Duchess Meghan’s ‘ultra-liberal’ politics aren’t going over well with Harry’s friends?

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex at the annual WellChild Awards at the Royal Lancaster Hotel in London.

There’s been some talk recently about how the Duchess of Sussex is cutting some people out of her life, and that she has trust issues with some of her old friends, not to mention trust issues with the white Markles. I found those stories to be rather mundane – every “regular person” who marries into the royal family does some editing to their circle of friends and family. If you ever want to know who you can trust and who will sell you out, all you have to do is marry a prince and you’ll find out in a hurry. Anyway, Tom Sykes at the Daily Beast had an interesting little aside about all Meghan’s friendship-editing. Apparently, Harry’s close friends aren’t entirely friendly with her. Why is that? Because of her liberal politics?

Sources in the Oxfordshire village where Meghan and Harry have a country house and now spend much of their time tell The Daily Beast that when Meghan is spotted walking in the Great Tew estate on which their house stands, she is usually sighted alone.

“There never seems to be anyone with her except a cop following at a discreet distance. She does not seem unhappy but she does seem very solitary,” says the local. The source says there rarely seem to be visitors to their house, and when the couple do venture out to nearby Soho Farmhouse with friends, Meghan is always with Harry and people from his circle of buddies, not hers.

Harry and the wider royal family are, of course, deeply aware of the extent to which loneliness and isolation contributed to Princess Diana’s troubles, and the young royals have extended the hand of friendship. Kate and Meghan speak on the phone regularly, and Beatrice and Eugenie, who are close to Harry, have also sought to be friendly faces. But the British elite are notoriously gossipy and mean about outsiders joining their ranks, and Meghan is struggling to build a group of supportive pals in the wider community.

The writer Lady Colin Campbell, a confidant of Lady Diana’s with good contacts among the wider family, told The Daily Beast: “Her politics are an issue. She is ultra-liberal and that trendy-lefty stuff does not go down well with some of Harry’s friends. He has introduced her to them all at parties and weddings and private dinners, but she is very anti- a lot of the things that their world functions upon, such as shooting.”

“Everybody discovers after marrying into the royal family how solitary and arduous an existence it can be. Meghan has already begun to discover this. However, because of her track record as a successful actress who has made her own way in the world, she may have the tools to cope with the solitary nature of her existence in a way that few others could have. Diana really struggled with the solitary nature of being a royal, although she often ended up being alone because of her own miscalculations; she blew hot and cold and people got fed up. Diana’s life was more isolated than it would otherwise have been. It is apparent that beneath her charm Meghan can be rather tough, her challenge is to maintain the new relationships she builds.”

[From The Daily Beast]

I find this unconvincing. First of all, I don’t think Meghan is “ultra-liberal” or “trendy-left.” She’s been a feminist all her life and she’s a Democrat who loathes Donald Trump. She eats meat, she married a prince, and she’s interested in embracing multicultural plurality. She’s also black. I wonder if that’s what is considered “ultra-liberal” these days?

As for his friends… Harry does have a lot of posh friends from a lifetime of attending posh schools and hanging out with the children of aristocrats and politicians. Harry and his friends are the ones who need to change, not Meghan.

Prince Harry and fiancee Meghan Markle during a visit to Cardiff Castle as part of their royal duties

Photos courtesy of Backgrid and Avalon Red.

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  1. HelloSunshine says:

    Meghan had lots of good press this week. Time to knock her down a peg, right? 🙄

    I’m not convinced by this either. Using the terms “ultra-liberal” and “trendy liberalism” really make it sound like a try hard article.

    • Leigh-Klein says:

      Agreed. As soon as I saw this I thought, “Now what?” Agree with Kaiser. And “things” have been relatively quiet. Let’s enjoy.

      • emma says:

        Lady Collin Campbell isn’t that the female Paul Burrell, I’m going to file this under fake news.

      • emma says:

        ok i take it back. Thinking in terms of how brits communicate. I think the aristos around her want to be her friend and the message is basically that she should engage with the community around her in the Oxfordshire village like she did the Hubb women.

      • Jan90067 says:

        And besides, consider the source: “Lady Collin-Campbell…a “close confident of Princess Di”. Yeah, no. NEVER heard her connected with Di in that way, or pretty much any way as part of Di’s circle. So, I call BS.

    • Lucy2 says:

      Agreed- heaven forbid a woman have a good week in the public eye.

      • Olenna says:

        Agree as well. The MSM’s insistence on keeping her in the news either for profit and/or spite is ridiculous. I prefer reading stuff like this; it’s a small antidote for the constant and negative BS. From The Telegraph: The Duchess, who married in a simple Givency gown, has disclosed that she had a blue ribbon sewn inside the [wedding] dress, made from the fabric of the outfit she wore on her very first date with Prince Harry.

      • Rita says:

        I thought politics wasn’t to be discussed in polite society, royal or not. Surely a diverse group can have dinner out without mentioning hunting? Or anything liable to be divisive? Save the political rhetoric for your next fox hunt or consciousness-raising meeting. [Is "politics" singular or plural?]

      • Mac says:

        I don’t think it is their politics so much as their politic. I grew up in the prep school set and their unflinching sense of entitlement and casual racism is so deeply ingrained in them that they are insufferable to be around. I can only imagine what it is like in the British aristo crowd.

    • aaa says:

      The Daily Beast story came out over a week ago.

      • SWP says:

        What I came here to say. Was published last Sunday.
        FWIW, I believe this story, no negative slant on Meghan. It *IS* a big transition for her, regardless of politics or royal title. I would lose my everloving mind if I moved a continent away from my people, got sold out by family and a few of my friends and only got to socialize with my husband’s sporty friends. Shudder.

        I have heard that group can be a little…exclusive to say the least. They weren’t overly kind and welcoming to Kate (doors to manual), and she seems to be a bit more acclimated to that stuff. Meghan also strikes me as someone who would say, “if you call yourself a conservationist, why do you hunt?” Whereas Kate would probably smile and ignore it.

        Again, this is no insult in any form against Meghan. Please don’t throw the anger my way.

      • CeeCee says:

        SWP, I believe this story, too. Look at how Kavanaugh and his pals acted in high school and college, and I bet Harry and his friends are even worse, but with a deeper sense of fraternity and keeping things quiet. People have gossiped for years that Kate had a hard time with these people, and she is British, from a decent British family, and white with no personal history, really. Meghan is totally foreign to most of these people, and I bet her political views are seen as “ultra-liberal.” Remember, Harry supposedly told Thomas Markle to give BREXIT and Donald Trump a chance.
        So yes, I do believe this and I have wondered for a while if this marriage, which seems to be based on a lot of passion and not much commonality beside from that, will last.

    • LahdidahBaby says:

      Lady Colin Campbell! The nasty NAHSTY gossip purveyor?!? I take her with a grain of arsenic.

      Meghan has just celebrated a truly wonderful community event of her own making: the publication of a multicultural cookbook. It was really inevitable that somebody would be itching to bring her down immediately for the insubordinate act of daring to be her smart, caring, innovative self.

      • K says:

        Her Own Making? Such a rude way to dismiss the Grenfell survivors. The recipes are theirs. She spent about an hour with the ladies at the kitchen (as per the video), she hasn’t been volunteering every week, constantly, like many Brits have been doing since June 2017. My volunteer friends were right, this has turned into a PR ploy for the Royal family. I just hope their Royal umbrella foundation doesn’t eat up the profits because their track record is sketchy.

      • Natalie S says:

        People praising Meghan doesn’t equal dismissing the women at the Hubb.

        Meghan created this event by seeking out the women, coming up with the idea, seeing it through and now promoting the book.

      • Mae says:

        She spent more than an hour at the kitchen. She visited that centre multiple times (read interviews with the ladies). Her visits were private and wasn’t filmed. The professional video that was put out by KP was done professionally as a PR for the book. It is separate from the actual days and hours she spent with the ladies. If you watch video of the launch party, you will see how familiar and comfortable Meghan is with the Grenfell ladies. It is obvious that she spent time with them. Of course they need PR in order to raise money and make sure the book has a wide exposure. It doesn’t negate the fact that Meghan put in work. Good work towards a cause comes in all shapes and sizes. Volunteer work is commendable but so is the work that Meghan has done. Don’t trivialize it.

      • notasugarhere says:

        The fund-raising book to open the kitchen 7 days a week only happened because Meghan made it happen. This is exactly the kind of work she’s supposed to be doing in her new role.

    • Carrie says:

      Lady Colin Campbell is starting her sh*t early with this. She’s horrid trouble maker. I’d say this assessment is right and ignore everything CC says. She drove a lot of the wedges Diana encountered and is a horrid soul.

      Meghan will be fine and I think she is fine now too. Harry’s friends will come around or else the world will leave them all behind. Meghan is the real world. They best wake up to that and quickly and I think Meghan knows that.

      • CeeCee says:

        If you think Meghan is the “real world” to Harry’s world, and they will come around or get left behind, you haven’t been paying attention to the royals for the last 100 years. Even Diana, an aristocrat herself, got thrown under the bus when inconvenient. These people pride themselves on their names, their titles and their position in society. I don’t think they will ever open their circle up to Meghan, just like Kate still isn’t accepted by Willam’s friends.
        THis makes Kavanaugh and his pals look open and friendly

  2. hindulovegod says:

    Meghan is out here making a real difference in the lives of disaster victims, but that’s just “trendy” politics. The real issue is she doesn’t want to torture small animals for amusement? Yes, heaven forbid blue bloods interact with a kind, decent person. They might get a small clue about how useless and amoral they are.

    • Belluga says:

      I *hate* the “trendy lefty” phrase.

      I think it comes from the same place as “virtue signalling”. Right wingers *have* to believe for their own peace of mind that anyone whose politics are centered around what’s best for others and the world as a whole, rather than just themselves, is doing it to look good, rather than that being what those people actually believe. They have to convince themselves that everyone’s just as self-centered and sociopathic as they are.

      • Wisca says:

        Yes, Belluga!

      • Redgrl says:

        @belluga – yes, agree!

      • Bella DuPont says:

        1,000% agree Belluga re virtue signaling.

        Virtuosity is so f*cking passé. It’s obviously far cooler to be “real” and celebrate our very natural inclination towards corruption, mean spiritedness and blood thirst.

        We clearly need new standards of character to aspire to.

        What new, pithy, trendy name can we give our new standards? Let’s see………How about Corruption Obscuration ? Vice Disguise? Or…..my best offering…….Iniquity Complicity? :)

      • Jan90067 says:

        We have a winner! YES, exactly!!

      • Betsy says:

        Succinctly put, Belluga.

        I don’t doubt some insecure people virtue signal. But most people’s politics aren’t centered in popularity.

      • Carrie says:

        Yes! Virtue signalling, signal boosting… These phrases tend to highlight troublemakers and users.

    • Rhys says:

      Those “friends” can go stuff themselves because Meghan is busy having a good time with her friends who cook amazing food.

      • Mac says:

        By all accounts, Meghan is a lovely person who people take to very quickly. HM and Charles are absolutely smitten with her. If Harry’s friends don’t love her it just means they are sh$tty friends.

  3. Lumbina says:

    I can see it being a little true. I am against fox hunting, not keen on shooting, feminist, liberal etc. I dated a good friend who went to Eton and it was obvious we couldn’t make it work as a couple. His friends and I were so far apart on that kind of thing. Honestly I couldn’t stand most of them. It was very difficult.

    • mynameispearl says:

      Yeah I can see this being true also. Just even being regularly ‘liberal’ in that Eton set would have you labelled as being a raging Marxist. The trust fund, Cayman island bank account, eton, Oxbridge, daddy is a Tory peer yah yah yah people… Gross.

      • Still_Sarah says:

        I wondered at the beginning of their relationship how his Etonian friends would react to Meghan. I personally believed that would be what kept the relationship from going anywhere – the refusal of Harry’s friends to accept an “outsider” who didn’t buy into their cultural and social crap. If this article is correct, then it is still rearing it’s ugly head.

    • Slowsnow says:

      I keep imagining precisely this. I also know a few people from that specific Eton crowd and boy are they difficult to handle. Just the way they talk and the upsetting jokes… Some of them are truly kind and interested but seldom interesting. They lives such remote lives. I really wonder how this woman can relate to them. However, the ones I know are far younger so I guess they may get some perspective with age? I hope so because otehrwise she may feel pretty isolated and cringe mentally half the time. For some reason I don’t associate Prince Harry with them as he does a lot of charity, thus researches about certain issues, i.e. is forced to be more aware of certain real life situations.

    • Eleonor says:

      Unfortunately I have to agree with you.
      She is at the top of one of the most classist (sorry I don’t how to say that in english) society ever, only the fact she is a feminist not yo mention a black woman who comes from working class, and GASP she is not even English, it is more than enough to label her as “anti” .

    • Belluga says:

      Yep. I know one old Etonian and a few from Harrow, Westminster and Rugby. You find that a few of them rebel hard against their stuffy upbringing and swing very left, but it’s in a misguided way (not entirely their fault) because most of them just aren’t aware of how other people live and are surrounded by people like them.

      University is quite eye-opening for some of them!

    • Guest says:

      In Virginia, where Rita Mae Brown writes about foxhunting, they cherish the fox and do not kill it. The clubs help the landowners maintain the land through which they ride, and the club Master feeds the foxes (and de-worms them, etc) during Virginia’s long, hard and very cold winters. I thought protecting and caring for the fox – and not killing them – was the same in England? (Didn’t fox-hunting originate in England?). I love her “Sister Jane’ series….spoken often through the point of view of the foxes and dogs, not just humans.

      • Snappyfish says:

        I “foxhunt” in Virginia. It’s called “viewing” meaning we are lucky if we view a fox. Mostly it’s a fun ride with friends & lots of lovely hounds

        I think traditional foxhunting is only allowed in Ireland these days

      • Knitter says:

        Sounds like the fox is nevertheless running for its life, terrified, while being chased by barking dogs. Even if “viewing” doesn’t end in the fox’s death, it sounds traumatizing for the fox. I certainly wouldn’t want to be in the fox’s shoes. It seems likely that even in traditional fox-hunting, the majority of the fox’s suffering takes place before the fox is actually killed.

      • Critters4 says:

        I grew up foxhunting in Virginia where we would be lucky to see a fox, and killing was a no-no. Now I am in an eventing barn in Pennsylvania where some of the boarders also foxhint with the local club. Though technically illegal, they very much go out for the kill. Depends on the area you live in, I guess. Wouldn’t catch me riding with them, though – no need to kill fox around here.

      • Betsy says:

        @Knitter – or like life as an occasional prey animal.

      • Knitter says:

        @Betsy–Indeed. But we’re talking about recreation here. It doesn’t hurt to ask if the kind of person one wants to be is one who entertains himself/herself by causing others to suffer.

    • Queenb says:

      I agree. They are among the most hardcore rightwingers. They are just a little less loud about it than their american counterparts.

      Any little thing that doesnt worship them is ultra liberal to them.
      I personally dont trust any Ivy League student.

  4. niamh darlington says:

    I mean a lot of Harry’s friends are the earl of this place or the duke of that who’s vast wealth is often founded on the British slave trade and through keeping liberals firmly in their place.

    They are the stuffy sort who pop up in the society pages of Tatler magazine, hold bank accounts in Panama and are chummy with David Cameron and Boris Johnson- of course they wouldn’t get on with Megan. And to be honest- she’s not missing out!!

    • someone says:

      Isn’t that what Harry represents? Kind of hypocritical to be so against these people and preach at them, after marrying into and standing on the shoulders of someone that has benefited from the same.

      • Masamf says:

        No that’s not what Harry represents. And its not hypocritical to be against animal cruelty but eat meat or chicken yourself, please stop. There are a lot of us who advocate for “no cruelty against animals” but are not vegans ourselves, so what exactly do you mean “hypocritical”?
        And if Harry’s friends don’t like Meghan, well Harry has a choice to make. He did hang out with them for over 30 years, they did everything despicable under the sun, they drunk themselves stupid, they smoked pot (or some even did hard-core drugs), the played strip billiard, they hunted and killed animals, they partied till cows came home, anything crazy, they did it; but at the end of the day, they all grew up, married and some started families. This means that they all chose that one woman in their lives that they believe was worth fighting for and worth choosing over a relationship with Harry. Maybe there were/are some whose wives Harry himself never really liked because of a number of reasons, but his friends never left their wives because Harry didn’t like them. Now its Harry’s turn to choose, whether he wants to grow up and choose to love Meghan and spend the rest of his life with her over anyone else including his friends, or to just continue being some immature frat boy and lose Meghan. Harry has a choice to make and the way things look, he is gonna follow his friends’ lead. Meaning he’ll choose his wife over anything else. Yes, including his Etonian friends.

      • Maples says:

        Actually it is hypocritical to eat meat and claim to be against animal cruelty. The meat eaten comes from the torture and killing of animals. Slaughterhouses are very cruel to animals and the purchasing and consuming of meat supports the continued existence of these places and the torture and killing of animals.

      • BeanieBean says:

        Who says Megan is preaching at anyone? She’s been spotted walking alone on an estate & from this, Lady Colin Campbell, trying to get some press, spins a tale that Harry’s friends don’t like her because she’s a lefty. It’s based on nothing but conjecture & supposition, and perhaps a little insider knowledge on the British class system & nothing about being an American. Yuk.

      • Masamf says:

        No @Maples, it IS NOT hypocritical to be a meat eater but still advocate for slaughtered animals to be treated “humanely”. This argument is as complex as the argument about euthanasia; it’s as complex as the argument about belief in God and creation vs. evolution etc. so I guess I’ll just agree to disagree.

      • K says:

        Yes, it is what Prince Harry represents. You are very naive if you think otherwise, lol.

      • CeeCee says:

        Harry is the epitome of the privileged white class system in Europe that benefitted from slavery and the suffering of the “peasants,” and still does to this day. IE: a 30 million dollar security bill for a carriage ride for a wedding when people aren’t getting healthcare. It’s the height of hypocrisy to ding these other aristocrats and let Harry off the hook. Why? Cause he has two charities? Nonsense.

        Lest we forget, Harry supposedly told Mr. Markle to “give Trump a chance” and BREXIT, too. Isn’t that when Thomas Markle hung up on him? Harry is no liberal, although people like to fantasize that he is and that he cares about the common man. He may, in theory, but he sure doesn’t know any on a daily basis.

  5. Nic919 says:

    Lady Colin Campbell is almost 70 and about as knowledgeable of Diana as Paul Burrell. So it’s doubtful she knows anything about what royals under 40 are doing. The comments about ultra liberal need to be taken with a rock of salt because this is an aristocratic old lady talking.

    • NicoleinSavannah says:

      That’s what I thought yesterday! My Celebitches already told me about this ‘friend’.

    • MaryContrary says:

      This exactly. I really don’t think she’s plugged into their scene.

      • NicoleinSavannah says:

        This woman has no clue just like Paul and we all did a disservice by writing and reading and commenting. She should get NO clicks.
        Who cares she doesn’t like shooting?! That is such a relationship killer! I can’t wrap my head around making money like this for these people. The way they dress up and profess all of this knowledge. It’s so pathetic. I did just resign so we should all write some of this fiction and makes some big bucks, Kaiser.

    • angry bird says:

      “Lady” Colin Campbell is an attention-seeking garbage-talker. I wouldn’t believe a single word that comes out of her mouth.

  6. Rocky says:

    Of course she’s a little lonely. She just moved to a foreign country. And if Harrys friends are alittle standoffish I bet it has more to do with him not elevating one of them to royal status than Meghans politics.

    • Derrière says:

      Agreed. Thought the same thing when reading the article.

      Also…what is so trendy about Meghan’s politics?

    • Anners says:

      I’ve always found it takes me about a solid year to find my footing in a new place. Of course, I’m single and an introvert, so that may be just me. But I understand enjoying my own company and taking time to build lasting friendships. I wish her all the best

    • Amelie says:

      Yeah this is was my line of thinking too. It is HARD to make friends in a new country. I lived in Spain for two years and only made a handful of friends while I lived in Madrid (still keep in touch with most of them today). Add in a language barrier and it makes it twice as hard. At least they speak the same language in England (though yes they use different words for many things but it’s not hard to adapt to the lingo). It will take Meghan awhile to make real friends in the UK. She just moved there a few months ago, not really expecting her to have dozens and dozens of new friends by now! Plus it’s just harder making new friends as an adult.

      • Masamf says:

        Exactly. And who says Meghan necessarily wants to make new friends? Maybe she doesn’t and she’s happy with the old ones she had. All her old friends seem to still be in contact and in touch with her, maybe she’s happy to just keep those, for now, wherever they are at. I have lived in Toronto for 18 years now and I don’t have not even one single friend. I grew up in a family of 12 and my siblings are the only friends I ever had and ever wanted. I’m sure if I had any pets, I’d walk them all by myself!! And I’m a very extroverted person but I don’t make friends that easy because I love being on my own for the most part. I love the people I work with but I’m happy and content leaving them at work and not see or talk to any of them once I leave my job. Maybe Meghan doesn’t want to make any new friend, yet. It’s possible and not the end of the world.

    • Mae says:

      People also forget that Meghan actually already have friends living in London. Her best friend from Northwestern (who was also in the quire at her wedding), Lindsay Roth, married an English man and has lived in London since 2016. Markus Anderson (who works for Soho house and lives in Toronto) constantly travels to London for work. Meghan herself used to travel to London frequently before meeting Harry, and it’s not surprising that she would have her own social circle there already. I’m sure she doesn’t get on with all of Harry’s friends just like Harry probably doesn’t get on with all of Meghan’s. But they married each other and not their friends. Also, most of their friends are at the stage in their life where they are married and starting a family and priorities change.

  7. Carol says:

    I don’t know anything about these people, but if Harry loves her, they will come around. If they want to stay in his good graces, they will accept and love her too.

  8. CharliePenn says:

    Solitary walks are the bomb. I love being alone. It doesn’t mean she doesn’t have friends or is lonely.

    • jessamine says:

      Yup! 90% of walks I take are solitary and I consider them my “me time”. Maybe my mom occasionally (who doesn’t need transatlantic travel to join me.) Meghan is adjusting to an entirely new life with an entirely new level of scrutiny in a completely different country. Let’s not confuse “solitary and processing” with “lonely and shunned.”

      • Masamf says:

        I thought so too. Maybe she is used to these solitary walks, maybe even in Toronto she used to walk her dogs by herself so as to spend some quality time with her boys. People are quick to jump to conclusions.

    • Jumpingthesnark says:

      Yea, I was just thinking, if I’d done half of what she’d done lately I’d need a lot of alone time. I’m an introvert though. Maybe at her core she is an introvert too. Alot of actors are. Solitary walks sound amazing to me!

  9. Skylark says:

    Any fool could suggest what Lady Colin’s suggesting based on the bleeding obvious disparity between Meg’s working background and Harry’s and his mates’ entitled ones. It doesn’t make it a fact. Although I’d suspect, at this stage, that Harry may well have more in common with Meg than his mates who seem, on the whole, to be a bunch of fairly generic and not terribly interesting hoorays.

    I do like Lady Colin but she’s a mad old bat and has no more a clue as to Meg’s relationship with Harry’s mates than I do.

  10. Maria says:

    So she is ultra liberal because she hates killing animals? And walking alone? Lots of people walk alone.

  11. OSTONE says:

    Harry looks like he adores Meghan, I can very much see him cutting friends out if they were to be mean or standoffish to her.

  12. merrit says:

    I’m not a Meghan fan, but if this is true, good. Those posh white aristocrats aren’t better than anyone else yet are notoriously for being a**holes. Good for her for not falling in with them.

  13. Sam says:

    1.Meghan has never told us how she feels about hunting.Harry recently went on one last December so I doubt she cares as much as the press are wants her to.They tried this same narrative last year and it didn’t stick
    2.Unless they have camera trained at their house 24/7,no one they knows who’s coming and going.A lot of her friends promoted the cookbook and have supported her this week so that’s bull.

  14. whatsoever says:

    The way i see it. i think this might have been directly from aristo trying to get in Meghan circle and are not having any luck. she’s not from the social or even the country so being friends and having the need to be their friends is not a priority for her. and you know society people want to be center of it all and having people to make them feel important. this is about aristo circle then Harry’s friend directly.

  15. Scal says:

    I think it says something about these snobs that these same ‘friends’ were reported to never like Kate either. Just a conidence that anyone that marries the two big royals aren’t good enough?

    They all sound like awful people and no wonder they get shut out.

  16. Talie says:

    The only thing this lady probably knows is what the mothers and fathers of Harry’s friends think, not the actual friends. The mothers and fathers are stuck in the old world of social order and they are just reading the tabloids like everyone else and hating Meghan because they hate change.

  17. Chaine says:

    Sure, I will buy that you move to a new country and simultaneously take on an important royal role, it could be hard to make new friends right away. But, I thought she spent time in London with friends there and that they were the ones who introduced her to Harry to begin with—presumably she still has those friends unless they’ve all moved. The Princess Diana comparison is stupid. Diana wasn’t a trendy liberal outsider to British aristocracy, she was the teenage daughter of an Earl.

  18. liriel says:

    I can see this happening, Meghan not liking Harry’s friends as did Kate.
    Aristos are often dumb, spoiled yet feel like they’re so much better.
    They’re giving off this condescending vibe and are probably not interesting to spend time with.
    Of course they are also conservative since that’s the source of the power. Animal rights be damned. Hunting etc.

  19. TheOtherOne says:

    Not buying this. Diana was 19 when she married into the family. In contrast, Meg is 37. She has her own life and friends (Serena, Priyanka). We are the same age and with work and family rarely do I hang out with all my friends like I use to in high school or college. And please, I love a good solitary walk with my pup. No husband. No kids. No cell phone. Just quiet.

  20. Vanessa says:

    I honesty don’t believe this story I think that Meghan has been having a good week with the positive press about the cookbook the only negative things were people who trying to make a huge deal about Doria being at the event . I think this just a way for the British press to knock Meghan down a peg because god forbid she has a few days of good press because the British press knows their a portion of people who dislike Meghan So they will continue to make up nonsense stories about Harry friends can’t accept Meghan and that Meghan is break protocols that no one has ever heard of but the readers and editors of daily mail . The press will never leave Meghan alone because she doesn’t fit the woman they wanted their precious Harry to marry

  21. Mexicalidexi says:

    She is *so* not missing anything. The people I’ve met from that echelon, with notable exceptions of course, are not that bright, remarkably insular, given their opportunities, and not likely candidates for friendship with someone of Meghan’s intelligence, well-utilized education, curiousity and openness. Way too good for the “PLUD” (“people like us darling”, yes, they actually use the term) crowd.

  22. minx says:

    Seems like a stretch. Meghan walks alone, so her politics are the reason. Okay 🙄
    Personally I love to walk alone.

  23. Peg says:

    There are so many people that would like time alone, so Meghan better enjoy it now, because when/if they have children, it will be a fond memory, when she is in the bathroom and someone is rolling on the floor, for attention.
    If the Duchess did not prove anything last week, to the people that thought she was at KP bored out of her mind and eating bonbons.
    This woman was working in some capacity from the age of thirteen, so who knows what she Working on now, Did she not say, something about not one of does lunch.
    Lady Campbell, just came up for air from the backlash about the book on the Queen’s sex life, most of her books are full of lies.

  24. aquarius64 says:

    Lady Colin is the same woman who wrote a book claiming she knew what went on in the queen’s and the Duke of Edinburgh’s bedroom. Gross, number one. If she talks to anyone it’s the parents of Harry’s friends who are bent out of shape that a prince of the United Kingdom asked a biracial divorced American for her hand and not their daughter, sister, granddaughter, niece, goddaughter.

  25. Mar says:

    They like shooting what? ANIMALS??

  26. Des says:

    I don’t get why people are constantly comparing Kate and Meghan to Diana. Diana was a shy 19 yr old married to a much older man whom she barely knew and didn’t understand at all. Kate and Meghan are married to men their age whom they first dated (and in the case of Kate has known her entire adult life) and are grown women with ideas of their own. Apart from the fact that they married royalty, they have barely anything in common with Diana.

  27. someone says:

    people are different and there are smart and dumb people in all categories-liberal or conservative.

  28. Mego says:

    This is a very stupid gossipy speculation. Meghan has Friends and a Mom that she is connected to – Serena Williams just confirmed in an interview they are in contact and support one another. We really don’t know about Harry’s friends but she hasn’t had enough time yet to get to know them yet to make pronouncements about what they think of her.

    Re the walks – Meghan is likely somewhat introverted and enjoys times of solitude which is fine. Re comparing her experience to Diana’s – I firmly believe that Diana had a miserable time mainly because she and Charles were a horrible match and he brought out the worst of her
    insecurities. Meghan adores Harry and likes his family and they like her. That makes a huge difference. LCC is only churning up negativity and gossip for clicks as others said.

  29. anna says:

    It is the same narrative that was used with Kate- she doesn’t have good (or any) relation with those posh aristos, blah, blah, blah. Even if true it doesn’t mean anything.

  30. AG-UK says:

    I quote my British friend whom I met in NY years ago she moved back around the same time I moved here “British people feel they know everyone they need to by the time they are 20.” I believe it smile and be polite but might keep you at arms length be you royalty or not.

    • Savarine says:

      As someone who moved to London from New York three years ago: this is painfully true. I’ve lived all over the world as an adult and found friends in every country I’ve moved to, but London is ice cold. They made all the friends they needed at Uni, thank you very much, and the best you can expect is clinical politesse.

      • Bee says:

        True, I lived in London for two years. Londoners have no interest in friendship unless you are useful long term. Found friends from my own country, Canada, and Europe, but no one English, and it wasn’t for want of trying. Always try to befriend travellers from overseas, especially ones working. It can make a huge difference to their experience.

  31. Roxi says:

    I suggest new terminology: “legitimate media” and “fringe media.” DONE with term MSM maligning the credible, reputable and reliable legitimate news media.

  32. Peg says:

    Doria is back in LA, so no need to worry about her turning up at the Museum, optics and all.
    Vonnie got a free trip to Italy to lie on tv about her half-sister, can’t believe the English tabloids finally figured out, she knows no personal info about Meghan.

    • aquarius64 says:

      Which is why Vonnie took the Italy trip. The English speaking press is now coughing up money for her anymore. I read on Twitter Sam is getting dragged about this interview along with the host. And if she can fly to Italy she can fly to Mexico to look after her “neglected” dad and use the money she earned from this mess.

  33. virginfangirl says:

    If she represents “ultra liberal” then where do I sign up.

  34. Sv says:

    Meghan is different from Diana, or even Kate who had to blend into William’s social circle all her adult life. Meghan has her own social network of people with wealth, power, and influence many of whom live in London are visit London on a regular basis for work just like Meghan reguarly visited London for work in the years prior to meeting Harry. She’s not as reliant on gaining favor with the Aristo set. And if you go back to the wedding there were grumblings because it highlighted changes in Harry’s friendships. Many from the Aristo set that he used to party with were cut out from the evening reception in favor of people involved with Harry’s charities.

    • Mae says:

      Meghan has her own influential friends squad. Her best friend Lindsay even lives in London. She doesn’t need Harry’s aristo friends. I’m sure she’s charming and polite to them but she doesn’t need to curry their favour. She’s already married to Harry. Harry chose HER and it is his friends who will have to learn to live with her if they want to stay friends with him.

  35. Tigerlily says:

    I call bull sh*t but if Meghan is making the upper crust a bit uncomfortable then yay. As a Canadian I really just can’t with a society that values an accident of birth, inherited wealth and position in society.

    I have a great deal of respect for QEII but I feel that the monarchy is out of date and outlived it’s usefulness.

    • OkieOpie says:

      Canada is technically “ruled” by QE2. So, as a Canadian, you are supposed to curtsy to the queen. However, I agree with you as a Canadian by birth now American, I do not believe in accidents of births and so called royal status.

      • notasugarhere says:

        None of us are required to curtsy to any member of the royal family including the Queen. It is even stated on their official website that bows are curtsies are optional.

  36. MangoAngel says:

    I agree with everything everyone here has been saying…but I do have one question.

    “…Kate (doors to manual)…”

    Doors to manual? I’m totally lost! Lol…need to brush up on my royal-adjacent insults, apparently.

    • SWP says:

      Sorry that was me, lol. So the folklore at the time was that William’s posh friends made fun of Kate and her family and would say “doors to manual,” because apparently it’s a British thing they say on planes (idk? Anyone British on here that can confirm/deny?) as Carole, Kate’s mom having once been a stewardess it was a way of putting Kate and her family down, calling her low class.

      That might be the longest run on sentence in the history of celebitchy, my apologies. Lol.

      • K says:

        People on here still call the Middletons social climbers, meaning they think they’re working class and should stay in their place/lane. It’s the same thing.

      • notasugarhere says:

        It was the Middleton PR crew that made that one out after the 2007 breakup, to try to get the Middletons vs. evil aristocrats story going. William’s circle of friends, and Harry, referred to her as The Limpet for her ability to cling.

  37. OkieOpie says:

    This is probably true. She married into one of the most conservative families in the world in a country that prides itself on keeping old, often outdated, traditions. She is a liberal from Los Angeles, not to mention a total outsider in these circles. Look how the aristos treated Kate for years–they don’t like so-called outsiders. The British royal family is not exactly known for their progressiveness. Is anyone surprised??

  38. K says:

    All the Royals hunt and shoot, are they all killers too? If you think they are, why do you fawn over them so much?
    This is how Harry was born and raised. His friends might be snobby and entitled, but Harry (sitting right at the top of the British class system) heads the pack because he’s the Queen’s Grandson. Of course, this story is true. It’s quite laughable that people think it’s made up! This was written a week ago, so it has nothing do do with Meghan’s new project. It’s not hard to see that certain aristos might not take to Meghan. Apparently, some didn’t like Kate, either.

    • Gem says:

      @k, exactly. I couldn’t put it any better myself. Why the fawning? It’s so weird to me, all the fawning over the royals (by Americans no less) and then this great desire for Meghan to modernise the institution, and then outrage that aristos are acting as aristos. The only way to progress is to get rid of the whole thing. And Meghan who married a Prince is supposed to be some kind of ultra liberal. Haha.

  39. ... nik. says:

    Hahaha, black wake up call :D Welcome in our real life Meghan :D

    • Peg says:

      👸🏽 the Duchess just discovered on May 19 she was black and needed a wake up call.
      I think real life, was dealing with racism all your life, starting as a child hearing your mother called names. 😴

    • Claire says:

      I don’t get why race is always brought up when it comes to MM. If she hadn’t said she was biracial I would have thought she was white. My opinion of her doesn’t change. I don’t care. I judge on the person not their color. I don’t get it! I’m white. I’ve been the recipient of racism myself. In the US!

  40. Lala11_7 says:

    Yea…it looks like… “Ultra-Liberal” = Black in this BS narrative…

  41. Princessk says:

    I would take this story with a pinch of salt. Everything is grossly exaggerated. Who cares anyway, Harry married Meghan! 😜