Jerry O’Connell was ‘never a cat person’ but now their cats sleep on his head

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Jerry O’Connell is getting ready to debut his new talk show on Bravo, titled Play by Play. The show’s original title, Real Men Watch Bravo, was deemed not inclusive.

In advance of the show’s September 24 premiere, the 44-year-old actor shared some fun facts about himself with US Magazine. Among the revelations Jerry shared are that he went to NYU film school and dropped out of law school. He also said that his nine-year-old twin daughters with wife Rebecca Romijn, Charile and Dolly, were named after Jerry’s brother and Dolly Parton.

Jerry, of course, also said that he and Rebecca watch Bravo “every night” and have been known to “freak out” at the sight of a real housewife. He also revealed that he’s a cat guy. He and Rebecca do have three big dogs, but he also told the magazine “I was never a cat person until my wife adopted two. Now I love them and they sleep on my head every night.” Kids, dogs, cats… it sounds like their house is very busy.

As for the new show, the first trailer has been released, and it’s just like Jerry described it. In the spot, he says, “I know you. You say you’re watching sports when you’re actually watching Vanderpump Rules. You told everyone you curled 100 lbs. when you’re actually curling Padma Lakshmi crowning the new winner of Top Chef.“

The new show will feature Jerry and a panel of male celebrities and comedians, discussing Bravo shows and (I hope) other topics. Among the guests for the show’s initial three-episode run are Esquire’s editor-at-large Dave Holmes, UFC fighter Brendan Schaub, and TV host and comedian Michael Yo. Rebecca will also pop in from time to time to lend a different perspective. I am decidedly not a cat person, but I’m okay with people who are. The show’s not really blowing up my skirt, but I’m not a huge Bravo fan. I still might give it a try because Jerry is just so likeable.

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11 Responses to “Jerry O’Connell was ‘never a cat person’ but now their cats sleep on his head”

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  1. Christin says:

    As another later in life cat convert, I think it’s great he has several dogs and cats. Sometimes it takes another person or (as in my case) an abandoned animal to make one broaden their views.

  2. Ana says:

    I had such a big crush on him while in highschool! He is likeable all right.
    And yes,cats will do that to you. My first kitty now gone to kitty-heaven, slept with me and DH in bed, and used to bite our toes at 5am so we could open our bedroom door and let her out to eat and use the bathroom. So cute!

    • Aang says:

      I cut a small hole in my bedroom door so my cats can come and go at night and I don’t have to get up. Sleeping with cats is the best.

  3. LahdidahBaby says:

    I. Love. Him.


  4. Nicegirl says:

    I’m one of these also, never was a cat person before, but now I’m living in kitten heaven. I have 4 kittens now and the one we’re keeping is asleep on my lap rn! We’ve decided to name her Luna Lovegood 🐱💕🤷‍♀️

  5. Vaya says:

    You don’t decide if you’re a cat person, cats do.

  6. VeronicaLodge says:

    My boyfriend’s parent’s cat stays with us during the winter. When I moved in with him, the hierarchy was clear, cat, my dog and me. The damned cat slept on my head and chewed on my hair. Took a few conversations after I chucked her out of bed a few times.

  7. nb says:

    It took me a year to convince a boyfriend that I lived with that we should get a cat. He wasn’t into cats but I grew up with them and missed having one. He finally caved and we got a kitten. 6 months later he said “Well, should we get him a friend? I don’t want him to be lonely.” 8 years later we are married with 2 cats and he is a total cat guy to the point where he sings to them and sends me pics of them while I’m at work. He always says “What did we do before we had cats? Our lives would be so boring without them.” Adorable how that happens!

    • Ange says:

      I think we have the same guy! My husband adores our cats after always having dogs. He’s a total Cat Daddy (because he also loves Jackson galaxy).

  8. Nicole(the Cdn one) says:

    My husband always wanted a dog (his brother was allergic so he never had one growing up). He was never interested in a cat. I grew up with cats and dogs and, although my personal affinity is more with cats, I told him I’d support his choice as long as he agreed to do 50% of the work with a dog. 19 years and no dog later, he came to the conclusion that while he liked the idea of a dog, he was never ready to pull the trigger and get one because he wasn’t prepared to commit the time. He suggested that since I love cats, I should get one. 6 years and 3 rescue cats later and you will never find a more devoted cat parent. He loves our brood beyond words and I confess, watching him with them makes me love him even more. Nothing sexier than a man who gives unconditional love to the vulnerable among us.