Justin Theroux on Jennifer Aniston: ‘Neither one of us is looking to throw hatchets’

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So many of the Jennifer Aniston defenders act like I was smoking crack because I dared to believe that Justin Theroux and Jennifer’s wedding was real and that it’s suspicious and shady AF that we haven’t heard one word about either of them filing for divorce. As many of us have pointed out, it’s looking more and more like the wedding was fake and that Jennifer had the good sense not to allow the Edgy Emotive Eyebrow anywhere near her finances. I get that. Then why all of the lying about the wedding? Why the People Magazine covers (see above) and why all of the repeated references to their marriage, complete with Justin repeatedly referring to Jennifer as his “wife” and “wifey”? Why was Justin talking about how “marriage” changed everything for him? And why is every media outlet now all too happy to downgrade the end of this fake marriage to a mere “break up” or “split”?

Well, Justin still isn’t addressing any of that. He does make vague statements about the “separation” and seems to purposely throw some shade on Brangelina’s messy divorce. From the NY Times via People:

He & Jennifer went their separate ways: “The good news is that was probably the most — I’m choosing my words really carefully — it was kind of the most gentle separation, in that there was no animosity. Again, neither one of us is dead, neither one of us is looking to throw hatchets at each other. It’s more like, it’s amicable. It’s boring, but, you know, we respected each other enough that it was as painless as it could be.”

They’re still friends: “It was heartbreaking, only in the sense that the friendship would not be the same, as far as just the day to day. But the friendship is shifting and changing, you know, so that part is something that we’re both very proud of.”

Actors are used to being with other actors: “[It’s] kind of a carny lifestyle. [A split] doesn’t have that seismic shift of an ordinary couple, where everything is, like, you have to tear a baby in half.”

The media speculation: “How do you combat gossip and rumor? And it’s just on crack and steroids now. In a weird way, just sort of navigating the inevitable perception of it is the exhausting part. These are actually in reality small events that take place. But everything can feel like 10 on the Richter scale if you make the headline big enough and salacious enough.”

Whether he’s dating anyone else: “Is this the part where I coyly raise an eyebrow and not answer the question?”

[From People]

Part of the reason why there was “no animosity” is because he checked out of the fake marriage physically and emotionally for more than a year before they even announced their split. They were already living separate lives in separate cities, and yeah, they didn’t have kids or anything, so obviously their “split” was always going to be a lot smoother than some other couples. But really, he sounds like someone who got a generous exit package from Jennifer in exchange for an ironclad non-disclosure agreement.

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  1. Sara says:

    I feel he should not be commenting on this. JA’s reaction so far has been perfect: not caring, moving on, having fun.

    • Wasabi says:

      But how else is he supposed to generate public attention other than riding Jennifer’s and/or Brangelina’s coattails? Nobody cares about edgy Junsin for edgy Justin.

      • LahdidahBaby says:

        I agree with you, Wasabi. It’s disgusting to read it because it feels so opportunistic and false. If Justin had any real dignity, any depth, or any decency, he wouldn’t say a word about it since Jennifer is saying nothing. It feels like he wants to milk the last pathetic headline out of what is now a long-dead story of a dead relationship.

      • Lady D says:

        Opportunistic is the perfect word to describe it and him.

      • ariana says:

        Aniston is only refraining from talking about the split for fear of being publicly outed about lying about being married just to copy Brad and Angie.

        The interviews she did about being “married”, the magaizne covers she scored only because she talked about her “marriage”, the woman is a compulsive liar.

    • Lucy2 says:

      I agree, better to just move on without comment, but I guess that’s impossible when you are in the public eye. I do think it’s interesting that when they split, his camp was pushing an angle, but when that didn’t work, he’s now all nicey nice about it.

      • Carrie says:

        Same. My impression of him now is that he’s a manipulator and liar. Jen is well rid of him and I expect she realized this about him too.

        Seeing Brad today, and now this guy, Jen was right all along. These guys say and pretend they’re one thing, when in reality they’re both fake.

        Both of them gaslit her and she survived both times. Good for her. It was smart of her to not truly marry this idiot.

      • whatWHAT? says:

        “I do think it’s interesting that when they split, his camp was pushing an angle, but when that didn’t work, he’s now all nicey nice about it.”

        just what I was thinking. I guess the “I’m far too hip for the likes of boring ol’ JA” didn’t fly and wasn’t getting him gigs or (the right kind of) attention. I think most people were like “dude, she gave you a pretty big bump in recognition so SHUT. IT.”

        As for their “marriage”, as it’s be theorized many times (and I agree with this idea), it’s likely they their ceremony took place before they were able to agree on financials and, then, they were NEVER able to agree and in the meantime she discovered he was acting single and dumped him. he was not happy that he didn’t get his hands on any of her $ and that’s why he was (initially) trashing her.

      • Erinn says:

        I think it’s a combo of image manipulation (honestly, all actors have a tiny bit of that tendency) and the dust having settled.

        I don’t care how amicable a break up is – there’s going to be SOMETHING that causes at least a tiny bit of hard feelings. Whether it’s dealing with who ‘gets’ the friends, the pets, the property, whatever. I just can’t see neither of them having at least a little bit of animosity towards the other over something. So it’s possible that now that it’s been a while it’s easier to put out the nicey-nice interview.

      • HappyFeetGladFeet says:

        Carrie, Aniston gaslit Brad, she spent almost 10 years passive-aggressively attacking him and his wife and make herself out to be a victim and Pitt/Jolie the bad guys. And then what she did to Heidi Bivens? Please don’t act like Aniston is better, she is not. Theroux is only doing what she did to Brangelina. If he learnt how to manipulate and gaslight, he learned it from her.

      • ariana says:

        @Lucy2: As far as being in the “public eye”, neither have a career worth talking about.

  2. skipper says:

    I think it’s cool that he’s speaking about their divorce (or separation, depending on what you believe). He and Jennifer are in no way obligated to give us any details about their personal life, good or bad. At least he’s not smearing her to death like other celebrities would.

    • Lady D says:

      It’s been almost a year since they split. Imo, he wants attention, and gossip about the ex is the fastest way to get it. Gossip is others discussing your life, so how long after they split does it stop being info and start being gossip? They separated in February. I hope he doesn’t do this often.

      • skipper says:

        Oh, I’m sure there is an attention factor here! I don’t know if he has anything to promote right now but discussing their breakup will definitely put him back in the public eye.

  3. truthSF says:

    The real question is, were these 2 ever in an actual relationship? I’m leaning more towards a showmance to help his career.

    Aaand that’s all the time I have to think or care about these two!

    • Tanguerita says:

      and what would Aniston get out of such an arrangement?

      • Wasabi says:

        Not being painted as “sad lonely” Jennifer who “can’t hold a man”? Media coverage about this woman is crazy misogynistic.

    • Lilly says:

      Ha ha. I’ve wanted to like him and was happy for them, in general, but not too invested. He comes off so douchey, though.

  4. abbi says:

    How the heck did he score a NYTimes interview? I read the entire interview and I want my time back. He comes off as a huge d-bag if you read the whole thing. And JA can’t seem to escape the word “boring”.

    • anon89 says:

      Justin’s BFF Carlos Quirarte is well connected in NYC. The NYTimes writer is one of Carlos’ friends.

    • Des says:

      I don’t understand how this dude gets anything tbh. How is he friends with EVERYBODY? How is he in all these movies when every single role he has is completely forgettable? How did he marry Jen? Why does Emma Stone want him? I don’t get him or his tight jeans.

    • erin says:

      I read the whole thing too and thought the exact same thing – so immature and full of himself. I actually was left with the thought that JA was probably over it too. Who can be in a relationship with a man who refuses to wear shorts? Get over yourself.

    • Mego says:

      Wonder if part of his getting an interview at all is agreeing to dish about his “divorce.”

    • ariana says:

      @abbi: Aniston’s career is boring and on life support, her real life is obviously boring, according to all the men she’s been in a relationship with has confirmed. Everything about Aniston and Theroux was boring, and fake.

      • abbi says:

        @ariana–Yes! Him using the word “boring” seemed rather deliberate. Hasn’t she been referred to as boring by two of her exes already?

  5. RspbryChelly says:

    Say what you want about him but I’ve always liked him as an actor. I always thought he had great potential & could really play a lead role in a tv show, ie, ala Friends. I also like JA well enough

    • Snowslow says:

      Me too. He is a great actor also because he does not have the HW type. We may critique him for his fashion and his legs (I mean people are really into tearing down physical appearance here for some reason) but he is different and his acting skills are super intense, a bit like Greg Kinnear.
      I could not care less if he was married or nor married or just went with the ceremony and never got around to dealing with the papers. I got married in the UK but still haven’t been to the consulate to declare my marriage in my country. It’s been 4 years (we’ve 22 together though).

      • Starkiller says:

        Comments “tearing down physical appearance” are VERY mild on this site compared to most others places on the internet. If you really want to see physical appearance being ripped into, read the comments on dlisted or the daily mail.

      • Snowslow says:

        @Starkiller I don’t read those comments or the DM (I love the DListed writers). The fact that everyone is so sweet, knowledgeable and interesting here makes it even worse when physical appearance is mocked. The arguments loose their edge. See Lena Durham’s threads. For me it’s only allowed when the person is a fascist, i.e. promotes direct and unambiguous harm to others such as Trump.
        I mean, criticise people for what they choose to do, not what they are born with.

      • ariana says:

        @Starkiller: I don’t dare go to DM or D-Listed, those people are animals. That’s the only way to explain how someone could be so cruel. I may make snarky remarks about some celebs I don’t particularly like, but those people wish death, disease, and all sorts of horrors on the people they dislike.

    • lucy2 says:

      I never saw the Leftovers but he was good in a few other things I saw him in.
      He sounds incredibly pretentious in this interview though. Blah.

  6. Snowslow says:

    If you can read between the lines everything is here:
    ““[A split] doesn’t have that seismic shift of an ordinary couple, where everything is, like, you have to tear a baby in half.””
    They were a HW couple, a lot into eacb other, stayed together while in different cities and grew apart.
    My husband was at this 1% super wealth guy’s house the other day and it was weird for him: the 19 year old daughter didn’t know where the mother was (e.e: in which country!) and ended up finding out she was travelling to the same country as the dad on the same day. He was stupefied. A completely off family dynamic for us, but super normal for them.

  7. Miss M says:

    Is he promoting a movie? My cynical self says yes because he is saying positive things about the marriage. When they first split his sources were trashing JA and backfired.
    I see you JT…

    • Jegede says:


      The split was boring and generated mostly mehs.

      Would have stayed that way if Justin and his pals couldn’t quite simpering to every entertainment outlet about how iconoclastic, hip. convention defying, anti -Hollywwod he is, while simultaneously dragging Aniston and LA life by a thousand cuts.

      No way would Theroux be getting attention from the NY Times about this programme without the Aniston connection.
      He’s third banana in a series that stars Emma Stone, Jonah Hill and Sally Field.

      (Hilarious how he’s sure to namecheck one of his ‘friends’ Jason Bateman.)

    • anon89 says:

      He’s promoting his Netflix show. His friendship with the Queer Eye dudes is old news, so he’s riding JA’s coattail again.

  8. Oliviajoy1995 says:

    It annoys me whenever Jen is called boring. Mature is the better word. She isn’t interested in publicly smearing people, even when a few have made a fool out of her and deserved to be called out. She just always keeps it moving and goes forward. She’s not someone who needs to be pitied.

    • SamC says:

      Oh come on already. How many years did she work the have a kid/not have a kid to stay in the headlines, and the post Brad Vanity Fair story? And all the stuff she seemed to OK Chelsea Handler say about Angelina’s kids? I don’t dislike her but she’s hardly been the super mature, take the high road, etc. person along her journey.

      • someone says:

        Maybe, just maybe, she was trying for children. What was she supposed to do.?Come out and tell people she had infertility…

      • entine says:

        errr… not say anything? put a clause that no reporter can ask about children or pregnancy past present or future in her interviews? I’d have done it, exploiting the angle was too much.

      • ariana says:

        @SamC: I agree with everything you said. As far as being “mature”, JA may be mature age-wise, but she certainly has the mentality of a 14 year old mean-girl.

        As for being boring, that depends on what people think is boring, it seems the men who have been in any relationship with JA which lasted more than a year has publicly called her boring. Tate Donovan called her “extremely high maintenance”.

    • lucy2 says:

      To me it seems like her exes call her boring after they break up, which likely means she got tired of their immature sh!t and didn’t want to put up with it anymore.

    • Ange says:

      Well I’m glad she’s not doing it anymore because she certainly did plenty of it when she and Brad split.

  9. cee says:

    Who cares? Once again throwing shade at Brad and Angie for attention. I still don’t believe they were ever really married.

    • ariana says:

      @cee: If Theroux or JA didn’t mention Brad or Angie would anyone ever bother to read an article about either of them…..of course not.

  10. SamC says:

    It takes two to make a relationship and, in most cases, two for it to fail. I don’t understand how suddenly Justin/Brad are the bad guys and Jen the sage wise woman when it wasn’t long ago on this site, amongst others, when Jen was the master PR manipulator, etc.
    They had a relationship, it didn’t work out. Seems his response, and hers, have been mature, no drama, and both have moved on.

  11. Elena says:

    “Can I raise my eyebrow and not answer the question?” (about dating)

    Hatchet thrown! In his mind he is SEXAY and edgy and out there and wants everyone to know it; the irony is JA made him famous and now he’s mad at himself bc he can’t be edgy since he had margaritas in Cabo.

    • Felicia says:

      Given how hard he was pushing the “Edgy Cool NYC Dude Gone Wild” scenario right after they split, my guess is that his comment along with the edgy eyebrow is meant to imply or insinuate that he’s being coy about maybe dating Emma Stone.

  12. .... says:

    Why is he speaking?

  13. Jess says:

    Don’t we have photo evidence of short-wearing? Isn’t that the origin of all the ridicule about jorts? Or does he not consider denim shorts to be shorts??

  14. KettleChipsRightNow says:

    I find this supposedly high profile romance boring, and I find Jen and Justin individually boring too. Actually I find also the extended love triangular or square (Brangelina vs JJ) also boring. They’re all over the hill, seriously! Justin is an okay actor.