Kylie Jenner is back to over-inflating her lips to cartoonish proportions with fillers

A few months after Kylie Jenner gave birth to little Stormi, she seemed to debut a fresher-looking face. By that I mean that Kylie looked less plastic, and less like a 40-year-old woman desperately trying to look 20 through filters, CGI and makeup. Kylie is only 21 years old, and the girl has looked like a CGI production for the past five or six years. But in July, Kylie announced that she was letting her lip fillers dissolve, after many years of getting her lips overplumped to look cartoonish. The change was refreshing and she genuinely looked younger. But of course it didn’t last. A cursory glance at her recent Instagrams show that the old cartoon lips are back, and Kylie confirmed as much:

Kylie Jenner’s lip fillers are back! The 21-year-old Kylie Cosmetics founder confirmed she was once again making her pout more plump on Tuesday when she thanked Pawnta Cosmetic Dermatology of Beverly Hills “for coming through late last night with a lip touch up!”

The shoutout, which was a photo of Jenner posted on her Instagram Stories, showed her posing in a white robe with significantly fuller lips. Her cosmetic procedure comes just a few months after the Keeping up with the Kardashians star revealed she had decided to stop enhancing her lips.

[From People]

It is what it is. I hoped that Kylie would keep a more natural look for a while, but she couldn’t even make it three months without over-inflating her lips again. I get that it’s Kylie’s business too – when you’re the CEO of a nearly-billion-dollar lip-kit company and your company depends on your Instagrams of your lips modeling the lipstick, of course you’re going to want your lips to look camera-ready at all times. But I’ve always taken issue with just how oversized she goes with the fillers – she’s not doing a small, barely significant plumping. She WANTS her lips to look that crazy.

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  1. Beth says:

    I guess since she grew up in a family full of women who look like blow up dolls with oversized fake body parts, she doesn’t realize how silly all these fillers and implants make her look

  2. Kittycat says:

    Nothing against thin lips but if I had thin lips and the money I would increase the size.

    Kylie of course is using her platform to make money for her company and inflating her lips does that so win-win.

    I was expecting her and travis trying for another baby to be the lead story.

    • Cee says:

      I have a thin upper lip that, sometimes, drives me a bit nuts. But makeup and a good liner helps me shape it and make it look fuller. She doesn’t want plumper lips, she wants another mouth.

    • kellybean says:

      I have somewhat full lips and I feel the same as you. If my lips were thin (like one of my sisters), I would probably be pumping them up, too. To each their own. The Kardashians/Jenners are annoying to me but it’s their life/face/body so they can do what they want to it. It doesn’t affect my life.

      • Catarina says:

        What’s weird (actually, not weird at all) is that she outright LIED 2 months back when she claimed she was having her lip fillers “removed.” People don’t do that!—they just stop having their lips filled, and they eventually go back to their original size. Also, her lips NEVER looed much thinner at all, just a little less cartoonish: she may have skipped, at most, one or two filling procedures, and chose to lie and call the slightly less overblown lips a result of complete “filler removal.” Gah, I can’t stand all her lies! All that happened was, though she kept her lips MUCH faker and fuller than they really are, is she took a brief break on her fillers. Then, when she began to be able to foresee what she and her mouth would look like if she truly, completely stopped filling her naturally thin lips, she went quickly right back to overfilling them again. Another thing I’m sure of: she NEVER planned to go back to her real, skinny lips at all, even though she claimed she wanted to. These sisters are such liars, especially about all of their fake parts, that it’s insulting: Sorry, but the rest of us, in general, are nowhere near as blind and stupid as you think we are!

    • Sojaschnitzel says:

      I have thin lips and it gets worse with age. I am totally going to pump them up a little bit if I ever find a doctor who can do it without making me look ridiculous. I dont care about how much i’ll have to save the money for that. I am a really self-confident happy person but small lips really ruin the face more than anything else and I hate it.

      • Persistent Cat says:

        Same. I hate my mouth, it’s small and my lips are thin. I’d love to get them plumped but I’m scared I would look ridiculous.

    • Fleur says:

      Noooo, don’t touch your thin lips! (I mean, do what you want…). I have full lips naturally, and I always feel like I have too much lip for kissing, if that makes sense. Like I have too much lip, it doesn’t feel sexy to me when I kiss. I love kissing men with thin lips. It’s softer and delicate and I feel like I can feel more of them if his lips are thin.

      Anyway, thin lips on women are beautiful and dainty. Look at a young Meg Ryan. Beautifully proportioned face.

      • MarcelMarcel says:

        Agreed @Fleur. I have thin lips and I don’t want to retouch them because they suit the proportions of my face. Like I understand why people like fuller lips but it’s all balance. Angelina Jolie’s lips are beautiful because they are naturally full and suit the rest of her features.

        It’s a part of why I think subtle plastic surgery and cosmetic enchantments are better than the Kardashian style Barbie doll aesthetic. If you alter one feature too much than throws off your natural & idiosyncratic features.

  3. Eliza says:

    I don’t get this makeup style. If i can see how heavy the makeup is in pictures, in person it must be inches plied on.

    She makes me sad. Sure she has money and her beautiful daughter but she gives off such a sad/unhappy/lonely vibe. Money can’t buy happiness. Pretty can’t create happiness. Has to come from within

    • Snowslow says:

      Here in the UK has been THE LOOK for a while (along with skinny jeans torn at the knee and hoodies and hoops). I don’t get it: first of all they all look the same. Second, it’s the kind of look that, like plastic surgery, is never enough: so the eyebrows get bigger, more tattooed-like, the lips get bigger, the hair extensions get longer and the foundation goes from caked-on to shoved onto the skin. It’s beyond me. And what is weird is that boys don’t like a lot of make-up (with exceptions probably) so these girls seems completely asexual to me. They just care about looking like a walking instagram picture.

    • kellybean says:

      I see young women (late teens/early 20s) walking around and their makeup is so caked on that you can not see any natural skin showing through, I wonder what they look like without it. I have a few age spots on my face and would love to know what they use so I could cover them up.

      • Twiggys Eyeliner says:

        If you’re looking for a foundation for coverage: Estee Lauder Double Wear. If you’re looking for a concealer to spot cover areas: Tarte Shape Tape.

      • Persistent Cat says:

        Just adding to Twiggy’s recommendation, don’t know how you feel about her but Kat Von D’s Lock-It foundation has very high coverage. Also I believe Lancome’s Teint Idole is high coverage. IT Cosmetics’ CC cream is good but their shade selection is garbage.

  4. Gaby says:

    Maybe they think their faces look good in pictures, “sexy” or whatever, but It always amazes me to watch them speak or move their faces, it’s sooooooo uncomfortable and fake. I’m not saying this just to knock them down, out of spite, but really, I just mean that they don’t move in a natural way at all. I don’t understand how so many people think it’s such a beautiful look.

  5. Nancy says:

    She must loathe herself on the inside to find it necessary to change what’s on the outside. She is the last of the litter and maybe got lost in the fray while her sisters were busy making sex tapes, marrying men they knew a month (Khloe), step brothers she didn’t know, a father with identity issues and a fame whore mother. How could anyone be normal with that baggage. It’s sad that she is someone’s mother. She needs help. *since when are thin lips a bad thing. I remember reading Kim Basinger saying as a child she was ridiculed for her full lips, she hated them* Kylie’s problems are much deeper than her mouth….no pun intended 💋

  6. grabbyhands says:

    I figured she’d go back to looking like a real life Bratz doll sooner or later.

    Look, if they want to spend their untold millions on looking ridiculous and fake, that’s their choice, but god – at least stop LYING about it. It isn’t exercise or vitamins or being on your period – you’re constantly tinkering with your face and body via plastic surgery. End of.

    Kardashian stans aren’t suddenly going to run away in shock if they all admitted the painfully obvious. If anything, they would probably be heaped with even more undeserved accolades.

  7. CharliePenn says:

    I think she looks fabulous. Am I crazy? I understand that it’s not anything near her original face, but she’s selling this whole fantasy and I genuinely think she looks great. She doesn’t look like a natural beauty, she looks like a futuristic reality star fantasy. And that’s kind of what she is.
    When I go on her insta I always think she looks sexy and awesome. It helps that whenever I’ve watched the show she seems very kind, sweet, and low key. Whereas Kendall is such an eyerolling little a-hole at all times and so I can’t really see her beauty at all anymore.

    • Snowslow says:

      I agree that she seems sweet. I watched on youtube a few excerpts of The K show recently (I had never even heard their voice) and watched her make-up (or was it de-make-up?) tutorial. The latter was ridiculous because she has this voice that fades out into oblivion and her eyes check-out mid-sentence. It’s very spooky. But compared to the others yes, she seems to disconnect in order to go to her happy place. Hence, you’ll never convince me that she isn’t a sad creature inside who knows nothing else and therefore caved in. If her gorgeous reality back from the future thing was her own doing yes, why not? There is Barbie girl, there is Orlan (French artists who has implants and her own plastic surgeries that she turned into an art video), there is Cher, all happy creatures. But her, turned toward herself and replicating the basic male instincts with her booty, lips and t**ts, I am not so sure.

    • KidV says:

      I think she looks great, too. And I love her lips, they fit her face. I thought she was adorable before all of the changes, I think she’s gorgeous now. She can and has over-done it at times, IMO, but her lips in that photos look good. You can tell she over lined them to make them look even fuller, if you look at the actual lip, it’s not TOO overly-inflated.

      And I think she looks even better without makeup.

  8. a reader says:

    She never announced she stopped using lip fillers. I believe she said something like “i let my fillers dissolve” and for some reason everyone assumed she meant her lips even though her lips were clearly still filled. She was talking about all the facial fillers she was using. It’s so obvious she never let her lips deflate – it was her FACE.
    That being said she does look much prettier without the facial fillers.

  9. skipper says:

    I don’t see a problem here. Her body, her choice. If it makes her feel better about herself then I think it’s absolutely fine. No judgement from me.

    • Lilly says:

      I pretty much feel the same. What I judge, and I thought this when I saw Kris Jenner on James Cordon, is how they artificially make their skin darker – and we have the previous photos of their real skin tone to show it. I guess what bothers me is that they have the choice to then turn pale and I anticipate they will, when it’s advantageous. But, I don’t begrudge her as a young woman choosing what helps her feel great about herself.

  10. TheHeat says:

    As a woman who supports other women, I’m happy if doing this makes her happier in life.

  11. Laur says:

    I thought she looked great when she deflated her face in general, so much fresher and more youthful. She must feel so insecure in general to change her appearance so much, regardless of how annoying this family are, I’ll always feel a bit sorry for her.

  12. AMA1977 says:

    I always wonder whenever I see women with small children with those insane talon nails if they ever touch their babies at all. I know she and Khloe (another one with the inches-long crazy-sharp nails) don’t have to change diapers, but do they give baths? Play with their little one in their lap? I would be terrified to scratch soft baby skin by accident. When mine were little, my nails were always pretty short and filed round to avoid accidental scratches, and they still happened on occasion. That’s all I’ve got. ;)

  13. serena says:

    I can’t with her make up too.. look at the difference between her face and her chest area..

  14. Lynne says:

    All the kardashian enhancements are done for 2 dimensional photos. Irl or even in non staged, and not touched up photos (read no make up) the lips are out of proportion and ugly. She looks like a duck.

  15. jwoolman says:

    The lips seem like such a sensitive part of the face. Injecting anything into them would trigger my childhood desire to run away from the person in the white coat holding a needle…. Just reading about it, I have to suppress the urge to escape.

    How often would someone have to have injections to keep Kylie’s lips? Is there ever any problem with repeat injections, or do they heal well enough in between? People who need insulin injections or other types have to be careful not to use the same area all the time.

  16. Pandy says:

    Nice finish to her foundation half way down her neck … and yet she’s a make up mogul?? Sure.

    • Nacho_friend says:

      Hahaha I just saw that after you pointed it out!!! I guess none of the kids that buy her makeup knows she doesn’t actually put it on herself lol

  17. Case says:

    That’s sad. After she started the baby and stopped doing some of the plastic surgery nonsense for a while, she looked so pretty.

  18. BEE says:

    Has anyone ever used any of her products? I would bet they are made on the cheap. Afterall they are made for making you look cheap! Love the foundation gap, ha ha.

  19. CocoNoir says:

    She looks gorgeous with makeup CGI, fillers and filters. Her face has a beautiful shape. Her surgeons did a great job. I wonder if someone told her how high maintenance plastic surgery is. As long as she doesn’t ever run out of cash she should be fine.

  20. jay says:

    Did anybody else notice the “coming through late last night” part in the shoutout to the lip tech? Like it was on short notice or impulsive? I don’t know…something irksome about it.

  21. Steph Trudell says:

    3,000 tons of foundation caked on is what makes he look so old.

  22. Yes Doubtful says:

    Honestly…I don’t think her lips are the worst – they work for her and her business. It’s Khloe who over-does it and ends up looking like a duck faced blow up doll.