an Inappropriate person for him to be hanging out with.

  30. Loca says:

    Shawna kept it real and if Ben still wants to date younger women or any woman he is more than allowed to do that. He has not neglected the kids or harmed them in anyway. Ben and Jennifer Garner have a dysfunctional relationship its been quitsies time a long time. I’ve always thought Jennifer needs to deal with her own personal issues to move forward which is hopefully happening. You can’t make or force a man to love you or use the kids spill everytime. Ben flat out doesn’t want to be married and has figured out serious relationships are not for him. Just believe him and let him go.

    • Trashaddict says:

      Sorry, but if Ben can’t be in serious relationships then he needs to man up and freaking say so, and not get the message across by being a drunken git. If you want to get out of the relationship, say so and don’t do it by drinking or screwing around. That BS did a world of damage a dear friend of mine. It’s a coward’s way out.

  31. ChipnSticks says:

    Meh. I think she’s okay. She sounds her age. Gross that she bonked a man that much older than her, though. I hope she got what she wanted out of it.

  32. Carolnr says:

    Light travels faster than sound.
    That is why some people appear bright until they speak…

  33. jccw says:

    X17 reporting Ben is back from rehab already, and the “model” is with him.