Jamie Lee Curtis: expensive skincare is a scam to make money

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I think a lot of us admire Jamie Lee Curtis because she eschewed fillers and cosmetic surgery and has shown us what it looks like to simply grow old gracefully – even if she refuses to look in a mirror and acknowledge it. Well, that’s why I admire her, at least.

Of course, Jamie, 59, does have a beauty regimen, but she doesn’t have a vanity lined with expensive potions and lotions that purport to make her look ageless. Jamie recently shared her beauty secrets with the Today Show and, surprisingly, you too can live like a Neiman Marcus-shopping movie star on a CVS budget.

Jamie credits her radiant skin to two very affordable products you may actually already use. She told Today, in a revelation she promised is “going to shake you to your core”, Sea Breeze and Nivea are her secret beauty weapons, as well as water and sleep, of course. She said she’s been using the astringent her “whole life” and uses Nivea to moisturize and hydrate her skin.

As for those high end skin products, Jamie said she’s “fallen prey” to their sales pitches and admitted, “I spent $800 on a big jar of a cream. It didn’t do anything! It doesn’t do anything! The truth of the matter is, it doesn’t do anything for you. It’s a scam to make money.” As an Oil of Olay gal, Jamie’s statements bring me so much joy and comfort.

Even if the new Halloween turns out to be a dud, which I can’t imagine given the reviews, it has given us more time with Jamie Lee, who, to me, is beautiful inside and out.

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  1. Ikki says:

    Jamie Lee Curtis is right!
    Also a scam – eye cream. Regular face cream works just as well! Don’t pay for the marketing ;)

  2. Nikki says:

    Talking about skin care depresses me almost as much as financial planning! I’m 62 and my skin looks, maybe…70? I didn’t smoke, but I’m super pale and grew up around the sea before sunscreen.: But I STILL look better than Mel Gibson, who’s my age; YAY!!

    • Betsy says:

      Pick an issue that bugs you and attack it (if you like). Truly, acids can be very gentle and suitable for daily use. Retinol just generally helps the skin look better and can (gently, GENTLY – not dramatically) plump the collagen. Vitamin C helps with fine lines. You don’t need to use all of it (or any of it, if you don’t want to), but if your appearance bugs you, there is a lot of space between just letting it bug you, doing something, and going Hollywood nuts with pulling and plumping and lasers.

  3. InquisitiveNewt says:

    She’s absolutely right that expensive anti aging potions are pointless. This is for a very specific reason: were beauty companies to add enough of said anti aging ingredients to actually have a long lasting effect, they would have to be FDA regulated. Because changing an individual’s cellular structure equates to a medical procedure and thus is classed as medicine. And would be available only on prescription.
    Let’s save our money, ladies…

  4. Wendylee says:

    Part of this is genetics.
    I’ve smoked since I was 9. I like the sun. I weld so I am exposed to ultraviolet light that can burn, and am filthy at the end of the day.
    Sure, I have those frown lines between my eyes. And I lather my face with baby oil, wipe it off, then wash It, slap on whatever moisturizer I got on sale. No just washing my face with water for me. Im 50 now. And if i later really get uncomfortable about my appearance, theres botox and chem peels in my future. Yay for that option.

  5. Nibbi says:

    I honestly think the number one best thing to do is stay outta the sun. My Granny is 80 and it’s almost wrong how good her skin is & has always been- she was one of those “wash with soap & water once a day & moisturize w curel” types, tho she also likes her Estee Lauder serum once in a while. I dunno. If her good skin is just genetic, so far, I haven’t inherited it ;) – the only thing i can figure out about why her skin is actually better than my mom’s is that she truly has spent her life indoors. (Not that I’m advocating that, though!) Everyone’s so right about sun protection.

  6. Lady2Lazy says:

    JLC has always been beautiful. My husband has always had a huge crush on her. But she is right. Sunscreen, great products that don’t cost a fortune and sleep. Wear sunscreen early in life, at least a 20 or 30’, then you can increase it if your want. You can easily look up great rated products online for reviews. Plus Allure submits drugstore winners all the time. But invest in a great sunscreen and never go out without it. I wear SPF50, even when it rains, but I live in Texas. Plus, I have a huge collection of hats and scarves. I always wear a scarf around my neck to protect it from the sun. Plus I am never in my pool without my big flappy hat.