Princess Eugenie’s wedding gown was by Peter Pilotto & Christopher De Vos

Princess Eugenie wedding

Princess Eugenie was such a beautiful bride! She was conservative and traditional, but there were some “twists” on tradition that won me over too. Eugenie’s wedding gown was by Peter Pilotto, a designer who was not on ANY of the short-lists. No one versed in royal wedding gossip had even mentioned Pilotto as a potential designer (Pilotto designed this jointly with Christopher De Vos, for what it’s worth!). I’m so happy that she was able to pull off that surprise. The gown itself was well-made and pretty – the cinched waist, the off-the-shoulder and the peak of her shoulder blades, all of the made me happy. It was said that Eugenie wanted to show her scoliosis scar on her back, so she could normalize it. I barely even noticed the scar, honestly. My least favorite part of the gown was the detailing on the shoulders, like the little fabric foldover. I thought that looked dated.

Eugenie didn’t wear a veil, which surprised me! I thought every “traditional” bride had to wear a veil. I think this too was about her scoliosis scar – she didn’t want to hide her back behind a veil, plus the back of her gown was gorgeous – I would argue that the back of her dress was more interesting than the front, honestly. Eugenie did wear a tiara, which some people were not expecting. She borrowed one of her grandmother’s most beloved tiaras, the Grenville Emerald tiara. It’s also called the Boucheron tiara, or the Grenville Emerald Kokoshnik. I think once the tiara was chosen, Eugenie probably decided to for-sure forgo a veil, just to highlight the tiara even further. I also liked that she did a somewhat messy bun, like Meghan!

Eugenie’s diamond drop earrings were a wedding gift from Jack Brooksbank, who looked like he was as nervous as a cat. Eugenie was the calm, happy one – she was absolutely beaming at him throughout the wedding service, and he was just trying to stay calm and not fidget. The wedding service was very sweet.

Princess Eugenie wedding

Princess Eugenie wedding

Princess Eugenie wedding

Princess Eugenie wedding

Princess Eugenie wedding

Princess Eugenie wedding

Photos courtesy of WENN, Avalon Red.

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  1. Jennifer says:

    She looks absolutely perfect!

    • Millenial says:

      Agreed, absolutely lovely!

      • Jan90067 says:

        Her eyebrows appear too darkened, (noticed it in the interview yesterday), and that “throws off her face” for me. But otherwise lovely.

        Funny how no one is screaming about the loose side tendrils like they did for Meghan’s wedding hair. Both women’s hairstyle, for their weddings, look the same to me.

      • Becks1 says:

        @Jan90067 – lolololol. I noticed that too. Their hairstyles are almost identical and yet the reactions are very different.

      • Nic919 says:

        I agree with you on the darkened eyebrows as well as the lack of faux outrage on the tendrils. But the tiara sort of refocuses attention. She looked beautiful and happy. As all brides should.

      • Megan says:

        The loose tendrils work much better without a veil. I love her dress. I hope we get a pic of her evening dress.

      • Ms. Turtle says:

        There was nothing messy about her hair. I love Meghan but I was one of those who was underwhelmed by her wedding hair. Eugenie’s looks done – not thrown together. And the tendrils were styled (curled?) and Meghan’s did not look styled. Both brides were beautiful.

      • Jane says:

        I wasn’t ‘outraged’ by Meghan’s hair, but I just didn’t think the hairstyle worked with the dress, the tiara or the veil. The look was sleek and classic, and the hair was underdone for that style.

        Eugenie went bigger with the dress and the tiara, so her more casual hair lightens up the look. It works.

    • Rhys says:

      Stunning! This is how simple style wedding dress should be done!

      • Lilag says:

        Honestly I can’t even say how much I loved her gown. That back was STUNNING such a piece of art really. And that tiara is just incredible and rich. I’m really happy I’ll confess. The most beautiful royal bride I’ve seen. I really needed a silly and beautiful wedding to make me forget about politics and elections (Brazilian staring in the face of fascism here)

      • notasugarhere says:

        Lilag I feel like we’re all staring in the face of facism at this point. And it is winning. So the distraction of a royal wedding is welcome!

      • Mgsota says:

        Agree! I’m so in love with simple, elegant, timeless dresses. I love this dress so much! Watching those wedding dress shows on TV…see through, rhinestoned beyond belief, boobs out…no, no, no!
        I have two daughters and I hope one day in the future they’ll pick something classic, timeless, but it will be up to them! 🤞🏻
        If they get married that is.

      • Nic919 says:

        It was a great dress and I also agree that it will be timeless.

      • Rhys says:

        Same feeling about her hair, by the way. It is very similar on the front to what Meghan had done but looks regal, romantic and so becoming as opposed to disheveled and undone.

      • NotSoSocialButterfly says:

        Lovely, but why the overly long sleeves with a pointed cuff??????

    • Addison says:

      I agree Jennifer. She looks so happy. Best wishes to her and her husband.

    • Spacey Q says:

      This dress is gorgeous!! I like it more than Kate’s or Meghan’s, which I didn’t expect, as she isn’t known for her good taste. And that tiara!! I’m here for the jewels, always!!!

    • LahdidahBaby says:

      YES. I think she looked absolutely sublimely perfect! One of the loveliest bridal gowns I’ve seen in a while. And I loved the emerald tiara on her.

      Honestly, she looked perfect. Perfect.

      • hally says:

        She really did look amazing, her dress, hair, makeup, and that amazingggg tiara were all perfect, and suited her so well! She really looked like a royal princess. And the whole look managed to look traditional but fresh and unexpected at the same time, she really did an amazing job putting the look together. I’m so happy for her, she looked radiant!

    • Ms. Turtle says:

      wrong post, sorry.

    • LahdidahBaby says:


  2. Escondista says:

    I am here for this dress! I have never seen her look better!

  3. Jenns says:

    Love this dress on her. She looks beautiful.

    And as soon as I saw the hair, I thought of Meghan.

    • Olenna says:

      Ditto! She is radiant. Love the tiara with it’s brilliant pop of green and the loose tendrils of hair. Traditional princess-style dresses aren’t my favorite, but this dress is beautiful and beautifully fitted.

  4. Clare says:

    She seemed SO sweet. I also appreciate her showing off her scar and ditching the veil.

    I genuinely hope seeing Eugenie in this context, as a sweet slightly besotted young bride, will cause people to think twice before attacking the York girls, simply because their parents are arseholes.

    • Milla says:

      I’m with Claire 100percent.

      Princess looked so beautiful and fragile, she doesn’t deserve any hate. Her parents are alive and well, so if you dislike them, insult them. York girls are victims of their parents and vile press.
      Lovely dress, great tiara, what a beautiful wedding and no Beckhams, lol

    • LahdidahBaby says:

      Yes, Clare, I so agree.

    • Natalie S says:

      It’s only been a few years since she did that tacky Snow White and Seven Dwarfs look at her birthday party. No one made her do that. Eugenie has got some of her own tackiness as well though hopefully she’s matured past that.

      I wish her well on her wedding day but I don’t think it’s as cut and dry as attributing anything tacky or overdone about the wedding to solely her parents.

      • anon says:

        Nothing was tacky or overdone. You seem like such a negative, petty person. Must be exhausting to nitpick constantly

      • Natalie S says:

        I actually didn’t call her wedding tacky? I’ve actually only said positive things about what we saw of Eugenie today and I even gave her the benefit of the doubt that maybe she’s matured since that birthday.

        It’s her wedding day so course I wish the actual couple involved well. To be fair, I did call parts of the wedding dry and showy and I think the thirst to get it televised was tacky so there’s that. And you can understand based on your concerns about the cost to police that the carriage ride was a questionable idea. And yes, I think Eugenie had agency in all that and it’s not solely her parents.

        The Snow White costume was tacky, though. Do you not agree?

      • Natalie S says:

        @anon, thinking about it, I did essentially call parts of it overdone and tacky because I called it showy. But based on your comments about cost to police, I am actually surprised you’re so upset about it especially seeing as security will also be provided for the carnival tomorrow.

        But of course Jack and Eugenie, I wish the best to as people. The couple and the kids were the best part of the wedding and Eugenie looked great.

      • anon says:

        The carriage ride is something the Royals do when they are married at Windsor. As for the security, their numbers are reportedly lower than H&M because there were fewer people lining the streets and also the shorter carriage ride. Their private wedding celebration/party tomorrow afternoon at Eugenie’s family home doesn’t include taxpayer-funded security. The extra celebrations have been paid for privately. I’m not sure why you made that bit up, tho.

      • Natalie S says:

        Made which bit up in particular? Thinking there might be an additional security cost for guests and workers for a carnival held at Royal Lodge?

        The carriage ride with people lining the street to watch is not a general royal thing for a non-working royal. The closest justification was Edward and Sophie were not supposed to be working royals but I checked the Court Circular and both were doing engagements. They were brought full time into the fold after they both had issues with their private work. Think how much lower the costs could have gone if they hadn’t had the carriage ride at all or invited people to watch. No sarcasm, I genuinely thought that mattered to you.

        @anon, seriously is this just a thing where there should be different opinions for “blood princesses” versus the wife of the sixth in line to the throne?

      • Tina says:

        @anon, Peter Phillips and Autumn didn’t do the carriage ride when they got married at Windsor. And policing doesn’t work like that – they have to police the route, it takes the number of police it takes however many people there are (which they couldn’t have been sure of in advance, they had to prepare as though lots of people would turn up). It won’t have cost as much as Harry and Meghan’s wedding because the route was shorter, but it will still be at least £2m, which we can ill afford.

      • Olenna says:

        From the negative, petty comments about the Duchess of Sussex certain people have made in these royal wedding threads, it’s obvious they only have a problem with Meghan and what she does or wears. It must be exhausting trying to justify all the hypocrisy.

      • aaa says:

        I think that the route for the carriage ride is based on what TPTB determine to be public interest in the couple getting married during the planning stages. Whether they are or are not working royals or their place in succession are not key considerations.

        If there was more interest in Peter and Autumn’s wedding then a longer carriage ride would have been planned for them, and if there was less interest in Harry and Meghan’s wedding then a shorter carriage ride would have been planned for them. I saw pictures of people lined up at least three deep when the carriage passed through the town of Windsor, that indicates to me that the planners made the right decision on the length of the carriage ride for Eugenie’s and Jack’s wedding.

      • Tina says:

        @aaa, there are no “ptb” making the decisions about royal weddings. As with any other wedding, the couple and their family decides. The only official decision is the one that the police take about the appropriate level of policing needed once the couple have made their decision. And Peter and Autumn never left the walls of Windsor Castle. That’s what made the cost of the carriage ride jump from negligible to £2m, and £4m+ in the case of Harry and Meghan. And I don’t care what a few hundred maniacs on the very narrow streets of Windsor think, £2m is an absurd cost for the taxpayer on a wedding of a minor person who is not a working royal.

      • caty says:

        To Tina…Umm, yep there are pictures of Peter and Autumn getting in a carriage from the steps of the chapel, so yes they did ride in a carriage after the wedding.

      • Tina says:

        Yes, Peter and Autumn got in a carriage, but they just rode it around the grounds of the castle. The expense comes from the cost of policing the public outside the secure perimeter of the castle, in the town of Windsor.

  5. Beach Dreams says:

    Ooh, the shoulder details are actually my favorite part of the dress! On the other hand, the train looked a bit off to me. Something about the way it was contructed just looked a bit clunky. Overall, she looked fantastic.

    • dimsummum says:

      She’s glowing! What a lovely bride.
      Agree with BD’s comments regarding the train and what looks to be an ’80’s ‘flounce’ or bow.
      Also, the sleeves are shapeless. and, I know Im alone on this, which likely means I have no understanding of fashion, but Im not thrilled with the pairing of the tiara which almost has an art deco vibe with the dress. I love the Greville Tiara, but not with the style of the dress.

      Her waist looks tiny, the embroidery is lovely and shows off the quality of the material.
      And she looks so very happy.

      • Maum says:

        Agree the tiara didn’t work with the dress. Dress had a 50s princess Margaret vibe which I loved (apart from the embroidery) and the tiara was lady Mary from Downton.

    • notasugarhere says:

      The back looks like a gentle homage to her mother’s bow bustle wedding dress.

  6. jeanne says:

    very beautiful disney princess dress. aurora from sleeping beauty. i loved it.

    perfectly fitted (unlike meghan’s, sorry! i couldn’t help myself. it still bugs me!)

    • Inara says:

      Thank you!!! I was going to comment the same.

    • Milla says:

      Agreed. May be my fave royal dress from BRF. Kate’s fit was perfect, but I personally am not crazy about lace. Meg’s was not good. Diana and Fergie… No. But this one, i love, it’s fairytale dress indeed.

      • Clare says:


        Agree – my favourite brf wedding dress too. Kate’s fit beautifully but it was too doily for my taste, and I didn’t like the fit of Meghan’s. The shoulder straps on Zara’s were fussy and awkward. I think this one will age beautifully, unlike Diana and fergie’s.

    • Rina says:

      I reminded me of the Disney princess dresses.

      Eugenie looked radiant and joyous and so did her husband. I wish them the very best.

  7. minx says:

    She looks lovely. I have broad shoulders too and v necks are our best friend.
    The cinched waist is perfect for her figure. Very flattering.

  8. Scal says:

    The skirt is said to have some similar details to grans dress. Love it.

    So so pretty!

    • notasugarhere says:

      It does. Bespoke fabric with certain flowers in it, and the way it is cut (with patterns horizontal) mimics the bands of beaded flowers embroidered on HM’s dress.

    • notasugarhere says:

      A bit more info. Fabric design includes York Rose for England, thistle for Scotland, shamrock for Ireland, ivy for Ivy Cottage where they live. I hope there are also daffodils for Wales.

  9. Carobell says:

    Amazing tiara! I love that she pulled something different out of the vault. She looked so happy. I like the dress but there is just so much of it, the bottom bits/train are overwhelming her frame to me.

    • JayneBirkinB says:

      Hopefully the dress will go on display in the new year and we’ll be able to see the Leeks or Daffodils. BTW I am pretty sure they announced this was woven into the fabric, it’s a silk damask jacquard, rather than embroidery, which is a nice change of pace (although many references on the twitters to their grannies’ table cloths.) Gorgeous tiara, I would want to wear it every week. Perfect match to her hazel eyes. I’m surprised Catherine didn’t snatch this one up.

  10. Angie says:

    She looks beautiful! I love the dress and agree sadly it fits better than Meghan’s (hard to admit bc I love Meghan). I love how brides always look beautiful on their wedding days. It’s a nice part of life.

    • Ellie says:

      Meghan has a flawless face. I’d actually forgotten about her dress because the photos of her face are just stunning. Eugenia looks very happy here. I’m glad she had a great day.

  11. Natalie S says:

    Eugenie looked great. That dress highlighted her figure so well and I just love the the neckline, especially how it looked from the back. And that tiara is spectacular

    (Also, suffragette white and emeralds! A two for one on the honoring!)

  12. TheOriginalMia says:

    She looks amazing. Love the choice of the Greville Tiara. The emeralds really strike a nice balance off her skin tone. The dress is gorgeous. Wasn’t what I thought she’d choose, but very well done.

    • notasugarhere says:

      The Windsors owe Maggie Greville a huge debt for that vault of jewelry she willed them.

      • hally says:

        Do they ever! disregarding the monetary value of the jewelry, the woman had damn good taste! Can’t say the same for the queen unfortunately lol, jewelry she designs /chooses are rarely so nice!

      • notasugarhere says:

        HM is terrible at jewelry design. That Burmese ruby tiara is the worst example, followed by Sophie’s wedding tiara.

      • JayneBirkinB says:

        Goodness, I have to agree. For unfortunate third and fourth examples, see QEII’s Modern Sapphire Tiara and the Brazilian Aquamarine Tiara. The Royal Order of Sartorial Splendor blog has write ups on both. Ugh, just ugh.

      • MeghanNotMarkle says:

        Dismantling the Nizam of Hyderabad tiara to make that Burmese ruby monstrosity should be a crime. HM shouldn’t be allowed to touch the jewels. Neither should Edward.

  13. zinjojo says:

    I am HERE for that tiara. Love the Queen Mum’s Grenville Emerald tiara, it’s so lovely and an unexpected choice. I’d like to see it in close up detail! Beautiful dress and they both look so happy.

    • Wasabi says:

      Same! Adore the pop of color and everything about the headpiece.

      • Lightpurple says:

        The pop of color that carried over to the children’s waistbands. That tiara is spectacular.

      • LahdidahBaby says:

        Yes, I thought the emerald looked especially lovely with her hair color, and the tiara provided a distinctive and surprising element to her bridal look.

      • Jan90067 says:

        The kids’ sashes reminded me of a Monet painting, perhaps a nod to Eug’s art job? I love emerald and sapphire, so colors are a win for me 😊. Even Bea’s outfit was lovely (I was worried for a while there! lol)

    • notasugarhere says:

      Yes! To finally see it in glorious technicolor and in motion instead of old black-and-white stills.

    • Ellie says:

      The tiara was the best bit. Absolutely gorgeous on her.

    • a reader says:

      That tiara is EVERYTHING!! Emeralds are my favorite stone and I am just in love with that peice. Eugenie looks incredible.

    • M.A.F. says:

      It brought out the green in her eyes. Very excellent choice!

    • Rina says:

      The tiara is a showstopper! It complimented Eugenie’s bridal trousseau with the intricate details. She looked blissful and beautiful. Her husband, Jack, looked dapper as well. I wish them a lifetime of happiness.

  14. Marjorie says:

    Absolutely beautiful and so poised. He teared up and I thought he might throw up a little, but he got through it.

    I burst out laughing when I saw Fergie. She’s like that and she’s not even drunk!

    • brooksie says:

      It was SO cute how he put his glasses on to watch her walk down the aisle and then put them back in his pocket once she was up at the altar.

    • JayneBirkinB says:

      Marjorie win’s the Celebitchy Comment of the Day! Watched the shingdig on DVR with my mother, and we both groaned when she got out of the car and immediately went around sucking up the adultation. I just wanted to say “Darling, it’s not your day, it’s just not. Stop it.”

      But I think we all know that the “grey men” had the knives out for Fergie for very good reasons. They really want the Royals to succeed, because when the sun shines, the rays reflect well on them too. When they fall flat on their faces, as Fergie did 1001 times, it makes the staff look terrible too. The BRF is essentially a diplomatic firm, and Fergie should have been made to sign a much more air tight no-media-appearances as part of her settlement.

      I think the only reason she’s still tolerated is QEII’s soft spot for Andrew, and her sense of christian charity (whichi the DofE clearly can’t be bothered to offer).

  15. OriginalLala says:

    this dress (and whole look) was amazeballs! I love the dress (though not a super fan of the looser, too long sleeve look) and I adore the back and neckline!! and the tiara!! *swoon*

  16. Digital Unicorn says:

    I really like the dress and she looked lovely – congrats to them.

  17. Sam says:

    The dress is my fav,stunning and she looks gorgeous from head to toe.Congrats to the married couple

  18. RedTop says:

    I guess I’m the only that didn’t enjoy the dress! I though it was too overwhelming and looked a bit wrinkly. I don’t think it will age well. I liked the tiara though and her hair. She looked happy though, and really that’s all that matters.

    • K2Squared says:

      No, you’re not the only one. I didn’t like the dress either.

    • hnmmom says:

      I do not like the dress. But seems like, yes, we are in the minority. I liked the modern twist on the back of the dress in place of a bow. But not a fan of that 1980’s, off the shoulder, giant lapel looking front.

      However, she is wearing the most beautiful smile and her face is glowing. Glad she’s so happy and hope she loves every detail about her special day.

    • Becks1 says:

      I do like the dress, but I don’t think it is the most amazing wedding dress I have ever seen. I think the tiara is what makes her look so amazing, and the back of the dress. The front is just….so-so for me.

  19. Ratsy Pomona says:

    I like her dress! Classic and beautiful.

    I’m eloping next week and may try to style my hair like hers!

  20. Lumbina says:

    The dress is lovely on her, but the emeralds are everything. The only thing bothering me, which is silly really, is that the emeralds are so vivid it’s a shame her bouquet has so much foliage as the green of the leaves don’t tone very well with the tone of those amazing jewels.

  21. Eleonor says:

    TIARA! I love the tiara!

  22. PlayItAgain says:

    I absolutely love her gown. LOVE IT. And the tiara was perfect with it. She looked like a true princess! I wish them every happiness.

  23. SWP says:

    Wow. I am blown away by how great she looks. She gets a 10 in my book.

    Am I weird that I can’t see the scoliosis scar? And what is the story on that, I’ve never heard of it

    • Lumbina says:

      I can’t see it either. She had surgery to insert metal rods into her spine when she was 12 to address her scoliosis and has spoken out about it as an issue she cares about a fair bit.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Yes, she does fund raising for the hospital and her surgeon was one of the wedding guests. She also jokes about putting magnets on her back which stick to the rods.

      • MarcelMarcel says:

        I noticed it immediately but that’s probably because I had severe scoliosis that required a back brace and two surgeries to fix. I have metal rods in my back.
        I assume that she had a good surgeon because her scar has faded substantially. Mine isn’t noticeable either because my surgeon made very neat incisions and my mother moistured the scar with vitamin e oil.

        I love backless dresses in general and thought hers was beautifully tailored. It showed off her scar while still remaining modest enough to qualify as a traditional wedding dress. I love the pattern on the fabric. And the way her jewellery gleamed so brightly against her brunette hair & white dress.

  24. Barrett says:

    She looks perfect, modern and classic at same time. I don’t think dated at all! Fit is much better than Meghan’s.

  25. Laur says:

    She looked fab, not sure what I was expecting but she really did look great. I think all the royal outfits were on point today, I love what the Queen was wearing too.

  26. Cee says:

    She looks absolutely stunning and regal.
    The tiara Complements her colouring quite well and the unexpected pop of colour looks amazing.
    I hardly saw her scars because everything about this look is perfect!

  27. HK9 says:

    She looks absolutely wonderful!! But does why does Andrew always look miserable in photos?? It’s your daughter’s wedding day-smile.

    • Mego says:

      Well he is like his Mum who also isn’t smiley but I think he was very emotional and trying to keep control. He may be a doofus but he loves his daughters very much.

  28. Becks1 says:

    She really looks gorgeous. Hair and makeup are perfect, that tiara is outstanding, and the dress highlights her hourglass shape perfectly.

    There is “something” about the front of the dress that keeps me from completely loving it, but I cant figure out what it is exactly. From the back I think its perfect.

    But most importantly, they both look incredibly happy.

  29. Veronica S. says:

    Gorgeous dress. Perfectly structured and fitted. That’s more what I think they were trying to do with Meghan’s dress, and we can see how good it looks when done right.

    • Becks1 says:

      I don’t think Meghan was going for the same look though. Eugenie’s dress is very fitted around her bodice and waist, Meghan’s was meant to be a bit boxier. It wasn’t like Givenchy was trying to give Meghan a fitted bodice and completely missed the mark. People don’t have to like Meghan’s dress but she was going for a completely different look from this one.

  30. notasugarhere says:

    Glad the storm held off, incredibly windy but not masses of rain complicating the day.

  31. W1hatever1 says:

    The dress was beautiful. I really loved the detail on the lower back. Eugenie looked radiant.

  32. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    I’m completely in love with that dress. LOVE. She looks divine…best pics I’ve ever seen of her.

  33. notasugarhere says:

    BBC anchor tried hard to be jaded during the live news, long stretches of saying nothing while video was playing. He lost it when Eugenie got out of the car and he started rhapsodizing about her elegant gown. Corrected himself later about the designers being British-based not British and made a crack (at his own expense) about his patriotism running away with him. Still he was sweetly gushing about how lovely she looked and was openly grumpy with himself about it. LOL

  34. Anitas says:

    She looked very beautiful. Loved her dress – to me it was better than both Kate’s and Meghan’s. And I loved that there was no veil – refreshing for a royal wedding. They look like a sweet couple.

  35. Lexa says:

    WOW!! She looked amazing! The love and excitement just radiated off her and Jack, it was so sweet to watch. I’m shocked by how much I love this dress and the subtle pattern on it. I feel like the sleeves could have been a tiny touch more fitted, but that’s really nitpicking.

    I saw someone speculate that Fergie has sold or dismantled her wedding tiara, but I think Eugenie picked a tiara that complemented her wedding colors and her dress.

  36. homeslice says:

    Just as I predicted…a beautiful bride!

  37. dsgd says:

    they seem like a sweet couple

  38. Cranberry says:

    Don’t really care for the shoulder collar. I do like the back of the skirt and her exposed back. The dress Fits her very well. The material looks very thick like Megan’s dress. I suspect the shoulder collar is helpful to hide the fabric underneath that probably has to be harnessed tightly to hold up when you’re working with heavy material.

  39. Amelie says:

    She looks so stunning and so happy. When I first saw the dress I was like “hmm?” but that’s because I think the shoulder foldover detail lost me for a second. Once I saw the whole thing with her tiara, the earrings, and the back of the dress, I loved it. I also think everyone who gave her a hard time about wanting a nice big wedding can now shut it haha. The fact she opted for not wearing a veil made me like her even more. I know she wanted to showcase her scoliosis surgery scar (which I can’t notice to be honest) but it makes seem unfussy and down to earth. I follow her on Instragram and she doesn’t post a ton but I’m a fan. I’ll have to watch video clips of the ceremony/arrival later on Youtube.

  40. Linda says:

    She looks absolutely stunning. This is what a well fitted and tailored wedding dress looks like.

  41. KBeth says:

    So lovely & yes the tiara takes her to another level of stunning!!!

  42. Gen says:

    She looked amazing. And I love the emeralds!

  43. Kerfuffle says:

    Just as an FYI, it’s “Greville” not “Grenville” (though FWIW that’s what my phone autocorrects to). Though LOL that anyone that thought she was going to skip the tiara. The entire lead up to the wedding has been about Andrew pushing for Eugenie to get everything befitting her status as blood princess.

  44. perplexed says:

    I didn’t realize the wedding was taking place his week. Whoops. I guess Kanye distracted all of the attention.

    • ladida says:

      I thought it was tomorrow so I missed the live tv 🙁

      • CarrieB says:

        If you’re in the US, you can watch it on the TLC go app! I watched it live but they promised to have the live stream available on the app right away after. The hosts were annoying and there’s not much footage of arrivals- even the royals it seemed! The arrivals of kiddos, Eugenie and the wedding itself were fantastic though.

      • ladida says:

        Thank you!

  45. Kayzilla says:

    I think the tiara referred to as the “Boucheron tiara” is the honeycomb tiara on loan to Duchess Camilla. The Court Jeweller blog is saying this one has never been worn in public by a royal family member (but is also made by Boucheron). It was a perfect choice, her eyes really sparkled with the emeralds.

    • ladida says:

      Jesus, to have Tiaras like this that no one even wears! I’m a little jealous. I love the way the stones are smooth rather than emerald cut.

    • Kerfuffle says:

      Sort of. Boucheron was a jeweler, so it would be like calling it the Cartier tiara. The Boucheron Honeycomb is different from the Boucheron emerald Kokoshnik. Though indeed, this one has not been seen publicly since the Greville bequest. Neither the Queen nor the Queen Mother have ever worn this publicly (and this is really not QE2’s style).

    • Tina says:

      There’s a story (don’t know how true it is) that George VI didn’t want the royals to wear the jewels, as they had been a gift from a commoner (!) If true, I suppose enough time has passed that HM realised how utterly stupid that was (despite how much she adored her father).

  46. Josie says:

    I think Eugenie looked gorgeous today and I especially loved the tiara. I don’t know if we can call it beloved by the queen, though, since this is the first time it’s been worn in decades and no one even knew if it was still in the vault. I love that Eugenie wore it and I hope she gets to keep it (and gets a few invites to tiara events when the Gloucesters and Kents retire — rethink your choices, Charles).

  47. Other Renee says:

    After all her awful fashion choices over the years (I can’t unsee the ridiculous hats she and Beatrice wore to Kate and Wills’ wedding), that it would be Eugenie to wear THE most beautiful wedding gown of all the royals and to look unbelievably gorgeous in every possible way. Every detail was superb. The tiara and her hair etc. I am thrilled for her.

    • hally says:

      I feel the same! And it must not have been easy having the pressure of having the second royal wedding within the year, but she pulled it off, and how!

    • Nic919 says:

      Eugenie didn’t wear a crazy fascinator at Will and Kate’s wedding. Only Beatrice. Hers was blue and in a style that we still see very often.

  48. aaa says:

    Great day!!!!

    <3 the back of the dress.

    <3 the tiara! I am pretty sure that this is the first time the Greville Emerald Kokoshnik Tiara has been worn in public by a member of the British Royal Family. Big thanks to Eugenie and her Granny for this unexpected and nice surprise.

  49. Aerohead21 says:

    I really like the detailing on the dress. From afar the dress is kind of blah but when you see it up close you see all the details and is like OMG that’s really pretty! I don’t like the waist on her. It seems like they just speed the top and the bottom together and forgot to make this look like a seamless combination.

  50. Sunnyjyl says:

    She looks beautiful and happy. I love when she and her sister wear the most outrageous fascinators and look adorably cartoonish; they always crack me up. Her wedding style is smart and stunning!

  51. Marie says:

    This is how you do simple and stunning. Sorry but Meghan’s dress doesnt hold up to this one. Plus the tiara gives a great twist to it

  52. MeghanNotMarkle says:

    I think she has topped my list of Best Royal Brides. This dress was perfection and Eugenie looked stunning.

  53. SpillDatT says:

    I wasn’t expecting anything, but I love, love, love the gorgeous gown (apart from the collar), the train and that beautiful bustle? bow? is amazing! It looked great walking up the steps and when they were at the altar.

    And wow, Eugenie looked beautiful, the hair, the makeup, the tiara, the earrings, nothing was garish, clashing, instead everything was perfection.

    I’m sure I’ll get flamed for this here, but not going to lie, Eugenie’s whole look was spot on and far better in my opinion than Meagan’s disheveled hairdo & lack of accesories. I’m not comparing the women, just the styling, to be clear.

    • hally says:

      I thought Megan was a lovely bride, but Eugenie really looked every inch a princess, it was a more striking look overall.

      My mother, after seeing Eugenie, said Meghan looked “too American” in comparison (we are american lol, I took it to mean too simple/ laid-back)

    • MeghanNotMarkle says:

      I loved Meghan’s overall bridal look but her hair really was so unfortunate. There’s purposeful bits and then there’s hair falling out of the updo. Meghan’s hair was the latter of the two. Eugenie’s hair was well thought out and beautifully executed (I want to know what her stylist used for it to hold up in that wind). I can’t even say anything bad about the neckline. It’s not my style but it is so uniquely Eugenie and she wore the hell out of it.

      • SpillDatT says:


        I don’t think it’s American per say lol Just it was very weird looking to have such a lovely, formal, royal wedding then look like your hair was the last thing you thought of in Megan’s case, kwim? And her lack of any jewellry was just a tad under dressed IMHO.

        But Eugenie completely blew me away. Her stylist, hairdresser & obviously the designers from Peter Pilotto deserve a lot of credit in making such a spectacular dress with the pressure of following the huge wedding of Megan & Harry. They actually did a better job I think. Never did I think Eugenie would pull of such a look and so well considering the horrible taste her mom has, and her own history of some questionable outfits. But if you are gonna look your best, your wedding day is a very good day to do it, and she did.


        Yes. There’s well contained hairdo, then there are stiff helmet hair as well. And Eugenie’s hairstylist hit it just right! It’s not super tight, pulled back flat etc. but held it’s form while looking natural with a few wisps framing her face. Her stylist def. deserves all the kudos.

        And of course that Boucheron Grenville Kokoshnik tiara is a spectacular topper!

    • SpillDatT says:

      I *just* realized why I love this gown and look even more than Meghan’s!

      IT FITS!!!!!!


      And that’s why I think the more I look at it, the more I don’t even mind the broad collar, it fits Eugenie well, not weird chest to waist to hip effect. In fact if anything it gives her a beautiful silhouette, which was one of the biggest complaints for me for Meghan’s wedding dress. This also avoids the really odd darting on the bodice of Kate’s wedding dress, which to me was a glaring flaw.

  54. Laura says:

    Princess Eugenie looked so beautiful 😍 I especially loved her tiara and I think her face is so lovely 💕 It was very evident that Eugenie is in live and extremely happy so congratulations to her and Jack 👰👦

    I loved Kate’s hot pink outfit – she always looks pretty 😊 Not a fan of Meghan’s outfit but with a face like hers who cares what she wears! She is gorgeous 😄

  55. ladida says:

    Wow, I have to say: this took my breath away. And no veil!

  56. Jayna says:

    The gown is nice. I’m not blown away by it, like some on here are, but she really did look like a princess getting married. That’s what I did like about it on her, very regal looking. I loved the whole back of it as she was walking up the steps with it flowing . That was my favorite as far as the photos. And, I agree, it was beautifully fitted.

  57. Avisitor says:

    Beautiful and stunning; the dress suited her figure perfectly and no veil to distract from her face the tiara and the dress…..lovely!

  58. Alexandria says:

    It’s not my style and I only dislike the bow. I like Meghan’s but hers is also not my top choice. Most important is she looked beautiful and her husband looks so sweet. It’s always nice when two people find love. So I wish them a lifetime of happiness. Awesome choice of tiara too.

  59. Claire says:


  60. Maria says:

    Eugenie looked stunning. Glad she didn’t wear a veil. Beautiful wedding.

  61. Velvet Elvis says:

    I love everything about this!

  62. Murphy says:

    I loved the tiara and the beautiful neckline and back of the dress. Well done Eugenie.

  63. A says:

    I like it. Very princess-y, but it fits her style so that’s nice. The tiara is a gorgeous bonus. I figured that she laid off the veil because of how windy it was and wrangling the veil + the train + everything else would have been a lot.

    The dress was a bit long on her I thought. I watched her walk up the steps with her father and she had a noticeable stumble going up, and she had to pause and hike up the skirt even more so that it wouldn’t get stepped on by her shoes. I didn’t like the neckline either, especially the folds, but the skirt and the bodice are lovely.

  64. MeghanNotMarkle says:

    On closer inspection I see the nod to her granny’s Norman Hartnell wedding gown in the design of the custom jacquard. So beautiful and a wonderful way to tie it all together.

  65. Coco says:

    As someone with a scoliosis surgery scar I LOVE that she didn’t cover it up. I wish I had been confident enough to show mine off on my wedding day. She looked stunning and so happy!

    • MeghanNotMarkle says:

      I’m glad the wedding was televised even though I certainly empathize with the Brits about taxpayer dollars going to pay for things they don’t want. She had the dress made and avoided a veil specifically to allow the scar to show. Good on her for using her platform to spread the message.

  66. Georgia says:

    So pretty!!!!

  67. Andrea Lupparelli says:

    Hands down my favorite royal wedding gown! I am not sure it is because I am similar size and shape to Eugenie than I am to the others..but loved it! Loved the off the shoulder, loved the no veil, loved the embroidery. She also looks so unbelievably happy!!! Happier than even Meghan and Harry. I am so happy for her too because for YEARS she was ridiculed by the press for her and her sisters looks and she crushed it today. No one can say she didn’t look anything but breathtakingly beautiful.

  68. Mego says:

    I thought the style of the gown worked well for her curvey figure which is lovely. She couldn’t do a dress like Meghan’s. I prefer a sleeker look in general rather than disney princess but again it worked for her.

    I thought the big stars would be out for this one but no Posh and Pecks, no Clooney’s, no Elton John. I guess I was mislead by the press. I didn’t expect Oprah or the GOAT but the Clooney’s and Gerber’s for sure.

  69. Tracee says:

    Beautiful dress, beautiful bride

  70. EviesMom says:

    Beautiful dress, beautiful bride and dashing groom. I wasn’t holding my breath for this wedding but it has been splendid! Huzzah!

  71. caty says:

    Just for clarification, it is the Greville tiara NOT the “Grenville”….sigh……

  72. Laura says:

    Eugenie’s evening dress was GORGEOUS ❤

  73. RoyalBree says:

    Eugenie looked divine! Love her dress, especially the neckline, front and back, and the cut and fit were very flattering on her. At first I was surprised that there was no veil, but the look grew on me. My only quibble: I would have opted for three-quarter-length sleeves, but that’s just my personal choice. Groom was gorgeous, and the children were awesome. And have you seen Eugenie’s second dress for the evening party? It’s absolutely stunning and she looks like a Greek goddess — but again I would have opted for shorter or no sleeves.

  74. Karen2 says:

    …her desperate parents must be so happy one of their daughters is finally wedded…the whole ghastly tax payer funded circus fills me with admiration for the one guy who shuns all this nonsense…Zaras dad Mark..( Ive happily forgotten his last name)…