Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s attorney: she is not at home, ‘the threats have been unending’

Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, the Palo Alto University psychology professor who testified in front of the Senate about being assaulted by Brett Kavanaugh as a teen, is still in hiding. However her lawyers have been speaking to the press. As you know, Kavanaugh was confirmed to the Supreme Court this weekend despite Dr. Ford’s testimony and multiple credible assault allegations against him. He also perjured himself and showed an angry, defensive temperament not suited to the SCOTUS. The FBI investigation was largely a sham, with the FBI failing to interview Kavanaugh, Ford or many other witnesses who have come forward to offer sworn statements. What’s more is that Ford paid a great personal cost for coming forward. Her lawyers have said that she’s unable to return to her home after receiving constant death threats. They’ve also revealed that she is not calling for Kavanaugh to be impeached. (Here’s more on that process.) I’m going to excerpt from two interviews they did, with MSNBC and CNN.

A lawyer representing Christine Blasey Ford says she absolutely does not want [Kavanaugh] impeached if Democrats take control of Congress.

Ford’s attorney Debra Katz tells CNN’s Dana Bash in an interview that Ford only wanted to tell her story to Senate Judiciary Committee members. She doesn’t want the process to drag on into the next Congress should Democrats end up winning control on Capitol Hill.

“Professor Ford has not asked for anything of the sort. What she did was to come forward and testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee and agree to cooperate with any investigation by the FBI and that’s what she sought to do here,” Katz said.

Her attorney Lisa Banks said Ford doesn’t have any regrets about coming forward.

“I don’t think she has any regrets. I think she feels like she did the right thing,” Banks said.

“And this was what she wanted to do, which was provide this information to the committee so they could make the best decision possible. And I think she still feels that was the right thing to do, so I don’t think she has any regrets…”

Ford’s lawyer responded to President Donald Trump’s comments at a campaign rally earlier this week where he had appeared to mock her testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee.
Banks said Ford was “upset by it.”

“It was very hurtful, as it would be to any woman. Any survivor who had the courage to come forward only to be mocked and belittled by anyone really, but certainly by the President of the United States, it was very upsetting. It was very hurtful,” she said. – From CNN

One of Ford’s attorneys, Debra Katz, told NBC’s Kasie Hunt that it’s going to be “quite some time” before Ford and her family can return home.

“Her family has been through a lot,” Katz said. “They are not living at home. It’s going to be quite some time before they’re able to live at home. The threats have been unending. It’s deplorable.”

“It’s been very frightening,” Katz added. – From MSNBC via The Hill

[From CNN and The Hill]

Attorney Banks also said that Senator Feinstein respected Dr. Ford’s confidentiality, but that “many things” went wrong during the process after Ford sent the letter to Feinstein. This scenario is all too common for sexual assault survivors, who often face more long term consequences than their assailants. The President of the United States mocked Ford’s very compelling, credible testimony. No wonder she’s not safe at home and is getting death threats. Dr. Ford does have a lot of support worldwide and particularly in her community. The San Jose Mercury News has a nice piece with quotes from people who know her and includes details of a rally that was held in Palo Alto in her honor. The Mayor of Palo Alto, Liz Kniss, plans to give Dr. Ford a proclamation of bravery once she’s ready to return. Her neighbors and friends surely have her back.



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  1. Em says:

    I love how republicans talk about ruining a good man when this woman’s life once again has been disrupted and ruined by their sociopath of president and his angry mob of supporters.
    I officially can’t stand Susan Collins for doing the old white males bidding at the expense of women.

    • Wasabi says:

      Yet, the public still afraid of false accusations. Because ~*~clearly~*~ the women gain so much amazingness from coming out as rape victims of rape. Will someone for once think about the menzzzzzzz!


    • LahdidahBaby says:

      Em, you are so right. I don’t live in Collins’ state, but I plan to give all my political donations to her opponent, whoever s/he is, when Collins runs for re-election in 2020. What Susan Collins did was an act of such cowardice and self-interest that she does not deserve to hold public office. Collins is the official, living proof that rather than vote for other women simply because they are women, we need to elect people, male or female, who are motivated by humanity and conscience.

  2. Desolee says:

    Good lord. I’m guessing she can no longer charge BK with assault. (And , I know, never indicated she wanted to.) But can she file a lawsuit for damages now? Trying to find a silver lining 😓

  3. Nikki says:

    What a disgrace. I never drink, but this weekend I did. My daughter and I discussed what other country we could move to IF there isn’t a huge Democratic backlash in November’s elections.

    • Nikki says:

      I’m so depressed.

    • TaniaOG says:

      Canada is happy to accept you!

    • Bex says:

      Come to Finland, the winters are cold but it’s a truly good place to live.

      • Fluffy Princess says:

        Oh I wish, I (we) could move to Finland!! My husband and I have been twice and have spent about a month total there, and I cannot wait to go again. Yes, it’s COLD, but when I finally figured out how much layering I needed, it was fine. (I am from Los Angeles where under 70F/21C means a sweater!) I could go on for days and days what an amazing city Helsinki is. . .

      • Nikki says:

        Thanks. I have heard many nice things about Finland! If it really came to a move, though, I’d stick closer to family by picking Canada, I think. Please pray folks vote these terrible people out!

    • Veronica S. says:

      I jokingly told my sister the other day that nothing makes you feel the limitations of growing up in a monoliguistic culture like looking at the short list of options where you can immigrate to and live comfortable speaking English only.

      • Jessica says:

        In Northern Europe, Africa and India people speak excellent English and you’d get away with only knowing English for the most part.

      • Veronica S. says:

        I know it’s a common language due to colonialism, but it certainly makes you a more attractive visa/emigrant to be multilingual – and definitely makes it easier to find and maintain work.

  4. BlueSky says:

    Again this is why women don’t come forward. This woman risked a lot at great cost. What sane person would put themselves through that if they were lying???
    I applaud her coming forward against a powerful man with powerful friends. I really do hope she has security. I’m glad she has the support of her community.

    • LahdidahBaby says:

      Yes, to all of this.

    • Sue Denim says:

      I read somewhere that sexism is the belief that men are better than women, misogyny is the policing of that belief. The treatment of Dr. Ford now is the latter — a clear message to all women to put a hand over your own mouth and not challenge the patriarchy or pay the heavy price for speaking out. But together we are so so so much stronger than they are, and that’s what really terrifies them.

  5. me46 says:

    I’ve read she’s planning on leaving the country, at this point I don’t blame her.

  6. Derriere says:

    They’ve gotten their SC justice, and yet they still have to send death threats. That’s tell you how unhinged they are. Somehow women who have come forward with their stories are unhinged and hysterical, but while Republicans make a toast to Kavanaugh, their supporters are sending death threats.

    This is not a level playing field.

    • jwoolman says:

      Didn’t Senator Doug Jones from Alabama (a “no” vote) say his female staffers were getting rape threats over all this?

      Trump really wanted that guy on the court, come hell or high water. Will he really be able to convince others to protect The Donald?

      Kavanaugh might think he has a loyal supporter in the White House, but Trump is not known for loyalty. Kavanaugh has perjured himself repeatedly and made a public fool of himself for Trump, but Trump will toss him under the nearest bus when he’s no longer useful. So Kavanaugh has better deliver as promised.

      Hopefully the dirt on Kavanaugh will continue to surface and be verified. So when the time is right he might just face impeachment after all. I’m sure Kavanaugh continues to drink heavily and is a mean drunk. That might be his eventual undoing.

  7. Darla says:

    Of course she doesn’t want him impeached, they’ll drag her back to congress for hearings. But he IS going to be investigated if the dems take the house. Her life as she knew it is over.

  8. Aang says:

    She and the other accusers should be booked on cabled news every day until the election. The hosts should be reading the statements of those turned away by the FBI every day. They should dig into the texts confirming Kavanaugh was trying to hush up witnesses. We heard about Benghazi and emails for years. Democrats need to stop blaming Avenatti, grow a pair and fight fire with fire. It’s apparently what gets out the vote. Can we elect a real housewife or Victor Newman to the Senate? Someone that knows about revenge and vendettas? The democrats next appointment to the Supreme Court should be Al Franken.

  9. Aerohead21 says:

    Insert smartass comment here:

    Oh well, we’re not worried about her life. Just the man’s life she ruined.

  10. lucy says:

    I have had more and more of my friends tell me how upset they are over this – because their SONS now have to worry! Where was/is the worry over the women that have gone through the sexual assault? There is none, only now they need to be concerned because their sons may be “wrongly” accused…how dare a woman! Then, the NERVE of some people attacking Kavanaugh’s family – they did nothing! But yet, not to worry about Dr. Ford’s death threats! I do not understand my friends and family – women!!! All I can say is VOTE IN NOVEMBER!!!! That is the only way to change any of this!

    • Cate says:

      A factoid I saw recently that I am now keeping handy if anyone asks “are you worried for your son?”: A man is more likely to be a victim of sexual assault than of false allegations.

      • AMA1977 says:

        Thank you for sharing that. I have a daughter and a son, and recently, my sister and I were talking about the ridiculous epidemic of “I’m worried for my son!!” statements from women who previously seemed reasonable. I am NOT worried about my son, because I am raising him to be a kind, thoughtful, respectful young man who understands that no means no and that women and girls are his equals and are entitled to bodily autonomy. I AM worried about my daughter because, while I am teaching her the same lessons, so many other parents are completely abdicating their responsibility to do the same. This mess, like so many other messes since November 2016, has given me renewed opportunities to talk to our kids about our shared values, outlook on the world, and responsibility to other people. Frankly, I wish I didn’t have to do quite so much teaching, and I wish other people would start doing some with their kids.

        I am DEFINITELY keeping that nugget of information handy and will be spreading it far and wide. It’s an awful reality, and until we change the way we think about assault, it will not change.

      • jwoolman says:

        Also just say their sons can be falsely accused of robbery or non-sexual assault also, but don’t live in fear of that as long as they are not thieves or assaulters. People seem to just let their common sense fly out the window when genitals are involved.

        Such myths are really just a control tactic.

  11. JRenee says:

    Those depraved deplorables have said the absolute worst things about her. I stopped reading the comments because the ones from other women were beyond the pale. I will never understand how this was seen as a political issue and not a human rights issue. The men who lamented about this were typical, the women were in some cases worse. No wonder the women’s movement is often without motion.

    • jwoolman says:

      Be aware that on the internet, there are many people masquerading as something they are not. In particular, it is common to lie about gender. Women in our culture tend to have different writing styles than men, and I often see the male style in posts on such issues from posters claiming to be women. Be especially wary of posts that directly claim to be from women in such contexts. Look for the stylistic hints.

      I can’t explain the differences very well but they are definitely there, it’s like body language to me.

      Also Russian bots are still active and pop in whenever Trump&Co. are having public relations problems. This is election-related, so expect a large number of those. The idea is to make it seem as though more people think that way than actually do.

  12. Branvoyage says:

    There is a go fund me to help her with security and moving expenses, not to mention time off work as well because they can’t even go anywhere without being threatened.
    I plan to donate.
    Oh yeah, there’s one for the poor judge too. His has earned more money 😡

  13. Renee says:

    This last few weeks have been a nightmare for women. I can’t even begin to understand how Dr. Ford has been feeling.

  14. Valerie says:

    And still, people ask, “Why didn’t they say something sooner”? BECAUSE, no matter the decade, women will endure further harassment and ostracization when they do. She would’ve gotten death threats in 1982. It’s so unfair.

    • jwoolman says:

      Yes, even today girls still in school can face tremendous harassment and threats from the guy’s buddies, especially if he is an athlete. Girls have had to change schools after coming forward about such assaults.

      High school and college students face the same risks when they actually report such crimes as anybody else, multiplied because of the school culture in which they live.

  15. Veronica S. says:

    Thank you for your courage, Dr. Ford. I hope we can someday build a world for you where silence isn’t a punishment and breaking it isn’t a greater one.

  16. Jessica says:

    Thank you Dr. Ford for your sacrifice and courage!

  17. adastraperaspera says:

    The GOP are inciting domestic terrorism at every turn. It’s a key part of their strategy to rule as a minority, authoritarian party. We can’t relent. They must be voted out. When we get them out, the individuals responsible for terrorizing Dr. Ford must be prosecuted.

    • The Other Katherine says:

      “The GOP are inciting domestic terrorism at every turn. It’s a key part of their strategy to rule as a minority, authoritarian party.”

      THIS. Not enough people are willing to acknowledge this.

  18. lucy says:

    I was reading an article about Dr Ford and how she is being threatened…over 1,000 comments from people and most of them were good for her for the lies she has spread and the money she is making from her GoFundMe and how the democrats caused all this! This is beyond hatred, this is ignorance at the highest level and people who had to hide the true nastiness now being unafraid to show what they think and feel. It scares me to think in a month, nothing will happen and the Congress will be as it is now. These are ignorant people, voting! I have to hope the youth (cannot say women as many of these people were women) will come out to vote and show they are not fooled by the ignorance of the people around them!

    • jwoolman says:

      Don’t be too sure that all such comments were from real people. It’s a public relations thing, Trumpians and their Russian helpers want to make it seem as if a pro-Trumpy position is more popular than it really is. Look at the posts – if many of them are very similar, suspect an army of bots (foreign or domestic).

      This is an issue that will affect the election and so it’s part of general promotion of the Republicans – who actually represent a minority in this country. The Senate is controlled by Republicans only because two Senators come from each state, no matter how small. The Republican Senators actually represent fewer people than the Democrats.

      Maine has about 1.3 million people, for example. California has almost 40 million people. Alaska has less than 800,000. Indianapolis is a rather small city and has more people than Alaska.

      Really, even review sites have to beware of positive reviews actually posted by people paid by the manufacturer. It’s really hard dealing with all the fraud on the net these days. But just be skeptical.

  19. JanetFerber says:

    This woman. God bless her. A true American hero. Ladies, your next sexual assault perp may be in the Supreme Court someday! Because people with vaginas don’t count.