Duchess Meghan gets it from her mom, that’s why Doria Ragland was there

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If you can’t see how the Duchess of Sussex is effortlessly making a vital modernization to the royal family, I can’t help you. If you can’t see how Prince Harry and Doria Ragland are incredibly and justifiably proud of their girl, I can’t help you there either. As I covered earlier, Duchess Meg did the big launch event for the Hubb Community Kitchen cookbook, Together, at Kensington Palace today. The event was a wild success, and now that some photos have come through, I wanted to talk more about it.

I’ve seen the comments, here and on Twitter, that Doria should not have come to this event. Doria was not there to glorify herself. She was not there to hobnob with elites and posh aristocrats. She was not there to coach her daughter through royal work. Doria was there as a justifiably proud mother who genuinely wanted to meet the women who created the cookbook.

Yes. That’s how Meghan turned out this way. Because of Doria. And personally, I think people are upset at the simple fact that Harry and Doria seem very close as well. Harry adores his mother-in-law. He doesn’t need Doria to run his life though. So tell me again, what’s the beef with all of this?

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  1. Mac says:

    Doria has amazing style.

    • Lumbina says:

      I came here to say the same thing. I love her shoes and pashmina.

    • lisa says:

      I am a fan of all of these people. It’s great that Doria is proud of her daughter. But, I do not bring my Mom to my workplace. It’s not professional. I have gotten promos, raises, awards at work and accomplished some wonderful things but it makes me laugh to think of my Mom in a conference room, applauding my accomplishments along with my co-workers. It makes M look like an amateur.

      • Kk2 says:

        This is a very different kind of workplace. You probably wouldn’t bring your husband either but no one thinks that’s weird here. It is nice, actually. Like she truly views these women as equals and is happy to have her mom come hang out with them and meet them.

      • Liz says:

        It’s different when your job is to be in the public eye or is simply done in public. No one questions the very existence of a “Family Box” at the US Open or Wimbledon. It’s accepted, if not expected, that family members will be there. It’s the same for professional musicians and actors. Family doesn’t go to everything, but they are there for the “big events” – Opening Night on Broadway or the Carnegie Hall debut. This was her “Opening Night.”

      • Jay says:

        OMG come on. I’m a little embarrassed for you here. Your workplace is not even remotely the same as hers nor is it governed by the same rules nor does it have the same culture.

      • jessamine says:

        When my mum is in town and I am doing something nifty, she attends. Doria is there to celebrate some amazing women not proof her daughter’s TPS reports.

      • Harla says:

        I work in law enforcement and whenever there’s a promotion whole families show up to applaud their deputy. At a lieutenant promotion ceremony recently one guys grandmother came and brought a cake, I think he was a bit embarrassed but everyone including the Sheriff loved it :)

  2. Des says:

    Awww, look at them beam.

    • Rhys says:

      Meghan is definitely in her own element. Some people are perfect for this kind of job – public speaking, engagements, etc. – so they shine. As an introvert I couldn’t imagine myself doing all of that talking, visiting, collaborating and presenting it after in front of others. Which brings me back to the point of the difference between Kate and Meghan – Kate is clearly not a public person. She needs to find a strategy within the frames of her personality that will allow her to shine. Otherwise, she will be always coming off as lazy and disengaged. As an introvert who loves to be/work at home and not talk to masses of people I can relate.

      • CheckThatPrivilege says:

        Beautifully said

      • girl_ninja says:

        Kate is clearly not a public person. She needs to find a strategy within the frames of her personality that will allow her to shine.

        Very well said.

      • letstalk says:

        Spot on! ‘Poor Jason’ should read your comment.

      • Becks1 says:

        I agree with this and I try to temper my criticism of Kate (lol) with that thought in mind. I think so many people seized on Kate as the next Diana (as if anyone wants to be that!) and it kind of set her up for failure. they didn’t look at what specific types of projects were good for her personality (not even just her interests….but her personality.) and now I think she’s kind of stuck in this rut. Her team needs to use this cookbook as an example – not to copy this specific thing, but as an example of how a royal can really shine when they have some control and say in specific events.

      • Mac says:

        Kate is at her best when she is interacting with participants in sports charities. I don’t know why she hasn’t played to that strength more.

      • iconoclast59 says:

        I agree with Mac. Sporty Kate is the best Kate.

  3. Mims says:

    To answer your question: Racism and bitterness.

    I am a MASSIVE fan of both duchesses, but the second I learned about Doria I was desperate to see her more, too. She is the mother I always wanted, and absolutely the mother I aspire to become. She is such a powerhouse. She’s the hero we all need. AND I ABSOLUTELY ADORE MEGHAN! I love, love, love seeing her succeed. When she first became known to the world, there was so much criticism of her being a social climber, etc. GOOD FOR HER! She is hustling her way to the most powerful position and I applaud her for that because she genuinely wants to make the world – specially the world around her – better. She is setting a good example for other people (women as well as men) to follow. Her community engagement is sincere. She *loves* her job. Being on Suits, being an actress even, was a means to an end. She wanted this. She worked her bum off to be able to achieve the position she is in now, and Doria has been there along the way, championing her, giving her soul the food it needed to succeed. Seeing Doria is such a breath of fresh air. I get choked up every single time I see photos or videos of her on Meghan’s wedding day. She would never take credit for her daughter’s achievements, but you KNOW she is bursting with pride. I could go on and on, so I won’t, but I will repeat: I LOVE THESE TWO!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  4. tifzlan says:

    The beef is that Doria is a confident, self-assured, gentle and kind black woman who stands tall in the face of racism and bigotry – and They just can’t handle the fact that They can’t get to her.

    • BlueSky says:

      Plus, she’s educated and they can’t put her in a category.

    • Nikki says:

      I actually think they can’t stand the fact that a black woman is so utterly and undeniably fabulous! Style, discretion, kindness, intelligence, and drive: what’s not to love? Racists hate evidence contrary to their hate.

      • Lilly says:

        @Nikki So true. I accidentally saw one comment when I clicked over to the speech. So much ugly out there, but yes it’s vitriolic when the universe counters their beliefs. But, I choose to overcome, because if anyone knows, it’s poc at the pace of change and if you stayed in it, you’d never get anything done. Clearly, Doria knows this too.

      • someone says:

        I love her mom’s style. very elegant and understated

  5. Piggysarah says:

    I love it when she gets out of the car and looks straight at her mum as if to say I am so excited I have got to show you this and then like as a 2nd thought oh wait better make sure Harry is behind me haha. You can see the pride in Doria’s face

    • someone says:

      I think that’s the reason for the opposition. Meghan and Doria are not getting this stage because of who they are. They are getting this stage because of Harry and the Royal family.. As nice as the two are, they haven’t done anythign to get this limelight on their own and they seem to be forgetting they are reprenting the Royal Family, which means including Harry.

      • Hunter says:

        But this isn’t just lime light. It’s her job. She’s doing her fu@$#ing job and she’s crushing it, and early in the game, at that. And she did do something to earn the attention – she married a prince first and foremost. But thankfully, she provided an additional, and more important reason for the attention… she’s doing her new job well.

      • Harla says:

        When my mother spent time with my husband and I (before she died) most of my attention was on her and my husband wouldn’t have had it any other way. Since Meghan and Doria don’t see each other every day, I imagine that when they are together, they are together and Harry understands and supports that. We aren’t seeing a “royal” dynamic here, we’re seeing a family dynamic.

  6. Natalie S says:

    We have to acknowledge that Kate and Meghan have very different backstories. Kate did not have a track record of being an independent person so questions were raised about how dependent she is on her family. Meghan has a different track record.

    William and Harry are also criticized for how immature they seem at times because while they have a better track record than Kate, it is valid to question whether they could handle themselves if they had to lead truly normal lives.

    The Middletons came to the portrait unveiling and William and Charles came to Invictus. I think it makes sense that Doria was there.

    • Becks1 says:

      This is a good point too. the cries of “you would criticize Kate for this!” completely overlook the backstory and context of both women.

    • Mac says:

      Living a public life is extremely hard. I am not going to fault anyone for asking their mother for help in navigating a life of constant scrutiny. Michelle Obama’s mother lived at the White House. While her role was ostensibly to help with childcare, she often accompanied Michelle on her overseas trips because she was also there to support Michelle.

      • Natalie S says:

        I think Michelle outpaced both Meghan and Kate when it came to the amount of responsibilities she had as First Lady and Michelle also had a proven track record as an independent person.

        I’d also forgotten that the Middletons monetized their connection to the BRF which was another thing that made people question their motives for being involved.

    • Aurelia says:

      God, how many times have we seen carole midds hovering around kate. She even tried to come on kates tour Australia and NZ to hold her married, mother of one, 30 something hand. Doria is seen once and is criticized? Gad Doria looks chic and beautiful.

  7. StellainNH says:

    I am so glad to see that Doria was there to support her daughter.

    Now cue the Markle goons…..

  8. Who ARE These People? says:

    Brings tears to my eyes. So lovely and inspiring. Harry chose so well.

  9. Jess says:

    Love this family unit. Love Doria. Wish she was my mom. Wish I was a mom as awesome as her!

    • Masamf says:

      Jess may be you are, I mean maybe you are a mom as awesome as Doria. Don’t be too hard on yourself, Im sure your kids would tell you that you are as awesome a mom.

  10. Thaisajs says:

    Team Doria all the way.

    Also, I’m super excited to get my cookbook from Amazon and check out the recipes. I love getting cookbooks from fundraising projects like this, but they’re usually spiral-bound cookbooks put out by local churches or schools. What a great idea and a great cause.

  11. OriginalLala says:

    Doria’s words…tears came to my eyes. I wish more women spoke about each other like that!!!

  12. Becks1 says:

    Thank you for this!! Doria was there to support Meghan in a cause that obviously means a lot to Doria as well. This is not the same thing as Doria showing up to an exhibit opening with Meghan.

    I love the pictures, I love that Meghan took off her coat (lol), I love everything about this and will hear no criticism lol.

  13. Giddy says:

    Love, love, love Doria!
    “The power of women” she said. “We make things happen.”
    “We’re curious, we say yes, we show up.’
    “I’m inspired.”

    Here is my prediction: in a year Meghan will again host an event for these ladies, to celebrate how well the cookbook has done, and to detail what they have been able to do with the money. Doria will be there and she will visit with the Grenfell ladies telling them each that she kept her promise, she made their dishes, and how she enjoyed them. I hope that by that time Doria will have moved to London. If she has I imagine that there will have been numerous weeks that she showed up to cook with the ladies. I’ll say it again, love her!

    And for anyone who wonders whether Meghan’s warmth, kindness, and enthusiasm are genuine,; look at Doria.

  14. Annie says:

    Doria, Meghan’s Mom, deserves to be there, just like any daughter who wants her Mom “there” for first time and special events deserves it. From everything I have seen of Doria she appears to be an elegant woman with a kind heart. Not hard for me to understand the love these two women have for each other.

    I see the inclusion of the Middleton family into Kate and William’s life and special events and now the inclusion of Doria with Meghan and Harry’s life and events as a part of the modernization of the BRF. I like it. It’s relatable.

  15. HeyThere! says:

    Of course her mom can be there for her. How strange to me that anyone thinks otherwise? People can never be pleased. They hate her father for being horrible and gossiping….yet they get upset when her mother is supportive and with her?!

  16. Ophelia says:

    I honestly don’t mind Doria being there. She’s not mugging for the camera, she’s not singled out for the spotlight, but to support her daughter. The Hubb women seem to bring some family as well, so it’s good to have an extra hand of family to talk to and engage the audience.

    In addition, Meghan seems to have built a lot of good rapport with the Hubb women and might’ve mentioned Doria in passing. And it’s just like bringing family to meet new family. This is not some one off event that Meghan had her mother tag along. Also, a lot of the Hubb women are mothers, and Doria seems a very empathetic and sympathetic person who can connect. And I think a good choice.

    I only wish Duchess doesn’t touch her hair too much around food. It’s a bit of a phobia of mine because… er long story.

  17. savu says:

    I love that Doria was there! This wasn’t the typical royal endeavor. This was something Meg spearheaded, and she has every right to want to share that with her mom. Especially when it’s all about women supporting one another.

    Being mad about Doria’s appearance just doesn’t pass the smell test.

  18. Ladykeller says:

    Doria just gets better and better the more we see her. I feel like everything good about Meghan comes from her.

  19. Starryfish29 says:

    Harry lit up when talking about Doria in the engagement interview, it clear that these two are Meghan’s family.

  20. Guest says:

    This was a great success for meghan. And it hilarious watching the bitter hags from the royal blogs meltdown. “Doria has no reason to be there” “meghan and
    KP hijacked the event from the women” seeth hags 😂😂😂😂

  21. Goldengirlslover34 says:

    Racism. People are big mad! That’s why they are mad. I read some of the comments in the last post and I was confused? First i thought it was a cultural thing so i reached out to my friend who is from London and Black and she said nope it’s racism. She said her parents come out to support her in her successes even though she now lives in America. I’m in my mid30s and my mom still asks me about my successes at work so she can share it. I don’t know if this is a black family thing (i can’t only pull from my experiences and the experiences of my friends) but this wasn’t even surprising to me. Of course her mom would be there. It’s an achievement and she is proud. The fact people are picking on the fact her mom is there is laughable. Soon they will say her husband shouldn’t be there. Makes me wonder if they are mad that their mommas wouldn’t show up? Stay big mad.

    If you want to bring your mom or dad or your aunties to your achievements go ahead. Life is short. Celebrate all your successes with them. Make those memories. Haters will always hate from their hovel.

    • Nic919 says:

      The Middletons have benefitted in the millions from their association with the BRF for well over a decade, including taxpayer security upgrades to the house and Range Rover freebies, but Doria hitches a ride to watch her daughter talk about a project she worked on and people go insane. Maybe when Kate actually does a project of her own Carole can show up, but it’s been close to 8 years and she hasn’t.

  22. Sparkly says:

    I love that Doria was there to celebrate Megan’s first real solo duchess accomplishment. Her quote is awesome. She’s awesome.

  23. Justmyopinion says:

    Meghan is a bit too “butter doesn’t melt in her mouth”. Just a touch too fake. However, her mother seems like a genuine, nice lady.

  24. Aratrix says:

    Great Britain has housing policies and low-income state-built housing and emergency shelters. And by now those who lost their home should have been given a new home. There is even assistance available to get a mortgage you couldn’t afford …. that one turned out to be profitable to sellers only. Many who uses assisted mortgages face severe problems like near-bankruptcy right now.

    I wouldn’t mind if Meghan would inquire why there are such problems in the British housing market. Building/Supporting a kitchen is nice but is so small-small-small and it helps so little and so few it barely seems to make sense to pay six figures for every royal head only to support such petite charities.

    And how much can that cook book possibly make? At best: six figures support such a kitchen for a year or two at most if they pay the employees.
    And the cook book had to be designed and pics had to be taken and text has to be written and layout and …. Those costs are going reduce the profits.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      The ‘employees’ at the kitchen are all volunteers, the funds pay for the food and, maybe to use the kitchen and facilities (gas and electricity). Six figures could easily keep it open 7 days a week for a year or more.

      As for designing it – I used to work for an agency that did work for free for charities and good causes. As it’s for Grenfell they would have had no problem finding designers etc.. to do all that for free.

    • Mego says:

      What the cookbook will make is far better than what they we get without the proceeds from it’s sales. Also the publicity will give them a boost and more influxes of cash I am sure.

  25. blairski says:

    This was a major project for Meghan – both personally and “professionally”. Of course she would want to share it with her mom if she is close to her! I think it’s lovely that her mom could attend, and appropriate for her to be there, and I’m totally confused why anyone has a problem with it.

  26. Meg says:

    ukdailymail said it unprecedented that a relative show up to an event, & meg hugs people-the message is people think meg is disregarding royal rules and doing what works for her instead so in a sense she’s putting herself above royal rules which some may not like? i’m an American so i love what she’s doing-the royals are criticized for being cold and distant so she’s doing well IMO but i think the brits like to think they’re better than others and they try to maintain that by insisting on sticking to these rules-they seem to think that separates them from us ‘commoners’ so without that they may have to admit they’re not better than us and that upsets them

    • Aurelia says:

      ukdailymail said it unprecedented that a relative show up to an event,

      = better tell Ma Midds that. The non religious middleton’s (kate wasn’t even anglican confirmed until just before her marraige) even hitch their wagons to Christmas service with the royals. No, that is unprecedented.

  27. Loretta says:

    I’ve read so many pressed Cambridges fans on twitter. They can’t stand that Meghan is doing so well.

    • Betsy says:

      God, why? I mean, why should it bother them?

      (For many it might be racism. For others I think they’re just aware that Harry and Meghan are aces at Royal work and Will and Kate are not)l

      • jessamine says:

        People really seem invested in the Sussex/Cambridge thing being a zero-sum game. If Will and Kate would just get their act together a smidge then having two active young royal couples with two different types of appeal/spheres of interest could only be a good thing for a shaky monarchy.

  28. Melania says:

    This project is a huge success. So happy for meghan and all the women.
    I love Doria so much and I love that Kensington Palace has recognized her on twitter. I think it’s an unprecedented thing

  29. Skylark says:

    The idea that anyone would question or begrudge Doria’s presence at this event is just mind-boggling.

  30. Newmoon says:

    I don’t understand why anyone would make a thing of Doria being there. Why not? She dignifies everything she touches, as far as I can tell. Lovely woman. Lovely presence.

    I was a little surprised that Doria and Harry stood back while Meg stood out front. ? I know it’s Meghan’s project, but I still think it reveals a little something about the Harry/Meg dynamic.

    Meghan IS a natural, yeah. She’ll shine in this position.

    • Skylark says:

      Weird. Why would you be surprised that the 2 people who love her most wanted her to have centre stage at an event she was hosting to celebrate an initiative she helped bring to fruition?

      If it says anything about their dynamic, it’s that Harry is clearly thrilled and delighted that, after all the very distressing Markle ‘noise’ over the past year, the public at large are now getting a proper glimpse of the Meghan he knows and loves.

      And ditto of course re Doria.

  31. Lala11_7 says:

    Doria is her Mama…and her Mama is one of the biggest things in her world…and her Mama put the work in to make sure her Babygirl could be the BEST that she can be! I hope Doria moves over there and sets up shop, just like POTUS Obama’s MIL did…and I would tell the British press…

    “You mad? Well then, go to Burberry’s…and get one of their magnificent capes and put it on…NOW YOU CAN BE SUPER MAD!!!”

    • buckley says:

      “You mad? Well then, go to Burberry’s…and get one of their magnificent capes and put it on…NOW YOU CAN BE SUPER MAD!!!”

      Funniest thing ever! Thanks for the laugh.

  32. Reese says:

    Yes Kaiser! Love this post.
    I was delighted to see Doria there.

  33. Bliss 51 says:

    I can’t wait, wait I tell you, to go to another site and feast my eyes on the sputtering and the rage, hahahaha.

    • Claire says:

      Seriously? I don’t get that. This was a great project and I can only feel happiness for these women who participated. Not a fan of Meghan but I will applaud her for this. Good job!

  34. Vanessa says:

    First people complained that Meghan is not hitting the ground running like she promised people complain that all she did was follow Harry to events and was silent like a stepford wife. Now that Meghan has unveiled her first big project as a royal people are complaining that her mother doesn’t belong here people are honestly just looking for something to attack her for her first real project is a successful and being praise so people have to knock her down for something even if it’s not that big of deal so what Meghan mother show up to support her royal cause . People who don’t like Meghan want to see her fail and their mad that no matter what they say about her she is still succeeding for all the negativity that the press try to bring her she still succeeded.

  35. KidV says:

    I’m all for Doria being there, I love that she’s there. I can just hear Meg saying “Mom (or is it Mum, now?), you have to come see what I did! I’m so excited!”.

    Again, I’m fan-girling Doria. I want to be her when I grow up. (We’re probably the same age, I’m just not adult enough yet. LOL)

  36. keis says:

    I am here for all of this. I love that Doria was there. I love that Harry supported Meghan’s project. I think you kind of have to be reaching to find anything about their attendance here problematic.

  37. Leyton says:

    It takes a special kind of jerk to be upset about Meghan (or anyone) bringing their mom to an event that is near and dear to them.

    This was a cookbook built on love, family, community, and healing. Why wouldn’t Meghan want to share that very special event for something she worked hard on with the two people who are her core family: mother and husband.

    Doria loves cooking and food and passed that onto Meghan. I’m sure she heard all about the project and Meghan’s excitement. Of course she would be there to support her daughter and meet the wonderful women who inspired her.

    Gosh, what in the hell is wrong with people?

  38. Chrissy says:

    People suck. A proud mother is something we are bitching about now too? Jesus. I am proud of this chick, she is using her position for good on a community level and God bless her. And, Doria is awesome.

  39. Vinot says:

    Carole Middleton is peering angrily out a palace window double-fisting red wine right about now

  40. Nat says:

    Ok, I like Meghan a lot, but really, she’s doing a meet-and-greet. I hardly think that it’s something to be proud of: the crux of her accomplishment here is having the luck to fall in love with a prince. I’m sure Doria was a lot more proud when Meghan made it onto a syndicated show. Or rather, I’m sure Doria is always proud of her girl, but I just don’t think attending a charity event or even assisting with one is the pinnacle of achievement for a woman as accomplished as Meghan.

    Doria is beautiful and looks fantastic, btw.

    • Dara says:

      Did you miss the part where she visited these women even before the wedding (and without the press in tow), saw a need, and figured out a way she specifically could help? This wasn’t just a meet and greet, it was a celebration for a project that may not have even happened had Meghan not gotten involved.

      • Princessk says:

        Apparently when William went to visit with Harry, the Grenfell survivors specifically asked them to bring Meghan next time.

  41. Betsy says:

    Love Doria. She’s just a natural. But she was/is in social work, or am I wrong? I would guess that field is mostly people people.

  42. maraidh says:

    I love everything about this! I would give anything to still have my Mom with me. It melts my heart to see the love between Doria and Meghan, Doria and Harry, Meghan and Harry. So much LOVE!

  43. Lucy2 says:

    I think it’s lovely her mother participated in this with her. They seem like two wonderful women.

  44. Busyann says:

    I’m tired, it’s been a long hellish work week, but my god do these three just make you stop and go “awwwwwwwwww”. I love it all and want more please! Who cares that Doria was there. Me thinks this was 90% a mama supporting her daughter, and 10% part of the PR Offensive KP has opted to have against the Markles. Whoever came up with all of this deserves a cookie. Does Jason want a cookie?

    Someone that doesn’t deserve a cookie…that other Duchess. She’s not worth it, doesn’t bring much to the table, and is probably sicker now than she ever was with HG because she’s out of cards to play, except for the future Queen thing. I’d rather have Meghan as the Queen and Harry as the King. My guess is Meghan and Harry and Doria getting it right will become problematic in the next few months. That other duchess and baldy won’t tolerate this for long.

  45. Anna S says:

    My cookbook arrived today and it looks excellent! Can’t wait to try the recipes! And I love that Doria was there and that she and Meghan have such a great relationship. Love. It.